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Explorer Analysis Jake Weiss

Ever wonder how all of these technological items like the GPS, the IPhone, came to be? Well folks, if some inventions weren't created you probably wouldn't be alive! Well, we are really lucky that those inventions were constructed and also advanced exploration. The first invention was the loadstone, a magnetic rock thats on a stick and when put in water it always turns north, that is if you are not on a rocking boat. The next guested it the astrolabe, the first computer that helped explorers tell where they are by the stars, but that also doesn't work on a rocking boat either. Then the fall of Rome came, after that all technology development stopped, no inventions for about 700 years, so much blood, gore and violence, I think you know what I'm talking by now, The Dark Ages. Yeah you probably thought that the dark ages didn't end for a very long time, but in 1100AD the crusades started and out came the next invention, the compass! The crusaders got the compass from muslim countries. it originally came from China. Then the Renaissance happened and the invention meter went over the top. Then cool new inventions were made like the cross staff looked like two rulers connected and worked at night so when the north star was farther from the cross staff it meant that we we're close to north but if it was close it meant that they were in the tropics and that's for cross staff, back staff. After that between 1700AD through 2000AD awesome creations were made like longitude and latitude, chronometer, gyroscope, radar invented by US military as an underwater sonar and GPS also invented by US army, controlled by satellites, the GPS is a virtual map to help people know where they are going.


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