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Advertising and marketing opportunites

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About Us

Magazine Advertising

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• Used by 1000 journalists reporting about R&D • Hundreds of institutions and universities providing information on latest research findings

About Us Asia Research News is a magazine published by ResearchSEA Limited. Along with our online services, we help connect exciting ground breaking research in universities and research institutions in Asia with the global media. Over the years, we have built close links with the research industry in Asia, journalists reporting on research, funding bodies supporting research and policy makers affecting research. Our high ranking website has received over 1.8 million page views and Asia Research News magazine is read by key players in Asia’s research industry including Vice Chancellors, research team leaders and funding bodies. In the following pages you will find out more about our information channels and how you can tap into these to realise a successful marketing campaign and grow your business. At ResearchSEA we know that partnership is the key to achieving these goals.

• Websites with over 1.8 million page views to date • 1000 visitors daily

I am looking forward to working with you.

Maggie Pokar Dr Magdeline Pokar Managing Director and Founder of ResearchSEA

• 15 000 hard copies of magazine

About Us

Magazine Advertising

Online Advertising


Why ResearchSEA? Top five reasons at a glance 1. Your target audience ResearchSEA provides you with the opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and brand awareness to decision makers and key researchers in Asia’s research industry. • Asia Research News magazine is sent to decision makers in the R&D industry

3. Global Reach - International audience, new markets

4. Five channels, one purpose

With worldwide readership, the reach of your advertising campaign is truly global. ResearchSEA can expand your geographic reach to connect you with new customers across multiple industries.

• Our websites received 350 000 page views in 2011 and visitors from 190 countries

ResearchSEA allows you to set up an integrated marketing campaign across five channels for maximum impact.

showcase research from Asia to the rest of the world's media.” Nature

United States 28.76%


Malaysia India United Kingdom Philippines

2.08% 17.21%




• Asia Research News magazine (print and PDF)


6 24% 6.24%

Page Views






300,000 250,000

Data from 2006 – 2011

200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0







2006 - 2011

• Asia Research News online edition (

2. Trust and engagement Your target audience trusts and engages with ResearchSEA on a daily basis. To researchers and journalists, ResearchSEA is a one stop portal by for news direct from the universities and research insitutions. Asia Research News print magazine is sent out to ViceChancellors, research programme leaders, funders and government officials – decision makers who like to informed and stay one step ahead.

We know who-is-who in the universities and research sector in Asia and we make sure that you will benefit from that knowledge.

ResearchSEA is helping to break “down communications barriers and

% Visits

• ResearchSEA’s press release service is used by over 1000 journalists reporting on R&D

5. Knowing the players

“We share your view on the significance of international media upon the profile of the university and highly value the efforts of ResearchSEA in promoting Asian research and experts to the mainstream media. ” President, Hanoi University of Technology

Data from 2011 only

Male visits % 35.2%

“The research news is very interesting and informative.”

Female visits %

• ResearchSEA press release distribution (

34.1% 31.3%

29.7% 24.9%


• Social Media Networks

10.2% 5.3%

2.5% 3.2%




Age range

Data from 2006-2011



• Media Workshops for Researchers and Press Officers

UNEP Asia Pacific

Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising

Online Advertising


Asia Research News Asia Research News - Print version

“The magazine looks fabulous – high quality print material, excellent layout, and very informative news articles highlighting research of various institutions in Asia.” Senior Officer, International Affairs Division, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Asia Research News is widely read by key decision makers in universities, research institutions, companies, funding bodies and other organisations interested in research in Asia. It is also popular with journalists and students who are able to gain an overview of current, cutting edge research. If you are seeking to promote your institution, conference, product or service to key decision makers, researchers, students or journalists in Asia - Asia Research News is for you.

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Quarter page

Advertising rates Quarter page

GBP 750

Half page

GBP 1200

Full page

GBP 2000

Inner front page

GBP 3000

Inner back page

GBP 2500

Back page

GBP 3800


GBP 2500 - 4500

* (includes interviews and write-up by ResearchSEA writers)

Examples of previous quarter and full page advertisements with and without bleed.

featured research articles are indeed cutting-edge and informative. “WeThe admire your initiative to assist research organisations in Asia in raising awareness of their research and expertise to the international media and global community.” Department of Science and Technology, Philippines

Online Advertising

Online advertising


ResearchSEA website ResearchSEA -Website ResearchSEA has a very high online presence through our press release distribution service, and social media networks. With page views of over 1.8 million from visitors around the world, your message is assured of a global reach.

Side Box

Advertising rates Banner

Banner 468 pixels x 60 pixels


Side Box 136 pixels x 200 pixels

GBP 150 a month

Right hand side box GBP 75 a month (All spaces are available on over 5000 pages our press release distribution website

AP-IRC 2012

The Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research Conference 15-16 November 2012

Media Workshops

Media Workshops ResearchSEA runs Media Workshops for researchers in universities and research institutions in Asia. Corporate sponsorship of these workshops enables your brand to be seen by these top researchers. Please contact us for more information.

Examples of previous banners (Actual size)


“I welcome the great idea to inform the public what is going on in the field of research and cooperation among Asian countries and between Asia and its other partners.” Ambassador of the Embassy of the Philippines, Germany

“It is a worthy magazine covering all fields in science and technology around Asia. ” National Science and Technology Development Agency Library, Thailand

“I believe this magazine would be very useful, inspiring and will motivate us to develop our institution, especially through more research activities and to develop new and innovative programs.” Vice Rector, Universitas

Marketing Tailor made or off the shelf? Some (wo)men maintain that a suit has to be tailor made to truly fit properly, but suits aren’t advertisements. You may well find that one of the services listed above fits you perfectly, but if not, we’d be delighted to put together a bespoke package.

Contact The only thing that counts is that it suits your needs Here are three high-level objectives that ResearchSEA can help you with: •

New markets - Our channels can help you add research institutes, universities, students or scientists to your customers

We have close contacts with journalists reporting about research and other industries, in many different countries. Along with our close links with the research industry, we can get your message to your target market. From R&D press release writing to liaising with specialist media and targeted advertising or advertorial, ResearchSEA can make use of its deep reach into the industry to raise the profile of your company.

New geographical area ResearchSEA has a global audience with a strong base in Asia and the USA. We can help you win a market share in new countries. New product launch - Our websites and magazine provide a flexible, R&D based medium to promote your new product to a global market. •

Executive Editor, Pertanika Journals, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Increase visibility across the buying cycle Your advertisement will get the exposure that it needs amongst your prospects. It may well be the trigger for high profile decision makers to find out about the advantages of your products and provide them with timely information.

Airlangga, Indonesia

Congratulations to you for “bringing out such a striking magazine. It is indeed informative, captivating and of course outstanding. Well done! ”

New leads

Create conversation and engagement with existing customers Communication is an essential part of any relationship. Often B2B relationships are marriages of convenience, so bringing in a bit of love and passion can be a good thing Advertising in the magazine or on the website allows your customers to reconnect with you.

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Asia Research News - Advertising and marketing opportunites  

Advertising and marketing opportunites

Asia Research News - Advertising and marketing opportunites  

Advertising and marketing opportunites