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22, female, brazilian, student. 4 times...maybe. I avoid flying as much as possible vacation long flights I like being on the plane for a long time and being able to sit there and think. I wear clothes that won’t make me feel too hot or too cold even when I get to my destination. I make sure I have a good selection that will please whatever mood I am in. Airplane food is unhealthy. It is normally quite oily and heavy which is not convenient, especially in long flights where you will be eating at messed up times. the special meals always seem a bit better. I buy food at all times in my life. On the airplane there is never anything I can eat or would want to eat. At the airport I always have coffee, juices, salads, things like that. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? I'd pay for decent coffee surely. Being able to watch films and tv series at your own screen..that is my favourite. seeing where you are on the satellite map, that is pretty good too.

30, female, australia, IT Once Vacation Long flights Anxious - panic about the limited opportunity to save oneselves should the need arise. Due to the height from the ground/sea. Take anti anxiety tablets. Eat less than usual. Sleeping pills, only used flying. Something to chew to unpop my ears. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? if I was hungry and the flight was long.

52, female, usa/israel, designer/importer

ď€ 36 times Business Short flights Come off feeling like crap, my body aches from the food and the lousy air.....sometimes sick from the person next to me.. small panic attacks usually related to forgetting something or being late for the flight freak out if i forgot my sleep mask, a must! I order only special meals. I eat them cuz I'm bored. the food is over salted and makes me fart and feel bloated everytime. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? I will be flying within the usa soon, realized that the food costs money onboard....most likely will not buy it. will bring something with. films, single tv screeens!

24, female, british, student 4 times Vacation Short flights I find the idea of flying exciting, but the reality of a flight with little to do is boring. Sleeping pills - only used for long haul flights. I find airplane food predictable. I have a fairly clear and certain idea of what it will be, and it rarely differs or does anything out of the ordinary. I pre-order the vegetarian meal. This could be something I have made up, but I feel it is often more interesting as fewer people choose it and it therefore is not made in so large a bulk amount I normally eat a meal before the flight as I find airplane food bland and not very exciting. In addition I do not find it healthy and often it is very calorific which I feel is unecessary given the sedentary nature of flying. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? Yes

37, male, anglo-irish, hired gun 5-6 times Business & Vacation Long flights I dislike flying as it is uncomfortable, dehydrating, ecologically unsound and the process is overly time-costly. Netbook. Toothbrush. Spare socks. Aspirin. Hanging around in airports is incredibly boring. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? An excellent idea. Yes.

38, female, british, artist

ď€ 2 times Business Short flights boring - like travelling in anything that you are not in control of I always take my own food on any flight - long hall flights are different I always buy water before boarding.

24, female, turkey, ma student 8-10 times Vacation Short flights It's exciting and therapeutic. If I'm travelling alone I also like feeling the freedom of mobility. Dressing comfortable for the day in general and just before the flight; calling the relatives, reading something or listening to music to relax and observing other passengers that I will be flying with.. book, music, a pen, a soft cardigan that can function as a pillow or blanket when it's needed I like getting a little Haribo bear package before landing. ď Š

would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? I don't like to use my wallet during the flight. If it's a convenient price, I might pay it when I'm doing my online check-in.

25, female, chinese, student 4 times Vacation Long flights it's always exciting, like an escape from real life. mint gum when woke up, and olive soap for skin refresh, sometimes thermal water not enough fruit would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? for fresh vegetables? maybe

57, male, uk, museum curator 1 or 2 times Business & Vacation Long flights & Short flights hate the idea of flying. its unnatural. I am embarrassed to say it is the only place I pray. Airplane food passes the time of day without being enjoyable. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? yes

29, male, brazilian, graphic designer 4 times Vacation Long flights & Short flights I like the idea of flying, it brings good expectations, but when I am inside the plane I get bored One book, ipod and a coat. I never bring my own food, only water (short flights) I buy an espresso/drink at the airport. On the plane, sometimes, I buy a sandwich. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? no

26, female 6 times Vacation Short flights i don't really like airplane food, although i always eat it.. i bring my own..sandwiches, biscuits.. food at the airport is quite expensive

25, male, italian, sculptor

 2- 3 times Vacation Short flights I always regret not having the “neck pillow”. I would buy it on flight if possible. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste?

Yes, if it’s actually better than the free food.

23, female, german, student 15 times Vacation Short flights I tend to always think about my mum before flying, just in case i crash and die. a bit like a little prayer maybe. i just realized how odd that is. my ipod. i love looking at the clouds and listening to music. the plane is one of the only places where i don't get distracted much from the music.

i like airplane food simply for the reason that most of the time i'm bored on the plane and this is a welcome distraction. most of it is pretty shit to be fair, especially british airways. they used to do a cheddar wrap and pasta salad that was just gross.

I found it very sweet that Quantas served ice cream in between meals .

ď Š

on short flights i try to eat before at home so i won't be hungry. on long flights i just eat whatever they serve if it's not too bad. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? not really with my current income. if a was better off then certainly

36, female, european, designer 10 times Vacation Short flights I find it terrifying - lack of control, fear of heights, the whole airport security process, being crushed into a tiny space and not having the option of getting out when I want to. Meditate and do yoga to stay calm Meditation recordings, a pillow would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? No

24, male, italian, student From 4 to 6 times Vacation Short flights & Long flights long trip are boring 'cos you cannot walk, the only thing you can do is sit down, watch a movie and eat. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? it depends on the price, i'm not willing to spend much money on the plane, I’d rather spend money once arrived at destination

24, male, italian, student 6 times Vacation Short flights Hate it, flying itself is ok, but I hate the time wasted before and after the flight would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? I definitely would in long range flights, don't care in short range, that'd be too expensive and i could just wait a little till the end of the flight to eat ok.

24, male, italian, interior designer 2-3 times Vacation Short flights I'm not excited, today is normal take a plane to catch a bus or train Alitalia. "crackers or biscuits?"

24, male, italian, student 5 times Business & Vacation Short flights

The idea of flying is just amazing. I don't see flying only as means to reach a destination but I also enjoy the time on a plane. Probably the idea to be 'nowhere' is the most attractive one. Creepy! If we talk about short flight, I prefer the idea of small snacks (salted, crackers or sweet, biscuits) with drinks as AirFrance does for 1h /1h30' flights rather then a disgusting sandwich with butter/ham/cheese of Lufthansa. A larger food does not mean better! I prefer buying food at the airport rather then in the plane especially if it is a low cost flight. Normally a simple sandwich. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? Yes, for sure!

35, female, British/NZ, artist 30 times Business Short flights check for passport and flight times a million times. make food for flight buy New Yorker long haul pillow, food, large bottle water short haul food Airplane food is disgusting, always bring my own food. Once had Bimpimbap on Korean Air which was nice and on Japanese airlines have had some ok noodle/ rice dishes. Best meal was a Bircher museli on Air New Zealand breakfast short haul. I always tried to take the early flight after that. ď Š I think all food should be vegetarian on airplanes and never ever should be sandwiches. when I remember I order Vegetarian. I like to eat good quality meat only and free range. About flying: hate, scary, time wasting

would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? no, I've eaten in enough resturants to know that either the food is good standard or bad regardless of how fancy the dish is

65, female, New Zealand, artist 4 times Vacation Short flights Long haul flights to New Zealand are very boring and uncomfortable. Sitting with nowhere to exercise makes me very tired. Short flights are OK. Usually I am excited about seeing family and o friends and the time passes very quickly.

I have sling I have made to hang off the tray in front of me. It is to support my feet and legs on long haul flights. I don't eat on short flights just drink water as I don't like bad coffee or strong tea. On long flights I eat because I am bored. One flight, I don't remember which airline they served fresh fruit. That was the best food I ever had on an airplane Sometimes I pack fruit and nuts to eat instead of airline food. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? no 24,female, german, student 4 times Business & Vacation Long flights I love it, and it excites me. It's a break from everyday life and takes me to interesting new places - or back home from faraway places. I just love traveling itself, and rarely get impatient while I do it. I always, always take a long shower, wash my hair, etc. I also put on make-up and dress nicely (jeans, nice shirt, nice jumper/jacket; it really makes a difference in how the attendants treat you) and have a good meal before the flight so it's not as bad if their food sucks. I usually take my travel pillow with me so I can sleep anywhere. I take this pillow with me on any long travels, be it by car, bus, train, or plane. The pillow is in an extra-long pillow cover, so that I can put the left-over material across my face, which comes in very handy when it is very bright, or when a smelly person sits next to me. Food is crucial, particularly on long flights. It's just that you can't go anywhere else for it, and luggage restrictions won't allow you to pack your own meals (which would also be highly inconvenient of course). Sometimes, food can really make or break your experience. Which is probably why I liked Etihad so much - you really felt like a *guest*, not like a customer. The food was nice, the attendants were nice, and it felt like I was a guest in someone's home who would see it as a personal failure to offer you food that you don't like or that it just thrown together somehow. In Europe, most airlines will at least offer you a complimentary beverage and a small snack like a sandwich, even if your flight is only an hour or so long. In the US and Australia, however, this is not typical, and you usually have to pay for food and drink there, at least for flights under 3 hours. So I usually plan for each situation, and will get food and drink before I fly and take it with me on the plane when I'm in the US or in Australia. I could buy the stuff on the plane, of course, but that's usually ridiculously expensive, and not good quality. Best: On my flight from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi, Etihad's ECONOMY class breakfast, which consisted of a belgian waffle with cinnamon and powdered sugar, a croissant with honey and nutella, and scrambled eggs with potatoes - all in one meal. Each part wasn't very large, but it was enough and so YUMMY. I don't think I'll ever forget this breakfast. :-) Worst: The curry incident on my BA flight from London to Los Angeles. Really, just vegetarian or chicken curry to choose from? Last time I checked, curry is not yet an integral part of the Western cuisine (which I would expect on a flight to North America from Europe). Pasta or anything potatobased would have been such a safer and mainstream option. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? I don't mind paying for better food, as long as I don't have to pay for it on board. Meaning, just include great food in all of your airline's flight, and hike the prices accordingly. I don't want to know how much the food quality costs, I just want a great experience, and if I know I can get it from your airline, I WILL chose yours over another airline if your prices aren't ridiculously more expensive ($50-100 more is acceptable, depending on the flight length). The individual entertainment systems are definitely the greatest improvement. Food is ok, too, but there are a few airlines (particularly BA, Virgin, and Delta) that seriously need some improving in that area.

36, male, italian designer 6/7 times Business & Vacation Short flights& Long flights a book a sweater/hoodie camera to take photos from the window arrive at the airport couple of hours before the flight if i need to kill time i like to look at the stores and maybe drink a beer food on airplane - like it. I also like to organize the food on the tiny table preorder meal - did it only once, preordered a low salt meal, not actually because i needed it but just to try would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? no

36, female, british, design education coordinator 4/5 times Vacation Short flights

flying: It's special because I have small children and they find it exciting. but it can also be a bit stressful :-) make sure I have everything to take me/us through the flight without spending anything actually on the flight. water before flight, bought in duty free some taralli or crackers most problems or frustrations are to be found in the airport, not on the flight. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? not on a short flight, possibly for long haul 30, male, Italian, project manager and account in a creative studio

20 times Business Long flights i'm always excited because i like the time of the flight. it seems to be a suspended time in which you can do something that in other situation you'll never find the time to do. i don't like to waste my flight-time. i like to use it and fill it. etihad. for the food the comfort the technology the kindness of the hostess the sittings etc i always buy a music or technology magazine before flying. i try to arrive in time. 2 hours before for the long flights. i try to do the check-in and control parts quickly to find a seat and work or read or do some phone calls waiting for my flight to board i like everything. i like all the kind of food and i always want to tray. i'm always happy when i eat and taste food. i buy food at the airport if i'm hungry. i don't like chews or sweets or things like this. i never eat just to kill time. i never buy food on the plane. i eat if there's the meal included in the flight. if it's a short fly i find really useless to buy food. i never bring my own food. economy flight are a great idea. but i don't like the fact that they always try to sell you everything in a bad pushing way. technology in screens is another great way to make the flight experience more interesting and open. for example. i like the fact that i can see some movies that in my normal life i would never find the time to see. would you be willing to pay for food considered of better quality / taste? no. i think that if in my flight price the food is included i don't really need anything else. i don't like to deal whit money during the flight. it makes me nervous. i like to be chilled and served.

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