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The Basement of Terror!

The Basement of Terror Sometimes you must confront your fears!

by Jake Weiss For 9 years I lived in a mansion in New York that had everything. It was one giant funhouse! It even had a bubble machine in a bathtub. I could even get those indescribable places clean while just playing with my toys. It even had a pool, sled hill, play ground, pond, ATV and a giant basement, a

scary one too. It was big, my friends would get lost inside. In fact I was too scared to go inside. my toys were down there. They looked freaky in the dark and I thought they would come alive and eat me with plastic sharp hands and toothless mouths. So one day in January before my 9th birthday my friend Nick and I had a sleepover. We slept in the deeeeeep daaaaaark basement. We were watching a movie. In the middle of the night something woke me up....something outside! I woke up Nick and asked him,"did you hear that?" He nodded his head. We wondered who or what it was, was it a dog, a wolf or maybe worse........ a psycho serial killer. That's not the worst of it, because suddenly we heard a thump, Nick and I were sooooooo terrified we went up stairs, to my room, locked the door and hid in the closet the whole night. What woke me and Nick up, was it a killer barbie, a psycho transformer on the loose, or maybe even a rampaging Lego creation eating everything in it's path. It was morning, Nick and I went downstairs to get breakfast and we asked my mom if she heard the noise to, she did but it was her making the noise.

Still, I was always scared because you never know what might go bump in the night!

The Basement of Terror  

scary and even scarrier

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