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A Wrinkle in Time A Reading Response by Jake Weiss "A Wrinkle in Time" is a classic fantasy by Madeleine L 'Engle. The big idea in this book is about family loss and what would you do if a person you love has disappeared. It is also about Communism and not making your own decisions. The book starts when their father goes missing and Meg's family can't do anything about it, but then the tesserect, a portal, comes and takes Meg, Charles and Calvin to the 5th dimension. Then they teleport to a controlled world called Camazotz and Charles gets controlled by IT, a giant brain who controls people and doesn't let them make decisions! Finally, Meg saves Charles and defeats IT with love. After that Meg, Charles, Mr. Murray and Calvin get teleported back to earth. Some of the problems in the book were.....when Meg's dad is gone, When they get teleported to the fifth dimension, Charles getting controlled by the IT and Meg almost getting consumed by the black thing, which is trying to control people by corrupting them. The main character, Meg is a great math student but she always uses short cuts in life. She can sometimes be emotional like when she was trying to get Charles back from IT. The way she changed in the book is when she confronted her fears and saved Charles Wallace from the IT with the power that IT didn't have, love. A Wrinkle in Time is a great book and it also talks about communism and about how the people has to follow IT and his evil

way of communism. IT is like Adolf Hitler because Hitler thought of a way to control half of Germany and to make a personal army also known as the Nazis to kill the Jews, but Hitler eventually got defeated and he killed himself. Like IT, evil is hard to defeat it is always around us.