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Welcome back! AmericasMart is open year round for you to restock your inventory or source for a design project safely and conveniently between markets. • Temperature checks upon arrival, masks are required in each building, and social distancing measures are in place • Access across gift, seasonal, fashion, home décor and commercial showrooms with bridges connecting Buildings 1, 2 and 3 • Complimentary valet parking at Hotel Indigo is open Restock, reenergize, rediscover your passion.

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GREETINGS TO YOU, ASID GEORGIA! As you enjoy these entries from last year’s awards, keep in mind that the 2021 Design Excellence Awards are just around the corner! Judging of this year’s entries is just wrapping up, and we are filming a studio production celebrating the winners in just a couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for announcements about the Awards’ air date, in late July. And, while our 2021 Design Excellence Awards plans were set in place before we knew we could start to regather safely in person, we are taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the joyous progress and planning our return to in-person events this late summer with a joint Winner’s Party/Annual Meeting! We hope you can join us as we socialize and congratulate the winners from this summer’s awards. We’ll handle the business of the chapter as well by recognizing all the amazing volunteers who helped make this year a roaring success despite all the challenges. We’ll also introduce you to the new board and say good bye to the members rotating off. As spring comes to a close and summer is upon us, you’ll also see opportunities to participate in this year’s annual AMPLIFY programming for Emerging Professionals, more events coordinated and run by a joint collaboration of ASID Georgia and ASID Florida North for both its members, as well as future editions of the INDESIGN magazine. I’m excited to share that we have signed with a new publisher to replace our previous, who did not survive the economic upheaval of the last year. All signs point to resuming print editions of the magazine this fall in a celebration of the 2021 Design Excellence Award winners, whomever they may be! So, I invite you to take a few minutes to browse this digital edition of the ASID Georgia INDESIGN magazine, enjoy your fellow members’ work, and think about all the places YOU will go this summer to fulfill your Wanderlust! My very best,

Tony Purvis, ASID, NCIDQ, RID, LEED Green Assoc. ASID Georgia Chapter President 2020-2021 Studio Director, Carson Guest Registered Interior Designer, GA No. 000967


As these sunshine-filled days continue to lengthen and the world slowly begins to reopen from its weary pandemic respite, we here at ASID Georgia are filled with Wanderlust! In this latest IN DESIGN digital magazine issue we are proud to feature a sampling of work by your fellow designers who participated in last year’s 2020 Design Excellence Awards. Within this issue are a collection of inspiring spaces which make us yearn for the places to which we all are eager to return – back to shopping, to dining, to work, to visiting with friends in their homes!

WAND TISH MILLS Pr iv a t e R e s ide nc e

HENDRICK IM A O f f ic e Equipt me nt

J. WHEELER DESIGNS Pr iv a t e R e s ide nc e


ERLUST La Bella Macchina Event In Palm Beach - Roche Bobios, ASID Industry Partner

CFS ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS Ta x S l a y e r - Tax P reparation

TERRA COT TA DESIGN BUILD P r i v a t e R e si dence

SQUARE FEET STUDIO R e st a u r a n t

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MILLS “GREAT DESIGN SHOULD NEVER LOOK PURCHASED, BUT RATHER COLLECTED WITH GREAT THOUGHT” Tish Mills has become known for creating highly peaceful spaces that are a true reflection of the homeowner’s personality and the way that they live.

What was the concept and/or inspiration for this project?

TI SH MILL S the B ath Did you learn anything during the project you’d like to share with your fellow ASID designers? Put fear aside. If you have a great idea and aren’t quite sure how to work it out technically, put it out there and collaborate with the fellow team members. Look for experts that will help. We forged a lot of new ground on the project, we put our ego aside and were happy to solicit help and all ideas. All of which really paid off.

This was a very special project in that I as asked by a a well known Atlanta Architect to collaborate on his personal bathroom with his new bride. So, while this was a showhouse space, it actually was more of a homeowner project for me. I was brought in during the architectural stage to collaborate with the project architect, owners and builder, the added bonus being that I had travelled in Japan with the couple the year prior. The feel and sensibility for the project came out of that trip. So, we were able to speak the same language and reference the feel and highlights from the trip. The inspiration was to create a Zen space that is totally floating in the woods much like the museum of Hakone incorporates the artwork from renowned artists like Picasso and Henry Moore.

Was there something in this project of which you are especially proud? I loved that the entire team was in it to win from day 1. No idea was ruled out, but rather explored and either incorporated or gave birth to an even a stronger solution.For example, the tub filling from the ceiling was an instant yes. Then, when we posed the idea of the windows on the vanity wall being floor to ceiling, which was also a yes. Then the team immediately got to work on how to support the 900 pd vanity solely from the two window support posts. While it was difficult to engineer, the team was committed to make it happen. The casework that continues from the storage wall, around the corner to conceal the toilet room entrance. The list goes on and on, and the team was committed to creating space that was as effortless looking as it was technically challenging.

What was the

Was there something

Did you learn

concept and/or

in this project of

anything during

inspiration for this

which you are

the project you’d


especially proud?

like to share with your fellow ASID

While tradition in this home’s architecture and Shutze garden are steeped in tradition, the interior design and finishes are much more in keeping with today’s style and livability. The homeowners gravitated to clean lines and transitional furnishings with a nod to the tradition of the architecture. The interior finishes throughout play against the soft color palette rooted in whites, neutrals, blues with touches of green. The driftwood colored hardwoods were paired against the soft white walls to create a backdrop to the interiors. Great care was taken to develop a story for each space while not conflicting with the views and grounds beyond.

The unexpected LR furniture arrangement that works just as easily for large groups and small gatherings while not taking away from the grounds beyond. The master bathroom wrapped in marble with the custom designed and hand cut mosaic tile rug. The sweeping stair railing that sets the tone for home. The kitchen that functions just as easily for daily cooking as larger, corporate events with caterers. All of this came together because the team -architects, designer, builders and landscape designers - was assembled early. The clients were willing to take a chance on ideas and see them through. And everyone supported great ideas no matter where they came from.

designers? Be open to ideas from all team members. For example, I had planned a rectangular dining table for the formal dining room. In a team meeting one of the builders commented on how a round would look good in the close to square room. We looked at each other and started to laugh as I said, “well it sure would. Who would put a rectangle in here anyway.” This project was just that the whole way through. I drew the stair railing, the team loved it and all worked to refine.

TISH M I LL S Bu ck he ad E st at e

TI SH MI LLS B uckhead Estate


RICK IMA CORPORATE INTERIOR’S OFFICE AND SHOWROOM ATLANTA IMA Corporate Interiors’ showroom connects their approach to a personalized client experience with a desire to continuously provide unique solutions that turn their client’s vision into a successful outcome.

Did you learn anything during the project you’d like to share with your fellow ASID designers?

Is there something specific you’d like us to say about the project? What was the concept and/or inspiration for this project? IMA’s five core values are to be used in developing the vision of the space. Respect – Be kind: Passion – Love what you do: Solutions – Deliver creative results: Integrity – Do the right thing: Hustle – Work hard.

Our Team is especially proud of this project as we work with IMA as a design partner when project appropriate and have enjoyed a long-standing successful relationship built on mutual respect. Our goal was to create a unique space that encompassed the IMA vision and showcases the incredible products the design industry specifies and selects for individual clients and projects.

IMA Corporate Interiors was faced with the challenge of developing a showroom/ workplace in an existing office and warehouse facility. The design team was faced with the challenges of an aggressive schedule & budget. The goal was to use as many of the existing architectural elements, fixtures and features of the existing space as possible. Our Team led weekly work sessions with IMA to collaborate as a holistic team; enabling quicker decision decisions and alignment with the fast track schedule.




EELERDESIGNS A GEORGIA NATIVE, JAMES FOUNDED J. WHEELER DESIGNS IN 2012 AFTER A DECADE OF EXPERIENCE DESIGNING RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS. His classic meets contemporary style has been injected into small and large scale spaces throughout Atlanta, New York, California and the Southeastern United States.

Did you learn anything during the project you’d like to share with your fellow ASID designers? We were lucky to be able to plan every aspect of this project from the beginning since it was a new addition which allowed us the luxury to place every detail. By doing this, we were able to plan where the water lines would run and how we could easily access components for maintenance such as the generators for the steam shower, etc. Whether designing from the ground up or renovating an existing space, the functionality of spaces is critical, especially for the long-term maintenance and health of the home.

Is there something specific you’d like us to say about the project? The one piece of advice I always like to share with clients when designing bathrooms is to think long-term. Select materials that are timelless and will perform well for a long time. We like to design these spaces to that if you look at it in 15 years or more it will still feel fresh and timeless. Bathrooms can be one of the more expensive rennovations projects to tackle so keeping this in mind will serve clients well down the road whether they are still living in the space or selling it to another family.


J W HEELER DES IGN S What was the concept and/or inspiration for this project? The homeowners travel the world often and one of the main design objectives was to create a master bath oasis that resembles some of the finest hotels they had encountered on their visits. Both are very busy in the day to day activities and they wanted this space to reflect a calm and serene environment that combined both a masculine and feminine aesthetic.

ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS WORKING COLLABORATIVELY TO BUILD GREAT PLACES TO WORK, TO SOCIALIZE, TO RECREATE, TO LEARN, TO WORSHIP, AND TO LIVE. Our values embrace functionality, economy, beauty, sustainability, and respect for the environment.



2. 1.

Was there something in this project of which you are especially proud?


spaces. Specifically, a floor

Did you learn anything during the project you’d like to share with your fellow

TaxSlayer wanted to position

was constructed over the

ASID designers?

their Augusta, GA based

Olympic size pool and we

company and headquarters to

specified carpet to mimic

I learned that buldings from

be a cutting edge office that

water and graphic wall murals

the 1920s were not designed

would attract tech talent to the

to create a feeling of being

for modern day mechanical

Southeast. TaxSlayer purchased

in the pool. An indoor track

systems making ceiling heights

the historic 1920s YMCA

became a visually interesting

a challenge!!

building in downtown Augusta.

hallway with a timeline graphic

The concept/inspiration

including artifacts to tell the

was to juxtapose the historic

TaxSlayer story and company

architecture with modern &

history. The existing gymnasium

high tech design while giving a

became a 300 seat auditorium

subtle nod to the 1920s .

for company wide meetings

What was the concept and/or inspiration for

I am especially proud of how

this project?

we repurposed the historic

and community events.



ERRACOTTA DESIGN BUILD “IF YOU WORK REALLY HARD AND ARE KIND, AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN.” Our team believes that people don’t always need bigger houses, but certainly deserve better homes!


Did you learn anything during the project you’d like to share with your fellow ASID designers?

When working on a condominium, and when available, start by understanding the architectural drawings that show the structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical layout of the units. These are often fixed items that cannot move or change since they support and serve the units above and below your clients’ property. Knowing the limitations upfront gives you the freedom to create confidently and it will avoid costly surprises.

What was the concept and/or inspiration for

Was there something in this project of which you are

this project?

especially proud?

Like all renovations that are limited by an existing footprint, I am always excited to create the illusion of more square footage through clever and functional design. Since this is a condominium, adding to the footprint was not an option, so this was the perfect opportunity to create unique storage and display solutions that doubled as architectural features, hid structural requirements and plumbing stacks, worked as subtle room dividers and provided a colorful infusion to the existing space.

The homeowner wanted to take advantage of the high ceilings and natural light that floods the space from the porch windows. Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was separated by a heavy dropped header that gave it a cavernous appearance. In addition, the fireplace that defined the living area, was bulky but nondescript in style. There was little storage available despite the generous open spaces and the soaring ceiling heights, and this homeowner has a large collection of fine china and crystal that she wished to display and make available for frequent use.


Is there something specific you’d like us to say about the project? The double-sided glass built-ins that hold the crystal and china display between the kitchen and dining room are truly customized down to the ¼” of an inch! Within these cabinets, run electrical and plumbing stacks, a structural beam, and a major heating and cooling duct. This one specific area of the project -and seemingly one of the simplest- is actually the one that required the most coordination between the trades, the design team, and the millwork shop. You know you have a great construction and design team and good communication in place, when the end result looks so simple and elegant.




The Principals have worked closely together for nearly three decades developing relationships with clients to formulate and realize successful design solutions in a collaborative and creative atmosphere.

SQUARE FEET STUDIO Southern Belle is a craft cocktail lounge and was designed as the initial experience. The design draws from the various contexts in which it is situated: the beloved Art Deco Plaza Theater development with its iconic marquis and neon signage; eclectic Southern interior styling invoked by the restaurant name; and existing architectural features of the interior space. Georgia Boy is accessed through Southern Belle and is tucked away behind a neighboring tenant space and the theater. Georgia Boy was designed to be an

intimate and dramatic chef’s table experience where Joey’s culinary talent is front and center. Within Southern Belle, furnishings, fixtures, and interior detailing merge and translate the varied design influences. The curved corners present in the Moderne elements of the Plaza development are interpreted into soft archways and a petite curved bar and overhead soffit. A neon blue sign with “Bless Your Heart” anchors the bar and embodies the idea of blended and reinterpreted design features... a colloquial Southern euphemism rendered in bright buzzing neon. The blue neon is

translated throughout the space in bright blue lacquered tabletops, high gloss trim, and blue milk glass accessories. Opal globe lights and wall sconces illuminate the dining and lounge areas (a softer interpretation of the blinking bare bulbs within the iconic Majestic Diner’s illuminated fascia). Patterned wallpapers, indulgent velvets and mohair, tufted details, and gallery walls of artwork curated by Joey and his creative team provide a soft overlay to the existing pressed tin ceiling, exposed brick walls, and long shotgun space.

Guests of Georgia Boy are welcomed 8 at a time into a small private lounge area, where the Southern Belle palette begins to deepen. Once the first couple of courses are served in this space, a bookshelf swings open and the private dining room is revealed. The painting technique of chiaroscuro is deployed as a design strategy in the dining room, where the perimeter surfaces are kept in shadow to highlight the bright open kitchen and large concrete and steel dining tables. Handmade lighting fixtures and brass-accented leather stools add a refined touch to the minimal design.


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A SSO C I AT E A S I D Julie Burnette, Associate ASID Alyssa Cassatto, Associate ASID Gina D’Amico, Associate ASID Kellie Griffin, Associate ASID Emily Siek, Associate ASID



2020 - 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Tony Purvis, ASID, LEED G.A president@ga.asid.org PRESIDENT-ELECT Nujhat Jahid-Alam, Allied ASID president-elect@ga.asid.org


FINANCIAL DIRECTOR Laura W. Jenkins, ASID finance@ga.asid.org COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Tasha Norland, Industry Partner communications@ga.asid.org AT-LARGE DIRECTOR Calais McGuinness, Industry Partner at-large@ga.asid.org EMERGING PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS CHAIR Jocelyn Turcotte, Allied ASID epac@ga.asid.org

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