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      Caesars....Civilization Builders or Destroyers?                                                                                        Joshua Ries Do you know those old Movies where people are chanting,  "hail  Caesar? they are all dressed in bed sheets and have superhuman  physiques. Philosophers were everywhere! Well do you think  there is a story behind this phenomenon? Or was their praising  from their hearts?                        "Despite of being the great rulers of Rome, the Caesars had a bad side," complimented Niko Filippi. True they extended an empire extending the ideals of Hellenism, but they destroyed many parts of Greek culture at the same time. In 214 B.C. the Romans marched against Greece. knowing that they did not have much chance against the mighty Greeks, but cunning Julius Caesar sent small hopeless, but determined troops to attack Greece. They lost all their battles, but inflicted heavy losses, more than Rome's loss of troops. Slowly they chiseled through Greece's defenses and established the dominant culture,at 272 BC. So after the other colonies of Greece pay fealty and respect to Rome. This deed may be great, but at the same time it is sad, and sorrowful for all the lost knowledge. Fear Caesar of not only his might and power, but for his diligence, patience, and of having a quick mind. Fear him!

"Our tyrant deserved to die. Here was a man who wanted to be king of Roman people and master of the world. Those who agree with an ambition like this must also accept the destruction of existing laws and freedoms. It is not right or fair to want to be king in a state that used to be free and ought to be free today," quote by Cicero The senate thought wrong of Caesar and hated him for stripping their power from them. Did the senate murder him in 23 stabs in fury of their loss of power or to liberate the civilians from the tyrants leash? Many others have also removed government for their own benefit. For example, the dreaded H i tler. All he needed was 25% of the votes to form a minority government. He then burned down the government buildings and said " hey....I'm in charge now no matter what.... don't like it then too bad". Just like that..... You can ether love Caesar or disgrace him he helped spread Greek culture, but also burned their control.



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