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Team HBV Spring 2010 Semester Report

Spring 2010 Team HBV Collegiate Chapters

Table of Contents I. Collegiate Chapter Highlights

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II. Collegiate Chapter Semester Reports Cornell University Duke University Emory University Harvard University Stanford University UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Los Angeles UC Santa Cruz UC San Diego University of Pennsylvania University of Southern California

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III. Executive and Advisory Board Contact Lists


IV. Special Thanks


Team HBV Collegiate Chapters, Asian Liver Center at Stanford University |

Collegiate Chapter Highlight Events Harvard Team HBV Collegiate Chapter worked very hard this semester to open a free community screening clinic- “Liver Health Program” to the API populations in Boston Chinatown. Services Provided: Offered free hepatitis B panels (anti-HBs, HBsAg, anti-HBc), administered pre-surveys on knowledge and perceptions, conducted one-on-one, culturally competent education about hepatitis B risk, prevalence, and prevention, distributed Know HBV brochures, and mailed detailed results letters a few weeks afterwards, along with information about free clinics to get vaccinated if necessary. Partnerships: Quest Diagnostics, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Community Kidney Disease Detection program, Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association at Harvard Medical School, Hepatitis B Initiative in Boston, Massachusetts Asians & Pacific Islanders for Health, and many well-known physicians.

As a new chapter, Stanford Team HBV Collegiate Chapter organized a splendid Hepatitis B Awareness Week, each day with activities to promote HBV awareness on campus. Day 1 Speaker Day- Meredith Bergin Bailey of the Stanford Asian Liver Center presented on “San Francisco Hep B Free: Developing Effective Healthcare Campaigns”.

Day 2 Jade Dining Day- Stanford Dining provided delicious sugar cookies topped with jade-colored frosting in 5 different dining halls all across campus, reaching hundreds of students. Day 3 World Hepatitis Day- Gave 75 free mini Jamba Juice to students who came to our table and learned about hep B and had nearly 200 balloons in White Plaza.

Day 4 Jade Day - Affixed jade colored balloons with info postcards to over 800 bikes throughout campus. Team HBVers staked out White Plaza to celebrate, educate, and encourage participation in a raffle for Amazon gift cards.


Event Descriptions 2/8-2/10/2010 Cornell University Campus

Bake Sale Fundraiser

2/13/2010 Downtown Ithaca, NY

IIthaca Lunar New Year’s Festival

2/27/2010 Cornell University Campus

Asia Night 2010

4/10-4/11/2010 Cornell University Campus

B-Aware’s “Smash HBV” Badminton Tournament

5/3-5/7/ 2010 Cornell University Campus

HBV Campus Awareness Week

B-Aware hosted a cupcake bake sale on the Cornell University campus to spread hepatitis B awareness and fundraise for the chapter. A total of $40 was raised in 3 days. Reached: 50+ students, faculty/staff The chapter sponsored the local Ithaca’s Lunar New Year’s festival event. We promoted our hepatitis B efforts in a community level and networked with other Asian-related organizations in Ithaca, NY. Reached: 100+ local residents Community Partner: Ithaca Asian American Association Largest pan-Asian event on campus, continuous food and entertainment throughout the night. Groups compete for Best Booth award. We managed a mocktail booth to promote liver-friendly habits. Participants engaged in Q & A about Hepatitis B in order to receive a free beverage. Reached: 200+ students, faculty/staff, local residents Community Partner: Cornell Asian Pacific Student Union Our Badminton Tournament’s goal is to increase awareness in a friendly and healthy way. We reached out to the entire Cornell community and encouraged people to spread our cause. Reached: 50+ students Community Partner: Holland-International Living Center Week-long awareness campaign in honor of World Hepatitis Day. B-Aware members contributed to campus-wide outreach methods and conducted measurable HBV knowledge surveys while educating students. Reached: 100+ students, faculty/staff


Summary and Reflection

The Cornell Chapter of Team HBV met the chapter goals this semester by spreading awareness and promoting HBV outreach in fun and creative ways. We also began to implement more measurable outreach activities to assess the chapter’s effectiveness, as well as experimented with innovative ideas to reach out to new segments of the community to raise awareness.



Event Descriptions 3/27/10 NC State, Fairgrounds

TACAS Chinese New Year Festival

4/1/10 Duke University

Global Health Week-Global Health Day

3/20/10 Duke University

Duke Chinese Dance Troop Showcase

2/16/10 Duke University

Jade Ribbon Quad Display

2/21/10 Duke University

Virus Plushy Workshop

We set up a booth to educate the public about Hepatitis B epidemic, encouraged clients to get tested/ vaccinated, and distributed know HBV brochures and sold pins/ wristbands. Reached: >200 Durham residents Community Partner: TACAS (Triangle Area Chinese American Society) Hosted an interactive health clinic with other health-related organizations on campus to educate students on campus. Reached: ~500 Duke students Community Partner: Duke Global Health Institute Presented a video-clip to spread hepatitis B awareness, and the Team HBV president delivered a speech to encourage others to join the fight against hepatitis B. Tables were set-up outside the auditorium before, during, and after the intermission to give out jade ribbons for people to wear. Reached: 200 Duke students Community Partner: Duke Chinese Dance Troop Planted chopsticks with jade ribbons on the main quad to represent number of people suffer from HBV. Reached: ~5000 Duke students and faculty Invited friends and family to come and help Team HBV make virus plushy and educate the public about hepatitis B. Reached: 20 Duke students and faculty

Summary and Reflection

The Duke Chapter hosted and participated in many on campus events this semester. We were able to implement all of our plans from the previous semester. Our team is quite satisfied with our accomplishment. We have established ourselves as an active student organization in the last few months. Hopefully, we can continue to plan interesting and educational events and make the public become more aware of hepatitis B.


Virus Plushy Workshop

Jade Ribbon Quad Display




Event Descriptions 8/25/10 (Planned)

Emory University Student Activities Fair

Pre-orientation activities fair meant to introduce freshmen to campus organizations, recruit new members and establish presence on campus Target population: Incoming freshmen Fall 2010 (Planned)

Community Education Sessions

Members collaborate with community center to give educational sessions about HBV to Asian American community members Target population: English as a second language class participants and other community members at community center events Community Partner: Center for Pan Asian Community Services

Summary and Reflection

We are excited to have established a strong executive board in this semester. We are also eager to begin working with our community partner, the Center for Pan Asian Community Services. We look forward to collaborating with them in conducting educational sessions in the community. Furthermore, we are already preparing for the freshman pre-orientation activity fair where we hope to establish our presence as well as recruit new general members.




Event Descriptions 2/6/2010 Dorchester, MA

Community outreach initiative

2/28/2010 Quincy, MA

Tabling at two community festivals: Quincy Lunar New Year and Tết in Boston. Held a sack throwing game for children (three ‘shots’ for life) and gave out Jade Ribbon tattoos, balloons, and pins. Parents received Know HBV brochures in appropriate language and viewed educational posters. Reached: 100+ greater Boston adult residents mostly Chinese or Vietnamese. Hepatitis B Initiative-Boston co-sponsored and helped run the booth.

4/7-4/27/2010 Cambridge and Boston, MA

Health education initiative

4/17/2010 Artesani Park, Brighton, MA

LIVERight Boston 2010

Apr/May 2010 Cambridge, MA

Policy advocacy initiative

Presented education curriculum on hepatitis B prevalence, risks, severity, prevention, etc. using visuals on posters, or hosted table outside classrooms with those posters displayed; distributed educational flyers and brochures. Conducted 17-item pre- and post-intervention surveys on hepatitis B knowledge and audience demographics. Venues: (1) Harvard Chinatown ESL classes (tabling only), and (2) ESL classes at the American Asian Civic Association (AACA) and (3) Harvard-Lesley Let’s Get Ready afterschool program. Populations reached: LGR: 37 minority/low-income Boston high school students. AACA: 20 adult immigrants who are a mix of Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, and African. Chinatown ESL: ~100 Chinese adult immigrants. 5k charity run/walk to raise awareness for hepatitis B. Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung was featured guest speaker. Reached: 29 members of the public and area college students. Event was hosted by the Hepatitis B Initiative-Boston. Team HBV at Harvard participated and provided on-campus publicity. Cambridge City Council declared May 16-22 as Hepatitis B Awareness Week. City of Cambridge website posted an awareness message. Cambridge Chronicle, a local newspaper with circulation of 7,500, published a guest commentary. City Council subsequently passed an order to look into a future city-wide free hepatitis/HIV testing and counseling day. Representative Michael Capuano (D-MA8) signed on as co-sponsor of H.R. 3974 (Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009) as of May 12. Reached: local residents and policymakers. Cambridge has a population of 105,000 and is 12% Asian and Pacific Islander and 26% foreign-born. For their support, special thanks to Leland Cheung, Cambridge City Councilor, and Kate Chang, District Representative for Congressman Capuano. 9

5/1/2010 Chinatown, Boston, MA

Community screening clinic – “Liver Health Program”

Provided free hepatitis B panels (anti-HBs, HBsAg, anti-HBc). Administered pre-surveys on knowledge and perceptions. Conducted oneon-one, culturally competent education about hepatitis B risk, prevalence, prevention, etc. Distributed Know HBV brochures. Mailed detailed results letters a few weeks after, along with information about free clinics to get vaccinated if necessary (none required referral for further follow-up). Screened 20 patients, majority Chinese, but also included Korean and African-American. Quest Diagnostics provided screens, supplies, and phlebotomists. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and the Community Kidney Disease Detection program provided the venue and publicity. Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association at Harvard Medical School provided financial support and volunteers. Hepatitis B Initiative-Boston provided volunteers, and Massachusetts Asians & Pacific Islanders for Health served as fiscal conduit. Drs. Raymond Chung, MD; Li-Li Hsiao, MD, PhD; and Daryl Lau, MD, MSc, MPH served as advisors and provided additional administrative and/or financial support.

Summary and Reflection

Team HBV at Harvard was most successful this semester in developing relationships with community partners in various aspects of our outreach. First, we strengthened our collaboration with the Hepatitis B Initiative-Boston to do community outreach through Lunar New Year festival tabling and through LIVERight Boston. Second, we continued our unique community health education initiative by presenting our own culturally-competent curriculum about hepatitis B at partnering adult ESL and afterschool programs targeted at underserved and highrisk populations. We further refined our pre- and post-survey instrument in order to better evaluate our effectiveness in improving hepatitis B knowledge. Third, we garnered the support of local policymakers and their staff, and local media, to achieve our grassroots advocacy goals in a region where hepatitis B does not receive much policy consideration. We hope that the city renews the Hepatitis B Awareness Week declaration next year, and to develop a public service announcement video to gather more media attention. Fourth, we worked with medical students, physicians at Harvard teaching hospitals, community organizations, and Quest Diagnostics to hold the first of hopefully many hepatitis B screening and awareness events in Boston. We are very excited about this major new initiative and hope it will be sustainable.



Team HBV Collegiate Chapter at Harvard and the Hepatitis B Initiative-Boston tabling. February 2010. 10

Harvard Chapter before running at LIVERight Boston 2010. (In center, Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung) !

! The Liver Health Program and Community Kidney Disease Detection (in orange) free health screening clinic at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, May 1, 2010.


Event Descriptions 5/17/2010 Stanford University

Day 1 of Hepatitis B Awareness Week: Speaker event

The very charismatic Meredith Bergin Bailey of the Stanford Asian Liver Center spoke to Stanford students, and she presented on San Francisco Hep B Free. Her energy and wonderful presentation, “San Francisco Hep B Free: Developing Effective Healthcare Campaigns�, along with the cookies and fresh cherries that we provided our audience, made the evening quite an enjoyable and engaging one. Reached Stanford students, mainly undergraduates and a few medical students Community Partners: publicity through other Asian-interest student groups. 5/18/2010 Stanford dining halls

Day 2 of Hepatitis B Awareness Week: Jade Dining Day

This event took place in five different dining halls all across campus, reaching hundreds of students during the two-to-three hour span of dinner. Stanford Dining provided delicious sugar cookies topped with jade-colored frosting. The Team HBV members at each booth answered questions and gave away brochures, informational fliers, and Jade Ribbon Campaign goodies to interested students. Reached Stanford students, mainly undergraduates of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities. Community Partner: Stanford Dining 5/19/2010 Stanford U White Plaza

Day 3 of Hepatitis B Awareness Week: World Hepatitis Day

To celebrate World Hepatitis Day, Team HBV set up a booth in White Plaza, a central location on campus. We gave away 75 free mini Jamba Juice to students who came to our table and learned about HBV and had nearly 200 balloons in White Plaza. Reached Stanford students, mainly undergrads Community Partner: 15% discount from Jamba Juice. Haas Center for Public Service for letting us use their supplies to make banners and signs


5/20/2010 All over Stanford campus; White Plaza

Day 4 of Hepatitis B Awareness Week: Jade Day

On this day, Team HBV affixed jade colored balloons with info postcards to over 800 bikes throughout campus. The Stanford community woke up to find the campus covered with balloons. During the busy lunch hour, Team HBVers staked out White Plaza to further celebrate, educate, and encourage participation in a raffle for Amazon gift cards. Reached Stanford students, mainly undergrads Community Partner: Green Postcards for donating 1000 postcards. Various funding sources: Bingham Fund from Human Biology department, The Stanford Fund, and others.

Summary and Reflection

Team HBV at Stanford University burst onto Stanford campus and made a huge impact in its first year. Our group expanded from 6 members to nearly 15 motivated and active members. We planned a huge awareness campaign in May, Hepatitis B Awareness Week, that was able to reach hundreds of students through our creative events. Many students came up to us and told us they had seen the flyers and the emails and had made appointments to get screened. The success of HBAW energized the group and helped ensure the continued strength and growth of Team HBV at Stanford.






Event Descriptions 1/30/10 Berkeley Campus (145 Dwinelle Hall)

2/10/10, Berkeley Campus (MLK Pauley Ballroom)

4/3/10, Berkeley Campus

CHC Film Festival

Networking event for health-related student organizations. Various groups like the pre-health fraternity and sorority, AMSA, and AAHS submitted short films to represent their organization and to share the mission and purposes of their organizations to other organizations; Team HBV presented a short Korean drama-like film about individuals affected by Hepatitis B. Allowed for students from different organizations with similar interests to unite for a common cause on campus Reached: 40 UCB pre-health/premed students

Blood Drive

Team HBV set up a table right at the entrance of the blood drive, attracting students who were donating blood to fill out the six question survey.Students took the survey at the table, while waiting in line to register, and while waiting to donate after they had registered. Students were given the answer sheet to the survey as well as a lollipop after they had submitted the quiz. Reached: ~300 UCB students and faculty, and collected 90 surveys.


Eggster is the largest free egg hunt in Northern California that attracts

(Valley Life Sciences Building lawn) hundreds of families from around the Bay Area. Team HBV hosted a booth

with several activities for kids including Bowling and Ring Toss. Children were given a choice of Team HBV buttons, HBV ninja tattoos, or candy as a prize for participating. Parents asked questions about our organization and were given brochures; they were also surveyed while their children played the games. Reached: 500 Berkeley community/parents

4/26/10 Berkeley Campus (Sather Gate Crescent)

Hep B Freeze

Recruited students from various interest organizations including cultural as well as health-related organizations. Provided the official Hep B Awareness Week T-Shirts to the students and had them freeze for 5 minutes at 12pm, in the middle of the main entrance to campus. Part of Team HBV at UC Berkeley’s Hep B Awareness Week. Students held a pose to capture the attention of people walking by, while some held up signs with various important Hepatitis B facts on large posters. All of this was done silently, with each minute marked by a whistle. Reached: 100+ UCB students and faculty, involving 30+ Freeze participants


5/2/10 Berkeley Campus (155 Dwinelle Hall)

Team HBV & APATH presents Wong Fu Productions

Collaborated with another campus organization, APATH (Asian Pacific American Theme Housing) to bring Wong Fu Productions to campus. Part of Team HBV at UC Berkeley’s Hep B Awareness Week. Gave an educational lecture about Hepatitis B awareness, why they should be aware, and what steps they can take. Raised $1500+ for the Hep B Project. Reached: 400+ Asian Americans and Asians (16-22 years of age) Community Partner: APATH (Asian Pacific American Theme Housing)

Summary and Reflection

We started out strong and had amazing turnout at our first general meeting thanks to the brilliance and strategic mind of our VP of recruitment, Janice Koh. This semester would not have been as successful if it weren’t for the strong support and dedication of our officers. We learned that to have a strong united board, it was important for us to also recognize each other as friends and colleagues outside of the organization and to further unite our organization, we had many social activities designed for members and officers to get to know one another. We also realized the importance of having events that increased awareness and got our members excited. We had many successful campus events that really emphasized collaboration with other student organizations and attempted to target various populations of the Asian community on the UC Berkeley campus. Next semester, we plan to focus more on member recruitment and retention and community outreach. Thanks to the entire team for such an amazing semester!




Event Descriptions 4/9/10-4/10/10 Aggie Stadium, UC Davis

Relay for Life 2010 at UCD

4/28/10 East Quad, UC Davis

World Wellness Faire : Explore the Seven Wonders of Wellness

We passed out 500 flyers about Hep B and liver cancer at this awareness running event. Reached: >5000 students and their family members. Community Partners: Service and social fraternities, student organizations and local businesses. This was a great networking opportunity.

The objective of this event is to celebrate wellness efforts on UC Davis campus. It is a joined effort of different health-awareness student organizations and Student Health Services. Each group hosted their own table filled with resource information and interactive activities to engage attendees Reached: >400 students Community Partners: Student Health Services, Health Education and Promotion Department 5/5/2010 Olson 106, UC Davis

“Another Life� Screening

5/19/2010 East Quad, UC Davis

World Hepatitis Day

Screening of Another Life: The Untold Story of an Asian Epidemic. We held a discussion of the documentary afterward. Reached: 10 API students. Community Partner: Department of Asian American Study Gathering people on the quad with poster boards presenting information about Hep B and how it affects the world. We passed out fliers and answered questions from the audience. There were 11 of us wearing our green Team HBV T-shirt with 1 of us in a black shirt to represent how 1 in 12 would die from Hepatitis. Reached: >100 students.


Summary and Reflection

Team HBV at UC Davis focus on raising campus awareness this quarter. We have participated various events on campus as well as held events to educate the students of UC Davis. We had successfully reached out to our peers and had some positive feedbacks from their survey responses. We had also recruited some very motivated new members, and we are excited to focus on out vaccine project this summer.



Event Descriptions 3/2/2010 Kerckhoff Grand Salon

CSA Charity Concert for Hepatitis B

3/4/2010 De Neve Plaza Rooms

ACA Fundraiser for Hepatitis B

5/8/2010 Temple Intermediate School Rosemead, CA

Project WILD Outreach

5/17/2010 Bread of Life Ackerman Union 2408

Hepatitis B Presentation by Dr. Steven-Hui Han

Team HBV collaborated with CSA for their annual charity concert. Along with performances by UCLA students, there was a silent auction and raffle. The money raised from the silent auction and raffle were donated to ALC. Reached: UCLA students Community Partner: Chinese Student Association Team HBV collaborated with the student cultural groups ACA and NSU, as well as with ChinaCare, to hold a fundraising event. There were several musical and cultural perfomances, food sales, and presentations about HBV by medical school students and UCLA health representatives. Funds were given to ALC for overseas vaccinations. Reached: UCLA students Community Partners: Association of Chinese Americans, Nikkei Student Union, China Care Bruins, UCLA Ashe Center We collaborated with Project WILD, a community service club dedicated to tutoring elementary school students in English, to educate two of their groups: the younger kids (kindergarten-2nd/3rd/4th grades) & older kids (5th-8th). We used cartoon posters to teach the younger kids about HBV and played games using HBV viral plushies. For the older kids, we taught them using posters and played jeopardy to quiz them on their knowledge. Reached: Elementary students in Rosemead (K-8) Community Partner: Project WILD UCLA hepatologist Steven Han, M.D. gave a talk about the current state of hepatitis B, followed by a Q&A session. Food was provided by Zipcar.Target audience: Church attendees and the community Reached: UCLA undergraduates and medical students Community Partners: Zip Car, UCLA Asian Pacific Liver Center


Now – December 2010 (Expected) UCLA & Vietnam

Vaccinations 4 Vietnam

Team HBV at UCLA is in the progress of working with MEMO to provide hepatitis B care and education over in Vietnam. Vaccinations at this point is doubtful (will find out in September). MEMO has already established the link to Vietnam. Team HBV will help MEMO fundraise and provide educational material at this point. Out current objectives are to educate, screen, and research. We hope to provide vaccinations if the government permits us. Reached: Underserved Vietnamese in rural communities Community Partners: MEMO, ICAN, Viet Tribune, Asian Liver Center at Stanford University

Summary and Reflection

Team HBV at UCLA has made a significant amount of progress over the past couple of months that has been noticed around campus. We have been able to organize a good number of events this year that has allowed us to reach out to thousands of UCLA students and people in the community. Our members and officers have been very satisfied with the amount of awareness that we have been able to raise in such a short period of time. The best part of everything is that the chemistry within our group is very strong, which leads to an even more productive environment. We are starting on even more projects soon which include writing letters to Congressmen and convincing our student center to provide hepatitis B screenings. We are also researching the possibility of organizing hepatitis B screenings in the community. Team HBV at UCLA started in November 2009. Currently, we are working on developing new projects that will help us expand our hepatitis B outreach. We have formed many strong connections both on campus and in the community that will help us in our efforts. We are looking forward to working with other Team HBV chapters in the Southern California area. Our short-term goals involve contacting Congressmen and convincing our student health center to help us spread awareness of hepatitis B. Our long-term goals involve organizing hepatitis B screenings and also providing vaccinations to underserved communities in Vietnam.







Event Descriptions 4/21/2010 Natural Sciences Annex 2 Room 101

Team HBV Informational Session

5/25/2010 Stevenson Event Center

Culture Celebration Night

Informational session to inform the community to the danger of Hepatitis B and to recruit potential members. Reached: Students, staff, and faculty Community Partner: Dr. Alan Wong, Career Adviser for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics An annual event held by UCSC’s Asian Pacific Islanders Resource Center. The event is composed of student performances and educational tabling. Reached: ~300 Asian American students. Partners: Asian Pacific Islander Resource Center and all the Asian student organizations.

5/23/2010 Stevenson 150

Guest Speakers to a Senior Seminar Class

The class was a senior exit requirement where the professor invites guest speakers from the community to talk about life after college. A major part of our talk was about Team HBV, and how they can join our cause. Reached: ~ 100 students Community Partner: Dr. Jeremy Lee, Biology Professor.

Summary and Reflection

Since we are a new chapter, our goal was to recruit members and get set up as a legitimate student organization. We firmly believe that we have reached our goal. We were able to assemble a dedicated group of students to our cause, and officers were chosen. We were also able to create several awareness events in a relatively short amount of time. We networked with various resource centers and student organizations. Our goal for the fall is to apply for student organization status at UCSC and fundraise for our cause and spread our word further on campus and to the community. About UC Santa Cruz: It is composed of 21% Asian Americans. The school also has a strong Asian Pacific Islander Resource center, which we work closely with. Our Mascot is the Banana Slugs. We are excited to bring a new chapter of Team HBV to UC Santa Cruz.




Summary and Reflection

As a new chapter, we organized general body meetings and recruited seven active 7 members. We wished to do more, but could not because of limited resource and time this year. However, we have brainstormed ideas to implement next academic year: Establish VP officials for TEAM HBV at UCSD Fundraising ideas: Restaurant fundraising (To help start the club with some funding); Bake Sale; Sunglasses Sale (Idea is to sport the jade ribbon symbol on the outside); Draft letters to ask for donations from local community Awareness ideas: Host an event on Library Walk (Idea is to get chop sticks and stick a jade ribbon in between the chop sticks and add an interesting fact between it. Make large posters that put shocking facts about HBV. Show the large effect HBV has compared to HIV. Host tables during welcome week. Have quizzes and prizes. Share information); Host General Body Meetings (Cooperate with other organizations such as health and Asian organizations to further promote HBV awareness).


Event Descriptions 2/23– 2/26/2010 Locust Walk

Hepatitis B Awareness Week

3/4–3/6/2010 UPenn

East Coast Asian American Student Union


Pan-Asian Health Initiative

Before the start of the week we made HBV pins with jade-colored ribbon and safety pins. On Monday posted flyers with different HBV facts around campus. We then handed out fliers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday telling people to wear their pins on Friday, and provided information/ awareness about HBV at the same time. On Friday, if students wore the pin, they got a free cookie (Our team baked cookies and made jade colored icing ribbons on each one). Reached: ~100 students, and some faculty members ECAASU is the largest inter-collegiate Asian American student network in the nation, and the conference was held at UPenn this year. Team HBV filmed a short segment in the opening ceremony video to increase exposure. Furthermore, we were able to spread awareness to over 1000 students through putting HBV facts in every program. Reached ~1000 Asian-American students across the nation Community partner: ECAASU Planning Team UPenn Team HBV reached out to the PAHI (funded by the medical school) this year as they have a special program focusing on HBV. One of their representatives is involved in our meetings and educated our members about current research, what is going on in HBV news, etc. Collaboration with PAHI is beneficial as they have more resources and funding which could help sustain our chapter. Reached UPenn Team HBV members Community Partner: PAHI

2/10/2010 Fireside Lounge

Presentation at Asian Pacific Student Coalition

APSC is the umbrella organization for Pan Asian groups on campus and have GBMs every other week. Team HBV made a presentation at a general body meeting, passing out handmade ribbons to each constituent group representative. We also made a video introducing HBV and how people could get their groups involved in awareness efforts. Reached: 8 APSC board members, ~40 constituent group representatives Community Partner: APSC


4/26-4/27/2010 College Green

World Hepatitis Day

4/24/10 Holiday Inn Express –Midtown

Volunteered at the Patient Workshop for Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer

Since the national World Hepatitis Day occurs after school gets out, we had our own modified WHD. We made large posters with facts on them and wooden stakes with different facts attached at the top of the stake. We then reserved the lawn with Office of Student Life and stuck the posters and stakes on College Green where traffic was the greatest, to maximize exposure. Reached students walking to class

The Hepatitis B foundation held a workshop for HBV patients, and needed volunteers at the event. Our chapter was in charge of registering and directing people at the event. In addition, we were invited to attend their presentation about HBV treatment and liver cancer. Reached HBV patients, HBV patient family members, people at high risk

Summary and Reflection

This year was the first year that UPenn Team HBV became an independent club separate from Penn Taiwanese Society. Thus, we focused on recruiting dedicated members and on creating our executive board officers. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments we had this year spreading awareness through collaboration with oncampus groups as well as reaching out to external sources such as the Hep B foundation. We are confident that the networks we’ve built with these groups will continue to grow in the future. We hope to co-sponsor events with the Pan-Asian Health Initiative, and be able to conduct screenings for HBV near Chinatown in Philadelphia. We are also looking into grants and sponsorships as it is a high priority for our new chapter to be self-sustainable. Per the National Advisors advice, we hope to get the City of Philadelphia to establish a proclamation for World Hepatitis Day in the next year. Our short term goals focus on World Hepatitis Day proclamation, APSC recognition, and Annual Jade Ribbon fashion show. Our long term goals focus on campus-wide recognition, self-sustainability through sponsorship/grants, and educate most of UPenn students to become leaders themselves in fighting against HBV. I am confident in our dedicated officers and members, and look forward to even more events in the near future!



Event Descriptions 04/29/10 Trousdale Parkway

Summary and Reflection

21 Choices Fundraiser/Awareness Campaign

We tabled along Trousdale Pkwy with brochures and passed out green (jade wasn’t offered by our vendors) balloons while sharing bits of HBV information with people. We also challenged willing participants to take our HBV trivia pinwheel ‘quiz’ to see how many HBV facts they knew. Finally, we sold 21 choices in an attempt to fundraise. Reached: undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members (one professor bought 21 choices for her whole class!), US citizens and international students, elementary students from the community who were on a tour of our school (they loved the balloons) Community Partner: student government

We were planning to organize a guest speaker event (featuring Dr. Fong from the Asian Pacific Liver Center) with APAMSA, and we’d like to execute it next time around. As a new chapter, one of our main challenges was membership and we were able to keep a steady number of members throughout the semester. It will probably still be an issue for us next year, but we have already begun to prepare for it. We would like to find another regular community service opportunity for our club in addition to the Asian Pacific Liver Center outreaches next semester.

! 27


Executive Boards Cornell

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Operations & Publicity VP of Administration VP of Finance

Hiu Suen Law Catherine Ma Alex Rosenberg Han Jiang Margaret Xu Susan Li

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Global Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Administration VP of Finance

Petty Chen Sharon Mei Brooke Luo Mimi Mao Cal Sowa Josh Choi Jing Zhang

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Global Outreach Treasurer Secretary

Annette Kiviat Tony Bixi Fu Phuc Pham Shaker Dukkipati Peter Frolio Claire Lin




President Francis Deng Vice President Ada Lio Secretary/Treasurer (Admin/Finance) Jenny X Chen Education/Political Chair Janie Yue Zhang Community Outreach Chair David Yang Campus Outreach Co-Chairs Daniel Kim Hurnan Vongsachang

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Administration VP of Finance


Sylvia Peterson- Perry Mai Nguyen Khan Le Dylan Kim Katrina Hui Michelle Kang 28

UC Berkeley

President VP Campus Outreach VP Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Administration VP of Finance VP of Recruitment VP of Technical Affairs

Rebecca Hu Gregory Lam David Tseng Sabrina Wang Paula Park Tiffany Chia Janice Koh David Elledge

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training Liz VP of Administration VP of Finance

Weei Lo Eric Kim Sierra Elsken Constantz Pinki Singh Kengo Soghoyan

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Education VP of Administration VP of Finance Publicity Director

Andy Tien Samantha Kim Alina Wong Michelle Chen Alana Taniguchi Minh-Vu Nguyen Victor Yee

President Chief of Staff VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Administration VP of Finance

Bac-Ai Dong Aracely Carrillo Ali Kanat Isa Rodriguez Cristal Escamilla Briana To Weilee Chen


Andrew Yeung Jessica Luu

President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Administration VP of Finance

Cindy Ju Kaileen yeh Patrice Lin Matthew Ku Tiffany Yau James Hwang

UC Davis


UC Santa Cruz


U Penn



President VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training VP of Finance

Sarah Park Lauren Maldonado Lauren Maldonado Pavika Varma Young Kim

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Amanda Wong













Kristina Chechotka



ALC’s Outreach Coordinator




Jian Zheng

ALC liaison

Jen Wang

Outreach Advisor

Jonathan Chen

Recruitment and Training Advisor Jennifer Yang

Marketing Advisor

Derek Chen

Web Advisor

Diana Ngo


Special Thanks To the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University

...And all its wonderful staff and interns for continuing to support our collegiate chapters throughout the years with educational materials and outreach kits, with invaluable advices and examples, and for helping to plan the 2nd annual conference.

To the Advisory Board

...For doing such a fantastic job of mentoring and encouraging every chapter executive boards, for creating Team HBV website and internal site, and among countless other responsibilities, including helping to plan the second annual conference.

To the Ping and Amy Chao Foundation

...For helping to sponsor the 2009 Inaugural Team HBV Collegiate Chapter Conference, enabling us to share our experiences nationally and internationally, and for the $2000 Thanksgiving Points Challenge award, which has helped unify our chapters and made further educational outreach efforts this semester possible.


Team HBV Collegiate Chapters Semester Report 2010 Spring  

Highlights of Team HBV Collegiate Chapters activities during the 2010 Spring Semester

Team HBV Collegiate Chapters Semester Report 2010 Spring  

Highlights of Team HBV Collegiate Chapters activities during the 2010 Spring Semester