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Air Ambulance Service

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Air Ambulance Service

WHAT IS MEDEVAC OR MEDIVAC Medical evacuation, often termed Medevac or Medivac is the timely and efficient movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to wounded being evacuated from a battlefield, to injured patients being evacuated from the scene of an accident to receiving medical facilities, or to patients at a rural hospital requiring urgent care at a better-equipped facility using medically equipped ground vehicles (ambulances) or aircraft (air ambulances).

WHAT IS AIR AMBULANCE An air ambulance is a specially outfitted aircraft that transports injured or sick people in an medical emergency or over distances or terrain impractical for a conventional ground ambulance. These and related operations are called aeromedical. In some circumstances, the same aircraft may be used to search for missing or wanted people. Like ground ambulances, air ambulances are equipped with medical equipment vital to monitoring and treating injured or ill patients. Common equipment for air ambulances includes medications, ventilators, ECGs and monitoring units, CPR equipment, and stretchers. A medically staffed and equipped air ambulance provides medical care in flight—while a non-medically equipped and staffed aircraft simply transports patients without care in flight. Military organizations and NATO refer

to the former as Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) and to the latter as Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC).

WHAT IS MEDICAL EMERGENCIES A medical emergency is an injury or illness that is acute and poses an immediate risk to a person's life or long term health. These emergencies may require assistance from another person, who should ideally be suitably qualified to do so, although some of these emergencies can be dealt with by the victim themselves. Dependent on the severity of the emergency, and the quality of any treatment given, it may require the involvement of multiple levels of care, from first aiders to Emergency Medical Technicians and emergency physicians. Any response to an emergency medical situation will depend strongly on the situation, the patient involved and availability of resources to help them.

Air Ambulance Service

ASIE LUXIERGE AIR AMBULANCE Asie Luxierge in cooperation with selective medical support and air ambulance provider we can assist patients who require urgent and immediate medical treatment. The groundwork of this program comes from worldwide research showing time of response and commencement of appropriate treatment are crucial factors in improving a positive clinical outcome of emergency patients. Understanding that every second counts when it comes to someone’s health and life. We serves patients in both land and air evacuation by using ambulance and several options of air transportation such as helicopter and private jet. This service covers transportation within Indonesia as well as to other destination such as Singapore and Malaysia. Patients who would benefit from this service are those who require immediate emergency medical treatment at the hospital due to accident or medical emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke. Other patients include those who

need close clinical monitoring on their land and air journey while returning to their home country or in areas more than 200 miles away. With doctors, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric specialists and critical care paramedics, Air Ambulance offers bed to bed service to critically ill patients in need of air ambulance transport. We offer multiple aircraft options to meet individual needs and budget considerations. All planes are equipped with state-of-the-art life support equipment to meet the critical care needs of the patient. We utilize air ambulance jets, like Learjet, Westwind 1 and 2, King Air, Avanti and also Cessna aircraft. Each plane is outfitted with the latest medical equipment and is strategically positioned to respond quickly to our patients' needs. Each aircraft is inspected regularly and uses state-of-the-art air ambulance medical equipment to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient. We're sure you'll get a competitive price, because our good cooperation with all the private airlines in Asia.

Air Ambulance Service

Air ambulance transport is the fastest method of transporting critically ill patients from one facility to another, or to bring them closer to loved ones. This is particularly important for international air ambulance transports, when it is necessary to fly a patient long distances with the assistance of qualified medical staff. Our aero-medically trained team, combined with the most sophisticated air ambulance equipment, ensures competent care for the most critically ill patients. There are only a few conditions that prohibit air ambulance transport: • Patients who have had heart surgery within 24 hours of the flight • Patients with very minimal level of consciousness, GCS 3 or commonly known attack stroke patients with brain stem death

FLYING DOCTOR ASIA CREDENTIALS In cooperation with Flying Doctor Asia we provide you with • The largest all-jet air ambulance fleet located in Asia. • Complete bed to bed service. • Full ICU and emergency trained medical teams. • State-of-the-art medical equipment for every contingency. • One-stop call for air ambulance services; comprehensive fixed price quoted. • Airborne within three hours of your confirmation (subject to availability of permit) • Multiple flight crews, which cut out breaks for crew rest on long flights, so the evacuation of patients is faster. • Choice of aircraft available (based on availability at time of operation) • All aircraft certified for worldwide operations.

Air Ambulance Service

How to Reach Us EMAIL You can contact us via email to SMS You can send us sms to the following number: Singapore : +65 8272 8975 Colombo : +94 7792 34230 BLACKBERRY PIN 22246B28 SKYPE ID asieluxierge SINGAPORE 1 Fullerton Road #02-01 One Fullerton Singapore 49213 Tel : +65 6832 5111 Fax : +65 6408 3801

Asie Luxierge Air Ambulance Services - Medical Evacuation (Medevac)