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BANARASI SAREES The Banarasi Saree has been meticulously crafted for centuries in India and is visible even today, on occasions of celebration like marriages and festivals. Counted among the finest sarees in India, they are known for their rich colour, gold and silver brocade, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The red Banarasi saree is considered especially auspicious, and worn by brides in Bengal for the wedding ceremony.

FESTIVE FERVOUR As another monsoon recedes, the whole nation gears up for the festive season. Across landscapes, greys and greens give way to the richness of autumnal shades. Red, the colour of the Goddess—and with all its associations of sacredness and well-being—is our inspiration for this issue. Traditionally, the festive season signals fresh beginnings. Colour Quarterly 07 spotlights breakthrough products from Asian Paints that should delight the most demanding client. Farm Fresh profiles Emporio PU, a superb wood finish product with many firsts to its credit. In Vogue trains the spotlight on metallics—the exciting, new trend in paints that’s guaranteed to add style to the dreariest interior. Festivities are also about treats and Out of the Blue has an unexpectedly rich one in store—a stroll through the lavish, over-the-top grandeur of Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. The Over Cappuccino segment carries a write-up on New York architect David Businelli, with a wealth of information on bringing spaces alive with shape and colour. Open Range offers helpful tips on how to use an Asian Paints Colour Spectra Fandeck. Every festive season is a time of hope, renewed faith and celebration of nature’s bounty. We wish our readers a year of growth and prosperity! Do share your thoughts by writing to us at Asian Paints COLOUR MARKETING TEAM

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Dolmabahรงe Palace Istanbul, Turkey

2 Colour Quarterly 07

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Spread across 45,000 sq m, Dolmabahçe is a monoblock—an eclectic synthesis of Ottoman architecture whose European design elements signal Turkey’s growing fascination for the West. Rococo, Baroque and Neoclassical elements combine to create an impression of royal excess.


nywhere in the world, the obvious aim of royal architecture is to awe and impress. Other purposes— to cock a snook at neighbouring kingdoms, ensure a place in history, and simply indulge the royal ego! With its 285 rooms, 46 halls, 6 Turkish baths, 4 grand salons, 68 toilets and lavish gardens, Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Sarayi is a magnificent throwback to another era, one that can only be described in superlatives.

The opulent interiors of the Dolmabahçe Palace 4 Colour Quarterly 07

Nine years in the making from 1856 onwards, this magnificent palace was the brainchild of Sultan Abdulmecid I. Apart from the six sultans who lived here, Dolmabahçe was also the summer home of Turkey’s first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Garabet Balyan, an Armenian architect, designed the palace to rise on reclaimed land that, centuries earlier, was a shallow bay in the Bosphorus. Hence the name, Dolmabahçe—a “filled garden”. The palace

interiors were designed by Séchan, famously known for his work on the elegant Paris Opera House. While the layout of halls and living areas is typically Turkish, the look is predominantly European. To achieve this, paintings, crystal fireplaces, candelabras, furniture and porcelain vases were brought in from across Europe. Exquisite Hereke carpets from Turkey share space with 150-year-old Russian bearskin rugs, gifts to the Sultan from the Tsar of Russia.

View of the Dolmabahçe Palace exteriors Colour Quarterly 07 5

White, Gold and Red dominate the vast interior spaces, brilliantly illuminated by enormous crystal chandeliers suspended from gold-leaf covered ceilings The Crystal Staircase—a 4.5 tonne confection of Baccarat & Bohemian Crystal

PURE RED-8093 R207 G37 B43

TRUE OCHRE-7925 R210 G156 B49

Sumptuous feast of reds and gold in the palace interiors

PUPPY LOVE-3203 R238 G228 B204


INK BLUE SKY-9165 R40 G74 B122

The double horseshoe-shaped Crystal Staircase, made of Baccarat crystal, mahogany and brass, with a blood-red carpet snaking down its steps, is the probable inspiration behind many a Hollywood oldies. Queen Victoria’s gift—the world’s largest crystal chandelier—hangs in the central hall, a 4.5 tonne confection of Baccarat and Bohemian Crystal. In the public halls, furniture upholstery and draperies made from Hereke fabric are in red, the royal shade of the sultans. In keeping with Turkish architectural traditions, there are separate living areas for the sexes—the Mabeyn-i Hümâyûn for men and the Harem-i Hümâyûn for the ruling sultan’s female relatives, wives and concubines. Hidden passages were designed for royal ladies to observe events in the public halls without being seen.Behind the palace, landscaped gardens spread out, In the garden of the Dolmabahçe Palace 6 Colour Quarterly 07

RICH TAN-7965 R203 G129 B53

elaborate, colourful and varied, though not in any specific style. One part overlooks the Bosphorus, its velvet-green lawns offsetting the brilliant blue of the water. Spruce, cedar and palm trees, rose beds and pretty lily ponds with tinkling fountains conjure up an atmosphere of intimacy and serenity. The Dolmabahçe Palace can be approached from the Bosphorus. Arriving at the landing stage, its imposing, monumental beauty would undoubtedly have stunned many a royal visitor down the centuries. For hundreds of visitors today, the palace brings alive the stuff of dreams and tales from afar.

Please share your feedback by writing to us on All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 7


ASIAN PAINTS introduces Emporio PU, a super luxury wood finish for both interiors & exteriors. No other product offers the same level of gloss and clarity. What gives Emporio PU the edge is the use of revolutionary nanotechnology—a unique property of 'self-healing'.

Emporio PU Let Wood Outshine Everything Else

8 Colour Quarterly 07

Colour Quarterly 07 9

Emporio PU allows fine wood to age beautifully. Go ahead, give wood the shine it deserves.


In the case of a conventional PU coated surface, the magnified side and cross-cut representation of a regular deformation does not show any reduction of abrasion on the surface.


he secret to long-lasting, good looks lies, among other things, in using the right beauty products. That holds true for wood as well. An antique chest of drawers, an intricately carved arch or a sleek, contemporary chair—good wood deserves special care with a product that will keep it shining year after year after year. Sounds far fetched? Well, we did say ‘revolutionary’! Simply put, wood surfaces like dining tables, centre tables, doors, or sundry artefacts that are used and invariably

10 Colour Quarterly 07

EMPORIO PU finish on various kinds of wood furniture and objects

In the case of a surface coated with Emporio PU, the nano particles get similarly deformed, but spring back close to their original position, thus self-healing.

wiped everyday, acquire scratches and lose their gloss. The degradation is worse when it comes to wood that’s exposed to the elements, like doors, window frames or shutters, outdoor furniture for patios and verandahs, wooden gates and any wood on the façade of homes. This deterioration typically occurs with conventional polyurethane coated surfaces. An Emporio PU coated surface however, has nano particles which rearrange themselves. The result? Cracks heal themselves and the wood gets back most of its lost sheen. Add

to this ground-breaking feature, advanced strength, durability and gloss and you’ll agree that Emporio PU gives competing polyurethane products and polyester a good run for their money. All this, and ease of application, too. Simply spray Emporio PU on the wooden surface; recoat after eight to ten hours. In just thirty minutes, wood becomes dry to the touch and super smooth.

Colour Quarterly 07 11

Emporio PU has been launched in Andhra Pradesh and Delhi. Currently, it comes in the Glossy Variant category, in 1-litre and 4-litre cans priced at Rs.950 per litre. Going forward, it will be rolled out in other markets as well.

For more info Âť T 1800 209 5678 Âť E

12 Colour Quarterly 07

Colour Quarterly 07 13

IN VOGUE Magic with MetallicS

Today’s metallic paints continue the traditional association of metals with a luxurious lifestyle. Metallic paints are waterbased; their light refracting property adds richness and variety to walls. Matched appropriately with other shades, furnishings and accessories, they impart a silk-smooth, luxurious effect to interiors. Let’s take an in-depth look at how they work.


ankind and metal have a historical association going back to primitive times. Gold and copper were the first metals to be used extensively. During the Stone Age, humans discovered the malleability of gold and used it to fashion jewellery. Copper had wider uses as tools and weapons. Besides these two, metals like silver, lead, tin, smelted iron and mercury were known to the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. In India, metallurgy may have begun during 2 B.C. High quality wootz steel was produced in South India from

about 300 B.C. and was widely exported. The Charaka Samhita refers to the use of zinc for medicinal purposes. The fabulous bronze statues commissioned by the Chola kings were cast using five metals—copper, zinc, tin, gold and silver. The gold and silver plated domes of temples and palaces of southern India are the stuff of legend. Many indigenous textile traditions use dyes that can be fixed only with mordants or metal compounds while zari or gold thread was historically used in making fabric for affluent, blue-blooded families.


14 Colour Quarterly 07

Colour Quarterly 07 15

Metallics on Interiors » Asian Paints Royale Glitter

Metallic paint does make a strong statement—and hence the need to consider how it impacts space.

Application: On feature walls, use two base coats of Premium Emulsion White and one top coat of Royale Glitter.

The name says it all. ASIAN PAINTS ROYALE GLITTER swatch card BRAND: ROYALE PLAY SAFARI BasecoaT: Blue Horizon-8272 Top Coat: Mystic Mauve-M111

Use patterns in Metallics to make for small, interesting focal points. Liven up a cosy family room with a simple, geometric motif in Royale Gold on a wall of Salmon Green. An adjacent wall in Royale Gold echoes and dramatizes the effect.

Royale Gold-M003

» In a bedroom niche, apply Glitter in soft shades to create brightness. Silver Flourish-m206

OliveGleam-m209 Metallics are used to best effect on feature walls with good lighting around, and adjacent walls in supporting pale or neutral shades. Metallic effects work wonders in living rooms; used thoughtfully however,

they are as good in a bedroom or an office wall. Hanging or placing a TV screen against a metallic finish is not advisable. And for good reasons, too. Metals are light refracting; also, darker metallic shades tend

to have a disturbing effect on the human eye. Commercial spaces, boutiques & showrooms are some of the spaces which can be uplifted with Glitter on their walls.

» Go for a sophisticated look in a living room with a shimmery, Silver Silhouette feature wall, offset by a regal white. Accents of red and white, and dark flooring make this a trendy, informal setting. Silver Silhouette-m603

Myths about metallics » Metallics do not lose their sheen over time. » They work as well for commercial areas as they do for residences. » They do not pick up any more dust than other paints. » Their use isn’t necessarily confined to small areas with less light.

» Chosen intelligently, metallic paint on larger surfaces can create mood or ambience—pleasant, dramatic, snazzy, ethnic, or international.

RICH TOMATO-9405 R142 G69 B73

» Prairie Gold on a feature wall creates a warm, glowing ambience. Add sobre accents with dark furniture. prairie gold-m402

16 Colour Quarterly 07

WHITE BISQUE-L115 R226 G240 B232

ANTIQUE BRASS-8581 R124 G85 B57

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra/Royale Glitter shadecard for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 17

Royale Play Dune

Halo Halo lightens the ambience of a room. A gentle, yet effective mood elevator.

Application: Two base coats of Premium Emulsion White + two top coats of Royale Play Dune. The final effect—a pleasing brilliance that adds just the right touch of drama to your walls.

Silver Streak Halo suggests a pale, cloud strewn sky. Gentle Blue on an adjacent wall supports this serene mood.

Dune is an exclusive range of subtle metallic dual-tones inspired by the sand-dunes of Africa. Sophistication and luxury are the hallmarks of this unique collection of water-based finishing top coats. Using any of three distinctive patterns—Whirl, Drizzle and Halo—opt for a look of classic, old world grandeur or make a strongly contemporary statement.

Whirl Simple strokes make the Whirl effect a versatile yet compelling backdrop to complement various lifestyles.


ROYALE PLAY DUNE-AFRICA RANGE This unique range of shades, whose names are inspired by the great continent itself, infuses your home with nature’s grandeur and raw beauty.

Use Rustic Olive Whirl on an accent wall. Complement an adjacent wall with muted green Windswept for a mossy, forest ambience.


Rustic Olive Whirl-M413

Drizzle Picture a tropical rain shower sweeping across the arid vastness of Africa—that’s the Drizzle effect, one that adds strong character to an interior. Drizzle a shower of Orange Tuscany on a living room feature wall; balance with contrasting neutral coloured walls and accents to match.

Orange Tuscany-M523

18 Colour Quarterly 07

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Royale Play Dune Decor guide for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 19

Royale Play Safari

Metallics on Exteriors

Application: Two base coats of Premium Emulsion-Tinted + two top coats of Royale Play Safari. Royale Play Safari is applied on interior walls with a colorwash sponge.

Asian Paints Apex Ultima Metallics, available in our exterior range can be used in small doses to add magic to your walls. Use them to highlight a decorative architectural feature or to accent a portion of the house.

Safari brings the soul of Africa into an interior with never-seen-before effects. Metallic shades with a grainy texture that resembles islands make this range a great choice for the discerning homeowner.

Basecoat: CHOCOLATE CHERRY-8686 Top Coat: GRAPE WINE-m515

Metallics are applicable on exteriors too.


Royale Play Metallic Textures Tips on using metallics »

Application: Two base coats of Royal Emulsion + two top coats of Royale Play Metallic.

» Make sure the surface to be painted is smooth and even—bumps will show up prominently with metallic paint. » Apply metallic paint evenly and consistently in daylight. » When using glitter, use the back rolling technique to align the metallic pigments. » Work on small areas, rolling wet paint onto wet paint. » Stroke the paint in one direction only. » If your project is a home makeover, choose metallic paints carefully to suit existing furniture, flooring and other accessories.

Dapple, Crinkle, Weaving, Canvas, Ragging, Spatula, Sponging, Combing, Colourwash, & Brushing are special effects that play out on surfaces as dense abstracts. CRINKLE Basecoat: SPRING GRASS-7719 Top Coat: OLD BRICK-M8613 APEX Ultima Metallics Decor Guide

PRODUCT WEB LINKs » Interiors › Exteriors › For more info » T 1800 209 5678 » 20 Colour Quarterly 07

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Royale Play Decor guide for exact shade reference.

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra/Apex Ultima Metallics Decor guide for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 21

OVER CAPPUCCINO New York architect David Businelli believes in blurring the lines between a wall’s function and its appearance. In two early childhood development centers, he’s sculpted walls with shapes, curves and colours to create teachable moments for children aged three through five.

Early Childhood Development Center, St. Clare’s Parish

Animating Spaces with Shape & Colour By J. Michael Welton

Warm to cool tones used to match the function of spaces, St. Clare's Parish


n St. Clare, his home parish in Staten Island, N.Y., a priest asked Businelli to take a hard look at 3,500 square feet on the ground floor of a 1975 building. “It was an area that hadn’t changed in 30 years,” he said. “I looked at it and told them that it was a fire trap.” The priest said, “Let’s renovate—let’s really kick it up so it’s fun and geared toward the kids.” Businelli consulted with Steve Perella, an architect and theorist at Columbia University, and the

author of an essay on “hypersurfaces.” “It’s about what architecture can do beyond defining a space,” Businelli said. Where angles of the walls change, the idea of movement occurs. Eye level horizons are at about three feet, six inches. The architect relied on a lot of built-ins like cubbies for books, mittens and coats, inserting them into the walls.

“We animated the walls.” Businelli 22 Colour Quarterly 07

Colour Quarterly 07 23

Childhood Development Center, FasTracKids

Multi coloured tiles combined with coloured motifs on walls make for an exciting art room, St. Clare's Parish

Businelli used colour­—lots of it. “We put coloured Plexiglas in the windows, with the colours of the rainbow—all the primary colours and the shades in between too,” he said. “We wanted the students to learn the names of the colours.” The lessons start in the lobby, where warm colours in windows are matched by coloured tiles of the same hue in a 30-foot-long stripe running across floors, then matched by laminates on walls. Tones move from warm to cool, depending on a space’s function, with the coolest colours in the classroom, where religious education takes place. “What we know about colour is that warm tones represent secular functions, and that cool represents spiritual functions,” he said.

Corporate colours blue & yellow used playfully to create a fun learning environment for kids, FasTracKids

MILD ROSE-9449 R171 G151 B164

Coloured Plexiglas windows inspired by the rainbow, St. Clare's Parish 24 Colour Quarterly 07

“The kids who know the colours of the rainbow will recite them to their parents— it’s fascinating to watch,” he said.

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

SAFFRON SMILE-7872 R255 G236 B149

ORIENTAL BLUE-1306 R37 G66 B128

For another center operated by the FasTracKids franchise, Businelli used corporate colours blue and yellow in a 300-square-foot classroom for students learning the sciences, and even construction. “We cut a hole in the wall so that they could see its makeup—with studs, nails and sheetrock,” he said. “Then we hung Plexiglas in the ceiling grid for two reasons—to keep costs down, and so they can see how the heating and air conditioning work. “We kicked it up and used it as an educational tool,” he said. Indeed.

In the art room, the architect scattered multi-coloured tiles across the floor, and instructed contractors to install them where they landed. His intent was to educate the students and make every occupant of the building feel like they were in an exciting, inviting environment.

SUNRISE-0526 R232 G116 B52

Author J. Michael Welton writes on architecture, art and design for international and national publications including The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Dwell, and ARTWORKS. He also publishes an online magazine on design at

Please share your feedback by writing to us on Colour Quarterly 07 25



The new Asian Paints Colour Spectra has 1800 original hues. They offer rich and versatile colours aligned to international standards.



Asian Paints Colour World » This gives a complete idea of an Asian Paints Colour World outlet. Colours » This page describes the basic 3 scientific properties of Colour > HUE | VALUE | CHROMA. This helps to understand the arrangements of shades. Colour Spectra » This explains the layout and content of the palette. How to use » This page helps the user to understand how to use the Fandeck. Tips » This page gives some specific tips to help the consumer in selecting a shade for his or her home.

Ease of Selection » To make colour selection easier, the Spectra has been divided into 3 basic sections—PASTELS, MELANGES and ACCENTS. Each page has various shades of a single colour arranged from light to dark. Simple Reference System » An Index with names of all shades and corresponding page numbers has been provided for easy reference. International standards » Spectra adheres to international standards in colour representation. Product Support » All colours are available at Asian Paints Colour World dealer outlets in India.


Asian Paints, India’s largest decorative paints company, is making it easier than ever to transform living spaces with paint

SPORTY YELLOW-X104 R253 G211 B29

MENTHOL-L116 R232 G243 B232

LIGHT BUFF-0362 R221 G188 B155

PINK SILK-9413 R151 G61 B95

Sea HORSE-7475 R208 G231 B228

SWAN SONG-7440 R106 G197 B213

SpRING ROSE-8065 R255 G199 B197

FRUIT PINK-9407 R193 G120 B129

JADE GREEN-2435 R31 G125 B67

TERRACE GARDEN-7607 R102 G187 B138

GREEN PASTURES-7609 R157 G224 B189

ICE PACK-7611 R207 G238 B218

Asian Paints Colour Spectra gives designers more choices and inspiration in their colour selection through a broad variety of warm and cool neutrals, cleaner pastels and magenta influenced hues. All the colours are arranged according to Colour Families. For example, Blues, Pinks, etc.

Each strip has gradations of the colour—from Dark To Midtones to Light.

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 27


THE ASIAN PAINTS COLOUR SPECTRA PRO COLOUR SPECTRA PRO contains a range of 1800 colours from Asian Paints in large size swatches. These 3 x 5 inch colour swatches not only help you see the colour in a bigger spread but also make the process of trying various combinations easier.

COLOUR SPECTRA PRO comes as a set of 6 decks, each deck encased in its vibrant casing, which is designed to indicate the range of colours present in that deck. The kit includes two index books which help you search colour by its name or code.

THE HUES IN ARCHITECTURE Photographs by Jesal Bhuta

YOUNG BOY BLUE-7330 R171 G209 B238

ASIAN PAINTS COLOUR SPECTRA FANDECK is available nationally at 19,000+ Asian Paints Colour World outlets and on Asian Paints website: ASIAN PAINTS COLOUR SPECTRA PRO is available at For more info » T 1800 209 5678 » E 28 Colour Quarterly 07

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 29

TWILIGHT SEA-7439 R28 G173 B194 HACIENDA CLAY-7936 R240 G201 B137

CILANTRO-7581 R35 G104 B67

MELLOW GREEN-9297 R153 G211 B185

Top Murals inside the 450 year-old St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

30 Colour Quarterly 07

Above Women offering prayers on a beautiful summer afternoon

Top Church of the Saviour on Blood, St. Petersburg

Below A young couple catching a quiet moment in the gardens outside the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

Colour Quarterly 07 31

The beautiful painted dome of the St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg at sun down

DEEP SPICE-7997 R210 G107 B51

BURNISHED SUN-7919 R255 G204 B97

HIDDEN SPRINGs-7358 R26 G132 B178

RED EARTH-8029 R190 G78 B61

EARTHEN MIX-7933 R202 G147 B62

St. Basil's Cathedral

32 Colour Quarterly 07

Please share your COLOUR STORIES! » WRITE to us on All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

Credits & URL for all images » Shot by Jesal Bhuta ›

Colour Quarterly 07 33

marco polo COLOUR QUERY Can you suggest colours TO MAKE A small space APPEAR bigger?



mall is beautiful! The solution lies in understanding how colours affect space and using that insight effectively. Colours lend a home character and style; they reflect the owner’s personality, influence moods, and encourage activity. Some great ideas to make a small space look more spacious are:

1.) Wonders with colours Use a Monochromatic Colour Scheme for the entire room—choose colours that are in the same colour family and use tone-ontone woven upholstery fabrics, textured wall finishes, and delicate tonal drapery fabrics. Choose soft and pastel hues. Whereas dark, warm colours make a space feel cozy and intimate, light, cool colours make a space feel open and airy. For optimum effect, select soft tones of blues and greens.

2.) Coordinate décor elements Avoid using a complimentary colour scheme; when used in a space this tends to break up the space. Pieces of furniture are less interrupting and tend to blend with the space if they’re coloured to match the wall colour. Use fabrics which are light in colour and feel soft. Avoid chunky furniture. Choose delicate elements to add the glamour quotient to the space.

3) Open up to some light Any room will look larger if it’s well-lit, either by natural light or artificial lighting. Get rid of heavy draperies and open up the windows to let the outdoor light of the outdoors into the space. Add more lamps if required. Adding some reflective surfaces like big size mirrors is also a good décor element.

heighten the walls Painting vertical stripes on opposite walls in a plain square room, creates an illusion of higher wall height.

hidden hills-7662 R135 G203 B97

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

create a focal point A bright colour can be used on one wall to create a prominent focal point for the space.

BLUE EDITION-9213 R29 G81 B108

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

simple ideas to play with colour for a small room lower the ceiling A horizontal colour strip border in a high-ceiling room can make the ceiling appear lower.

hidden hills-7662 R135 G203 B97

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

shorten a room Extending the feature wall colour into adjoining walls as well, makes the room appear smaller.

GINGER POP-8053 R203 G83 B69

34 Colour Quarterly 07

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

narrow the depth Dark colours on opposite wall can make the room appear narrower

BLUE EDITION-9213 R29 G81 B108

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

add depth to the space Creating a low, horizontal coloured strip along opposite walls, adds depth to a room.

GINGER POP-8053 R203 G83 B69

All shades are printed representations and may vary slightly from actual colours. Please refer to the Asian Paints Colour Spectra for exact shade reference.

MORNING GLORY-0765 R243 G242 B234

Colour Quarterly 07 35

WATCH OUT PRODUCT QUERY Can you suggest enamel paints for outdoor applications?


sian Paints Premium Gloss Enamel and Premium Satin Enamel are premium enamel paints that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it must be kept in mind that outdoor surfaces here refer to doors, windows, and grills type of surfaces and not walls. For exterior walls, it is best to choose from the Asian Paints range of exterior emulsions.

Exterior Textures Asian Paints introduces a range of exterior textures to enhance the charm of your building. Inspired by the changing trends in architecture and construction technology, these textures offer an aesthetic and contemporary touch to new age structures. Browse through the different styles of creating exterior textures which offer long lasting protection and unique décor for exteriors. Pick your copy of Colour Quarterly to know more on Exterior Textures for professionals.

REACH US Let us know what you felt about this issue of Colour Quarterly. What would you like to see featured? Have something interesting to share? Write to us » Asian Paints Helpline for queries on products/colour tools/services: 1800 209 5678 The Asian Paints painting service: Contact us at 1800 209 5678 (Service available in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Pune) View current issue and archive at »

PHOTO CREDITS Cover » Photo Composition » Codesign ( Out of the Blue » All images under Creative Common license ARTIST » P Gonzales » ARTIST » Serkanavcioglu » ARTIST » Fairy Chimneys Travel » ARTIST » Ramblurr » ARTIST » Physiowilly » ARTIST » José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro » in_the_garden_of_Dolmabah%C3%A7e_Palace.jpg

ASK US The best question to MARCO POLO will win an Asian Paints Colour Spectra. So ask away at or write to us through the feedback form. Please do not forget to mention your name, contact details, firm name and mailing address.

36 Colour Quarterly 07

‘No part of this material may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means (graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information storage retrieval system) or reproduced in any disc, tape, perforated media or other information storage device etc. without the written permission

of Asian Paints Ltd. All rights reserved. Copyright Asian Paints Ltd. All disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.’ *All Asian Paints products do not contain any added Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and Chromium from April 2008.

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