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Greek Words Act- Actinium Radioactive chemical element action, react, transaction, proactive, activity, activation, deactivate Ang- Carangidae Family of fish including pompanos, Jacks ect.

Aud- Vaudeville a theatrical genre of variety entertainment in America

Credit- Acredditaion a Process in wich certification of competecy, authority, or credibilittgidae s do carany is presentedcredo , a statment of beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions. credence, belief in or acceptance of something as, credential,a qualification, achivment,personal quality credulity,a tendancy to be too reday to believe that something is real or true. incredulous,unwilling or unable to believe somthing.creed,a system oof christion or other religeous belief; a faith incredible

Dict- Dictator dictation predict, verdict, malediction,a magical word or phrase uttered with the dictionary, dictate, dictum, diction, indict, contradict Due/Duet-

Fac- Angustus : narrow, limited, strait, tight, constricted.



Inclined to dissent

FAC tious (fak; shus) adj.

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How we studied the greek words.

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