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Study and Work in Denmark Eva Op De Beeck & Søren Vester Kibsgaard

Where is Denmark?

Facts about the country

Capital: Copenhagen (1.2 million)

Population : app. 5.5 million

Area: 43.094 km² (7.400 km coast line)

Currency: Krone (1 € = ca. 7,50 DKK)

Governance: constitutional monarchy

5 regions and 98 municipalities

The Danish labour market today and in the future •

Unemployment rate today: 6,3%

Job openings within highly specialized functions

the future (due to the demography, the labour force will shrink henceforward)

A safe and modern society •One of the lowest crime rates in the world •The oldest monarchy in the world •A modern welfare society •The happiest people in the world English no problem Almost all Danes speak English

• High salaries • 37 hours working week • 5 weeks of vacation + 9,5 official holidays • 8 months of maternity/paternity leave • Taking care of kids – during illness • Excellent day care system • Free education • Free health care

How to Structure your CV 1.

Personal details


Personal profile




Work experience







Study in Denmark

Education and research in Denmark

• Financed by the Danish government • No tuition fee is charged for Greek students • A range of degree programmes taught in English • Innovative teaching model • 8 Nobel Prize winners

Programmes in English • More than 500 full degree programmes, eg. in: – – – – – – –

Engineering Computer science Natural science Economics and business Social science Humanities Fine arts, etc.

• About 1000 individual courses in English

– A range of courses within the different sectors – Summer schools / university

Services for international students Welcoming programmes Buddy system – Danish fellow students Academic counselors Leisure and sports activities Social acitivities Language courses

The Danish teaching approach

• Dynamic and informal study environment • Focus on active learning and problem solving • Team work and project based education

Important skills for your future career • Strong analytical and communicative skills • The ability to work independently and in groups • An international profile • Most Danish higher educations institutions benefit from co-operation with business and industry • A good foundation for your future career

International students like Denmark Student survey among international students • 78 % recommend studying in Denmark • 74 % are satisfied with the ”Danish experience” • 84 % are satisfied with the learning experience


Workindenmark South Dannebrogsgade 3, 1. 5000 Odense C Workindenmark East Skagensgade 37, 1. Høje Taastrup 2630 Taastrup Workindenmark West Nørreport 26, 1. 8000 Århus C


Study and Work in Denmark