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Autographs For Sale - Are you at present Sure Your Autographs & Movie Posters Are Guaranteed Authentic? Final week an individual who visited my internet internet site contacted me asking about really uncommon autographs with the "Rat Pack" members. Being an avid Frank Sinatra collector (and incredibly skilled with his autograph ) for most likely more than 30 years I suspected just before even seeing them that it was very UN-likely they have been authentic. But I recommended he submit them to a third party authentication service like PSA or JSA. Not surprisingly they failed authentication.

He told me he wasn't concerned since the dealer in Las Vegas incorporated her Lifetime Assure of Authenticity. What happened subsequent is very vital and what Everybody whoever buys a higher worth autograph must contemplate. The dealer responded with "oh I don't consider a great deal of JSA". Now I wasn't so troubled with all the fact she didn't like JSA, but what I identified so unsettling is that this is a significant trouble within the autograph memorabilia industry. And, it essentially makes virtually each autograph Lifetime Guarantee COA WORTHLESS! Yes, I said worthless! Why? Because what this dealer did is completely VOID her duty by issuing a COA that had NO criteria, no normal. So, regardless of WHAT or WHO authenticated this autograph, all the dealer had to do was disagree using the discovering.

I guess for the previous 20 years I assumed other dealers issued COAs that protected the customer and NOT do away with all duty of your seller.

I thought all trustworthy dealers did what I've performed for the previous 20 + years and that's particularly state inside the COA "what constitutes a non authentic autograph". Anyone who has purchased from us can see on our COAs that we state "if it fails PSA or JSA authentication". Therefore, there will by no means be a question, if such a situation need to arise. No room for interpretation, no wiggle space for the dealer, no scamming the client. Meanwhile, following this conversation took spot, I started going via all my COAs from other dealers, trustworthy dealers. And guess what? No one, NOT One dealer specifies in his/her COA what constitutes a non authentic autograph. So, are these other dealers honoring their Lifetime COAs? And who do they accept as the "final word" around the autograph? Do some say PSA or only JSA, or maybe reject ANY third celebration authentication? Who knows? But, unless the COA especially states who and what authentication is acceptable in order to honor a refund, it's a guessing game. And, surely not inside the favor with the buyer. Now I know you can find reliable dealers that could honor a PSA or JSA discovering. But, why leave it open for interpretation? Why not employ a normal directly on the COA, so the customer is not going to must worry should the above predicament arise?

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