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year one, issue two a special magazine by Lemmings of the Light of Aszune-EU to celebrate the new WoW expansion

Cataclysmic times

What your guild leadership has in store for you


Defeating the Lich King against all odds

PvP in Cataclysm

An interview with Aszunes seasoned PvP-er Deacoor

Lemmings old and new

a reference guide to who you’ll be teaming up with this expansion


the novel ‘Arthas, Rise of the Lich King’


The first invasion of Stormwind, November 15th 2010


Cataclysmic times: What’s in store for you? Guild levels and the perks that they come with


Kingslayer: Defeating the Lich King against all odds. A contribution by raid leader and officer Neti




A chat about PvP with Aszune’s seasoned PvP veteran Deacoor


Elder Brethren & us: roll a goblin and make new friends


Lemmings old and new: A short reference guide to everyone in the guild


Lemming olympics report!

G�n��� �ea���, Wi�� ��� ��� �h�n�e� c���n� t� W��l� � W�r�r�� �� ��� pas� ��� ���k�, �n� ��� ��� ��p�n�i�� , I �h�u�h� i� w��l� �� g�o� t� �i� d��� �n� of��� y�� s��� �ea��n� ma���i�� f�� ��� r��� m���nt� y�� w��’� �� of� ���l���n� ��i� �r��� ��� w��l�! :) I�-g��� , �� �ls� h��� t� of��� y�� ��� �es� g��� �������n�� W��l� � W�r�r��: Cat���y�� ha� t� of���. W�’�� h��� t� ad�p� �l�n� ��� w�� a� ��� c�m���i�� ������nt� it��l�, �u� t� �e�� �i�� ��� y��� ��es�i�n�, ������n�e�, is��e� �n� i�ea� ��’�� �� � ���� s��i� ���l� �ea��r���� �e��, ���p��e� t� ����! W�’�� ���� �x�i�e� �b�u� ��� ��� g��� �n� ��� ���l� ��’�� �� �l���n� i� �i�� . W� h��� � ������ � �eas��e� �e��r�n� �ha� h��� ���� �l���n� ��� g��� ��n�� V����l�, �n� ��� �����r� �ha� h��� �h��� ��ea� �r��i�� �n� L�m��n� ��i�u�� . Rea� m��� �b�u� ��� �����r� �� pa�� ������! Wha� m��� c�� I s��? Le� ’� h��� ���!!

W�l��� 2

Cataclysmic times

Guild levels and the perks that they come with

whats in store for you Monday, december 6th Lemmings of the Light release eve party!

21.00 to 23.00 Wilgje will quiz you on your Lemmings knowledge, your Wrath savvyness and we will head together for our final classic Lemming jump while we play some WoW Bingo! 21.00 - 22.00 Every now and then Wilgje will ask a question in guildchat to test your Lemmings and Wrath of the Lich King knowledge! 22.00 - 23.00 The final Lemmings of the Light jump!

2 3 4 5

Fast Track: Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%. Mount Up: Increases speed while mounted by 10%. Not active in Battlegrounds or Arenas. Mr. Popularity: Reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%.

Cash Flow: Each time you loot money from an enemy, an extra 5% money is generated and deposited directly into your guild bank.

6 7 8 9 10 11

Fast Track: Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 10%. Reinforce: Items take 10% less durability loss when you die.

Tuesday, december 7th World of Warcraft: Cataclysm release 00.00 - 01.00 after midnight, and 20.00 to 00.00 in the evening Log in and be merry! Join us on teamspeak as we start to re-visit WoW. We’ll make a channel for worgens/goblins and people that level their main, and enjoy eachothers company while we explore.

Hasty Hearth: Reduces the cooldown on your Hearthstone by 15 minutes. Reinforce: Items take 20% less durability loss when you die. Chug-A-Lug: The duration of buffs from all guild cauldrons is increased by 50%.

Mobile Banking: Summons a Guild Chest that allows access to your guild bank for 5 min. Only guildmembers with guild faction of friendly and above are allowed to use a Guild Chest.

12 13 14 15

Mr. Popularity: Reputation gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 10%.

And after those 2 days we’ll have other plans: Levelling a Worgen or a Goblin - If you start a new character, why not team up with a fellow guildie? See if you can make a group with other starters. If you start a Goblin character, get in touch with Elder Brethren and make some new friends! Check out page 10 for more information. Levelling your main to 85 - veryone has their own style and levelling rate and, loving individual strength as much as we do, we don’t want to tell anyone how fast they should level. Those guildies who can only play small amounts of time can count on help from the guild! We’ll organise special timeslots for those that wish to do group quests with guildies. Just save up those quests and we’ll do them together! Guild levelling - as you can see on the right hand side of this page, there are loads of rewards to be had from levelling the guild. We’re not going to undertake any special action we wouldn’t normally do (as in, push people to level harder), but

we’ll keep an eye on guild achievements and organise fun events accordingly! Professions - We’ve put some gold aside from guildbank to help boost all professions within the guild. Results from levelling will be available from guildbank free of charge! Instances - Official guild raid nights will be used for exploring the new 5-man instances Fun events - We will be resurrecting ye olde PR team a few days after the start of Cataclysm, for guildies that would follow in Joesnow’s footsteps and organise some fun events! Raiding - Provided enough people are level 85 and consider themselves geared enough, we’ll start dipping our toes into the new raiding content! We will keep an eye on people’s varying levelling rates and present a schedule accordingly so everyone knows in advance when to be ready, and with what kind of gear.

Honorable Mention: Increases Honor points gained by 5%. Working Overtime: Increases the chance to gain a skill increase on tradeskills by 10%.

The Quick and the Dead: Increases health gained when resurrected by a guild member by 50% and increases movement speed while dead by 100%. Does not function in combat or while in a Battleground or Arena.


Cash Flow: Each time you loot money from an enemy, an extra 10% money is generated and deposited directly into your guild bank.

17 18 19 20 21

G-Mail: In-game mail sent between guild members now arrives instantly. For Great Justice: Increases Justice points gained by 10%. Honorable Mention: Increases Honor points gained by 10%. Happy Hour: Increases the number of flasks gained from using a flask cauldron by 50%.

Have Group, Will Travel: Summons all raid or party members to the caster’s current location. Cannot be cast in combat or while in a battleground or arena.

22 23

Chug-A-Lug: The duration of buffs from all guild cauldrons is increased by 100%.

Bountiful Bags: Increases the quantity of materials gained from Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, and Disenchanting.

24 25

Bartering: Reduces the price of items from all vendors by 10%.

Mass Resurrection: Brings all dead party and raid members back to life with 35% health and 35% mana. A player may only be resurrected by this spell once every 10 minutes. Cannot be cast in combat or while in a battleground or arena.



Defeating the Lich King against all odds

When back in 2008 it was announced that in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion all content was going to be achievable with a 10-man raid, we the Lemmings felt that the time of our guild had come. For us as dedicated 10-man guild this meant that we could now fully complete all end game content. And thus our quest to down Arthas, the Lich King himself was started. But the big question was: would our guild actually be able to pull this off? One of the hallmarks of the Lemmings is our approach to raiding. We try to provide our guild members with the opportunity to see everything the game has to offer, while still accomodating the gameplay and gametime of each individual member. To achieve this goal, unlike a lot of other casual guilds, our raids are highly organised, follow a regular schedule, and are properly planned. But unlike typical hardcore guilds, we do not have raid progression as a main goal. Instead we focus squarely on our guildies as people, and put a strong emphasis on having fun and overcoming obstacles as a team. We perceive our raids as a Journey, which we will undertake together, and where we want to make sure everyone who wants to travel with us in our guild is included. And in our journey, what matters is not the end destination, but the travelling together. When assembling our raid line-up, we fit the raid around the people at hand, not the people around the raid. So instead of trying to figure out the ideal raid set-up or what would be the strong-


est line-up, we just form a group with the people at hand. To decide who gets to go, we’re using an invite system which heavily rotates players based on their previous raid attendance. The people who have raided the least are the people who will be able to go. While our invite system guarantees that everyone will have an equal chance to raid, it also means that we almost never have the same group composition, or the guarantee of a balanced group. It even means that key players, or sometimes all of our raid leaders, are not in the group! As a result bosses which we already have on farm, suddenly might become almost insurmountable obstacles, and our raid results can vary wildly from night to night. In the short-term it might even mean that our progress can be halted and we will get stuck on a difficult boss. But we see this as a challenge to be more creative: instead of repeating the same boss tactic every single time, we’re often forced to invent a new tactic which works with the players at hand. And the absence of an experienced raid leader will give someone else the chance to step up the plate and take the lead. As a result of this, over time, the group will often consist of several players who have actually led the fight themselves before, all members will know exactly what their task is and what the group has to achieve. And the raid leader is not the all-knowing commander who directs his troops, but is more a facilitator who organises and focuses the team efforts of the group.

Proof of our third defeat of the Lich King, November 2010 So in the long-term our guild as a whole will benefit. We will progress more slowly, but our raid progression is carried by most if not all members of our raiding group, not only by a select few. But this is all in theory ;) How would our guild fare if we were truly tested? And if not only travelling together is important, but reaching the end destination as well? On 22 December 2009 the Lemmings set foot in Icecrown Citadel, and on that very same run we downed the first boss of the instance, Lord Marrowgar. A week later Lady Deathwhisper was defeated and we won the Gunship Battle. The next boss, Deathbringer Saurfang, proved to be our first big challenge, but after two weeks of fighting the Lemmings managed to best him. On 14 January 2010 we cleared the first wing of Icecrown Citadel, the Lower Spire. Progressing deeper into the Citadel now became considerably tougher. With ever-changing raid line-ups we sometimes couldn’t just outdps bosses but had to rely on playing reallly well. As a result, the bosses of the second wing took us about 4 to 5 weeks each. On 11 February we downed Festergut, after having wiped on him below 5% for a few runs in succession. On 25 March we out-globbed Rotface. Professor Putricide, the first really difficult boss in ICC, was a formidable obstacle, but after numerous close calls, on 24 April our team gelled and downed Professor Putricide, completing the second wing of Icecrown

Citadel, the Plagueworks. With our confidence boosted by slow but steady progress, we now took on the third wing of ICC, the Crimson Hall. The Lemmings were on a roll, and it showed. On 17 May we took out the Blood Princes, followed a week later by downing of Blood-Queen Lana’thel. Yet another week later our awesome healer team healed Valithria Dreamwalker to full health, and the road to the final two bosses of ICC was cleared. As most people who have done Icecrown Citadel will know, the last two bosses of ICC are truly formidable, and their difficulty is a big step up from previous bosses. Both fights not only require a high level of DPS/HPS to complete successfully, but also have intricate and unforgiving game mechanics, which punish even the slightest mistake. Only if the raid works as a team, and every single member does their part perfectly, there is a chance to succeed. The fight against Sindragosa gave us a taste of what was yet to come. We spent weeks on this boss, playing hide-and-seek with the ice tombs. By the end of June we finally had worked out a working movement strategy, and gathered enough players experienced with the fight, and on 21 June the Lemmings bested the mighty blue dragon. The path to the Frozen Throne was cleared, and on 23 June 2010, six months after we entered the Citadel, we stood eye to eye with the Lich


King himself. And he killed us. And again and again. We spend weeks on practicing the first phase of the fight, and just when we thought we consistenly could get to phase 2 (the one with the Valkyrs/Defile), new players were in the raid, who had to learn everything all over again. MidJuly we could reach phase 2 consistently, but now we found out that we just could not kill the Valkyrs in time. And it stayed that way for weeks. We were stuck. By the end of August we were seriously questioning ourselves if our whole approach to raiding was still feasible anymore. The Lich King fight proved to be the hardest of them all, and it was clear that we just couldn’t do it. Perhaps this fight was just too hard for our egalitarian raid approach, and we should give in and assemble an ‘A-team’ with the proper gear, experience and focus to get the King down? After long discussions and serious thought we decided not to do so. The Lich King fight is very unforgiving and every little mistake can mean a wipe. It is truly a fight where the contribution of every single player counts. And where, most importantly, success is determined not by the most experienced players in the raid but by the least experienced. And this is where the bottleneck for our guild lied: our chain was as weak as its weakest link. After analysing our raid attendance for the Lich King, we quickly found out that even though we had been at the Lich King for months, only a core group of 6 players had extensive experience in the fight. 29 other players had attended much less raids, and as a result much less experience. So the way forward was not assembling an ‘A-team’, but instead figure out a way to get more players to involved with the Lich King fights more regularly, and properly understand what the fight


is all about. So we introduced a shared Lich King guild strategy guide, discussed extensively what skills are useful to have and which not, what specs are preferable. We improved our tank positioning strategy in phase 2, scatter/bunch up for defile, stun/slow/focus fire on valkyrs, and made sure that players new to the fight knew exactly what to do when. And it worked. On 20 September the spell was broken. We started to down Valkyrs and we didn’t wipe to Defiles, and we finally made it to the elusive phase 3. Two weeks later, on 4 October we played strong and confident from the start, we reached phase 3 with all players alive, and it was a done deal: the Lemmings downed the Lich King. The decisive fight was the culmination of a final campaign which took slightly over 3 months. During that period 37 guildies and guild friends participated in 199 attempts on the Lich King, divided over 19 raid nights. It’s on their combined efforts that our success was built. After our victory we returned to the Lich King and defeated him 5 more times in various raid compositions. This brought the total number of Kingslayers in our guild to 37. In hindsight I’m very happy and proud that we decided to stay faithful to our guild’s principles and tried to include everyone in our journey: we achieved our end goal for Wrath of the Lich King, and insisting on making it a shared experience was the basis for our success. But our greatest successes might still lie in the future: Cataclysm is very much guild-centered and that should really benefit a community-based guild like the Lemmings. The Lemmings have slain the King and are on our way to Cata, and we will leave no Lemming behind!

Make your own Lemmings of the Light signature! Perhaps you’ve already seen Oranjeboom’s new signature on the Lemmings website. Perhaps you thought: Wow! Where did he get it! How did he make it! And perhaps you thought: I want one! In secret, our respected guildie Oranje-

boom has fashioned a script on our website, with original graphics by our guildie Keirin. Very soon, *you* can own your very own Lemmings of the Light signature! (it will also help the website load that little bit faster ;) ). Keep an eye on the website!

Join the Lemmings of the Light Public Relations team!

Your task, should you choose to accept it: - organising (fun) events for your guildies - organising (fun) events for the WoW community to increase the guild’s reputation Send a tell to Wilgje if you’re interested! :)

Win the novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King! With the end of Wrath of the Lich King, and the defeat of the Big Bad himself, comes the finale of one of the greatest stories in gaming, told first in RPG strategy game Warcraft III. You got a glimpse of prince Arthas’ descent into madness in the Caverns of Time: Stratholme instance, but what ultimately drove the

man to murder his own father in cold blood? How did he become the Lich King, evil incarnate, master of the scourge? If you’re interested in learning the answers to these questions, send an e-mail to . Maybe you will win a copy of Arthas: Rise of the Lich King! 7

a chat about pvp with

Deacoor Hello, my name is Martin, I’m 19 years old and I play the human warrior Deacoor on Aszune. I’ve been playing here since the character was made in early 2005. Back in the days I used to be a Night Elf but things changed as PvP got more and more abusive with extreme gear in Wrath of the Lich King so now I’m a human. :) I’ve been doing PvE since I got into it with Final Justice back in the days and they introduced me to the early raids before TBC was released. I’ve been pvping all the way since vanilla, a bit more casual during vanilla, getting up to Knight-Captain in the old ranking system. I really got more into pvp during TBC when arena was introduced and I played some casual 2v2 with an irl friend of mine during the first 4 seasons. Kept playing casual arena all the way up until season 7 where I got picked up by Obelodalix and Tarnya and we started grinding our way to the first Gladiator title. After I recieved my Shadowmourne we took the decision on trying to achieve a rank one position on the battlegroup in 3v3 and on the last day of season 8 our goal was achieved! We’ve been through alot of changes since the vanilla days, I’m not quite fond of the changes they made to AV due to the aspect of PvP being nearly completely gone from there now. AV focuses mainly on just killing the bosses in the BG and completing the objectives as efficient as possible for the maxmimal honorgain, you no longer see the big summon bosses that used to stop the entire alliance teams back in vanilla. :( WSG good a well-needed overhaul though, the timer is a good addition to prevent games going forever. PvP in WotLK has been a bit ridicilous, I shouldn’t really be the one pointing a finger though due to me playing with Shadowmourne and incredibly good PvE trinkets, but PvP in WotLK is no longer about outplaying your opponents in order to win, instead you just stand there and pump your normal PvE damage


rotation and win just due to the fact that it’s not healable. What do you think is the reason Alliance always seems to win certain battlegrounds? The only BG that you could really say that alliance always seems to win is AV, and the changes of that BG suits the alliance playstyle really well with the fact that you can just mindlessly zerg the bosses and win anyway. I don’t really see a big advantage for horde in any of the battlegrounds, it all comes down to what players are randomed on what team in the end. What do strict PvE-ers miss out on, you think? Alot of fun when you play with your friends! It’s great fun to go into a battleground with a couple of friends on Skype and annihilate some opponents! Arenawise it feels great when you know you’ve achieved something there and finally gotten that rating or those last points for your new upgrade. What gives newbies away? Oh haha, you can see how a new pvper acts by just looking at them. Someone that’s been doing only PvE will most likely try to adapt to what they do in a raid situation instead of adapting to how the playfield looks in a BG, if a person starts backpeddling away from me I know it’s a fairly new or a bad pvper, it’s just not quick enough to get away from a melee pumping damage into you. :p What are your thoughts on rated battlegrounds? This is an interesting concept they’ve brought up and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun if you can get the proper group together. The fact that I finally get to play my favourite BG (WSG) competatively versus other teams is gonna be great. The only downside is the fact that they’re reusing the old titles from vanilla as rewards, I don’t really see that as justified. I think they should’ve introduced some new titles instead

Even mr Pinchy joined in on some PvP action this year!

for this. The other thing that worries me about rated BGs at the moment is the fact that they’ve taken Strand of the Ancients into being one of them. It doesn’t really belong there due to clear disadvantages to melee (put two casters in a demolisher and a melee is pretty doomed) and that good teams won’t allow eachother to even get through the gates. What are your thoughts on Battle for Gilneas City? This is a battleground I’m really looking forward to trying out. It looks as if they’ve done a great job designing it and the concept in the BG looks like it’s gonna be great fun to go in there with some friends! But they just had to add one of those RNG achievements where you need to win with 10 points.. So I suppose I’m going to be playing it more than I want to! What are your thoughts on PvP zones like Wintergrasp in Wrath of the Lich King? Wintergrasp was an interesting addition to the game, and it did suffer from most of the problems that people thought it would.

I never really caught any interest into doing alot of Wintergrasp simply because of the imbalance that Tenacity gave to the Horde due to this being an Alliance majority realm. It turned out to just be a small pvp event for people that wanted to get into VoA and get their loot. I’m not into the whole siege engine idea either, so for me I normally just stood below the gate and waited for the casters to kill people for me. :) Tol Barad will surely be interesting to see if they can manage to fix the whole system and get a fun outdoor pvp event. Hopefully us melee can actually hit stuff here. Finally, do you think that for the PvP Guild Achievements, there will be more PvP-only focused guilds? Absolutely, PvP oriented guilds already exist but only to a smaller degree here on Aszune. But with the way Blizzard are developing this game, people are pretty much focused to do PvE in order to have any success in a PvP environment. Hopefully they’ll find good ways to balance this out in Cata, and I’m looking forward to seeing if everything will be as good as promised!



Want to explore your inner hordie?

Elder Brethren is ready for you! For Lemmings interested in exploring Cataclysm from the flipside, Lemmings of the Light and horde guild Elder Brethren have struck a deal: we provide a home with similar ideas and values to the other guilds’ alts! So, if you are curious about the goblin quests and don’t want to be lonely while exploring, or you just want to get to find out what horde side is like, why not apply to Elder Brethren? You might make some new friends while you play.

The rules • Membership of one guild does not let you automatically be a member of the other guild, but is more like “If you want to join a Horde guild then why not try Elder Brethren” and “If you want to join an Alliance guild, why not try Lemmings of The Light”. Nobody has to create a horde/alliance toon, or join the other guild, this is simply an optional thing. • You will still need to apply, but it’s easier for you to get an invite as member of the other guild. • Special rank in both guilds to identify the guests from the other guild. People

Who’s who Lemmings on horde side: Asphodelia - Asphodel Ailie - Sënrasï Kizuke - Raikir Chross - Spitbeard Akahou - Dommens Pungo - Oranjeboom Liahona - Liadora Jalzin - Tun


Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the Lemming who came to stay...

in this rank are allowed a longer period of inactiveness. • Both guild leaders encourage members to remain most active in their main guild and to inform their guild officers if they are interested in raiding one of their opposing faction alts with the other side. • Any person who does raid with their affiliated guild must follow that guild’s raiding rules (including selection and loot rules, remembering that their character is classed as an ‘alt’). The idea is that membership of the other guild is there to compliment your gaming experience rather than distract from your main character’s activities or interfere

with your main guild’s runs. • People with a main in one guild are allowed 2 alts in the other guild (if they get through ‘recruitment’). • People use identity to identify their main characters from the other faction • People individually will make their own impression, some may be more suitable than others. If a guild deems them unsuitable this should be dealt with appropriately and feedback passed to the other guild leaders (eg if either found that someone was ninja’ing or being rude), neither guild should feel that they have to keep someone in they don’t feel is right just because of the affiliate.

Guildleader and officers of EB: GM: Calibré/Caloladin Deputy GM: Honeydew/Yhana Officers: Cremator, Trollope, Traman, Mastafista, Dhozer, and Combatwombat

Elder Brethren on ally side: Wiltot - Wilorin Ilathion - Llatha Samras - Traman Inavera - Cremator Langtuteng - Problematic Shermini - ShermanMKII Drimshan - Mooragor Calidorf - Calibré HoneydewEB/Saessi - HoneyDew Umbar - Tyrandius Thanilel - Dackot

Guildleader and officers of LotL: GM: Wilgje Officers: Akaryxn, Daz, Glyphe, Matzy, Neti, and Tun

Le m m ing s old and ne w

A reference guide to everyone in the guild Akaryxn - Draenei Priest Applied to the guild at level 43 on 16 February 2008. English. Nooby moment: “Ding 40, run as fast as I could to Warlock trainer in Stormwind. Get all my training, now time to get my rider to tram, go to Ironforge, fly to Wetlands, boat to Theramore. No guards to ask directions in Theramore, so run round looking for the stable area. Eventually alt-tab to check wow-wiki. Doh! Rider trainer is in Eastvale Logging Camp - boat to Wetlands, fly to Stormwind, run to logging camp...but no apprentice training listed! Check wow-wiki again....see I get skill from Warlock

trainer, run back to Storwind, go to trainer, no skill listed :( a moment of clarity, I realised that I had the skill already :D” Amalda - Night Elf druid Applied to the guild at level 80 on 28 Dec 2009. Swedish. “The noobiest thing I ever did was probably that I was lvl 59 before someone told me to use the mouse to stear my toon, I actually drowned because I didn’t manage to get up from the tiny river next to eastvale logging camp in time” Asphodel - Night Elf Priest Applied to the guild at level 80 on 29 January 2010. Dutch.

“Favorite thing to do in-game: Sight seeing. I can really enjoy all the effort Blizzard has put into the zones. Sometimes I stopped and stared in a dungeon because of the scenery.” Augur - Night Elf Priest Applied to the guild at level 71 on 21 Oct 2009. English. What would you do if your guildleader bubbled while tanking a tough boss? “This is tricky question as I haven’t ever been to ZG, but I think I would pop Fade and explain to my wife why I have been screaming “shit shit shit” at the PC :D “ Bartimeaus - Draenei Shaman Applied to the guild at level 80 on



Applied to the guild at level 72 on the 12th of september 2010. English.

My name is Angela, I live in the UK and I am 26. I have 2 level 80 characters. I enjoy the social aspects of WoW, I love spending time doing achievements, levelling professions and gaining rep. I have to admit I find it difficult to know what the best piece of gear is (yes, I have to look it up on WoWhead!) and I have no idea what my average dps is! I chose a night elf hunter as my first character because they are easy to level, I could shadowmeld as well as feign death (despite this I still died a lot!) and, most importantly, I would get a pet!!! Chiani had great fun levelling to 80 accompanied first by Cat, then Ook, Warpy and finally Daisy. I thought I had gone as far I as could in terms of dungeons until I joined the Lemmings; Chiani has now gone further 18 April 2010. Dutch. “I like almost everything - PvE (Hc’s and Raid’s) - PVP - Funny events (not blizz events but guild or realm organised thingys) - Wallwalking and stuff - Doing archievements.” Billi - Human Warrior Applied to the guild at level 80 on 16 April 2009. English. Favorite thing to do in-game: Enjoying as much content as possible with good company :) Brianna - Night Elf Priest Joined the guild in 2006 after his previous guild, An Unknown Entity (a guild Lemmings was allied with), disbanded. Doesn’t play much due to RSI. Bulldaz - Gnome Warlock Joined the guild in 2006. English. If you could be your character for one day, what would you do? “get a haircut, a mowhawk with legs would probably get impounded by a dog warden.” Mardoek - Human Mage Applied to the guild at level 80 on 12 Nov 2010. Belgian. What would you do if your guildleader bubbled while tanking a tough boss? “Panic! Being a mage,


then I ever thought possible in ICC! Thank-you Lemmings! I decided I wanted to try a healer and I choose a shaman as they have a ranged dps spec in case healing did not work. I did not think I would be able to heal so I am pleased to say I have got to 80 almost exclusively by healing dungeons and Moranna is now at the point whereby I am slowly improving her gear. On the 23rd September, 2010 I rescued Kyla, a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, that I had been told the previous day would be taken to a rescue home if I would not take her. Since then Kyla has become a constant source of fun, love and stress! I am a relatively new Lemming and I have enjoyed being in the guild more than I thought. My first impressions were that the guild was too big for me as there were so many new people but I have found everyone to be friendly and helpful and I look forward to getting to know everyone better. there are many options to survive such a hickup : mirror image, iceblock, invisibility... Is there actually ever a person who answers “Yell nOOb at the tank!” ??” [Yes. ~Wilgje] Busig - Human Rogue Applied to the guild at level 80 on 25 Sep 2010 - 23:29. Swedish. What would you do if your guildleader bubbled while tanking a tough boss? “Faint/Faint till all are dead then vanish... and try to raise the silly pally with Gnomish Army Knife so he can make up for his misstake by rezzing everyone.” Calisan - Night Elf Druid. Applied to the guild at level 80 on 8 Sep 2009. English. What would you do if your guildleader bubbled while tanking a tough boss? “Cry? Seriously though I would throw a quick heal. Then get ready to follow out glorious leader into the pits of hell. Although I would hope he did it just to freak us out.” Chromere - Human Paladin Applied to the guild at level 80 on 10 April 2010. English. “Mostly I like new content. By which I mean if I haven’t seen it or done it, it’s new to me. I like seeing new dun-

geons, bosses, areas. That being said my favorite thing in game is getting an upgrade, or completeing something I have wanted to do for a long time, e.g. I recently went back and completed my lightforge set, it may be useless now but I like the fact that it is finished.” Dórá - Gnome Warlock Applied to the guild at level 80 on 23 May 2009. English. What’s the noobiest thing you’ve ever done? “Saying “Hej” (being the only Swedish word I know) to a random passer by in Stranglethorn, who was ACTUALLY Swedish and started talking to me in Swedish. I swiftly logged off after this.” Danae - Gnome Warlock Applied to the guild at level 80 on 18 July 2010. English. “My favourite question: Why are elephants big, grey and wrinkly? Because if they were small, white and smooth they’d be asprin. Failing that, my second favourite question: Would you like more cake Danae? To which the answer is *always* yes please.” Demonicnight - Human warlock Applied to the guild at level 80 on 18 April 2010. Dutch. “I function best in a nice friendly atmosphere, i play this game for fun and the social interactions. I would enjoy to finish a difficult task as group rather as solo player wether or not in a pug.” Drakinkoren - Human Mage Applied to the guild at level 80 on 8 Apr 2010. Welsh. “Im a pretty easy going happy person. I work nights so cant raid past 2200 mon-fri but weekends are all good for me. Ive moved from doomhammer where i was in a pretty hardcore raiding guild.” Drizzty - Orc Hunter Applied to the guild at level 80 on 19 Jun 2010. Danish. What is one of your fondest in-game experiences? “Ragnaros in vanilla. At that time it was the geatest guild achievement for our guild, and I was main tanking it... Back then all bosses where HM imo.” Elminda - Human warrior Applied to the guild at level 70 on 29 April 2008. Norwegian. What do you love most about World of Warcraft? “The freedom to moving around pretty much wherever you want. And i guess leveling...” Endurat - Human warlock Applied to the guild at level 80 on

11 Nov 2010. Dutch. “Yea baby, I am a cruel Warlock, and don’t hesitate to sacrifice a person for getting to my goal! :P “ (after taking the official WoW personality test, no need to get worried -- I think! -Wilgje) Farfigg - Dwarf Hunter Applied to the guild at level 80 on 12 Oct 2010. English. Chromere’s cousin. What is your favorite thing to do ingame? “I like helping people in game and I really like doing dungeons especially when I get to do it with people I know as it is a more relaxed and jokey atmosphere. Killing bosses, the bigger the better (small puney things with lots of life don’t interest me lol :P) I also love to go to Grizzly Hills, I love the music :D “ Fiorea - Draenei Shaman Applied to the guild at level 28 on 1 Nov 2010. Dutch. Why would we enjoy grouping with you? “Chocolate Cake ? Because i am a social grouper. I like to learn from things, and learn other people things. Preferably NOT the hard way ;). but alas..” Garalia - Night Elf Priest Applied to the guild at level 41 on 27th december 2007. Scotsman. “Been main healer on a raid in ZG, and wondered why my heals weren’t working on the MT. Had myself targetted the whole time :P Triggered the Rajaxx encounter in AQ20 whilst the rest of the raid were still drinking/ bandaging after Kurinaxx by going “look, here’s a guy you can talk to in here”... :D” Gartt - Dwarf Hunter Applied to the guild at level 42 on 19 Dec 2009. Dutch. Gartt is the very quiet brother of Yreia. Whisper him sometime, he’s often up for a dungeon! :) Gerty - Gnome Warlock Re-applied to the guild at level 77 on 21 Sep 2010. English. “Q. what is the air speed of an unladen swallow? A. An African or European Swallow?” Gnomesick - Gnome Mage Applied to the guild at level 80 on 13 Nov 2009. English. Quiet bundle of mage firepower, gnomesick is a very loyal member of our raid group who unfortunately got hacked earlier this year, and we haven’t seen him very much since he recovered... Grimhrid - Human Paladin

Applied to the guild at level 80 on 2 Feb 2010. Norwegian. How does he pronounce the name? “Grim-reed (I changed the name some time ago to make it easier for english speaking people to say my name. The joke is on me i guess. ^^)” Hhpriest - Human Priest Applied to the guild at level 80 on 23 Aug 2009. Dutch. Jackofnon Joined the guild in 2006. English. If you could be your character for one day, what would you do? “Go out and polymorph all the people I didn’t like, then laugh till I passed out , just before re-sheeping them. :) “ Kadyá - Night Elf Death Knight Applied to the guild at level 71 on 23rd of august 2010. Dutch. “My father and brother are both members. They are very enthousiastic about the guild. Being able to chat in a nice guild while doing quests make the game more fun for me.” Keirin - Night Elf Druid Joined the guild at level 1 in 2005. Dutch. Keirin is Wilgje’s housemate and a professional illustrator. Keirin, amongst other things, made the achievement banner we use for website achievements, the headers on the Lemmings website (since 2006), icons and the new signature banners. Check out her work at Kompressor - Gnome Warrior Applied to the guild at level 80 on 1

May 2010. Scotsman. What is your favourite thing to do ingame? Heroic instances, and the odd PVP on a couple PVP toons I got (priest) Krisania - Human Mage Joined the guild in 2006 or 2007. Greek. Krisania joined the guild very early on when Wilgje was handing out presents in Stormwind. He was so pleased he asked for a guild invite (and got it :) ). Líghtbríngér - Human Paladin Joined the guild in february 2010. English. Líghtbríngér is Daz’s cousin. “When i am online i will try and help people out with heroics and stuff if needed” Lacyy - Dwarf Warrior Applied to the guild at level 80 on 28 Apr 2010. Lacyy isn’t a heavy chatter but a great tank! Liadora - Draenei Hunter Applied to the guild at level 80 on 14 Jun 2010. English Swede! “You: Are you lost? Again? *sigh* Me: I swear the forest is rearranging itself when I am not looking!! Uhm.....this is where I expose my ignorance...I am a follower, not a leader, so I am afraid I would try and get to a safe place and await further intructions :D “ Litlewolfpaw/Brotherwolf Applied to the guild at level 6 on 3 Oct 2008. Dutch. “I like to level some alts and help out others at the moment. But ofc if you


In real life, I’m married to Marja, also 46 years and we have two kids, Marisca and Alex of 18 and 16 years. My wife couldn’t care Guild friend for 12 weeks and less for WoW, my kids do play now an Initiate to the LemWoW my son somewhat more mings of the Light! My first than my daughter and me. character to reach level 80 was I am very fond of my 2 Helenas, human female mage. cats, Poekie and Pebbel. PoWanted a magical character, so ekie is 8 years old and Pebbel it has to be a mage it was every- is now an half year old. Lost a thing i expected to be. cat this spring, Dollie had a car After a break of about accident and didn’t survive, she half a year, i decided to level a was three years old and is still new mage, cause i had given missed. away Helenas to my son and i The things in WoW I love: couldn’t push myself to learn The exploring of the beautiful another class. So Eirda was landscapes, quests and the lore. born. Still love to play the mage O and character naming of the class, and cannot get myself to NPC’s in WoW are sometimes level an other toon. Maybe i will hilarious, example Haris Pilton do so in Cataclysm but not sure in Shattrath, Jhordy Lapforge in about that either. Tanaris and some more.

Joined the guild at level 80 on the 17th of november 2010. Dutch


need a hand from a big blue totem dropping hugging guy...uhm girl brotherwolf will step in the light ;-) “ Lleu - Night Elf Rogue Joined the guild at level 1 in 2006. Dutch Lleu joined Lemmings 5 minutes after making her first character, has been an officer for a few years and still offers input and advice on our IRC out of game chat! Loreena - Human Priest Joined the guild at level 60 in 2006 as Tonya. Swedish. Loreena has been a member for years and is most known as Joe Snow, the fun event organiser! Luzette - Draenei Shaman Applied to the guild at level 80 on 11 Nov 2009. Swedish. You see a hordie PVP enabled in front of an instance, all alone, and you’re surrounded by alliance- What do you do? “Avoiding clicking anywhere near him!” Lunalights - Night Elf Priest Applied to the guild at level 8 on 3 Oct 2008. Dutch. “My main focus in this game for me is the social side!” Matie - Dwarf Paladin Applied to the guild at level 80 on 31 August 2010. Portuguese. ”Used to be a hardcore raider, back in Vanilla WoW, raiding 4 hours/day, 6 days/week but those days are gone! All I want now is have a good and relaxed time, doing some dailies, heroics and helping in raids when I can. Being part of a solid guild, knowing I can help others with my skills, professions and knowledge is something


Cath, 34 (practically ancient!) based in the UK, owner of a level 80 Spacegoat. First character was a Dwarf hunter, I just liked the idea of having pets and the dwarf ladies looked lovely and cheery. Sadly little Twinkle bit the dust when I stopped playing before.

(they don’t have GPS?) crash landing made me laugh. I went with priest because it matched the empathy/darkness powers of my old City of Heroes character. Fondest in game memory is getting sucked into the side room during the LK fight, feverishly trying to remember what I’d read about the fight with Neti shouting kill it! over and over :)

Chose Glyphe because I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan, and since my sense of direction is notoriously appalling the idea of a bunch of directionally challenged aliens

Out of game fact, many moons ago I worked on a music video for a song that got into the Japanese top 10. These days I’m much more boring!

Joined the guild at level 13 on the 22nd of December 2010. Irish.


that makes me feel good and gives me pleasure :)” Naicigam - Gnome Mage Applied to the guild at level 70 on 9 January 2009. Dutch. Manages the guilds’ teamspeak! “Favorite part of World of Warcraft? Plain having fun: I’m game for everything; either doing instance runs, dailies or just chatting while fishing.” Neti - Dwarf Hunter Joined the guild around level 20 in 2005. Dutch. Neti is one of the founders of Lemmings, and has been organising and leading raids for the guild since 2006. “Weh-weh-wehhhh” Dommens - Draenei Hunter Applied to the guild at level 80 on 30 Mar 2009. Dutch. Do you think druids can tank? “Those fluffy things?” Oranjeboom - Night Elf Druid Joined the guild in october of 2009. Dutch. If you could be your character for one day, what would you do? “Switch into flightform and fly around all day to feel as free as a bird!” Pulstar - Human Paladin Applied to the guild at level 80 on 22 Sep 2010. Belgian. What would you do if your guildleader bubbled while tanking a tough boss? “Well, if nobody else tells her, I’d say -friendly ofcourse- that her bubble could cause that the boss will be attacking the next player on his aggro list. Only use bubble when close to wipe.” Redhenry - Human Warlock Joined the guild in 2006. English.

Redhenry has been an officer for a year or so, but has stopped playing a little while ago. We hope to see him return sometime! Rinani - Night Elf Druid Applied to the guild at level 80 on 23 May 2010. Danish. “The fun of raiding for me: Overcoming obstacles as a group of people, while enjoying ourselves.” Sënrasï - Dwarf Paladin Applied to the guild at level 80 on 14 Jun 2010. Swedish. “I’ve chosen Sën as my main, because I’ve always considered him to be my main, and he is the one I like to play the most... even if I lay off him for some time, he knows I will always find my way back to him eventually :) (Who can resist a beared Dwarf eh?.......ok, most ppl probably :S ...but not me) “ Shirael - Night Elf Priest Applied to the guild at level 80 on 6 Dec 2009. Finnish. “Favorite part of the game? Meeting nice people from around the world... and healing them...” Soapbox - Night Elf Hunter Applied to the guild at level 80 on 4 August 2010. English. Soapbox will be back in January! Spitbeard - Dwarf Paladin Applied to the guild at level 61 on 15 Sep 2008 as Thracite. Dutch. “The main reason for joining you is that I like the way you want the guildies to behave. Things like being respectful and helpful toward other players. This is the way I’m trying to be (; “ Tam - Night Elf Druid Applied to the guild at level 80 on 18 July 2010. Scotsman. “I love soloing old difficult content - so have cleared AQ20, done 6 MC bosses, most of the ZG bosses etc. I love a challenge I can plan out and drive for ( I have the most ridiculous collection of resistance gear >.>).” Tibal - Paladin Human Applied to the guild at level 80 on 4 Nov 2009. English. When the Triffids attack, Tibal will be set as this islander is from the Isle of Wight! Tibal has got a passion for helping out and has multiple tank characters to dedicate to the cause ;) Tuanur - Night Elf Warrior Applied to the guild at level 80 on 31 Dec 2009. Dutch. “Best part of World of Warcraft? Having a good time in game. Though I


Applied to the guild at level 70 on 21 Oct 2008 as Matzy. English.

My first character was Matzy (a Paladin). I played a paladin in beta and enjoyed the experience. I liked the whole lore attached to being a paladin and our very noble outlook on the world. Oh and the free mount sealed the deal! lol I have recently changed to an alt that I levelled during WOTLK, Matzi (a druid). Ultimately, the levelling experience was far more enjoyable as a druid kitty. Finally, Matzy has been my main character since vanilla days and I think it love raiding and the preperation it takes, I value a good time while on wow above any raid progress or any other activity.” Tun - Draenei Shaman Joined in january 2007 as Eolan. Dutch. “As you understand by now after a few years of playing, Eolan wasn’t cool enough after all and I decided to continue with Tun the shaman (after a small priest-hunter-mage-identity crisis :) ). I love the class since a shaman with dual spec is a nice combination between a mage and a very capable priest. Most probably I will stick to him. Partly cause mainswitching all the time scatters a lot of achievements around different characters, partly cause shamans rock and partly cause Wilgje will probably kick me when I switch again!” (let’s place bets for Cataclysm peeps - Wilgje) Uglibugga - Draenei Shaman Applied to the guild at level 80 on 8 April 2010. English. “Favorite thing to do in-game? Helping others when possible, dungeon running and raiding (although this has been a little thin on the ground recently :(. )” Vicarious - Night Elf Rogue Joined the guild in march 2008. Norwegian. “Just like Lotto; you gotta be in it to win it. (That’s Vic-Speak for “I’m in”)” Vico - Human Paladin Applied to the guild at level 80 on 22 Sep 2010. English. “Favorite thing to do in-game? 5 man

is time for a change. My favourite boss quote has to be all the quotes from XT0002 from Ulduar. Nothing pleases me more than cracking out my XT-002 pet and annoying the hell out of Neti: “Im ready to Play!” I have a dog called Poncho and have recently acquired a couple of gold fish from my nephews who moved to the US. I cant remember their names though .. is that terrible? Least I feed them I suppose! I haven’t admitted to my wife that I spent real money on a virtual pet yet either … instances. healing the tank if he is a bit ‘green’... and then being congratulated on doing a good job!!” Wilgje - Human Paladin Joined the guild around level 20 in 2005. Dutch. “I’m one of the founders of the guild and I have been guildleader for most of the guilds’ existance. I’m very proud of the guild and I hope everyone else is too!“

Yreia - Gnome Warlock Joined in january 2007. Dutch. Most recent nooby thing he’s recently done: “I just upgraded a gem in my gear and found out the old gem was a + hit gem (instead of +spellhit) for at least 6 months.... Nice for smacking mobs with my stave ;-) “ Zacharus - Dwarf Rogue Applied to the guild at level 61 on 14 Dec 2009. Scotsman. “Being of some helpful use to others and general interaction with other members of the human race (the mature members that is)” Zahrah - Draenei Priest Applied to the guild at level 80 on 12 Dec 2009. Saudi-Arabian. Our most exotic guild member, Zahrah with his army of alts has a hectic life as he’s engaged to marry and real life obligations take up a lot of time, but we hope that Blizzard’s Cataclysm download will finally enable him to be around the first week of the expansion! Zamzamar - Night Elf Druid Applied to the guild at level 80 on 17 May 2009. English. “Best part of the game for me is having fun with others and making friends.”


My first character was created in 2005 and I still play it, Applied to the guild at level 80 it is Swex an holy paladin curon 14 November 2010. Dutch. rently lvl is 80. The reason why I Sander, 28 years young! I live in choose a paladin because I liked the Netherlands in the beautithe story line (yes im a lore fan) ful Twente. Born and raised in and I heard good stuff about Almelo I still live here nowadays it mainly the bubble heartwith my wife and little girl. stone action for emergency I work as application escapes….. Just kidding though support for the department I still like that. I have seen a lot Information Management for of changes in world of warcraft a property development busibut I must say Cataclysm is one ness. In mid November this year of the best yet. I got told that for the following My favourite character years I can still work for them. ingame must be Illidan StormGreat! Now I’m on the hunt to rage. “You are not prepared!” buy a house. is my favorite quote. The lemBesides my wife and mings proved him wrong “we daughter, I have 1 cat named were prepared”. I know I’m just Lindsey. She is a strange one: new in Lemmings of the Light she is 11 years old but still looks but I feel at home here the and plays like a kitten somepeople in the guild are really times. Beside that I got a bunny good and nice. And soon, when called Rambo. cataclysm comes, I’ll jump on Well let me tell you my X51 rocket and zoom into something about me ingame. action!


The Lemming Olympics 2010 The last week of Wrath of the Lich King, our own fun event specialist Joesnow organised the first Lemming Olympics ever. In a competition for eternal glory, two teams, Red and Blue, faced off in an epic battle, with one game every day at the westcoast of the glorious Howling Fjord. The week started with the Leap of Faith event, a jump off a cliff where Lemmings showed off their skills at aiming, and jumping. Guildies had to land on the pirate boats, aided only by the gift of Slowfall. Only one Lemming made it alive: Pulstar (team Red)! The second day of the event was dedicated to balance. As Lemmings balance casual and raiding, guildies had to get drunk and make their way to Joesnow’s lovely assistant Dommens - on a rope! As you can see in the third picture on the right, one of the guildies actually managed to die on the rope, so it wasn’t that easy! Team Blue won this challenge. On wednesday, the two teams made their way to Westfall where they raced against eachother in the Deadmines. With Neti getting lost in Deadmines, team Red had to concede defeat. On thursday, team Red and team Blue faced off in a battle of wits as the Lemmings were quizzed on their knowledge of World of Warcraft trivia. What is Ghostcrawler? What does WoW stand for? Asphodel turned out quite the Quizzical Genius! Team Blue was victorious once more. The event ended on friday, with a scavenger hunt. Tam from Team Blue was able to collect most of the items for the Scavenger hunt. In the end, team Blue won the Lemmings Olympics cup of 2010, and both teams ran in a friendly race from Howling Fjord to Icecrown Citadel!

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