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Mid-Autumn Celebration in Central Florida

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06 Spreading Love at Mid-Autumn


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12 “Out & About in The United Arab Emirates”


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28 Restaurants Guide 38 a new Hip and Trendy Sushi Restarurant located in the Downtown Orlando


15 Best Place of Family Members


24 Halloween special - Death Notes 36 Life in Style


20 Free Flu Shot Events


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21 What to bring to the Polls on Election Day 22 The Importance of Community Resources for Chinese and Korean Parents 26 4th Annual Experience Asia Festival 40 Tết Trung Thu - Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival in UCF 42 Orlando Moon Festival 2008 43 KACC Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


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Nick Baldwin Long time Tallahassee resident with over 55 years photography experience. Weddings, events, and nature photography. His work has won awards ranging from local to National level and includes newspaper, magazine, websites, other publications and contests. He also teaches Nature Photography in Tallahassee.

Elizabeth Tran is an eighth grader attending Southwest Middle School in Orlando. At the tender age of 13, she is our youngest contributing writer. Elizabeth holds the titles of Miss Florida Junior National Sweetheart , Central Florida’s Perfect Junior Teen, Florida Preteen Supermodel, Florida Universal Princess and won numerous state and national Speech, Essay, Acting, Photogenic, Modeling and Talent competitions. With a warm heart and a determined mind, Elizabeth also serve as the President of Love Letters Cares Orlando and volunteer in Give Kids the World village to brighten up the days of the less fortunate children. Regardless of her busy schedules, Elizabeth has been able to maintain 4.0 GPA and receive Principal’s Academic Excellence Awards, Asian American Student Achiever Awards, Sunshine State Standardized Test Outstanding Performance Awards, County Flute Solo/Ensemble Superior Performance Awards and more. Elizabeth wants to serve as a role model to her teen peers and believes that today’s teenagers are the pride of the present and hope of the future! For appearances or questions, please email to:

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This month, we’ve got an exciting line up of events coverage in your area, Suzy Guttler including the Mid Autumn Moon Festival hosted by the Chinese American Association of Central Florida. The event, titled “Spreading Love in Mid Autumn,” celebrated the festival in style and successfully fund raised for the organization’s cause. We’re also featuring the 4th Annual Experience Asia Festival in Tallahassee, plus traditional, acrobatics performances by the SinoElite Performing Group in Orlando. Finally, don’t miss the Asian American Chamber of Commerce Business Fair and Gala coming up on November 2nd for the exclusive opportunity to network with the community’s most prominent Asian American business leaders. In travel, we take flight to the sights and sounds of United Arab Emirates, situated right in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. And in our Life in Style section, check out the latest Asian American talent in Hollywood! Thank you to all our readers for you continued support. It is truly with your help that we keep the original inspiration of Asia Trend magazine alive! Warmest regards,


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The three Chinese astronauts who completed the first-ever spacewalk in the history of the country received a heroes’ welcome when they returned home on September 29th. They returned to Beijing on September 29th morning after completing the 68-hour space mission. The Shenzhou VII Taikonauts (Astronaut) and the flawless completion of the mission prove, once again, that the Chinese have unprecedented and unmatched technology, savvy and logistics. For instance, Zhai Zhigang performed the mission’s spacewalk. He was locked outside of the ship for about twenty minutes, and in-between collecting space matter samples, he took the time to wave a little Chinese flag, as a sign of gratitude towards his motherland. Upon returning, he had nothing but words of praise for the ingeniously engineered $4.4 million space outfit. The spacewalk performed by Zhai has the world anticipating a very likely moon landing in the near future. These expectations aren’t high if we consider the fantastic progress the Chinese have made regarding space exploration, especially if we consider that they started space programs in 1992. A moon landing seems just as possible to the Chinese as eating rice for lunch. By completing the mission, China becomes the third country to conduct a spacewalk, behind the United States and Russia. The three astronauts, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng, and Zhai Zhigang, landed in China safely on September 28th, Sunday at 5:40 p.m., in a remote location in Inner Mongolia. On September 29th Monday, they were welcomed home by over 5,000 people near the Neijing Aerospace Control Center .

Photo courtesy of Xinhua

The aftermath of the successful mission includes launching a new orbiting satellite, sending target vehicles into space and on planets, developing better care technologies for spacecrafts. Also, landing a man on the moon is a key target for the Chinese. The first moon landing was achieved by the U.S., in 1969, and the last was in 1972, as the U.S. was the only nation to achieve such a goal. Since then, space exploration has focused on unmanned missions. We can’t be sure as to when the next moon landing will take place, but we can rest assured that it will be a Taikonaut on the moon next.


 Compiled by Asia Trend


Shenzhou 7 Taikonaut Returns




Orlando Taiko Dojo

Owen Hsieh, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural office

Elizabeth Tran and her mother Rosanna Tran

“Love Letter Cares” handmade greeting cards created for the children in Sichuan

Emcee: Angie Chow and Christopher Decarlo

Spreading Love at Mid-Autumn Moon cakes, lanterns, star fruits – it’s time to celebrate the MidAutumn festival again! However, this year was different than the past. We were not only celebrating the festival, we were “Spreading Love at Mid-Autumn Festival.” The event started with the charity food sales- bourbon chicken, fried rice, cotton candy……YUM! Can you believe we can help the earthquake victims in China by just purchasing those yummy treats? Kids and parents were all rushing to the cafeteria after their Chinese classes in the Winter Park 9th grade center to share their love and to enjoy the delicious food. Meanwhile, I have set up a table for our “Love Letter Cares” handmade greeting cards creation. The participa-

 By Elizabeth Tran Jeff Jessee, Mag Alex, Gary Lau

tion was overwhelming as we all wanted to share our love and care to the less fortunate people. Love Letter Cares Orlando is a non-profit organization aiming to brighten up the days of the less fortunate children by sending them handmade greeting cards with colorful images and uplifting messages. The cards have been delivered to children hospitals, Give Kids the World Village and Ronald McDonald House of Charity. With the help from CAACF and Orlando Chinese School, we were able to extend our love overseas and send these uplifting cards to the earthquake victims in Sichuan, China. What a wonderful feeling! Next, we moved on to the auditorium for the stage show. Slide

Photo Extra Online at

Pipa by Yang Jianping

Martial Arts by Students of O-Mei Wushu USA



Pop Song by Guokang Teng Aerial Lyra by Kristina M.


Acrobatics by Dragon Legend Grand Panda Wrestling by Libo Meng

Chinese Yo Yo by Yajun Zhang Acrobatics by Dragon Legend

shows of the earthquake news pictures have caused some great emotional feeling in my heart. I was moved. It was devastating. I felt so sorry for the victims and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help. I bet everybody in the auditorium was feeling the same way- we all wanted to help. It was nice to see grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, kids and even babies were all together for the same goal of helping others. Drums, Aerial silk, Chinese Musical, Martial Arts, Acrobats, Asian Michael Jackson and a lot more – WOW! The show was fabulous and definitely entertaining. There were varieties of performances that were appealing to all different ages. They have over fifty professional talents performing at the show and they were all there performing not only

with their skills, they were performing with their hearts. The hearts of sharing their talents with one main purpose of raising funds for the Sichuan Earthquake victims! Undoubtedly their hearts of love were spreading all over to the audiences. Additional funds were collected through audiences’ generous donations and raffle ticket sales. As Miss Florida National Junior Sweetheart, it was my honor to emcee the raffles and introduce my platform to the audience. I believe that love has no race, no color, no age and no boundaries. “Spreading Love at Mid-Autumn Festival” was not only meaningful to the recipients; it was a heart warming experience for me as a volunteer too. Thank you so much to CAACF for arranging such a special event!

Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne


S p r e ad i n g

L ov e

a t

M i d - A u t u m n


he Chinese American Association (CAACF) of Central Florida would like to express our sincere thanks to all the sponsors, performers, volunteers and more than 400 guests who provided the generous help and donations to the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake. We exceeded our fundraising goal and raised more than $16,000 for the earthquake relief fund which will assist in the rebuilding efforts in China! More importantly, everyone left with a meaningful feeling of helping someone in need during the Mid-Autumn Festival. For more details about the show, please visit or Dr. Gary King, President of CAACF 2008-09

Event’s Photo Online at

SinoElite Group

Ms. Li Li - Acrobat







- brings you traditional, professional and astonishing performances  By Asia Trend

The Culture of China is home to one of the world’s oldest and most complex civilizations covering a history of over 4,000 years. The nation covers a large geographical region with customs and traditions varying greatly between towns, cities and provinces. Chinese cultural performing arts is an unique performance which is widely accepted and appreciated throughout the world. The popular acts include Acrobatics, Opera, Dancing, Musical Instruments, and Martial Arts.

SinoElite Group in Orlando provides professional Chinese performing arts entertainment and cultural pro¬grams for special events in and outside Florida. It features elite performing artists from China, and presents a variety of Chinese entertainment such as folk dances, live music, acrobatics, martial arts, and specialty acts. The goal of SinoElite Group is to promote Chinese performing arts in the USA, and to support and facilitate the understanding and communication between people of USA and China through cultural programs. The following are some of the professional performing artists in SinoElite Group

ACROBATICS Ms. Li Li - Acrobat (Head Balancing, Plate Spinning) Ms. Li Li was a principle performer from world-renowned China Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe. Specializing in the acts of Chinese Plate Spinning and Head Balancing, she has had performing tours in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Her international recognitions include winning a Gold Medal at China Wuhan International Circus Festival in 1992, and again 1994, and winning a Gold Medal at French International Circus Festival in 1993.

Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne



Ms. Yajun Zhang - Acrobat (Chinese Yo Yo) A specialist of Chinese Yo Yo, Ms. Yajun Zhang performed at China Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe for 20 years. After moving to the USA, she has performed for major US theme parks and circus companies to bring this exciting act to large number of American audience. She has also performed for various international cultural festivals and community events in Florida. Mr. Libo Meng - Acrobat (Panda Wrestling) Mr. Libo Meng was a principle performer from China Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe. He has performed extensively throughout China, and performed for prestigious Europeans and American circus companies. He has appeared at various US theme parks such as Disney and SeaWorld. Performing for various corporate events and festivals, his energetic and funning act of panda wrestling has mesmerized the audience worldwide. Mr. Fanzhe Meng - Acrobat (Vase Balancing) Mr. Fanzhe Meng received acrobatic training and performed at China Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe. Winning several prestigious medals at international acrobatic competitions, he demonstrates traditional Chinese acrobatics by displaying his astonishing feat of tossing, catching, and manipulating ceramic vases. He has performed in various countries and at three Disney theme parks in Paris, Los Angles, and Orlando.

Mr. Guokang Teng - Pop Dancer and Singer Mr. Guokang Teng began his performing career with China Henan Song and Dance Ensemble. Later he signed up with Fujian TV and a Hong Kong entertainment company as a professional dancer. He has appeared at famous national TV shows (CCTV), and performed in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and the USA. Integrating Chinese and American dancing and singing, his vibrant stage performance is a unique reflection of contemporary Chinese youth culture.

CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS Mr. Zhidan Li - Martial Artist Mr. Zhidan Li performs fast-paced Shaolin-style martial arts with incredible power, strength and balance. A key performer from China Henan Martial Arts Team, he holds several titles in China’s national martial arts competitions. He has performed in Australia, Canada and Disney theme parks in Los Angles and in Orlando, Florida. His performance has been well received at prestigious international festivals and corporate events of Fortune 500 companies.

Please contact Jim Yu at 407-719-0423 or to arrange the performance for your next function if you want to give your guest an inspiring show.

MUSIC AND DANCE Ms. Luo Wu - Guzheng (Chinese zither) Soloist Ms. Luo Wu, an instrumental soloist from Shanghai Dance Theater, is a grand prize winner of China “Shanghai Spring” National Traditional Music Competition. Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she has performed at various major US performing theaters and universities. The renditions of classic music by Ms. Wu enchant the audience with beauty, subtlety, and emotional intensity. Mr. Rui Yang - Erhu (Chinese violin) Soloist Mr. Rui Yang was the first-seat Er Hu soloist at Shanghai Film Traditional Orchestra. Trained in “Nanjing Little Red Flower” children performing troupe, he graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He has won top prize at China national traditional music competitions. He has given concert in the USA at such venues as Cullen Performance Hall in Houston, Hill Performance Hall in Dallas, and Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta.

Mr. Rui Yang and Ms. Luo Wu

Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne


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Freshly made Hong Kong Style Dim Sum and Gourmet Dishes Available Everyday

Tel: 407-384-7519 Fax: 407-384-7806

Speaks: English,Mandarin,Cantonese, and some Thai and Japanese.

揉合南北美食•有口佳碑•令人回味 精美點心•即叫即蒸•南北麵點•粵菜小炒

GOLDEN LOTUS Chinese Restaurant

Sand Lake Rd Wal-Mark

Tel: 407-352-3832



8365 S John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32819

John Young Parkway

Traditional Chinese Gourmet Chef


Open 7 Days

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“Out&About inThe United Arab Emirates”  By A’Marie Chin

James de Joha

A view of the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and Jumeirah Lagoon from the Jumeirah Madinat Sunset from the balcony of the residential villas at Jumeirah Madinat


he UAE is a Middle Eastern nation of seven states located on the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf Region. If you’re like most people I’ve met, you won’t know which country I’m talking about until I mention Jumeirah Madinat: A Great Shopping Destination

off. Jumeirah Madinat is a place where one can spend countless hours exploring new restaurants, lounging by the pool or taking boat rides across the Jumeirah Lagoon which connects the buildings together. The interior halls may remind you of a shopping mall, but bet you’ve never seen one so unique and elegantly decorated. Furthermore, you’ll find few foreign chain stores except for the ubiquitous Starbucks.

The most common and cliché shopJebel Hafeet: A Destination with a ping destination in Dubai is the Mall of Fantastic View the Emirates, but I’d recommend a foray to the Jumeirah Madinat, also located in Two hours outside of Dubai, on the Outside the main spring at The Green Mubazzarah Dubai. It is an elegantly decorated comborder with Oman, is a city of great culpound of shopping malls, private villas, hotels, and residential hightural heritage called Al Ain. This was the birthplace of the first Emirati rise buildings. On the weekends, (which are Thursdays and Fridays in ruler, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The city is often called the The Gulf), the complex is full locals and expatriates enjoying their time ‘”Garden City” due to its irrigated parks, palm tree lined roads and nu-

to P.14

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T R A V E L Palm tree lined streets of the Garden City, Al Ain

The main residential lobby at Jumeirah Madinat

View from the car on the way to Jebel Hafeet

At the top of Jebel Hafeet looking west over the Green Mubazzarah

merous artesian springs. Your first stop in this frontier land should be at the peak of Jebel Hafeet, a mount that rises more than 1220 meters over Al Ain. A thirty-minute drive will take you up to the peak. On top you’ll find another park that is popular for families and couples to enjoy the sunset and a great place to view the local landscape. The Green Mubazzarah and Al Khatwah Oasis: Unique Destinations A highly recommended destination is the Green Mubazzarah, an oasis and park located on the outskirts of Al Ain. Here you’ll find an amazing and almost biblical scene. Amongst the sand dunes and stone is a singular enigmatic rock spewing copious amounts of lifegiving water. Alternatively, for the truly brave of heart, there is Al Khatwah Oasis. This far-out hideaway is located quite a distance outside normal travel

Tourist cooling off in the stream and pastures of the Green Mubazzarah

and transportation routes. It required a 2-hour drive into the barren desert. It is so remote that neither mobile wireless service nor street signs can be found. It is only navigable by using a local map picked up at any ADNOC gas station in Al Ain. Completing your trek, you’ll arrive at a pristine natural spring with plenty of shaded areas for picnics, meditation, and creative contemplation. It would be rare to find many other visitors there at the same time. The UAE can be a fascinating vacation spot. There are plenty of things to do, places to eat, and stores to shop in. To truly enjoy the country and all it has to offer, be sure to venture out of the typical tourist traps and explore these unusual destinations.

View the magazine online at

Chapter 7 —

Best Place of Family Members


This part, I will briefly go through the best place for each family member. You will find it difficult to comprehend at this moment but just be patient, as we will go through detail on Kua numbers in later Chapter, you will be able to grab hold of the whole theory.

74th Minute - Southeast-Eldest

69th Minute - Northwest –Father The northwest sector or Kin Kua represents the father or the older male of the house if father is not around. Ideally, Northwest sector of the house is the bedroom for father. However, if this is not possible, you can place red color stuff or red Feng Shui items like horse of goat in the northwest sector should you need to strengthen the father’s authorities as well as wealth sustaining effort. We will deal with what if the house is lacking or without such sector in later chapter. Now take a minute to find out where the father’s bedroom is located in the house.

75th Minute - West-Youngest

70th Minute - Southwest-Mother Kwan

Tui (West)

Kin (Northwest)

Lei Shun

Ham Chan (East)


The southwest direction or Kwan Kua represents mother or older female in the house. Ideally, mother’s bedroom should be in the southwest. You might ask then father and mother should sleep separately. This is a logic step work in theoretical mindset, however, in practical, this should not happen. Nevertheless, you can strengthen the mother’s position or create mother’s present in the house further by placing red color stuff or Feng Shui items in this sector. Now take a minute to find out where the mother’s bedroom is located in the house. 71st Minute - East-Eldest Son Ideally, the East sector is for eldest son and if place accordingly, the eldest son will function properly to take care of younger siblings, to do the required chaos at home. Now take a minute to find out where the eldest son’s bedroom is located in the house. 72nd Minute - North-Second or middle son This sector is ideal for middle or second son. Now take a minute to find out where the second son’s bedroom is located in the house. 73rd Minute - Northeast-youngest


The Northeast sector is ideal for youngest son. Now take a minute to find out where the youngest son’s bedroom is located in the house.


For eldest daughter, the southeast is the ideal place. Now take a minute to find out where the elders daughter’s bedroom is located in the house.


 By Master Kerby Kuek


For Youngest daughter ideally west is the answer. Now take a minute to find out where the youngest daughter’s bedroom is located in the house. 76th Minute - South-Second or middle daughter For second or middle daughter, south part is the answer. Check if your house structure is lacking or without the above part? This might affect the associated family member’s health and well-beings accordingly. Chan



Lei (South) Kwan


Kin (Northwest)



Kwan (Southwest)





Kan (Northeast)


Kin (Northwest)


Kan (Northeast)

Tui Kwan

Kan (Northeast)

Chan (East) Lei (South)


Ham Kin

Shun (Southeast)

Shun (Southeast) Lei (South)

Tui (West)

Kwan (Southwest)

Shun (Southeast)



Kwan Tui


Ham (North)




Ham (North)


Shun (Southeast)

Chan (East)

Ham (North

Kan (Northeast)




Chan (East) Shun (Southeast)


Kwan (Southwest

Lei (South)

Shun (Southeast)


Kwan (Southwest)

Chan Kan

Tui (West) Ham

Kin (Northeast) Add on sector

(To be continued…) Master Kerby Kuek has been practicing Feng Shui and life reading for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise include Chinese astrology, name analysis, face reading, as well as I-Ching. Kuek strongly believes that Chinese Metaphysics is nothing superstition: It is a combination of formulae, experiences and common sense, whereby a trained master can skillfully integrate it into your daily life and thus help you to achieve your personal and financial goals. Email: info@misterfengshui.comv

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YouthThink 16


TMS (Time Management

Skills versus Too Much Stress)

 By Angela Chiu

What students can do to avoid missing deadlines, appointments, and other important dates A homework assignment due in AP English Literature, Physics, and Sociology, a 500 word essay in Spanish, a Physics test in 3rd hour, a Psychology test 4th hour, a club meeting afterschool Monday and Friday, community service Sunday, and finally SAT on Saturday. And then a grammar and vocabulary test in Spanish on Monday. So is the life of a typical high school student. There are so many things that a student could stress out about week in and week out. Many adults don’t realize just how hectic a teenager’s life could be and it’s a miracle that we remember these activities much less do well in all of them. (And on top of all these we also try to have a social life as well!) This month I decided to write on a more personal topic because as a senior in high school, I think many young readers can definitely benefit from this article. Even though the school year has just begun, I have found myself drowning in a sea of homework assignments, tests, and afterschool activities. I’ve been so preoccupied lately with tests and homework I was late in writing this article for Asia Trend and I barely made the print deadline. So lately, I took some time to figure out what I could do to make sure that I could accomplish all my activities on time. In general, it all boils down to being organized and keeping track of what you need to do and when you need to finish it by. The first thing would be to get a planner that you could keep with you and to get a calendar to post in your room. In one of my classes, a girl missed her ACT test because she signed up for the test a month ago and forgot to write down the

ing for misplaced things. To have a clean workplace will allow you to become more focused when you work because you will be less distracted.

date. Write down homework assignments, test dates, club meetings, doctor appointments, etc. A small sized planner would be best because you could carry it around with you and to you could write things in during the course of the day. A calendar would be a good planning device as well because if you post it on your wall, you would be constantly reminded of your responsibilities. Also, if you can, don’t put off what you can do today until tomorrow. Try to space out your time so that you don’t end up doing everything at the last minute, try to free up your schedule and balance out your activities so that you are not too overworked or stressed out in one day.

Speaking of staying focused, a common problem with teenagers would be to lose focus while working on homework or studying for a test. Especially with the advancement of technology, it’s so easy to log onto instant messaging programs or contact people through Facebook or MySpace. Teenagers believe that they can multitask, however, you really do focus better when you focus on one task at a time. Instead of multitasking, focus your time on one activity at a time. Hopefully these tips will help you better organize your time so you don’t end up like me; staying up until midnight working on a Physics paper to only realize that you forgot to do another assignment that was due the next day.

Another part of organization would be to have a clean and undistracted workplace. I have talked to many classmates and a common problem that many teenagers have is that their room is messy and their desks are cluttered. Binders are often unorganized and papers are often just shoved into his or her backpack. If you are organized both at school and at home, notes and assignments will be easier to find. That means you will waste less time fumbling around and search-

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“The very name ‘Maitri’, that ‘s loving-kindness. Now in today’s world, we really need the promotion of Maitreya, Maitri, loving-kindness. So this is a huge project, right from the beginning, I simply admire those concerned people especially the late Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche really devoted to making this huge statue, and many followers really putting in effort, I really admire and I appreciate.”

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

A Message of Loving - KindnessandPeace  By Chih Ho

A precious collection of sacred relics of the Buddha and many other Buddhist masters is currently touring the world. On Oct. 17-19 & 24-26, there are two schedule exhibitions in Orlando, open to public and free of charge to receive this holy relic blessing, so bring your family, friends and pets too. This is a rare opportunity to view these relics, which were found among the cremation ashes of Buddhist masters. They resemble beautiful, pearllike crystals. Buddhists believe relics embody the master’s spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom and are deliberately produced by the master at his death. Visitors often report experiences of inspiration and healing when in the presence of the relics. While some are inspired to pray for world peace and to develop their inner wisdom, others are overcome by emotion as the powerful effects of the relics open their hearts to compassion and loving-kindness. The relics are clearly visible inside display cases that encircle a life-size, golden statue of the Maitreya Buddha. Visitors may participate in a Blessing Ceremony where the relics of the Buddha are gently placed on the crown of the visitor’s head as a personal blessing. According to Buddhist scriptures, Maitreya will be the next Buddha to bring teachings of lovingkindness to the world. Eventually, the relics will be enshrined in a 500-ft/152-m bronze statue of Maitreya Buddha that is being built in Kushinagar, northern India. For more information, please visit:

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Name: Johnson Ng Place of birth – Hong Kong, China Accomplishments – Publisher of the United Chinese News of Florida Community Newspaper Founder of South Florida Dragon Boat Festival Wish to accomplish next – To establish a professional Dragon Boat Training Center Where you teach and what to expect – We start to teach Dragon Boating at Amelia Earhart Park, Hialeah We expect to promote Dragon Boat sport and to have more competitive Dragon Boat Racing Teams in Florida. Photo Extra Online at

Inexpensive  and 



I love anime. I love manga. Everyone who loves anime and manga have sure heard of some manga being done as a film. There is this supernatural manga called Death Note that would be shown on selected theaters. The film is not in anime. It’s a real film based on the manga series.


 By Asia Trend

Death Note is about a high school student Light Yagami who had found a different kind of notebook dropped by the death god. The power of that notebook is, whose human name written on that notebook would die. And the student had thought of using the power of that notebook to get rid of bad guys. Then he had to prove that he is on the good side as a detective hunts him. Nice powers to have, getting rid of bad guys. If I would have my own supernatural power, I would like to be able to control time and movement of living and events. Controlling the time and movement can make me do more jobs and stop something from happening. Isn’t that cool? There are a number of manga-based anime out in the world today, mostly because Cartoon Network has been putting them in their nightly line ups. Anyone who has seen this knows that Death Note is a popular title, which has made the manga a popular title as well. Death Note is a twelve volume manga that was first published in the United States from 2003 to 2006, and is written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. While this particular series is quite popular in America, it may be an example of something becoming popular in the United States that doesn’t deserve the popularity. While the plot has merit for an original idea and smart characters, the pointless exposition and lack of any real action can make this a tedious read. The art of Death Note is well done for what it is. People are not attractive or ugly, they are really just average. People who are supposed to be handsome could be people whom you simply see on the sidewalk, or walking down the street. The only truly beautiful part of Death Note, surprisingly, are the Shinigami, which are unusual, and all uniquely designed. The human beings turn out to be more horrifying than these grim reapers, because they have wide, haunted eyes for no real reason, and tend to look very similar despite the apparent attempts to make them look differently. Anyone who has very little patience will find it hard to enjoy Death Note. Mostly because all of the dialogue is long winded and repetitive, and the story tends to mostly take place in two very sparsely decorated rooms. People who are supposed to be super-geniuses spend their days sitting in front of the computer, and seem to be doing absolutely nothing for very long periods of time. It is the minor characters who are more interesting in this particular series, including pop idol Misa-Misa, Teru Mikami, and the Shinigami, Ryuk. While Death Note rewards successful readers with a surprise ending, slogging through one hundred and seven exposition-filled chapters to get to that point may not be worth it for most people. If you want to enjoy a good crime drama manga series, this author suggests looking somewhere else. Because Death Note, while popular, is not worth twelve long-winded volumes. Anyway, this movie is dubbed in English now. Check out the DeathNote website and reserve your DVD copy.

Would you consider to have your Death Note Halloween custom this year?

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Notice to Orange County Voters Voters needing bilingual assistance or assistance in reading and/or marking their ballots at Orange County Early Voting sites, or at the polling place on Election Day, are allowed to bring a person of their choice (except employers or Union Representatives) to help them. Poll workers and Election Staff are also trained to provide this assistance, if needed. All voting locations are Handicapped Accessible and ADA compliant voting equipment is available. If you have questions about voting procedures, ask your poll worker for assistance. If you make a mistake marking your ballot, you may ask for up to two replacement ballots to insure that your vote counts. Orange County Supervisor of Elections 119 W. Kaley Street, Orlando 32806 (407) 836-VOTE (8683) or (407) 836-2070 or Equal Opportunity Employer

MPBC_51.151.02 SOE Asia Trend 7.1 1

3 Ways to Vote

Which method is most convenient for you? 4Vote By Mail Call (407) 836-VOTE (8683) by October 29 to request a ballot by mail.

4Early Voting

Visit the Elections Office or select libraries throughout Orange County October 20 – November 1 to cast your ballot prior to Election Day. Check your Official Sample Ballot, call (407) 836-VOTE (8683) or visit for exact locations and hours of operation.

4Election Day

Visit your polling place on November 4 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Watch the mail for your Official Sample Ballot which contains the location of your polling place.

Let's All Vote In 2008. Orange County Supervisor of Elections 119 W. Kaley Street, Orlando 32806 (407) 836-VOTE (8683) or (407) 836-2070 or 9/15/08 9:32:18 AM

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The Importance of Community Resources for


Chinese and Korean Parents  By Carolyn Goossen

Editor’s Note-- NAM education editor Carolyn Goossen interviewed UCLA Sociology Professor Min Zhou about her research regarding Chinese and Korean American families and the community resources they rely on in order to support their children’s education—in particular, the roles of the ethnic media and ethnic after-schools. While language barriers prevent parents from engaging directly with the school, Zhou argues that these ethnic community institutions allow parents to give their children the resources they need to succeed in school. According to your research, what does parent involvement mean in the context of immigrant Asian communities? Parental involvement in education is a big thing in the Asian community, and specifically in the Chinese and Korean communities. But they have a different involvement style because of the language and cultural barriers. They don’t necessarily get involved directly in schools, but do it through their ethnic community, and particularly through ethnic institutions geared towards education and youth services. From my interviews with parents, it’s clear that they know it’s very important that their kids go to college, and to good ones, and that they want their kids to work hard and fulfill parental expectations. These parents are kind of narrow, very focused on the outcomes. And they believe that in order to achieve their expected outcomes, the public school doesn’t have enough resources to serve their children. They also feel powerless to change the system directly. To bypass these constraints, they build their own supplementary education system and access that system for their children. Why are there so many ethnic supplementary after-schools in Chinese and Korean communities? It’s about entrepreneurship. And it’s the demand that stimulates the supply. When we look at educational institutions we think about public institutions and public services, and we never think of them as private entrepreneurial activities. But the after-schools in Chinese and Korean communities are a form of business. Entrepreneurship is very common in the Asian community, more than other immigrant communities, because of higher levels of education and economic resources among Asian immigrants. In the past they opened up stores, restaurants and garment shops. Today, because of the demand, they run after-schools. How do they feel about public school, and what do they perceive their responsibility to be concerning regular school? They feel that public schools don’t do a sufficient job. Asia has a different education system, one that they believe is geared towards

the kids getting good grades and (getting) into good schools at different levels, while the U.S. system is not. The ethnic supplementary schools here in the U.S. mimic the system back home. And the kids from Asia, they tend to do better with the Asian methods—learning by route, and monotonous repetition. They tend to excel in math and science because it’s very objective. If you do one problem over and over again you are going to get it right. So they think that our system here is not good enough. If you don’t have homework, and students don’t practice and practice, you won’t get it. They are in disagreement with the pedagogy of public schools. So they are involved instead in their ethnic after-schools. The kids can get tutoring and a lot of preparation for their regular classes and for various tests and exams. If they don’t engage with their kid’s public school directly, how do Asian parents stay on top of what is happening with their child’s public school education? Even though parents aren’t directly involved in public school, they do so through their own ethnic institutions, where they lean about what’s happening in regular schools—the teachers in ethnic schools know about the regular school curriculum, testing schedules and more. In my research, I often find that some parents don’t speak English at all, but they know more than I do as a parent of a high school kid. For example, they know when the standardized exam is going to be given and when the final exam will be given. Where do they get information? They get it through the ethnic after-schools, the Chinese schools, the Korean church-based schools, and also though the ethnic language media. Ethnic media in Chinese and Korean communities have a lot of coverage of education. Even if they are trapped in a poor community, they have access to the ethnic language media. Large numbers of Chinese and Koreans read these ethnic language papers, so working class families are able to access the same information as middle class families. How do these after-schools and Saturday schools impact parents’ relationships with their children? In terms of parent-child relationships, the effect is often negative. But when you send the kids to “the school,” “the school” becomes the buffer—the kids develop a peer group to share this feeling of resentment with pushy parents. If they have no such schools to go to and they are forced to stay at home and do extra work, they probably won’t do it. At these schools, they are surrounded by other Chinese or Koreans—so they accept it, that this is part of being Chinese or Korean, so they are less likely to rebel against it. New America Media ( Copyright © New America Media

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岑瀑嘯醫學博士 Puxiao Cen, MD, FACC 1613 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 Tel: 407-894-4474

689 East Altamonte Drive Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Tel: 407-767-7262

For services in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) select option 1 and extension 2510

內 科 心 血 管 專 科 Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease Board Certified in Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology

The Best

Authentic Chinese Seafood Cuisine Recommended by:

Scott Joseph & Orlando Weekly

Steamed Striped Bass Whole Lobster with Pasta Dungeness Crab Special

Make your Reservation online today!

Dr. Mary Helen Young

Dr. Rosemarie Sison


ChinaTown Seafood & BBQ Restaurant 1103 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803

Tel: (407) 896-9383 Fax: (407) 896-8850

(I-4, exit 85/Princeton St., go East, RT/ on Mills Ave, intersection of Lake Highland Dr.)

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118 S Semoran Blvd Winter Park, FL 32792

(Corner of 436 & University Blvd.)




Taste of Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Winter Park


Orlando Japan Festival 2008 オーランド日本祭り

Sarah Palin’s eyewear  By Teri Mitchell

made in Fukui, JAPAN

Sunday, Dec 14, 2008 from 1pm - 5pm at Community Park of The Village at Hunter’s Creek.

The republican VP candidate Sara Palin’s rimless rectangular eyeglasses “MP704” were designed by Mr. Kazuo Kawasaki (山崎 和男) who is a professor of Osaka University Graduate School Communication Design Center. They were manufactured by Masunaga Optical Mfg. in Fukui, JAPAN. They are light weight and are made of titanium, and are available in 5 colors. The price is 33,600 yen in Japan and they are available in L.A. for $400.

Food, music, dance and shopping. Great opportunity to get Christmas gifts!

The former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Oscar winning actress Whoopi Goldberg also used Mr. Kawasaki’s collections. Kazuo Kawasaki Collections are available at The Optic Shop in Tampa.

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Photo: Thayumanasamy Somasundaram


Hawaiian dance


Chinese Martial Arts Center with the Dragon

Filipino-“Pandanggo Sa Ilaw” Kids playing with lion head

Indian Dance


Korean- fan dance

4th Annual Experience

Asia Festival

Sat, Sep 27, 2008 | 10 AM to 5 PM, Tallahassee, FL  By Thayumanasamy Somasundaram

Nick Baldwin

Japanese- Bon Odori group “celebrating Tokyo”

Photo Extra Online at



Taiwanese American Association of Tallahassee booth

In Tallahassee dotted with Spanish moss draped oaks and white blossomed Magnolias, we know the fall has arrived when 60,000+ college students descend in our three college campuses or when one sees tail-gate parties for the football games. Asian Coalition of Tallahassee (ACT | www.asiantlh. org) is hoping that colorful posters displaying the Experience Asia Festival is around the corner is another sign that the fall has indeed arrived. ACT is a Florida non-profit umbrella organization with over dozen member associations and individuals representing Asian and Asian-Pacific countries. It was established in 2004 by the current Chairman Dr. Clyde Diao to allow Asian and AsianPacific people to get together, showcase the talents of its members, and share their rich culture and heritage with others. Other aims include establishing long standing connections to the communities the Association members now call home and foster a goodwill and understanding between the locals and the Asian community. Originally the ACT was established with the Big Bend Filipino American Association, India Association of Tallahassee, North Florida Chinese Association, the Tallahassee Families with Asian Children, and the Chinese Association of Tallahassee as charter members. But it has quickly grown to include several more organizations such as, FSU International Center, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, Persian, and Pakistani communities, and several Student associations. In 2005 when ACT wanted to put together a multicultural program with a fitting name Experience Asia Festival, approximately

2000 people attended it. Soon the citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County embraced the idea of the Festival and supported it by attending in large numbers. This year the Festival saw an attendance of over 10,000 at the 4th Annual Experience Asia on Saturday, September 27, 2008 between 10 AM and 5 PM at the Lewis-Bloxham Parks. Everyone who came enjoyed a full-day of non-stop entertainment, demonstrations, and delicious Asian cuisine. What is the relevance of an Asian Festival like this to Tallahassee or for that matter any community in the USA? Let me digress a bit and talk about our recent visit to Osaka, Japan. In Osaka we had an opportunity see the Awaji Puppet Theater perform Bunraku show of Ebisu Mai (Fisherman God). Japanese Bunraku puppetry is tradition that dates back to Edo period (1600-1870 CE) and is still performed in modern Japan. We had seen several South Indian puppet performances called Bommalattam and western puppet shows before, but the Japanese experience was unique. The show was targeted toward both adults and children, the people handling the puppets can be seen on stage (they were covered in black clothing from head to toe) and at times three different people handled some puppet’s movements in unison using sticks rather than strings. The puppeteers were accompanied by a Tayu chanter and Taiko drummer. The show made us think about the Japanese culture as much as our one week stay did. The show makes you forget that puppeteers are actually on-stage manipulating the puppets but concentrate on the performance of

Photo: Thayumanasamy Somasundaram

Indian henna hand painting

Thai “spirit blessing dance”

characters. The chanter’s narration is very compelling even if the puppets themselves don’t speak. After the show as we stepped out of auditorium, we wondered how the modern Japanese society with world’s fastest bullet trains (shinkansens), fancy cell phones, and automated parking system peacefully coexists with a tradition handed down over 400 years ago and cherishes its importance. We were fascinated by both the accurate timing of the subway trains and precise movements of the puppet’s eyes. We saw that both the modern and traditional Japanese society are comfortable with one another and appreciate each others contributions. Of course we can’t visit every country to learn its customs and cultures. Instead we can learn a lot about the people from how they value their traditional dances and music and how much they try to preserve it in the ever-changing modern world. So a festival like Experience Asia with performances and demonstrations by people from different countries gives us a glimpse about their culture and heritage. Once we see and hear them it will become easier for all of us to understand one another better and live peacefully with each other.

Thayumanasamy Somasundaram, originally from India is the Director of Media Relations for Asian Coalition of Tallahassee. He has been a Tallahassee native since 1993.

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i a

T r e n d




A 28



China Garden Restaurant

118 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park

407-671-2120 refer to P.35 for more details ________________________________________

China Town Seafood Restaurant


1103 N Mills Ave. Orlando refer to P.23 for more details ________________________________________

Golden Lotus Restaurant

8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando


6540 Carrier Dr. Orlando refer to P.11 for more details ________________________________________

Ming’s Bistro

Dakshin Indian Cuisine


1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________


12541 State Road 535 Orlando


813-286-8187 1155 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa ________________________________________

Asia Bagus


2923 Vineland Rd. Kissimmee


Ran-Getsu of Tokyo


Shin Japanese Cuisine


151 S Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ 8400 International Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro ________________________________________

ABC Seafood Restaurant

6400 International Dr, Orlando

813-251-1191 301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 727-522-1888 2705 54th Ave. St. Petersburg ________________________________________

Bamboo Creek


Jade Garden


9734-11 Deer Lake Ct. Jacksonville ________________________________________ 11845 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Le China Chinese Restaurant

321-939-2462 37 Blake Blvd. Celebration, FL 34747 ________________________________________

Trey Yuen Restaurant


Yummy House


6800 Visitors Cir, Orlando ________________________________________

2202 W. Waters Ave.Tampa

DIM SUM Golden Lotus Restaurant

8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando

Sushiology ________________________________________

Aki Restaurant

407-354-0025 7460 Universal Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Nagoya Sushi

7600 Dr Phillips Blvd. Orlando 407-248-8558 5661 Red Bug Lake Rd. Winter Springs 407-478-3388 ________________________________________


Taste of Hong Kong


Ming’s Bistro


TC Choy’s Asian Bistro


6540 Carrier Dr. Orlando refer to P.11 for more details ________________________________________ 1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________

110 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park ________________________________________

Bikkuri Sushi

407-894-4494 1915 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Ginza Japanese Hibachi & Sushi 407-523-8338 8933 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee ________________________________________

Gochi Sushi Cafe


Osaka Japanese Steakhouse


Osaka Sushi


Suki Hanna


3847 Lake Emma Rd. Lake Mary ________________________________________ 2759 Old Winter Garden Rd. Ocoee ________________________________________ 4060 Town Center Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________


4898 S. Kirkman Rd. Orlando

Ha Long Bay

727-522-9988 5944 34th Street Suite 38-41, St. Petersburg ________________________________________

Ho Ho Choy Restaurant


Trey Yuen Restaurant


1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant


VariAsian Crazy Buffet

945 West State Rd 436, Altamonte Springs 407-869-1233 2702 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa 813-998-9228 ________________________________________


Mandarin Asian Buffet & Grill

727-789-8988 30280 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater ________________________________________

Oriental Super Buffet

2456 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater


PHILIPPINE Cafe Mindanao

321-235-7465 10705 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Bistro Filipino

575 S Chickasaw Trl, Orlando


TEA & COFFEE CI Tea Herbal Garden

1831 E. Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803

407-228-3877 ________________________________________

Lollicup Coffee & Tea

1212 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 407-897-1377 106 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park 407-629-BOBA 8098 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 407-850-BOBA ________________________________________

Got Tea

2202 W. Waters Ave. Tampa

813-930-0470 ________________________________________

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

813-977-8266 1441 E Fletcher Ave Tampa ________________________________________

Infusion Tea


1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando ________________________________________

Internet Boba House

813-866-8569 2764 University Square Dr. Tampa ________________________________________

Thuy Cafe


5944 34th St N #37 St. Petersburg ________________________________________

Dandelion Communitea Café

407-362-1864 618 N Thornton Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

Pom Pom Tea House 407-895-7345

1638 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________


67 N Bumby Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

Boba Tease

Go Hayang Gip Korean Restaurant 407-856-4242

407-882-8887 UCF Arena - Orlando ________________________________________ ________________________________________

5086 W Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

1400 W Oakridge Rd. Orlando

Korean Kitchen


1551 Lee Rd. Orlando ________________________________________


7536 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando



301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Spice Cafe


13770 W. Colonial Dr, Winter Garden ________________________________________

refer to P.11 for more details ________________________________________

6800 Visitors Cir, Orlando


Gizmo Sushi


151 S Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

5100 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Bento Cafe

803 N. Orange Ave. Orlando

PAN ASIAN Bento Cafe

Asian PJ’s Cuisine



refer to P.11 for more details ________________________________________

Taste of Hong Kong


Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant 407-599-5199 511 E. Horatio Ave. Maitland

Q-Cup Oriental Cafe


Tatame Sake & Tea Lounge

407-628-2408 223 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park ________________________________________


8001 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando


Visit for more listing

5800 Red Bug Lake Rd.Winter Springs

407-699-8889 ________________________________________

Royal Thai


1202 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Durian Durian Asian Thai Cuisine 407-282-2992 10743 Narcoossee Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

Lai Thai Elegant Thai Restaurant


1905 E. Fletcher Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Soong Thai

407-822-8200 9448 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee ________________________________________

Thai Cafe


Thai Orchid


217 N Magnolla Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ 4339 66th St N Kenneth City

VEGETARIAN Dandelion Communitea Café

407-362-1864 618 N Thornton Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ Garden Cafe 407-999-9799 810 W Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Grass Root Organic Restaurant

813221-7668 2702 N Florida Ave, Tampa ________________________________________

India Village Vegetarian


6200 Old Winter Garden Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

Woodlands Indian Cuisine

6040 S Orange Blossom Trl. Orlando


VIETNAMESE Vinh Restaurant

1231 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando



Việt Hương Vietnamese Cuisine


Little Saigon


Phở Hòa


1672 N. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando ________________________________________ 1106 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 649 N Primrose Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở 88 Noodle

407-897-3488 730 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________ Lạc Việt Bistro 407-228-4000

5100 W Colonial Dr. Orlando


1st Oriental Supermarket 5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando

407-292-3668 refer to P.25 for more details ________________________________________

Saigon Market

407-898-6899 1232 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Joans Ann Bakery


2705 54th Ave. N. St. Petersburg ________________________________________

Qi Dragon Bakery

407-816-3663 7400 Southland Blvd, #109, Orlando ________________________________________

ASIAN GROCERIES 1st Oriental Supermarket 5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando

407-292-3668 refer to P.25 for more details ________________________________________

M D Oriental Market

813-868-1688 1106 E Fowler Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

De Guzman Oriental Food Mart


8433 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Din Ho Supermarket

813-933-7230 8502 N Armenia Ave # 4 Tampa ________________________________________

J M Oriental Market


9421 S Orange Blossom Trl # 5 Orlando ________________________________________

M & M Philippine Mart

407-281-6999 7339 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Oceanic Oriental Supermarket


1609 N Tampa St. Tampa ________________________________________

Phuoc Loc Tho market

407-898-6858 2100 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Saigon Market


Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart


1232 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 5079 Edgewater Dr. Orlando



Thai Basil


During Yum Cha people socialize over tea and partake of a variety of snack foods. This variety of snack foods is what is referred to as Dim sum. Dim sum refers to the collective dishes partaken of

407-895-0985 3812 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở Saigon Restaurant

during the tea-drinking tradition of Yum Cha.

SEA Thai Restaurant


2740 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

Dim sum has it’s origin in the Chinese social tea tradition of Yum Cha. Yum cha, which translates literally to mean “tea drinking”, takes place in the mornings and early afternoons in various regions throughout China, although Canton, a province in Southern China, is more widely associated with Dim sum and Yum Cha.


7555 W Sand Lake Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở Quyen Cuisine

Traditional Chinese Social Tea Tradition - Dim Sum

Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

In today’s hectic world people don’t always have time for traditional social gatherings like Yum Cha. Recognizing the need to keep up with changing times and the demand for instant foods, some food manufacturers in China and other regions have developed packaged dim sum products. These products can usually be found in grocery stores in many areas of the world. They can be prepared at home in a microwave on a stovetop and enjoyed at any time desired.

2021 East Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________


Would you like to be listed here? Please call


for more information

Pick up the Asia Trend Magazine at any of the above restaurants and markets near you.



Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Business After-hours Networking Event  By Glenn Leong

The Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) held a successful Business After Hours networking event on Tuesday, September 16, 2008, at the IKEA store in Orlando (4092 Eastgate Drive, Orlando, FL 32839). IKEA hosted the event as part of its outreach efforts to the local Asian American community and the general business community. “IKEA was very generous in hosting this after-hours business networking event”, said President Becky Szymanski. “We are very

Gary Lau

pleased that turnout and participation were high, and that this was one of our more successful meetings.” John Zurcher, IKEA’s Business Manager [Tel. 407 355-3155 ext 1804], coordinated the networking opportunity, and he gave a short presentation on IKEA’s ecologically-friendly business philosophy and products. Mr. Zurcher discussed the many ways that IKEA can assist new and established businesses in furnishing their offices and in making a great first impression with clients. IKEA has a well-established

Photo Extra Online at

to P.32

State Farm Insurance • Auto Insurance • Life Insurance • Health Insurance • Retirement Plan • CD and Loan

Call to receive a free estimate 407-342-5252 or email us at

i n t e l l i e a g l e . c o m

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國語專線: 407-342-5252 粵語專線: 407-808-0497 Support Asia Trend Magazine. CALL NOW TO ADVERTISE! 407-273-9913



BUSINESS John Zurcher, Becky Szymanski, Victor Alzona, and Alex

Nick Lebredo and Judi Lebredo

Esquire Legal Group: Joe Panyanouvong, Yen Maaswinkel, Gregory Maaswinkel and Amy Perez

Connie Kai, Wei Zheng and Shally Wong

Maria ThurdeKoos, Kathy Llamas, and Paul Jimenez

reputation for providing stylish and cutting-edge furnishings and home decor at affordable prices. The Orlando IKEA store, which opened on November 14, 2007, is one of two in Florida. The AACC, which serves the Central Florida community, was established in 1986. “AACC’s purpose is to foster networking and busi-

Christine Ho and Glenn Leong

ness opportunities, to address the unique business needs of its members, and to promote general visibility of the AACC members,” said President Szymanski. Membership is open to all individuals, small businesses and corporations regardless of ethnic, national, religious or other affiliation.

The monthly Business After Hours events are the Chamber’s premier networking opportunities, providing members and guests the chance to meet business leaders representing products and services in a relaxed, social setting. For more information on the Asian American Chamber of Commerce and upcoming events, please log on to or call (407) 540-0707. Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne

Asian American Chamber of Commerce Business Fair & Gala Sunday, November 2, 2008 The Florida Hotel & Conference Center

(located at Florida Mall South, Sand Lake Rd. & OBT)

Orlando Magic, Title Sponsor Business Fair, Gala Dinner, & Annual Election of Officers All Chamber Members and Colleagues Invited Business Fair is Free to Public Business Fair Exhibit Table Only (4-7 pm): $50 per person Gala Dinner Only (7:30 –10 pm): $50 per person Both Exhibit Table & Gala Dinner: $80 per person Sponsorships Available For more information and to RSVP, please email event chair at or call 407-540-0707 and leave a message. Please also visit website at for event details. Please make checks payable to Asian American Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1586 Orlando, FL 32802-1586. Payment must be received by 10/29/08.

Asian American Celebration Presented by Panda Express

Nov 22 at 7pm Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets at Amway Arena.

Be there as we celebrate the heart and soul of the Asian American Community.

Halftime Performance Featuring The Red Panda Asian American Cuisine available Call Jack Lensky for ticket information 407-916-2949. A portion of each ticket sold will benefit the Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

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Asian Businesses

 By Asia Trend


New in Town

The number of Asian-owned businesses grew 24 percent between 1997 and 2002, approximately twice the national average for all businesses. The 1.1 million businesses generated more than $326 billion in revenues, up 8 percent from 1997. “The robust revenues of Asian-owned firms and the growth in the number of businesses provide yet another indicator that minority entrepreneurs are at the forefront as engines for growth in our economy,” said Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon.

Firms (number)

Percent of total

Receipts (billion dollars)

Percent of total






New York










New Jersey





















Nearly half (47 percent) of all Asian-owned firms were Chinese-owned (290,197) and Asian Indian-owned (231,179). Korean-owned firms were the third largest at 158,031, followed by Vietnamese- (147,081), Filipino- (128,223) and Japanese-owned firms (86,863). Source:

Oyshee Japanese Steakhouse (407) 737-8744 7685 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32807 Feature – Teppanyaki & Sushi Filipino Owner Business Grand Opened Sept 2008

Attention: New Asian Business Owners If you would like us to feature your new business, please send your request to Include your business name, nature, and the physical address or web site in your email for faster process. Your business must be less than 3-month old to be qualified. Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne

W Colonial Dr.

HWY 50

Pine Hills Rd.

1st Oriental Supermarket

Kirkman Rd.



 N

HWY 408 arden

inter G

Old W


42,000 sq ft shopping supermarket. 1800 parking lot

Fresh Bakery

Fresh Produce

OPEN 7 days 8:30AM to 9PM

Hong Kong Style B.B.Q.

Fresh Meat

(407)292-3668 Fax: (407)293-9600

Chinese Supplement

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5132 West Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808


Live Seafood

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Full Color on both sides & printed on high quality 12pt. stock with UV Glossy Finish

Full Color on both sides & printed on high quality 12pt. stock with UV Glossy Finish

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* for self-uploaded digital files only, additional shipping & handling charges Design & Artwork is $60 extra

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CI Tea Herbal Garden W h o l e s a l e We l c o m e

Tea to heal

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Lifein 時 尚

 By Suzy Guttler


the under

guide: $150 bag some of our favorite options for fall.

Sharp metal details and a hefty chain are a fun counterpoint to this girly pink hue. Satin, $84, BCBG Max Aria,

Fantastically clever: This sporty aqua tote boasts a drawing of a big, chunky shoulder bag. Laminated canvas, $98, Marc by Marc Jacobs,

Loads of buckles add the right amount of toughness to this refined shape. Faux leather, $108,

Such a smart, versatile design—tuck this scarlet piece under your arm, or hold it by its silver-trimmed handle. PVC, $55, Chinese Laundry,


Asian Brew

In the spirit of Oktoberfest in Europe this month, we’ve picked fiveAsian must-try national beers that are light, crisp, refreshing, and perfectly suited to the local weather. Perhaps Asia’s best brewski , this is a tasty French-style lager from Laos has a crisp finish. It marries well with laab (spicy salad of meat, herbs and greens) and tam mak houng (spicy green papaya salad). Thailand’s top-selling beer is light, crisp and clean with a slightly malty aroma. Chang is the perfect accompaniment to the bold flavors of Thai food – hot curries, tart salads, and dishes like pork ribs with barbecue sauce.

Beer Lao

Tsing Tao

Chang Beer

The most widely available beer in China, Tsingtao is considered a rather light lager. It can be matched with stir-fried beef, roast duck and deep-fried wontons. This light and crisp Bavarian-style beer is native to Japan’s north island of Hokkaido and goes well with the delicate textures of Japanese food such as those found in sushi and tempura. A light and dry beer with medium body, Tiger can be enjoyed with flavorful Singaporean dishes like pepper crab and satay.



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MTV’s Top Pop Group is Empowering

What We’re Watching This Fall

After two highly successful seasons of “America’s Best Dance Crew”, the cable channel has just launched a singing competition in the same vein: groups perform for a panel of young, urban judges (including Taboo from Black Eyed Peas and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child) and America votes for MTV’s Top Pop Group. It’s “American Idol” but with singers in multiples of 3 or more. And yes, Mario Lopez is still there. Like the diverse legacy left by “Dance Crew”, “Top Pop Group” has contestants of all colors and with a significant representation of Asian American singing talent, most noticeably the four Chinese American sisters from the group Jazmin.



Life in Style


America’s Top Model, Sheena Sakai

The Cho Show

They read as part Asian stereotype (strict parents!) and part anomaly (they were allowed to draw on the walls at home as an encouragement of artistic expression). Judge Taboo talked about the significance of Jazmin possibly being the first all-Asian American pop group to have mainstream success. 3-Daze

Dust off your remote and fire up the Tivo — new TV is finally back! Here’s a look at some of the Asians who will be gracing reality TV this season. Margaret Cho, The Cho Show: The pioneer of Asian American entertainers is back on television with a semiscripted look at her decidedly bizarre life. It’s a “reality-sitcom,” making this a hyphenated and sometimes ham-fisted take on the usual flavor of reality TV. (Thursdays,VH1)

Other contestants include Filipina Chelsea Emata from the group 3 Daze:


Troy Dolendo from Mosaic: and Thailand-born Samoeun from the group Ju-Tuan:

Sheena Sakai, America’s Next Top Model: On a show known for its diversity of adversity, it’s nice to see racial diversity as well. In its 11th cycle, the show has its third Asian American contestant, a Hawaiian “hostess/go-go dancer” who assures us that she has “brung it.” (Wednesdays, CW) Ken Hoang, Survivor: Gabon: Four seasons after introducing race-based tribes, CBS’s reality warhorse is down to just one Asian contestant. Hoang is a professional video game player, pitting his strategic gaming knowledge against his competitors’ brawn. (Thursdays, CBS) Survivor’s Ken Hoang


Asian Americans have suffered quite the fall-out when it comes to reality TV singing competitions (William Hung, Harlemm Lee, Sanjaya Malakar), so hopefully these folks will be remembered for singing ability, and not the lack thereof. Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne


a new

Hip and Trendy Sushi Restaurant located in the Downtown Orlando


 By Ricky Ly

To our great delight, the people who created Bento Blue and Red of Gainesville, Fl, have decided to bring to Orlando their successful pan-Asian fusion restaurant concepts. In the area of South Orange Avenue tucked between Pine and Church Streets, Bentos quietly awaits, tucked beneath the legs of the brand-spanking new Plaza building. Ideally located for those urban dwellers who crave Asian cuisine. As I have found, it is often a chore of winding around and getting lost, to finally find parking in the tightly packed streets of downtown Orlando. Luckily, when you dine in at Bento’s you get a 1 hr parking validation in the Plaza’s parking garage. Inside, you will find their decor to be a modern blue and technologic gray, the inside of the restaurant a giganto glasswindowed hip and trendy sushi

fishbowl. At the restaurant, you can either order at the counter or sit down for full service. We decide to sit down. The waitress is attentive and takes our order. We order the spicy creamy chicken noodle bowl ($6.95) and the Chirashi sushi bowl ($10.50) with a taro boba tea drink ($2.75). Life is quick in the downtown city. So is our food on its way to the table. Our main dishes arrived and they were both good. The taro boba tea arrives to our first. The tea drink is smooth down the palate. The taro milk tea flavor is deliciously sweet. The tapioca pearls pop up the straw and are quickly chewed into oblivion (my stomach). The main dishes arrive soon after. The Korean spicy chicken is creamy, warm, and tenderly fried to perfection. The noodles

are moist and flavorful and arrive in a large bowl. The Chirashi bowl comes with sushi rice, fresh and tasty pieces of salmon, tuna, white tuna, shrimp, and a side of seaweed salad, ginger, and wasabi. I devour the pieces of sashimi, licking the last pieces of sushi rice from the bowl. It is like sushi rolls but without the roll and in a bowl. Overall, considering the relatively cheap prices for the great value of the tasty meal, I would come back again to Bentos for a night out on the town or a casual lunch or for any occassion actually. Other tasty options include the teriyaki chicken noodle bowl, the spicy seafood noodle soup, and the chicken katsu bento box.

What is a Bento Box? Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Bento boxes have internal dividers, and sometimes several stacked layers, so different kinds of food sit in their own little compartments.At Bentos, their boxes come with the main dish, a side of rice, cold noodles, green beans, small salad, and a tiny finger cake for desert. Website: Bento Cafe is at 151 S. Orange Ave., Orlando. The hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon to 11 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 9:30 p.m. Sunday. Beer and wine are available, and credit cards are accepted. phone number is 407-999-8989

Magazines distributed in Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne


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The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival hosted by Vietnamese American Student Association at UCF  By Vuong Nguyen

Vuong Nguyen & Gary Lau

▲ Vietnamese fashion show: Sachiko Hamada, Uyen Diep, Victoria Nguyen, Sheri Seto, Amanda Pham, Kim Tran, Bettina Tran, Jayne Alagano, Minh Bui

Every year there is a tradition during mid-autumn where it is cusmembers of the group VERSIFIED, Christopher Nguyen and Charlie tom to celebrate the full moon. At the University of Central Florida, Tong gave a propelling lion dance performance that included stunts the Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA) celebrates the unseen in many professional performances. Continuing the show, we festival by throwing a school wide event with the general public welwere welcomed by very accommodating hosts, Janet Tong and Tuan comed to attend. The moon festival is known by many Vietnamese Ngoc Tran. Performance after performance the audience was filled as Tết Trung Thu or TTT and has many with gazing eyes and amusement. Perlegends behind it’s history. “The festival formances included dances, tinikiling, is when families come together and bring fashion shows, and singing. Backstage, their children to enjoy the moonlight. I was fortunate enough to interview Traditionally, children designed lanterns Tammy Tran, a singer for the festival’s to walk around their neighbors home to event. “Every year I used to perform for wish them a good harvest.” VASA ad“4 Seasons” [a popular Vietnamese girl viser, Karen Nguyen reminisced. VASA group] but since we are all so busy with certainly did not forget that tradition -as academics we are doing performances the availability of hand made lanterns that are still fun but not as proactive. I were widely available in the monumenam very nervous about my performance tal ballroom that the event was held. Not but at the same time very excited! TTT is only were there welcoming students with always a great event to have fun, meet big smiles and lanterns, but there were people, eat, and learn more about the VASA officers: Helen Tran, Krystle Nguyen, Vinh Trung Trinh, Pham, great performances with variances of Vietnamese culture.” At the end of the Monica Mai, Kha Duong, Christine Doan, Reggie Tran, and Theresa Mai modern and traditional themes. Editor show there were nothing but smiles as with the emcee Janet Tong (in the middle) of Asian Trend Magazine, Shally Wong, the audience had a full year of wishes proclaimed that what she loves the most about VASA’s Mid-Autmn for luck and fortune. Moon Festival is the creativity, the youthful energetic performances, Interested in learning more about VASA at UCF? and most of all -the talent. Traditionally, one of the most important Contact Monica Mai, the president of VASA, at performances for TTT are lion dances. The dances are usually peror visit for more info. formed by non-professional children or a trained professional group to dance as a wish of luck and fortune to the crowd. At VASA’s TTT, Photo Extra Online at

Vietlimitz’s “Be Bang va Co gai Que”

Lion Dance



Vietnamese Hat Dance

Cherry Blossoms

Emcee, Janet Tong & Tuan Tran

“Vang Trang Dem Troi” performed by Tammy Tran & Hieu Luu

Modern Dance By VASA Candle Dance by Filipino Student Association

Versified’s Break Dance

Asian Associations online at



Thai dance by Savitre Geeratisoontorn

Orlando Taiko Dojo

Asian American Heritage Council

Orlando Moon Festival 2008

Asian American Heritage Council (AAHC) hosted the Orlando Moon Festival 2008 at the Lake Eola - Amphitheater, Downtown Orlando on September 20th. The event started at 4pm. The first part of entertainment was kicked off by Vovinam‘s Vietnamese Martial Arts demonstration. It was followed by Master Samuei Winters’s Tai Chi Ch’uan demonstration, Vietnamese Lotus Dance, and Thai cultural dance. The 2nd part of the show started with the Lion Dance performed by CASA-UCF. Other performances included professional Japanese Taiko Drummers by Orlando Taiko Dojo, martial arts demonstrated by Students of O-Mei Wushu USA, Chinese Yo Yo performed by Robert Chung and his sister Ting Chung, and OCPA’s String Quartet performance. There were free lanterns given out to the kids. UCF Students helped setup, face painting and some of the entertainments including Step performance by Pi Delta Psi. Thai dance by Savitre Geeratisoontorn from Delta Phi Lambda, Hip-Hop Dance by Fresh Off the Beat Dance Group - UCF’s Filipino Student Association and Cuong Le and Teresa Chan’s poetry performance - “You Bring Out the Vietnamese In Me” written by Bao Phi. More details about the show, check the website:

 By Asia Trend

Gary Lau

Step performance by Pi Delta Psi O-Mei Wushu USA

Vietnamese Cultural Dance

Chinese School of CAACF and Tzu Chi Foundation

Kissimmee Chinese School

Photo Extra Online at

KACC Board of Directors, Advisors and Past Presidents



Mei-ying Huang, President of KACC and Connie Kai, Secretary General of KACC Johnson Young, President of Taiwanese ica Chamber of Commerce of North Amer

Xien-Mei Tang and Janey Cheng

Kissimmee American Chinese Center

Mid-Autumn Celebration

 By Asia Trend Gary Lau

Pei Da Yan’s Karaoke Performance

Kissimmee American Chinese Center (KACC) celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with more than 120 members and friends at Spices of China on September 6th. KACC’s President Mei-Ying Huang welcomed the guests to the celebration. Connie Kai, the Secretary General of KACC, invited special guests to perform Karaoke on stage. There were also games, free moon cakes to every guest and special Chinese Acrobatic performance by Dragon Legend. Taiwanese authentic food was specially prepared for the event.

Dragon Legend

Asian Associations online at

i a

T r e n d




A 44



Variety of Chinese entertainments include folk dances, live music, acrobatics, martial arts, and specialty acts. Contact Jim Yu at 407-719-0423 or to arrange the performance for your next function.


Every Tuesday (6-9pm) and Sunday (1:30 – 4:30 pm) at College Park Community Center - 2393 Elizabeth Ave, Orlando, FL 32804. Take Princeton exit from I-4, head west and make right on Elizabeth Ave. Fees: Adults: $5, Under 18: $1, 12 and under: Free. Please contact Krishna Balwalli at 407 683 9162 or email for more information.


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NEW AGE LINEDANCE Classes available on Mon (for intermediate-Casselberry Senior Center), Tues (for beginners- Winter Park Community Center), Thurs (for advanced-Casselberry Senior Center) and Sat (for beginners-Renaissance Senior Center). $5/$6 per person. Contact Ivan and Cecilia Mao at 407-222-8747 or for more details.

CENTRAL FLORIDA TABLE TENNIS CLUB Every Friday, 6-10pm at Conway United Methodist Church - 3401 S. Conway Rd. Orlando, FL 32812. All levels of players are welcome. We play for fun, and also offer Professional coaching and a Robot for training. Please call Adam at 407-854-6301 or


is actively seeking new talent to compete in intercollegiate athletic competition. The club has 6 tables, and competes with other universities such as the University of Florida, and Florida Institute of Technology. For more information on joining the club or becoming part of the team, please visit, or contact club secretary Jonathon: GO KNIGHTS!


Class Tuition: $30/per class (one hour) If you are interested in learning to write Chinese calligraphy, call now for the class. Monday - Thursday Hunters Creek area Calligrapher Peter Lau Do not hesitate, please call, 407-273-9913 or email to -

EVENTS ENTERTAINMENT - live band performance

Bob Clayton has over 50 years of experience in live band music entertainment. Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland and Dance music.

Available for all kind of events. call Bob Clayton : 407-493-9386 for details

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CH’AN BUDDHIST MEDITATION (DDMBA) 1st Saturday every month, 9:00-11:30am

Jean Rhein Central Branch Library (Seminole) 215 N. Oxford Rd., Casselberry, FL 32707

407-538-6491 FREE to public


Chinese Class ($100): Sundays, 1:30pm~3:30pm Martial Arts ($80) & Dance Class ($80): Sundays, 3:40pm~4:40pm Yoga Class ($100): Every Wednesday, 6:30pm~7:30pm and Saturdays, 12:00pm~1:00pm contact 407-281-8482 or


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Puxiao Cen, MD, FACC 岑瀑嘯醫生 內科心血管專科

Fellow of American College of Cardiology Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease

Date: October 26, 2008 (Sunday) Time: 3pm - 4:30pm Location: Florida Hospital - Altamonte Spring, Chatlos Conference Hall 601 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 (take I-4 Exit # 92, SR 436 East)

• Free Health Seminar (in English) • Light Refreshments • No RSVP required • Space is limited to first 120 people Hosted by: Co-Sponsor: Media Sponsor:

• Florida Heart Group • Florida Hospital

• Chinese American Association of Central Florida • Kissimmee American Chinese Center • Han Foundation • Asian American Heritage Council • A Major Multimedia • United Chinese News of Florida • Asia Trend Magazine • Global Media LLC • World Journal

The 2nd Annual Asian Pacific Rim Festival 2008 Oct 11(Sat) 10am – 10pm, Oct 12(Sun) 11am – 8pm at England Brothers Bandshell Park, 5121 81st Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL. Free Admission. Ethnic Cuisines, Cultural Avenues, Arts & Crafts, Live Music and Entertainments. For more details, visit or call 727-552-1896. An Exhibition of ancient and sacred Buddhist Relics Oct 17-20 Wat Florida Dhammaram – 2421 Old Vine Road, Kissimmee, FL 34736 • Oct 24-26 Phap Vu Buddhist Cultural Center – 716 N. Dean Road, Orlando, FL 32825 • Contact Coordinator Chih Ho at 407-538-6491 or email for more details. Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort October 18 (Sat), 8:30am – 4:30pm at the epi-center of Downtown Disney® Free to public. For more event information, please visit The ninth annual Disney’s Martial Arts Festival Oct 24 (Fri) - Oct 26 (Sun) • Disney’s Martial Arts Festival combines the positive atmosphere of competition with the magic of the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort for competitors, spectators, families and volunteers. This event is open to both children and adults, from beginner to expert. Whether you are a competitor, family member or a fan there is something for you at Disney’s Martial Arts Festival. Visit for more information. Hungama - celebrating the Festival of Lights October 24 (Fri) 6pm - 10pm at Pegasus Ballroom, SU. 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, FL. Performances include: Bollywood and Modern Dances, Melodic Singing. Bhangra Dance, Fashion Show, Beautiful Classical Dances, Amazing Instrumental Pieces, During intermission, a FREE DINNER will be available. Doors open at 6:00PM and the show begins promptly at 7:00PM. Donations are welcomed! Contact 4072886319 or amil: for more details.

Fourth Annual Immunization Update Saturday, November 1st, from 8:00am to 1:45pm at the Orange County Health Department located on 6101 lake Ellenor Drive Orlando , FL 32809 . Obstetricians and Pediatric Providers, Family Practitioners, Nurses, Nursing Students, Medical Assistants, Communicable Disease Staff, Office Managers, and interested others are invited to attend this event and be updated on the following topics: Adult Immunizations, Hepatitis, Travel and Global Immunizations, Meningococcal Disease, Adolescent Immunizations, and Influenza. *Free CE’s only provided by AHEC* • * Breakfast provided* Register Online at Walk-In registrations day of event welcome Asian American Chamber of Commerce Business Fair & Gala 2008 Nov 2 (Sun) 4-7pm Business Fair & 7:30 – 10pm Gala Dinner & Annual Election of Officers at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center (located at Florida Mall South – 1500 Sand Lake, Orlando, FL 32809). Business Exhibit Table $50 each and Gala Dinner $50 per person. Exhibit and Dinner $80. For more information and to RSVP, please email event chair at or call 407-540-0707. Please also visit for event details. (Refer to pg 33) Asian American Celebration Night with the Orlando Magic Nov 22 at 7pm Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets. Halftime Performance Featuring The Red Panda Acrobats and Asian American Cuisine presented by Panda Express. Call Jack Lensky for ticket information 407-916-2949. A portion of each ticket sold will benefit the Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

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