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Ayesha Pande Literary Rights Guide/October 2013


DANIELLE EVANS CITY OF MAGNIFICENT INTENTIONS (novel). The first draft was delivered to the publisher in August (2013). BEFORE YOU SUFFOCATE YOUR OWN FOOL SELF-- Winner of 2011 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize. A luminous collection of stories about young African-American women struggling to transcend their pasts and coming to difficult conclusions about what to keep, what they must give up, and what they can never really leave behind. One of the stories, “Virgins”, was published in the Fall 2007 The Paris Review. Danielle’s fresh and subtle take on race is one of the truly original elements in her writing, something which places her firmly in a new generation of AfricanAmerican writers. Danielle Evans was born in 1983 in Northern Virginia. She received a B.A. from Columbia University, and an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She was the 2006-2007 Carol Houck Smith Fellow at The Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing at The University of Wisconsin, Madison, and will be a Spring 2008 University of Iowa Lakeside Fellow. Her story “Virgins” was selected by Salman Rushdie for inclusion in Best American Short Stories 2008. Her story “Someone Ought To Tell Her, There’s Nowhere to Go” was selected by Richard Russo for inclusion in Best American Short Stories 2010. Her short fiction has appeared in The Paris Review, Public Space, Black Renaissance Noire, Phoebe and The L Magazine. “Evans's greatest talent is her ability to create poignant moments of crisis in the lives of transient people who can't seem to connect with those they love… Again and again, without any histrionics, but with a clear appreciation for the natural drama of our mundane lives, Evans frames such questions in a way that will resonate with any thoughtful reader.” – Ron Charles, Washington Post “This debut collection is contemporary, powerful, and very real…” – Library Journal Kirkus (starred review) calls the collection “arresting” and “achingly believable.”

North American – Riverhead/Sarah McGrath, pub. Sept 2010 UK and translation rights – Ayesha Pande Literary

PATRICIA ENGEL IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S JUST PARIS Twenty year-old Leticia Del Cielo, the overachieving American-raised daughter of Colombian orphans turned manufacturing magnates and philanthropists, moves to Paris to continue her studies in diplomacy, renting a room in the exclusive yet decrepit House of Stars, a legendary Left Bank hôtel particulier owned by the aging Countess Séraphine de la Roque who now opens her home to board well-bred international girls otherwise known as Greenbloods. Amid the chaos and affairs of the dozen residents of the House of Stars and the vibrant, revolving Paris stage of transients, transnationals, students, artists, the displaced, and their lovers, Lita, as she's called, forges a new identity far from the folds of her close yet confining family tribe, dropping out of school and struggling to find work in a pre-millennial France with rigid restrictions against foreign workers, an increasingly vitriolic national immigration "discussion,” and cultivating her


secret dream of becoming a writer while starting a romance with Cato de Manou, the overlooked son of France's most notorious extreme right-wing political figure, who suffers from an acute illness, casting an urgency on their budding relationship that changes Lita's life forever. World—Grove/Atlantic, Elisabeth Schmitz, pub. August 2013 VIDA (stories) “Gloriously gifted and alarmingly intelligent Engel writes with an almost fable-like intensity, whether she is describing suburban New Jersey or urban Colombia or some other lost place . . . her ability to pierce the hearts of her crazy-ass characters, to fracture a moment into its elementary particles of yearning, cruelty, love and confusion will leave you breathless. Here, friends, is the debut I have been waiting for.” – Junot Díaz The stories in VIDA follow a single narrator, Sabina, as she navigates her shifting identity as a daughter of the Colombian diaspora through her relationships with other children of exile. The stories are assembled as an internal map of immigration and transitory communities, exploring the loneliness and connections formed among the displaced. Many of these stories have been published including "Lucho" and "Desaliento" which both appeared in Boston Review. Patricia Engel was born to Colombian parents and raised in New Jersey. Her first book, Vida, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Fiction Award, the Young Lions Fiction Award, and Paterson Fiction Award, winner of the International Latino Book Award, a Florida Book Award, and Independent Publisher Book Award, and nominated for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. Vida was named a Best Book of the year by Barnes & Noble, Latina Magazine, and NPR, as well as a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection, and longlisted for The Story Prize. Patricia’s fiction has appeared in The Atlantic, A Public Space, Boston Review, and Guernica, among other publications, and her nonfiction has appeared in Black Book and Glamour. Her stories have received awards including the Boston Review Fiction Prize, fellowships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Key West Literary Seminar, Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony, Hedgebrook, Ucross, and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs. Patricia lives between Miami and New York. Her novel is forthcoming from Grove/Atlantic. World—Grove/Atlantic, Elisabeth Schmitz, pub. Fall 2010 House of Stars pub Fall 2013 Film rights: Optioned by Michael Jaffe via Hotchkiss & Associates

SHILPI SOMAYA GOWDA THE MISTAKE (tentative title) THE MISTAKE takes Anil Patel from his tradition-bound life in a village in Gujurat to a medical residency in Dallas, Texas. When we first meet him, thirty-six members of his extended family have journeyed from his small Indian village to the airport to see him off to America, where he will begin his residency. He is the first person in his family to leave India, the first to become a doctor, the first to have gone to college rather than become a farmer. But more important than any of these accomplishments is a simple fact of biology: Anil is the eldest son. As the eldest son in his clan of over a hundred, he will inherit the mantle of arbiter for all family disputes, from minor squabbles to serious conflicts. Anil’s father, and his grandfather before him, demonstrated wisdom and courage in the role, earning the respect of family and villagers. But Anil wants no part of this tradition. He is determined to strike out on his own and define himself apart from his family. THE MISTAKE, both a bildungsroman and a love story, follows Anil’s journey as he struggles to find his way in America and to come to terms with his identity and tradition. He finds himself torn between a beautiful American girl and a childhood friend from his village who exerts a powerful


spell. Will he be seduced by the freedom and opportunity that America has to offer or will his ties to India and family ultimately prove to be more powerful than he had anticipated? Shilpi brings her remarkable powers of description to her second novel, infusing scene after scene with profound emotional depth. The manuscript is currently being revised. A new draft is expected 12/13 Canada – HC Canada/Iris Tupholme – pub 2013 All other rights – AP Literary SECRET DAUGHTER International bestseller. More than 500,000 copies shipped in Canada. More than 120,000 shipped of the US paperback. A poignant narrative about three women, a mother in rural India who is forced to give up her baby girl; the American doctor who adopts her; and Asha, the secret daughter, who sets out to discover who she is and changes their lives forever. Shilpi Somaya Gowda was born and raised in Toronto to parents who migrated there from Bombay. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was awarded a Morehead Scholarship, and an MBA from Stanford University. After moving to Dallas in 2006, she enrolled in the SMU Novel Writing series. On the basis of her manuscript, she was selected to participate in the New York Writers’ Seminar. She lives in Dallas with her husband and two daughters, and is working on a second novel. World English—William Morrow/HarperCollins, Carrie Feron, pub. March 2010 Translation rights—Pande Literary Film rights—Susan Schulman Literary Agency. Option was acquired by Canadian production company with Deepa Mehta attached to write screenplay and direct. Subsidiary rights deals—Karakter/Netherlands; Gallimard/France; Cicero/Denmark; Simanim/Israel; Corbaccio/Italy; Record/Brazil; Pegasus/Turkey; IP Jovan/Serbia, Proszynski Media/Poland; Profil Multimedija/Croatia; Norway/Juritzen Forlag; Alma Littera/Lithuania; Beijing Booky Company/simple Chinese; Han Shian Culture Publishing/complex Chinese; Kiepenheuer & Witsch/Germany; Planeta/Spain, Merket Kiado/Hungary; AEA Izdavaci/Macedonia; Hermes/Bulgaria; Prah/Czech Republic; Forlagid/Iceland; Forum/Sweden

HELON HABILA THE TRAVELERS (tentative title) The new novel by the Caine Prize and Commonwealth Prize winning author. Three Nigerians return to their home country after a lengthy stay in America raising issues of identity, home, family, and belonging. Helon Habila is a Nigerian novelist and poet. His writing has won many prizes including the Caine Prize in 2001. In 2005/2006 he became the Chinua Achebe Fellow at Bard College, NY. In 2006 he co-edited the British Council's anthology, New Writing 14. His second novel, Measuring Time, was published in 2007. His third novel, Oil on Water, which deals with environmental pollution in the oil rich Nigerian Delta, was published in the US in 2011. His anthology, The Granta Book of the African Short Story came out September, 2011. He teaches creative writing at George Mason University, Washington D.C. North American—W.W. Norton/Alane Mason – pub. Spring 2015


JUSTIN KRAMON THE PRESERVATIONIST To Sam Blount, meeting Julia is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Working in the snack bar at the local college and unsuccessful in his previous relationships, he’d been feeling troubled about his approaching fortieth birthday, “a great beast of a birthday,” as he sees it, but being with Julia makes him feel young and hopeful. Julia Stilwell, a freshman trying to come to terms with a recent tragedy that has stripped her of her greatest talent, is flattered by Sam’s attention. But their relationship is tested by a shy young man with a secret, Marcus Broley, who is also infatuated with Julia. Told in alternating points of view, The Preservationist is the riveting tale of Julia and Sam's relationship, which begins to unravel as the threat of violence approaches and Julia becomes less and less sure whom to trust. The Preservationist is a story of psychological suspense with subtle, fully-fleshed out characters, and told in spare, elegant language reminiscent of Swedish noir writers like Henning Mankell. The book draws from a tradition of novels that explore a character on the brink of violence, and Justin does this with true literary finesse. I strongly believe the book will earn its place on the shelf of classic literary thrillers such as John Fowles’ The Collector, Ruth Rendell’s The Bridesmaid, Stephen King’s Misery, Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, and William Trevor’s Felicia’s Journey. World—Pegasus Books/Maia Larsen, pub. Sept. 2013 All other rights-AP Literary FINNY A sparkling, witty, and sweeping debut novel tracing the tumultuous coming-of-age of its incorrigible heroine Finny Short. We meet Finny Short as an impish fourteen-year-old, whose sly sense of humor can't hide the fact that she simply doesn't belong. Finny's socialite mother can't understand her, her father quotes Nietzsche over pancakes, and her brother's too busy to sympathize. The only person who makes her feel normal is her neighbor Earl Henckel, but his life is anything but normal... When turmoil at home results in Finny's deportation to Thorndon boarding school, she finds herself catapulted into an even stranger landscape, populated by a Dickensian array of eccentric characters, including a seductive New York heiress, a mercurial dorm-mother named Poplan, and a narcoleptic piano teacher whose own mysterious past will prove to bear on Finny's future. The entertaining, wickedly funny odyssey that follows propels Finny into a unpredictable world of intrigue and adventure, spanning twenty years and two continents, where she learns to navigate the treacherous waters of adulthood and is forced to rethink her loyalties to both family and friends. A charming and hilarious debut with a deeply-felt love story at its core, Finny introduces us to both an unforgettable young woman, and to a talented and excitingly original new literary voice. Justin Kramon is a graduate of Swarthmore College and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He has been the recipient of many awards and honors for his fiction, including a Michener-Copernicus Society of America Award, mention in Best American Short Stories, and a Hawthornden Writers Fellowship. His work appears in Glimmer Train, Boulevard, Story Quarterly, Fence, and Harvard Summer Review. Now twenty-seven years old, he lives in New York City. North American--Random House/Kate Medina, pub. July 2010 Translation Rights—Pande Literary Subsidiary Rights deals--Spain/Ediciones Destino; Turkey/Yayinlari


PETER MOUNTFORD THE DISMAL SCIENCE *Starred Publisher’s Weekly* THE DISMAL SCIENCE tells of Vincenzo D'Orsi, a middle-aged vice-president at the World Bank who publicly quits his job -- causing a scandal -- over a seemingly minor argument with a colleague. After abandoning his career, Vincenzo, a recent widower, struggles to rebuild his identity. But just when he seems to be righting his course, he once again abruptly and inexplicably sabotages himself. And that’s when the unusual nature of his strategy begins to become clear. Although the central drama is political (international aid to Bolivia is a major plot element, and Paul Wolfowitz is an active character in early part of the story) the book is ultimately a meditation on the fragile nature of identity: the terrifying speed with which a person's sense of self can be annihilated. The book also explores the limits of rationality in human existence. It is at once a study of a character attempting to apply his rationality to the muddle of life, and a book about how that same ostensible “reason,” and the mathematics of finance in particular, operates (with similarly dubious results) in our world. David Shields writes: “THE DISMAL SCIENCE is mature and extraordinarily well written, almost indescribably sad...Mountford has a remarkable ability to articulate the tiniest nuances of emotion, but what is most astonishing in this book is that this young novelist is able to project himself so convincingly into the psyche of an aged executive at the World Bank.” In the last year, Peter's work on THE DISMAL SCIENCE has won grants from 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and The Elizabeth George Foundation. The Corporation of Yaddo awarded him their 2010 Wallace Fellowship for a Distinguished Writer so that he could work on the book. North American—Tin House Books/ed. Tony Perez, pub. Spring 2014 All other rights—AP Literary A YOUNG MAN’S GUIDE TO LATE CAPITALISM "Debut novels don't come much savvier, punchier, or more entertaining than A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism” –Seattle Times "Mountford's powerful novel avoids easy judgments as it explores how money can take over one's life." –Minneapolis Star-Tribune "This is quite simply one of the smartest and most readable debuts I’ve come across in years. Mountford is a writer who rolls up his sleeves and digs into the zeitgeist all the way up to his elbows. He’s fearless in his depiction of world leaders, global events, and the oftignored gray areas between morality and success." –Fiction Writers Review "In this dazzling debut novel, Mountford displays a gift for characterization and a surefooted grasp of financial matters that enable him to guide a reader nimbly through the arcane vernacular of Wall Street." --The New Jersey Star Ledger The Daily Beast picked A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism as one of their three 2011 "Great Weekend Reads." On his first assignment for a rapacious hedge fund, Gabriel is sent to Bolivia at the end of 2005 to ferret out insider information about the plans of the controversial president-elect. If Gabriel succeeds, he will get a bonus that would make him secure in life. Standing in his way are his headstrong mother, herself a survivor of Pinochet’s Chile, and Gabriel’s new love interest, the president’s passionate liaison. Caught in a growing web of lies and questioning his own role in


profiting from an impoverished people, Gabriel sets in motion a terrifying plan that could cost him the love of all he holds dear. Peter Mountford’s fiction has appeared in Boston Review, Conjunctions, Michigan Quarterly Review, Best New American voices 2008, and elsewhere. An avid traveler, he has lived in Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles, as well as Scotland, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, and Southern Mexico. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and daughter. North American – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Adrienne Brodeur/pub April 2011 Translation Rights – AP Literary Film Rights – Brian Lipson, IPG

PREETA SAMARASAN EVENING IS THE WHOLE DAY The already acclaimed debut of a promising young Indian-Malaysian author, this masterful gothic novel transports us to Malaysia circa 1980, as the prosperous Rajasekharan family of Big House, Ipoh, slowly peels away its closely-guarded secrets. Winner of the University of Michigan's Hopwood First Novel Award, Preeta Samarasan's spellbinding first novel opens with the Rajasekharan family's dismissal of Chellam, a rubber-plantation servant girl, for unnamed crimes. Circling through years of family history, EVENING IS THE WHOLE DAY illuminates the family's layers of secrets and lies, while exposing the sordid underbelly of post-colonial Malaysia. EVENING IS THE WHOLE DAY is a mesmerizing and vital achievement sure to earn Preeta Samarasan a place in the postcolonial pantheon. Preeta Samarasan was born and raised in Malaysia, but moved to the United States to finish high-school and to complete her education. She recently received her M.F.A. from the University of Michigan, where this novel received the Hopwood Novel Award; she also recently won the Asian American Writer's Workshop short-story award (judged by Monique Truong). North American-Houghton Mifflin/Anjali Singh-Pub May 08 Translation Rights –Ayesha Pande Literary Subsidiary Rights Deals—Spain/Suma de las Letras; Italy/Einaudi; Norway/Aschehoug; Germany/Ullstein; UK/Fourth Estate; India/HarperCollins; Australia/HarperCollins; Netherlands/Arena; Denmark/Gyldendal ; Israel/Kinneret; Brazil/Rocco; Catalan/Edicions62; France/Actes Sud; Portugal/Edicoes ASA II; Hungary/Ulpius Haz Kiado

MICHAEL SHILLING ROCK BOTTOM Once, Blood Orphans had it all: a million-dollar recording contract from Warner Brothers, killer hooks, and cheekbones that could cut glass. Four pretty boys from LA, they were supposed to be the next big thing. But something happened on the way to glory, and now, two years later, Blood Orphans have hit bottom, the yellow brick road of fame having long since turned into a tar pit of incompetence, jealousy, and really bad luck. A pitch-black comedy set in Amsterdam, BLOOD ORPHANS spans the last day of the band’s last tour, as the band and their manager, a brassy, fast-talking impressariette, try to keep the dream alive through misadventure, cunning, and a truly crooked sense of loyalty. BLOOD ORPHANS received the MFA Thesis Prize from the University of Michigan, given by the MFA faculty each year to the thesis judged most accomplished. Michael Shilling received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. He graduated from NYU, worked as a copywriter in Seattle and played the drums in numerous


bands, including The Long Winters, with whom he spent three years on the road, sharing stages with Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, and They Might Be Giants, to name a few. He is currently working on a novel that takes place in Miami. World English-Little Brown/Reagan Arthur-Pub January 09 Translation Rights – Ayesha Pande Literary Subsidiary rights deals: Performance rights—Landless Theatre Company Film rights—AP Literary

LOLA SHONEYIN THE SECRET LIVES OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES “When Baba Segi woke up with a bellyache for the sixth day in a row, he knew it was time to do something drastic about his fourth wife’s childlessness.” Thus begins THE SECRET LIFE OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES, the riveting debut novel by Lola Shoneyin, a fresh young voice from Nigera. For Baba Segi, his collection of wives and gaggle of children are the symbol of prosperity, success and a validation of his manhood. Everything runs smoothly in the patriarchal home, until wife number four intrudes on their cozy family arrangement. Baba’s three wives hate Bolanle from the start. Their husband’s glee at having bagged a college graduate, and the preferential treatment he singles her out for make her an instant object of resentment. Then there is the fact that she doesn’t seem to know her place—at the bottom of the totem pole. And, to top it all, she wants to teach them to read! But Bolanle's arrival threatens to do more than simply ruffle feathers. Unwittingly, she’s about to expose the wives’ long-guarded secret--and they are not going to sit idly by and let her ruin what they’ve worked so hard to protect. In THE SECRET LIFE OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES, Lola Shoneyin has created a compelling, witty and enormously sympathetic portrait of a contemporary Nigerian family caught within the net of polygamy. Lola Shoneyin was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, and spent her childhood in Nigeria and at boarding school in Edinburgh. She studied English at Ogun State University. She currently lives in the UK where she teaches English and Drama at a local secondary school. She writes a weekly blog for Next newspapers, which was founded by Pulitzer Prize winner, Dele Olojede and also contributes articles in UK newspapers including The Times of London. She was a fellow of the Iowa International Writer's Program and has published two volumes of poetry and numerous short stories. She is married to Ola Soyinka, the son of Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka. They have four children. World (excluding Commonwealth)-William Morrow/HarperCollins/Carrie Feron-Pub Winter 10 UK/Commonwealth-Serpent’s Tail-pub. Spring ‘10 Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa-Cassava Republic Press Pub Fall 09

VIVIEN SHOTWELL VIENNA NOCTURNE VIENNA NOCTURNE chronicles the lives and loves of Anna Storace, an opera singer who lived th in the 18 century and was one of the greatest stars of her time. In VIENNA NOCTURNE Vivien vividly and movingly re-imagines Anna’s rumored love affair with Amadeus Mozart. Set in London, Italy and Vienna, the novel evokes the era of Enlightenment in Europe, when the arts flourished under the patronage of emperors and kings. It portrays Anna's struggle to come to terms with her social position, in an age where an opera singer's status was equivalent to that of a courtesan, acclaimed and celebrated, moving among the members of high society but never able to belong. But Anna wants everything – to be famous, to be loved and to be secure – and this leads her to make some fatal choices. Written in prose that is as melodious as an aria, VIENNA NOCTURNE is both an historical novel and a love story; but above all it is the story of a woman’s battle to find love and fame in a world that seeks to control her.


Vivien Shotwell was born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A graduate of Williams College and the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she was an Iowa Arts Fellow, she is currently pursuing an Artist Diploma in opera performance at Yale University and working on her next novel. She was a 2003 recipient of the Benjamin B. Wainwright short story prize and the Hubbard Hutchinson Memorial Fellowship in creative writing, both from Williams College, as well as the 2005 Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia prize for best short story. Her short fiction has been published in Esopus Magazine. World rights – Ballantine/Susanna Porter – pub 2013 Serial – AP Literary Film—Susan Schulman Literary Agency


Fiction—Young Adult DEBRA DOCKTER FROZEN In this debut novel, Connor and Kyle are identical twins. Genetically modified, both are extremely handsome, intelligent, and athletic. Connor excels at everything he does. He got a perfect score on his ACT. He’s quarterback of the high school football team and holds the state record in pole vaulting. Kyle doesn’t try to excel at anything. Having been born two years after his identical twin, he doesn’t see the point. He’ll never be as good as Connor. Back when their perfect embryo split, the boys’ parents decided to carry the twins separately, to increase their odds of survival. But when modified children conceived at the Genesis Innovations Laboratory start to die on their eighteenth birthdays, sixteen-year-old Kyle no longer sees the time he spent as a frozen embryo as a curse. He has two years to find out what happened at the lab. Two years to find the doctor who designed them all. Two years until he becomes yet another intelligent, blue-eyed corpse. Debra Dockter is a two-time winner of the Kansas Voices Writer’s Competition in the area of short fiction. She graduated from Wichita State University with a double major in creative writing and psychology. She also obtained a Master of Science degree from Friend’s University. Debra currently teaches behavioral science courses at Cowley College and resides in Haysville, Kansas. World—Putnam Books for Young Readers/Stacey Barney-pub spring 2014 All other rights – AP Literary SHEBA KARIM SKUNK GIRL A young adult novel about a Pakistani-American girl growing up in a small town in upstate New York and grappling with being Muslim, being hairy, and being in love. Some excerpts of reviews can be found on Sheba’s website: Sheba Karim is a graduate of the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. She is currently working on a novel about Razia, the daughter of a Sultan in India, who became a Sultan herself and a collection of linked short stories. North American—FSG Books for Young Readers/Janine O’Malley- pub. April 09 Translation Rights—Pande Literary Subsidiary Rights deals—Italy/Rizzoli; Sweden/Tilden; Denmark/Carlsen; India/Penguin


BLACK CITY (1 of trilogy entitled THE BLACK CITY CHRONICLES) YA Deep in the heartland of the United Sentry States are the burning ruins of the Black City, a melting pot simmering with hostility as humans and Darklings struggle to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a brutal and bloody war. A wall now divides the city separating the two races. Trapped on the wrong side of the wall is sixteen-year-old hustler Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling who’ll do whatever it takes to survive, including selling his addictive venom ‘Haze’ to help support his dying mother. Then there’s Natalie Buchanan, the daughter of the Sentry Emissary, who feels


imprisoned by her life of privilege and fame. When their paths cross, they instantly detest each other but Ash is shocked when his once still heart starts to beat. Bonded by a mysterious connection, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they’re caught, they’ll be executed. Then Haze users start dying all over the city and Ash discovers the terrible truth behind his and Natalie’s mystical connection. Suddenly, city walls and the threat of execution become the least of their problems. In the tradition of Suzanne Collins and James Dashner, BLACK CITY is a riveting young adult novel set in a post-apocalyptic world with a tender love story at its heart. Interwoven with thoughtprovoking themes, BLACK CITY is filled with plot twists that ratchet up the tension and will keep readers turning the pages. Elizabeth Richards is an award-winning journalist and debut author. She spent her early career writing for videogame publications such as CUBE, P2 and GamesTM, and now works as a website editor. Previously, she ran a successful lifestyle website aimed at teenage girls. She won the Jane Hayward Young Journalist of the Year award for her feature on girls in the games industry, and was named ‘Editor’s Choice’ in the industry trade magazine, MCV. She is currently working on the sequel to BLACK CITY. She lives in the U.K. World rights: Putnam Books for Young Readers/Stacey Barney pub Aug 2012 Film: optioned by Screen Gems, represented by Richard Green/Resolution All other rights: Ayesha Pande Literary


Non-Fiction ASALE ANGEL-AJANI STRANGE TRADE: THE STORY OF TWO WOMEN WHO RISKED EVERYTHING IN THE INTERNATIONAL DRUG TRADE A chronicle of the lives of two African women - one a drug mule, the other the head of major drug cartel - as they traverse three continents and survive wars, poverty, and shattered families, bringing readers deep inside the hidden world of the global drug trade. Asale Angel-Ajani earned her doctoral degree in Anthropology from Stanford University based on the research she conducted for this book. As one of the few international experts on women, African organized crime, and global markets, specifically the underground traffic in women and drugs, she has worked with many International Non-Governmental Organizations and human rights groups. She is a member of the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women. Until recently, she was the Associate Director for Research and Policy for the Institute for Human Rights Policy as well as a professor of Globalization and Anthropology at New York University. She is the author of over twenty articles on the transnational traffic in women and women’s roles in trafficking drugs. As the daughter of drug smugglers, no one is more qualified to write this book. North American—Seal Press/Perseus Books, Brooke Warner—Pub Fall 2010 UK and translation rights—Ayesha Pande Literary Subsidiary rights deals—France/Talent Publishing

DOUGLAS BOIN COMING OUT CHRISTIAN IN THE ROMAN WORLD When it comes to writing about the “Fall” of the Roman Empire, many pundits and scholars describe a descent into darkness, about crises that snuffed out the world of gladiators, decimating the economy and with it, urban life. But, as archeologist and scholar Douglas Boin proposes in his startling new book, Coming Out Christian in the Roman World, such notions of decline are simply not true to history. Life in Rome never came to a dramatic stop. Instead, a small minority movement rose to such prominence that we still see its pervasive, even dominating presence today. This group transformed society—politically, religiously and culturally. But it was a gradual process, one that happened in fits and starts over centuries, until eventually even the Roman emperor “converted” to their side. How did they achieve such a monumental victory? Was the rise of Christianity really dependent upon the conversion of everyone else? Coming Out Christian in the Roman World is the first book to propose that it most decidedly was not. Drawing upon a decade of new research into the history, archaeology, and religions of Rome, it is the first to describe how Christians navigated the complex world of social identity in terms of “passing” and “coming out”—a sociological approach to ancient history Boin has pioneered in his own research, an approach that highlights the role that assimilation and accommodation played in the fight for social change in Rome. Douglas Boin serves full-time on the faculty of Georgetown University, where he is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Classics. He regularly speak about his research to a wide variety of audiences. He has addressed a local chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), one of two professional organizations to which he belongs. He has given talks before audiences at Yale, Hunter College-CUNY, Case Western Reserve, Franklin and Marshall, the University of Western Ontario, and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, as well as led


visits to archaeological sites and museums throughout Rome and Italy. Recently, he has been asked to contribute to a series of video lectures on Rome produced by the American Institute for Roman Culture, which will be available on-line. Boin has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His first book, Ostia in Late Antiquity, is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. World English: Bloomsbury Press/Peter Ginna – pub. 2014 All other rights: AP Literary

GREG CAMPBELL POT, INC.: INSIDE MEDICAL MARIJUANA, AMERICA’S MOST OUTLAW INDUSTRY Campbell, a suburban father whose biggest vice is a cold beer, seems like the last person who would grow weed in his basement. But his attitude changed in 2009, when his home state of Colorado led the nation in mainstreaming medical marijuana. Watching with fascination as aboveboard and financially thriving dispensaries popped up everywhere, Campbell wondered, “Why not me?” Pot, Inc. chronicles Greg's journey into DIY ganjapreneurialism, as he learns how to cultivate marijuana, examines America's often unduly harsh laws, and unearths ignorance about pot's centuries-old therapeutic value--ignorance the government is desperate to maintain. Along the way, he also gains a very personal insight into the drug's medicinal value that shapes his opinion about legalization. Greg Campbell is the author of two acclaimed nonfiction books, The Road to Kosovo and Blood Diamonds. Blood Diamonds was the primary reference for the Oscar-nominated film "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. His third book, Flawless, the true story of the greatest diamond heist in history was co-authored with Scott Andrew Selby, and was published in February 2, 2010. World English—Union Square Press/Sterling Publishers, Carlo deVito—Pub April 2012 Translation –Ayesha Pande Literary

RAQUEL CEPEDA BIRD OF PARADISE: A MEMOIR Last year, after almost losing her father to heart disease, Dominican-American journalist Raquel Cepeda decided to embark on an unlikely journey. Mostly estranged from her father, having long been kept in the dark about her origins and with looks that indicate a rich, but ambiguous, racial mix, she decided to get her DNA tested. Employing an engaging mix of memoir, research and reportage i, Latina is a chronicle of her year-long journey to discover the truth about her ancestry through the science of DNA testing, and along the way, to look at what it means to be Latina in “post-racial” America. Raquel's story will take readers on a voyage through the mercurial waters of her personal history, from the vibrant streets of Washington Heights through the scene of the racially dynamic hip hop renaissance, and on to Caucasia where “hello” is replaced by “so, are you, like, Mexican?” Readers will accompany her as she follows the strands of her DNA across the globe and into history. Her journey begins in New York City where her parents settled via the Dominican Republic, and over the course of a whirlwind year, will take her to Morocco, Southern Spain, Guinea-Bissau, Taino Indian country, and the Saharan Desert in Africa. In the process she will attempt to contact family members, most of whom she's never met, and gather as many DNA samples as possible. I, Latina is an engagingly written memoir and a fresh, funky and ferociously honest meditation on what it means to be Latina in America today

Raquel Cepeda is an award-winning new-media journalist, editor, and documentary filmmaker.


She is currently in production on a documentary exploring Latino identity through the science of DNA testing. She also writes regular opinion pieces about Latino identity for She directed and produced the NAMIC (National Association for Multi-ethnicity In Communications) Vision-nominated film Bling: A Planet Rock, a feature length documentary about American hiphop culture’s obsession with diamonds. Cepeda edited the critically acclaimed anthology And It Don't Stop: The Best Hip-Hop Journalism of the Last 25 Years (Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 2004), winner of a PEN and Latino Book Award. The first anthology of its kind, the collection of 29 articles and essays chronicles the growth of hip-hop music and journalism. She is former editorin-chief of Russell Simmons’ Oneworld magazine. She has written for People, the Associated Press, Sesame Street, Paper, Village Voice, MTV News, and and her writing has been anthologized in numerous publications including Da Capo’s Best Music Writing of 2006; another essay will be featured in Da Capo’s Best Music Writing of 2010, forthcoming this October. North American-- Atria/Simon & Schuster, pub. March 2013 Translation/serial-- Ayesha Pande Literary Film/audio—Susan Schulman Literary Agency

ARIEL GLUCKLICH A TASTE FOR HEAVEN A book about the relationship between bliss and religion and what aspects of religion drive terrorists to do what they do. Ariel Glucklich is a professor of religion at Georgetown University, Washington DC. His previous books include Climbing Chamundi Hill and Sacred Pain. World—Harper San Francisco/Eric Brandt—Pub Feb 2010

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIERREZ with Doug Scofield STILL DREAMING: MY PUERTO-RICAN JOURNEY FROM THE STREETS OF CHICAGO TO THE HALLS OF CONGRESS Congressman Gutierrez is widely recognized as the nation’s foremost advocate for immigrant’s rights. In an era when we’ve seen wholesale deportations of immigrants and watched conservative legislatures from Alabama to Arizona pass the most restrictive immigration legislation America has experienced since the McCarthy era, when hate crimes against Latinos have increased dramatically and anti-immigrant rhetoric fills the airwaves, Gutierrez has been a beacon for immigrants. He has traveled the country talking to immigrant groups, has authored comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, has sparred with right-wing immigration opponents on the O’Reilly Factor and has been arrested in protests in front of the White House in his quest to protect the rights of immigrants and to hold the President to his campaign promises. Gutierrez has been called ‘the Moses of the Latinos’ and his influence among immigrants in this country cannot be underestimated. In STILL DREAMING: My Puerto-Rican Journey from the Streets of Chicago to the Halls of Congress, co-authored with Doug Scofield, Gutierrez chronicles the journey that took him from a cot in the hallway of a cramped apartment in Chicago to the rural hills of Puerto Rico and ultimately to the halls of the U.S. Congress, a journey that has led him to the center of a historic debate about the future of immigrants in America. Along with recounting his behind-the-scenes relationships with leaders from Rich Daley to Rahm Emanuel, from Bill Clinton to President Obama, in STILL DREAMING he will present his ideas for a sensible immigration policy that would allow immigrants a path to citizenship. Gutierrez was born in Chicago on December 10, 1953 and later moved to Puerto Rico, his


parent's birthplace, before returning to Chicago to attend college. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 1977 with a degree in English and worked as a teacher, social worker, cab driver, community activist, and city official until his election in 1986 as Alderman from the city's 26th ward. In the Chicago City Council, he led the fight for affordable housing, tougher ethics rules, and a law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and was a key lieutenant in Mayor Harold Washington's progressive multi-ethnic coalition. World English: Norton/Alane Mason- pub. 2013 Spanish for US/Canada/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic distribution: Santillana USA Translation, serial and film rights: Ayesha Pande Literary

AYESHA MATTU and NURA MAZNAVNI SALAAM, LOVE: MUSLIM MEN ON LOVE, SEX & INTIMACY There are two sides to every story. You heard from Muslim women in the groundbreaking collection Love InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women – now hear from the men. If you believe the hype, Muslim men are either oversexed Casanovas willing to die for 72 virgins in heaven or controlling, big-bearded husbands ready to rampage at the hint of dishonor. The truth is, there are millions of Muslim men looking for the same thing as any red-blooded American man: life, liberty and the pursuit of pleasure. It’s time to go beyond the headlines with Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy for a provocative, insightful and funny glimpse into the lives of Muslim men. What could be more intriguing than a peek into their hearts - and bedrooms? World English—Beacon Press, pub Feb 2014 Translation—AP Literary

MELODY MOEZZI HALDOL AND HYACINTHS: A BIPOLAR LIFE In her last year of law school, Melody Moezzi tried to commit suicide. A brilliant and accomplished young woman from a close-knit Iranian-American family, she had long been been struggling with depression and mood swings. But it wasn't until she was hospitalized in the wake of her suicide attempt that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In many ways she had always 'felt' bipolar, not just because of her emotional ups and downs but because of her bi-cultural heritage, never quite belonging anywhere, feeling like a stranger in both places. In the psychiatric hospital she was made to feel less than human and it made her angry. She resented the culture of silence surrounding mental illness, particularly in her own community. Long used to speaking out about Islam in America, Moezzi now became an activist on behalf of the mentally ill. She wrote an article for CNN about her suicide attempt which garnered more than half a million hits in days; the overwhelming response made her even more determined to speak out. The result is this compelling memoir, HALDOL AND HYACINTHS: A Bipolar Life. She describes in funny, moving, poignant detail her experiences with the medical establishment; the misdiagnoses; the hours of solitary confinement she was subjected to; the unfeeling treatment she experienced at the hands of the hospital workers; the generally archaic and ineffectual way in which the mentally ill are treated in this country. But this is not a polemic about the failings of the medical system; it's the story of a bipolar life. Melody Moezzi was born in Chicago in 1979. She is a writer, speaker, activist, columnist, author and attorney. She is the author of War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims, which earned her a Georgia Author of the Year Award and a Gustavus Myers Center for


Bigotry and Human Rights Honorable Mention. Moezzi is a commentator for NPR's All Things Considered and a regular blogger for The Huffington Post, Ms Magazine and bp (Bipolar) Magazine. She is the executive director of the interfaith organization 100 People of Faith. She has made many appearances as a commentator on CNN and CNN International. She has also appeared on BBC, Air America, the Laura Ingraham Show and many others. World—Gotham Books/Penguin/Megan Newman – pub 2013 Film and serial: Ayesha Pande Literary

NATALIE MCNEAL THE FRUGALISTA FILES When Natalie McNeal opened her January 2008 credit card statement, she was appalled to find that her holiday spending had tipped her credit card debt into the land of five figures. Despite being single and earning a decent living, her spending habits meant that she was living from paycheck to paycheck. She had to admit it: she was a spending slut--and she was ready to change her ways. She decided to take a vow of frugality—and thus her blog, “The Frugalista Files” was born, anchored at the Miami Herald and the response was phenomenal. THE FRUGALISTA FILES will chronicle Natalie’s path from spending slut to frugalista. Natalie P. McNeal is an award-winning journalist who writes extensively on personal finance issues. Her reporting as a journalist covering immigrant communities earned her a United Nations Fellowship to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She is a Don W. Reynolds Business Fellow. Natalie’s blog “The Frugalista Files” has a top Google ranking, has received international acclaim and reaches thousands of people daily through Twitter, her Facebook group and her blog. “The Frugalista Files” has been featured in The New York Times, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post,, Miami Herald (home team advantage), Philadelphia Inquirer, Tallahassee Democrat, NBC-6 and CBS-4. Natalie has been featured on CNN six times as “The Frugalista.” CNN anchor Betty Nguyen flew to Miami to do a story on her frugal and fabulous lifestyle. William Safire named “Frugalista” the word of the year. The Oxford University Press named “Frugalista” finalist for its annual word of the year and linked to the blog as an example of a Frugalista. Natalie has served as an expert guest on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” twice. named The Frugalista Files one of the top 100 Financial Planning blogs in 2009. North American—Harlequin Nonfiction/Sarah Pelz—Pub Jan 2011 Translation rights—Ayesha Pande Literary Subsidiary Rights deals: Korea/Nemo Garden

NAOMI ORESKES/ERIK CONWAY THE COLLAPSE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION: A VIEW FROM THE FUTURE An historian from the future looks back on a past that is our present and (possible) future. The occasion is the tercentenary of the end of Western Culture (1540-2073); the dilemma being addressed is how we – the children of the Enlightenment – failed to act on robust information about climate change and knowledge of the damaging events that were about to unfold. Our historian concludes that a second Dark Age had fallen on Western Civilization, in which denial and self-deception, rooted in an ideological fixation on “free” markets, disabled the world’s powerful nations in the face of tragedy. Moreover, the scientists who best understood the problem were hamstrung by their own cultural practices, which demanded an excessively stringent standard for accepting claims of any kind—even those involving imminent threats. Here, our historian from the future, living in the Second People’s Republic of China, recounts the events of the Period of the Penumbra (1988-2073) that led to the Great Collapse and Mass Migration (2074).


North American – Columbia University Press All other territories and rights – AP Literary MERCHANTS OF DOUBT: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming “[A] fascinating and important study...Merchants of Doubt deserves a wide readership. It is tempting to require that all those engaged in the business of conveying scientific information to the general public should read it.”—Science “Oreskes and Conway paint an unflattering picture of why some scientists continue to stand against the overwhelming scientific consensus on issues at the center of public discussion.”—USA Today “Anyone concerned about the state of democracy in America should read this book.”— Former Vice President Al Gore, author of An Inconvenient Truth “Sweeping and comprehensive… Oreskes and Conway do an excellent job of bringing to life a complex and important environmental battle… [a] darkly fascinating history… Merchants of Doubt is an important book. How important? If you read just one book on climate change this year, read Merchants of Doubt. And if you have time to read two, reread Merchants of Doubt.”—Grist " important story about the misuse of science to mislead the public on matters ranging from the risks of smoking to the reality of global warming....This book deserves serious attention for the lessons it provides about the misuse of science for political and commercial ends.” Publishers Weekly, starred review. “...meticulously researched and wonderfully written”—Daily Kos For more reviews, please see authors’ website: The troubling story of how a cadre of influential scientists have clouded public understanding of scientific facts to advance a political and economic agenda The U.S. scientific community has long led the world in research on such areas as public health, environmental science, and issues affecting quality of life. Our scientists have produced landmark studies on the dangers of DDT, tobacco smoke, acid rain and global warming. But at the same time, a small yet potent subset of this community leads the world in vehement denial of these dangers. MERCHANTS OF DOUBT tells the story of how a loose–knit group of high-level scientists and scientific advisors, with deep connections in politics and industry, ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades. Remarkably, the same individuals surface repeatedly; some of the same figures who have claimed the science of global warming is “not settled” denied the truth of studies linking smoking to lung cancer, coal smoke to acid rain, and CFCs to the ozone hole. “Doubt is our product,” wrote one tobacco executive. These “experts” supplied it. Oreskes and Conway, historians of science, roll back the rug on this dark corner of the American scientific community, showing how ideology and corporate interests, aided by a too-compliant media, have skewed public understanding of some of the most pressing issues of our era. Naomi Oreskes is a Professor of History and Science Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Her study “Beyond the Ivory Tower,” published in Science, was a milestone in the fight


against global warming denial and was cited by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth. Erik Conway is the resident historian at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. th

4 printing in the US. Paperback being published May 2011. Stellar reviews around the world. Author traveled to Australia on a publicity tour. Currently being released in France. World English—Bloomsbury USA/Peter Ginna—Pub May 2010. Translation rights—Ayesha Pande Literary Film rights—Participant Media, director: Rob Kenner (Food Inc) Subsidiary Rights Deals: The Soup/S.Korea; Rakkousha/Japan; Le Pommier/France; Huaxia/simplified Chinese; John Wiley/Germany

JAMES H. ROLLING JR. SWARM INTELLIGENCE: THE BEST WAY TO SHAPE TOMORROW’S CREATIVE LEADERS A recent Newsweek cover article entitled “The Creativity Crisis” provided a shocking statistic: Since 1990, creativity among American children has been steadily decreasing. This creativity crisis is most apparent in our public schools where the focus on high-stakes testing and standardized curricula is stifling collaborative, creative engagement among students, and students are responding by tuning out and dropping out. The creativity crisis is about to reach a boiling point as creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly vital criteria for success in the 21st century job market. A recent IBM survey found that CEOs around the world identified creativity as the number one leadership quality of the future. U.S. employers rate creativity and innovation among the top skills for workers and rank arts study as one of the most important indicators of a potential creative worker. Swarm Intelligence provides a blueprint for how we can arrest this crisis. Rolling argues that we need to turn our classrooms into crucibles for collective, collaborative, swarming creativity. Drawing on cutting edge research in the realms of biological swarm theory, systems theory, and complexity theory and employing an accessible and narrative approach, Rolling will show that working in groups makes as both smarter and more creative. It is the pursuit of collective creative leadership, he argues, not the individual pursuit of achievement, that is the basis for attaining our greatest potential as learners and as a nation. Rolling is truly a pioneer: his approach is brilliant and innovative and is bound to change the way we look at creativity and learning. James Haywood Rolling, Jr. is an arts-based and interdisciplinary researcher devoted to telling the story of how human beings constitute, shape, and reinterpret personal and collective identity. Dr. Rolling is currently Chair of Art Education and a Dual Associate Professor in Art Education and Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University, responsible for the administration of undergraduate and graduate programs preparing teachers for K-12 New York State Art Teacher certification. Dr. Rolling earned his Ed.D. and Ed.M. in Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. In his earlier education, Dr. Rolling completed his M.F.A. in studio arts research at Syracuse University as a Graduate Fellow in the Department of African American Studies. Prior to that, Rolling earned his B.F.A. in visual arts with a minor in creative writing at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. He graduated with honors from the High School of Art & Design. World rights- Palgrave Macmillan/Emily Carleton – pub 2014 All other rights- AP Literary



A collection of essays about the body. In it, Shinner turns a searching eye on her own body, female and Jewish; her parents, the bodies she came from; and the collective body, with all its personal, social, and political implications. The pieces in this book explore body image, gender, legacy: how to live in this woman's body; this Jew's body; this martial artist’s body. What does it mean to have the body as a proxy for the soul? Blending research and personal inquiry, some examine the disposition of the body under emotional or physical duress. Others look at the body as transgressive, and transgressed. Take the erudite yet always personable voice of Anne Fadiman’s At large and At Small and the self-scrutinizing gaze of Bernard Cooper’s Truth Serum and throw in a soupçon of Joan Didion’s social commentary and the result is this collection of essays. INTIMATE POSSESSIONS dissects the body, and our societal assumptions about it, and in a disquieting, quirky, and often-funny way sorts through the accumulated evidence. Peggy Shinner's work has appeared in many literary journals includingThe Southern Review, Colorado Review, The Gettysburg Review, and has been anthologized in The Oldest We’ve Ever Been: Seven True Stories of Midlife Transitions (University of Arizona Press, 2008) and Her Face in the Mirror: Jewish Women on Mothers and Daughters (Beacon Press, 1995). One of her stories was recognized as a distinguished story in the Best American Short Stories 2007; several pieces were accorded Pushcart Prize Special Mentions; and another story was a finalist in a Glimmer Train short story contest. Peggy has been awarded two Illinois Arts Council Fellowships, residencies at the Ucross and Ragdale Foundations, and a fellowship at Ausable Press. She teaches creative writing at Roosevelt University and Northwestern University. She lives in Chicago. World English—University of Chicago Press, pub. 2014 Translation—AP Literary