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JAN 2009



26 Is It America’s Turn to Learn From China?


HAPPY NEW YEAR 新 年 快 樂 Chúc Mừng Năm Mới



10 Beijing welcomes YOU


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Chinese Zodiac Venerable Master Hsing Yun article Lunar New Year Celebration Guide Firecrackers, Hong Baos, and … a wedding dress?


Manigong Bangong Taon 새해 복 많이 받으세요 Sawadee Pii Mai Selamat Tahun Baru

16 Restaurants Guide


30 Life in Style


14 Reduce Stress in Uncertain Economic Times


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Your point of contact for Asian American opportunities beard papa’s from Osaka, JAPAN Are you Hiring?


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Feel Japan in Orlando Free Health Education Seminar Ice Skating Holiday Show Simbang Gabi - Evening Mass Vietnamese Community 2009 New Year Celebration


13 CAACF Lunar New Year Celebration 2009 35 Level Up – There can be no impact without YOU

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To start the New Year, we welcome you to Beijing , China with a travel exclusive from our very own publisher! We’ve also got the latest news on the Japan Festival in Central Florida organized by Orlando Hoshuko, Inc. and a special highlight on the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, as they induct their Board of Directors for the year. Plus, Master Kerby Kuek shares his perspectives on the zodiac forecast for 2009, the year of the ox! Finally, in our climate of challenging economic conditions, we’re reaching out to you, our readers, by providing a resource for job and career opportunities. We are now offering a free job posting in our magazine. For hiring employers, please email full and part-time positions and their respective descriptions to Happy, Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to having another splendid time with you in 2009. Meanwhile, stay well, safe, and enjoy! Warmest regards,

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Culture 文化



oroscope and

 Exclusively brought to you by Kerby Kuek

Zodiac Forecast for Year of the Ox

What you do (feel) in current downturn of economy? Prices of new and existing homes were dropping substantially and will continue to drop further, you have negative equity, your assets are shrinking or downsize, unemployment rising, foods prices rising and your job is unstable. You feel lousy and discontent about current state. Your confidence is dampened and you feel lethargic, constant argument among family members and your health is deteriorating. Stop and reorganize your thoughts and actions for a moment. The study of a person’s state of happiness (contentment or discontentment) by famous Reinhold Niebuhr resulted the following: The level of happiness of a person are determined by three factors: 1. DNA determined 50%. (Fate determined your level of happiness) 2. 10% was determined by external factors (i.e. fame and fortune) 3. 40% was determined by your thinking (perception, paradigm or mindsets) Change Your Perception In other words, to change the way you think, perceive and your mindsets will be a lot easier since to Change the external factors and DNA is next to impossible. If you want to fell happy, you are left with one possibility that is to change the way you perceive things. You and your thoughts determine the level of happiness. When you feel happy you will radiate the energy to people surrounding and the returns will be overwhelming. It is up to you. To view current state of economy, it is pretty much predictable since

things are always in cycle. What goes up must come down and the good thing is, what goes down will rise again and it is matter of time. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. This has been going on for the past and will continue to do the same looking forward. Think of 1 and 2. One calligraphy master of my recently wrote 4 words in Chinese calligraphy (常念一二), which literally translate into English “Think of 1and 2.’ To understand such statement we must first examine another common phrase in Chinese (人生不如意事十常八九), which translate into English, Out of ten events in the journey of life, on normal course will bump into 8 or 9 obstacles. Think of 1 and 2 is focus on the positive factors, smooth event or outcomes when come to handling predicaments. In easy term think of ‘half full’ and avoid ‘half empty’ motto. It is easily said than done you might say, well I was being negative about this one, sorry, yes, you will never feel the differences if you do not even try. And it is true that things will always turn out right when hit rock bottom. Keep on keeping on. Learn to be a happy person. Love your family and care for friends. Reorganize your thinking and act positively whenever possible. Try strengthening the relationship and you will come out stronger and better. In good times prepare for the worse to come and in bad times welcome them as the worse might be over soon. Do not ask me when things will turn around just ‘Think of 1 and 2’ in bad times!!!


he Chinese Zodiac consists of a 12-year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal that imparts distinct characteristics to its year. Many Chinese believe that the year of a person’s birth is the primary factor in determining that person’s personality traits, physical and mental attributes and degree of success and happiness throughout his or her lifetime. It also shows your compatibility with people of the other signs.

not be the same as last year. Do not hang on to those feelings instead gear up and buckle up for new challenges or new environment. Listen to your deep inner voice and you might get enlightened.

【 Ox 牛】 02.11.1937 – 01.30.1938 01.29.1949 – 02.16.1950 02.15.1961 – 02.04.1962 02.03.1973 – 01.22.1974 02.20.1985 – 02.08.1986 02.07.1997 – 01.27.1998

OX—Barack Obama Aug 4, 1961

Prospect of the Year Last year you did enjoy a better year as compare to this year! You need to change your paradigm as things will

1937 Ox all of sudden you will get the attention from the young ones. They might need your help or just to be with you! 1949 Ox either have good news or a bad one, of course is a significant matter. DO not mind the petty person that might get your attention. More new friends for you this year! 1961 Ox with changes changes and chang-

es!! On work, on relationship and on residential! Be proactive in searching for new opportunity and be braved enough to face the litigation matter if there is one. 1973 Ox will have new assignment, new job or even new office and superior, be alert and things will work out just fine for you. Think positive, act positive and be proactive! 1985 Ox needs to beware of disciplinary issue with the authority! Just be extra careful when come to grievances and petty people cannot stand alone. 1997 Ox will have special and extra attention in school! Good or bad, you decide. January 2009



【Tiger 虎】 01.31.1938 – 02.18.1939 02.17.1950 – 02.05.1951 02.05.1962 – 01.24.1963 01.23.1974 – 02.10.1975 02.09.1986 – 01.28.1987 01.28.1998 – 02.15.1999

Rat—Ma Ying-jeou July 13, 1950

Prospect of the Year Traps, set-ups and petty people around you this year, but try this on; only for those successful people will experience such phenomena. Since this year not many auspicious stars on your side, you have to constantly on the move to keep yourself busy and running. This is a dull year for normal person! 1938 Tiger all of the sudden become more competitive and more attention is given to you. 1950 Tiger a monotonous and a lay back year for you, nothing much to say to you here. 1962 Tiger beware of traps and unwarranted opportunity in investment. You need to find an attachment in order not to indulge in family matter! 1974 Tiger becomes accessible to making money opportunity, this is a year that you are thinking of nothing but money, money and show me the money!! But I did not say that you will be earning money! Changes in residential and meeting your parents year. 1986 Tiger will become more creative and is an evolution year for you! Remember who helped you in the past and do return such favor! 1998 Tiger will meet new friends, new environment and experience something extra ordinary event! Be prepared for the changes.

【Rabbit 兔】 02.19.1939 02.06.1951 01.25.1963 02.11.1975 01.29.1987 02.16.1999

– – – – – –

02.07.1940 01.26.1952 02.12.1964 01.30.1976 02.16.1988 02.04.2000

Rabbit—Brad Pitt Dec 18, 1963

Prospect of the Year One of the busiest Zodiacs in 2009 is Rabbit! Year of changes in career, new job, new environment, new superior or even new office or assignment but beware of relationship issues, be tactful when come to deal with such problem! 1939 Rabbit is about to meet more new friends and proactively searching for new

 January 2009

challengers. 1951 Rabbit needs to pay extra attention to relationship management especially deal with elderly. You will suddenly change the way you wear and the way you look! 1963 Rabbit ready for litigation or job promotion issue! Emotional roller coaster year for you but just think positive and be proactive, things will work out fine. Sudden or unexpected event will occur to you, just be prepared for changes! 1975 Rabbit privately or on personal matters you are losing touch and less attention are given to you, take positively and turn this energy to focus on your job or career instead! 1987 Rabbit your headstrong, unwilling to take a step back has cause you instability in relationship especially with elderly! 1999 Rabbit will be bold or at times too bold in confronting sensitive issue but should be able to do well or excel in school!

【Dragon 龍】 02.08.1940 01.27.1952 02.13.1964 01.31.1976 02.17.1988 02.05.2000

– – – – – –

01.26.1941 02.13.1953 02.01.1965 02.17.1977 02.05.1989 01.23.2001

Rabbit—LI Ka Shing July 29, 1928

Prospect of the Year Unsettle event and issue at hand whole year round. This is challenging for those who must clear your outstanding matter at once. A frustration will lead you to depression and insomnia. Instead, focus your attention to spend time with family and close friends. Keep moving or traveling and changing your status quo will lessen your burden. 1940 Dragon is rather quiet year but with too many unnecessary emotional upswings, to solve this do not stay put, travel, travel and travel. 1952 Dragon probably caught in between retires or keeps working, hard and a rock place! Listen to the voices of others especially someone far away. 1964 Dragon becomes indulge in money issue, remember what I say, you will experience many unsolved outstanding matters that include money matter. 1976 Dragon will go back to school again and funny thing is you become more sensitive and emotional or sentimental again. You become more creative! 1988 Dragon becomes less dependent on others and it is good to build up your selfesteem.

【Snake 蛇】 01.27.1941 02.14.1953 02.02.1965 02.18.1977 02.06.1989 01.24.2001

– – – – – –

02.14.1942 02.02.1954 01.20.1966 02.06.1978 01.26.1990 02.11.2002

Snake—Nastia Liukin Oct 30, 1989

Prospect of the Year YEAR of good relationship management but not career! This is a year that you become more sensitive towards relationship, I think because last year all you think were work, work and work. This is good since we are not a whole but merely a part of the puzzle. Changes and chances both are co-related since you pay more attention of the sentimental value of friend or associate. Opportunity arrives is when you have no intention to get one. All of sudden you will pay more attention and time on your health matter. 1941 Snake will experience a sudden ‘enlightened’ and becomes more aware of surrounding. Mother Nature is fantastic and the sun rises on the east and sets on the west, just keep you wonder things are all in accordance to nature arrangement with cycle and pattern. 1953 Snake please be aware of authority issue especially related to litigation, please be careful when signing legal paper. 1965 Snake will worry about health problem but only to find out that it is self-inflicted, relax and drink more water! Just pay more attention when you sign on legal paper, provide more time to study the terms. The money issue will be solved soon! 1977 Snake will become outstanding in the eye of community or public, things that you do will be noticed by concern parties, but to some this will drain away your energy because you do not like the attention!! 1989 Snake will become independent and less relies on others to make decision. The right path to prosperity!

【Horse馬】 01.30.1930 02.15.1942 02.03.1954 01.21.1966 02.07.1978 01.27.1990 02.12.2002

– – – – – – –

02.16.1931 02.04.1943 01.23.1955 02.08.1967 01.27.1979 02.14.1991 01.31.2003

Horse—Joe Biden Nov 20, 1942

Prospect of the Year

A year of spending, spending and spending! Over-reliance on elderly and a lethargic year but the good news is you are better off than last year. Relationship management will lead you very stressful level. Career wise, you get relief when things turn better second half of the year. 1942 Horse will need a full body check because your uncontrollable diet starts to exhaust you further. Be alert and proactive. 1954 Horse will be rewarded accordingly, you work seemed to have unsolved issues that hang-over for quite some time. You need to be assertive, creative and be more thrift when come to budget and financial management. 1966 Horse might learn new thing or need sabbatical, rejuvenate yourself by traveling seem to be a good idea. You are the guidance angel for many and without you knowing you have many listeners and many followers but you should learn to be a good listener as well. 1978 Horse will learn what competition is and cut throat scenario is all about. You even have peers or siblings back stab you and petty people around you, just remember tough time never last only tough people. Learn to hang on and never dwell on petty issues that drain your energy. Let the nature flow and things will turn better. Of course you need to work hard as well. 1990 Horse seems required to put extra attention in studies since your mission in school is not done yet, since your teacher, lecture and professor do not agree that you leave school too soon and they are right! You should stay in school as long as you could.

【Sheep羊】 02.17.1931 02.05.1943 01.24.1955 02.09.1967 01.28.1979 02.15.1991 02.01.2003

– – – – – – –

02.05.1932 01.24.1944 02.11.1956 01.29.1968 02.15.1980 02.03.1992 01.21.2004

Sheep—Robert Michael Gates Sep 25, 1943

Prospect of the Year Changes, Changes and Changes, the only constant for you is change! Never let the situation control you and instead be alert and assertive to things surrounding you. You are a high profile person this year! You are dashing with the Grand Duke Jupiter and that keep you busy for the whole year. Busy, Busy and Busy year for all Goat! One thing seems to improve for you is your financial and budget management. At least you know

never to over-leveraged or over-spent! 1955 Sheep wwill be more creative when deal with figures. You are well aware of the importance of a balance sheet and must not over-spend. You become sensitive to funds around you, that funds could require your extra care and attention, never commit something that you do not master. You must be frank and honest on what you know and what you do not know to gain the trust of parties concern. 1967 Sheep will need to attend many celebrations especially related to graduation and marriage. Please welcome such celebration because celebration will funnel the kind energy to you one way of the other. Do not resist such event rather join them and be happy for them because your turn will come. 1979 Sheep needs to make decision to move residential, to change job or even new relationship. Make your decision wisely and get second opinion from your close friends or relatives in regards to such changes. They might give you a clue to your decision. 1991 Sheep beware of health problem because of your carelessness and watch out for minor traffic accidents.

【Monkey猴】 02.06.1932 01.25.1944 02.12.1956 01.30.1968 02.16.1980 02.04.1992 01.22.2004

– – – – – – –

01.25.1933 01.12.1945 01.30.1957 02.16.1969 02.04.1981 01.22.1993 02.08.2005

Culture 文化

form your action into positive outcome. Do not let your guard off and things and events will become desirable for you. Never outsmart the stock markets because you will never know when the swing will against you. Go back to learning mode; learn as much as you can this year. 1968 Monkey will become more competitive in what ever your encounters are. Your kids are facing keen competition at school, you are facing competitive workforce at work. But one thing is certain that you have more new friends and associates and this is your advantage. You will probably get new insight from these new friends or associates that you met. 1980 Monkey will spend before you earn to travel, you need to think and act like a responsible adult, because your action and plan affect a lot of people surrounding you. The guidance angel will appear when you just ask! 1992 Monkey might get involve in litigation issue, settle the differences quickly and wisely, do not think things will iron-out automatically because they never will! Seek help from elderly when you are in trouble, because same peers or same age person will never offer a solution to you.


Monkey—Yao Ming Aug 12, 1980

Prospect of the Year A personal satisfaction year because many auspicious stars are on your side. A year of fostering better relationship especially intimacy one. It is also a year your financial standing become more and more independent. Have you ever wondered why many friends surrounding you either out of work or about to get layoff but not you! Come to think about it you are the lucky one. Spend time to call your parent and just a call will make their day. They just want to listen to your voice and nothing more. Pick up the phone and dial their numbers now. 1944 Monkey requires more effort in handling your lonesome year, be understandable because most of your family members have to face their own problems as well especially keeping their jobs or seeking a job! 1956 Monkey is experiencing a rejuvenation year. Your new energy will somehow trans-

01.26.1933 02.13.1945 01.31.1957 02.17.1969 02.05.1981 01.23.1993 02.09.2005

– – – – – – –

02.13.1934 02.01.1946 02.17.1958 02.05.1970 01.24.1982 02.09.1994 01.28.2006

Rooster—Stanley Ho Hung-sun Nov 25, 1921

Prospect of the Year A fantastic year because you and the Tai Sui become ‘brother’. The opportunity to talk, dine and chat with the King (your boss, superior and powerful elderly) become a norm for you this year, but do not take this for granted as things are on your way, you need to work hard and manage your relationship well with your superior. Since you need to socialize with your boss, your diet has become a burden on your health. Avoid heavy investment and remember this year could be your turning point in life, you be in the industry that you never taught before! Be prepared for that.! 1945 Rooster bewares of health and petty people around you. When crossing the streets makes sure be extra careful. Financial busy year for you and your family, spend when you have to. January 2009


Culture 1957 Rooster all of sudden you have changes in lifestyle and clothing. Socializing year for you and please do some exercises for your health improvement. 1969 Rooster needs elderly support in career advancement and this is a very competitive year for you! But remember action speaks louder than words, do more and say less. It is also a year of traveling for you. 1981 Rooster needs to struggle to get attention, remember to stick to your principle and accept changes when you have to. Please pay additional attention when crossing busy streets! You might need to listen to other people opinion especially those younger than you. 1993 Rooster will experience a roller coaster year when dealing with relationship, please calm yourself down and be happy to accept changes on your way. You will be rewarded for your patient!.

【Dog 狗】 02.14.1934 02.02.1946 02.18.1958 02.06.1970 01.25.1982 02.10.1994 01.29.2006

– – – – – – –

02.03.1935 01.21.1947 02.07.1959 01.26.1971 02.12.1983 01.30.1995 02.17.2007

1970 Dog in career indecisive mode, to leave or not to leave your current job, stay put unless you have better offer because once you leave your job without any offer chances are you will probably not getting one. Be tactful when come to relationship management. 1982 Dog has to deal with legal issue or signing a legal document and please ensure that you read carefully before signing on one. Plan to get marry? Go ahead should be a good year for marriage. 1994 Dog your voices attract attention even from far land. You will achieve your intention but do not get carry away. Opposite attraction! But you are too young to be in love, stop dreaming and get back to study!.

【Boar豬】 02.04.1935 01.22.1947 02.08.1959 01.27.1971 02.13.1983 01.31.1995 02.18.2007

– – – – – – –

02.23.1936 02.09.1948 01.27.1960 02.14.1972 02.01.1984 02.18.1996 02.06.2008

Boar—Hillary Clinton Oct 26, 1947

Prospect of the Year Dog—George W. Bush Jul 6, 1946

Prospect of the Year Thinking of changing job! Thinking of changing relationship partner! Thinking of changing the residential! All you do is just think, think and think. This is a year that you will have unsettling events and issues that require you to tackle. The way you think of the matter is simply wrong. You need to think out loud, share with others and get second opinion. The roller coaster year for 2008 is over! The volatility of your life is less this year but your indecision will frustrate you and you will put your health in jeopardy. 1934 Dog bewares of health and petty people around you. Financial busy year for you and your family, spend when you have to. When crossing the road be extra careful. 1946 Dog requires changes or facelift of residential, transportation or even a new working environment if you have to. 1958 Dog all of sudden will have changes in the way your wear (attire/clothing). That I believe it is because of changes in workplace. Get your body check this year and tackle your problem at once should you have one.

 January 2009

Year of traveling and revolution! It is also a year of ‘irregular’ income stream, all of sudden you might change your structure of work from regular to ad hoc, commission base or piece by piece work compensation. That means that you have to work hard and the more you work the better your payoff will be. Celebration for you! You have more to cheer about this year! 1935 Boar requires more attention in health! You need to sign on legal document or involve in litigation issue that involve funds or money. 1947 Boar might get drained or stretched out from people surrounding you, be careful not to offend anyone that is 6 years older or younger than you. 1959 Boar become competitive again at work! You are surrounded by peers, siblings and friends from the beginning of the year till then end of the year. That implying that your social life is rather exciting and full of surprises. 1971 Boar suddenly people surrounding you are elderly or people at least 10 years older than you. Your income stream will change from regular to irregular. 1983 Boar possible changes in residential and changes in job nature! 1995 Boar becomes more emotional and

sensitive about things and events that you undertake..

【Rat 鼠】 01.24.1936 02.10.1948 01.28.1960 02.15.1972 02.02.1984 02.19.1996 02.07.2008

– – – – – – –

02.10.1937 01.28.1949 02.14.1961 02.02.1973 02.19.1985 02.06.1997 01.25.2009

Rat—Steven Chu Feb 28, 1948

Prospect of the Year Last year was a busy year that bogged you with many unsettled issues, but this year you are a lot better but still will experience what is topsy turvy all about! Nevertheless, you need to deal with

your superior, your boss, the supreme one, your father or your guidance angel on many issues from beginning of the year till the end, good or bad? You tell me!! 1936 Rat will experience new assignment! Busy doing things with partners but age catching up you will end up disappointed. Remember that stress is pretty much self inflicted. 1948 Rat is becoming competitive again even with your age, think positive and petty people around you from last year will disappear. 1960 Rat will get surprise from some elderly person. Just a little extra careful when crossing busy streets! 1972 Rat is experiencing changes in job’s nature, superior or even office. Move along because your boss likes you a lot, what the hake, ask him or her for a better chair! But don’t push it; do not even think of asking for a raise in this economic downturn. Go with the flow and things will turn just fine. 1984 Rat will be happy to see new relationship be it intimacy or with peers, with some luck you are the luckiest rat of all. Money and woman issues for male rat this year. Female rat will need to deal with father on specific issue! 1996 Rat will know what investment all about and what to study. Your creative mind is working this year hopefully to your advantage.

Contributing Writer’s Profile

Master Kerby Kuek has been practicing Feng Shui and life reading for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise include Chinese astrology, name analysis, face reading, as well as I-Ching. Kuek holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Newport University, USA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management (State University of New York, USA).

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He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man.- Chairman Mao

北 京

Beijing welcomes YOU Top 10 Must-Sees in Beijing (Part I)

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Gary Lau

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world and the most popular attraction for the tourists. It stretches over approximately 4,160 miles from east to west of China. The Great Wall of China was built mainly to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. It was first built in the 7th century B.C. when China was still divided into many small states. In 221 BC, after Emperor Qinshihuang defeated the other six states and unified China, he decided to link up all the separate high walls built by its rivals, especially the walls in the northern part of China built by the states of Qin, Zhao and Yan as a great defense project to ward off the harassment by the Huns.

The Marble Boat on the grounds of the

10 January 2009

Summer Palace

Beijing (meaning “Northern Capital”) is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It was also the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. Together with Xian, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing and Hangzhou, Beijing is one of the six ancient cities in China. Beijing is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center of the China. Some of the country’s most historic scenic spots lie within the scope of a day-trip. You will be amused of seeing both the cultural and modern aspects of today’s Beijing.

Kunming Lake, boat can be rode in Summer

Summer Palace was the imperial retreat from Beijing’s summer heat, with gardens, lakes, hills, and the 728 meter elaborately painted Long Corridor & Empress Cixi’s marble boat. In December 1998, UNESCO included the Summer Palace on its World Heritage List. It declared the Summer Palace “a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value.” It is a popular tourist destination but also serves as a recreational park. ►

Long Corridor

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Travel ◄The Hall of Supreme Harmony

Tiananmen Square is the largest square in the world, with the capacity to hold over 1 million people. The 44-hectare Tian’anmen Square is 500 metres wide, 800 metres long and paved with specially treated light granite slate. Mao’s mausoleum is at the south end, opposite the entrance to the Forbidden City. The monument in the center is the Monument to the People’s Heroes which documents key events in modern Chinese history. There is a flag raising and lowering ceremony at dawn and dusk at the north end of the square.

The Nine Dragons Screen in front of the Palace of Tranquil Longevity

Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid-Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. It is the world’s largest palace complex and covers 74 hectares. This is truly the spot to appreciate the might and grandeur of the Imperial Chinese court during the height of its power in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

The throne in the Hall of Preserving Harmony

Tiananmen gate to the Forbidden City with reviewing stands in front

rts ground

The Bird Nest spo

National Stadium (also known as Bird Nest) and National Aquatics Centre (also known as Water Cube) Fuwa

Water Cube entrance

Located in the Olympic Green, the US$423 million stadium is the world’s largest steel structure. The design was awarded to a submission from the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron in April 2003, after a bidding process that included 13 final submissions. The design, which originated from the study of Chinese ceramics, implemented steel beams in order to hide supports for the retractable roof; giving the stadium the appearance of a “Bird’s nest”. The Water Cube’s design was initiated by a team effort: the Chinese partners felt a square was more symbolic to Chinese culture and its relationship to the Bird’s Nest stadium, while the Sydney based partners came up with the idea of covering the ‘cube’ with bubbles, symbolizing water. “Water Cube” keeps comfortable humidity and maintains spring-like warm temperatures with a comfortable level of humidity. Swimmers at the Water Cube broke 25 world records during the 2008 Olympics. To be continued in Feb Issue

12 January 2009

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Lunar New Year Dinner Celebration 20


Lunar New Year Dinner Celebration 2009 Events Highlight

【瑞【瑞 牛牛迎 喜新新 春餐】 聚 餐】 迎喜 春聚


Lunar Lunar New New Year Year Dinner Dinner Celebration Celebration 2009 2009 【瑞 【瑞 牛 牛迎 迎喜 喜新 新春 春聚 聚 餐】 餐】 Lunar New Year Dinner Celebration 2009

【瑞 牛 迎 喜 新 春 聚 餐】 Sunday, January 18, 2009


Performance: 4:30pm


Dinner : 5:30pm Sunday, January 18, 2009

晚餐:五時半 一月十八日星期日

$25 (Adults) 成人每位

$20 (CAACF members) 中美協會會員優惠

Performance: 表演時間:四時半 $10 (Children4:30pm under 60” tall) 兒童身高不超過60吋 Dinner : 5:30pm 晚餐:五時半

Sunday, January 18, 2009 一月十八日星期日 Location $25 (Adults) VariAsian Buffet :: all-you-can-eat Asian Fusion Buffet 成人每位 Crazy $20 (CAACF members) 中美協會會員優惠 945 West State Roadunder 436, Unit Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 $10 (Children 60”1179, tall) 兒童身高不超過60吋 Performance: Please celebrate with us with Lion 4:30pm Dance, Kung Fu Performance, Acrobatic Performance and Lucky Draw. 表演時間:四時半 聚餐地點:

Sunday, January 18, 2009 一月十八日星期日 醒獅賀歲,精彩表演,新春抽獎,與眾同樂 Location Sunday, 聚餐地點: VariAsian :: all-you-can-eat Asian Fusion Buffet January 18,Crazy 2009 Buffet 一月十八日星期日 Dinner : 5:30pm 晚餐:五時半 Performance: 4:30pm 表演時間:四時半 945 West State Road 436, Unit 1179, AltamonteFlorida Springs, FL 32714 Hosted by Chinese American Association of Central 中佛州中美協會 主辦 Performance: 4:30pm


celebrate with us with Lion Dance, Kung Fu Performance, Acrobatic Performance and Lucky Draw. For more details and tickets, contact / 欲知詳情及購票請聯絡: $25 Please (Adults) 成人每位 $20please (CAACF members) 中美協會會員優惠

Dinner : 5:30pm


Dinner : 5:30pm 晚餐:五時半 醒獅賀歲,精彩表演,新春抽獎,與眾同樂 Gary King 金文德 407-672-1115 Pauline Ho 劉何美蓮 407-375-7528 $10 (Children under 60” tall) 兒童身高不超過60吋 (Adults) 成人每位 $20 (CAACF members) 中美協會會員優惠 Joanna $25 Kiang 江昭瑢American 407-354-3318 Agnes ChauFlorida 周曼宜 407-648-0880 主辦 Hosted by Chinese Association of Central 中佛州中美協會 $25 (Adults) 成人每位 $20 (CAACF members) 中美協會會員優惠 $10 (Children under 60” tall) 兒童身高不超過60吋 For more details and tickets, contact / 欲知詳情及購票請聯絡: 恭喜發財/Gong Xiplease Fa Cai/Kung Hei Fat Choi

$10 (Children under 60” tall) 兒童身高不超過60吋

VariAsian Crazy Buffet ::

Advance purchase only, no ticket purchase at door / 不設即場售票服務•請預先購票 Gary King 金文德 407-672-1115 Pauline Ho 劉何美蓮 407-375-7528 聚餐地點: all-you-can-eat Asian Location 聚餐地點: VariAsian Crazy Buffet :: all-you-can-eat Asian Fusion Buffet Joanna Kiang 江昭瑢 407-354-3318 Agnes Chau 周曼宜 407-648-0880


West State Road 436, Unit 1179, Altamonte Springs, FLSprings, 32714 945 West945 State Road 436, Unit 1179, Altamonte FL 32714

VariAsian Crazy Buffet ::

Location 聚餐地點: all-you-can-eat FusionDraw. Buffet Xi Fa Cai/KungAcrobatic Hei Fat Choi Asian celebrate with恭喜發財/Gong us with Lion Dance, Kung Fu Performance, Performance and Lucky se celebratePlease with us with Lion Dance, Kung FuatPerformance, Acrobatic Performance and Lu Advance purchase only, no ticket purchase door / 不設即場售票服務•請預先購票 945 West State Road 436, Unit 1179, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 醒獅賀歲,精彩表演,新春抽獎,與眾同樂

Please celebrate with us with Lion Dance, Kung Fu Performance, Acrobatic Performance and Lucky Draw. 醒獅賀歲,精彩表演,新春抽獎,與眾同樂 Hosted by Chinese American Association of Central Florida 中佛州中美協會主辦


For more details and tickets, please contact / 欲知詳情及購票請聯絡:

osted by Chinese Association of Central Florida 中佛州中美協 Gary King American 金文德 407-672-1115 Pauline Ho 劉何美蓮 407-375-7528 Joanna Kiang 江昭瑢 407-354-3318 Agnes ChauFlorida 周曼宜 407-648-0880 主辦 by Chinese American Association of Central 中佛州中美協會 For Hosted more details and tickets, please contact / 欲知詳情及購票請聯絡: 恭喜發財/Gong Xi Fa Cai/Kung Hei Fat Choi

For more details and tickets, please contact / 欲知詳情及購票請聯絡: ary King 金文德 407-672-1115 Ho 劉何美蓮 407-375-75 Advance purchase only, no ticket purchase at doorPauline / 不設即場售票服務•請預先購票 King 金文德 407-672-1115 Pauline Ho 劉何美蓮 anna KiangGary 江昭瑢 407-354-3318 Agnes Chau 407-375-7528 周曼宜 407-648-0880 Joanna Kiang 江昭瑢 407-354-3318 January 2009 13 Agnes Chau 周曼宜 407-648-0880

恭喜發財/Gong Xi Fa Cai/Kung Hei Fat Choi



Reduce Stress in Uncertain Economic Times  By Stan Popovich

It is very tough to own and manage a business in today’s uncertain economic times. Many businesses are going bankrupt and others are struggling just to survive. How can you, the business owner deal with the stresses and anxieties of managing a business? Here are six tips on what to do to help your business succeed and help to reduce your anxieties. Take it one day at a time and try to focus on the present when running your business. Instead of worrying about how you will get through the rest of the week, try to focus on today. Each day can provide us with different opportunities to learn new things and that includes learning how to deal with your business problems. You never know when the answers you are looking for will come to your doorstep Budget your money properly and watch your expenses. It is important that you spend your money wisely so that your business will stay afloat. During these tough economic times, buy only those things that you absolutely need to make your business effective. You never know when you will be short on cash so develop a sound budget which will prepare you for the short and long term future of your business. Continue to learn new and better ways to improve your business. No matter how long you have been running your business, there is always something to learn. Keep in touch with people in your field and try to read the current events that affect your business. It only takes one new concept to make a difference in your business. If you find yourself struggling with your business, remember that no one can predict the future with one hundred percent certainty. Even if the thing that you feared does happen there are circumstances and

14 January 2009

factors that you can’t predict which can be used to your advantage. For instance, let’s say that you miss the deadline for a project you have been working on for the last few months. Everything you feared is coming true. Suddenly, the customer comes to your office and tells you that he extended the deadline for personal reasons and that he forgot to tell you the day before. This unknown factor changes everything. Remember that things change and that your present situation will get better if you are patient. Get help from your local small business centers or join a business association around your area. They will be able to provide you with additional advice and insights on how to deal with your specific problems regarding your business. In addition, try to go to some seminars or take some classes to learn new things that might help you in the long run. Remember that it never hurts to ask for help. There are ways to deal with your business and the anxieties that go with it. Remember that all you can do is to do your best each day, hope for the best, and take things in stride. BIOGRAPHY: Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” - an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to:

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Between Ignorance And Enlightenment

No pain, no gain Only after the chilling cold will the winter plum blossom, profuse in fragrance. Only through the fiery heat of summer

The joy from contentment is limitless. The suffering from greed is endless.

will the lotus/lower release its sweet smell. “Only after the chilling cold will the winter plum blossom, profuse in fragrance.” If we do not try hard, how can we achieve any success? As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”, we need to endure the tests of life before we can achieve success. The plum blossom is a winter plant and it is only after a bitter cold that it gives its sweet fragrance. Man should be like the plum blossom and leam to use difficult circumstances to enhance his own success. “Only through the fiery heat of summer will the lotus/lower release its sweet smell.” We have to be able to live through the cold ice and snow of winter, and bear with the fiery heat

Guang Ming Temple

of summer before we come through the trials and tribulations of life. In practicing Buddhism

Jan - Feb 2009 Calendar

we have to be ready to go through many hardships. We should not expect smoothness in

January 4, 2009

our endeavors. The mountains are full of peaks and the waves can be rough. In this world

Celebrating Buddha’s Enlightenment Day (Dharma Day) Sound of Human World Karaoke (2pm)

January 11, 2009

Lamp Ending Dharma Service

there are always things which go against ourselves. Therefore we have to plan our activities and be cautious in our thinking. We should be able to progress from setbacks and be like the lotus which flourishes in the mud; the hotter it gets the more fragrant it becomes. We all have our strengths and we have to remember that all things happen for a rea-

January 25, 2009

son and that our present is the cumulative effect of past causes. Just as the saying goes

Chinese New Year Eve Prayer (8pm)

“when the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” if we can persevere through the tough

January 26, 2009 Chinese New Year Offering

times, good times will be around the comer. All you need is to be patient, tolerant and not

Dharma Service (11:00 am) Prostration to Thousand Buddhas Dharma Service (7:30 pm)

February 1, 2009

New Year Open House

blaming others. In this way, you can discover the new world that is open to you. In this complex society of ours, we will inevitably have to deal with numerous difficulties. We should be able to deal with losses and insults in order for us to turn the difficulties around to our benefit. We can turn failure into success. In times of darkness, as long as we have the light of the Dharma, then there is always happiness in our lives.

February 8, 2009

Lamp Offering Dharma Service 6555 Hoffner Rd Orlando, FL 32822 Tel: (407) 281-8482 Email:

 By Venerable Master Hsing Yun © Buddha’s Light Publishing January 2009


i a

T r e n d






China Garden Restaurant


118 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park

refer to P.19 for more details ________________________________________

Golden Lotus Restaurant 8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando


refer to P.29 for more details ________________________________________

Taste of Hong Kong


6540 Carrier Dr. Orlando refer to P.9 for more details ________________________________________

Ming’s Bistro


China Town Seafood Restaurant


T.C. Choy’s Asian Bistro




ABC Seafood Restaurant


Bamboo Creek


Jade Garden


Le China Chinese Restaurant Yummy House

1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________ 1103 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Suit 107Tampa ________________________________________ 2705 54th Ave. St. Petersburg ________________________________________ 9734-11 Deer Lake Ct. Jacksonville ________________________________________


CI Tea Herbal Garden

Shin Japanese Cuisine

407-648-8000 refer to P.9 for more details ________________________________________

8400 International Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ 803 N. Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

1831 E. Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803


Lollicup Coffee & Tea ________________________________________

1212 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 407-897-1377 106 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park 407-629-BOBA 8098 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 407-850-BOBA ________________________________________

Mikado Japanese Cuisine

Kaleisia Tea Lounge


6400 International Dr, Orlando


407-354-0025 7460 Universal Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Got Tea

6417 Raleigh St. Orlando 407-822-1080 13586 Village Park Dr # 306 Orlando 407-851-9933 ________________________________________

1441 E Fletcher Ave Tampa ________________________________________

Aki Restaurant

813-930-0470 2202 W. Waters Ave. Tampa ________________________________________ 813-977-8266

Internet Boba House

Gizmo Sushi


813-866-8569 2764 University Square Dr. Tampa ________________________________________

Bikkuri Sushi


5944 34th St N #37 St. Petersburg ________________________________________

110 S Semoran Blvd. Winter Park ________________________________________ 1915 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Ginza Japanese Hibachi & Sushi 407-523-8338 8933 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee ________________________________________

Thuy Cafe


Boba Tease

407-882-8887 UCF Arena - Orlando ________________________________________

Q-Cup Oriental Cafe


Tatame Sake & Tea Lounge



223 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter Park


Osaka Sushi


13770 W. Colonial Dr, Winter Garden ________________________________________

3847 Lake Emma Rd. Lake Mary ________________________________________ 2759 Old Winter Garden Rd. Ocoee ________________________________________

Oyshee Japanese Steakhouse 7685 E Colonial Dr, Orlando

407-352-3832 407-248-2863

Ming’s Bistro


TC Choy’s Asian Bistro




6540 Carrier Dr. Orlando refer to P.9 for more details ________________________________________ 1212 Woodward St. Orlando ________________________________________ 301 S. Howard Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

1441 E. Fletcher Ave. Suit 107Tampa ________________________________________

Ha Long Bay

727-522-9988 5944 34th Street Suite 38-41, St. Petersburg

INDIAN 407-264-0205

7536 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________ 12541 State Road 535 Orlando

Ran-Getsu of Tokyo

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

Taste of Hong Kong

Dakshin Indian Cuisine



refer to P.29 for more details ________________________________________

Spice Cafe

407-999-8989 151 S Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

5086 W Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________


8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando

Bento Cafe



37 Blake Blvd. Celebration, FL 34747 ________________________________________

Golden Lotus Restaurant

575 S Chickasaw Trl, Orlando

Gochi Sushi Cafe

11845 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

2202 W. Waters Ave.Tampa

Bistro Filipino







7555 W Sand Lake Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

SEA Thai Restaurant

407-895-0985 3812 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

KOREAN Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

THAI Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

Thai Basil 407-895-7345

5800 Red Bug Lake Rd.Winter Springs


1638 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________ ________________________________________

407-295-8522 1551 Lee Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

1202 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando ________________________________________

Korean Kitchen

Royal Thai

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant 407-599-5199

Soong Thai

511 E. Horatio Ave. Maitland

407-822-8200 9448 W Colonial Dr. Ocoee ________________________________________

Thai Cafe

217 N Magnolla Ave. Orlando

PAN ASIAN Bento Cafe

407-999-8989 151 S Orange Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

VariAsian Crazy Buffet

945 West State Rd 436, Altamonte Springs 407-869-1233 2702 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa 813-998-9228 ________________________________________

Durian Asian Thai Cuisine 2

10743 Narcoossee Rd. Orlando





VIETNAMESE Vinh Restaurant

1231 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando



Việt Hương Vietnamese Cuisine

407-277-3321 1672 N. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando ________________________________________

Little Saigon


1106 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở Hòa

407-895-6098 649 N Primrose Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Cafe Kita


Cafe Mindanao

Asia Bagus


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1155 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa ________________________________________ 2923 Vineland Rd. Kissimmee

321-235-7465 10705 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở 88 Noodle


730 N Mills Ave. Orlando ________________________________________

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LUNAR NEW YEAR 2009 – The Year of Ox

Culture 文化

 Compiled By Asia Trend

Lạc Việt Bistro

407-228-4000 2021 East Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Phở Quyen Cuisine

2740 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa



1st Oriental Supermarket 5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando

407-292-3668 refer to P.9 for more details ________________________________________

Saigon Market

407-898-6899 1232 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Joans Ann Bakery

2705 54th Ave. N. St. Petersburg


ASIAN GROCERIES 1st Oriental Supermarket 5132 W. Colonial Dr. Orlando

407-292-3668 refer to P.9 for more details ________________________________________

M D Oriental Market


1106 E Fowler Ave. Tampa ________________________________________

De Guzman Oriental Food Mart

407-282-7772 8433 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Din Ho Supermarket


8502 N Armenia Ave # 4 Tampa ________________________________________

Bright Colors, Lion Dance and Parades, and the pop of Firecrackers. There is the unforgettable sight and sound of the Spring Festival, commonly known in the West as Chinese / Lunar New Year. It is a celebration that last 15 days, the most colorful and important holiday on the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year celebrations are marked by visits to kin, relatives and friends, a practice known as “new-year visits”. New clothing is usually worn to signify a new year. The color red is liberally used in all decorations. Red packets with lucky money are given to juniors and children by the married and elders. Time to celebrate The festivities begin on the first day of the first lunar month of the New Year and last for 15 days. Lunar New Year 4707, which falls on January 26 this year, is the most important festival among Chinese (as Spring Festival), Vietnamese (as Tet Festival) and Korean (as Solnal). It is the time for renewal, family gatherings, eating rich foods and paying respect to your ancestors and elders. Also, what you do and how you act during the period is crucial in determining how the rest of your year will go. So, eating the right foods, dressing the new clothes, saying the blessing words all symbolize the prosperous year to come.

J M Oriental Market

407-816-6700 9421 S Orange Blossom Trl # 5 Orlando ________________________________________

M & M Philippine Mart


7339 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Oceanic Oriental Supermarket

813-254-2041 1609 N Tampa St. Tampa ________________________________________

Phuoc Loc Tho market


2100 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Saigon Market

407-898-6899 1232 E Colonial Dr. Orlando ________________________________________

Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart 5079 Edgewater Dr. Orlando


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Where to celebrate and what to say There are many ways you can participate in the Lunar New Year. Asia Trend Magazine has prepared a list of events you can attend to celebrate the year of Ox with us (refer to Pg. 38). Before you do that, make sure learn how to say the following greetings to impress your Asian friends, co-workers and neighbors. Kung Hay Fat Choy – to people from Hong Kong, Macau, or Southern China Gong Xi Fa Cai – to people from Mainland China or Taiwan Saehae Bok Mani Paduseyo – to people from Korea Chuc Mung Nam Moi – to people from Vietnam

Chinese New Year candy tray Candy Tray: The candy tray arranged in either a circle or octagon is called “The Tray of Togetherness” and has a dazzling array of candy to start the New Year sweetly. Each item represents some kind of good fortune. After taking several pieces of candy from the tray, adults places a red envelope (lai see) on the center compartment of the tray

* Candied melon - growth and good health * Red melon seed - dyed red to symbolize joy, happiness, truth and sincerity * Lychee nut - strong family relationships * Kumquat - prosperity (gold) * Coconut - togetherness * Peanuts - long life * Longnan - many good sons * Lotus seed - many children

Flowers bring you Luck and Prosperity Flowers hold a special significance at Chinese New Year. Three of the most commonly purchased flowers are blossoms, kumquat tree and peony flowers. Blossoms symbolize life, growth and prosperity. Peach blossoms are the most auspicious because in Chinese culture the peach is a symbol of long life and is regarded as the strongest defense against evil. The kumquat tree symbolizes gold, wealth, unity and perfection. The peony is called the “flower of riches and honor” in Chinese. It is the symbol of love and affection, as well as being a symbol for feminine beauty. The bright red peony is particularly auspicious, bringing with it luck and good fortune.


kumquat January 2009



Culture -YouthThink

Firecrackers, Hong Baos, and … a wedding


The Lunar New Year is an auspicious time to have a wedding and here are more things you can do to further ensure good luck and prosperity  By Angela Chiu While many people around the world have just finished welcoming in the year 2009, East Asians are still plotting and planning celebrations for the Lunar New Year. January 26, 2009 marks the start of the year of the ox which means that means there will be thousands of fireworks crackling and elaborate man-made dragons dancing in the streets. Many deliciously made and auspiciously named dishes and treats will be lining tables. Relatives will be exchanging good luck wishes and giving children hong baos (red envelopes) containing money. And the proverbial wedding bells will be ringing because it is during this auspicious time of year that many Asian brides choose to be married. For many Asians, the matrimony between two people have always been a special and well celebrated event; however, the joining of two families and the addition of new members into each other’s families has always been seen as a way to bring in good luck for the new year. Originally, marriages between couples have always been carefully arranged by parents, relatives, consultants, and matchmakers to ensure that a good bond will form. Thankfully, in today’s day and age people mostly marry another individual without having to find the consent and approval of nearly everyone in town. However, even though this aspect of marriage has died out, other traditions are still prevalent despite minor modifications to fit modern trends. There are 5 things that one should consider in a contemporary Asian wedding in order to have an auspicious marriage. The location: Proper lighting is important to have at the ceremony and reception. It fosters good feng shui, light “chases away darkness and evil” and also promotes the idea that if there is plenty of light then the new couple’s future will be bright. The best place would be a setting that offers many windows to offer side lighting and natural light. Mirrors would be a good addition as well because they can

18 January 2009

reflect light and also make the room appear larger and more spacious. Another thing to watch out for – clocks. It’s best to choose a location where no clock is visible because the union between the new couple should be timeless and to have a clock would limit that ideal. Wedding attire: The traditional outfit for a bride was a qipao, an Asian outfit that dates as far back as Qing Dynasty. However, if you choose not to wear this customary garment, ChineseAmerican brides should wear a gown that isn’t pure white because white is a color of mourning and death. Instead, brides and grooms should choose a shade that is slightly off-white such as ivory. At the same time, the fabrics of the outfits are equally as important as the color. A combination of heavy or heavily textured fabric (brocade, satin, shantung) and light fabric (organza, tulle, chiffon) offer a balance that exemplifies the yin yang ideal. Heavily textured fabrics (yin) will supply a “quiet energy” and light fabric (yang) will supply a “louder and more excitable energy”. Color scheme: The color you choose for the wedding will set the mood, and reflect the couple. Red is the traditional Chinese wedding color and it creates a strong atmosphere of love and romance. Pink is more preferred by younger couples as it creates a sense of fun and lightheartedness. Purple and violet are said to be better for small, intimate weddings with close family and friends, it should evoke a sense of passion. Black and white is a good choice not only because of its formal look but because it represents the yin and yang and should promote a sense of balance. Blue and green fits well for couples who have known each other for a long time; it gives a tranquil and peaceful feeling. Yellow is a good color to promote happiness and will brighten up any room. Orange is the ideal color for a couple with a large guest list because it will evoke a sense of warmth which is good for promoting conversation.

The exit/send-off: Another way to add positive feng shui to a wedding is to incorporate meaningful elements. For the get-away ride, opt for a black limo instead of a white one. The color black captures idea for a stable foundation. Hang a mirror or a small crystal to the back of the limo instead of the traditional tin cans. They will create a prism of light that should ward off darkness. Also, the couple’s guests could shower them with bubbles, flower petals, or grains. The bubbles would symbolize water, a pacifying element. Flower petals, especially roses, will symbolize love (which is always good to have in a marriage!) And finally grains such as rice or beans symbolize fertility. “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue”: This tradition might not be an Asian one, but it’s supposedly very popular. One should borrow something blue from someone who is in a happy marriage with a healthy family and wear it in addition to their new wedding attire. The idea is that the energy of that happy person’s life will give the new bride good luck on her wedding day. In feng shui, blue is the color of peace and serenity so, either way, one can’t go wrong with this saying. Even if a wedding isn’t in your new year’s plan, many of these same ideas will also bring you good luck. On New Year’s Eve, turn on all the lights in the house to chase away evil. Wear red because it is an auspicious color. Spend time with family and friends. I wish you guys the best, have a safe and fun Chinese New Year. Angela Chiu •

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Taste of Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Winter Park Join us for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Jan 25th (Sun) with Lion Dance, Fire Cracker, Kung Fu Performance, and Chinese Calligraphy

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Community News

Feel Japan

in Orlando

One Hundred Drummers by Orlando Taiko Dojo has always been the highlight of the Orlando Japan Festival

 By Asia Trend Gary Lau & Michael Weis

This year Japan Festival took place in the new location – The Village at Hunter’s Creek on Dec 14. The festival attracted more than 2,000 participates in 4 hours. The mission of Orlando Japan Festival is to celebrate the 154th year of Japan-USA friendship, to fundraise for Orlando Hoshuko – Japanese Language School, and to encourage the cultural exchange with the local community. With many local businesses’ continued supports and participations, this year Japan Festival successfully raised $3,000 for Orlando Hoshuko. Organized by: Orlando Hoshuko, Inc. Sponsored by: Pelloni Development, Mitsukoshi U.S.A., Inc., IACE Travel, mickeynet, Rangetsu of Tokyo, Orlando Taiko Dojo, Asia Trend Magazine Supported by: Consulate General of Japan Participating Companies & Organizations: Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd., JFC, Sanwa Trading, KIRIN, Matsuriza, Montessori School of Celebration, J.Club ~Your connection to Japan, Koukou Club, Candy Art Miyuki, Tsugaru-Shamisen, Kodomo-buyo-kai, Urayasu, the Orlando Sister City, JAXA, TV Japan, Kitade Wellness Center, Auto Tech Japan, Peaches’ Astrology, Aki Restaurant, Sushi Tomi, Sushiology, Mikado Sushi, Sushi EN. ▼ Teri Mitchell in Kimono demonstrates “Chanoyu” Tea Ceremony. Candy artist Miyuki

Kodokan Judo by Doug Clarke, Juan Rengifo, Betty Stamm and Metro Orlando Judo Kai students

by Master Kenjutsu Demonstration ll. Mukushin-ryu Iaido and JAPAN) and Pete Campbe Kenshin Ohashi (Osaka,

Visitors were invited to taste “Omaccha” green tea

J.Club members showing how to drink “Omaccha” green tea properly.

20 January 2009

For more photo:

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People craving for Japanese Food

Community News

IACE Travel giving out cotton candy to kids

Japanese Marble Soda

Japanese merchandies for incredible discount prices by Mitsukoshi

Emcee: Isao Obatake & Mikako Sato


Books & DVD only for 50 cents

Japanese cute mask

Japanese Calligraphy

NARUTO & MIchael Wieis

Miss Oy(R) tryout the Kimono

Asia Trend Magazine has been the media sponsor for three years

22 January 2009

Teri Mitchell, president of J.Club, explains to many potential members about the non-profit cultural sharing group. J.Club, established in 2002, meets once a month to enjoy Japanese food, discuss current topics related to Japan, make new connections, and participate in public cultural events. There are workshop activities like Shodo, Chanoyu, Origami, Japanese cooking, Kimono try-outs throughout the year. Contact Teri Mitchell (日本人) at or 407.347.7606 if you are interested in joining. Web:

For more photo:

Talks 專訪


Name: Takemasa Ishikura Place of birth: Japan Profession: Taiko 太鼓 (Japanese Drums) performer, leader of Matsuriza 祭座, and Taiko instructor. How was Matsuriza started? In 1983, Takemasa Ishikura started to perform as a member of Kantoabare-daiko lead by Yoshihisa Ishikura at the EPCOT Japan pavillion of Walt Disney World. In 1998, due to the leader Yoshihisa return to Japan so as to resume his team there, Takemasa independently formed Matsuriza. What are the benefits of practicing Taiko?: It helps developing sprite, discipline, inner peace and physical strength. Taiko is a healthy sport for all ages. Where does Matsuriza perform? Besides performing regularly at EPCOT and Rangetsu in Orlando, they perform yearly at Orlando Japan

Festival (mid December), Atlanta Japan Festival, (3rd week of June), Black Ship Festival in Newport, RI (3rd week of July), Japan Festival in Pensacola, FL, Children Day event at Morikami Museum in Delray Beach, FL, and International Taiko Festival in San Francisco. Visit or email masturiza@earthlink. net for more information about booking and classes.

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Your point of contact for

Asian American opportunities Founded in 1986, Asian American Chamber of Commerce represents and serves as the preeminent resource for Asian American businesses in Central Florida by positively contributing to the community through increased involvement in civic, business and government affairs, networking, promoting trade and investment, and keeping abreast of today’s increasingly dynamic business marketplace. The monthly Business After Hours events provide members and guests the chance to meet business leaders representing products and services in a relaxed, social setting. We invite you to join us today. Many exciting activities and programs are planned for this year and we look forward to your participation! Type of Annual Membership • $40 – College Student [No Voting Privileges] • $100 – Individual Membership, one vote, one rep • $200 – Small Business Membership, <40 Employees, one vote, two reps • $300 – Corporate Membership, >40 employees, one vote, three reps Please make checks payable to the Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Mail the application form and the check to P.O. Box 1586 Orlando, FL. 32802 – 1586. Payments may also be made online at our website: via PayPal. Thank you!

 Induction Ceremony & Dinner for New Board of Directors: Please join us on Thursday, January 15, 2009, 6:00 p.m. at China Garden (voted “Top 5 Chinese Restaurants” in 2007 and 2008 by WESH viewers), 118 S. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792, for an Induction (Swearing-in) ceremony & dinner for our new Board of Directors 2009: President

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Nina Yon

Vice President of External Affairs Victor Alzona


Roberto Acevedo


Judi Lebredo

Board Director

Rupert Atienza Jr.

Board Director

Lucy Fender

Board Director

Elizabeth McCausland

Board Director

Joanne Mei Peytremann

Board Director

Sridhar Rangaswamy

Glenn R. Leong

Purchase discounted tickets at $20 per person. Pay in advance through PayPal or send check to AACC, P.O. Box 1586, Orlando, FL 328021586 (check must be received by 1/12/09). OR pay $25 per person at the door –cash or checks only. To RSVP or for more Information, please contact or call 407-540-0707 to reserve your seat!

24 January 2009

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Is It America’s Turn to Learn From China?

 By George Koo

On Jan. 1, 30 years ago, the United States and China resumed normal diplomatic relations—a culmination of the fence mending between the two nations that began with President Nixon’s historic visit to China in 1972. A simultaneous public announcement of the bilateral agreement came two weeks earlier. The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the government, rushed out a rare extra edition. The last time The People’s Daily had printed an extra edition—with bold headlines and in red ink—was when China detonated its first atomic bomb 14 years earlier. The reaction in Washington to the bilateral agreement was more muted. There was a perfunctory announcement. At the time, the United States was the world’s largest economy and China was in the process of moving up from the world’s 30th. America’s economic partners were Europe and Japan. China hardly made any difference. Today China is in a virtual tie with Germany as the world’s third largest economy and holder of the largest amount of American debt. How the United States chooses to deal with China now will make a world of difference. Thirty years ago, no playbook existed on how to transform a state-planned economy to a free and open market. Deng Xiaoping was the paramount leader who saw that a normal relationship with the United States was essential to China’s road to reform. He came

26 January 2009

to Washington that January to celebrate the newly established relationship, to don a cowboy hat and savor some Americana. More importantly, Deng opened China to Western ideas. Measures of financial performance, articles of incorporation for a functioning enterprise, regulations governing joint ventures, guidelines for bank financing, taxation with incentives for new investments and many more ideas became part of China’s legal environment. These were conditions necessary to attract foreign investment and encourage the growth of the private sector. In 30 years, China’s economy has increased by more than 30 fold. Few would deny that China’s reform has been a spectacular success. It is the United States that is now at a crossroads and in need of drastic systemic reform. While China’s economic development has too short of a history to provide any useful lessons on bailing out a crashing economy, if Barack Obama were to visit China after the inauguration, he could find some fresh and useful approaches. China has shown that step-by-step reform rather than sudden “big bang” reform—or deregulation in the case of the United States— proved to be the road to success. Applying this principle, Obama might follow gradual steps toward re-regulation. If Obama wishes to see how infrastructure investments can act as stimulants to the national economy, all he needs to see is how the building of mass transit systems, airports, bridges, tunnels and super highways have

(design image)

benefited China’s economy and its cities. More importantly, Obama would see a China vastly different from the image portrayed in the West. He would see a nation of people working hard striving for a better life. He would see a society surprisingly free and open. He would also see a country that shares many of the challenges and aspiration the United States faces. From anti-piracy off the Somalia coast, to security from global terrorists, stopping drug trafficking, pollution abatement, developing clean alternate sources of energy, and increasing drinkable water supply, China and the United States are facing common hurdles best overcome through working together. By joining China in a true partnership, Obama’s administration can leverage the relationship and accomplish the same goals at a lower level of national expenditure. By selling clean technology and other high-tech products, Obama can even generate more business for American companies. Mutual trust and confidence would be built from increased contact and personal rapport between Obama and the leaders of China, and the hundreds of billions of dollars that the United States has allocated for advanced weapons development could be cut from the national deficit. Dr. George Koo is a retired international business consultant and a board member of New America Media. New America Media ( Copyright © New America Media

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Business - New in Town 商業

beard papa’s from Osaka, JAPAN fresh’n natural cream puffs

Now open at Prime Outlets in Orlando!  By Teri Mitchell

They fill up your puff pastry with your choice of vanilla or chocolate custard and dust it with powdered sugar right in front of you. With their basic flavors – three types of puffs and two types of custard – at this moment, they’re really ready to go. More flavors will be available later on. It’s worth looking forward to! Try their Mochi Ice Cream as well as Cream Puffs. Cream Puffs A crunchy puff pastry filled with fresh and all natural original custard combined with whipped cream. Mochi Ice Cream A bite size rice cake treat on the outside and premium ice cream on the inside. Puffs & Mochi treats $1.50 - $2.85 • Beverages $1.65 - $3.50

Attention: New Asian Business Owners If you would like your business to be featured in the next issue, please send your request to Include your business name, nature, and the physical address or web site in your email for consideration. We will contact you for more information once you are qualified.

Are you hiring? 2009 is a difficult year for everyone especially for the job seekers. Asia Trend Magazine would like to help out the job search by offering a free column for job postings. If you are hiring (full time or part time), please simply email the position to and we will list them for you.

Together, we can make a better future. *please note this free posting is only applied to those employers who are hiring. Please refer to Page 36-37 for other paid classified section.

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Free Health Education Seminar  By Asia Trend

Sung Chiu

Dr. Puxiao Cen together with her father Dr. Zebo Cen and her sister Putao Cen decided to bring a gift to the Orlando Chinese community in December. This was their first time to jointly hold a Chinese health seminar. The seminar covered topics on cardiovascular disease, back pain and cancer prevention. Many Chinese residents in town welcome more Health Seminars like this which can provide more health education to the public.

Photo credit: Sung Chiu w/ All Eyes Photography (

Ice SkatingHoliday Show

 By Asia Trend Gary Lau

experience Central Florida’s finest Ice Show with lights, sound and costumes. Andre Sports Skating School with more than 30 students produced two Holiday Ice Shows at The Ice Factory on Dec 20th and 21st. Each performance was featured with a different song and colorful costume. Among those more than 20 performances, there were couple acts which combined ice skating and Aerial Arts. The crossover surely brought the audience a different experience. Ice skating can be a great way for families to spend quality time together. It is also a great form of exercise and a way to build confidence and patience.

Tiffany Tang

The Ice Factory of Central Florida, Inc. 2221 Partin Settlement Road Kissimmee, Fl 34744 407-933-4259

28 January 2009

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岑瀑嘯醫學博士 Puxiao Cen, MD, FACC 1613 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 Tel: 407-894-4474

689 East Altamonte Drive Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Tel: 407-767-7262

內 科 心 血 管 專 科 Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease Board Certified in Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology

For services in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) select option 1 and extension 2510

Freshly made Hong Kong Style Dim Sum and Gourmet Dishes Available Everyday 揉合南北美食•有口佳碑•令人回味 精美點心•即叫即蒸•南北麵點•粵菜小炒

GOLDEN LOTUS Chinese Restaurant

Dr. Mary Helen Young Sand Lake Rd Wal-Mark



Tel: 407-352-3832

John Young Parkway

Traditional Chinese Gourmet Chef 8365 S John Young Parkway Orlando, FL 32819

Dr. Rosemarie Sison


Open 7 Days

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Lifein 時 尚



for the New

 By Suzy Guttler


It’s the New Year, and the time to create a fabulous, sexy and confident new you. Here are some great ways to start! Change My Hair You’re back at your office desk after the break, but you’d really rather be relaxing on a warm beach. Why not beat the office blues with a fabulous new do? A hot new hairstyle is a great way to begin the year on a positive note. Not ready to commit to a whole new style? Sexy hair is easy to create with a little know-how – all you’ll need is to add some volume and shine to your tresses for a fresh start. Polish my Look The first step to a chic, sophisticated look for the year is cleaning out the clutter. Start by organizing your makeup drawer and replenishing your makeup bag with things you really need. Keeping your makeup regimen simple and easy is the key to maintaining your look. The next step to improving your look should be grooming your often-neglected hands. A little nourishment and a simple manicure can work wonders. Become a Fashionista Say no to another year of living in a fashion rut. If your closet is screaming for a makeover, start by organizing it. And if you’re a shopaholic who stocks up on stuff just because it’s on sale, this is the time to make some serious changes. Your fashion horoscope predicts it’s going to a stylish year for you, so prove it right!

Beauty Forecast

Hear it from the beauty directors - eight trends will set the tone for beauty in 2009. 1. High Impact Makeup Colors: Bold colors for lips, eyes and cheeks 2. Budget Luxury: Getting the latest looks on the cheap 3. Do It Yourself: At home waxing, hair coloring and laser hair removal 4. Makeup as Jewelry: Beauty products as fashion accessories 5. Bright Nail Colors: Bold nails are back 6. Messy Updo’s and Buns: Sloppy chic 7. Real Women Have Curves: Love your body 8. Organic Beauty: Go green without sacrificing quality Bright, fun nail colors are back!

Editor’s Pick

Add a jolt of color to your lips!

Fight off credit-crunch blues this new year with these lovely, wallet-friendly, treats!

Sushi Charm Bracelet. Jewelry so cute, you could eat it. This bracelet features 20 pieces of handmade sushi and Swarovski wasabi crystal beads. $60.00,

30 January 2009

Geisha Girl Pocket Mirror. Eeek so sweet! This hand pressed colorful mirror will definitely catch people’s attention! Over-thetop-cute, it features a demure geisha girl. Stick it in your bag and you’re ready to go! $6.00,

Cherrylicious Earrings.

with a cherry on top! These fun and yummy earrings have two vibrant cherries and a green leaf bead on each earring. Each pair is handcrafted! $18.00,

Life in Style 潮流

200 9 Fashion Predictions Check out the latest fashion bets for the season.

Shoe Trends: T-strap flat sandals, Platform wedges and heels. Moving away from the

Gladiator look, ladies will be turning to flat T-straps, in platforms, wedged or heeled, especially during summer months.

Color Trends: Purple and Black. Apart from

the Nude hue, a carry-over of the Q4, 2008 trend, Purple is to be expected. As for black, a timeless and classic color, we’re looking at minimalist looks playing with all-black ensembles — from shoes, accessories to apparel and purses.

Tis the season for a fashion makeover!

Vintage: 50’s Pin-Up Girl. 2009 promises a

fashion era that happened a few decades ago — the 1950’s! We’re expecting wide skirts with flirty, feminine tops, checkered, ruffled or polka dot (apron-esque) design and prints, diner girl dresses, tulle or feathered head bands, high-waisted tapered pants, and everything vintage. Black is back

Paris & Posh Love Samantha Thavasa

Fashion Forward:

Glamour queens Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham can’t get enough attention in Japan! As spokesmodels for luxury handbags designed by Samantha Thavasa, their faces are featured all over magazines and billboards. The Japanese women who shop at these stores say they purchase these items not only because they are glamorous but also because “the fan-

tasy brings us closer to these celebrities!” Tokyo may just be turning into the next Hollywood! Real Greasers in Japan! Buying celeb-endorsed luxury items isn’t the only thing hot in Japan: looking like John Travolta in Grease is the trend among some Japanese men. With their greased-up hair, leather jackets and extremely tight jeans, their ’50s looks are so well put together, it’s hard to tell that it’s 2009.

H&M and Comme des Garcons Debuts in Tokyo Comme des Garcons fans queued up for hours when the label’s collaboration with H&M hit the shelves in Tokyo. Designer Rei Kawakubo brought her trademark avant-garde cuts and quirky details to the collection. January 2009



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Community 社區

◄ Father Rex and Father Val de Vera

St Joseph Filipino Choir

▲ Fr Rex Familar, Fr. Val de Vera and Altar Servers RJ and John Paul

St Joseph serves traditional Filipino food for the Parish

St Joseph volunteers

Simbang Gabi – Evening Mass The Filipino Ministry of the Diocese of Orlando celebrated its fifth annual Simbang Gabi Masses beginning on Dec. 15th. Parishes from across central Florida participated in the Filipino Advent Tradition. What is Simbang Gabi? The Filipino translation of the words Simbang Gabi means night or evening Mass. Sometimes the Advent Celebration is also referred to as the “Misa de Gallo (Spanish translation meaning Early Mass as the word “Gallo” translates to rooster or the morning crowing of the rooster).

 By Victor Alzona

Victor Alzona

the crowing of the rooster, the entire family would get up and attend the early morning Mass. When Mass was over the men would head to their fields for farming. It was a religious practice that was handed down from parent to child for many generations. Filipino immigrants brought this tradition with them to other countries and here in United States. Since it is not practical to hold a celebration at dawn, local parishes hold the celebration at night. This year 17 parishes throughout the Orlando area celebrated Simbang Gabi Masses from Dec. 15th through Dec. 23rd under the coordination of the Filipino Ministry of the Diocese of Orlando. On Dec. 21st the Filipino members of the St Joseph Parish celebrated the annual Simbang Gabi tradition.

It was around the mid 16th Century, the early years of Christianity in the Philippines, which the Simbang Gabi or the Misa de Gallo became a Filipino religious tradition. During St. Joseph’s Fil-Am Club Officers with Father Rex Advent, in preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas, the missionary friars held nine days of Masses to To learn more about the Ministry to the Filipinos you can visit their usher in the event of Christ’s birth. The masses were celebrated in the website on early morning hours, typically at about 5:00 AM when the roosters crow Victor Alzona • to announce the coming of a new day. At the first sounds of dawn, at For more photo: January 2009




Vietnamese Community 2009 New Year Celebration

On Saturday, December 27th and Sunday, December 28th 2008, Vietnamese Veteran Associate of Central Florida held its annual Vietnamese Veteran Festival at Central Florida Fairground on HWY 50, Orlando, FL. It also kicked off a series of Lunar New Year celebration for the Vietnamese Community.

 By Bao Thai

The Vietnamese Veteran Festival provides a chance for the Vietnamese Veterans who served in the Vietnam Army of the Republic of Vietnam to remember the Vietnam War and their battles. Besides showing the activities of Republic of Vietnam Military, there were also authentic Vietnamese food, entertainments, and Vietnamese businesses representatives in the festival. On Saturday night, a music show, performed by the famous Vietnamese singers from California attracted many Vietnamese Veterans and their families. The festival opened to the public on Sunday. The main purpose of the Festival is to memorize the Vietnamese wounded veterans who are still suffering from the wound in Vietnam. They left parts of their bodies during the Vietnam War to protect the South Vietnam and its citizens. The Festival also fundraised for the wounded Vietnamese veterans who are still living in Vietnam. All of the collected fund will be sent over there for them to live a bit better. The Vietnamese who live in the US and other countries around the world always remember them. We have never forgotten them. Photo credit: Tammy Tran


fter this festival, the Vietnamese will celebrate the Vietnamese New Year, Tet, which is held by Vietnamese Community of Central Florida on Saturday January 17th and Sunday January 18th of 2009 at Central Florida Fairground, followed by the Vietnamese Temples at its own building; and the St. Philip Phan Van Minh, which will be held on Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st of 2009.


California famous Vietnamese singe

34 January 2009

We invite all of Vietnamese and other communities, such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino, and Korean, come to join us to celebrate our New Year on those days. To advertise in 2009, sign up now and enjoy 20% off. CALL NOW! 407-273-9913

Events Highlight 活動

Level Up – There can be no impact without YOU Every year, the Asian Pacific American Coalition at the University of Central Florida hosts a leadership conference called Level Up. The Level Up Conference’s purpose is to unite diverse groups of people and offer them an experience to explore and increase awareness of the current issues facing Asian Pacific Americans and their communities. It provides insight on how to deal with those issues and strengthen the community using the establishment of institutionalized resources and programming that addressed community issues and concerns. Traditionally, the conference is a oneday event but this year it will be a two-day event. APAC is bringing in inspiring speakers from the community to lead the workshops and talented performers as well. Also, APAC will be bringing in a special guest performer, Eliot Chang, all the way from New York. As a national headliner, Eliot tours his one man comedy concert across America 8 months out of every year and has performed at over 400 colleges. TV appearances include Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” MTV’s “FN

MTV,” NBC’s “Law & Order SVU,” and Spike TV’s hidden camera show “Crash Test.” His comedy act will be open to the public for free on Friday, February 6th at 8:00p.m. If you are interested in attending the conference or would like to find out more information on either event, please go to: http:// or email

Visit for more Events News January 2009


i a

T r e n d






J.Club ~Your connection to Japan~

Meet regularly once a month to enjoy Japanese food, have topical discussions of the Japanese culture, form new connections and exchange information, also participate in public cultural events. Feel free to contact Teri Mitchell (日本人) at / 407.347.7606 Web:

SINOELITE PERFORMING GROUP 奧蘭多中華精英藝術團 Variety of Chinese entertainments include folk dances, live music, acrobatics, martial arts, and specialty acts. Contact Jim Yu at 407-719-0423 or to arrange the performance for your next function.


Every Tuesday (6-9pm) and Sunday (1:30 – 4:30 pm) at College Park Community Center - 2393 Elizabeth Ave, Orlando, FL 32804. Take Princeton exit from I-4, head west and make right on Elizabeth Ave. Fees: Adults: $5, Under 18: $1, 12 and under: Free. Please contact Krishna Balwalli at 407 683 9162 or email for more information.


is actively seeking new talent to compete in intercollegiate athletic competition. The club has 6 tables, and competes with other universities such as the University of Florida, and Florida Institute of Technology. For more information on joining the club or becoming part of the team, please visit, or contact club secretary Jonathon: GO KNIGHTS!

NEW AGE LINEDANCE Classes available on Mon (for intermediate-Casselberry Senior Center), Thurs (for advanced-Casselberry Senior Center) and Sat (for beginners-Renaissance Senior Center). Contact Ivan and Cecilia Mao at 407-222-8747 or for more details.


Join Mallory every Friday from 4 - 5 pm. for a Filipino Folkdance class. She was the Dance Troupe Coordinator at UCF the last two years and would really like to teach this dance to the attendees here. This is a free class, however donations will be accepted. RENAISSANCE SENIOR CENTER at CURRY FORD COMMUNITY PARK 3800 South Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando, FL 32829 407-254-9070

CENTRAL FLORIDA TABLE TENNIS CLUB Every Friday, 6-10pm at Conway United Methodist Church - 3401 S. Conway Rd. Orlando, FL 32812. All levels of players are welcome. We play for fun, and also offer Professional coaching and a Robot for training. Please call Adam at 407-854-6301 or


6:30pm – 9:30pm at Downey Memorial Church

– Life Center, 10201 E Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32817. Contact Pastor Joseph Wong at 407-929-0409 or visit for more information. Come and join us for an evening of fun and games. There will be activities for children, lively discussions on family related topics, and plenty of opportunities to meet others. Dinner is available for purchase.


15 years of experience in photography. We provide high resolution digital photography for events and performance. - Two hours - $250 .00 (Photo CD included) Gary Lau - 407-273-9913 or email:

36 January 2009

JAPANESE BIBLE STUDY 日本人聖書の学び会 Every Tuesday from 10am 毎週火曜日 午前10時~ Contact: 407.855.4263 /


for $25/month (50 words maximum). Anything over that is charged 20 cents per word. Mail the check payable to Global Media LLC, with your classified ad wordings to the following address: PO Box 5352, Winter Park, FL 32793. Deadline: check and wordings must be received by the 1st of each month.

MA/LPN - Medical Assistant/LPN - Pediatrics Full benefits including 401k, Competitive salary Orlando-FL Fax Attn: Manager 407-249-1755

B&Q Home Made Pastry

All kinds of Desserts, Cakes, Pies, Birthday Cakes French, Italy, Oriental styles Vietnamese Food: Spring rolls, Order: Summer rolls, Noodles, 321-947-4913 and much more Free delivery within 10 miles

CH’AN BUDDHIST MEDITATION (DDMBA) 1st Saturday every month, 9:00-11:30am

Jean Rhein Central Branch Library (Seminole) 215 N. Oxford Rd., Casselberry, FL 32707

407-538-6491 FREE to public


Chinese Class ($100): Sundays, 1:30pm~3:30pm Martial Arts ($80) & Dance Class ($80): Sundays, 3:40pm~4:40pm Yoga Class ($100): Every Wednesday, 6:30pm~7:30pm and Saturdays, 12:00pm~1:00pm contact 407-281-8482 or


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HELP WANTED Driver needed ( 3 open positions ) Excellent driving record, Strong body, heavy lifting, Experienced in restaurant supply delivery Excellent on the road map (Florida) Please call Stephen at 407-814-2015 between 8am - 10am

Therapuetic Chinese Reflexology Tui-na and Body Massage 30 years experience Performed by Dennis Ku, LMT. # ma 52671 Appointment only: 407-690-8971 Email:


15 years of experience in photography. We provide high resolution digital photography for events and performance.

- Two hours - $250 .00 (Photo CD included) Gary Lau - Asia Trend Magazine


or email:

EVENTS VIDEO Over 11 years of experience in event video, music videos, photography shoots and commercials. I will “bring your vision to life.” Call Michael Weis at 407-493-7964 or email or January 2009



Local Events There are many events/activities during the two weeks of celebration from Jan 17th to Feb 1st. Please mark them down at your calendar and join us to celebrate the Year of Ox.

Lion Dance, Fire Crackers and Kung Fu Demonstrations in Orlando performed by Wah Lum Temple. Here are the highlights: January 24 Saturday 7:30pm

University Club WP

January 25 Sunday (Lunar New Year Eve) TBA

1st Oriental Supermarket

Call 407-292-3668 for exact showtimes


Phoc Luc Tho

2100 E. Colonial Dr.


Eastern Pearl

478 E. Altamonte Dr.


Wok N Roll

425 S. Avalon Park Blvd,


China Garden

118 S. Semoran Blvd


Dragon Court

4250 Alafaya Trail

January 26 Monday (Lunar New Year Day)

» What is happening in Central Florida?

Asian American Chamber of Commerce Officer Induction & Swearing In Ceremony Jan 15 (Thurs) 6 – 8 pm - China Garden Restaurant, 118 S. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park FL 32792, (407) 671-2120. Please join us for the first event of the Year. Meet new Board Directors & Members or join a Committee. Purchase discounted tickets at $20 per person. Send check to AACC, P.O. Box 1586, Orlando, FL 32802-1586(check must be received by 1/12/09). OR pay $25 per person at the door –cash or checks only. To RSVP or for more information, please contact Sridhar.Rangaswamy@ or call 407-540-0707 to reserve your seat! TET Festival – organized by Vietnamese Association of Central Florida. Jan 17 (Sat) 10:30am – midnight & Jan 18 (Sun) 10am – 5pm at Central Florida Fairgrounds - 603 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808. Vietnamese History and Culture, Food, Pageant, Entertainment and Games. Please contact Vincent Thuy Nguyen at 407-716-4200 for more details. Tzu Chi Foundation 2008 Year End Appreciation & Blessing Party Jan 18 (Sun) 1:30pm – 3:30pm – L.Claudia Allen Senior Center – 1840 Mable Butler Ave., Orlando, FL 32805. Please bring your family and friends along with a blessed heart, as together we will review our events in the past year, and with our brothers and sisters wish for a disaster free and peaceful world, both now and in the future. Contact Shiow Hwang at 407-876-0652 for more details. Lunar New Year Dinner Celebration 2009 Jan 18, 2009 (Sun) VariAsian Crazy Buffet, 945 West State Road 436, Unit 1179, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. Dinner at 5:30pm – 7pm. Entertainment at 4:30pm. Adults $25, CAACF members $20, Children $10. Lion Dance, Kung Fu Performance, Acrobatic Performance and Lucky Draw. Contact: Gary King 407-895-8555, Pauline Ho 407-375-7528, Joanna Kiang 407-354-3318, Agnes Chau 407-648-0880 for tickets Please visit: for more details 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration Party – organized by Orlando Chinese Professionals Association (OCPA) Jan 24 (Sat), 5pm-10pm at Winter Springs High School Auditorium - 130 Tuskawilla Rd., Winter Springs, FL 32708 Dragon Dance, Professional Acrobatic Show, Chinese Martial Arts, Traditional Music, Tai Chi Kung Fu Dance, and more. $20(adult) and $10(child). Contact the followings for tickets. Angela Gao 515-520-7678 (email angel-

38 January 2009


Wah Lum

851 N. Goldenrod Rd.


East Coast Martial

1940 E. Colonial


Tasty Wok

1246 E. Colonial


Restaurants and Stores on East Colonial & Mills Ave


Chan’s Chinese Cuisine


Restaurants and Stores on East Colonial


Chinatown Seafood

1103 N Mills


Lam’s Garden

2505 E. Colonial


Chin Hua

4270 Aloma Ave

1901 E. Colonial or Karen Deng 321-662-7153 (email karendeng29@ Joyful Living Gospel Meeting, Living Stone Community Church Jan 24 6pm Dinner and 7pm Gospel Meeting Jan 25 12:30pm Lunch and 1:30pm Gospel Meeting Family Life Center of Downey Memorial Church, 10201 East Colonial, Orlando Contact Joseph Wong at 407-929-0409 Guang Ming Temple Lunar New Year Celebration 6555 Hoffner Road, Orlando, FL 32822 - 407-281-8482 Jan 25 (Sun) 8pm - Chanting of Eighty Eight Buddha’s repentance service (除夕普佛). Jan 26 (Mon) 6:30am - morning chanting and let the members (燒頭香) 11am - Meal Offering chanting to the Buddha (初一午供) 7:30pm - Chanting for the Thousand Buddha’s Dharma Service (禮千佛) Feb 1 (Sun) Chinese New Year Open House St. Philipphe Phan Van Minh (The Vietnamese Catholic Church) New Year Celebration Jan 31 & Feb 1 (Sat & Sun), Central Florida Fairgrounds – 4603 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808, on with live music, acrobat performance, magic show and ethnic foods. Free Admission. For more details, please call 407-896-4210. Level Up Conference 2009 Feb 6-7 (Fri & Sat) 6pm on Friday for check-in – UCF Main Campus. Registration Cost: $10 before 1/15/09 or $15. The Level Up Conference’s purpose is to unite diverse groups of people and offer them an experience to explore and increase awareness of the current issues facing Asian Pacific Americans and their communities. Visit or email for more details.

Single listing is up to 40 words at no charge for non-profit organization E-mail the events/activities to or fax the information to 407-273-9913 Submit the information by the 1st of each month for the same month publication.

For more events:

Auto accident Sports injury Back & Neck pain Arm & Leg pain Disc problems Numbness

Chiropractic Acupuncture Nutrition Massage Therapy X-ray and Rehab


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Hyer Ave.

Summerlin Ave.


E. Marks St. Edgewater Dr

John Young Pkwy

E. Princeton St.

E.Colonial Dr. (SR 50) 408

Dr. Gary King Chiropractic Physician



10 years experience

P:407-895-8555 • F:407-895-8333 We speak 中文,한국어,Tiềng Việt 823 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL. 32803 (E. Colonial Dr. & Mills Ave.)

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Ralph Davila Kazuho Nakagawa or 407-731-6961 407-556-7966 E-mail: 12701 South John Young Parkway Suite 212 Orlando, FL 32837

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