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My Short Stories Music I was standing on a stage in front of a large audience and being on live TV.Anticipation clawing at me I was going to faint thats what i thought anyway.Then suddenly music blasted through the speaker and vibrated through my bones.This is what I was waiting for,I started to sing,I moved along with the beat.I forgot all about the crowd watching my every move and went along with the music,swaying gracefully side to side.I knew I had them mesmerized,as if under a spell they start to clap along with my singing.Then as quickly as it started, it ended.The audience stood up and started to applause as I took a final bow and ran off stage.My work paid off since tommorrow i was all over the papers.That was the start of my singing career. Hope

A gunshot went off. Me Naomi , a ten year old girl, ran into my parents’ bedroom. “Mom, Dad,” I cried. The room was empty, no one was there. My parents were gone.Six years passed since that day, and ever since I was on the hunt for my parents, I`ve had a ton of false leads getting my hopes up and then just be brought crushing back down when I don`t find my Mom and Dad.I stand on a skyscraper in the dead of night, the only place I can really think through things, and the only place that makes me feel truly alone. "Where are you?" I whispered to the wind, only to get the words lost in the breeze.~Next Day~ I was boarding a train to Philadelphia, when I overheard 2 men talking in hushed voices about "a couple of Midoris'" at that I listened closely since my last name was Midori.Once sitting down I noticed that the same men where sitting behind me,perfect. ~4 Days later~ I stood outside a large dark building,a day earlier I found out my parents were being held here after following the men around.I ran swiftly behind crates until

I was by the door, which was open, I peered inside and stifled a gasp.My parents were there alright, they were in a cell,hands shackled to the wall and legs tied, and being across from each other had no help what so ever from the other.Both look glum,sullen,and plain helpless.I checked around and saw a guard sleeping in a corner, sparking a idea in my head.In the crate I was hiding behind just happened to be open and have rope, I smiled devilishly.I sneaked in barefoot since my sneakers would have made noise, and was beside the guard in a flash.It only took me a second to find the key which was in his hand, I pulled on it but he had a iron grip on it,then I was about to give up when another idea flashed across my mind.I tied the rope around his hands and legs really tight, then I noticed he was waking up, he was confused for a minute and loosened his grip on the keys, I took the chance and pulled it straight out of his hands.Triumphed, I punched the air and ran over to the cell and tried a lot of keys until one open the door

when I noticed it had become unusually quiet and there was a huge shadow in front of me.I ducked down and rolled, and in time too since the guard punched the cell and made a imprint of his fist.I wasted no time to get on my feet and kick the guy in the chest.He doubled over and I gave a swift slap to his temples,he fell to the ground unconcious,he didn`t stand a chance.I opened the cell door and stepped in, the captives were already looking up at me, relization passed over their faces, "Naomi!" exclaimed the woman known to be my Mom.I unlocked their shackles and untied the ropes, in seconds I was enveloped in a embrace from Mom and Dad.I smiled and hugged them back.~1 year passed~ Everythings now all normal turns out the people who held my parents their prisoners were a secert orginization that kidnapped people and made them their slaves.Their now locked up tight in 1 of the most tightest security prisons in the state.Now I`m leading a normal life, and I couldn`t anymore happier.

Short Stories  
Short Stories  

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