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How Proportional Valves Work When you try to run your dishwasher or washing machine, or even squirt water out of the hose in your backyard, you’re probably thinking very little about all of the small components that go into making each of those devices function the way they do. With the automatically opening and closing media flow, the parts that regulate the control of liquids and gases in everyday machines make your life much simpler. One element that regulates pressure for even distribution of fluids in the proportional valve. The Primary Function Valves normally serve the purpose of controlling the flow of a liquid or gas. When closed, the valve blocks the media from going through. When open, liquid and gases will be able to flow freely. Valves might be designed to remain naturally in a closed state or an open state. Some operate through pressurization while others may be regulated through electricity. Valves Are Everywhere You may not even realize that you're probably surrounded by valves. They're in your stove, your sink, your dishwasher, your coffee machine, your car. Chances are high that somewhere in the design of that device is a valve controlling fluid flow, if there's a liquid or gas involved in the operation of any machine in your house. Why Are Proportional Valves Special? With so many different designs and applications, what makes the proportional valve so incredible? This valve is a true thinker. For the distribution of liquids at different degrees of pressure, it's going to automatically assists in proportioning. You may not even look at the varying pressures that affect one of your devices, but the valve does, and will operate depending on this information. It also allows for flow volumes to be adjusted, in addition to its acceleration and deceleration features. This essentially means that it can operate at varying speeds but be controlled to stop and start as needed. How Does It Work? You can increase or decrease the pressure in a given area with the proportioning design. You are able to program the valve to not move until the proper amount of pressure has been achieved. Once that pressure limit is achieved, it might open or close, based on its design, allowing for distribution of liquids or gases in a mechanical system. Where Can They Be Found? This kind of element can be found in almost any kind of machine that has to accelerate, decelerate or manage the flow of fluids in various degrees of pressure. However, one of the more common places you will find it is in the braking system of a vehicle. To get an even stop, this valve will help you to distribute the pressure to the front and the rear brakes. Modern cars would likely spin out more often without this innovation design, anytime they are trying to slow to a stop. This could IQ Valves

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How Proportional Valves Work occur if the disc brakes are engaged prior to the drum brakes, leading to uneven braking. Designs That Make For An Easier Life In essence, it's not necessary to take into account the pressure distribution inside the devices that you are using because of the proportional valve. You probably don’t consider the pressure going into your brakes when you push down on the pedal. This valve basically makes it so all of the brakes on your vehicle engage simultaneously, allowing for a smooth, even stop. It truly is a revolutionary invention. When you choose a quality proportional control valve for your project, you won't have to battle against the effects of stiction. For more info on iQ Valves, take a look at their web site at

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How Proportional Valves Work  

When you choose a quality proportional control valve for your project, you won't have to battle against the effects of stiction. For more in...