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“Something is going on here that can only be described as a work of God…”

annual review

Dear friends and supporters of Asia’s Hope, I’ve spent a good portion of the last twelve months just shaking my head in astonishment at God’s amazing provision. My prayers this year have alternated between “Help!” and “More, please!” Despite a constant barrage of bad news — stock markets, unemployment, foreclosures — God has allowed Asia’s Hope to not just survive but thrive in 2011. Time after time, as seemingly impossible challenges rise up in our path, God has come miraculously to our aid. Charitable contributions are down across the board in the u.s., Canada and around the world. I know that times are tough; I have seen first-hand struggles among Asia’s Hope’s donors and sponsoring churches. I have also seen unprecedented — even heroic — responses to God’s call to join him in answering the prayers of orphaned children. In Mansfield, Ohio — a town with 13% unemployment — Crossroads Community Church raised $370,000 to clothe, feed and raise kids-at-risk half a world away. Young couples who have saved for years for a down payment on their first house have instead decided to use that money to help build a house for orphaned kids rescued from the streets of Cambodia. Business owners who have cut their own salaries due to economic

Seven more houses. Eighty more kids.

pressures have increased rather than decreased their support of the children they’ve grown to love through the ministry of Asia’s Hope. Clearly, something is going on here that is bigger than any of us, something that can only be described as a work of God. And as I look forward to the formidable commitments we’ve undertaken — new homes, new staff, new kids, new countries — I pray this blessing from Psalm 41:1–3 (nlt) for all of those who work for, with and on behalf of Asia’s Hope: “Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The Lord rescues them when they are in trouble. The Lord protects them and keeps them alive. He gives them prosperity in the land and rescues them from their enemies. The Lord nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health.” It truly is a joy to serve these precious kids, and it is an honor for me, for my family, and for the staff of Asia’s Hope to partner with you in changing the world one child at a time. I pray that you’ll be encouraged as you take a few moments to review some of the blessings 2011 has brought. John McCollum, Executive Director, Asia’s Hope

Eighteen more staff. Two more countries.

New kids and staff

God has blessed Asia’s Hope with more than eighty new children this year. This time last year, many of these children were living on the streets or with relatives unable to provide for their basic needs. Last year, these kids were orphans. Now, they’re sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. CAMBODIA AND THAILAND In Cambodia, we added 24 kids and four staff at our brand new Battambang 7 Children’s Home. The kids are adjusting well to their family and are loving the beautiful home built with funds from their supporting church, Crossroads Community in Mansfield, Ohio. In Thailand, we’ve added a total of 27 children and seven staff to our existing homes, and we’ve continued to benefit from a facilities and staffing reorganization at our Doi Saket 1 home, which split what was once an 80-child project into four separate family units, each with their own single-family dwelling. INDIA We’re thrilled to announce that Asia’s Hope has hired Pastor Nandu Gurung as the regional director for our new ministry in West Bengal and Sikkim provinces of Northeastern India. Thanks to the support of Lake Forest Church in Davidson, North Carolina, we’ve adopted 31 children and five staff at what is now the Kalimpong 1 Children’s Home. We’re currently working with the Indian government to register formally as Asia’s Hope India, and we hope to establish five homes in the country in the next 24–36 months. NORTH AMERICA The North American staff increased by a whopping 50% this year! Project Manager Seth Earnest now joins Executive Director John McCollum and Administrator Carol Richardson. Top: the kids at our Prek Eng 5 Children’s Home enjoy a sunny day playing volleyball in their front yard. Bottom: the kids at our Kalimpong 1 Children’s Home sing a song to welcome visitors.

Permanent, high-quality facilities

Thanks to the generosity of churches, foundations and individual donors, we’ve been able to complete a number of significant capital projects. These land purchases and home construction projects play a significant role in stabilizing costs and ensuring the present and future health of all of our homes. CAMBODIA This year, our Battambang, Cambodia campus experienced a total transformation. We completed the purchase of an adjacent plot of land and finished construction of four new homes with another underway. We’ve also approved plans for the construction of a library and computer learning center and have begun other infrastructure and landscaping improvements. In 2012, we’re trusting God to provide the funds to provide the same kind of facilities for our kids and staff in Phnom Penh, all of whom are living in rented homes. The Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow capital campaign will be one of our top priorities in the coming months. THAILAND In Thailand, we finally completed the purchase of our spacious Wiang Pa Pow campus, built beautiful new houses for our Doi Saket 3 and 4 children’s homes — sponsored by Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio — and did some significant remodeling as a part of our reorganization at our Doi Saket 1 homes, thanks to funding from Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, Ohio. We’ve also begun construction on a new house for our Doi Saket 2 home, sponsored by Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana. Top (left to right): the Battambang 2 kids do some last-minute clean-up before moving into their new house; the Doi Saket 4 home, now completed. Middle: the kids and the staff at the Wiang Pa Pow home. Bottom: (left to right): the Battambang 6 and 7 homes, now completed; the kids at Battambang 2 show off their now-completed home to visitors from the U.S.

New countries

The global economic downturn notwithstanding, God has continued to open doors for Asia’s Hope around the world. This year, we’ve taken steps to expand into two new countries. INDIA Unfathomably vast, India is the second-largest nation on earth and has the world’s largest orphan population. West Bengal alone has more than 90 million people from 35 distinct ethnic groups. It is in this diverse state, whose people reside in huge metropolitan areas and tiny mountain villages, where Asia’s Hope has begun its work, adopting five staff and 31 children and hiring Pastor Nandu Gurung as regional director. We believe that God will provide us the partners we need to open a total of five children’s homes over the next two years, employing a staff of 25 and providing homes for more than 125 orphaned children. AUSTRALIA In 2011, we began discussions with a group of Christian leaders in Australia with the goal of establishing Asia’s Hope as a registered tax exempt charity raising funds, recruiting local churches and advocating for the ministry in their country. A delegation from Melbourne joined Executive Director John McCollum and Project Manager Seth Earnest in Battambang, Cambodia in August to talk about potential partnerships and to enjoy Asia’s Hope’s first ever national youth conference. We’re praying that we can receive government approval to operate in Australia within the next 12 months. Top: Pastor Nandu Gurung with a child in a small village in northeastern India. Bottom: Melbourne pastors Steve Dixon (left) and Paul Summers (right) enjoy a lively session with the kids at the Asia’s Hope Cambodia national youth conference in August. ` Also pictured: Gwen Higaki of Brightstart Learning

Blessed beyond measure

2011 brought so many amazing blessings, it’s impossible to list them all. Here are a few other highlights from the year. WIANG PA POW “FARM” PURCHASE In May, The Van Voorhis Family Foundation made a generous $50,000 matching gift to complete the purchase of our large campus in Wiang Pa Pow, Thailand. Sometimes called “the farm,” this property is home to one children’s home, a silk cultivation project, a ministry for hilltribe widows and various handicraft and training programs. By raising more $100,000 for the purchase of this property, we were able to secure this beautiful plot of land for the benefit of generations of hilltribe children. YOUTH CONFERENCE IN CAMBODIA In July, Asia’s Hope Cambodia hosted its first-ever national youth conference at our campus in Battambang. More than 250 people attended — including all of the Asia’s Hope kids age 14 and up — to enjoy music, drama, activities and speakers from around the world. CAMARO RAFFLE The 2010 Camaro ss donated by David Wright of Goshen, Indiana brought in a total of $54,804. The proceeds were used to meet a number of urgent needs and helped in the construction of one of the new homes on our Battambang, Cambodia campus.

DOI SAKET 1 HOME REORGANIZATION Thanks to the generous support of individual donors and the partnership-level support of the Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, Florida, we were able to split one of our oldest and largest homes into four separate family-style residences. This required additional monthly support and significant one-time funds for construction. Now the kids at the four Doi Saket 1 homes can receive the same standard of care as the kids across our organization. VISITS FROM NATIONAL DIRECTORS Savorn Ou, Cambodia National Director visited board members, partnering churches and supporters in U.S. and Canada with his wife Sony in April. Tutu Bee, Thailand National Director visited in September and October along with her husband, Dan. AMAZING OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT AT CROSSROADS In April, Executive Director John McCollum and Cambodia Director Savorn Ou spoke at Crossroads Community Church in Mansfield, Ohio as a part of a major fundraising campaign for the church’s existing and planned orphan homes in Battambang, Cambodia. God’s spirit moved, and Crossroads responded with amaz-

ing generosity, raising an unbelievable $370,000, far exceeding their original funding goal of $50,000! These funds have allowed the construction of three brand-new children’s homes, land purchases and improvements for our Battambang,

Cambodia campus and have met a long list of other needs. The impact of this incredible outpouring of support is monumental, and will affect thousands of orphaned children for generations to come.

strength for today bright hope for tomorrow As we look ahead, we see another year of exciting opportunities and challenges, including our most ambitious capital campaign to date. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN IN CAMBODIA Thanks to successful campaigns in Doi Saket and Wiang Pa Pow, Thailand and in Battambang, Cambodia, we own almost all of the properties being used for our children’s homes in Asia. This allows us to invest in these properties and make them ideally suited for our kids, adding learning centers, multipurpose facilities, sports fields and training centers as funding becomes available. The five homes and our school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia still occupy rented facilities. As a result, we are unable invest significantly in the improvement of these properties. The homes cannot benefit from geographical or financial economies of scale. We can’t “build to suit,” and we risk

losing our leases for each home every two or three years. In 2012, we hope to raise $200,000 for the purchase of land in Phnom Penh as the first stage of a two-phase capital campaign. After we purchase the land, we will begin raising the $350,000 needed to build out the property. Inspired by the lyrics of the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” we’re calling this campaign, Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow. This campaign will significantly enhance the quality of the comprehensive care we provide for the our children today and for countless future generations. To find out how you can help provide both strength and hope for hundreds of children, visit today.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION In 2011, Asia’s Hope spent 61% of our funds on program expenses in Cambodia, Thailand and India and 24% on purchasing land and building new homes in Cambodia and Thailand. In short, out of every dollar donated, we sent 85 cents overseas to fund our Asian operations, and spent only 8 cents to employ our North American staff, 5 cents to run the ‘home office’ and 2 cents to fund travel to and from our projects abroad. We work hard to steward our resources wisely and efficiently. On behalf of our Asian and North American staff, thank you for your generous financial support of this world-changing work.


For information on how to give securities, real estate, retirement plans, life insurance policies or other items of value, please visit

A special thanks to our partnering churches Our unique church partnership model is a primary means by which we rescue orphaned children and provide for their daily needs. The churches listed below provided monthly support for a specific home or provided funds for special projects benefiting the ministry of Asia’s Hope: • • • • • • • •

Central Vineyard, Columbus, OH Chets Creek, Jacksonville, FL Community Grace Brethren, W. Milton, OH Crossroads Community, Mansfield, OH Grace Brethren Investment Foundation Grace Community, Goshen, IN Grace Community, Fremont, OH Grace Fellowship, Pickerington, OH

• • • • • • • •

Heritage Christian, Westerville, OH Highview Community, Kitchener, ON Lake Forest, Davidson, NC North Church, Columbus, OH Vista Community, Dublin, OH Western Reserve Grace, Macedonia, OH Westview Bible, Montréal, QC Wooster Grace Brethren, Wooster, OH

USA: 2489-A SUMMIT STREET, COLUMBUS, OHIO, 43202 Canada: 2000 McGILL COLLEGE, STE 1000 MONTRÉAL, QC H3A 3H3 614.285.5813

2011 Asia's Hope Year in Review  
2011 Asia's Hope Year in Review  

“Something is going on here that can only be described as a work of God…”