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Pandas Too Cute to Let Go, But Too Pricey to Keep

Photo by Ada Wong

Three US zoos – Zoo Atlanta, Memphis Zoo and San Diego Zoo – are planning to renegotiate with the Chinese government to reduce the cost of renting pandas. “If no agreement with China can be made, the zoos may have to return their star attractions” Dennis W. Kelly, chief executive of Zoo Atlanta. Susan Elliott, press officer at Zoo Atlanta, confirmed the story, saying “The zoos now are planning to renegotiate with China about reducing the rent. We also read this in the newspapers,” said Liu Xiongying, of the State Forestry Administration’s press office. “However, we have not received any formal request from the United States, and so we cannot comment on the matter yet. The three zoos are all currently experiencing financial difficulties. They have to pay one million dollars annually for renting the pandas and another million for financing research and conservation projects in the United States and in China. If cubs are born, the annual fee increases by an average of US$ 600,000.” The zoos have also hired specialist staff to care for the pandas and have to spend a great deal of money to cover the animals’ daily living expenses. Zoo Atlanta has a curator, three full-time keepers and one

The giant panda is universally loved, but this peaceful, bamboo-eating member of the bear family faces many threats. Its population is small and isolated as its traditional forest habitat in southwest China’s mountainous areas becomes fragmented. The government has set up more than 30 reserves, but habitat destruction and poaching continues to pose a threat to pandas living outside them. With rapid economic development, it is more important than ever to ensure the giant panda’s survival. backup keeper to care for Lun Lun and Yang Yang, their two pandas. A crew of six travels around Georgia six days a week, harvesting bamboo from 400 volunteers who grow it in their backyards. Each of the pandas requires an expensive diet including 84 pounds of bamboo a day. “The pandas are certainly famous in the United States. People will get up in the middle of the night to see the pandas,” said Don Lindburg, head of the giant panda program at San Diego Zoo. “I don’t think there is a comparable animal. However, after the first year, the number of people coming to see the pandas declined yet the expense of keeping them remained high.” A staff member at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, China’s main panda breeding and conservation center, confirmed that all the pandas in foreign countries were rented. The contract between the American zoos and the Chinese side is a ten year deal. The San Diego Zoo’s contract is the first to expire in 2008 and the last on tract, with Memphis Zoo, will end in 2013. Mr. Kelley said that he hoped China would consider the request to reduce the fees as most other countries pay far less for their

pandas. He said that Australia and Thailand paid about US$ 300,000 each year for their pandas. However, the National Zoo in Washington, another American zoo that has rented pandas from China, said that it would not join the three zoos in pursuing this issue. Their spokesperson, Peper Long, told the Oriental Morning Post that the statement from Zoo Atlanta did not represent their attitude. The birth of the cub Tai Shan has brought a flood of visitors to the National Zoo. “There is no doubt that Tai Shan has attracted crowds to the zoo. However, our zoo is a non-governmental organization; we do not charge for entry. We have been losing money in renting the two pandas,” said Long. Long said the zoo wanted to help protect pandas, a highly endangered species. Source:

In Sichuan – Panda Museum, it costs the tourist US$170 to hold a panda for picture

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A new Buddhist Temple

—Guang Ming Temple coming soon in Orlando

佛 光 山 光 明 寺

The International Buddhist Progress Society (IBPS) in Florida founded in 1992. The goals are to promote education, culture, charity, and religious observance. A five-acre land located at 6555 Hoffner Avenue, Orlando was denoted by a devoted couple several years ago for building a Buddhist Temple. The donor and the faithful public hope the future temple could be modern and convenient to all devotees. The new temple facilities include: Meditation Hall, Water Dripping Study Center, Vegetarian Dinning Hall, Audio visual Center, Library, Exhibition Hall, Meeting Hall, Class Rooms, Social Activity Center, and Virtue and Merits Hall. The act of building the temple in itself has the strength to purify human nature and expand cultural activities. It also breeds talents, promotes family harmony, and has a peaceful stabilization effect for the community. Please cherish this rare opportunity to participate in the building of our own temple, the Florida Kuan Ming Temple. Your generosity will help defray the huge cost of building our center of benevolence and compassion. Please make your donation to: IBPS and mail to:2250 Principal Row Orlando, FL 32837 Interested in knowing more about the progress, please call 407-240-9009 or email to Source:

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Kodomo-no-hi ”

— Children’s Day - May 5th  By Teri Mitchell


Rangetsu of Tokyo

~Authentic Japanese Cuisine~ 8400 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819 Tel: 407.345.0044 Koinobori at Rangetsu

You may be surprised that we have a national holiday just for KIDS in Japan. We celebrate the day displaying Koinobori (carp streamers), Musha-ningyo (Samurai doll), or Kabuto (Samurai helmet) at home, eat Kashiwa-mochi and Chimaki, and wish for children’s healthy growth and happiness. Kashiwa-mochi is a rice cake filled with bean jam and wrapped in an oak leaf. Chimaki is a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. You might wonder why Koinobori, Musha-ningyo, and Kabuto? A carp which swims upstream symbolizes strength and success. Since old times, Kabuto or Musha-ningyo has been displayed at home as an amulet or a talisman to protect boys and babies. Today, we celebrate the day for all the children in Japan. This celebrating event happens during the most exciting week of the year in Japan. The week is called “Golden Week” – from April 29th to May 5th. Four national holidays are in the week. If you would like to see Koinobori and Musha-ningyo, stop by Rangetsu of Tokyo on International Drive. Also, to further explore Kodomo-no-hi and other elements of Japanese culture, you may like to know that the Japan oriented organization “J.Club” in Orlando is meeting at Rangetsu on 05/13(Sat). Feel free to contact Teri Mitchell at 407.506.4816 / for further information or registration. Musha-ningyo at Rangetsu

Open Daily 5:00pm – 11:30pm


“anime ” Mind


 By Christie Hudon

— a day in the Orlando Sheraton World Hotel Anime (アニメ, Anime?) is a style of cartoon animation originating in Japan, with distinctive character and background aesthetics that visually set it apart from other forms of animation. While some anime is entirely hand-drawn, computer assisted animation techniques are quite common. Storylines are typically fictional; examples of anime representing most major genres of fiction exist. Anime is broadcast on television, distributed on media such as DVDs, VHSs, or included in console and computer games. Anime is influenced by Japanese comics known as manga. Some anime storylines have been adapted into live action television programs. ◄Baby Inu Yasha

Once a year, fans of the art of Japanese animation (anime) gather for a weekend of costumes, movies, mingling and shopping. The convention, hosted by the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando (JACO), seems to grow each year with the increasing popularity of anime in the United States. This year over a thousand fans were expected to attend. Judging by the crowds that filled every space of the Sheraton World Hotel, those numbers were met and exceeded. Japanese culture is also a big feature of the anime genre. Fans don kimonos and hakama pants and munch on Japanese snack foods like pocky and ramune. Japanese pop and rock music has a following among anime fans, earning the nickname Jpop. The fans make the convention what it is. Each attendee has the chance to host a panel, display and sell their artwork and compete in numerous contests to show their skill at costume-making or video production. The anime music video contest always draws a crowd. Convention goers gather to watch video clips of their favorite anime set to popular music in the style of MTV. Everywhere you turn at the convention; characters from popular and classic series come to life thanks to beautiful fan-made

costumes. Favorites this year included the alchemist Ed Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and ninjas from the series Naruto. Final Fantasy costumes are always popular as well and fans spend hours making every painstaking detail of the unique character designs. The annual costume contest is a feast for the eyes with hundreds of handmade outfits on display. Fans also gather in the dealer’s room to find the latest anime merchandise. Local and international shops set up booths filled with merchandise and food. From antique kimono sales to anime DVD’s and music, every fan can find something they like. Even Walden Books joined the dealers with a huge booth full of manga (Japanese graphic novels), proving that anime fans are a business boost. Each year, the conven◄Card Captor Sakura

tions hosts choose a theme to represent the overall events of the convention. This year’s theme centered on the idea of Yin and Yang and black and white. To celebrate the theme, JACON hosted the Black and White Manga Masquerade. Fans gathered for a formal dance and were required to wear a mask. A magical night of dancing and mingling, the first ever Manga Masquerade provided an elegant break from other convention activities. Wasabi Anime also helped to host events at the convention. Their biggest annual event, the Animusical is a review style performance that blends anime and pop culture for entertaining results. Wasabi is a franchised club with affiliates throughout Florida. They exist to plan events for conventions that are innovative and fun for fans. They are also dedicated. Wasabi hosted an all night dance party on Saturday for fans that didn’t want to sleep! JACO, the convention host has served the Orlando community for over 13 years. The club hosts anime viewings on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month at the University of Central Florida. Their mission is to make anime more accessible to the public by showing a number of new shows and movies that are popular in Japan. JACO hosted the first convention in 2000 and now, seven years later, JACON has grown to be one of the most popular conventions in Florida. For more info visit: Christie’s Bio

Christie Hudon earned a degree in Creative Writing from UCF. She is currently a freelance writer and public speaking teacher at Full Sail Real World Education. She loves to watch anime with friends and is an actress with the community drama group Verve. You may contact her at chudon@ Fruits Basket Group

Chillin Vash


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◄Leshan Buddha


My Journey to Sichuan China

Very lucky, I just came back from Huang Shan on September 05 and Jiu Zhai Gou on April 06, and I truly agree what these old saying means to everyone who has been visiting those two famous scenic places. Sichuan Province 四川省 is located in Southwest China. Huang Long 黃龍 and Jiu

Long Sea at Jiu Zhai Gou

ority tribe wears

Chinese say : ‘You would not want to see any other mountains once you have been to the Huang Shan ; and you would not want to see any other water scenes once you have come to Jiu Zhai Gou. ‘黃山歸來不看山; 九寨歸來不看水’

touching the river bellow. “The mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain” is how the people are impressed. The Buddha is 71 meters tall, with 28-meters wide shoulders, 14.7-meters high head and 1.6-meters long toenails. It is taller by 17 meters than the standing Buddha in Afghanistan, the “socalled” tallest Buddha in the world. Day 5 : Emeishan 峨嵋山 (Emei Mountain) lies 7 km. to the southwest of Emei county, Sichuan Province, and is one of the four famous Buddhist Mountains in China. Situated in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin, and with a temperate climate, Emeishan is luxuriantly green all the year round, and abounds in rainfalls, and rare and precious animals and plants. From the foot of the mountain to its summit, the Peak of Ten Thousand Buddhas, 3133 metres above sea level, the trail totals some 60 kilometres in length. It is endowed with unique changeable weather and marvelous natural beauty. Scenic spots and historic sites are found all over the places. Day 6 : Sichuan – Panda Museum which is also a must see! 四川熊貓館 Back to Hong Kong

Ada Wong in Chinese min

 By Ada Wong

Zhai Gou 九寨溝, which located in Sichuan Province were admitted by the UNESC to be part of “the International Reserve Net of Man and Biosphere.” I spent total of 6 days for this trip and I highly recommend to anyone who like natural scenes. Day 1 : Hong Kong International Airport to Chenghu 成都, (Capital of Sichuan) Flight time 2 ½ hours Day 2 : Chengdu to Huang Long and Jiu Zhai Gou Airport 黃龍九寨機場 which just opened from 2003, and saves approximately 12 hours driving time from Chengdu to destination. Flight time : 40 minutes. Huang Long scenic area 黃龍風 景區 is a state first-class scenic zone, reputed as “ Jasper Lake on Earth.” Colorful lakes reflecting azalea flowers : they are groups of colorful lakes surrounded by azalea shrubs. Day 3 : Jiu Zhai Gou 九寨溝 : Jiuzhaigou Valley is situated in Nanping county, Sichuan Province, and encompasses an area of 720 square kilometers. It abounds in virgin forests and rare flowers and grasses. A place named “Haizi” is dotted with lakes and pools of various sizes filled with crystal clear waters. The valley, a fairy land gifted by nature, is the haunt of golden monkeys, white geese, pandas and other rare and precious animals. Day 4 : Back to Chengdu - Leshan City of Sichuan Province, the Grand Buddha of Leshan 樂山大佛 the biggest carved stone Buddha in China. The Grand Buddha, bare-footed and with drooping ears, has his hair arranged in a spiral knot on top, his chest exposed and his hands rested upon the knees. The Buddha carved into the whole face of a cliff, has its head at the same level as the cliff top, and the feet



May is Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month—a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. In June 1977, Representatives Frank Horton of New York and Norman Y. Mineta of California introduced a House resolution that called upon the president to proclaim the first ten days of May as Asian/Pacific Heritage Week. The following month, senators Daniel Inouye and Spark Matsunaga introduced a similar bill in the Senate. Both were passed. On October 5, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a Joint Resolution designating the annual celebration. The first 10 days of May were chosen to coincide with two important anniversaries: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants (May 7, 1843) and the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869). In 1992, Congress expanded the 10-day observance to a month long celebration.

ASIANS 13.5 million

The estimated number of U.S. residents who say they are Asian or Asian in combination with one or more other races. This group

comprises 5 percent of the total population. California has both the largest population (4.6 million) and the largest numerical increase (367,100) of people of this group since April 2000; Hawaii is the state where Asians make up the highest proportion of the total population (58 percent). Orlando’s Asian population has grown by almost a third since 2000, after a 125.3 percent increase during the 1990s. In just the first four years of the decade, the Orlando area gained 14,055 Asian residents.

Education 50%

The percentage of Asians, age 25 and over, who have a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education. Asians have the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group in the country. The corresponding rate for all adults in this age group is 27 percent.


The percentage of Asians, age 25 and over, who are high school graduates. The corresponding rate for all adults in this age group is 85 percent.


The percentage of Asians, age 25 and over, who have an advanced degree (e.g., master’s, Ph.D., M.D. or J.D.). The corresponding rate for all adults in the age group is 9 percent.

Languages 2.2 million

The number of people who speak Chinese at home. Next to Spanish, Chinese is the most widely spoken non-English language in the country. Also among the top 10 most frequently spoken languages are: Tagalog (1.3 million); Vietnamese (1.1 million); and Korean (966,959) Source: US Census Bureau

“If we want to change society, we can first begin by transforming ourselves; learning from one another about one another’s history, culture, dreams, hopes, personal experiences.” - Yuri Kochiyama

Freshly made Hong Kong Style Dim Sum and Gourmet Dishes Available Everyday

8365 S John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32819

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Chinese Restaurant

Sand Lake Rd John Young Parkway


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Oriental of Skyview

Research Institute of Feng Shui


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Each jade comes with delicate tassel (6.5”) to allow to be hung easily. Use it as a Feng Shui Symbol to promote your health, improve your relationships, and encourage wealth and good fortune! Hang up in your vehicle, your office, your bedroom. Place beside the cashier or counter of your business, beside your computer. Use it as a cellular and handbag ornaments!

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3804 E. Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803












Orlando office with staff and develop new computers and software.

CD albums, totaling 21 songs. This series was called “Whispers of the Caribbean”.

Chicken Sashimi…?

Toei Animation Institute

To show appreciation for solving this cartoon production problem, he was taken to a celebration dinner called “Yakitori”. They had chicken prepared many ways such as baked, barbequed, broiled, and even RAW. “Raw was very challenging. But at that moment, I thought about more than just Larry Mitchell. So I made sure that he watched me eating it so that I would not have to do it again,” he says.

In March of 1995, the Toei Animation Institute was launched. It’s located in Tokyo, and is the origin of several of Japan’s most celebrated computer animations and producers. He designed the mother board for the main computers, the primary cartoon software and network topology for the school as well as helped craft the strategy for making the school a success. At the grand opening of the school, he was introduced to Michael Jackson’s boss from SONY Music Japan. In 1994, he directed the production of two video games called “Helicops” and “Virtual Wars of the Pacific”. This was done in conjunction with his two sister companies in Orlando, Florida and Santa Monica, California and MK Company in Tokyo, Japan.

Caribbean music videos for Panasonic In addition, as a Thank You for solving cartoon process, he was introduced to a producer at NHK television (NHK is Japan’s official television network). The NHK producer was representing Panasonic in an effort to find a producer who could make exciting Caribbean music videos with beautiful models to promote a new video disk technology called “Video CD” This was the technology that later became DVD. Panasonic had produced traditional Japanese cultural video such as Sumo wrestling and traditional Japanese life, but this was seen as extremely boring by the Japanese. He was asked to use his skills to direct video production of 12 attractive models in a tropical Caribbean setting, and produce 3D animation to blend with the video of the models and to compose original music as the feature recording artist for 3 video

Amazing “Onsen” in Hakone While in Japan, he spent some time in Hakone at Kaneko’s home that was built





by combining 14 houses to make one large house. The most amazing feature of the house was the geothermal heated bath that brought unimaginably hot water with sulfur. “Kaneko told me I should try it, and that if I was too afraid to try it, he would tell all

▲TOEI Animation Institute (Tokyo, Japan) Original 3D animation courses and technology designed by Larry Mitchell.

the pretty Japanese girls at the office that I was too afraid. So obviously I got in,” he grins. “What was most soothing about this was in the steaming hot bath, was that I could look outside and see the snow.”

Got lost, but found peace

▲The uninhabited island of ‘Hans Lollik’ is rented for Larry’s music video production.

◄Top model Abby-Lyn Vogel in makeup session with daytime TV soap opera makeup icon Robert Bolger before her sand castle performance for Larry Mitchell’s ‘Whispers of the Caribbean’.

“One of the most difficult things about learning to work in Japan was to not get lost. All signs looked the same to me because I couldn’t understand any of them. So all buildings looked the same to me. So all roads looked the same to me. My great desire to explore Tokyo meant that I often got very lost. This was a real problem late at night in the snow when I couldn’t find a taxi. I wondered if I could ever get back to my room. I imagined a news report showing a black arm sticking out of the snow.” “My experiences in Japan are some of my most treasured possessions. As a 10 yearold boy, I thought to myself if I can marry a Japanese lady and understand the Japanese people, I could understand people from anywhere in the world. To this day, Japan is the place I can rejuvenate my heart and soul and find peace.”



oclaims Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Pr e Month. May 2006 Taiwanese American Heritag

▲From Left to Right: Albert Huang, Mrs. Huang, Mr. Jong, Maurice Kuo, Tony Coolidge, Mayor Buddy Dyer

May 1, 2006 - Orlando, FL - On May 1st, 2006, at 2:20 pm, during a televised ceremony at the City Council Session in Orlando’s City Hall, Mayor Buddy Dyer announced a Proclamation that proclaimed May 2006 to be Taiwanese American Heritage Month. A group of representatives of the Taiwanese-American community led by Tony Coolidge of the ATAYAL organization were present at the ceremony to pledge support for the Orlando Sister Cities program. Tainan, Taiwan is a sister city of Orlando, Florida. Other members of the group in attendance included Maurice Kuo, President of the Taiwanese American Association of Greater Orlando and other prominent members of the same organization.

◄From Left to Right: Maurice Kuo, Tony Coolidge, Albert Huang, Mrs. Huang, Mr. Jong

Tony Coolidge also shared with City Council about the community events that were being held throughout the month, including a photographic and cultural exhibit by the ATAYAL organization held from May 6 - May 30 at the Scott Laurent Collection in

Winter Park, Florida, as well as the Dragon Boat Festival held on Saturday, May 20th. At the conclusion of the announcements, there was a presentation of gifts to the mayor and a photo opportunity.

National award-winning gallery in Winter Park announces new Asian-themed exhibit April 28, 2006 - Winter Park, FL - Beginning May 6th through May 31st, 2006, the Scott Laurent Collection will be showcasing TIME IN A DISAPPEARING WORLD a photographic exhibit of the disappearing tribes of Taiwan. This exhibit is sponsored by ATAYAL, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to nurturing the spirit and culture of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan and developing economic and cultural opportunities in the United States. Art sale proceeds go to ATAYAL to benefit the tribal elders depicted in the photographs. The Scott Laurent Collection, inspired by ATAYAL’s mission, has become a part of the indigenous voice by hosting this month-long exhibit.

This unique collection of photographs, which are part of a documentary, will be accompanied by a short film: TIME AND MUSIC IN A DISAPPEARING WORLD. This film opened the Orlando Latin American Heritage and Film Festival (OLA Fest) and elaborates on the story of these amazing people whose tribes are on the brink of extinction. For more information regarding this exhibit, contact Scott Alles at 407.629.0278


I Love Tinikling Dance

 By Sishi Deng


answer is yes and yes. But dancers do not get clipped often during performances, and it is not as painful as it would seem. Since dancers practice well beforehand without the moving of bamboo sticks, the dancers are less likely to be hit. During practice, the clappers are careful and do not clap hard while dancers are learning. During an actually performance, however, there was one time where I made a mistake and experienced the bamboo sticks clap hard against my feet. Unfortunately, the pain has to be endured and the dance must go on. When this occurs, I just step right back into the sticks and continue like no mistake had been made. Many times, the audience does not even notice.

Filipino Culture The first time I saw Tinikling was at an International Fair at The University of Central Florida during my freshman year. It was the most intriguing type of dance I had ever seen. Thinking along the lines of Chinese acrobatic performers and gymnastic competitors, I thought those Tinikling dancers have been hopping over bamboo sticks since they could walk. Once the Tinikling performance was finished, I joined everyone in the audience in cheering and clapping excitedly in amazement. I admired the dancers’ skills and respected them for having the ability to do such an incredible talent.

Join an Asian organization During my first year of college, I was eager to join an Asian organization to meet new friends and become a part of the Asian community at UCF. There were three main Asian organizations on campus: the Asian Student Association, Filipino Student Association, and the Vietnamese American Student Association. Since my ethnicity is Chinese, I decided to join ASA instead of FSA or VASA. However, during the first couple weeks of school, I had met a new friend named Sarah Abadines, a Filipina, who invited me to a FSA meeting. I was hesitant at first because I was Chinese and did not know if I would fit in with all the Filipinos. My hesitation quickly disappeared during the FSA Meeting because everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. I realized that students do not have to be from the Philippines to be a part of FSA. FSA is

an organization that promotes the Filipino Culture for anyone who has an interest.

FSA Dance Troup At the end of my freshman year, I learned about the FSA Dance Troup. I began going to dance practices and started learning how to do Tinikling from the Dance Troup Coordinator, Wilson Casillan. The thought of jumping into clapping bamboos was intimidating (clapping is the opening and closing movements of the bamboos by two people called “clappers”) because I could just imagine my ankles becoming bloody, sore, and swollen from being hit by the bamboo sticks. I wanted to avoid that at all costs. Fortunately, that image never became a reality.

Tinikling & bamboos sticks When learning Tinikling, the first step is to learn the dance routine without bamboos sticks. After learning the routine, the next stage is to practice the dance over the bamboo sticks, but without any clapping. When I had finally memorized the dance steps and became more comfortable dancing around the still and fixed bamboo sticks, Wilson called the clappers in to begin moving the bamboo sticks. Everyone always asks, “Do you get clipped?” “Isn’t that painful?” The

By being a part of the FSA Dance Troup, I have learned a great deal about the Filipino Culture. I discovered that Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines. The dance represents Tinikling birds hopping between grass stems, running over tree branches, and dodging bamboo traps set by rice farmers. The dancers imitate the grace and speed of the birds. There are numerous ways to dance Tinikling, and the only limit to how many different routines there are is the limit of your imagination and creativity. Within FSA, there has been talks about adding modern and hip hop dance moves in Tinikling which will be more entertaining for college students. While dancing for the FSA Dance Troup throughout my second year at UCF, I was still dedicated and heavily involved in the Asian Student Association. Even though I will be serving ASA as next year’s President, I will continue to be a part of FSA and their Dance Troup. I enjoyed Dance Troup immensely, and I look forward to learning all the new dance routines for the next school year. It turns out that Tinikling Dancers are not professional acrobats or dance prodigies. Anyone can learn with dedication, perseverance, and patience. The FSA Dance Troup is always recruiting dancers, and if you want to become a Tinikling dancer, I highly encourage you to join FSA. You will have an excellent time learning the dance and learning about the Filipino Culture.



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Japanese onomatopoeia

Nihongo is one of the languages highly rich in onomatopoeia that are words imitating sounds and voice; “Gisei-go”/”Gion-go” (擬声語/擬音語). A great many of these consist of two syllables, once repeated, and sound a bit like baby language. These words are very practical in conversations in Japan and convey meaning quickly. We also have mimetic words; “Gitai-go” (擬態語) that describe and express a phenomenon. For the benefit of anyone who desires to pick up some truly Japanese vocabulary, let me introduce some Japanese onomatopoeia. Read them out loud and see if you can imagine the accompanying action or state.

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 By Teri Mitchell

“Gisei-go”/”Gion-go” (擬声語/擬音語) ニャーニャー ワンワン ゲラゲラ シトシト ゴロゴロ コリコリ パリパリ パタパタ チョキチョキ シクシク

Nyaa Nyaa Wan Wan Gera Gera Shito Shito Goro Goro Kori Kori Pari Pari Pata Pata Choki Choki Shiku Shiku

meow meow bow wow guffawing, cackling sound of a light rain shower sound of lightening crunchy (e.g. biting on cartilage) crispy (e.g. potato chips) pattering, pitter-patter, flap-flap snipping, cutting sobbing, weeping

“Gitai-go” (擬態語) Becky Szymanski

President / Licensed Principal Broker

Te l : 407-257-7531 Fax: 407-386-6627

どきどき きらきら ぎりぎり ぺらぺら こちょこちょ ふわふわ ぶらぶら びしょびしょ

Doki Doki Kira Kira Giri Giri Pera Pera Kocho Kocho Fuwa Fuwa Bura Bura Bisho Bisho

throbbing, heart beating fast from excitement, pit-a-pat glittering, sparkling, twinkling just barely, just in time, rock-bottom fluently tickling fluffy, spongy, cushy soft, idly, aimlessly sloppy, dripping wet

Check out our website! Lai Kwan Wong (Ada) Licensed Mortgage Broker

Cell: 407-257-0004 Fax: 407-658-1934 4700 Millenia Blvd., Suite 175 Orlando, FL 32839

w w w. a s i a t r e n d m a g a z i n e . c o m 中文網站請瀏覽:





Japanese Calligraphy  By Teri Mitchell ▼Akihagi-jo 秋萩帖 by Onono Tofu



Onono Tofu 小野道風

Japanese Tea Ceremony  By Teri Mitchell

As seen within Rikyu’s ‘Seven Principles’, Chanoyu concerns the creation of the proper setting for that moment of enjoyment of a perfect bowl of tea. Everything that goes into that serving of tea, even the quality of the air and the space where it is served, becomes a part of its flavor. The perfect tea must therefore capture the flavor of the moment — the spirit of the season, of the occasion, of the time and the place. Tea Ceremony is where this takes place, and where Chanoyu unfolds as an exquisite, singular moment in time shared by the participants. The enduring allure of Chanoyu is proof of its profound meaning for people — not only Japanese, but people of all cultures. Having been nurtured on Japanese soil, it represents the quintessence of Japanese aesthetics and culture. But, beyond this, people far and wide have discovered that life is beautified by this Way — by the spirit that guides its practice, as well as by the objects which express that spirit and are an integral part of its practice. The underlying components of this philosophy are the Art of Living is Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility. These are universal principles that fraught with unrest, friction, self-centeredness, and other such social ailments, can guide us toward the realization of genuine peace. (To be continued…)

As an evolution of the 9th century’s Shodo, the 10th century was the golden age of original Japanese style. Onono Tofu, Fujiwarano Sari, and Fujiwarano Kozei were the three outstanding calligraphers, known as Sanseki. “Kana” was created from Kanji (known as Chinese letters), and in the Court, ladies wrote poems (known as “Waka”) using Kana. Kanji was called Male Hand (Man’s writing) and Kana was called Female Hand (Women’s writing) because it was common that men used Kanji and women used Kana. This age produced many master-hands of the original Japanese letters “Kana”, and many pieces of Kana artworks were produced. The magnificent writing style of Kana birthed beautiful paper productions. The papermaking brought from China was contrived and produced different types of paper with original Japanese designs. (To be continued…)

Teri Mitchell, Shoji is a highest ranked Shodo artist (8th Dan) and a Nihongo teacher from Yokohama, JAPAN. She provides private lessons in Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and Nihongo (Japanese language) in the West Orlando area, also directs Workshop ManekiNeko for Shodo, Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) and Japanese table manners. Her artwork is available for sale. President of J.Club: the Japan oriented organization in Orlando. Phone: 407.506.4816 Email: Web Site:



太 極

Benefits of

Tai Chi

Edited Text taken from the book “The Tai Chi World of Suzy Chan” author Suzy Chan The Tai Chi exercise program is beneficial for you both physically and mentally. It is an exercise program for relaxation, increasing concentration, improving our overall health, and for toning the body. The basic exercises concentrate on the breathing aspect as well as the spiritual aspect. The movements must be done very slowly and flowing. This slow, relaxed, flowing approach helps people of all ages to improve their physical condition, decrease fatigue, and develop endurance. Tai chi exercises help to manipulate the cardiovascular system by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. The combination of turning, stretching, and twisting movements works to release tension and allows every part of the body to be exer-

Dr. Sam Ng, Master, Herbalist


主治 Specialize in:

精醫中風 Paralysis

半身不遂 Hemiplegia

血壓高 High Blood Pressure

膽固醇 High Cholesterol

腎炎 Nephritis

肝炎 Hepatitis

預 約請電

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608 N Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32807 Across from Wah Lum Temple

cised without strain. Tai Chi relieves many stress related and degenerated conditions. By practicing Tai Chi daily, your concentration, co-ordination, and flexibility will improve. Those who suffer from back pain, arthritis, bad posture, stress, or high blood pressure will find this exercise very beneficial. Your posture will improve, the muscles of your legs, thighs, and pelvis will strengthen, which in turn improve your balance. The slow breathing techniques will help those who are suffering with nervous tension and the stress of daily activities. As you learn to use your body more efficiently you will definitely feel an improvement in your health, strength, and stamina over a period of time. In recent years, this form of exercise has been used for nervous tension, rheumatism, ulcers and for increasing blood circulation. Unlike other exercises, Tai Chi is an exercise program for the young and old. For the young, besides toning and strengthening the body, it provides a good foundation for improving their concentration and learning patience. For the more mature individual, the slow movements make it possible for anyone to practice this art form to a ripe old age, without any worry of begin injured. One of the first problems with aging is lack of balance resulting in falls on stairways

or from just daily activities. Therefore, the combination of strengthening the legs and improving the circulation is very important for a stronger body. A stronger body improves balance. We also tend to suffer from bone loss due to lack of exercise, calcium deficiency, our lifestyle or family history, resulting in brittle bones and fractures. Tai Chi stresses good posture and balance. The ability of Tai Chi to rejuvenate and strengthen the bones makes it a valuable exercise program. The slow, soft flowing and continuous movements of Tai Chi develop the muscles and strengthen the back, abdomen, legs and arms. The deep breathing exercises help to massage the internal organs and the constant twisting of the waist help in the circulation of the blood to all parts of the body. The breathing techniques also assist those who suffer from sleeplessness, as it will help the mind to relax to relieve stress. Relief from stress helps people with the prevention of high blood pressure. Tai Chi is a form of meditation in motion. Once we have balance in life, we are in harmony with our body and our immune system performs better. With proper diet and a balanced lifestyle, we can prevent illness and prolong our lives.



 By Arthur Tsui

Nigo & Hong Kong singer - Fiona

The much anticipated Bape Store Hong Kong was finally opened on April 1st. This is the largest Bape Store in the world and attracted more than 1000 Bape fans lining up at the store on the grand opening day.

Japan brand new Toshiba - “Grip Style” design Vodafone K.K. announces that on 10 March 2006 it will commence nationwide sales of the Vodafone 904T, a new 3G handset by Toshiba. Vodafone K.K. will also simultaneously launch three new services and features with the sale of the Vodafone 904T: Vodafone live! CAST, a service that automatically delivers mobile magazine-like content to handsets, Vodafone Address Book, a service that lets customers back up their handset address books to a dedicated network server, and Deru Moji 3D Pictogram Display, which displays pop-up 3D animations in received mails. The Vodafone 904T’s Grip Style design allows the main display to be rotated 180 degrees,enabling customers to use the display as a large camera viewfinder while the handset is closed. Grip Style is also convenient for checking messages and browsing the web. The Vodafone 904T is a flagship model that fully supports current 3G services like Vodafone live! FeliCa for e-money shopping, flight e-ticketing, and point card services, and Vodafone live! NAVI for GPS navigation.

Estimated Price: US$475

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Asian Skin Secrets

 By Suzy Guttler

If you’re an Asian American woman, you’ll know all about the trauma of finding the right skin care regimen or foundation to suit your skin color. We’ve put together a few tips that will set you right on track to natural looking, glowing skin-just in time for the summer.

Choosing the Right Make Up What to look for

Asian women need to look for foundation with yellow undertones. These will enhance the natural color of the Asian skin tone. Make-up for Black or Caucasian skin has pink and red undertones, which are unsuitable for the Asian complexion resulting in a look that is either too orange or chalky.

Pitfalls to avoid Selecting the right color foundation is about choosing a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Trying to darken or lighten your skin tone with foundation will only result in a mask-like finish that will leave the skin looking dull.

Where’s the best place to test it? Neutrogena Clean Tint evens out complexion and never feels cakey. $12 at drugstores.

The best place to test foundation is on the jawline. The skin tone on the hand could differ to that on the face and it is essential that the make-up blends in well around the jawline so as not to leave a noticeable line.

Covering an uneven complexion

LBeauty o-Ann Center Permanent Make Up Bridal Make Up Eyelash Extension Private Room for Nail Body Whitening Skin Care Plastic Surgery

by Florida Licensed Professionals

up on

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Generally, a medium foundation is best for good coverage of imperfections, as it will not appear too thick. In more serious cases where extra coverage is required, it is best to use a concealer rather than a heavy foundation. The whole look can then be sealed using a light dusting of powder.

Asian skin tends to be smooth and poreless with yellow undertones. Being more prone to irritation during the summer months, Asian skin has a greater need for daily exfoliation and moisturizing. Asian skin darkens with age. This is more pronounced in Chinese and Korean skin than other racial groups. However, Filipino (Malay) skin is most sallow to begin with. Asian skin oiliness is associated with humid environment as well as high usage of foundation and powder. Asian skin in general is no oilier than non-Asian skin, but according to dermatologists, Asian American women tend to have oilier skin than recent Asian immigrants. Some dermatologists blame this on higher fat content in our diet. Unexpected pimples may signal stress, hormonal imbalance, or internal health problems.

Tip: A great way to blend founda-

tion is with fingertips or a sponge. This creates a seamless, finishing look. For combination and oily skin, use a big, fluffy brush to lightly dust on translucent powder.


Beauty 101 Treat yourself to a skin care regimen that’ll give you a vibrant look all summer long.

Beauty Guru Lo Ann Taking time out of her busy schedule, beauty center owner, Lo Ann, gives us the latest on Asian skin care and beauty.

Botanical Peel The trend in Asian skin care is on cleansing and conditioning facials, designed to stimulate cell renewal, repair damage and restore radiance to your skin. Asian American women are increasingly indulging in treatments that bring balance to any skin type, giving skin an instant glow! The Botanical Peel is the perfect regimen for the upcoming summer months. Leaving skin bright and smooth, this peel can be performed in between more aggressive corrective skin peels and works exceptionally well on even sensitive skin. With an intense blend of purifying, non-irritating botanicals designed to promote healthier complexion, the Botanical Peel restores vitality to the complexion. This facial is great for clearing acne scars and sun damage. The Botanical Peel and other skin care beauty services are available at the Lo-Ann Beauty Center, located 1809 East Colonial Drive, Suite 3, Orlando, Florida.

◄Cleanse. Experiment with several cleansers to find one that your kin agrees with. It is important to find the right mix of oil for your skin type. Too much will clog pores while too little will dry it out. The best way to wash your face is to begin with warm water-this loosens dirt and clogged pores. Then, with a dime-sized bit of cleanser, gently apply in a circular motion, and finally, rinse with cool water. We like Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, $6 at Drugstores. ►Moisturize. Everyone, regardless of skin type, should moisturize. Moisturizers attract and seal moisture in your skin, creating a healthy glow. For an intensive moisture treatment, try pure vitamin E or aloe vera oil. Try Cetaphil Moisturising Cream, absorbs quickly and works on all skin types. $11 at major drug stores.

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2202 W. Waters Ave., Suite # 6, Tampa

813.514.6877 ►Exfoliate. The secret to exfoliating is to routinely get rid of dead skin cells to give your skin a youthful, fresh look. For oily and combination skin, you’ll need to exfoliate four or five times a week. If you have dry or sensitive skin, once or twice a week will do the trick. Lancome Pure Focus Refining Scrub is incredibly smoothing, with cinnamon, plus it smells great, $23 Lancome counters.

Protect. Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles, blemishes and skin sensitivity. Make it a habit to apply sun screen daily, or choose cosmetic products with sunscreen. Use an SPF 0f 30 or higher. A great trick also, is to double up and use a daytime moisturizer that provides UV protection.



Japanese Beetle

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Is North America ready for such a car? Could the R1, or any other car sized like the R1 succeed over here? Daimler-Chrysler seems to think so, as they are planning to bring over a version of their SMART micro car from Europe. The R1 and/or its microlimo-like R2 cousin (see link below) could certainly do battle with the SMART. compact

gines for the R2. It is available with the three engines which are available for the R2: the I with a SOHC 34 kW engine, the R with the above mentioned DOHC engine rated at 40 kW and the S with a supercharged and intercooled engine rated at 47 kW. The R1 is being marketed as a personal car and as a middle-aged couple’s second car; a combination of leather and alcantara seating is available. All R1s are equipped with a CVT, and all trim levels are available with front wheel drive as well as all wheel drive.

☻Never been in the US market ☻Appealing the youngster

I would think this car would attract the youngster, R1 appeal than a Scion or a Honda Element. Then there are of course, the obvious urban/city dwellers, to whom these cars were originally targeted. I’m convinced there’s a large un-tapped market for vehicles like the R1 and R2. The Subaru R1 was introduced by the Japanese carmaker Subaru on January 4, 2005. It was designed to fit within the Japanese keicar tax bracket. The R1 is a two-door version of the Subaru R2, but with a shorter body and wheelbase. The R1 was only available in one spec level up to end of 2005 with one engine. A DOHC 658 cc 16-valve AVCS engine is the middle child in the trio of en-

Subaru has decided to show its tiny R1 in Geneva after a successful launch in Japan. The R1, at 1760 pounds, is lighter than a Lotus Elise, but its engine, which produces a mere 54 horsepower, is not even suitable to power a motorcycle. Clearly this effi-




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ciency machine was not meant to go fast. The dwarf-sized hatchback may be perfect for scooting through the alleys of Rome, but surely would be swallowed on American expressways. You can be 100 percent certain that this micro will never be on sale in the US market.

Cho Thuê Xe Hỏi và Xe Tải — Rẽ Nhất Trong Vūng


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Saving Money

BioPerformance Fuel is a non-toxic, non-flammable biodegradable enzyme catalyst additive, and comes in pill or power form. The BioPerformance company claims that this product increases horsepower, significantly reduces emissions, and improve gas mileage, leading to average gas savings of up to 25% or more.

•Provide Huge Savings •Reduce Pollution •Increases Performance

You will save 0.25 to 0.50 per gallon at the pump. BioPerformance is sold through multi-level marketing (MLM). Retail cost comes to about $2.00 per 15 gallon gas, wholesale is $1.50. Diesel costs more because more products are required. Fuel savings, Lower toxic emissions, Longer maintenance intervals, More horsepower, Hugh income potential. The gas pill has the property of modifying the physical state of these fuels, accelerating the breaking of molecular connections. This is achieved by Brownian motion which consists on the molecular movement of the polymeric chains contained in hydrocarbons. Registered with EPA PA 40-CFR 79.23 NO. 1932-0001 Disclaimer: This material is displayed by an independent Business Owner. BioPerformance, Inc. does not endorse any and all material as being approved or accept legal recourse on any unapproved material

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A Premier Chinese Language and Culture School in Central Florida The Chinese School of CAACF in Orlando at Winter Park High School Nine Grade Center  By Conchita Hsu

perience, the school has also made the classes more exciting and fun. With the introduction of more extracurricular and cultural courses, such as Acrobats, Folk Dance, New SAT Writing, Verbal & Math, Origame arts/craft, Fun Physics, Chinese Yo-yo, string ensemble/orchestra, alongside the more “traditional” courses such as Chess/ Go, Chinese Kung Fu, Calligraphy, etc, students are able to choose from a wide variety of activities following their language classes. There are also activities specialized for adults, such as yoga, and English Phonics for Asian parents plus Practical Chinese courses too. Both Mandarin and Cantonese are taught in an integrated approach where listening, speaking, reading and writing are combined to facilitate communication skill.

Expanding each year Preserving Chinese Heritage The booming Asian community in Central Florida means that there are also an unprecedented number of children growing up in a household with only one of the parents being Asian. Torn between two worlds, these students struggle to understand both cultures and fully grasp both worlds. Too often, the hassles of keeping up with an ever-decreasing Asian language and culture means that the “Eastern” portion of the child’s heritage is lost, overtaken and overpowered by the dominant and ubiquitous Western culture in which the child is immersed in daily. Outcasts, these children are not fully Asian – the two cultures often clash at home and in daily life, and the lack of two parents able to communicate in an Asian language contributes to the decline of the Asian language and heritage.

Learning Chinese without boundary However, the Chinese School of the Chinese American Association of Central Florida (CAACF) would like to stop that trend. Everyone who is willing to learn the Chinese language and culture, is welcome. Starting last year, the school has expanded its doors, opening several new classes to accommodate demand in the region. The school now offers separate student courses and adult courses, traditional Mandarin classes, simplified Chinese courses, Cantonese classes, as well as neonatal classes for those who don’t have a Chinese learning environment at home. The newly inception of six tracks of language courses with multiple levels of classes in each track for the first time ever was enthusiastically received with a record high enrollment.

Offering extracurricular activities This year, the students ranged from preschoolers to seniors and from Hispanics to Caucasians. Besides enhancing the learning ex-

The rejuvenation of the school has been marked by its success: enrollment has risen rapidly, surpassing over 250 students, and a record number of courses and activities are being held. Now being heralded as the premier Chinese school, the school will never forget its mission to teach and promote the Chinese language and culture to everyone. Chinese is never boring if you have made a commitment to set it as a goal. There exists a great – and fun – environment for learning. The school is now in its 26th going to 27th year and meets every Saturday afternoon for about 30 weeks in a year, equivalent to about 15 weeks per semester at the Winter Park High School 9th Grade Center. This year closing ceremony will be held on May 13th to proudly award our teachers and students. We will continue to serve the community needs and strive for the best. Chinese school is a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers wherein the doors are widely open to any interested in the promotion of global understanding. First day of school for the Fall, 2006 will be August 19th, with classes and registration both start at 2pm. For more information, please visit the school’s website at or or call the school principal, Conchita Hsu at 407 977 1125.

Conchita Hsu

Conchita Hsu is the principal, board member and a parent at the Chinese School. Her 2 boys also attended the Chinese School. Emory, a Biochem concentrator at Harvard University in Boston was admitted early to college at age 15 last year while Jeremy, a high school student, participated in the Chinese School Orchestra as Principal Cellist.

Chinese School principal


Thai New Year at Wat Florida Dhammaram April 16th, 2006 ď Ž By Sylvia Davidson

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year Festival which starts on April 13 every year. Among the many rituals that the Thai participate in as part of the New Year blessings, the most unique is the splashing of clear water. This tradition is traced back to the pre-Buddhist rituals of spring festivals where the throwing of water was meant as a symbol of luck to bring good rain for the crops. It was later converted to the religious custom of cleansing the statues of Buddha once a year. On Sunday April 16th, we participated in the Songkran Festival at Wat Florida Dhammaram in Kissimmee. We arrived at the temple in the afternoon and were greeted by the pair of guardian statues in front of it. They are almost two stories high! Inside, the place was full of Thai New Year festivities. Ladies were dressed in traditional Thai costumes. There was Thai food served and crafts on display. Children were soaking wet!

Everyone seemed to have fun Inside the temple, the monks gave their blessings by splashing scented water from their silver basin onto the people waiting in line. The Thai believe that the wetter they are on New Year, the more luck they will have for the coming year! For those who are interested in visiting the Wat Florida Dhammaram, here is the address: 2421 Old Vineland Road, Kissimmee FL 34746. Phone: (407) 397-9552 or visit their web site at www. wat

Bua, 14 years old from Clermont said she would love to keep the culture by celebratinf the Thai New Year at the temple.

Vicky Holmes brought her daughter to get blessed from monks



r of Commerce Asian American Chambe Universal Or lando at Celebrating the Spirit

On April 22, Universal Orlando’s Community and Diversity Relations team welcomed members and guests of the African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic Chambers. Approximately 300 guests enjoyed breakfast before entering Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Representing the various chambers were Rina Brothers, Ramon Ojeda, and Mel Rogers. Later that evening, guests enjoyed watching the annual Mardi Gras parade and a performance by KC and the Sunshine Band. by Judy Lebredo - Universal Studios Community & Diversity Relations

◄Dr. Gary King, Victor and Judith Tan, and Shally Wong ▲Shally Wong, Malvin Roger (Chairman of African American Chamber of Commerce), Jan Stratton (Vice-President Community & Diversity Relations, Universal Studios Orlando), Rina Brothers (President of Asian American Chamber of Commerce), Ramon A. Ojeda (President of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando)

►Shally Wong, Maria Yabrudy (Red Cross) and Dr. Gary King

Rina Brothers and Judy Lebredo

Interested in joining Asian American Chamber of Commerce, please contact Rina Brothers at 321-239-3525



The Longest reigning King  By Assakorn Sae-Heng in the World December the 5th is the birthday of Thailand’s Monarch, H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX. He was born in Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 1927. His parents Prince and Princess Mahidol of Songkla were both studying at the time he was born. At an early age, after his father passed away, his family moved to Lausanne in Switzerland for their early life and education. When he was 18 years old, he became King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, of the Kingdom of Thailand. Since June 9th 1946, Thailand has been blessed by having such a Monarch as King Bhumibol. He is Royalist’s Royal, Regal in Style, Dignity and Majesty. As he enters his 79th year, may we all thanks him for the many blessings he has bestowed upon his people and wish him, King Bhumibol, a Very happy and Healthy life. LONG LIVE THE KING. Moreover in this coming June 9th, there will be a big celebration all across Thailand. Many royal families and important people from all around the World such as Prince Charles, President Bush will be there to celebrate his 60 years of his serving as Monarch of Thailand.

Writer’s Profile Assakorn Sae-Heng, A computer Engineering graduate at the UCF, is the head chef of Jasmine Thai Cuisine&Sushi. Assakorn’s position for Thai food stemmed from countless hours of watching his mother prepare traditional Thai dishes and delicacies. The culinary-gene runs deep in the Sae-Heng family. His uncle, a renowned Thai chef in Holland, owns two successful Thai restaurants in Amsterdam, while his older brother owns one in Tilburg, Holland.

Attorney Hotline

Main Office: Orlando: 1216 E. Colonial Dr., Ste #11 407-898-7979 Tampa 117 S. Albany Ave., 813-286-6448 St. Petersburg 4419 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park 727-548-0011 Ft. Lauderdale 4297 North State Road, Lauderdale Lakes 954-486-4999 Pensacola 850-444-9999

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Christine L. Nguyen Licensed Mortgage Broker/Owner

321-228-5626 (LOAN)



免查 收入 粵語 查詢 Orlando Office: 1525 E. Colonial Dr, Suite 2, Orlando, FL 32803

Tel: 407-898-4444 Fax: 407-898-4445 Email:



A Newsletter of Chinese American Association of Central Florida


2006 Orlando Dragon Boat Festival 端 午 龍 舟 泛 奧 蘭 多 二 ○ ○ 六 和諧•團結合作•友誼第一,比賽第二

417 OIA



Moss Park

12901 Moss Park Rd Orlando, FL 32832

June 3rd, 2006 (Saturday) • 10:00am 六月三日(星期六)•上午十時開始

Cost 門票:$7.00/Adult 成人- $5.00/Child 兒童(under 12) Bring the family and enjoy games, prizes and food. Register early and you can join a Dragon Boat team for an exciting race on the lake with prizes! There is something for everyone and fun for all ages! 一個合家歡樂慶祝的傳統節日,請與家人齊來參與消暑遊戲,請提早到達現場登記, 同時可以參加組成龍舟隊,有機會親身體驗扒龍船的樂趣,和贏取獎牌與禮品。 For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact: 欲購票或了解詳細情形請聯絡:

Gary King 金文德 407-672-1115 Agnes Chau 周曼宜 407-648-0880 Shally Wong 劉王麗紅 407-808-0497 Park fee 公園泊車收費:$1.00/person 每位 No Pets and Alcohol allowed in the park 寵物與酒不得進入公園內

Organized by 大會統籌:Chinese American Association

of Central Florida (CAACF)中佛州中美協會

Sponsors 贊助:

Co-sponsors 協辦機構:

Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) 美國亞裔商會 Asian Student Associations (ASA at UCF) 亞裔學生會 Han Foundation 漢翔基金 Kissimmee American Chinese Center 奇士美華人協會 Orlando Chinese Professionals Association (OCPA) 奧蘭多專業人士協會 Vietnamese American Student Associations (VASA at UCF) 美國越南學生會 中 •佛 •通 •訊



China Garden

— Hong Kong Style Cuisine China Garden Restaurant, Winter Park 118 S Semoran Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792 (at the corner of University Blvd.)


M– T : 11:30am – 10:00pm Fri : 11:30am – 10:30pm Sat : Noon – 10:30pm Sun : Noon – 10:00pm Early Bird Special available from 3pm – 6pm

 By Robert Lee

China Garden is a charming restaurant with excellent quality of food that reminds me of the days as a youngster going to China Town in New York City. Ann, the owner, and staff are friendly, polite and very attentive to your needs. China Garden is very clean with an appealing decor and warm, casual, relaxing atmosphere and a wide variety of both American style and authentic Chinese dishes. If you have a specialty dish that is not on the menu, China Garden will happily prepare the dish to your specification. I selected three dishes and below is my evaluation. The first dish was a vegetarian dish call Pi Pa Tofu. This dish is made with mashed tofu formed into a ball with water chestnut in the middle. It is then fried till golden and an oyster sauce is poured on top of the Tofu. The dish is surrounded with steam broccoli that makes the dish presentation colorful. Tofu tends to be bland; therefore the sauce is needed in this dish to complement the tofu. The consistency is soft on the outside and a nice crunchy middle. The price for this dish was $9.95. The second dish was Beef Fillets with Whole Black Pepper Sauce. The thick flank steak with peppers, onion, pea pods, button

mushrooms and black pepper was an excellent dish. This dish comes out in a sizzling platter that emits an aroma that reminds of the spices in China Town. . The beef was served medium, which was very tender. This dish is spicy and best eaten with white rice because the sauce has so many flavors and the black pepper has a bite. The price of this dish is $12.95 and is great price. The last dish was Braised Grouper Cantonese Style. This dish is a breaded grouper fillet that is fried with shitake mushrooms, Napa cabbage, shredded pork and parsley garnish. This dish was my favorite. The boneless fish and mild flavor fish was prepared to perfection. The sauce was light and the pork compliments the dish. This dish can also be made with whole fish which is a traditional Chinese meal. This dish was priced at $11.95. My experience eating at China Garden was wonderful. Both the American style and authentic Chinese dishes menus have so many excellent varieties of dishes that should be experienced at least once. I highly recommend dining at the restaurant.

inting ne

your pr Meet all


ed in Specializ

osters, P , s r e n s Ban Product l a n o i t Promo phics a r G l a t i and Dig 10% off

hase for your first purc

ver y Free deli$500 for order over


et Access es Intern 30 minutter 1 hr rental) (af

5531 International Dr. Orlando, Fl 32819

407-363-4500 407-363-4405 407-363-4411 (Fax)

30 Nagoya Sushi


6417 Raleigh St Orlando FL 32835 Tel: 407-290-9411

China Garden Restaurant 118 S Semoran Blvd Winter Park FL 32792 Tel: 407-671-2120 Thai

China Town Seafood

Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

1103 N Mills Ave Orlando FL 32803 Tel: 407-896-9383

7555 W Sand Lake Rd Orlando FL 32819 Tel: 407-345-0040

Dim Sum

Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant

Bangkok Restaurant

8365 S John Young Parkway Orlando FL 32819 Tel: 407-352-3832

260 Douglas Ave Altamonte Spring FL 32714 Tel: 407-788-2685

Ming’s Bistro 1212 Woodward St. Ste 6 Orlando, FL 32803 Tel: 407-898-9672

Jasmine Thai Cuisine & Sushi 750 S Hwy 17-92 Longwood FL 32750 Tel: 407-331-2901

Taste of Hong Kong 6540 Carrier Dr Orlando FL 32819 Tel: 407-248-2863


Phở Hòa


649 N Primrose Dr Orlando FL 32803 Tel: 407-895-6098

Gizmo Sushi 110 S Semoran Blvd Winter Park FL 32792 Tel: 407-677-5800

Phở Saigon Restaurant 5100 W Colonial Dr Orlando FL 32808 Tel: 407-253-7013

Jasmine Thai Cuisine & Sushi 750 S Hwy 17-92 Longwood FL 32750 Tel: 407-331-2901

Would you like to be listed here? Please call 407-808-0497 for more information

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Global Media LLC 高 寶 來 廣 告 公 司


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1809 E. Colonial Dr., Suite 3 Orlando, FL 32803 Phone: 407-896-3749 321-961-7272

*special card: $150 / 1000

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A Restaurant for All Seasons

model: Four Seasons Dance Group

 Friendly Service   Only the Freshest Ingredients   Clean and Comfortable Dining Environment 

649 N. Primrose Drive


Best Japanese— Orlando Sentinel Foodie Award Critic’s

5 years in a row

Rated “Excellent” by Zagat Survey 2001-2005

HWY 436

Baldwin Park

E Colonial Dr

Goldenrod Rd


S Semoran Blvd

Catering • Banquet Room

p N University Blvd Target

HWY 50

20 different kinds of Sake

6417 Raleigh Street Orlando, FL 32835 118 S Semoran Blvd Winter Park, FL 32792

(Corner of 436 & University Blvd.)

407.671.2120 Fax:


(Metro West Shoppes)

Te l : 407-290-1288 Fax: 407-290-2313

FREE T-shirt

with purchase of $20.00 or more



International Folk Festival 2006

– The Rotary Club of Casselberry April 29, 2006

Apple Blossom Dance

To celebrate and share our world’s culture: Art, Crafts, Dance, Music, and Ethnic Foods and Drinks. Bring together our diverse community to advance international understand, goodwill, and peace through world fellowship.

New Age Line Dance

India Dance Chinese Acrobatics

Irish Dance

Portuguese Folk

Chinese Calligraphy

Looking for Your Dream Home or Real Estate Investment? Commercial and Residental Sales

Specialized in locating restaurant site and retail space 商業及住宅買賣 代客找尋餐館及各種商業舖位

445 Douglas Ave. Suite 2205 J Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Lai Kwan Wong (Ada)

Realtor ® • Licensed Mortgage Broker

王麗君 地產經紀•執照貸款經紀 精通國•粵•英語

Cell: 407-257-0004 • Fax: 407-658-1934 email:






Filipino Singer Group Columbian


Rachel Tobillo


Robyn Tobillo

Cha Cha - Cuba Hank Lander, Event Chair with China Garden

Tony Coolidge and Karen Nguyen

Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. The proďŹ ts raised at this festival will go towards funding a new playground as part of the City of Casselberry’s redevelopment. Music from Latin, German, Italy and America


For more opportunities connect at Source:

2006 June Trade Show Highlights in Asia Events




5th China International Consumer Goods Fair

June 08 - 12 Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center

Household textiles, garments, electronics & home appliances, light industrial products, arts & crafts, foodstuff Tel: (86) 574-8717-8074

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Manufacturers Fair

June 14 - 18 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Gemstones, loose diamonds, pearls, silver, jewelry, gold jewelry, fashion jewelry, packaging and display materials, machinery equipment and tools Tel: (66) 2-630-1761

China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair

June 16 - 19 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Gold, platinum and silver jewelry, pearls, diamond and gem jewelry, gold products, diamonds, jadeite, gemstones, machinery and equipment, tools and technology, packaging and display Tel: (852) -2516 1677

Check out our website! visit us at: Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair June 22 - 25 AsiaWorld-Expo and / Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & AccesHong Kong Convention sories Fair and Exhibition Centre Taipei Telecom: Taipei Int’l Telecommunications & Networking Show

July 14 - 17

Taipei World Trade Center

Gold, platinum and silver jewelry, pearls, diamond and gem jewelry, gold products, diamonds, jadeite, gemstones, machinery and equipment, tools and technology, packaging and display Licensed Agent Tel: (852)Independent -2516-1636 Email: Communication products, mobile and related devices, shortradioAveune and microwave communication, batteries and cells, 2254wave Aloma 1155 West S.R. 434, Suite 123 antennas, electric wires and cables, ICs, networking Winter Park, FL 32792 Longwood, FL 32750products and 407-629-2011 services, software, CATV Phone: equipment, instruments Phone: 407-265-2011 Tel: (886) 2-2725-5200 Fax: 407-629-5445 Fax: 407-265-2022

Joe Laurenza

ALLIANCE OFFERS A HELPING HAND TO ENTREPRENEURS “Starting, owing a small business can be tough business, barriers to succeed include: lack of planning, insufficient capital, insufficient know-how, poor cash flow management, to name a few, but resources exist to help you in your entrepreneurial experience.” Rosina Seip, Director of Access to Capital – MWBE Alliance Founded in 1994, Minority/Women Business Enterprise Alliance, Inc. (“The Alliance”) is dedicated to helping minority, womenowned, disadvantaged businesses, small businesses and nascent entrepreneurs succeed in business. Technical and management services are offered under the auspices of our One Stop Business Resource Center, Alliance Women’s Business Center, Construction Assistance Center, and U. S. D.A Rural Business Development Center. Services include providing Access to Capital with micro loans ranging from $500 to $50,000. Our Construction Assistance Program helps contractors gain access to information on upcoming contracts, a construction plans room, and specialized technical assistance and training for the construction industry. Our Entrepreneurial Training Institute offers a wide range of business workshops and seminars

ranging from How to Start a Business, Marketing, Business Planning, How to Obtain Financing, Strategic Planning, Payroll Processing, OSHA Safety, Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification, Accounting and Bookkeeping, too name a few. Management and Technical Assistance services involve providing clients with one-on-one counseling, workforce development, business development and advisory services under our Members Only Program. Other customized services are offered under our Program Management and Consulting Division on behalf of local and federal public and private sector partners in an effort to increase the utilization of our clients in local and regional contract and procurement opportunities. To learn more about the services and products offered by The Alliance, please attend our no cost weekly “Orientation” seminar, held each Thursday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. at our offices located at 625 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803. Contact us by telephone at 407-428-5860 or visit us on the world-wide web at: by Rosina Seip


Inspirational Talk


ello everyone. I wanted to introduce my new monthly column in Asia Trend Magazine. This column will cover any and all topics (such as romance, life, family, philosophy), basically it is to help everyone with any questions they may have. My experiences as a writer include short stories, poetry, a literary magazine and an advice column. I hope that everyone will enjoy this column and I am always open to any suggestions. “Do not forget today in your search for tomorrow.” I try to live by this phrase. More often than not, everybody is always looking at the future. How can I make more money? Will I meet that special someone? What should I study? The list goes on and on. Time has a way of speeding by and as we become older, time seems to accelerate. We are all guilty of just looking at what the future holds and what we can do to make our future better. We forget one extremely crucial point, what about today, the present?

The present, today is generally overlooked. We don’t try to enjoy each day one at a time. Then, we wonder why life goes by so fast. We question why we have so many regrets at the end of life. Everyone searches for happiness and that is why we keep trying to make our future better. Happiness is actually in the present. It is in what we today. So, make every single moment and day count. Be kind to all those around you. Do something nice for a stranger. Pick up the phone and call your family. Hang out with friends. If you love someone treat them well and treasure them with all of your heart. Love is hard to find. Happiness is often so close and right in front of us. We just need to embrace it. Happiness is in the present, but, it does not mean we forget tomorrow. The foundation for our future happiness is built upon what we accomplish in the present. “Do not forget today in your search for tomorrow.” Email Nancy Tran at your questions and comments.



Linedance with style At Casselberry Senior Center (at Secret Lake Park, 200 N. Triplet Lake Dr., Casselberry 32707): Every Monday (for beginners) from 7:30~9:30pm; and Thursday (for more advanced), 7~9:30pm. $5 per person. At L. Claudia Allen Senior Center (1840 Mable Butler Ave., Orlando 32805): Every Friday (for beginners), 1:30~3:00pm. Donation accepted. Contact Ivan and Cecilia Mao at 407-222-8747 or Orlando Badminton Club Every Wednesday (6:30-10pm), Friday (6:309pm) and Sunday(12:30-4pm) at Orlando Fitness & Racquet Club, 825 Courtland St (by Lee Rd and I-4). Contact Krishna Balwalli at 407-361-4735 or email Qi Gong Practice Come and learn every Sunday at 10am Lake Eola in Orlando, FL. Located on the east side of Lake near the gazebo. Call Mark at 407-2355828 for details. Ch’an Buddhism Meditation Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhism Association (DDMBA), meet every 1st & 3rd Saturday 10:00am-12:30pm at Southeast Branch Library (On Hoffner & 436), 5575 S. Semoran Blvd., Orlando, FL 32822, FREE, meditation & book study. 407-538-6491, email: chihho2004@ Local Table Tennis Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 610pm at Winter Park Christian Church, 760 N. Lakemont Dr. All levels of players are welcome. We play for fun, and also offer Professional coaching and a Robot for training. Please call Adam at 407-854-6301 or

Monday evening Asian Social get together and get it started, meets at diverse location 6pm on Monday, Contact Mi Hoshino at 407.947.2031. Tai Chi with “Madame Wu” Every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm at the Osceola County Council on Aging, 1099 Shady Lane, (minutes from the Turnpike entrance in St. Cloud). $1 donation. For more information, contact Madame Wu at 407-738-7001 or O.C.C.A. at 407-846-8532


Time in a Disappearing World, this unique collection will be on exhibit from May 6th thru May 31st at the Scott Laurent Collection, 348 Park Avenue North, Winter Park. This exhibit is sponsored by ATAYAL, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultures of disappearing indigenous peoples. Art sale proceeds go to ATAYAL for the benefits of the tribal elders. Details, please call 407-629-0278.

Single listing is up to 40 words at no charge for non-profit organization E-mail the events/activities to or fax the information to 407-273-9913 Submit the information by the 1st of each month for the same month publication.

Asian Gala 2006, presented by Asian American Heritage Council, May 13 (Sat) 6:30pm at Orlando Marriot Downtown, 400 West Livingston St, $45/adult and $20/child, Corporate Table available for $600. Contact Rachel Siu at 407-679-2433, Sylvia Yi: 321-439-6464; Saigon Radio, Tom Nguyen at 407-422-6229. Proceeds go to Asian American Student Scholarship Fund. Pampangueno Association of Central Florida invites you to attend the popular Filipino Mass on May 14 (Sun) at 2pm at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Orlando. Followed by FACF Cultural Event, a celebration of Mother’s Day, May Festival. Flores de Mayo (Santacruzan) Cultural Dances and Songs Entertainment. For further details, please call Ghie at 407-8040864 or Tess Ang at 407-756-2889. Or email Tai Chi at the Library The Osceola County Library is pleased to announce the return of “Madame Wu” for two free workshops, 5/17 at the Hart Memorial Central Library from 11:00am – 12:00pm, and 5/31 at the Buenaventura Lakes Library from 11:00am12:00pm. For more information, contact the Library at: 407-935-0777. Dragon Boat Festival Picnic organized by Chinese American Association of Central Florida. June 3rd (Sat) 10am, Moss Park, 12901 Moss Park Rd, Orlando. Bring your family and enjoy games, prizes and food. Register at 10am to join the Dragon Boat team for an exciting race on the lake. Cost: $7 for adult and $5 for child under 12. For tickets, please contact Gary King at 407-672-1115, Agnes Chau at 407-648-0880 or Shally Wong at 407-808-0497.

Visit for Asia Trend Calendar of Events





Seeking entrepreneurial-minded, self-starting individuals who love music & want to be a part of the oncoming digital content revolution. No prior experience necessary, but must have a robust positive attitude and enjoy working with people. Ongoing training and support available…hours are flexible. CONTACT: Kirk Squires 407-310-7606

Healthcare company in Maitland is looking for Customer Service Executives / Member Services who are fluent in Cantonese and/or Mandarin. The position is Temp - Perm. The job duties include: inbound and outbound phone calls, data entry, answering customers’ questions and solving customers’ problems, and translation. Interested, please call Ken Malave at 631-495-1684 at Resource Search Company.

Jade Security Printing is looking for a Printing Sales Representative. Flexible hours. Interested, please call 407-363-4500.



China Garden Restaurant at Winter Park needs a part-time, full-time server and hostess. Candidate must be fluent in English and good to have experience in restaurant industry. Good manner and communication skills. Interested, please call Anne Tsoi at 407-718-6972.

Pho Hoa Restaurant is looking for waiters and kitchen workers. Full and part-time positions are available. Experience is not necessary. All new employees will receive full trainings. For more information, please call 407-895-6098.

Stephen Hong and Asia Trend Magazine

Place your classified ad here for $25/month (50 words maximum). Anything over that is charged 20 cents per word. Mail the check payable to Global Media LLC, with your classified ad wordings to the following address: PO Box 5352, Winter Park, FL 32793. Deadline: check and wordings must be received by the 1st of each month.

ASIAN ASSOCIATIONS Asian American Chamber of Commerce Contact Rina Brothers at 321-239-3525 or email Asian American Heritage Council — “Together we accomplish more!” to preserve the culture and heritage of Asians, to recognize and honor exemplary community leadership that enhances the quality of life and image of Asian Americans, and to reward Asian American students with scholarship grants to motivate them to Asian American Women Association Contact Becky Szymanski at ATAYAL Nurturing the spirit and culture of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan and providing economic and cultural development initiatives in the United States. Contact Tony Coolidge 321-206-8040.

Chinese American Association of Central Florida (CAACF) 中佛州中美協會 Chinese School of CAACF 中佛州中華學校 Chinese School of Tomorrow 明曰中文學校 The Evergreen Club 2250 Principal Row, Orlando. Meets every Thursday. Email Janet Nguyen at Guang Ming Temple School 佛州光明寺光明學院

2250 Principal Row, Orlando, FL 32837 Tel: (407) 240-9009

Han Foundation J.Club— Japan oriented organization provides exposure to the unique culture and fascinating experiences of Japan Contact Terri Mitchell at

Organization of Chinese Americans – South Florida Chapter 美華協會 Winnie Tang PO Box 56-2124, Miami, FL 33256 305-753-8791 Orlando Chinese Professionals Association (OCPA) 奧蘭多中國專業人仕協會 UCF Asian Student Association UCF Vietnamese American Student Association USF Vietnamese Student Association United Chinese Associations of FL 華人聯合會

18250 NW 2nd Ave, Miami 305-651-3800

This information is brought to you by Orange County Health Department - Marketing Department

Why am I Counting Sheep? Sleep is essential to all humans’ well-beings. We spend a third of our lives asleep. Sleeping is just like breathing, we don’t really think about it unless our sleeping patterns are disturbed due to illness, stress, etc. The lack of sleep can hinder our work productivity and cause us to make more mistakes than are necessary in the course of an 8-hour work day. Sleep impacts are health in various ways: The Better Sleep Council conducted a stress and sleep survey to find out what keeps Americans up at night. The findings reveal a range of insights on American stress and sleep cycles. • 65% of Americans are losing sleep due to stress • 32% of Americans are losing sleep at least one night a week • 16% of Americans experience stress-induced insomnia More women than men have trouble fall-

ing asleep at least one night per week. Individuals 45 and older admit to losing sleep due to stress. Also, the survey focused on women’s wellness and the results show an interesting paradigm in how women approach their health. 27% of women say sleep is important to their well-being 16% of women would try getting good nights sleep to improve their overall wellness 31% of suburban moms are likely to make sleep a priority 50% of women with children agree that sleep is the best way to recharge, nine points higher than women without children 45% of women agree they feel most refreshed after a good nights sleep 26% of women are likely to invest in a mattress as an in home wellness item It is essential that everyone take time to recharge by getting a good night’s sleep. The

quantity and quality of your sleep will determine whether you are bright-eyed and busy or sluggish and surly. 10 Tips to Getting a Good Nights Sleep 1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends. 2. Develop and maintain a relaxing routine (i.e. listen to smooth jazz, reading a good book, etc.). 3. Create a dark, cool, relaxing environmentTurn off the television. 4. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow. 5. Use the bed for sleep and sleep related activities. 6. Eat at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. 7. Exercise regularly. 8. Avoid nicotine products close to bedtime. 9. Avoid caffeine close to bedtime. 10.Avoid Alcohol close to bed time. Source:


BBQ Noodles House Best BBQ in town L u n c h B o x To G o Home Style Noodle

Joe Laurenza

Licensed Independent Agent

明 爐 燒 臘 • 家 鄉 風 味 粉 麵 糕 點 • 歡 迎 外 賣


720 N. Mills Ave Orlando, FL 32803

2254 Aloma Aveune Winter Park, FL 32792 Phone: 407-629-2011 Fax: 407-629-5445

(Corner of E. Colonial Dr)

資深會計師樓,專精個人及商業稅務 精通國、粵、英語,竭誠為您服務

407-894-4256 407-894-4241

1155 West S.R. 434, Suite 123 Longwood, FL 32750 Phone: 407-265-2011 Fax: 407-265-2022



Dr. Sean S. Choi, D.O. 蔡相輔醫學博士 Board Certified Family Practice Physician

General Medical Care for all Ages Specialized in Blood Pressure Cholesterol Diabetes Allergies Well Women Exam Immunizations Minor Surgery


9AM – 5PM (Thurs – Closed) (Sat – By appointment) Speak English and Chinese Walk-in Welcome

407-895-9318 1900 N. Mills Ave., Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32803 Fax: 407-895-9316

Dr. Gary King Chiropractic Physician



 Auto accident  Back & Neck pain  Carpal Tunnel  Work injury  Disc problems  Numbness We accept most health insurance and automobile insurance Tel: 407-672-1115

We speak 中文,한국어,Tiềng Việt 1355 Orange Ave, Ste #2 Winter Park, FL 32789 (east of 17-92)

Sleeping Better  Puxiao Cen, M.D.

Sleep is an essential, active state that regenerates the body physically and mentally. And there is no magic number that defines “normal” sleep; some teenagers really do need 14 hours a night. In the United States, about 100 million people of all ages have sleep problems, and more than 80 sleep-related disorders have been identified. These interfere with quality of life and personal health and contribute to many traffic and other types of accidents. Health professionals who work with sleep disorders have created the term “sleep hygiene” to help explain factors that affect sleep. These experts have come up with guidelines for improving sleep hygiene. Here are some tips that may help bring about refreshing sleep. • Go to bed only when you are sleepy, but try to establish a fairly regular time that works most nights. Although an occasional late night is no problem for most people, a familiar routine helps promote sleep for many of us. • Get up at the same time each morning, even when you have not had much sleep. If you need to vary your sleep time, adjust bedtime, not wake-up time. • Get regular exercise, but not within 4 hours of going to bed. Try to set up a consistent morning or afternoon exercise routine. • Eat at regular times, and keep your evening meal light. Some sleep specialists advise patients to remember that “the later the meal, the lighter the meal.” • Don’t eat or drink anything containing caf-

feine within 6 hours of bedtime. Avoid alcohol for several hours before your usual bedtime or whenever you feel sleepy. • Avoid smoking—altogether, if possible, but certainly at bedtime. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a stimulant that tends to wake you up. • Use your bedroom for sleep and relaxation—not as an office, television room, or eating area. For the most restful sleep, keep the room as quiet, cool, and dark as possible. If noise is a problem, you might be able to cover unpleasant sounds by turning on a fan or playing soothing music or restful background sounds. • Don’t use sleeping pills unless your doctor tells you to, and never take sleeping pills if you’ve been drinking alcohol. If you’ve done all the right things and still can’t sleep, get out of bed. Do something in a different room for a few minutes, such as watching a low-key (or boring) television program or reading a relaxing book. If something is bothering you, write yourself a note so you can think about it in the morning. If your sleep has been disturbed for more than a month and interferes with the way you feel or function during the day, see your doctor. He or she may refer you to a sleep disorders specialist who can perform tests that help define specific problems. Sometimes medical problems, such as a breathing disorder, cause sleep disturbances. In some cases, short-term use of an appropriate medication helps solve the problem. In any case, ask for help if sleep has become a difficult part of your life.


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