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Team HBV Semester Report

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Team HBV Collegiate Chapters

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I. China Chapter Highlights 3-4 II. Collegiate Chapter Semester Reports 5-32 Brown University 5-6 Cornell University 7-8 De Anza College 9-10 Harvard University 11-13 MIT 14-15 Stanford University 16-17 UC Berkeley 18-19 University of Chicago 20-21 UC Los Angeles 22-25 UC Riverside 26-27 University of Washington 28-29 University of Nevada, Las Veges 30-31 Wingate School of Pharmacy 32 III. Executive and Advisory Board Contact Lists


IV. Special Thanks 37

Team HBV Collegiate Chapters, Asian Liver Center at Stanford University | 2 I Team Hbv Semester Report

China Chapter Highlights INTRODUCING:

4/28/2013 Peking University

Peking University Recruitment Outreach

5/31/2013 Peking University

World Hepatitis Day Outreach

6/30 - 7/28/2013 Across China

World Hepatitis Day Project

4/30 - 6/30/2013 Four universities in Beijing

Sunshine Volunteers Project

5/17/ 2013 Peking University Health Science Center

Lecture of Dr. So

We set up tabling on the mail street of Peking University, tried to attract students join our chapter. Our activities included Hug Bear/online promotion/Prizes Quiz/The Rich Game. It was also a recruiting outreach to invite students to be part of us.

We set up tabling on the main street of Peking University, attracted passer-by to take photos with The Three Monkeys and do hand-made craft. It was a previous preparation of the World Hepatitis Day program including World Hepatitis Alliance activities and our own activities.

We set up this month-long project to focus on the World Hepatitis Day by Photo Wall, Story Wall and Summer Practice Team. We invited many people from both online and offline to take photos of Hepatitis and collected the photos to make a complete photo. We cooperated with six college students summer practice teams from Peking University and let them take pictures of spreading HBV knowledge all around China. Reached: Students, staff and local residents all around China. Community Partner: Lovingheart Society and The PUMA

We contacted 20 universities Redcross Student Group for inviting them to join the Sunshine Volunteers project. The project is a program helping student groups organize interesting activities about HBV funded by CFHPC. We helped four of the universities to complete their project plan and apply for the project. Community Partner: Chinese foundation for hepatitis prevention and control ( CFHPC ), Redcross Student Groups We invited Dr. So to give a lecture about Hepatitis themed “Speaking to Expert from Stanford� at Peking University, Health Science Center. The lecture attracted more than 100 medical students and had a great Q&A part. Community Partner: Department of Preventive Medicine Spring 2013 I 3

Reflections During the past semester, we recruited 12 new office volunteers. Most of them were working really hard with great passion in Hepatitis B. We carried out a lot of activities, including lectures, tabling outreach, photo wall collection. All of them made great success and attracted bunch of people to be aware of HBV. Though, we met some difficulties when we were preparing and carrying out the projects. People in China are not aware of HBV, but they are mostly threatened by this disease. Thus, we had to try hard to let them know about HBV. Besides, people are often confused about the transferring way of HBV, they may be afraid to share food with HBV carriers. For China, eliminating HBV and the discrimination are necessary and difficult. In the coming year, we will devote more to educating more people by creative activities, this semester, we tried photo wall and shooting videos that may help more people easily understand the topic. What’s more, we want to train more trainers for HBV education so that they can bring HBV knowledge to more distant places of China.


Event Descriptions 4/7/2013 Providence

Hepatitis B Screening Event at Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island

Brown’s Team HBV teamed up with a project of the Rhode Island Free Clinic to advertise Hepatitis B awareness. We targeted local residents in a population where Hepatitis B is likely to be prevalent. Community Partner: Brown University med student Austin Ha who funded the project with a grant 4/14/2013 Brown University

Pre-Frosh Hepatitis B Introduction

4/28/2013 Brown University

Team HBV Bake Sale

During Brown’s admitted students weekend, the University sponsored an Asian student group meet-and-greet in which Team HBV participated in. Students learned about the importance of Hepatitis B prevention and signed up to be put on the mailing list. Community Partner: Brown’s Asian American Students Association We teamed up with a local bakery company to promote Hepatitis B prevention and awareness on Brown’s campus, targeting undergraduates and graduate students. Buyers had an incentive to answer questions about Hepatitis B or sign up for our mailing list to receive a discount. Community Partner: Local bakery company managed by Brown students Annie and Connie Wu

Spring 2013 I 5

Reflections Our success was dependent on being a close-knit group of students who could engage on a personal level with local groups and residents. The difficulties revolved around finding new recruits and generating interest in Hepatitis B on campus. In the coming year, we hope to actively team up with med school projects related to Team HBV, as well as spread the HBV campaign to graduate students.


Event Descriptions 2/13/2013 Rockfeller Hall, Cornell University

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Webinar

As part of the Sick In America seminar week hosted by the Cornell Undergraduate Health Cooperative (CUHC), we got in contact with Samuel Wu, a public health advisor from the office of Minority Health to speak about how the ACA will affect the AAPI population. Community Partners: CUHC and Samuel Wu

3/1/2013 Duffield Hall, Cornell University

Asia Night 2013

4/12/2013 Ho Plaza, Cornell University


4/10 - 4/12/13 Arts Quad, Cornell University

Hepatitis B Fact Signs Display

3- 5/2013 Cornell University

Virus Plushy Sale

We hosted a table at Cornell’s annual asian culture festival to educate the attendees about hepatitis B. We gave out verbal quizzes with small Asian yogurt drinks as incentive. We also set up a “diseased” liver for people to pin jade ribbons to. Community Partner: Cornell Asian Pacific-Islander Student Union

Working together with the Asian and Asian American Forum (AAAF), we set up a tie dye event where we provided green and red dyes for students to bring their white clothing to be dyed. We introduced hepatitis B facts as the students waited for their shirts to dry. Community Partner: AAAF

We planted signed with hepatitis B facts along the main walkway through the busy Arts Quad, drawing the attention of passerbys.

Team HBV members sewed HBV plushies regularly on the weekends, and hosted plushy sale through our facebook group and email listserv. We encouraged individuals to specify customizations to make their plushies personal.

Spring 2013 I 7

Reflections As an organization, we grew closer during this semester. We met regularly on the weekends to sew plushies and bond as a group. We also reached out to other organizations, seeking co-sponorships to broaden our reach. Our events were definitely successes in terms of number in attendence. In future semesters, we hope to come up more innovative event ideas and forge personal connections with community leaders to better perform outreach into the Ithaca neighborhoods. The past semester saw the newer members of our organization take on more leadership roles in event planning and execution. We were able to successfully fulfill all the roles of the next year’s executive board from our general body members, which was definitely an improvement from previous years. A large effort was put forth to train the new leaders in their roles. Between individual meetings and leadership retreats, we hope that we have left upcoming leaders ready for their tasks ahead. The former club leaders who has not yet graduated will continue to serve as advisor to the club.


Event Descriptions 12/3/12 Main Quad, De Anza College

Freeze Mob

This event was to make bigger and larger awareness at De Anza College by combining flash mob and freeze mob together. We froze for three seconds and right after, we danced Gangnam Style. There was about 20 or 25 volunteers.

2/14/2013 Main Quad, De Anza College

Valentine’s Day Plushie Fundraiser

3/9/2013 River of Life Church, Santa Clara, CA

El Camino Hospital Screening

Our chapter sold Hep-B plushie sale in the campus of De Anza College. The purpose of this event is mainly for fundraising and increasing the awareness of Hepatitis B among college students. The event turned out to be generally successful. ● During the plushie sale, a lot of students inquired about the plushies while, so we told them they were Hep–B virus, and they were pretty surprised and interested. Surprisingly, not a lot of people actually know about Hepatitis B, so we got the chance to educate them during the sale. At the end, we sold quite a lot of plushies and meanwhile raised the awareness of Hepatitis B.

This event objective was to provide screening and education of various heath problems in Asian community, which also included HBV screening and lecturing. Team HBV helped out from 1:30-3:30 in guiding people and providing information. A screening for Hepatitis B, osteoporosis, and hypertension were offered to 300 participants, 97 of which were screened for Hepatitis B. Community Partner: El Camino Hospital

Spring 2013 I 9

5/18/2013 Cupertino Village Shopping Center

Freeze Mob

6/10 - 13/2013 De Anza College

Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW)

We held a freeze mob event in Cupertino village shopping center. We had an amazing experience working with a new Team HBV chapter, Lynbrook High School Team HBV. Twenty volunteers did three freeze mobs at different locations in the center. We also give out pamphlets and Team HBV bracelets, as we built great value in Hepatitis B prevention.

HBAW was a week-long campaign through multiple activities promoting unity of the college in understanding the importance of Hepatitis B prevention. Three major events and one workshop were held, namely a Jade Carnival Workshop (June 10th), Freeze Mob (June 11th), Jade Carnival (June 12th), and Plushie-Palooza Photobooth (June 13th). The week of events garnered about 100 participants for the Carnival and many photobooth participants for June 13th.

Reflections Team HBV in De Anza focused more on volunteerism and outreach as opposed to only strictly education this past year. Starting from the World Hepatitis Day, which the Team HBV De Anza chapter co-organized and gathered volunteers for. We generally made events providing the Hepatitis B 6-question survey, performing some sort of flash mob, or a fundraiser. After World Hepatitis Day in San Francisco at July 2012, our chapter organized a “Fleeze Mob”, a combination event of a freeze mob and flash mob of the “Gangnam style”. We took advantage of the dance’s popularity and made the event successful, gathering just less than 100 spectators and 60+ Hepatitis B surveys provided. In addition, Team HBV was successful in communicating with other chapters, clubs, and outside organizations to co-organize and volunteer events, such as El Camino Hospital and Lynbrook Team HBV. Unfortunately, Team HBV De Anza was unable to garner enough media attention this year. We focused more on increasing the activity of our chapter through outreach efforts as opposed to press-releases and effective publicity. As such, we wanted to focus on creating more results-focused activities and build value to the chapter. Most Team HBV chapters focus on the outreach aspect of the program. Next year, I hope that our chapter will integrate more educational outreach tools through workshops, networking, and events that build both professional skills and chapter value. 10 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Event Descriptions 2/2 - 4/30/2013 Greater Boston Area One presentation, post-survey event, or tabling opportunity every two weeks

2/20/2013: ATASK presentation 2/26/2013: A-WAY presentation 5/17/2013: Wang YMCA presentation

Classroom-Based Education and Tabling Initiative

In classrooms, gave educational presentations about hepatitis B prevalence, risk, and prevention; assessed efficacy of presentation with pre- and post-surveys. At tabling events, distributed ALC’s informational pamphlets and answered questions about hepatitis B. Community Partners: Harvard Chinatown ESL intensive class, Lexington Chinese School, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Inc., Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts (for Tet in Boston Festival), and Quincy Asian Resources, Inc. (for Quincy Lunar New Year Festival)

Youth Leadership Development Initiative

Educated Boston youth about hepatitis B as a health disparity; encouraged them to recognize and address areas of need in their community, especially pertaining to health. Community Partners: Hepatitis B Initiative (HBI) of MAP for Health to design and host youth leadership workshops. Presented for Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK), Allies Working With Asian Youth (A-WAY), and Wang YMCA Teen Program

Spring 2013 I 11

4/27/2013: Wang YMCA Healthy Kids Day event 4/28/2013 Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center in Cambridge

Ongoing at Harvard

Community Screening Initiative

Provided hepatitis B information (either via brochures or educational presentation) as well as free hepatitis B screenings to interested individuals. Reached out to about 40 members of the Asian-American community, of whom 18 received free screenings. Community Partners: Quest Diagnostics, who generously donated phlebotomy materials and services, and Dr. Hannah Lee (Director of the Asian-Pacific Liver Wellness Program at Tufts Medical Center), who interpreted the screening results. Worked with Wang YMCA of Chinatown and the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center to host screening events

Campus Screening Initiative

In the last stages of setting up a campaign to provide free hepatitis B screenings at the university clinic to Harvard affiliates. Have received a grant from the Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) to pursue this initiative. Using a survey, will determine members of the Harvard community (starting with undergraduates and graduate students) who are at risk of being chronically infected with hepatitis B; will encourage these students to receive free hepatitis B screening. Community Partner: Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)

12 I Team Hbv Semester Report

3/25/2013: HBV Plushie Workshop 3/26/2013: Dinner Discussion with Dr. Sean Palfrey 3/25 - 3/27/2013: Tabling in front of the Science Center 3/28/2013: K-Pop Dance Workshop 3/29/2013: Spring Soiree

Hepatitis B Awareness Week at Harvard

HBV Plushie Workshop: 75+ people attended, co-sponsored with CSA, HHKS, TCS, KA, instagram photo campaign, created facebook pages for Team HBV at Harvard and HBAW 2013. Dinner Discussion with Dr. Sean Palfrey: 20 people attended for a discussion on vaccinations with our faculty advisor Tabling in front of Science Center: attracted student traffic with spinning prize wheel and various prizes, including t-shirts, wristbands, and pins. K-pop dance workshop: scheduled during afternoon, lead by board member Spring Soiree: co-sponsored with CSA, 50 people attended for a relaxing conversation with friends about HBV Served jade frosted cupcakes to student dining halls. Community Partners: Chinese Student Association (CSA), Hong Kong Society (HHKS), Taiwanese Cultural Society (TCS), Korean Association (KA), Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS)

Reflections This past spring, Team HBV at Harvard has diversified its community and campus outreach initiatives. In the community, we have continued our traditional presentations at ESL classes, which reach the middle-age and elderly immigrant population, and also eagerly expanded our outreach to youth in the Greater Boston area. In addition, we have revived our community screening initiative, holding two successful screening events in April by collaborating with community partners. Ultimately, we are working toward establishing sustainable volunteer opportunities, as it has previously been difficult to ensure a consistent schedule of educational presentations and other outreach events. Establishing such a schedule for the upcoming year will also help maintain a core member base, so that volunteers feel that they have sufficient opportunities to contribute to Team HBV’s mission. In terms of campus outreach, HBAW 2013 was highly successful as we co-sponsored with a large number of student organizations for the week’s events. Furthermore, our prize wheel effectively drew attention to our tabling event. We look forward to an even more ambitious HBAW next year!

Spring 2013 I 13

Event Descriptions 4/13/2013 MIT Johnson Track

Campus Preview Weekend Activities Midway

5/10/2013 MIT Tang Graduate Housing

Sushi at Tang

5/14/2013 MIT Sidney Pacific Graduate Housing

Dumplings at Sidney Pacific

14 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Team HBV set up a table at the annual activities midway advertising the group to future students. We handed out flyers, Asian snacks, and HBV pins while informing students about Hepatitis B and our mission. Reached Stanford students, mainly undergraduates and a few medical students. Community Partner: MIT Association of Student Activities

Team HBV made handmade Korean sushi and offered free sushi to a graduate residential hall, while advertising our May screening event. We handed out flyers, Hep B info sheets, and generally had a nice time chatting with graduate students!

Team HBV boiled dumplings and offered a free meal to graduate students in another residential hall, while advertising our May screening event. We handed out flyers and Hep B info sheets as at Tang. We even met a former intern at the Asian Liver Center, as well as a graduate board member who would let us email to graduate emailing lists.

5/17/2013 MIT Student Center

Screening Event at MIT

As our main event of the semester, Team HBV held a free screening on MIT campus with the cooperation of Quest Diagnostics. More than 30 patients from the MIT community and general public were screened, a new record for us! Community Partners: Quest Diagnostics, MIT Association of Student Activities

Reflections Our goals for this semester included reaching out to international students, increasing our public presence via a poster facts campaign, and of course holding our own Hepatitis B Awareness Week. For our HBAW, we decided to hold a screening on campus as our main event, and we simultaneously met our goal of expanding awareness of Hepatitis B in graduate students by holding events in graduate housing dorms. We also created several informational posters, with facts about Hepatitis B and recommendations to get screened, that have been placed throughout campus. Our next goals include participating in the Boston World Hepatitis Day this summer, and continuing work on expanding our target audience in the community. We would still work on finding additional groups to which we can present and/or with which we can hold free screenings or vaccinations. For next year’s HBAW, we would like to bring back the Jade Forum speakers and make the event highly publicized, perhaps in conjunction with MIT’s Medlinks program. Spring 2013 I 15

Event Descriptions Midway through winter quarter and midway through spring quarter

Screening Initiative Program

Week 2 of spring quarter

Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW)

We gave boba to students who got screened through Vaden Clinic at Stanford, which offered free hepatitis B screening to students at Stanford who were at risk for hepatitis B. We did this in two rounds, and screened a total of 50 people, with 0 positives. Reached: International students targeted via mailing lists Community Partners: Taiwanese Cultural Society for letting us table, and Asian American Graduate Student Association for letting us table and dispense boba for those retrieving the boba

Hepatitis B Awareness Week with 1) a dining hall and jade cookies tabling day, 2) a speaker event involving Former Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, 3) Jade Balloon Day where many bikes across campus received a jade balloon and 4) a White Plaza tabling day where we gave out free swag. Community Partners: Stanford Dining, Fiona Ma 5/19/2013 National hepatitis B testing day

16 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Cultural Day with Santa Clara Hep B Free

Team HBV provided manpower and volunteers for a cultural day organized by Santa Clara Hep B Free Reached: Santa Clara County Community Partner: Santa Clara Hep B Free

Reflections Successes: there has been a lot of team bonding, and awareness of what we can improve on. Many of us members are very excited that we have HBAW and screening initiatives, but we also realize that our chapter has minimal community involvement, and we want to extend that. Weaknesses: There has been very minimal community involvement, and many of the events can use more team ownership. There is often much delegation on part of the president, but what would be even greater is if everyone takes charge of a project and owns it with much passion!

Spring 2013 I 17

Event Descriptions 3/16/2013 Memorial Glade, UC Berkeley

Eggster Egghunt and Learning Festival

We held a game booth with a liver made out of foam posterboard and pink felt. If kids aged 0-12 were able to throw/stick three velcro balls onto the liver, they got a prize. Brochures were given to the parents. Reached: Parents of underprivileged communities Community Partner: Eggster Organization

4/10/2013 Unit 2 APR, UC Berkeley

APATH Hepatitis B Seminar

4/22/2013 102 GPB, UC Berkeley

Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW) PlushieMaking Workshop

We gave a presentation to an Asian American themed housing program and played a game afterwards, giving them water bottles as prizes for answering questions correctly. Community Partner: Asian Pacific Islander American Themed Housing (APATH)

We gave a short presentation then taught about 20 people how to make plushies. We provided them materials and charged them $3 to participate in the workshop. Throughout the event we had slides of hep B facts being rotated.

18 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Reflections This year every officer, member, and past member I talked to felt that this year was one of the most successful years for the chapter. We made a greater effort to increase the number of events we participated in. We also worked on bonding with the members, initiating for the first time the game of “assassins” spring semester, which was a huge success, and working harder this year to keep the social subgroups we formed, which in the past never lasted long, by creating subgroup competitions. Overall, because of the strong officer board we had this year, we were able to do more, and I’m happy with how this year went. However, I’m disappointed we didn’t get to do as much community outreach as I hoped. We wanted to collaborate more with SF Hep B Free; however, every event they invited us to they would send me an email about the day before or the day of the event, making it impossible for me to spread the word to the club. Also, because we took on more campus outreach events we were unable to do Chinatown flyering or spend more energy trying to find more community outreach opportunities because we had so much going on. The new officers all agree we need to do more work in the community.

Spring 2013 I 19

Event Descriptions 3/13/2013 4/17/2013 U Chicago McCormick Lounge

Team HBV Info Session and Study Break

3/17/2013 U Chicago Bartlett Quad

Team HBV Shine Happy

20 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Study breaks are to bring hungry students around from campus to join Team HBV members for a night of food, fellowship, and games while introducing people to what HBV is all about.

During Finals Week, Team HBV and partners from Asian American InterVarsity on UChicago campus hand out study break desserts to students passing by the library and in the library during finals week. This is to bring awareness, encouragement, and light to students about Team HBV and overall wellness during a tough week.

6/21 - 6/22/2013 Arlington, VA

Healthcare PSA: Welfare program-solving program at ReUnification of the Mind Conference

UChicago Team HBV aims to target the refugee population for HBV screening and other health services. Along with our campus partners, ENOK (Emancipate North Koreans) and NKUS (North Korean Refugees in the US), representatives from UChicago will attend a conference to design a health care plan that addresses the needs of Koreans from every corner of the Korean peninsula. Through this conference, students will imagine that they are the staff in the Ministry of Health and Welfare and design a plan to use a global health care system for a plan that can be applied on college campuses.

Reflections Due to the majority of Team HBV members going abroad and graduating this year and for the upcoming year, Team HBV has been finding creative and new ways to bring HBV awareness onto campus. This year we decided to target another population of people after learning more about North Korean Refugees who were not getting proper healthcare while in the United States.

Spring 2013 I 21

Event Descriptions 2/9/2013 Temple Intermediate School, San Gabriel, CA

Project WILD

2/20/2013 Bruin Plaza, UCLA

Banh Mi & Boba Fundraiser

4/1 - 4/30/2013 Facebook

One Photo A Day Challenge

22 I Team Hbv Semester Report

We held our annual HBV education session for elementary school students by collaborating with Project WILD, a community service club dedicated to tutoring children in San Gabriel. We used a series of interactive activities, including posters and games, to teach and quiz their knowledge. HBV pins were used as incentives and Know HBV brochures were distributed. Reached: Elementary school students Community Partner: Project WILD

We hosted a fundraiser at Bruin Plaza, selling banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and boba to students, staff, faculty, and anyone else who passed by. Since Bruin Plaza is located in the heart of campus and is part of the route to class, we were able to sell out. The money that we raised went towards events such as our B Hep Free Concert and Bruin Plaza Minifest during Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW).

Our president, Jen Chao, started a personal challenge this year and used social media as a means to increase the awareness of hepatitis B to others. For the entire month of April, Jen uploaded a photo of the HBV plushie virus each day with a meaningful background and incorporated facts relating to this silent killer. Because of this virus, she’d lost someone very dear, and so this issue is close to her heart. The photos were effective in getting the attention of others and some of her Facebook friends personally messaged her requesting for more information about HBV and what they can do to get tested and screened.

4/19/2013 Bruin Plaza, UCLA

4/26/2013 De Neve Auditorium, UCLA

Hep B Bruin Plaza Minifest 2013

A minifest dedicated to spreading awareness of the dangers of hepatitis B and liver cancer, this event included various tables and activities. One table was present just to hand out freebies (free HBV pins, pencils, stickers, tattoos, lollipops, and more). Another table was our dim sum and boba fundraiser, in which we raised over hundreds of dollars. We also baked HBV virus cookies and jade ribbon cookies and sold them as well. A signboard was set up for students to sign their names and to pledge that they would “Unite Against HBV.� A photobooth was present for students to take pictures with our props, and we also had a dunk tank to attract the crowd. Lastly, we conducted our flash mob dance at the center of Bruin Plaza in sync with our HBV song.

B Hep Free Concert 2013

We hosted our 4th Annual B Hep Free Concert at De Neve Auditorium to promote awareness about HBV to the campus and community. The concert consisted of live performances by various student organizations and guest presentations by Mimi Chang, senior nurse practitioner at the Asian Pacific Liver Center, and Tim Tan, fourth-year medical student at the David Geffen School of Medicine. Tim Be Told, the popular band known on YouTube that incorporates elements of soul, pop, rock, gospel, and blues, also performed for our concert as the final act. Pre- and postknowledge questionnaires were given to audience members to evaluate their improvement in knowledge about HBV. Free dim sum was served and free raffle prizes were given to our audience. Campus Partners: Medleys a cappella, Poongmul Korean Cultural Drums, Magic & Illusion Student Team, Tim Tan from the David Geffen School of Medicine Community Partners: Mimi Chang from the Asian Pacific Liver Center, Tim Be Told

Spring 2013 I 23

1/2013 - 6/2013 Los Angeles area

Free Hepatitis B Screenings with the Asian Pacific Liver Center

We have been continuing to volunteer at the free hepatitis B screenings hosted by APLC all over areas throughout Los Angeles. Screenings events included Tet Festival, Hsi Lai, Vietnamese Alliance, Healthy Tayo, Herald Cancer, and more. Team HBV volunteers helped with educating and recruiting patients for testing, entering patient data, and assisting the nurses and phlebotomists. Community Partner: Asian Pacific Liver Center Thursdays UCLA Pfleger Liver Institute

24 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Shadowing Program with Dr. Steven Han

We are continuing to offer our shadowing program for our members, with many thanks to one of the leading hepatologists in the United States, Dr. Steven Han. Every Thursday, active members can shadow Dr. Han and interact with patients, as well as gain a greater understanding of hepatitis and liver problems. Community partner: UCLA Pfleger Liver Institute

Reflections Team HBV at UCLA made significant progress this year in terms of improving and advertising our annual events during Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW). New projects were taken on, such as the flash mob dance to the HBV song and the One Photo A Day Challenge. We also incorporated new elements into our awareness events to draw crowds, such as having a dunk tank at our Hep B Bruin Plaza Minifest and selling our homemade HBV virus cookies and jade ribbon cookies on campus. Because we applied for more funding from UCLA, we were able to purchase more HBV swag and passed out numerous freebies to our students, staff, faculty, and visitors who came by. Our fundraisers were very successful as we sold out on the food we purchased, and both of our biggest events of the year (Hep B Bruin Plaza Minifest and B Hep Free Concert) were also very successful. This year, we took the initiative to go to Westwood, our surrounding neighborhood, to ask for donations for our concert. We received a few gift card donations from businesses, including the UCLA Store. We also designed and ordered our button/pin for the third straight year, featuring the theme of “Unite Against HBV.� Besides continuing our shadowing program with one of the leading hepatologists in the United States, Dr. Steven Han, we also continued collaboration with the Asian Pacific Liver Center in providing free hepatitis B screenings to the community and with Project WILD in educating elementary school students about the dangers of HBV and liver cancer. In terms of future directions, we have initiated plans for a follow-up call program with the Asian Pacific Liver Center to assist in contacting clients who were screened positive for hepatitis B; the project planning will involve follow-up script multilingual translation, transportation logistics, and recruitment of multilingual members. All in all, Team HBV at UCLA has become a tighter-knit family and will continue to renew and build relationships with our campus and community to increase HBV awareness.

Spring 2013 I 25

Event Descriptions 3/6/2013 UCR - MSE 103

General Meeting - Winter 2013

Our very first event on campus (ever): we played an icebreaker, introduced Team HBV and our mission, introduced the officers, had a speaker, and played an HBV video clip. We also provided free food.

3/3/2013 Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights, CA

Hsi Lai Temple Health Fair

4/17/2013 UCR - Chung 142

Member Training - Spring 2013

5/4/2013 UCR

Spring Splash

5/14/2013 UCR


26 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Our very first health screening: although we had many more, this one is notable since it was our first and only the e-board went to make relations with APLC. We recruited passerbys, helped patients fill out forms and get registered, took their vitals, and assisted the nurses and phlebotomists. Community Partners: APLC, UCLA

A training session: we split the group into teams and then gave a presentation with a game imbedded to ensure that the audience was listening and learning. The winning team received Starbucks giftcards.

We set up a booth at one of UCR’s largest events, Spring Splash (a music festival), we fundraised through our carnival game “water pong,” and winners received a plushie.

The committee members and e-board got together to make HBV plushies for HBAW.

5/28 - 5/30/2013 UCR

Hepatitis B Awareness Week

A week-long event to promote awareness of Hepatitis B on campus. We had three events: (1) we decorated the school with jade ribbons and balloons, put up posters with HBV facts, and handed out HBAW bracelets, (2) we had a bake/plushie sale and put HBV facts in every package (3) we had a spin-wheel game booth with prizes.

Reflections Team HBV at UCR is a new addition to the Team HBV collegiate family just founded in January of 2013! As a new organization with active members looking to join in the battle against Hepatitis B, Team HBV at UCR is focusing on two initiatives. The first is the well-known and beloved Hepatitis B Awareness Week (HBAW), and the second is a high school program in which Team HBV members travel to high schools in the local, densely populated API communities to promote HBV awareness to high school students. The goal for this program is to encourage students in high school to contribute in the spread of Hepatitis B awareness especially to their parents and families. This year we were able to accomplish one of these goals: Hepatitis B Awareness Week. While we have not successfully completed our second goal, we are still in the process of making it happen and hope to have our first high school event in the coming fall.

Spring 2013 I 27

Event Descriptions 2/9– 3/9/2013 University of Washington and the web

Hepatitis B Plushie Fundraiser Month

3/1/2013 Ethnic Cultural Center at the University of Washington

Medical Networking and HBV Dinner

5/6 - 5/10/2013 Various Locations

UW Chapter Hepatitis B Awareness Week

28 I Team Hbv Semester Report

We sold around 60 customized plushies ($250) on facebook as a fundraising event to all our friends and family members. Base price was $5 and we charged $1 for any added accessories that ranges from bow ties to monocles. We also provided a brochure for every plushie that we have sold to our peers as a way to educate them.

We held a HBV dinner where we had a panel of medical students from UW APAMSA, an Infectious Disease Specialist, and a coordinator from Hepatitis B Coalition. They were able to speak about HBV and medical school experiences. The dinner was catered by an Italian restaurant called Bucca Di Beppo. Community Partners: UW APAMSA and Hepatitis B Coalition

Besides putting up stakes and selling cookies to raise awareness about HBV, we’ve decided to hold a plushie making workshop and a Documentary Night. For the plushie making workshop, we gave a brief informal talk about HBV, and we allowed students to make and accessorize their HBV plushie for free. For Documentary Night, we had two medical students come in to talk about HBV and medical school experience and we served free Vietnamese sandwiches. Community Partner: UW APAMSA

Reflections This year, I applaud UW chapter for building a greater presence in the UW community. We held more events, collaborated with more student organizations, helped out with more screenings and vaccinations, and retained more active members. We had many successful fundraisers that provided us with enough money to fund our activities without grants and such which show progression from the years before. However, there are always rooms for improvement. We’ve noticed that we needed more PR. We have many great events but we don’t have enough members to advertise our events so our turnout is on the smaller end. If we were to focus on more recruitment and stronger advertisement for our events, I think UW chapter will be even more successful in the future.

Spring 2013 I 29

Event Descriptions 3/12/2013 Philip Cohen Theater, Student Union, UNLV

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

4/17/2013 Free Speech Area, UNLV

Plushie Fundraiser

30 I Team Hbv Semester Report

We hosted a concert with the theme, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil�. We wanted to emphasize that Hepatitis B is a disease that may be overlooked by the community. The general population may not really visualize, hear, or talk about the prevalence of Hep B in our community, specifically the Asian community. We incorporated acts and performances that tied into this idea. Community Partner: UNLV Student Wellness and Recreation Center

We sold Hepatitis B Virus Plushies in different sizes. The purpose of this event was to educate the community in a unique way through the sales of plushies. Also, we wanted to raise money for our chapter so that we can implement other projects in the future. We ended up with around 200$. Community Partner: UNLV Student Wellness and Recreation Center

05/8/2013 Free Speech Area, UNLV

Flash Mob

Our TeamHBV Chapter did a flash mob to our school community. We performed a dance (choreographed by UCLA’s chapter) at the UNLV free speech area, where students frequently pass by to get to their classes. Besides capturing the audience’s attention, we put out about 10 different signs that show the purpose of our chapter. The flash mob was inspired by the national board, which will put up a collaboration of flash mobs from all the chapters in the nation. Community Partner: UNLV Student Wellness and Recreation Center

Reflections Overall, my experience with Team HBV has been a great one. While I have tried my best to motivate and inspire other people, I was motivated and inspired myself by engaging in an organization with a single purpose in mind: to better the health of humanity. Hepatitis B is – of many, of course – a disease that can be deadly, if not treated early. Knowing how prevalent the disease is within the Asian community – as an Asian American myself – has given me a certain obligation to care about the disease. Gathering a group of motivated students like myself, I have overlooked the power that a small group can have. Our Team HBV is not the biggest chapter; in fact, it is probably one of the smallest chapters, with about fifteen students. However, our small group has done many things that I consider a success. We hosted a Hep B-themed event that hosted about fifty students. More importantly, with our consistent awareness and outreach booths, about two hundred students got screened and/or vaccinated for Hepatitis B in our free screening/vaccination program. Moreover, we tried our best to educate the community about Hep B, and ensure how they can make a difference. These successes, however, is only half of the equation. Of course, like with anything else, there are things that can improve. Although we’ve tried to recruit new members, our numbers haven’t improved. Moreover, although 200 is a big number of people getting vaccinated/screened through our program, this is not enough, and not near the goal of 500. We need to find ways to motivate the students at UNLV, and educate why it’s important for them to get vaccinated right now, before it is too late. I hope to improve these numbers. Get more members, and more people vaccinated. In order to do this, we must find creative ways to implement projects, and reach out to the UNLV community in unique ways. I have already met with my officers a couple of times this summer, and I was excited to hear what they said, and the ideas they had in mind. In order to make these ideas a reality, however, we must collaborate, and work as a team: as Team HBV. Spring 2013 I 31

Event Descriptions 2/10/2013 Charlotte, NC

Vietnamese New Years Festival

Set up a poster board with information on Hep B and Liver Cancer. Passed out fliers and lucky envelopes filled with facts about Hep B. Gave free blood pressure screenings.

Reflections This is our first year setting up this initiative. We have a good membership that is willing to help out at our event. Since our chapter is really only 1 semester old we don’t have a lot of events under our belts yet. Our hopes for next year is to get many more events together to help spread the awareness of Hep B and liver cancer among Asians around the world.

32 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Executive Boards


Peking VP of Campus Outreach VP of Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training

Liu Yangxuan Lim Yan Chun Wang Hao

Brown Co-Presidents Julio Ma Shum Sean Maroongroge VP of Campus Outreach Eric Chen VP of Community Outreach Tram Bui VP of Recruitment & Training Hee Seung Yang VP of Finance Joshua Sung

Cornell Co-Presidents Yufei Chen Chris Zheng VP of Campus Outreach Heming Zhao VP of Community Outreach Andrew Huang VP of Recruitment & Training Jeffrey Sung VP of Administration Angela Cai VP of Finance Helen Tian

De Anza President Sam Njie VP of Campus Outreach Maily Ramos VP of Community Outreach Yena Cheong VP of Recruitment & Training Tanzim Saadi VP of Administration Giang Ho VP of Finance Le Huang (Ashley) ICC Representative Han Chen

Harvard Co-Presidents Carol Tran Daniel Kim VP of Campus Outreach Rhed Shi VP of Community Outreach Jennifer Chen VP of Recruitment & Training Rhed Shi VP of Administration & Finance Brandon Sim

Spring 2013 I 33

MIT President Judy Baek Co-VPs of Campus Outreach Eunice Wu Sophia Li Co-VPs of Community Outreach Steve Cho Rachelle Lim VP of Recruitment & Training Rebecca Shi VP of Administration Hannah Pang VP of Finance David Huang Freshmen Representatives Lena Yang Shruthi Narayanan

Stanford President Catherine Lu VP of Campus Outreach Justina Chow and Community Outreach VP of Recruitment & Training Christina Wang and Administration VP of Finance Audrey Chang

UC Berkeley

President Sophie Cheng VP of Campus Outreach Stephanie Cheng VP of Community Outreach Lillian Chu VP of Recruitment & Training Samuel Gong VP of Administration Tiffany Pham VP of Finance Samuel Gong VP of Technology Sara Tong

U Chicago President Grace S. Park VP of Campus Outreach Frank Qian VP of Recruitment & Training Dora Un VP of Administration Elliot Lu VP of Finance Amisha Gandhi Webmaster Claire Quang

UC Los Angeles

President Jennifer Chao VP of Campus Outreach Emily Cheng VP of Community Outreach Alvin Li VP of Recruitment & Training Abigael Dela-Garcia VP of Administration Emily Weng VP of Finance Sophia Lee VP of Publicity Brian Chu

34 I Team Hbv Semester Report

UC Riverside President Jessica Wen VP of Campus Outreach Jason Lee VP of Community Outreach Lauren Hsiao VP of Recruitment & Training Carla Chen

U Washington President Tammy Lee VP of Campus Outreach Eric Hutchinson VP of Community Outreach Linda Yang VP of Recruitment & Training Rebecca Pham VP of Administration Benny Tran VP of Finance Oak Nguyen

UN Las Vegas President Steven Kim VP of Campus Outreach Tharit Manoi VP of Community Outreach Christine Melocoton Co-VPs of Recruitment & Training Architha Devati Joan Pastor VP of Administration Kathryn Go VP of Finance Sandy Wu

Wingate President Phillip Nguyen

Spring 2013 I 35

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Chelsea Xu 925-922-3881 strschelsea


Andrew Huang 347-886-1386 ahuangx92

Co-Outreach Advisor

Gerry Zhang 323-470-8581 gerry.z1

Co-Outreach Advisor

Julia Zang 408-796-9414 julia.unicorn.zang

Recruitment and Training Advisor

Chris Zheng 267-987-3123 chris.zheng2

External Relations Advisor

Sherry Chen 224-688-4930 sschen14

ALC Staff

Diana Ngo 650-566-8860 paxdia

36 I Team Hbv Semester Report

Special Thanks To the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University

...And all its wonderful staff and interns for continuing to support our collegiate chapters throughout the years with educational materials and outreach kits, with invaluable advices and examples, and for linchpin that brings all of these students from across the nation together.

To the Advisory Board

...For doing such a fantastic job of mentoring and encouraging every chapter executive boards, for maintaining Team HBV website and internal site, and among countless other responsibilities.

Spring 2013 I 37

Team HBV Spring 2013 semester report  
Team HBV Spring 2013 semester report