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HVAC Control Systems Energy and Demand Management Open Systems Interoperability

Open Protocol Control Systems JASIC Open Systems 

Powered by NiagaraAX FrameworkTM

Embedded web server provides front ends in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Networked JASIC controllers can be remotely configured in a web browser

Automated alarm/event notifications

Optional drivers for MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, and other Enterprise-class database systems

Includes component library to create custom 3D animated system graphics

Optional graphic libraries for same look as ASI WebLink front ends

Support for open standards including BACnetTM, LONTM, and Modbus

Supervisory Controllers with Embedded Web Interface JASIC controllers can interface with control systems using a wide range of open and legacy protocols. The embedded server provides configuration interface and system front end to connected web browsers. 512 MB or 1 GB DDR-2 RAM @333MHz; 1 GB Flash Onboard clock, dual Ethernet ports, dual USB 2.0 ports Internal battery, plus optional external 12V lead-acid battery


Capable of supervising 3 MS/TP sub-networks

128 or 256 MB RAM; 128 MB Flash Onboard clock, battery, dual Ethernet connections


64 or 128 MB RAM; 64 MB Flash Onboard clock, battery, dual Ethernet connections


Web Accessible User Interfaces ASI WebLink System Front End Workstation-based software provides a web front end for ASI Controls, or other systems with OPC interoperability. Features include automated alarm and event notifications, SSL/HTTPS support, trend graphing and reporting with CSV data export, and ODBC querying. The scalable web server can host hundreds of networked sites for franchise customers or other distributed network applications.

JASIC Web Supervisor Front End This workstation-based software provides options for archiving trend data off the controller, presenting unified web accessible interfaces on systems using multiple JASIC controllers, and making system data available to Enterprise-level database systems through an extensive library of data drivers.

Customizable 3D Graphics ASI WebLink and JASIC Web Supervisor both include comprehensive libraries of animated 3D graphics. The JASIC Web Supervisor standard library provides components for creating custom 3D system graphics. Optional libraries offer a consistent look across both front ends. The graphic components in the optional libraries are assembled into custom AHU, RTU, central plants, terminal units, and other system elements.

Color Touchscreen HMI’s DAK touchscreen HMI’s offer a robust, intuitive, secure interface with JPG/GIF/BMP graphics. 3.5 and 5.7 inch models provide 320x240 pixel resolution. Larger 8, 10, and 12 inch models feature dazzling 800x600 resolution with rich 16-bit colors. Graphics libraries provide a consistent look with ASI WebLink web front ends.


16 Universal Inputs, 12 Binary + 8 Analog Outputs Low-cost USB to Ethernet for standalone sites Automatically initiates alarm/event notifications


Onboard battery, calendar clock, configuration storage

8 Universal Inputs, 8 Binary + 4 Analog Outputs Onboard clock, battery, configuration storage Optional onboard plug-in Ethernet connection

ASIC/2-8540 with BACnet MS/TP interface on RS-485 port



ASIC/1 Terminal Unit Controllers VAV controller with optional integrated actuator , air flow sensor Compatible with either parallel or series fan-powered boxes Models for pressure-dependent or independent applications


Lighting, setpoint adjust, overrides, trending, auto-changeover etc. Electric or hot water reheat. 6 universal inputs, 5 binary + 1 analog output

For packaged A/C units and heat pump applications. Modulates economizer based on mixed or discharge air temperature; optional CO2 based ventilation.


8 universal inputs; 8 binary + 2 analog outputs;

Dual duct VAV controller with exhaust tracking to enable positive or negative pressure zones. Calibrated onboard airflow sensors


Pioneers in Digital HVAC Control Since 1986 ASI Controls has provided innovative, capable, and robust digital controls for HVAC, building automation, and energy management. We sold the first digital HVAC controls in the US over 2 decades ago. Today we continue innovating with open systems connectivity, Ethernet networking, web front ends, Modbus, and other key functionality. Solutions using ASI Controls products are available through authorized value-added resellers and system integrators who design, configure and install control systems to meet customer requirements. ASI System architectures range from standalone single-controller sites to large networks with equipment from multiple vendors communicating using open protocols including BACnetTM, LONTM, OPCTM, and Modbus. Over three thousand critical telecommunications facilities and equipment shelters rely on ASI Controls to deliver remote monitoring and distributed control 24/7. We are proud that buildings with ASI systems have twice won BOMA Building of the Year in the large building category. We stand behind our products and resellers because we know our success relies on our customers being successful. We do business the old fashioned way, with proven technologies to power today’s complex control solutions.

Extensive Legacy System Architecture Options

BACnet/IP System Interface BACport

Integrates any current and most legacy ASI Controls networks and controllers into existing systems with a BACnet front end. Provides options to build on to existing ASI networks, or retrofit a new ASI solution into an existing BACnet network.

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ASI Controls offers a complete line of Direct Digital Control products for Energy Management, HVAC Control, and Building Automation systems. Our mission is to provide quality products and strong customer support. We only sell indirectly, so we only succeed if our customers succeed. Solid products, solid relationships, solid results. There is a better option. Join the ASI Controls network and enjoy the benefits of being in control.

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ASI Controls 2010  
ASI Controls 2010  

An introduction to ASI Controls, including system architecture diagrams and a summary of main product features.