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You sat on an uncomfortable chair, writing a evil plan. Why? Oh, you’ve becomea unnaturally good poker player, and you’ve becomeabsolutely determined to get Lavi’s eye patch off. Again, why? Well, being who you are, you always want to know what’s happening,or to put it simply you were curious. Curious about what’s behind that stupid eye patch, he says it’s not an injury or anything like that. Sothen why wear an eye patch? That is what you’re trying to figure out. Very soon… (Your POV) ‘Done’ I dropped my pen, and watched as two people probably assistants jumped as the pen clattered on to my desk, I shrugged ‘oh well’ and got up and stuffed the plans into my pants. I walked past the assistants and smirked. They eyed me warily, becausewhen I smirk, they know something evil will happen. ~Later~ I walked down the hall and was too absorbed in my daydreams I almost didn’t notice Lavi say hi to me. “Huh…What?” “Uh are you okay?” He asked. “Um…yeah…” “Alright…” He murmured, turning away from me. “Lavi?” “Yeah?” He answered. “ How good are you at poker? Hmm?” I asked, hiding an evil grin. “I’m awesomeat it. Why?” He said. ‘ This is great! He’s falling into my trap! MWAHAHAHAH…’I thought evilly. “Uh…(your name) are you okay?” “Hmm? Oh yeah! Wanna play a few rounds with me?” I asked innocently. “…Sure…”Hesaid slowly. “Great! Meet me in my office!” I said running off in the opposite direction. “… Um okay…” He said, sweatdropping. I ran in the direction of Kanda’s room, and burst in. Breaking his concentration. “KANDA-KUN!!!!!!!!!!” The said person turned his head in my direction, and from the look on his face he was ANNOYED . “What. Do. You. Want.” “I just need a pack of cards, gosh.” I said with a puppy dog face.

D. Gray-Man  

ANNOYED . “What. Do. You. Want.” “I just need a pack of cards, gosh.” I said with a puppy dog face.

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