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On the cover: Award winning design by Lynne Dunn, ASID 1st Place - Corporate 2013 Design Excellence Awards

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President’s ASID ALABAMA P.O. BOX 10983 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35202 T 205.441.8187 WWW.ASIDALABAMA.ORG

President: Bradley Logan, ASID, RID President-Elect: Stacey Summerville, Allied ASID Finance: Beverly Kissinger, Allied Educator ASID Membership: Jillian Marks, ASID, RID Communications: Lila Pryor-Frank, Allied ASID Professional Development: Mary Rooney, ASID, RID

Director-at-Large: Jenny Fuller, IP Representative ASID Student Representative: Jessica Cobb, Student ASID Chapter Administrator: Bryant Williams


I hope that each of you are having a wonderful New Year. ASID Alabama has been on a planning roller coaster since we took office in October. Our board members have been busy working on some excellent programming. One new item that the board submits every month is the progress on their strategic plan. At our first meeting, I expressed the importance of the strategic plan and that we should focus on each area on a month to month basis. So far, our progress seems to moving right on schedule.

Bradley Logan, ASID, RID President 2013–2014

One of the exciting things that we are working on is the first ever combined ASID/ IIDA Student Career Day. We are extremely excited about this new collaboration. Having the opportunity to brainstorm with other officers from IIDA who have the same goal for students has been gratifying. I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting ASID National Board Member and Founder/Editor of the online blog Plinth and Chintz, Laura McDonald Stewart as our keynote speaker. I know the students will be in for a real treat. Several years ago your board of directors decided to endow scholarships at two of the state universities with interior design programs. Auburn University’s endowment has matured and has offered several scholarships to date. We are excited about the forward momentum of the scholarship at The University of Alabama. Our desire is that we will successfully complete our financial obligation in order for the scholarship to begin to mature therefore being able to award deserving interior design students. How many of you are aware of the ASID 1% initiative? It is perfectly ok if you don’t. ASID is here to serve interior designers. However, have you ever considered serving others. At the beginning of this term, the board of directors decided that we needed a philanthropic venture. We asked you for suggestions of what we should consider, and we received amazing suggestions. At our last board meeting, we decided that trying to select a philanthropy for the entire state would be impossible. We know we want to commit to an amazing task, however, we think it would be best to start small and let you focus on philanthropies that you want to represent. We know there are designers across our state who are already committed to working for the 1% and we want to recognize you. Please let us know what you are doing and give us success stories so that you can be recognized. Starting small is how we are going to make a big splash across our state. In February, I will be traveling to Washington, D.C. for the President’s forum. This is an exciting time for ASID with new staff members and new leaders at the National office. The board is experiencing new changes just as each and every member is across our state. I am excited that I have the opportunity to see the national office. During the meeting, I will be meeting with all of the chapter presidents and working with the ASID Board of Directors. My goal is that I learn additional information on leading this chapter to be successful as leaders have in the past. Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve you as chapter president. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Bradley Logan, ASID, RID

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President-Elect: Stacey Summerville, Allied ASID

Director At-Large: Jenny Fuller, IP Representative ASID

Happy New Year! 2013 was a great year for the Alabama Chapter of ASID, and 2014 is on track to be even better! As a board, we have a lot of great events and learning opportunities in the works, and look forward to sharing them with our members throughout the year. We are coming up with ways to creatively engage each and every member, from student to professional. As always, we want to hear from each of you about your experience with ASID, so never hesitate to contact any of us . We are off to a great start to 2014! We are in the process of making plans for our upcoming student career day. "Save the Date" for our Student Career Day on Friday, March 7, 2014. ASID is partnering with IIDA this year for a joint Student Career Day to be held at Alagasco in Birmingham. This event will include many guest speakers so stay tuned for details!


Board of

Directors 2013-2014

As Financial Director I am pleased to announce we have funded three fourths of this scholarship and hope to fully fund it by October of this year. It will still take a year after that before the first scholarship can be given. Financial Director: Beverly Kissinger, Allied Educator ASID

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CALL TO ACTION It is of utmost importance to the ASID Alabama State Board of Directors that its members feel they receive something in return for their membership dues. We hope to better serve our members at a local level by rebuilding and enriching our four design communities. Each design community will require willing and eager volunteers who can organize social, educational, and philanthropical events. Each community needs a design community representative who coordinates special events, reports the community’s activities to the board, and enlists one to two meetings and events chairs. Meetings and events chairs organize monthly continuing education events for the designers in the community along with the occasional social event. The Board has been working to fill these positions which are shown in the blue boxes above, but we are still looking for volunteers. Any membership level can hold these positions. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact I can send you more information and guide you through the entire process. Jillian Marks ASID Alabama Membership Director ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 7

Enjoy Sunlight...

Protect Your Home

People love windows, and the sunlight that passes through them makes a room sparkle. Unfortunately, as desirable as it is to have a house with a multitude of windows, they allow damaging UV rays to enter that fade and damage furniture, window treatments, floors and rugs while adding to the cost of cooling a room. One of the most efficient treatments for these issues is the installation of window films.

Professional Development Director: Mary Rooney, ASID, RID

There are three types of window films, tinted, metallic, and ceramic. They are cost effective in providing thermal insulation, protection against UV penetration, and reduce glare. Additionally, films can add impact resistance for protection against hurricanes or firearms, and tinted films are a means of increasing privacy. Two common types of window films, ceramic and metallic reduce UV penetration. These films convert solar radiation to infrared radiation and reflect it back through the windows to the outdoors. The infrared portion contains nearly half the heat of the solar spectrum, so reflecting all of this radiation rejects almost half the solar heat gain while still permitting much of the visible light to pass through the window. Tinted and metallic films, while changing the color of the window more than ceramic films do, add to this reduction because they also affect heat and visible light which are also contributors to fading. Ceramic films are the newest technology, reflecting up to 99% of UV rays which are the main cause of fading. Ceramic films are desirable because they provide very little window discoloration. Safety and security window films are thicker and are designed for impact protection. They are regulated under such standards as ANSI Z.97, CPSC 16 CFR 1201, and Cat II (400 ft-lb). Solar window films are regulated by ASTM E903 and ASTM D1044-93 and they relate to the solar/UV transmission properties and abrasion resistance, respectively. To enjoy a bright room while knowing that your belongings are protected from the sun's harsh side effects, consider the cost-effective approach and install window film.

New Practitioners Bess Marks, Associate ASID Melanie B. Pounds, Allied ASID

New Industry Partners Global Views, Kris Robinson Legrand North America, Trip Speight Wilsonart, LLC, Jennifer Poole Theodore Alexander USA, Inc., Kelly Logan

New Members

New Students Auburn University Katherine Burleson

University of Alabama Eleni Washington Elizabeth Pickens

Virginia College Rosalind Pettigrew Kelly Kennedy

a call for VOLUNTEERS

Bradley Logan, ASID, RID ASID Alabama President 2013-2014

Greetings! Each month when your ASID dues get drafted out of your checking account, do you often wonder what benefits you are receiving as a member of ASID that non-members don’t? We provide excellent programming throughout the year for educational requirements, social gatherings and networking. In order to provide excellent programming for our entire ASID chapter we need help. Our board of directors each have different areas of expertise when planning out our entire year. However, we love having the assistance from all of our members. When we hear from you, it helps us plan for the upcoming year. Our year operates from October to September so we are just getting started. There are several committees that have yet to be filled. Volunteering to be a committee member or committee chair does not take up a lot of time. The more people we have working on these groups, the more successful we will be as a chapter. Below is a list in which we still need committee chairs and committee members. 

        

CIDQ Prep Course Chair CIDQ/Prep Scholarships Chair Community Outreach/Public Relations Community Service/Philanthropy Design Community Rep - North Central Dr. Mary Ann Potter Award Chair Emerging Professionals Chair Fundraising IP Relations Committee Meetings & Events

       

Newsletter Recruitment & Retention Sponsorships & Advertising State Conference Student Career Day Committee Student Chapter Liaison - AU Student Chapter Liaison - UA Student Chapter Liaison - UNA Student Chapter Liaison - VC

Consider making your membership worth every penny. The more you engage yourself, the more you see how ASID helps you in the professional realm. If you are interested in serving on any of the committees in the capacity of a chair or a committee member, please contact our chapter administrator. ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 9

Dr. Shari Park-Gates, Phd Educator Member

Richard Cable, ASID, RID Northern District January Williams, ASID, RID Southern District

Alabama Board For Registered Interior Designers

Kristin Corley, IIDA, RID Central District Board Chairperson

Carla Hall, ASID, RID Eastern District Board Treasurer

Anitra Belle Henderson Consumer Member Photo not available: Laura Harchelroad, RID Western District

election, selection or chosen?

Members of the Alabama Board for Registered Interior you know who they are, or how they came Bryant Williams, ASID Alabama Chapter Administrator to sit on the state’s interior design regulatory board? Are Executive Director, Alabama Board for Registered Interior Designers they chosen from some kind of interior design “secretarial pool”? Or is it their penance for some dark deed in their past? Actually, they are seven devoted and passionate individuals who consider it an honor to serve our profession. “Who” they are, “where” they come from, and “how” they got there is established in the Alabama Interior Design Registration Act of 2010. Keep in mind, the Board is established by the law it didn’t make the law, nor does it change the law; the Board can only perform the duties the law bestows upon it. However, the Board does establish the Administrative Code which governs aspects such as CEU requirements and renewal procedures. The makeup of Board, always comprised of 7 members, must follow certain rules:  5 members must be registered interior designers representing the district in which they live;  1 member must be a professional educator at a college/university with an interior design program, and who is also a registered interior designer;  1 consumer member with no ties to the interior design field. The districts, and the counties that comprise them, are also established in the law. One may imagine the process of becoming a Board member is tedious, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. If, for some strange entertainment purpose, you want to be confused, you could simply read the actual law…”laws are written so plainly, and are easily understood” said no one ever. But, if you’re anything like me you just want the basics, no thou’s, shall’s, or whereas’s, and you want it in a format that’s easy & quick to follow. So, please allow me to give it to you straight up, and in the way I find easiest to understand...bullet points:  The board members serve four year terms, with the terms being staggered for continuity. (they can serve only 2 consecutive terms).  When a board members’ term nears expiration, the district they represent holds a meeting to: (a) select a district chair, (b) select a representative to the Statewide Nominating Committee, and (c) select at least 2 nominees they would like to submit for consideration to fill the upcoming vacant seat. The district then forwards the names and information about their nominees to the Statewide Nominating Committee.  The Statewide Nominating Committee, consisting of one representative from each of the 5 districts, reviews the proposed nominees, and if approved, forward the nominee’s to the Governor’s office.  The Governor reviews the nominees, and makes a decision on whom to appoint to the fill the upcoming vacant seat.  Nominations for the Educator and Consumer members of the Board are selected by the Statewide Nominating Committee through recommendations from any district or registered interior designer. These are also sent to the Governor for consideration. (The Governor may chose one of the Statewide Nominating Committee’s nominees for appointment, or he may appointment someone else of his choosing; this has happened a couple of times with the consumer member.) Yes, it’s just that simple. Remember, the board members come from your ranks, chosen by you, and represent you. They receive no compensation for their efforts, and have accepted the position just because they care. Most find their time on the board to be rewarding, and are thankful they decided to accept the challenge. If you would like to be considered for a seat on the Board, come to the next district meeting and submit your name for consideration. To find out when your district representative to the Board’s term expires, when the next district meeting will be held, or what district you are in, feel free to contact the Board office at ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 11


chapter awards NEW NEW NEW

Daisy Bond Student Awards

Established to recognize the skills, creativity and innovation of the talented ASID Alabama student members. The competition is open to full or part-time students in an interior design program in the State of Alabama, AND who are student members of ASID. Any project completed while enrolled in an interior design program at a college/university within the state is eligible. Information and entry forms may be downloaded from our website; OR...C l ic k He re ! Categories include:  Design Concept - Commercial, INDIVIDUAL.  Design Concept - Commercial, GROUP.  Design Concept - Residential, INDIVIDUAL.  Design Concept - Residential, GROUP.  Product Design - INDIVIDUAL.  Model/Structure - INDIVIDUAL.  Rendering - Computer Generated, INDIVIDUAL  Rendering - Hand-drawn, INDIVIDUAL

Lindsay Brazzell, STUDENT ASID

student spotlight

Lindsay is more than an interior design student; she’s an inspiring person with high ambitions, and the strength and resilience to make them happen. Originally from Mobile, she earned her Bachelors in Business Marketing from the University of South Alabama before relocating to the Birmingham area. In March of this year she will graduate from Virginia College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

Married in October 2012, Lindsay is passionate about commercial design, and is an intern at Design Innovations Inc. As for accomplishments, she has those too; she successfully obtained the distinction of LEED Green Associate, and won third Place in the 2013 Daisy Bond Student Portfolio Competition. In her spare time she enjoys, or rather LOVES, painting and DIY refinishing furniture. This remarkable students’ objective is to “Work in an uplifting, creative environment that challenges me to continue learning while enabling me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background and my ability to work well with people.” ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 12

ATTENTION SOUTH CENTRAL DESIGN COMMUNITY Practitioners and Industry Partners Jan Strickland, Allied ASID has accepted the position of Community Representative for your area, and has begun the search for CEU’s. If you know of a CEU, have a CEU you’d like to present, or would like to host a CEU at your business, please contact her at

Education Trends service learning

By Beverly Kissinger, Allied Educator ASID Service Learning has become a “buzz” word in college education circles in recent years. Students within a course may be involved with projects that directly benefit their local community or state. Throughout the University of Alabama this has become one desired part of a student’s education. There are even some auxiliary classes where students volunteer at specific charities locally. In the Interior Design Program a long standing program has been a part of this trend for more than 25 years. Senior students have been field measuring and recording local residences of historical and architectural interest every fall semester. In the process they have produced a significant body of work—sets of drawings documenting both Tuscaloosa and Northport structures, as well as more recently structures in the cities of Cordova and Moundville. Benefits to the home owners or town officials include the documentation of their structure and often confirmation about its history. Design proposals for building use may also be a part of students contribution. Joining this long standing project are junior level classes which worked with the local VA Facility for two semesters. In the Fall semester as a part of their class requirements, students were required to volunteer a certain number of hours in activities with the veterans. They went to dances, helped with group meals, played games and decorated for Christmas. It was hoped this would help inform their design solutions for the class project. In the Spring semester last year the students spent time recording the veterans oral history, which was used to create an exhibit that was put on display at the opening of the new cottages at the VA. Access to the different structures for a “code walk and talk” as well as seeing the new facilities before they were inhabited were additional benefits of this collaboration.

ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 13


Ou r f irst ch apt er meeting in September Jessica Cobb, Student Chapter President was an introductory session, and the turn-out was incredible. Our student leaders visited each interior design studio and gave a brief description of ASID and the advantages of membership. We then invited them to our first meeting where a more detailed description of ASID and the year's events were announced. There were approximately 80 students in attendance pictures. Also in September, all student leaders and many more UA students attended the ASID Alabama State Conference. We all enjoyed the conference, especially the networking opportunity and hearing Mr. Phillip Sides speak of his real-world design experiences.

niversity of Alabama

The October chapter meeting was also a great success. Mrs. Laurel Parham from Tandus Flooring was our gu est speaker. She kept the c o nv e r s at io n f l o w i n g a nd t h e presentation very interesting. The samples she brought of each carpet type were very helpful, and she even left many of the samples for the students' use. September is also when we held our t-shirt fundraiser. We not only sold to UA students but also to UA alumni. We sold over 100 t-shirts. In November, Mr. Perry Umphrey, ASID, RID spoke to our chapter. He shared some of his experiences in residential design along with many pictures of his designs. For each picture, he pointed out the interesting touches he added to make the space unique. For December, the meeting date fell during Dead Week before final exams so we planned a fun Christmas social with our ASID Alabama president, Bradley Logan, ASID, RID as the speaker. The students in attendance divided into small groups and participated in a gingerbread building contest. They were encouraged to build an "architectural gingerbread house," and were shown a Bobby McAlpine grand gingerbread house as inspiration. In January, we had another informational meeting to raise membership, and also kick-off our spring fundraiser that night, which is the oh-so-popular elastic hair ties. We have many other events planned for the Spring semester. In February our meeting will be a Q&A session between past interns and students who will intern in the future, and graduation packets with membership advancement information will be available. Also in February we’re holding a community service event. Then in March we’ll host Bamacon; we already have close to 30 vendors planning to show and discuss their products, then later in the month we’ll be attending the ASID|IIDA Student Career Day.

ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 15

Student Representative To the Board: Jessica Cobb, Student ASID



This year, our ASID Student Chapter became an official chapter! We have been working very hard to encourage Emily Elliott, Student Chapter Secretary students to further their careers with ASID. To accomplish this, we have been frequently inviting professionals to come and speak with students about different aspects of design and inform them of opportunities our field of study has to offer. We started off the semester with three guests, Bradley Logan, ASID, Ellen Hawley, IIDA, and Lee Walden, NKBA, who came to encourage students to join ASID, IIDA, and NKBA student chapters at our annual Interior Design Chapters Meeting. Later in the semester, Jenny Fuller, an Eykon representative, spoke with our members about the importance of specifications in the design process. Richard Cable, ASID, spoke with our HES Seniors this past summer about the interview process and how to be a successful business owner. Finally, Karen Fravert, a PPG Pittsburgh Paints representative, shared with our members about color theory and paint specifications.

niversity of North Alabama

Our officers have also put together “Tutor Days” that occur once a month, where we offer our members help with projects or give tips and tricks to learning programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Photoshop. This spring, we have set aside one weekend per month for “Weekenders”. These “weekenders” are educational trips to design firms, art museums, or other design related places that gives our members the opportunity to explore the career field and spark creativity. This past spring, The University of North Alabama Chapter attended the ASID Student Day. This was a great networking opportunity for our chapter to reach out to professionals for advice on further our careers and growing our chapter. We plan to attend again this spring. Back in September, we had the opportunity to represent UNA’s ASID Chapter at the ASID State Conference. One of our ASID student officers, Emily Elliott, placed 2nd in the ASID Student Design Competition. A few of our other members also attended the State Conference and participated in CEU’s that day. We are very excited to continue to grow our chapter and become more involved with ASID.


Spring semester was busy as usual in Spidle Hall here at uburn University Auburn! In my senior hospitality studio, we had the Maggie Mardre, Student Chapter Secretary opportunity to work with The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center for our project, which included a remodel of the lobby, hallways, and ballrooms. Having an actual building to work with posed extra challenges and gave us real world experiences that students might not usually cross when just given a floor plan. By the end of the semester we had drawn a full set of construction documents, created renderings, selected all finishes and furnishings and presented our project boards to the client at the hotel.

Our ASID chapter had many great speakers this past semester. Emi K. Price, an Auburn grad and designer of Auburn’s newest farm-to-table restaurant Acre, spoke to us about her experience in the design world and working on the restaurant. Another informative speaker was Tim O’Brien from Herman Miller. He explained the trends appearing in the workplace today and how most companies are shifting to more collaborative and healthy environments. This was very beneficial for our juniors who are now working on their corporate project. He also brought with him many beautiful Herman Miller chairs for us to test out and, of course, our favorite was the Spun Chair!

ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 16


irginia College

The Virginia College ASID Student Chapter kicked off the Fall Quarter with a "Meet and Greet," followed by a Membership Drive hosted by the 2013-2014 ASID officers.

The 2013 - 2014 officers are: President - Dawnisha Holland, Vice President Diane Van Loan, Treasurer - Ashley Brown, Secretary - Chianti Thedford, and Hospitality Chairman - Rosalind Pettigrew. Some of the other fall activities included members participating in the Fall ASID State Conference, where students from Virginia College won four out five awards in the state competition; Leigh Tice, Susan Vaughn, Sydni Smith, and Rebeca Lawder. We also had one student Lindsay Brazzel to win 3rd place in the Daisy Bond Student Portfolio Completion. During the holiday season, our student chapter worked diligently to help the less fortunate by hosting a successful can food drive. They also sponsored a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday socials for all the Interior Design students and faculty at Virginia College.

Highlights planned for the spring include working with Habitat for Humanities, participating in student career days, and hosting a chapter fundraiser.


Students’ Reflections Mary-Claire Bennet, Student ASID

"I am Mary Claire Bennett, a sophomore in the Interior Design program at the University of Alabama. Being a student member of ASID has helped me realize how many opportunities there are in the field of interior design. I attended the state conference for the first time last year with a few of my fellow interior design students. All of the speakers that talked about their designs and the latest trends motivated me to research new design ideas for my latest projects. The ASID University of Alabama chapter has helped me keep up with the latest events around my area to help me branch out as a student. Our president, Jessica Cobb, is helpful whenever other students need advice about plans for the future or any projects we may be working on. Also, the officers plan great fundraising ideas such as the t-shirts that had the U of A Design House they sketched for the back of the shirt. UA is hosting BamaCon, which will have many reps here to show us the latest products and designs. One of my projects this semester is to design a new culinary destination. Considering the cultural heritage of my choice, off a list from our teacher, I will be designing a bistro and cooking school. We also are to come up with a name for the property, a logo, three expectations for our location, with overall creating a “sense of space”. Two other projects I did last semester were a kitchen and a home school room for a multi generational home. Included with both of these projects, I learned how and made a concept board, black and white rendering of our perspective, colored doodles, elevations, image boards, and a group furniture model. Two of the main websites I use for design inspiration are Houzz and Pinterest because they have so many selections and ideas to choose from. They also have an app that you can download to your phone that I find an easy access when I am not near a computer. I hope to find more websites and blogs to follow to help my inspiration grow."

ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 17

Calendar OF EVENTS FEBRUARY2014 13 CEU: “Porcelain Tile: From

Specification to Installation”, Crossville Tile. Location: V & W Gallerie, Birmingham

14 Q Prep Workshop Huntsville, AL Contact: Phyllis Moore at 19 CEU: “Universal Bath Design”, Toto. Location: Park Supply Huntsville, Birmingham

For more information about any of these events go to or click


3 CEU: “Infusing Color in the Kitchen & Bath”, Kohler Location: V & W Gallerie, Birmingham

28 Deadline: Intent to Enter Forms Daisy Bond Student Portfolio Competition

18 Deadline: Student Design Competition, entries due.

6 Student Career Day AlaGasCo Center for Energy Technology, Birmingham 13 CEU: “Specifying Code-

Compliant Toilet Partitions”, Bobrick / VCM Sales. Location: V & W Gallerie, Birmingham

21 Deadline: Submissions for Spring Newsletter 31 Deadline: Dr. Mary Ann Potter Award; Nominations.

20 Deadline: Submissions for Summer Newsletter

11 Meeting: Alabama Board for Registered Interior Designers AlaGasCo Center for Energy Technology, Birmingham 11 College Connection; Training session for newly Elected Student Chapter Officers. Birmingham


14 Deadline: Design Excellence Awards; submissions

4 Meeting: ASID Alabama Board of Directors. Location: Birmingham

26 Inline Electric Supply 2014 Energy Efficiency Expo; Huntsville, AL



JULY2014 11 Meeting: ASID Alabama Board of Directors. Location: Birmingham

SEPTEMBER2014 12 ASID Alabama State Conference Friday and Saturday Location: Birmingham

OCTOBER2014 3 Meeting: ASID Alabama Board of Directors Location: Birmingham

MAY2014 2 Deadline: Daisy Bond Student Portfolio Competition; Entries 3 CEU: “Wallcovering: Then And Now”, Eykon Location: V & W Gallerie, Birmingham


Montgomery, AL – On Saturday, February 22, Saint James United Methodist Church will hold an auction to benefit youth and children missions. The auction will begin on Saturday, February 22, at 4:00 p.m. and last until 6:00 p.m. Visitors may preview items on Friday, February 21, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. There is no cost for admission. Items featured include antique furniture and rugs from Pickwick Antiques, original artwork, jewelry, salon and boutique certificates, gift cards from local restaurants, and vacation home rentals. Visit for a preview of items. This marks the 5th year that the church has held a spring auction benefiting missions. Last year, the auction helped send 75 youth on mission trips to Alabama Rural Ministries in Tuskegee and to The Widow’s Ministry in Chattanooga, TN. They were also able to work with half a dozen other churches and local ministries in the Montgomery area including: Brantwood Children’s Home, Wesley Gardens Retirement Community, and Common Ground. Proceeds from this year's auction will benefit mission projects in Honduras, the Appalachian Mountains, and at Georgia Washington Middle School in Montgomery, AL. ASID ALABAMA │ Winter 2014 │ PAGE 19

ALDesign Winter 2014  
ALDesign Winter 2014