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HawaiianBBQ By: Annaliese wan

"You enjoy your dinner till someone falls in their food" " Come on we are late," My dad yelled. "Get your flip-flops on you idiot," I thought to my self! You can tell by the flip flops that I was some where warm. In fact my family was in Hawaii, having a great vacation, no one making me do math or reading on hours on end!

Once we were all ready to go.... my dad and I were in our new aloha shirts. We matched, it was weird being dressed the same as my father. Mom was in her blue sun dress and Maggie in a little aloha dress. She never wears a normal dress, just the cover up type. I don't like to dress up like the rest of the family .......I don't know why, but I like to be an individual. When we got to the lobby in were in an awesome hotel...The lobby was literally outside with lots of tropical plants. My mom would always stop and look at them. There were huge groups of people sipping lemonade from umbrellad glasses. Everyone looked strange in their aloha uniforms with suits left far behind. They all looked like walnuts waiting for something to happen. Once they saw my dad they said Aloha and my dad showed me and my sister to everyone. A guy with a shirt way too small for him said, "you ready to go!" Right before anyone could say any thing at all the small shirt guy said "ok" and started walking out the door, so we followed. Finally, we got to the restaurant even though it was a short walk. Any way... The place was called Shore Bird it had a beautiful view of the beach. When we got our table the waiter came said, "can I get you any thing to drink" with a huge smile that scared me. We all got our drinks so now we could go to the salad bar while waiting for food the BBQ. I didn't. " Annaliese you are the most laziest person I know" my mom said putting her hand on my head. She was kidding..... I think...... Once my mom got her stinking salad she sat down. At that very moment I noticed that I was tired. I starred fading all the time. I was griping the side of my chair. All the sudden my hands got sweaty and before you could say papaya SPLAT right into my mom's salad! Lifting my face slowly with dressing everywhere and goosing off of my face " that was the worst dressing ever mom."".............Lets go home........

hawaiian BBQ  

hawaiian dinner

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