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Diamante By Hanae Betsuyaku

It is really similar to the Cinquain. Text form has to be the shape of a diamond. The difference of Cinquain and DiamantĂŠ is that Cinquain's first word and the last words are the synonyms, but in DiamantĂŠ, those two words are the antonyms.

Line1: One word (noun) Line2:Two words that describes the subject (Adjectives) Line3:Three words (Perticiples) Line4:Four nouns. Two related to the first noun and other two related to the second noun Line5:Three words related to the second noun (Participles) Line6:Two adjective related to the second noun Line7:One noun For example: Fire Hot, fierce. Burning, blazing, lighting. Yellow, blue--blue, white. Freezing, drifting, snowing. Cold, heartless. Ice. Animal. -Junior High Student


It is about a different type of poem