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EXPLORATION Was Influenced by.....Technology Joshua Ries

Do you know that you might not even be alive if not for the inventions that people made??? These inventions changed where people live, who they traded with and what they learned. The most important navigational invention was the compass. It helped people go around the world, because they could find out, where they were going. Explorers were able to share ideas with people they did not even know they existed. Before then the technology was so primitive that the navigation was not accurate at all. The hourglass helped you figure out how far east or west you went, but was not consistent because while the person turns the hourglass around while the boat is moving then the time it falls will change. As you know the time will differ if your in a storm and trying to work it and if there is no wind whatsoever and you work it.

The Greeks and Romans were going to improve the world into a higher level. Until the fall of the roman empire. By then the Greeks were not greeks, but they were Romans so there was no one to help the world from falling behind. But as the tragedy was about to end the Europeans discovered the conserved knowledge of the Romans from the Muslims. So thanks to them, lots of knowledge was conserved, even though we couldn't get back on schedule we caught up.

And now BAM!!! What do we have? Airplanes, cars, and light! Renaissance literally means rebirth. it was an age of new discoveries, both geological and intellectual. It improved the west civilization tremendously. The cross staff, which measured latitude,was invented at 1595. The chronometer which was named after Kronos the lord of titans and ruler of time measured longitude and was invented at 1786. The renaissance brought even more technology. And globalization around the world.