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Loser Reading Response By: Annaliese Wan C.

How to become a loser. Step one... Your name is Zinkoff and you're a first grader. Step two... You have a laughing and vomiting issue. Step three... You are extremely bad at soccer. Step four... Read the following to not be a LOSER. If you are reading this you are probably saying I'm not a loser! But, maybe you are a loser. But, lets not get into that now, we are talking about someone who's trying to be a loser. Someone named Zinkoff the kid off the other street that you never talk to or even notice. Just starting first grade like you. But, some of his problems are throwing up has regularly as breathing but, you can make him puke if you give him pressure or yell at him. Like when he was using the chalk bored and got into trouble then piled all over the eraser. Sadly he has no friends just Andrew who moved way let's just say he has no friends. Also he's being teased but not knowing. There saying things like "did you get the button for laughing again?" But all Zinkoff smiles and nods he's head.

The main charter is Zinkoff as you probably know. He is a cheerful student that loves to learn. But, he does have a throwing up and laughing issue. I got good news and bad news. I'm guessing you want the bad news last so going on to the good news Zinkoff got his vomiting problem fixed the bad news is the laughing it's not fix. Everybody has a little bit of Zinkoff everyone laughs...Right? My best friend Maya loves to laugh. Day and night, lunch or dinner and even on the toilet. If someone makes her laugh she can never stop, just like Zinkoff. The good thing she is not a loser!


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