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Voting Rights and Needs of Asian Americans in Florida Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the right to vote. New laws that have passed nationwide restrict the pool of eligible voters and make it harder for minorities, including Asian Americans, to cast a ballot. Thirty-one states, including Florida, presently have laws in place that will require all voters to show ID at the polls this November.

to Nurture the Aged and the Youth).

In Florida, the clerk or inspector shall require each elector or voter, upon entering the polling place, to present a current and valid picture identification as provided in s. 97.0535(3)(a). If the picture identification does not contain the signature of the voter, an additional identification that provides the voter’s signature shall be required. Acceptable forms of identification include:

NANAY, a nonprofit community based organization based in North Miami, is actively engaged in civic engagement and Get Out The Vote initiatives among Asian Americans in South Florida, through its partnership with Washington based National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD). The Asian American Federation of Florida (AAFF), a statewide coalition of local Asian American organizations, is also promoting statewide voter engagement and participation among Asian American eligible voters, in partnership with the Asian American Justice Center and APIAVote.

The Home for Good campaign is another initiative of National CAPACD that engages community leaders and cultivates champions to energize a base around housing issues. The ultimate goal is to help shape the debate on housing policy and elevate the real threats to preserve housing opportunity for all. The Home for Good campaign will challenge our leaders to stop needless foreclosures, expand affordable rental housing and revive a sustainable path to homeownership.

• Florida driver’s license • Florida ID card issued by the Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles • U.S. passport • Debit or credit card • Military identification • Student identification • Retirement center identification • Neighborhood association ID • Public assistance identification If the elector fails to furnish the required identification, the elector shall be allowed to vote a provisional ballot. The canvassing board shall determine the validity of the ballot by determining whether the elector is entitled to vote at the precinct where the ballot was cast and that the elector had not already cast a ballot in the election. Florida uses signature matching: the voter signs the provisional ballot envelope. That signature is compared to the signature in the voter registration records. If they match, the ballot is counted. Civil right activists warn that the combined effects of voter roll purges, demands for proof of citizenship and photo identification requirements and other legal barriers could deter voter registration and participation among eligible voters including minorities, elders and students. “Asian Americans have experienced low levels of voter registration and participation in Florida’s election process”, says Dr. Joy Bruce, President and Chair of NANAY (National Alliance

“Our vote is our voice”, explains Dr. Bruce. “It’s the way we change things. We can complain, march, protest, petition – these are our rights but, without our votes, they are meaningless actions. Voting is a way to speak our minds. When we vote, we are actually telling elected officials and lawmakers how we feel about education, public safety, social security, health care, and other important issues.” “There is power in numbers,” adds Winnie Tang, AAFF President. “If we don’t vote for what we believe in, others will – and we may not like the outcome. Voting is one way we can express our concerns and get results that are good for our community.” Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S. - with a 46% growth rate compared to a 10% national rate. Unfortunately, they also had the lowest voter turnout when compared to other groups in the last election according to the Pew Research Center. Despite significant housing, community and economic development needs in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, many Americans, including government agencies and funders, mistakenly believe that all AAPIs are well-educated and well-off in comparison with other people of color, and hence need little support. Income inequalities are also increasing in the U.S., creating even greater challenges for low-income AAPIs, immigrants and those who are limited English proficient (http://www.nation-

In Florida, a federal court ruled in August that a year-old state law reducing the number of early voting days to 8 from 12 could not be enforced in 5 of the 67 counties that are covered under the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. In a partial victory for voter rights and immigrant groups, Florida residents who were mistakenly removed from the voter rolls in 2012 because the state classified them as noncitizens will also be returned to the rolls and allowed to vote in November. Important dates to be remembered include October 9 (last day for registration), October 31 (last day for requesting Absentee Ballot). Absentee Ballot Return must be postmarked by November 6 (Election Day) and received by November 16. You may request an absentee ballot by submitting an online request directly through your county Supervisor of Elections’ website or by contacting the office of your county Supervisor of Elections in person, by phone, by e-mail, or by other written request. Early voting begins 10 days before an election and ends on the 3rd day before any election in which there is a state or federal office race. In Florida, early voting is scheduled from 7 am to 7 pm, October 27 to November 3 in the main or branch office of the Supervisor of Elections, city halls and designated public libraries. Please contact your Supervisor of Elections for dates, times and location. Voters who want to vote early should present a valid photo ID and signature identification. Voting polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Election Day. Any voter who is standing in line at 7 p.m. is still eligible to cast a vote.

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OCT 2012


Community 社區

A.J. Catanese, Ph.D

Edwin H. Moore, PhD

Jayanta Kapat, PhD

Pei-Feng Hsu, PhD

Chieh-San Cheng, PhD

Pei-Feng Hsu, PhD

Chiang Shih, PhD

Mark Wiese, Chief, Flight Projects Branch, Launch Services Program Business Office at NASA

Percy Luney

Rachel Siu, Gary G. King, B.S., D.C., Cheryl Oh, MD, Tien-Shuenn Wu, Puxiao Cen, MD, FACC, Vincent Hsu, MD, David Muh, Ph.D and CT Hsu

Review of CASPAF CONFERNCE 2012 The expression “hidden gem” is used to describe something that has extraordinary value, but very few people know it exists. I try to avoid using that expression because it often exaggerates either the quality or the obscurity of the subject. However, when it comes to the most recent installment of the Chinese American Scholars and Professionals Association of Florida (CASPAF) annual conference, I believe that one may accurately call it a “hidden gem” without exaggerating in the least. The conference this year entitled The Frontier of Aerospace Affairs and the Art of Healthy Living was held at the beautiful Disney Coronado Springs Resort on Friday, August 31, and Saturday, September 1, 2012. I was only not in attendance on the day devoted to the discussion of aerospace, so I can only write about the Saturday conference on The Art of Healthy Living. As has been the case for the


OCT 2012

last couple of years, the healthcare portion of the conference was orchestrated by Dr. Puxiao Cen (岑瀑嘯) and the quality was superlative. Interestingly, attendance was not as high as one might expect given the high quality of the information provided by the conference. The lack of public awareness of this fantastic conference afforded those of us in attendance an intimate setting to hear some of the top doctors of Chinese descent in Florida offer their expertise and perspectives on healthy living. This year the erudite Dr. Cen opened the healthcare portion of the conference with her customary reference to an aphorism by Hippocrates. She followed with an inspiring address about how her practice of medicine was molded not only by the study of science, but also by the study of art and literature. She noted that this also helped her during her treatment for and recovery from

 By Steven Lincoln By C.K. Lau & Sung Chiu (

ovarian cancer, so this may be of benefit to other in the maintenance of health and wellness. The first presenter was Dr. Vincent Hsu, M.D., an Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist at Florida Hospital, who gave a talk called “Staying Healthy Traveling Abroad : How proper planning keeps vacation blues away.” Dr. Hsu covered all the possibilities one should take into account when planning to travel abroad and what steps are necessary to stay healthy. This was of keen interest to the audience as most were frequent travelers. Dr, Hsu then discussed “Controversies in Vaccination” which covered the trends in growing anti-vaccination movement and described why vaccination remains important to the health of our children and adults. This then dovetailed nicely into a discussion the history of influenza in modern society including the great 1918-19 pandemic, the recent H1N1 pandemic,

Asia Trend Magazine Marching into our 8th year │ Reaching more than 10,000 readers every month

Tien-Shuenn Wu, PhD was presented with an oil painting done by Puxiao Cen, MD of two fish forming a heart-shape to honor him for his diligent efforts and faithful service as president of CASPAF.

Wendy Chen performs the Guzheng Tien-Shuenn Wu and Benjamin Hong, Deputy Director General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami

the rationale behind importance of yearly flu vaccination to protect oneself, and latest developments in flu immunization. All told, Dr, Hsu gave an extremely informative and well organized summary of everything people should know and do to remain healthy and infection free. The next speaker was Dr. Gary King, D.C. who spoke to us about “The Role of Chiropractic Care in Wellness.” Dr. King indicated that chiropractic care believes that the nervous system controls everything. He described the process of detecting areas of nerve interference and making the appropriate correction. He also discussed the use of acupuncture treatments in his practice and much increased effectiveness of treatment if there is proper nerve flow from the brain to the body through the spine and nervous system. He focused on the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine, its effects on the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and the role played by the proper function of these systems in the preservation and restoration of health. During the lunch recess, there was a wonderful panel discussion with all the medical experts answering questions from the audience. This was only possible because of the relatively small number of attendees at the conference. Normally, one would need to pay for a special breakout session at a conference to have this type of access to the speakers. Most of the discussion revolved around the standard areas of nutrition and exercise. Dr. Cen did take the opportunity to highlight the importance of a holistic approach to

health. She stressed that everyone would benefit from the inclusion of activities for mental and philosophical wellness in their healthcare plan as a means to enhancing overall health. She described the benefit she has derived from including painting and reading about history, politics, and philosophy into her daily life. After lunch, Dr. Cheryl Oh, M.D., who is Board Certified in Family Practice, gave a talk about sleep. She discussed the various phases of sleep, the importance of getting enough sleep, and ways to get more restful sleep. Dr. Oh emphasized that sleep is an area that has become overlooked in our fast-paced society and that has a high cost on our health. She then changed topics and gave a talk about updates in women’s healthcare. The information covered the entire gamut of issues that affect women including mammogram screening, bone density scans, weight management, and hormone replacement therapy. A large avenue to achieve improvement in health and wellness is through preventative care and early detection of issues.

tation, an artificial aortic heart valve attached to a wire frame is guided by catheter (thin, flexible tube) to the heart. Once in the proper position in the heart, the wire frame expands, allowing the new aortic valve to open and begin to function. Dr. Ma gave a nicely laid out discussion of the disease state, the mechanics of the procedure, and the benefits of treatment. This is an example of the cutting-edge information that is ubiquitous at a CASPAF Healthcare Conference that has been organized by Dr. Puxiao Cen. Each year she is able to find wonderful doctors who have up-to-date information on interesting topics for the conference. Each of the speakers was an expert in their area of medicine and provided the audience with a tremendous amount of information that can be applied to their daily lives and help them live healthier and happier lives. Congratulations to CASPAF and Dr. Cen for putting together such a remarkable healthcare conference. Hopefully, more people will take the opportunity to benefit from these fantastic conferences in the future.

The final talk of the afternoon was “Heart Health: New Innovations in Healing Hearts” by Dr. Carol Ma, M.D. She is a Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease and practices at Florida Heart Group. Her talk was a highly technical and quite thorough discussion about a new technique for heart valve therapy called TAVI (Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation) for people with severe aortic stenosis. With trans-catheter aortic valve implan-

For more photos:

Steven Lincoln, PharmD, RPh lives in Winter Park, FL with his family and their dog. He has a BA in Chinese History from the University of Pennsylvania, BS Pharmacy from Temple University, MBA from Villanova University, and PharmD from Shenandoah University. Steve has over a decade of experience in the practice of pharmacy and has held clinical, management, and regulatory positions in hospital, long-term care, retail, and specialty pharmacy settings.

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pict a wide range of emotions and virtues—righteousness, loyalty, benevolence, torlerance. Movements can be masculine or soft, vigorous or graceful, somber or playful. An accomplished performer makes them seem effortless, but the hundreds of movements and postures require perfect coordination of the entire body that takes years of rigorous training. A dancer’s every cell— from toes to fingertips, from the angle of the head to the direction of the gaze—must be in perfect harmony. What’s more, in classical Chinese dance, a dancer’s inner world is just as important as the accuracy of his or her movements. Particular attention is paid to synchronizing breath and gestures, making movements appear to emanate directly from the dancer’s soul.

The Magic of Storytelling through Dance What do Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Monkey King have in common? If you don’t know the answer, and if you’ve never experienced the Monkey King, you might consider taking a round-trip to ancient China. Believe it or not, it’s where you’ll find the true origins of acrobatics, gymnastics, and yes, the kind of story-telling you wish would go on forever. So where can you find a ticket to ancient China—and back again? Enter Shen Yun. The world’s premiere classical Chinese music and dance company was founded in New York six years ago—and if you’re familiar with Chinese civilization, you’ll know it bears an ambitious mission: to bring 5,000 years of magical culture to life, and share it with the modern world. With mesmerizing choreography, music, and animated backdrops, Shen Yun takes the audience on a journey through time and space to ancient lands, mountain peaks, and even heavenly paradises. An orchestra, the only one in the world combining both Western and Chinese instruments, accompanies the dancers with stirring, original scores. Watching a Shen Yun performance, it’s easy to understand why China was once known as “the Celestial Empire.” The good news? After playing to sold-out audiences in the Tampa Bay area in Mar.-May, 2012, the company is returning to Florida in Jan. 2013. Shen Yun will perform at Broward Center, Ft. Lauderdale Jan. 11-13, at Bob Carr Centre, Orlando Jan. 15-17, and at Times-Union Center, Jacksonville Jan. 29-30.


OCT 2012

Classical Dance and Timeless Culture So what exactly is Shen Yun? “Shen Yun literally means ‘the beauty of divine beings dancing,’” says Julianne Xu, one of the company’s bilingual presenters. “It’s a very rare kind of arts group, something you don’t see even in today’s China.” Perhaps part of what makes Shen Yun extraordinary is the amount of obstacles it’s up against—just like the Monkey King, the magical creature who must overcome dozens of demons, attacks, traps, and temptations on his sacred journey. Shen Yun has set out to revive China’s lost heritage, which has been destroyed under decades of communist rule in China. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one that Shen Yun performers are most passionate about. Their program of masterful dances and songs is traditional Chinese culture as it was meant to be—a study in grace, fluidity, balance, and inner strength. “It was an extraordinary experience for us and the children,” said Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett after seeing Shen Yun in Australia. “The level of skill, but also the power of the archetypes and the narratives were startling.” Another special aspect of Shen Yun performances is its core of classical Chinese dance, an age-old art form complete with its own system of training and movements. Dynasty after dynasty, it was passed down among the people, in imperial palaces, and ancient plays. Thousands of years have refined it into a distinctive dance system embodying traditional aesthetics. But does traditional mean... rigid? Not in the East. Classical Chinese dance is actually known for its expressiveness. Dancers can vividly de-

“I want the audiences to realize through our show that there is more beyond the materialistic things in life, so even when they are depressed, they can pull themselves through,” says Shen Yun principal dancer Chelsea Cai. Alongside classical Chinese dance, Shen Yun features a variety of folk and ethnic dances, presenting China’s rich tapestry of cultures. The show takes you riding with Mongolians across vast grasslands one moment, climbing up the Himalayas or drumming on an ancient battlefield the next.

Stories and Spirit “I think the most unique aspect of a Shen Yun performance,” explains principal dancer Miranda Zhou-Galati, “is that it has a very strong message of hope, which is something that really touches the audience’s hearts.” A broad range of theatergoers—from awardwinning actors and musicians to political and business leaders—agree. It’s not rare to see audience members wiping tears from their cheeks during a performance. Incredibly, stories that have stirred people for thousands of years are still touching today. “It’s absolutely beautiful,” said Academy Award-winning production designer for Avatar, Robert Stromberg, after seeing the show in Los Angeles. “It was so inspiring. I think I may have found some new ideas for the next Avatar.” For an uplifting experience both enriching and inspiring, a taste of one of the world’s most ancient and spectacular cultures, there is no better choice. For tickets to the Shen Yun shows at Broward Center, Ft. Lauderdale (Jan. 11-13), Bob Carr Centre, Orlando (Jan. 15-17) and Times-Union Center, Jacksonville (Jan. 29-30), please visit or call Florida statewide hotline 888-884-6707.

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Community 社區

Bridging the Gap in the Asian American Family, Part 1

What Asian American Children Wish Their Parents Could Understand in every subject, I don’t want to get a job in subjects that aren’t interesting to me. This is my life, and you are not going to be the one to work every day at it. Please give me the freedom to choose my vocation.

Asian American children are born here. We did not ask to be born in the middle of two diametrically opposed cultures but we spend our lives trying to be accepted in American culture and learning to appreciate our Asian backgrounds. Asian parents assume that because American culture is foreign and different to them, it must be wrong. But it’s not wrong, it is just different. We, the children, would love to see you accept some of these differences instead of trying to mold us into children who embrace every aspect of Asian culture. Neither culture is right or wrong in every instance. In America, we have a unique opportunity – to choose to embrace the best of both cultures. We wish our parents could understand our struggles with identity and desire to please them and God. Although we are taught freedom and independence from school and our peers, our homes are set up with cultural norms that emphasize authoritative structures in place. We are taught to think for ourselves in American society, but we cannot act it out in our homes. You, our parents, want us to get straight A’s, be obedient, and follow your guidance. But perhaps we, at least some of us, want to major in the arts and literature, not science and math. Although I can get an A


OCT 2012

I don’t care as much about Ivy League schools as you do. I care about things that are truly important – life and sometimes fun. I am constantly accused of being lazy or not studying, but I am far from a slack-off. However, life is more than academics. I do understand how much sacrifice you have made to come to this strange country and offer me more opportunities. However, I am unable to utilize many of these opportunities, the freedom that is embodied here in America. I’d love to spend some time just relaxing. Yet, I have church youth fellowship on Fridays, a bunch of extra-curricular activities (music lessons and language and cultural classes) on the weekends that along with my homework fill up my schedule. I need some time to breathe, to be a kid. I know one day I’ll be an adult like you, but for now, can I please just enjoy my childhood? I’d love to have some praise from you for my efforts. The glass is always half empty for you though. If I get one B+, it negates all the A’s. If I have an A-, you wonder why it’s not an A or an A+. I must have slacked off. I wish you could understand that I am trying my very best, but I know I am not perfect. So B’s and maybe even C’s may come your way on my report card. Other parents might be happy to see so many good grades and remarks about outstanding character on a report card without emphasizing the need to do better. Is excellence the only acceptable way?

 By Evelyn Eng

Instead of keeping me in my room to study all the time, I’d love the opportunity to spend some time with you. To do things together as a family, to have fun. I’d love to have some physical affection, some hugs and kisses. I wish you would believe in me. And trust me to be the best I can be. I know God has a plan for me, and I intend to live it out. Please help me to grow in my life, not just academically but physically and spiritually. Allow me to do ballet or soccer, or basketball or baseball. I’d love to hang out with my friends sometimes, maybe even attend school dances or date. It’d be nice to have a family vacation where I do not have to take school books to study for the next school year. Life is not all about school and work. You work so hard. I do appreciate it. But, all the things you provide me aren’t as important to me as you think. I am happy to help out with a part-time job to help pay for my education. American life is full of balance. I’d love to have time to run outside and have some fun as part of this Asian American family. I’ll be going away to college before you know it. I wish we could enjoy some fun times together before I leave. Deuteronomy 4:9 “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” Colossians 3:21 “Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.” (New International Version) Evelyn Eng is an American born Christian Asian with adult children. She is in a unique position to share about Asian American children (parents) and what they wish their parents (children) could understand. She blogs at You may share your thoughts there or email her at christianasianmom(at)gmail(dot)com. This is a collection of opinions from Asian American children, youth and young adults, not necessarily the personal views of the author from her own childhood.

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Korean Japanese Chinese Vietnamese Filipino Thai Grocery - Fresh Produce - Health & Personal Care - Home Appliance 434

Northgate Plaza Woo Sung Lee Rd.

W. Colonial Dr.


Edgewater Dr.


John Young Pkwy

exit 88

Mon - Sat 9:30am - 8:30pm • Sun 10am - 8pm

5079 Edgewater Dr., Orlando FL 32810

Tel: 407.295.4077

Hwy 50

KOREA HOUSE RESTAURANT w w w. K o r e a h o u s e o r l a n d o . c o m

1155 W State Road 434 # 121 Longwood, FL 32750

407.767.5918  407.767.9363

W State Road 434 exit 94

South Seminole Hospital

First Korean Restaurant in Florida ● Serving Authentic Korean Cuisine since 1982 ● Best Korean Critic’s Choice by Orlando Sentinel

S Ronald Reagan Blvd


Korea House Restaurant

Range Line Rd

Mon, Wed - Fri 11:30 am - 10pm Sat - Sun 12pm - 10pm Close on Tuesday Lunch Special Mon thru Fri till 3pm

Enjoy the Real Taste of Korea

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OCT 2012


Community 社區

Chinese School of CAACF

Celebrates Confucius Day Confucius’ birthday, which is also observed as Teacher’s Day in China and Taiwan, is celebrated to pay homage to Confucius. Confucius’s principles had a basis in common Chinese tradition and belief. He championed strong family loyalty, ancestor worship, respect of elders by their children, respect of husbands by their wives. He also recommended family as a basis for ideal government. One of his many well-known principles is “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself”. He symbolized the philosophy of educating all without discrimination. Chinese School of CAACF’s students were offered a chance to learn these Confucius’s beliefs in ethics and behavior. Students also used poems and songs to thank their teachers.  By Asia Trend

Tsuey Ing Lavender / Academic Administrator, Iris Lin / Treasurer, and Thomas Hwang / Business Administrator

Shiow Chih Hwang, Principal

C.K. Lau

Language Classes Teachers: Amy Anderson, Clare Hu, Sherry Pan, Ying-Chuan Che, Peggy Creevan, Emily Chen, Shu-Wen Cheng, Christy Gallucci, Hong Fang Shi, Hong Li, Grace Feng, Ping Caldwell, Hong Xia Zhang, Holly Huang, Lily Liu, Kenny Chen, Hui Chu Chen, Ming-Chu Li, Paige Tsai, and Shu Whey Cheng. Cultural Classes Teachers: Bih Yueh Luo, Edward Hu, Luo Li, Hong Xia Zhang, Hung Tran, Clare Hu, Celeste Hoeh, Lily Liu, Hong Fang Shi, and James Schwarz.


OCT 2012

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Community 社區

12 animal signs lanterns are given out to each student

Teacher and parent are having fun too

David Bernatavitz, the Principal of Lake Highland Middle School was invited to the celebration and was warmly appreciated by all the parents and students for letting the Chinese School to use his campus.

Learn the Culture While Having Fun

3rd party voter registration volunteer is invited to register members

Story to tell the origin of the festival by REACH of Central Florida

Susan Hoeh (CAACF dance trope director), Angie Chow (Senior Advisor) and Tsuey Ing Lavender (CAACF board of director)

Chinese American Association of Central Florida (CAACF) celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival on October 6 with more than 200 members. MidAutumn festival is one of the three major celebrations, besides Chinese New Year and Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival, CAACF celebrates to promote the Chinese culture. Advisor Angie Chow, Advisor Agnes Chau, Past President Pauline Ho, President Shally Wong, Vice President Susan Hoeh, Vice President Sandra Kiang, Treasurer Eppie Bang, Secretary John Chung, Board of Directors Sandra Chen, Tsuey Ing Lavender and Raymond Lam prepared every member a moon cake, every student a lantern together with lots of activities such as face painting, story-telling and games. The purpose is to let children learn the culture while having fun.  By Asia Trend C.K. Lau

A donation check of $5,000 from CAACF is presented to the Chinese School of CAACF Ages Chau, Angie Chow, Pauline Ho, David Bernatavitz, and Shiow Chih Hwang

Game and face painting activities are among the most popular activities of the day

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OCT 2012





OCT 2012

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佛 州 中

學 院

BECOME A PHYSICIAN Florida College of Integrative Medicine IN JUST 3 YEARS! 以人為本 和諧自然 求本遠志 厚德濟生

Master’s & Bachelor’s Degree Program in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Daytime and Evening Classes

ACAOM Accredited Specialist and intern clinic on campus Approved for VA Educational BeneÞts Financial aid available to those who qualify

佛州第一所由全美東方醫學認證委員(ACAOM) 認證的中醫學院 第一所由佛州教育部門 (私立大專院校部分CIE) 授權頒發學士和碩士學位的高等教育機構

Call now for enrollment information

407.888.8689 ext 15

7100 Lake Ellenor Drive. Orlando, FL 32809

Seafood Buffet

Sushi & Hibachi

ALL YOU CAN EAT Private Rooms available for events

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Orlando Fashion Square Mall

E Colonial Dr

Seafood Buffet Summit Church Herndon

Baldwin Park

Bennett Rd






lv eB

*one coupon per table.cannot be combined with any other offer Exp. 11/15/12

HWY 50

Seafood Buffet (407) 228-8883

Formerly China Jade Under New Ownership OPEN 7 Days a Week

Sun - Thurs 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat 11am - 10:30pm

819 Herndon Ave., Orlando, FL 32803

Lunch Mon - Sat 11am - 3:30pm • Adult $6.99 • Children 6-10 $4.99 • Children 3-5 $2.99 Dinner Mon-Thu 4pm-10pm • Adult $9.99 • Fri-Sun $10.99 • Children 6-10 $6.99 • Children 3-5 $4.99

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OCT 2012


Asian hot pots l a n io it d ra -t rn Mode d and fresh seafoo elicious and d s, s e n h s e fr e Enjoy th y and friends il m fa h it w s s e the togethern

LUNCH SPECIALS Set Lunch “A” $7.99 Set Lunch “B” $9.99 Set Lunch “C” $11.99 Vegetarian Lunch $8.99



Sun-Thu 12noon - 2am Fri & Sat 12noon - 5am


3090 Aloma Ave, ste 150, Winter Park, FL 32792 (corner of 436 & Aloma Ave)


Find Us on Facebook!

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1.866.222.6050 Central Florida 1.855.546.9308 Tampa or visit Serviceable areas only. Some restrictions apply. Products and services subject to change.


OCT 2012

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John T. Mai, CFP®, CSNA

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Business 商業

Tony Nguyen, Trudie Tan, and Jerry Czopp. Stephanie St Louis, Becky Malicsi and Greg Maaswinkel.

Linda Stout, Paige Baron, Cynthia Flores, and Gail Rayos.

Stephen Chong, Trudie Tan and Victor Tan.

Donna C. Hung, Shally Wong, and Glenn Leong.

Becky Malicsi, Leah Nash, Kathryn Llamas, Betty, Mason, Alberto Soto, Nancy Bonilla-Ingles, and Coco Johnston.

By C.K. Lau

John Mai and Cesar Abueg Jr.

Fall Asian Chamber special events build momentum for inspiring Golden Dragon Awards in November

 By Gail Rayos

From a speed-networking luncheon to a special event focused on sustainability sponsored by Darden Restaurants at The Capital Grille, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce has packed the fall season with a diverse lineup of engaging events. The activities are a warm up for the Chamber’s signature event of the year – The 3rd annual Golden Dragon Awards on November 3.

Tickets and more information are available at

Mai and Glenn Leong, the theme of this year’s dinner is “An Evening to Be Inspired”.

With Walt Disney World Resorts as title sponsor, the Chamber’s annual gala honoring community leaders and corporations will be held at The Contemporary Resort at

Along with announcing and honoring the annual Golden Dragon Award winners, headlining the dinner will be keynote speaker Wendy Chioji, an award-winning Central Florida broadcaster and cancer survivor who now inspires others through her advocacy for active healthy living. The other featured entertainment includes the

Walt Disney World starting with a silent auction reception at 5:30 p.m. and banquet and awards show at 6:30 p.m. Led by co-chairs John

For more photos:

OCT 2012


Business 商業

The AACC Business After Hours Sponsored by Darden Restaurants at the Capital Grille Pointe Orlando.

ASIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER GALA TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW “An Evening to Be Inspired” Third Annual Golden Dragon Awards Saturday November 3, 2012 Featuring Entertainment by The Orlando Ballet International Singing Artist Nadine Risha

Darden Restaurants - AACC Jade Sponsor and Host of AACC’s September Business After Hours

The Asian American Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors: Dahlia A. Smith-Hayles, Becky Malicsi, Coco Johnston, Gail Rayos, John Mai, Kathy Llamas, Alberto Soto, Will Merritt, and Jose Joed Fabricante

And Special Keynote Remarks by Award-Winning Broadcaster and National Fitness Advocate Wendy Chioji

Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resorts Reception 5:30 PM Banquet & Awards Show 6:30 PM RSVP at By Kathy Llamas

acclaimed artists of The Orlando Ballet and international singer Nadine Risha. The Golden Dragon Awards will top several events this fall: • The 1st speed networking luncheon meet and greet for new members was held September 6 at Lam’s Garden in Orlando, drawing more than 40 guests and hosted by AACC Vice President Coco Johnston and Sgt.-at-Arms Dahlia Hayles. • Darden Restaurants and the Darden Asian


OCT 2012

Network invited AACC guests, board members and community leaders to The Capital Grille for a networking evening September 18 in which Darden, a former Golden Dragon Awards Green Spirit recipient, gave an update on corporate responsibility by Brandon Tidwell, manager of sustainability. Special thanks go to Darden’s Gopal Krishnan and Adam Hing for hosting. • The October Business After Hours, planned for October 11 at Aroma restaurant in Lake Mary,

will be co-hosted by AACC and the Indian American Chamber of Commerce. • A Global Business Symposium - Local Resources for Accessing the World, sponsored by SunTrust Bank and co-sponsors, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando, will be presented on November 5 at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando. Look for information to be posted on www.

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OCT 2012




Sam’s Student - Maria Espinal 1st place medal - TaiChi Chuan

The 14th annual ICMAC Tournament The Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando Florida, was the site of the 14th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament held July13-15 where there were over 400+ divisions were represented in 3-days of award-winning competition. Being a 5-star -rated tournament, over 800 competitors cheered on by their coaches, families. and friends challenged themselves Saturday to Internal Forms and Weapons such as Taijiquan, Xingyquan, and baguazhang,and External Styles of Northern and Southern Kung Fu as well a Wushu. Sunday, the reaction-skilled events took place such as Tui-Shou “Push Hands. Chi-Sao,” Sticky-Hands” and full and semi-contact sparring as well. All these events were run smoothly and effectively by the tournament promoter Nick


OCT 2012

Scrima and his highly-skilled group of judges, who selfishly devote their time and effort to” elevate these arts to a new and higher level” each competition.I am proud to be a part of this “elite group”. The opening ceremonies started at 9:30am with a introduction of distinguishedguests judges, and welcomed all competitors. A traditional lion dance followed wishing good luck to everyone at the event. The tournament officially started at 10AM and ended at 5pm. The Masters Showcase got underway at 7:30pm with some fantastic forms and weapons demonstrations of internal and external kung-fu. The performances highlighted the dedication and commitment it takes to reach this high level of expertise! I would like to personally thank my good friends,

 By Sam Winters

Joe and Lily Wang and the Pingshuai club of Orlando for supporting this event! Pingshuai is a simple and effective qigong exercise which boosts and elevates ones own “Qi” levels for which I can say works!, and I am proud to be a member of this group! Anyone interested in this group which meets on Sundays contact Joe Wang ph.321-228-2951 or e-mail joewcino@ Information on upcoming tournaments to or contact Sifu Sam Winters of the Hsin Yung-I school of Taijiquan email- pwinters001@embarqmail. com or call phone 238-7450 lv. msg. for more information.

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VOVINAM - VIỆT VÕ ĐẠO Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts • Self-Defense • Discipline • Respect • Self-Esteem

EAST COAST MARTIAL ARTS SUPPLY Retail, Wholesale, since 1979

Hours: Tue - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 11am - 5pm Closed on Sunday & Monday

1644 East Conlonial Dr., Orlando FL 32803 407-896-2487 • 1-800-407-1592 • email:

Classes available at 700 N Forsyth Rd, Orlando FL 32807 Call Master Tom Vu at 407-435-2248

For more events:

OCT 2012




FSA Dance Troupe


University of Florida

VASA @ UCF ent

Joseph Vinc

i Lambda

Delta Ph

e Beat

Fresh Off th (AASU) from



Pi Delta Ps

The APAC Assembly Games Since it’s inception in 2005, APAC Assembly has been the most anticipated event of the fall semester. Every year we showcase the exclusive student organizations affiliated with APAC through their performances and videos. These dances, skits, and other acts present the talents of their members as well as the strength of the organization’s membership. We encourage and support one another as we unite as the Asian American student population here at the University of Central Florida. I still remember my first APAC Assembly when I was first introduced to the community and also to the organizations that I have come to love. I credit APAC Assembly for opening a whole new chapter of my college career as it inspired me to become both active and


OCT 2012

 By Alex Chou, President, 2012-2013 Asian Pacific American Coalition @ University of Central Florida

involved in dance, ASA Scholarship Pageant, IM sports, and leadership opportunities among many others. Since then, APAC Assembly has always been a memorable experience that marks the beginning of a new year and the memories to come. This year, our theme was The APAC Assembly Games, based on the recent movie The Hunger Games. Each organization and their respective performances were organized to represent their specific Districts. Our special guest performance featured Joseph Vincent, an aspiring singer and songwriter who’s popularity continues to grow through the use of Youtube and other social media. This year was the first time we featured performances by outside organizations such as USF’s Asian Students in America

(ASiA) and UF’s Asian American Student Union (AASU) to promote unity among the Asian American populations in college campuses all over Florida. We also set a new record in attendance, doubling our attendance from last year! It was quite a sight seeing an entire summer’s worth of hard work and planning pay off in this one event. I hope next year will continue this success! If you are a high school student looking to be involved in college, or wanting to see a free show full of entertainment, make sure to come to next year’s APAC Assembly Saturday, August 24th, 2013! Bring friends, family, and anyone you want to invite to support the community! We hope to see you there! By C.K. Lau

Watch this on


Shotokan Karate Kobudo

A Tradition of Excellence

Mukushin-ryu Bujutsu

Kids and Adult Classes... Strong...Tough... and to the point. Traditional Karate and real world self defense. Call 407-847-6065 or visit our website at: for more info.

e f i L e h t y o j n E t e f f u B t s e B e h t Enjoy DOWNLOAD the Coupon Online

843 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL 32810

I-4 Exit 88, Lee Rd

407.628.0088 Fax: 407.622.8003 Call for Reservation


Sun - Thurs 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat 11am - 10:30pm

okee Kara labl avaipar ty for

Stop by our tent at the 2012 Orlando Japan Festival Nov. 4 @ Hunters Creek!

an r G

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Home Depot

Exit 88

p N





Dr .



d $3.99/lbs • Snow Crab Legs ad

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OCT 2012


Community 社區

35th annual Obon Festival at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens  By Izumi Sakurada

Yuni Sakurada

“After Storm, the Calm comes” - Bon Odori to honor dead and rejoice living It was the worst nightmare for the outdoor event. 7000 pre-sold tickets were sold out and hundreds of visitors already forming the line at the entrance half hour before the opening time. Then, heavy thunderstorm moved in. All visitors were redirected to go back to their cars or find the indoor shelters. Hundreds of volunteers worked frantically to keep everything dry. I watched rain storm wiping out gardens from the Oki house with 17 other Bon dancers. We were all praying for safety of visitors and volunteers, and quick recovery of weather. After one and half hour, rain storm moved away and the organizer decided to open the event with three hours delay. Our first performance was scrubbed, but we were all relieved


OCT 2012

that we could dance for the rest of two shows. Being a fan of the Morikami, I have been enjoying their annual events as a visitor and a Taiko performer of Orlando Taiko Dojo in the past. This year, I was fortunate to participate as a Bon dancer with the Chitose kai, the Morikami’s beloved dancing team lead by Mrs. Mihori. Mrs. Mihori and her husband were the original founders of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. They have been dedicating their lives to promote authentic Japanese culture and art in South Florida over thirty five years. Mrs. Mihori is called fondly as “Mihori sensei” by her students of Ikebana - a Japanese flower arrangement, Sado - Tea ceremony, and Odori - Traditional dance.

She has been leading the Bon dance group, Chitose kai and has been participating at the Obon every year. Bon dance is a folk dance to be performed at Bon festival. To be on the Chitose Kai dancing team is an honor. Surprise Invitation came to me three weeks before the event from Mrs. Satomi Hirano, a dance instructor in Orlando who has been participating at Obon last several years bringing her own dance students. As much as I felt excitement because the Bon dance was my favorite summer activity in my youth, it was huge challenge for me to learn eleven different choreographs within three weeks! Almost every neighborhoods in Japan host own Bon festival. Beside Oshogatsu - New Year celebration, Bon

Asia Trend Magazine Marching into our 8th year │ Reaching more than 10,000 readers every month

festival is the most celebrated holidays in Japan. No matter how hard people work in Japan, they are obligated to take a week break for New Year and Bon. These two holidays are rooted deeply in Japanese mind not only culturally, but also spiritually. Both holidays follow specific rituals of Buddhism and Shintoism to celebrate in colorful regional flavors. However, what separates Bon festival from New Year’s celebration most is its purpose. It is not just a simply happy celebration like New Year, but it is a spiritual reunion for “dead” and “living”. My dance instrctor, Mrs. Hirano described the element of Obon festival with word, 鎮魂 - chinkon meaning, “pacification of spirits in honoring manner” and music and dance are often performed as instruments to communicate with spirits. Collaboration of Bon dance and Bon daiko drum bring “Chinkon” to all spirits of both living and dead in fun way. At the Morikami’s Obon, Fushu Daiko, a local favorite Japanese drumming team has been presenting energetic drumming performance every years. Beside their own performances, two drummers, Ben Millers and Greg Williams joined dancers as a Bon Daiko player in Bon dance. Ben Millers commented on his this year’s experience. “ Playing Taiko for Bon Odori is always fun and challenging. Sensei Mihori and all of the dancers are so graceful and light hearted! I feel that Bon rhythms represent the epitome of Taiko drumming as a Japanese folk art. The phrases

and symmetry of the Bon Odori music is unlike any music I know. It still feels very exotic to my ear. It was an added treat to have Sensei Ishikura up on the Yagura with us. He has and continues to be a very inspiring and supportive mentor to myself and the other members of Fushu Daiko. His Bon Daiko is a thrill to witness. He said very kind words as we remembered our beloved founder and his former student, Sensei Yoshiko Cane. I would like to learn more about Bon Odori from Sensei Ishikura and Chitose Kai so I can incorporate their beautiful movements into my understanding of Taiko drumming and Japanese artistic expressions.” One of youth dancers joined from Orlando is Asahi Hirano who is a high school senior of Dr. Phillips High school in Orlando and has been learning Japanese traditional dance from her mother, Ms. Satomi Hirano since she was little. She commented on her four years experience at Bon odori, “It has been great learning experience for me. I did not know that there are so many variety of Bon odori before I participated. They are different from the traditional dance I have been studying. I have enjoyed being a part of the team every year.” Although I had very limited time to spend with members of the Chitose Kai, I was deeply touched by “sisterhood” among them. They care for each other and were very inviting a new comer like myself. The team includes Japanese and non-Japanese members.

One of member, Ms. Barbara Shore has been participating for five years. She commented on her personal experience. “I have lived in Japan, and my daughter was born there. Participating in the Bon Festival is my way of continuing my connection with the friends and culture that I hold dear. This is my fifth year of participation as a member of the Chitose-kai dance group, and each year I feel enriched after my participation. As a Westerner, I am continually trying to learn the nuances of Japanese dance. Each year, I feel that I am learning a little more, and I am grateful to the infinite patience, grace and skill of our teacher Chieko Mihori Sensei and the encouragement of my fellow dancers. This year 2012 was very special, as there was a major lightning storm affecting the Morikami. We were not certain whether we would be able to perform, but the staff and volunteers made it work, and the doors opened. I cannot believe the energy of the audience who greeted us that evening. This year, I felt overwhelming joy in dancing with my friends, with the wonderful support of the Fushu Daiko, and the participation of our tired but enthusiastic audience. We were truly a community!” Just like a Japanese saying, 雨降って地固まる -”Ame futte Ji Katamaru” - After storm, the calm comes, serenity arrived after thunderstorm and unity of people made the most memorable Bon festival.

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OCT 2012


Community 社區

Tzu Chi celebrates mid-autumn festival  By Asia Trend

C.K. Lau

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s Orlando president Bob Lynch

Tzu Chi Foundation’s Orlando Office introduced the new expanded facility while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with close to 100 members and supporters on September 30th. Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s blessings videos kicked off the event. “Go Veggie, Go Green” project was the main theme that evening. The project focuses on the advantage of eating veggie, instead of meats. Tzu Chi Foundation’s Orlando Office members also performed a sign language musical. A wide selection of the delicious vegetarian meals and Taiwanese style moon cakes were also served.

Shiow Chih Hwang

Conchita Hsu and Lisa Lynch

Delicious vegetarian meal

In 1984, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in the U.S. registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in California. There are now more than 80 offices and facilities in the U.S. with over 100,000 volunteers and donors working to make a difference in their local communities. Tzu Chi’s unique approach to disaster relief includes delivering cash aid and emergency relief supplies directly into the hands of disaster survivors. Volunteers are active in programs such as family services, services to the homeless, visits to senior homes, medical and dental services, recycling, and reading to children - org/us/en/

Tzu Chi Foundation’s Orlando Office members perform a Sign Language musical.

Taiwanese style Mooncake (RT) and the Desserts


OCT 2012

The “Go Veggie, Go Green” project

Tzu Chi Foundation Orlando Office 5401 Alhambra Dr., Suite A/B, Orlando, FL 32808 407.292.1146

For more photos:

Table Tennis/Ping Pong at Orlando Table Tennis Club ( 2105 Lee Rd, Orlando, FL 32810)

Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm- 10pm Open for all player Training available for all level from beginning Training for kids 5:30pm- 7pm

Contact Coach Hung Tran at 407-803-1999 Email: Visit our website at or

The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program established in 1999, is funded by a $1.6 billion grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to UNCF—the United Negro College Fund—the nation’s largest and most effective minority education organization. The goal of GMS is to educate “Leaders for America’s Future”™ by providing eligible students with the opportunity to complete an undergraduate college education in the discipline of their choice and continue through a doctoral degree in seven GMS funded fields.

Are you interested and want to know more? Come to a GMS Information Session! Presented by GMS Ambassador, Hans Lau GMS Scholar 2012

November 24, 2012 from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon Downtown Orlando Library – 3/F Albertson Room

ClearOne Badminton Centre

- 13 Air Conditioned Courts - 4141 N John Young Parkway Orlando Drop-in Play - Weeknights 6pm to 10pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm, Sunday 1pm to 5pm Drop-in only $7.00 per person (all students half price). No membership required. All players welcome from beginners to training for the next Olympics. Open 7 Days a week from 9am to 10pm for Court Rental (must book in advance)

101 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801 RSVP: 407.835.7481 Who’s eligible? Students who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American and Hispanic American students Hosted by REACH of Central Florida Call at 407 730 3596 or visit us on the Web at For more events:

OCT 2012


Pick up the Asia Trend Magazine at any of these restaurants and markets near you.


Fuji Yama Sushi


Gochi Sushi Cafe


Hana Sushi


Ran-Getsu of Tokyo


Shin Japanese Cuisine


10153 University Blvd., Orlando, FL 32817 ________________________________________

China Garden Restaurant


Golden Lotus Restaurant


Hotto Potto


Golden Phoenix


Ming’s Bistro


ABC Seafood Restaurant


Sushi Tomi

Ha Long Bay


Ho Ho Choy


KOREAN Korea House Restaurant

T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro


Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant


Yummy House China Bistro


118 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park ________________________________________ 8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando ________________________________________

3090 Aloma Ave, ste 150, Winter Park ________________________________________

8199 N Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa ________________________________________ 1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________ 2705 54th Ave. St. Petersburg ________________________________________ 5944 34th Street Suite 38-41, St. Petersburg ________________________________________ 1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Suite 125, Tampa ________________________________________ 301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 4145 Northwest 88th Ave. Sunrise ________________________________________ 2620 E. Hillsbrough Ave. Tampa


Golden Lotus Restaurant


8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando ________________________________________

Golden Phoenix


Ming’s Bistro


Ha Long Bay


8199 N Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa ________________________________________ 1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________ 5944 34th Street Suite 38-41, St. Petersburg ________________________________________

T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro


Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant


Yummy House China Bistro


301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 4145 Northwest 88th Ave. Sunrise ________________________________________ 2620 E. Hillsbrough Ave. Tampa


Koy Wan Hibachi Buffet


945 West State Road 436 Altamonte Springs ________________________________________

Aki Restaurant


7460 Universal Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Bento Cafe 151 S Orange Ave. Orlando 407-999-8989 7335 W. Sand Lake Rd. Orlando 407-352-2277 3841 SW Archer Rd. Gainesville 352-224-5123 ________________________________________

Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse

3680 Avalon Park East Blvd, Orlando 407-282-8488 1000 West State Road 434, Longwood 407-331-0000 2189 E Semoran Blvd, Apopka 407-889-9999 ________________________________________

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646-389-2742 36

OCT 2012

13770 W. Colonial Dr, Winter Garden ________________________________________

397 East Altamonte Drive, Suite 1200, Altamonte Springs ________________________________________ 901 South Orlando Ave., Maitland, FL‎ ________________________________________ 803 N. Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

SHOGUN Japanese Steak House (鉄板焼き Teppan-yaki)

6327 International Dr., Orlando 407-352-1607 ________________________________________


8463 S John Young Pkwy, Orlando ________________________________________


1155 W. State Road 434 Longwood, FL 32750‎ ________________________________________

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant 1638 E Colonial Dr. Orlando


Please call 646-389-ASIA for more information

ASIAN GROCERIES M D Oriental Market 1106 E Fowler Ave. Tampa


10127 E. Adamo Dr. Tampa



refer to P.9 for more details 877-668-MD88 (6388) ________________________________________

Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart 407-295-4077

5079 Edgewater Dr. Orlando refer to P.14 for more details ________________________________________

1st Oriental Supermarket


Eastside Asian Market


5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 12950 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Farm Fresh Produce Market


Lin Farmers Market


10950 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 2801 16th St N., St Petersburg ________________________________________

Phuoc Loc Tho market


Brandon Oriental Market


Oceanic Oriental Supermarket


Oriental Mart


PK Oriental Mart


2100 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 112 Pauls Dr., Brandon, FL 33511 ________________________________________

PAN ASIAN Koy Wan Hibachi Buffet


Seafood Buffet


Wild Rice Buffet


945 West State Road 436 Altamonte Springs ________________________________________ 819 Herndon Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ 843 Lee Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

Bento Cafe ________________________________________

Bayridge Sushi and Steakhouse ________________________________________ VariAsian Crazy Buffet

Would you like to be listed here?


2702 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa ________________________________________

1609 N Tampa St. Tampa ________________________________________ 4850 N University Drive, Lauderhill ________________________________________ 2350 N University Drive, Sunrise

S. Florida Locations

Foodtown Supermarket


New York Mart


5335 N, Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL ________________________________________ 10065 Sunset Strip, Sunrise ________________________________________

Canton Palace Chinese restaurant 305-264-9444 7980 Southwest 8th St., Miami, FL ________________________________________


Bento Cafe ________________________________________ Chewy Boba Company

1212 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 407-897-1377 4250 Alafaya Trail Suite 216, Oviedo 407-542-4480 8098 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 407-850-BOBA ________________________________________

Pine Court Chinese Bistro


Lucky Oriental Market


10101 Sunset Strip Sunrise, FL ________________________________________ 8356 SW 40th St., Suite D-I, Miami, FL ________________________________________

South Garden Chinese restaurant 305-274-9099 10855 S.W. 72nd Street, Miami ________________________________________

Got Tea


Internet Boba House


2365 University Dr. Coral Springs, FL ________________________________________

Thuy Cafe


255 NE 167th St, Miami, FL 33162 305-654-9646 9501 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL 33173 305-595-9678 ________________________________________

2202 W. Waters Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 2764 University Square Dr. Tampa ________________________________________ 5944 34th St N #37 St. Petersburg

Royal Thai

THAI 407-275-0776

1202 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

SEA Thai Restaurant


Soong Thai


3812 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 9448 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee

VIETNAMESE Golden Phoenix 813-932-9285

Oriental Square Market and Emporium 954-340-8828 P K Oriental Mart

Chan’s Chinese Restaurant


Maryann Bakery


Chung Hing Oriental Mart


2404 SW 107 Ave, Miami, FL ________________________________________

1284 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL ________________________________________ 1855 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL

Sarasota Locations Vung Tau Oriental Market

1333 N Washington Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236


8199 N Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa ________________________________________

Little Saigon


Lạc Việt Bistro


Phở 88 Noodle


Phở Vinh Restaurant


Phở Quyen Cuisine


1106 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 2021 East Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 730 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ 657 N Primrose Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 2740 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa

Asia Trend Magazine is now available at

Bayanihan Arts and Events Center - 14301 Nine Eagles Drive, Tampa, FL 813-925-1232

University of Florida, GainesvilleAPIA Resource Room on the 4th floor of Peabody Hall.

Asia Trend Magazine Marching into our 8th year │ Reaching more than 10,000 readers every month




Are you interested in Traditional Japanese Taiko Drum lessons for Beginners. We are accepting New Students. Please call for an appointment. HURRY, space is limited! Instructors: Takemasa Ishikura / Yuko Ishikura, Fee: $10 per person / per class· You’re required to purchase “Bachi” (Taiko Drumsticks). $23 per pair Every Tuesday 7 pm to 8:30pm & Sunday 11:30am to 1pm Address: Sunbelt Center - 1255 La Quinta Drive, Suite 112, Orlando, FL 32809.

Tel: 407.435.9388 •


Experience in events and performance videography. Provide videos editing and DVD production


or email:


China Garden, Winter Park is looking for part-time servers. Flexible Hours. Fluent English is a must. Experience is not necessary. Training will be provided. Interested, please email

LIVING STONE MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY CENTER is offering three classes from 10/2/2012 onward every Tuesday Three classes: Class 1 12: 30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ESOL class (spanish speaking) Class 2 3:00 p.m. - 4: 30 p.m. ESOL class (chinese speaking) Class 3 6: 30 p.m. - 8: 30p.m. Citizen class Fee: free (may require the student to buy their own curriculum) Location: 3100 S. Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32878

Registration: please call 407-929-0409


for $25/month (50 words maximum). Anything over that is charged 20 cents per word. Mail the check payable to Global Media LLC, with your classified ad wordings to the following address: PO Box 5352, Winter Park, FL 32793. Deadline: check and wordings must be received by the 1st of each month.


Every Wed (6 – 9pm) and Sun (1 – 6pm) at College Park Community Center – 2393 Elizabeth Ave , Orlando . Fees: Adults: $5, Under 18: $1, 12 and under: Free. Contact Krishna Balwalli at 407.683.9162 or email Every Thur (6 – 8:30pm) – Orange County/Orlando Magic Recreation Center – 3850 South Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando . Fees: $2/hr. Please Contact Erin Fang at 407.913.9581 for more information.


“C.H.A.R.G.E.” is the Orlando-based Dragon Boat Team organized by the Chinese American Association of Central Florida in June, 2010, and is comprised mostly of Asian-American crew members. If you would like to learn more about Dragon Boat paddle technique or join the team. Email CHARGE at or for more details.


5,600 sq. ft. facility, After School Program 3pm to 6pm, Ping Pong Robot for Training, Private Lessons, Club membership available. 200 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando FL Call 407.485.2529 or for more details.


- the only Chinatown in Florida! -

* All-In-One Shopping Center, features Asian businesses * Variety of Asian restaurants and cuisines * Largest Oriental Supermarket in Florida * Covenient Location: On W. Colonial Dr. and near Kirkman Rd. * Commercial Condo - Available for Lease/Sale INVESTMENT HOT SPOT-GOOD DEAL TO LEASE OR BUY NOW!!! Please visit or call (407)298-6678

JAPANESE LESSON 34747 Language and cultural lesson by native speaker Private or small group New Skype On-Line course available Contact: Ms. Izumi Sakurada at 321-939-2236 or


Free Standing Building , 3,000 Sq. Ft+, Winter Park . Close to University, High traffic area. Interested, please call 407-718-6972

1000 BUSINESS CARDS PRINTING $60 *for self-uploaded digital files only, additional shipping & handling charges *One month FREE black & white business card size ad in Asia Trend Magazine

5000 BUSINESS CARDS PRINTING $99 *for self-uploaded digital files only, additional shipping & handling charges *Two month FREE black & white business card size ad in Asia Trend Magazine

Business Card Design add $60 • Logo design add $388 two designs for you to choose from.


or email:

J.Club ~Your connection to Japan~

Japanese dining, cooking, TV shows & movies, Shodo, Origami, Chanoyu, Bujutsu, Kimono Kitsuke, and more. Meet monthly / Participate in cultural events Share Japanese culture + Form new connections 日本のことをシェアしたい方、ぜひご参加ください。 Feel free to contact Teri Mitchell (日本人 ) at / 407.406.0620 Web:


8月5日(日)から毎週日曜日の礼拝(10:30~)を始めます。 どなたでも自由にご参加いた だけます。お気軽にどうぞ! オーランド日本語バプテスト教会 場所:Dover Shores Baptist Church (551 Gaston Foster Rd., Orlando, FL 32807) 連絡先:Cell: 407.924.6684 E-mail: 高岡宏光

オーランド沖縄県人会 Okinawa Club

うちな~んちゅ募集中‼ 二ヵ月一回集まります。 沖縄方言や踊り、流球料理、歌など 会話をしながら一日をすごしませんか? 連絡先/ 321-246-1763. な〜な まで

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OCT 2012


Events Highlight


Cobb Plaza12

155 South Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801

Oct 20, 2:45PM - Theatre 7 Oct 21, 2:45PM - Theatre 10

» What is happening in Florida? •

(321) 558-2878

11th TASTE OF THAIL and FESTIVAL Oct 14 (Sun) 9am - 2:30pm at Wat Florida Dhammaram - 2421 Old Vineland Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34746. Thai Cooking Demonstrations, Best Thai Food, Thai Culture Displays, Colorful Thai Costumes, Live Entertainment. Food Served between 11:30am - 2:30pm. Ticket: $15 and under 6: $8. Call 407-397-9552 or visit The Asian Phi-losophy of Carlos Alemán Oct 19 – Nov 24 at Sunrise Civic Center Gallery 10610 West Oakland Park Boulevard - Sunrise, Florida 33351 Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 19, at 6:30 p.m. The Asian Phi-losophy of Carlos Alemán captures the work of an artist in transition. The exhibition will feature 60 works that reflect his lifelong love of Asian art as well as scenes from his new graphic novel, Phi. The paintings and drawings are mixed media on paper and canvas, ranging from realism to comic book art. • 954.747.4641 Open Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Wednesday & Thursday, 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm • Free admission Exhibition Dates: October 17 through November 24, 2012. For more information, visit: Asian Cultural EXPO Oct 20 (Sat) 10am – 2pm at Village Lake, Downtown Disney® West Side. Admission is FREE! Parking is FREE! Showcase the Culture of China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia through exhibitions, performances and crafts. Bring your lawn chair to enjoy these exciting performances. Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival 2012 Oct 20 (Sat) at Village Lake, Downtown Disney® West Side, WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort. In its fifth year, the Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort is shaping up to become one of the premier annual dragon boat events world-wide. Held in the epi-center of Downtown Disney® Area, the event will capitalize on the rapid growth of the sport in Florida and the southern states. Visit


OCT 2012

VSA’s 5th annual Heart of Vietnam show Oct 21 (Sun) at 7:30pm at USF Marshall Student Center - 4202 E. Fowler Ave. MSC 4100, Tampa FL. The Vietnamese Student Association at University of South Florida would like to invite you to its 5th annual Heart of Vietnam show! VSA’s HOV show is a charity variety show that the members put on to give back to the community. This Year, HOV will raise money for MEMO (Medical, Educational, Missions & Outreach). In honor of Vietnamese culture, there will be singing, skits, dances, ao dai fashion show, and much more!! Tickets: $6 Presale tickets $8 with any student ID $10 for general admission $15 VIP $100 for VIP table for 10 people or less *Food is served with purchase of ticket. For any information contact: Special Events Coordinator, Jen Rugay: (863-521-4082) or President Linda Nguyen: (813) 270-0733 or Asian American Early Voting Day Oct 27 (Sat) 11am – 2pm at Southwest Branch Library - 7255 Della Drive Orlando, FL 32819. Come out and vote. The 8th Annual UCF Tour of Asia Oct 28, 7pm at Pegasus Grand Ballroom, UCF organized by Asian Student Association at UCF. Tour of Asia is a night inspired by Asian culture as we journey through the many countries of the Far East. Your Emcees, Miss & Mr ASA, Melanie Liu and David Galindo, will take you into a night of comedy as we mirror the skits of Saturday Night Live!! You will explore the unique culture of Asian countries by learning about their dress, history, food, art, and dance. or Central Florida Veg Fest 2012 Oct 27 (Sat) at Orlando Festival Park - 2911 E. Robinson Street near Orlando Executive Airport. Florida Veg Fest is an exciting day of colorful and educational exhibits and events at beautiful Orlando Festival Park near downtown Orlando. There will be so many fun and interesting things going on that you will want to stay the whole day. Admission is FREE! Veg Fest is a family-friendly, dog-friendly, and smoke-free event. Veg Fest, now in its 7th year, is one of the biggest and best vegetarian festivals in the country! International Folk Fair Nov 3 (Sat) 10am – 10pm at VINOY PARK Downtown St. Petersburg. Music Around the World. Grand Parade of Nations & Citizen Oath Ceremony at 2pm. Ethnic Cuisine, Folk Dancing, Music, Cultural Displays, Crafts, Entertainment from Two Stages. Gen Admission - $10, Students - $6 Children under 6 – Free. More information, please visit AACC Golden Dragon Award 2012 Nov 3 (Sat) Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resorts (Ballroom of the Americas) -Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Reception 5:30 PM. Banquet & Awards Show 6:30 PM. The Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida presents the Third Annual Golden Dragon Awards to individuals and corporations who have made a positive impact in our Central Florida community. Reserve your ticket at . Visit for more information. Mukushin-ryu Seminar 2012 Nov 3 (Sat) 1-5pm at Shindai Aikikai Dojo - 1940 Brengle Ave., Orlando, FL. Four full hours of training!! IAI-JUTSU & KEN-JUTSU Learn and train with Ohashi Kenshin, Sensei - the 25th generation souke of Mukushin-ryu Bujutsu!! This seminar is open to all levels and will cover basic principles and techniques of the Mukushin style to more advanced elements of kata and kumitachi. For info call Pete Campbell, Shilbucho: 407-922-0854 Orlando Japan Festival Nov 4 (Sun) 12pm – 5pm at The Village at Hunters Creek - 13574 Village Park, Dr., Orlando, FL 32837 The Orlando Japan Festival is a family friendly event presenting a wide array of demonstrations, presentations, exhibitions and culinary excursions that celebrate the amazing experiences that are Japan’s history, culture, people and life. Free entrance. Visit for more details. A Night in Tokyo Nov 4 (Sun) at 8pm – 10pm at USF Marshall Student Center Ballroom, Tampa. The Japanese Club brings to you our biggest event of the year, A Night in Tokyo 3! Our third annual A Night in Tokyo banquet will be a cultural experience like you’ve never seen before. Come to our event and experience a hundred years of culture, from kimonos to Japanese Pop Music! Single listing is up to 40 words at no charge for non-profit organization, E-mail the events/ activities to or fax the information to 407-273-9913 Submit the information by the 15th of each month for the next month publication.

Scan this using a QR reader on your smart phone to check the latest Asian events

For more events:

w w w . k o y w a n . c o m

uffet B n ia s A T S E G R A L ’s Florida he Best! T r o F e m o C t, s e R e h T Try All September 9th was National GrandParent's Day. If you can spend a day with your grandparents, what will you do?


Sun - Thu : 11AM - 10PM Fri - Sat : 11AM - 11PM

(Intersection of SR 436 and 434, in KOHL’s Shopping Center)

407.628.8866 Call for Reservation



HWY 408

Find Us on Facebook!

945 West SR 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Montgomery Road

High Class Decor, With Koi Pond and Waterfall • BEST Japanese SUSHI and SASHIMI • Much IMPROVED Chinese Dishes • Private Party Rooms Available For All Occasions • Beer and Wine available.

HWY 436 Target

请选奥巴马为我们的下一位总统! 为什么? 因为他帮助亚裔美国人取得了前所未有的历史性成就: 第一,奥巴马总统在他的第一届任期内开始把亚裔列入第11246号总统行政命令保护范围,从此,亚裔在 工作上可以凭技能与业绩享有与所有其他美国人平等的晋升机会。 第二,奥巴马总统在四年内任命了11 位杰出的亚裔法律界人士担任联邦法院法官,使得亚裔联邦法官的 人数从2008年的8 位增加到现在的19位,翻了一倍以上。 第三,奥巴马总统前所未有地任命了4位亚裔为其内阁成员:能源部长朱棣文,前商业部长(现任驻华大 使)骆家辉,退伍军人事务部长 Eric Shinseki, 和内阁秘书长卢沛宁。 第四,著名大学的亚裔校长和教务长也在过去四年中显著增加,现有5位校长和3位教务长是亚裔。

亚裔如何才能赢得平等与公正? 最有效的办法就是采用团块选票,争取把我们亚裔的大部分(80%)选票集中投给支持我们利益的候 选人。奥巴马总统是历届总统中为亚裔争取平等做了最多工作的一位总统,我们应该珍惜亚裔作为一个 少数族裔的团块选票的作用,充分发挥亚裔对选举结果的影响,从而使两大政党必须重视亚裔的政治需 求!这是为我们自己和我们的后代赢得平等与公正的唯一途径。

假如捐赠$5.82能改变我们的未来,您愿意吗? 80-20 全美亚裔美国人政治行动委员会号召一万名亚裔选民每人向奥巴马竞选委员会捐赠 $5.82, 以显示 亚裔的团结和力量。请访问: 80-20 全美亚裔美国人政治行动委员会(赞助 (This is a paid advertisement)

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