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COVER: Photo by Sonnie Hiles

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Art Director • Dawn Lyon Design San Diego magazine is published for the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers by DL Graphic Design. Editorial content and Design San Diego magazine are controlled and owned by the San Diego Chapter of ASID. Reproduction of this publication in whole, in part, in any form is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the San Diego Chapter of ASID.


President’s Message Greetings ASID San Diego, Goodness, what a tough year it’s been and yet, we still managed to have many events, experiences and great memories. We enjoyed these amazing events our Board and wonderful Volunteers arranged for us: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Design Excellence Awards Strengthening sponsorship support Mood Board Competition Career day Supporting our community through Community Circles Morena showroom crawl Summer Spruce Up Significant project at Humble Design Impacting Lives as Designers Expo and Summer Social Participating in the National Greenbuild convention held in San Diego Elegant Event to Install our New Board

Welcome to our Magazine – the Sustainability & Well Issue to kick off our new Committee for our chapter and our partnership with GREENBUILD 2021 at the San Diego Convention Center where we are sponsoring 4 speakers!! I have always been a student of sustainability, having volunteered with the San Diego Green Building Council where we assisted the Food bank in obtaining LEED v4 Gold Certification & Energy Star Award. I also participated in Wellness Within Your Walls. I remember asking vendor reps at Vegas Market “What is your green story” years ago. And I got my Green Building Certification with Green Built and then took my own home remodel through the whole process to get Green Point Rated – and receiving Platinum! The highest rating. It was a fantastic experience and my home was on the ASID Home Tour & the Green Building Tours. Especially fun was welcoming a class of 2nd graders from High Tech Elementary who were building “Green” models of homes, to my home to tour and learn all about the many things we can do to save energy & water, increase our health & recycle/reuse. Going green is a process, and if we all do our part and learn more every year about what we can do and promote it in our professions and in our neighborhoods, we will make progress. So enjoy this virtual magazine and take a close look at the projects done by our members & articles written by our Industry Partners and Designers. Sincerely Yours, Suzi OBrien, Allied ASID, MSW, Green Building Professional President, ASID San Diego 2020-2021



PO Box 927306 San Diego, CA 92192 858-566-3345


President Suzi OBrien, Allied ASID, MSW, Green Building Professional President-Elect Shannon Miller-Rice, ASID, NCIDQ Director of Membership Martin Lopez Director of Communications Beppie Mostert, Allied ASID Director of Finance Robin Kelley, ASID Director of Professional Development & Programs Chelsea Metheny, Allied ASID Director At Large Edwin Clement ASID IP Student Rep to the Board Vallerie Dalrymple

How Halo Can Improve the Health and Safety of a Commercial Property By Lori B Miller, BA Interior Design, ASID, IDS, LMHC Counseling Have you ever walked into a building and felt the onslaught of allergy symp-

toms? Difficulty breathing, irritation

of your eyes, nose or throat amongst other symptoms. Oftentimes people

who are otherwise healthy will suddenly develop headaches, dry coughs, diffi-

culty concentrating and autoimmune

issues. This is commonly called the Sick Building Syndrome or

Building Related Illness resulting from common building contaminants which cause Legionnaires' Disease and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

SBS is a condition caused by hazardous cleaning and building materials such as:

The COVID-19 outbreak has taught us we need to monitor possible airborne

contagions before they become an issue. Halo helps us to do that with its early detection system and can be used anywhere.

adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood, copy machines, pesticides,

To have the benefits of one complete system that offers the safety and convenience

including formaldehyde.

and should be an automatic specification for every Architect and Designer.

and cleaning agents. These products may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs),

of alleviating health concerns in addition to safety concerns is worth the investment

Have you been in a building and increasingly felt tired as the day progressed? This is likely due to the buildup of C02 over the day and improper ventilation or mold

toxins. Poor indoor air quality or HVAC systems that are not properly maintained

are a leading cause to these common complaints. This improper ventilation along

with temperature and humidity levels is a leading factor in the spread of airborne

infectious diseases.

Monitoring air quality is the key to improving and eliminating these conditions.

Education, healthcare, and hospitality are just a few fields where safety is a central priority. You ask what can we do about this and how can we help? IPVideo

Corporation’s HALO Smart Sensor has the ability to detect contaminants and alert the appropriate staff members on harmful conditions related to indoor air quality. This Smart Sensor is an all-in-one device that communicates via text, email or

through building management systems the detection of smoke, vaping, THC, and

any abnormal sounds.

Why Should You Monitor Indoor Air Quality?

If we can detect the presence of dangerous chemicals like ammonia, carbon

monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and volatile organic compounds early,

we can alleviate health conditions, reduce the incidence of mold toxicity and improve lives. Utilizing safety measures protects the building itself, in addition to

keeping people protected. In preventing mold and mildew from growing, the ability

to detect factors such as moisture and humidity is helpful. The cost of cleaning

mold can add up to thousands of dollars in addition to the health risks.


President-elect’s Message What does Sustainability and WELL mean to you? I have asked that question to my design students who recently started their first in-person semester in 18 months at the Design Institute of San Diego. Their answers were unified, passionate, and resolved to be one of their top priorities of their education. When I was a design student in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s, the conversations were being had by those who wanted to focus on LEED Certification, at the time a sprouting niche market of progressive architects and designers with progressive clients. We emerged into our careers having to make a conscious choice to lean into becoming educated in the products & methods and then, educate our clients on why their investment of a higher priced material was in their best interest. Times have changed! The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) was founded in 1993 to support legislative change, to educate, develop standards and unify building and manufacturing practices in support of Sustainability. Twenty-eight years later, their vision has provided the platform today for design professionals to be able to have meaningful conversations at home and in business where we, The Design Professional, can advocate and enact change in our communities.

ASID SAN DIEGO PO Box 927306 San Diego, CA 92192 858-566-3345

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2021-2022 President Shannon Miller-Rice, ASID, NCIDQ President-Elect Wendy Grumet ASID

We, The Design Professional, have the support more now than ever to become change makers, leaders, and advocates for human health in the built environment. Our trendsetting state of California leads the pack with the highest number of certified projects in 2020 at 417, with the second, the state of Texas at 139 (according to the USGBC 2020 Top 10 States for LEED Green Building Report). Let’s take a moment and be mindful of how impressive this is, to know that globally we live in a place where Sustainability matters, and it shows! Today, we are having conversations at our dining tables with our families about global climate change and health & wellbeing after the Covid pandemic forever changed our lives. Seeing the effects ripping communities apart one by one has given the word “Sustainability” status as a household term. With a lot of other topics gaining popularity around the world, Sustainability is one that significantly bears the greatest weight as it is truly a human commitment to saving our planet and protecting the health of our communities. With this global understanding of its weighted importance, one person at a time can now significantly make a difference, and I’m proud this community of Design Professionals has it all under control.

Director of Membership Martin Lopez Director of Communications Nicole Perez Director of Finance Bella Huele Director of Professional Development & Programs Rachel Villacis, Allied ASID Director At Large Edwin Clement ASID IP Student Rep to the Board Taylor Bonatus, Student ASID

Shannon Rice, ASID President, Payte Miller Interiors, Inc. President-Elect, ASID San Diego 2021-2022 Adjunct Instructor, Design Institute San Diego


Sustainability and Sleep

To create and support a sustainable world, making informed decisions and mindful choices becomes a must. To promote a sustainable world, daily decisions should


We are a family-owned, local mattress manufacturer and retailer that always puts

include better choices for our health and for the planet’s health.

the customer first. We are dedicated to ensuring that customers will have the best


mattress that was manufactured with sustainability in mind, and that contains only

With the pandemic life, we spend more time indoors, making indoor air quality

more important than ever to support good health. The best way to have good

indoor air quality is by avoiding bringing into our homes products that contain

synthetic fibers and unhealthy chemicals. According to the National Institute of

Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), these chemicals present potential negative health effects. When it comes to bedrooms, most of us spend an average of one-

third of our lives in bed, thus, the materials inside your mattress matter. Natural

night’s sleep on our mattresses, while being certain that they are sleeping in a materials that promote health.

We want to support your design projects and elevate your customers’ experience

with the comfort and quality of our mattress and bedding products.

Enjoy our Designer’s Benefits – Visit our Trade Program at

and organic mattresses reduce exposure to these chemicals because they contain

natural, sustainable fibers that do not contain harsh chemicals or dyes. Besides, natural-organic mattresses minimize your exposure to petrochemical and plastic-

based products, which also can cause health issues. By choosing natural and organic options, we reduce our impact on the environment, while benefiting from natural

and organic fibers and materials that will not harm our body and health.


A sustainable mattress represents the transformation of clean and green materials into a comfortable, supportive, resilient, long-lasting, healthy mattress that promotes

the health of your body, your home, and the planet. Euro-Flex Natural and Organic

Mattresses crafts sustainable mattresses in San Diego, CA since 1991. We ensure

to use the cleanest and most eco-friendly materials, as well as production methods.

Euro-Flex mattresses contain only certified materials to ensure their integrity and

durability. We offer a selection of natural and organic mattresses, which come in

standard firmnesses and sizes, but can also be customized to the customer’s needs,

including RV-Boat-Camper mattresses, Murphy beds, and more). The inside of our mattresses contains either GOLS Certified Dunlop Latex or Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

Natural Talalay Latex. Our mattress cover is 100% Certified Organic, made with GOLS Certified Organic Lambswool and GOLS Certified Organic Cotton.


The San Diego Chapter of the American Society for Interior Designers… Proudly Presents 3 sessions at Greenbuild 2021 9/22 Wednesday 3pm Biophilia and Interior Design In Person Delivery Kim Nadel, ASID, LEED AP, EcoDistricts AP, Gala Education Trainee - Gala Inspired Design & Consulting. In Person Session. Biophilic principles and how to apply them into our designs and our design thinking for interior spaces. We will showcase examples and case studies from around the globe to inspire and move our designers toward a gaia-inspired worldview on how we design spaces now and into the future. 9/23 Thursday 1pm – 2pm Empower your Clients with a Healthy Home Consultation In Person Delivery Jennifer Beckley Sides, Allied ASID, NKBA, Healthy Materials Advocate - JB Sides & Co + Lenora J. DeMars, ASID, Healthy Materials Advocate - 9 Ten Design

Jennifer Beckley Sides, Allied ASID, NKBA, Healthy Materials Advocate Interior Designer JB Sides + Co

empowers clients to live a healthier life physically and mentally, as well as being a good steward of nature. This session will present attendees with an interior room by room overview of what is potentially harmful to your health and well being and what healthy swaps can be made to maximize the health benefits of a home. Clients are left with an an action plan that leaves them with peace of mind that every small change you make is a step towards a better well being. Keeping WELLness in mind, explore what it looks like to meet clients at an appropriate level of understanding to encourage change and avoid overwhelm. Kim Nadel, ASID, LEED AP, EcoDistricts AP, Gala Education Trainee - Gala Inspired Design & Consulting

Lenora J. DeMars, ASID, Healthy Materials Advocate Interior Designer 9 Ten Design

Making significant changes to your lifestyle can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Our Healthy Home Consultation


9/23 Thursday 3:30pm – 4:30pm Sensory By Design In Person Delivery Lori B Miller, BA Interior Design, ASID, IDS, LMHC Counseling - LGC Interior Design (a 1 hour CEU approved course by IDCEC) This seminar is an experiential deep dive into the role our 5 senses play when designing for a space. From Toxic chemicals to disorganization to how color affects both mood and sight, all of our senses are looked at and explored in this 1 hour class. With the use of essential oils we create an interactive and informative session designed to bring awareness to the understanding of one's sense of space and emotions.

Lori B. Miller, BA Interior Design, ASID, IDS, LMHC Counseling President LGC Interior Design


ASID San Diego is thrilled to announce the formation of a Health, Wellness, and Sustainability Committee on the West Coast. With guidance from ASID NY Metro, our committees will work in conjunction to raise awareness, share information, and advocate for human-centric and sustainable design by promoting a built environment focused on optimal health, safety, and wellness for all.

Our goals are to not only educate members, but share information and resources, create a unified language of wellness and sustainability, and provide leadership. Through hosting events, curating panel discussions, and engaging in Wellness Wednesdays via ASID NY Metro, we will be able to accomplish these goals and expand efforts to include Health, Wellness and Sustainability Committees throughout all ASID chapters.

Spearheaded by Jennifer Beckley Sides with support from both the current and incoming president, committee members are needed! We are looking for both students and members, as well as Industry Partners that are versed in Wellness and/or Green Design and are passionate in moving the needle towards healthier design practices.

Please reach out to Jennifer Beckley Sides at with any questions or if interested.

Acoustical Ceilings/Sound Masking ADA Compl es Appliances Aquariums Art Art Installation Audio-Video/Electronics Awnings Bedding/Ma Cabinetry Carpets/Rugs Ceilings Cleaning Se Computer/Software Services/Web Design Const /Millwork Custom Storage Solutions Decorative ving Designer Services Doors Drafting/Surveyin

s h o p industry partners

hutters Fabric Protection Fabrics Fans Faux F eplaces Flooring Framing Furniture Commercia m Furniture Refinishing Furniture Residential Gl Products Hardware Hardwood Flooring Home Rooms HVAC/Air Circulation Kitchens Lamina

Research the newest and best products anytime you wish. Landscaping Liaison/Design Center/Showroom It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s Bedding Marble/Granite/Stone Mur the right thing to Mattresses do. Shop Industry Partners first Wallsand Other Outdoorthose Furniture/Accessories/Gard support companies that make our Chapter events nting Photography Pianos/Musical Instruments programs and CEU’s possible. From Schitt’s Creek to the Greenbuild 2021 Stage, Dan Levy is changing the world…one community at a time. Come join for this exclusive conversation!

“We are writing a world that examines the transformational effects of love when the threat of hate and intolerance has been removed from the equation.” Greenbuild 2021 Exclusive Conversation with Dan Levy.

From transforming a quirky town with a local business…to advocating social justice, Dan Levy is an Emmy™ Award-winning Writer, Actor, Director and Producer and true game-changer. Come join for this exclusive conversation at Greenbuild 2021!


g PlumbingFixtu res Pools and Spas Profession

your greatest resource tz Surfaces Reproductions Restoration Service for the finest interior products and services ble Designs Textile Protection Tile Upholstery

tom Painting Wainscoting/Raised Panel Wall Co es


Window Film

ment Windows Wine Cellars / Storage Wood F ASID SAN DIEGO CHAPTER | ISSUE 2 2021 - 9 -

Designing for Good

By Laura Lavoie, Humble Design-San Diego City Director On Friday, July 23, members of ASID San Diego joined forces with the

team at Humble Design to serve a family of five leaving homelessness. This partnership was a meaningful way for both organizations to put into

action our shared values of service and sustainability, using the power of

design to change lives for good.

When families leave homelessness, too often they move from shelters or

the streets into empty spaces without the comforts that make a house a

home. At Humble Design, we help the community to change this reality

– we give your gently-used furniture and home goods a second life,

transforming our clients’ spaces and giving them a firm foundation for the

next hopeful chapter of their lives.

The Humble Design warehouse is a 9,000-square-foot wonderland in

Logan Heights filled with donated hope and recycled joy. Caring community members give the Humble team everything from queen-sized mattresses

from a rarely-used guest room to that not-quite-right-shade-of-blue salt-

and-pepper shaker set someone gave as a wedding gift. sends


down returned dining tables and chairs, sectional sofas, and patio sets.

Children donate their gently-loved toys to give to children who have none. Our professional designers meet with our clients and talk with them about

their hopes and dreams for their homes, their families, and their lives. Then, the Humble design team shops the warehouse and selects the perfect

pieces to transform our clients’ spaces into personalized, beautiful, comfortable safe havens where they will begin rebuilding their lives. Finally, our team

of staff and volunteers work together to lovingly fill our Humble clients’ empty houses with regifted treasures: donated furniture, bedding, art,

kitchenware, housewares, books, toys, and plants.

When you give your home goods a new home through Humble Design,

you’re giving so much more than a standing lamp or an end table. You’re

giving comfort, stability, and hope to people whose lives will be forever changed thanks to the kindness of their community.

Click here to read more about the partnership between ASID San Diego

and Humble Design-San Diego. For more information about getting involved with Humble Design, please visit or send an

email to


With a starting lineup that included your favorite IP’s, the evening delivered exciting matchups for Designers and Students alike. Alesmith Brewing Co. served up America’s finest craft brews. We had ice cream and food trucks stationed outside serving delicious treats. We asked the IP’s many questions about their services and thanked them for supporting our ASID San Diego Chapter. We learned how they can help make our next project even better.

And one of our members got really lucky and won the GRAND PRIZE: tickets to the Padres game plus a 1 night stay downtown! The evening was a home run!


2021 IP Experience Exhibitors Between The Sheets BKM Office Design Brady Architectural Photography Bring Pro California Closets Cosentino Dal Tile DuChateau Home Depot Design Center Jeffrey Court Kravet Milan K Photography Mino Pro Moore and Giles Outrageous Rugs Patio Productions Pirch / Kohler ProSource ReSource Floors Sherwin Williams The C Group The Frame Maker The Shade Store Top Notch Pet Furniture TOTO Unique Carpets Ltd. Wardell Builders



BIOPHILIA AND INTERIOR DESIGN By Kim Nadel, ASID, LEED AP Biophilia, a term popularized by E.O. Wilson, describes the extent to which humans are hard-wired to need connection with nature and other forms of life. Biophilic Design and Biomimicry are innovative ways of designing the places where we live, work, and learn in partnership with nature through design and architecture. We need nature in a deep and fundamental fashion, but we have often designed our cities and suburbs in ways that both degrade the environment and alienate us from nature. “Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. In a society accustomed to dominating or 'improving' nature, this respectful imitation is a radically new approach, a revolution really. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, the Biomimicry Revolution introduces an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her”― Janine Benyus Our earth, or gaia, is alive, and we are connected to her and to nature. Yet we are getting more and more separated from nature, from organic materials and buildings, and even from each other. How can we bridge this disconnect? As interior designers, we have the responsibility to create spaces that create a sense of wellness and balance. We want our clients to feel wonderful in the spaces we design. And here's why we need more biophilic design: biophilic design can reduce stress and enhance creativity or clarity of thought. It improves our well-being, even our moods, and expedites healing. Biophilic design fosters emotional attachments to settings and places. The importance of restorative environments, which has been accelerated by heavily populated urban environments and the current global events, is compelling.


Designing beautiful and restorative spaces include, not only the visual responsiveness, but can include all the human senses. A study from the University of Oregon identified that we respond to fractal features (selfrepeating patterns) in nature which activate brain waves vital for sensory perception and integration, while promoting a calm mental state. In Lucy Jones’ book Losing Eden about the relationship between the healing powers of nature and the human condition, she mentions several studies “associating the sounds and scents of nature with decreased heart rates and improved nerve activity, while lack of access to daylight and disrupted circadian rhythms are linked to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression”. As so wisely phrased by Julia Watson in her book loTEK: Design by Radical Indigenism,“as designers our role is to create a new ground for a positive engagement with nature, and re-establishing this relationship means acknowledging that humans have always lived with natural systems.” And Lynne Twist, Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance, provokes us with “imagine if the following questions are asked in our effort to follow nature's lead in helping us reimagine design. How would nature make this color or this product? How would nature dispose of this waste?” We can trust that nature can teach us exactly what we need to know about living sustainably. For centuries, Indigenous people have not forgotten the vital importance of living in harmony with the laws of nature. Janine Benyus is leading the re-emerging practice of emulating nature's designs and processes to create a healthier, more sustainable planet. Looking to nature for inspiration can help us create innovate design, and biomimicry provides us the opportunity to learn about how nature supports its own needs for water, energy, and material-use strategies and the critical importance of diversity as the path to thriving and resiliency. So how can we enhance the client’s experience as well as feel more connected to nature through design? Biophilic design is the practice of introducing natural elements in the built environment to bring life and to improve the wellbeing of its occupants using elements like plant life, sustainable textured woods, and calming organic colors. Natural strategies like

harnessing daylight and ventilation is crucial for successful biophilic design. Biophilic design ideas can build mindful and harmonious environments with furniture modeling nature’s forms and through innovative technologies to support the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Some examples of biophilic design for Southern California are the importance of providing views and vistas to the natural outdoors, like designing an outdoor living space and garden to admire from a cozy spot indoors, and arranging furniture groupings, finishes and materials in both outdoor and indoor spaces to create a natural flow and connection to the natural outdoors. In 2020, sales increased dramatically for PIGMENT, a local San Diego plant and accessories store. Not only did houseplant sales rise exponentially, but their consumers were also craving its collection of calming colors, soft furnishings and organic natural forms. Instead of a trend, think of biophilic design as a progressive movement of material and product innovation, and a transformation in interior design and architecture that is deeply felt and built in collaboration with nature. GAIA INSPIRED is a boutique interior design and architecture studio that creates spaces that align with optimal wellness for people and planet.



University City Coastal Style ADA Master Bath Remodel Designer Becky Zoni-McMakin, NCIDQ, CID

The client requested a “living in place” ADA master bedroom and bathroom design for their mid-century modern home in University City. The theme for the project was a coastal, serene space with a request that it did not have a stark ADA accessible appearance. To provide additional space, we incorporated an adjacent home office in the master suite. The result was a coastal themed master suite with accessible shower room including grab bars, a bench, and roll-in entry. A separate accessible toilet room with wheelchair turning space and grab bars allows for both user-friendliness and privacy. Existing doors were either eliminated or enlarged. Sliding doors into the accessible toilet room and walk-in closet are functional and the etched glass designs add to the seaside feel. The custom vanity cabinet was designed with a removable cabinet under the sink, if needed, for future wheelchair access. The cool scheme of blues and greens with warm wood and marble stone complete the peaceful coastal style. The master suite is not only accessible for “living in place” but will be stylish and comfortable for years to come.



Extended Family Expands Home to Accommodate All Designer Michelle Strausbaugh These folks genuinely believe “the more the merrier!” This modern-day family includes parents, kids, dogs, cats, tortoise, turtles, iguana, chickens, and fish. It was important to them to include the grandparents into the mix, so they decided to add on to their already full home. The dream was to have an accessible living space for the grandparents, ensuite baths for each of the two teenagers, and a fantastic laundry room with storage for their seasonal decorations. For the grandparents’ bathroom, we hit all the functional requirements first – curbless shower complete with seat, handshower and balance bars, sink at appropriate height and clearance with storage within easy reach, and easy to transfer toilet area. Then we worked with the homeowners to bring in their style. The fell in love with the encaustic tile that became the shower wall. The two-tone balance bars and cool shower seat reflect their love of contemporary design. Warm woods paired with dark gray create a striking contrast and help to define counter edges.

The recessed medicine cabinet has integrated lighting outside AND inside. Not only can they see themselves well for their daily routine they can easily see what is housed in the cabinet. Since this area is attached the to main house, the kitchenette was designed for snacks and no-cook prep. The same wood and dark gray palette are found here, too. The refrigerator disappears behind the sleek cabinetry. A sliding metal door with frosted glass hides the washer and dryer. The soffit is created by cabinetry to maximize storage. The cabinetry wraps the corner to flow into the custom media cabinet with display for their favorite items. Welcome to your new home!



Moore & Giles

We believe in the natural beauty of leather—a visual representation of honesty and hard work—where each hide is artfully crafted by hand and no two are alike. This bonedeep belief drives a desire for transparency and thoughtfulness in our leather and our work—it brings us great joy to share both with the world. Moore & Giles values sustainability as part of our DNA as a global leather supplier. Our core business is a solution, driven to lessen the environmental impact of the meat industry through diverting byproduct waste and converting it into a durable and beautiful product.

For years, we've searched to create a leather offering for designers that is truly sustainable—from the animal to the tanning process—and now with Olive Tanned Leather exclusively from Moore & Giles, the option exists. Using a byproduct to tan a byproduct, the leather in this collection has been tanned using fallen olive leaves in the Mediterranean region that have been collected and processed in compliance with socially sustainable standards. Olive Tanned Leather is tanned with a 100% organic tanning agent made of purely aqueous olive leaf extract and is Olivenleder® certified. These olive leaves are a byproduct from olive production. Our Olive tanned leather articles are the first Declare, Red List free leather options available in the world. To learn more about the Olive Tanned Collection or to request complimentary samples for your next project, visit



Spanish Mediterranean Green Remodel Achieves High Rating Designer Suzi OBrien MSW, Allied ASID, Green Building Professional EcoLux Interiors

● Achieved Platinum – highest rating for Green Point Rated ● All existing windows went to Habitat for Humanity, Restore ● Landscape – all Low Water, local or Mediterranean. Hydro zoned & high efficiency irrigation ● Planted fruit trees, lemongrass & Kiefer lime ● Built raised beds for veggies – eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini ● Smart Blinds in home on west wall – saving energy, furnishings & art ● Decking of recycled plastic bottles from local biz – Cali Bamboo ● Insulation with 75% recycled content ● Solar Panels on roof & 2 all Electric Vehicles ● Furnishings & fixtures – much from Mexico & Morocco


Environmental Responsibility & Social Justice Lead the Way Designer Kim Nadel, ASID, LEED AP This is a vacation beach home for my client, an avid art collector from the Midwest. Her passion is collecting important American ceramic artists, as well as painters. She is a true environmentalist, and called on my sustainable design practice and wanted everything to reflect her values of environmental responsibility, equity and social justice. Everything designed and placed in this home, from the building materials down to the pillows, were sourced and/or custom designed to stringent criteria, like zero waste, fair trade, locally artisanal-sourced, non-toxic, closed loop recycling, responsible forestry practices, upcycled, etc. This is a retreat for her and her family, designed as a blend of ‘midwest meets southern california’ vibe. I reviewed the art collection during the visioning part of the project, and so the design solution was to create a soothing backdrop for her powerful art collection. The color palette of the furniture and furnishings may be moved around easily, and intermixed depending how many family members are using the indoor/outdoor spaces. The large wall unit, designed to hold her ceramic treasures, was a project unto itself. I designed it in such an innovative way that the art lights are independent of the shelving so that the shelves are movable and secured with large brass dowels. The metal platform boxes are movable as well, designed for displaying smaller pieces, and my favorite are the custom metal sliding bookends for ultimate flexibility.


Sustainable Restaurant Design by Design Institute San Diego Design Student Raitha Bourelle

Design Concept

Zanzibar to California With nature and culture being at the heart of this project, my design decisions had to reflect and honor both. Like a mini vacation, this restaurant is sunny, textured, and cultured, yet belongs to a time passed and targets young professionals who care for quality dining in a casual stylish atmosphere. Take a deeper look and you’ll find a celebration of environmentally friendly materials and design interventions that support both sustainability, health, and history. Starting with a collection of salvaged vintage doors brought back to life showcases a direct link to the Zanzibari culture. Continuing the nod to Islamic, Indian, and African heritages, weaving spice inspired colors, carved woods and arch accents brings historical balance, depth and character. The finishes used emphasize renewable materials such as bamboo wood flooring which takes a fraction of the time to reach maturity, does not need to be replanted after harvesting and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional hardwoods. In addition, specifying recycled fabrics, LED lighting and weaving into the design the star sustainable product Timber Terrazzo, a product produced by 65% recycled materials, provides interest, texture, and a modern organic aesthetic to this fun environment. For a touch of mood boosting, a mindful biophilic user experience is the result when adding a waterfall of natural indoor plants thriving on the intentional daylighting, helping regulate humidity and increase levels of positivity. The impact of health is critical in these times as we see the ever more important need for designing spaces which support and benefit our health and our planet. As we continue to evolve and learn, these practices should be considered typical, necessary and a primary focus for all interior design students as we too are an important part of a much larger conversation. Upendo San Diego wants to be just that, a blending of old-world history with new world technology, a perfect fit. ASID SAN DIEGO CHAPTER | ISSUE 2 2021 - 21 -

Product Certifications Can Be Confusing A breakdown of the top 5 most recognizable By Jennifer Beckley Sides | JB Sides + Co

Product certifications are everywhere. Especially when it comes to healthy people and planet certifications on everything from sheets and throw pillows to paint and

flooring. But what do they all mean? Are they all created equally? Which are to be trusted and which are a futile attempt to not look like greenwashing?

There are a handful of trusted certifications that are highly recognized by manufacturers,

designers, and consumers alike. You’ll find them on products from Target to the

Williams Sonoma family of brands, to name just a few retailers making strides in

the interior wellness and sustainability space. So, what do all those letters and logos actually mean?


GOTS | Global Organic Textile Standard

The gold standard for any textile-from the clothes you wear

to the upholstered sofa you sit on to the bed sheets you lay

on. GOTS certifies every step of the supply chain. This includes non-GMO seeds,

organic farming practices free of pesticides for both plants and animals, processing

and manufacturing free of harmful chemicals, as well as adhering to sustainability

practices, socially responsible working conditions, and the ethical and humane

treatment of people and animals. Even the labelling and packaging must adhere to the GOTS certification standards.


Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

You will frequently find this label on bed linens

and throw pillows, even at Target. Not as stringent as GOTS, but a good starting

point and can be found on many affordable products. OEKO-TEX does not certify

the supply chain, but rather the end product, testing for harmful substances. While limit values may be lower than regulated requirements and are deemed safe, there

may still be trace chemicals that are harmful. OEKO-TEX certifications are not

exclusive to organic fibers and include certifications for synthetic textiles and leather. They continue to work on better product certifications.


UL Greenguard

Specifically focused on air quality, a UL Greenguard Certification

means a product has been tested for VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or airborne chemicals. Many VOCs are irritants


FSC | Forest Stewardship Council

Simply put, an “FSC certification ensures that products come

from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits,” per FSC’s website. You will find this certification on case goods, beds,

cabinetry, and even paper products. By now, almost every forest harvested product should be FSC Certified.


C2C | Cradle to Cradle

One of the longest standing certifications is finally making its way into the mainstream. A sustainability

focused certification, C2C products are assessed across five categories: Material

Health, Material Reuse, Renewable Energy and Carbon Management, Water

Stewardship, and Social Fairness. The overall focus of C2C is to recognize and encourage sustainable products for the circular economy.

For more information on certified products, visit each certification’s database to view verified products and manufacturers.

Bio: Jennifer Beckley Sides is a Southern California

based Interior Designer who not only focuses on

creating timeless interiors with a modern vibrancy,

but with the mental and physical well-being of the

occupants at the forefront of every design detail. By inherently choosing to work with non-toxic and sustainable materials, Jennifer creates clean spaces

that empower her clients to live healthy lifestyles.

Jennifer is Co-Founder of the group Wellness Designed, a collaborative

dedicated to educating designers on health, wellness, and sustainability. Jennifer is also a Founding Member of the Alliance for Healthy Design, an

alliance of design professionals dedicated to sourcing and purchasing healthy and sustainable materials while agitating for change and demanding material

transparency from manufacturers for the health and well-being of consumers.

A Healthy Materials Advocate and active member of ASID, NKBA, and

that not only cause daily headaches or respiratory issues, but can lead to chronic

Sustainable Furnishings Council, Jennifer regularly participates in chapter

such as furniture, paint and building products, cleaning products, medical devices,

Interior Design as it applies to not only working with clients, but in partnership

diseases or cancer. A Greenguard Certification sets emission limits on products and electronics.


meetings and working groups for professional development in all areas of with Industry Partners as well.

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