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Asian Knowledge Institute (AKI) OUR MISSION Our mission at the AKI is to develop the next generation leaders in Asian community and build on their talents through vibrant learning experience. AKI will be the hub of diversified talents and skills to drive the global business forward and to create the leadership blueprint in the new era.

VISION of ASIA 2020 Our vision has been placed at ASIA of 2020. Understanding how ‘GENA’, the Generation Asia, develop them self and how Asian reinvent their own lifestyle in today’s dynamic world help the organizations and the societies of today adapt and evolve in the right vivid direction.


When the World is Shifted East Today, as the global business environment continues to expand, organizations are confronting tremendous challenges. Some phenomena are neither avoidable nor reversible. Globalization is one of them. In the wave of globalization, however, the acts of localization have emerged. The commitment of the ASEAN countries which is to build up their strong and unique communities has become a focal point of all leading global firms and has put the world economic to the new equilibrium.

What does it say to us? As the center of the global power on economics and politics has been shifting east, Asian community will be in the spotlight and in much attention from all around the globe. New markets will emerge. New business culture will arise. New faces of Asian leaders will become more and more recognized in the global business platform.

The Next Challenge for Asian Business Cast your mind forward a decade from now and ask yourself “What will the business dynamics be like? “ With the existing rate of global business turbulence, some of the top listed companies you know today may be transformed to different nationality. The human capital in most firms will encounter the culture coalition. The workforce will soon be called as the brain-force. Mobility and connectivity will be the key attributes of the future work environment. The future successful companies are now being built and shaped by the young leaders, the next generation global leaders. While businesses are struggling to adapt to the global turbulence, many leading companies have shifted their focus to the Asian markets and community which holds numerous unique attributes. That posts the significant challenges and the grand size of opportunity for the Asian rooted businesses where they know best about the culture, the landscape, the people, the styles, and the needs of the locals.

AKI CORE VALUE Asian SILK Social Innovation Leadership Knowledge

AKI as the Community of the Future Global Leaders With these intense challenges and open opportunities in mind, we design and cultivate a broad range of programs and activities to deliver a rigorous and the in-depth but yet practical learning experience to groom the global future executives to be ready to what lies ahead. Asian SILK - Five pillars of our core value

ASIAN focus in the global platform At AKI, numerous programs and activities are designed and developed to explore the Asian business opportunity, in particularly, how the ASEAN business landscape has reinvented itself and become the focus of the world. Not only about Asian business perspective, AKI also serves as a knowledge hub of the transition of the ancient Asian culture and wisdom to today’s dynamic lifestyle.

Value of SOCIAL Leadership Even an ordinary one can make an extraordinary difference. Where most economic measures seem to overlook the value of social well-being, AKI strives for a tangible push towards the better living and quality of life. Social innovation and social leadership are the keys to pave our way to the sustainable community. In AKI community, ones must enhance their vision and shape up their goal with the green DNA and environmental care and social awareness.

Enhance INNOVATIVE mindset When the new game requires the new rule, AKI promotes the value of creative thinking and innovative mindset to set up the new rule for business and social delivery. While creativity and idea can be unbounded, AKI promotes a structured creativity where we will sort things out through systematic thinking process but yet can solve the problem creatively. At AKI, we believe that ‘your only limit is your imagination.

LEADERSHIP blueprint for the new era Globalization future trends hold numerous challenging attributes: economic integration between nations, technology sharing and connectivity, culture coalition, and growing trend and needs of the global workforce. AKI shapes up and inspires the future global leaders and the future global entrepreneurs with a truly insightful perspective on leadership essentials for the new era: vision, morale, sense of good heart, social responsibility and technology integration.

KNOWLEDGE AKI will be the hub of Asian knowledge, the community of idea and experience sharing of the current global leaders as well as the incubating hub of the next generation Asian leaders.


AKI Established in 2009, Asian Knowledge Institute, Kasem Bundit University (KBU) have been committed to provide the leading edge knowledge of Asian trends and movement with the particular emphasis on ASEAN community, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social network. Various programs and activities are being created in collaboration with leading education institutes and renowned individuals from all around the world. With our strong ASEAN and Asian network, AKI spreads its knowledge and share ideas throughout Asian and global learning community.

Kasem Bundit University (KBU) Kasem Bundit University (KBU) which was founded in 1987 with the vigorous determination of becoming an integral and vital part of human resources development of Thailand has now not only an expanding number of enrollment but also increases the numbers of dynamic academic programs to be widely selected by students and other public segments interesting in pursuing unlimited horizons of knowledge. Presently the University is offering two Ph. D. Programs in Psychology and in Public Policy and Management, Master’s Programs in Business Administration, Engineering Management, Geoinformatic for Management, Communication Arts in Communication Administration, Communication Arts in Film and Video, Public Administration, Fine Arts in Interior Design, Psychology for Human Development, Hospitality Industries and Tourism Management, in addition to 33 programs of undergraduate studies in Business Administration, Laws, Mass Communication, Liberal Arts, Science and Technology, Engineering, and Architecture.

International Collaboration KBU has signed and joined in the educational collaboration and cooperation for the purposes of promoting academic and cultural learning and experiences while enhancing and furthering exchange of knowledge, faculty and students with other leading international universities such as Southern New Hampshire University and Washburn University in USA, Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in England, University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg in Germany, Kunming Metallurgy College, Chuxiong Normal University, Lincang Teachers' College in China, etc.


Honorable Advisors Maruey Phadoongsidhi, Ph.D. Received his doctorate in Business, University of Wisconsin, USA, Dr. Maruay is a renowned and respectful expert in finance and economics. Through his posittions as the Commission Member of the Securities as the Commission Member of the Securities and Exchanges Commission of Thailand and the President of the Stock Exchanges of Thailand, Dr. Maruay has made significant marks on Thailand's stock market structure.


Vallop Suwandee, Ph.D. Dr. Vallop is the founder of Kasem Bundit University. He received his doctorate in Higher Education, Illinois State University, USA. He has been recognized as an expert who involves in a number of education milestones in Thailand. Presently, he is serving as a Chairman of Advisors to Governor of Bangkok.

Board of Directors Apirak Kosayodhin Advisor to the Prime Minister of Thailand and consecutively elected Governor of Bangkok, Apirak Kosayodhin is a leading businessman with 20 years of experience in working with multinational companies including PepsiCo. A graduate of Harvard AMP and NIDA MBA, Apirak also held the position of Governor of the Stock Exchange of Thailand as well as the President of Marketing Association of Thailand

Senee Suwandee, Ph.D. Vice President of Kasem Bundit University, Dr. Senee Suwandee graduated with a Ph.D. in International Economics. The former advisor to Deputy Prime Minister is currently managing the group of Kasem Education Institutions which has the enrollment of over 20,000 students.

Hester Chew Singaporean born, chain restaurant business guru, Chairman of McThai. With his 25 years accumulated experience in international and Asia Pacific markets, Hester is strategically leading McDonald to the forefront of Thailand chain restaurant.

Sirikul Laukaikul, Ph.D. With over 20 years in successfully building countless brands, Dr. Sirikul is the founder of The BrandBeing Consultant Co., Ltd. Aiming to work with clients who truly believe in sustainable branding and systematic methodology, Dr. Sirikul's approach to the development and design brand strategy is based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy.


Executive Advisors Varakorn Samakoses, Ph.D. Dr. Varakorn graduated from The University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Economics and received a Masters and a Ph.D. from The University of Kansas. For more than 30 years, he has been recognized as a respectful economic guru and a high ranking executive in various organizaions: Deputy Minister of Education, Dean of Faculty of Economics at Thammasat University and executive board in a number of major private organizations.

Supat Wanakumjorn The 20 years experience in Finance and Planning area with the international companies including IBM and PepsiCo. Currently he is focusing on the environmental business by managing the forest plantation which has more than a half million of tree's stock.

Suthikorn Kingkaew, Ph.D. Dr. Suthikorn received his Ph.D. in management and M.Phil. in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge. He also has background in science and technology, graduated with first class honour in biotechnology from the University of New South Wales. He is currently a full-time faculty member at Thammasat Business School and part-time lecturer at various institutes. He has worked as trainer, researcher, advisor and consultant for several local and international organisations such as United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Cambridge Enterprise, Krung Thai Bank, Kasikorn


AKI ASEAN Network Thailand Associations 

Thai Hotels Association

 Association of Thai Travel Agents  Thai Tourist Industry Association  Association of Thai Tour Operators 

Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA)

The Thai Weaving Industry Association

 

Thai Textile Merchants Association Thai Garment Manufacturers Association

The Thai Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer’s Association

Thai Footwear Association (TFA)

 Thai Leathergoods Association  Home Decorative Design Association 

Thai Furniture Industries Association

Thai Timber Association

Thai Gifts Premiums & Decorative Association

  

Thai Housewares Trade Association Design & Objects Association The Association of Thai Software Industry

 Thai Game Software Industry Association  Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association  Game & Interactive Digital Entertainment Association  Thai Electronics SME Industry Association 

THAI e-Commerce Association


ASEAN Associations  Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) Lao 


 

Association of Indonesian Tourism Resorts (AKPI) Jakarta International Hotel Association (JIHA) Indonesia Hotels & Restaurants Association (IHRA)

 Association of The Indonesia Tours &Travel Agencies (ASITA)  Viet Nam Tourism Association (VITA) 

The Union of Myanmar Travel Association

 Myanmar Hotelier Association  Association of Indonesian Garment & Accessories Suppliers  Indonesian Textile Association  Indonesian Footwear Association Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association  Association of Garments, Textiles, Embroidery, Knitwear (Vietnam)  Viet Nam Leather and Footwear Association (LEFASO)  Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) 

Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) Vietnam

 Indonesian Furniture Industry and handicraft Association (ASMINDO)  The Indonesian wood panel association (APKINDO) 

Vietnam Association of Timber & Forest Products (VIFORES)

Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCM (HAWA)

 

World Wild Fund – Vietnam Forest Trade Network Myanmar Forest Products and Timber Merchants Association

 Myanmar Timber Enterprise  Directorate General for Social and Politic, 

Ministry of Home Affairs (Indonesia)

Vietnam Software Association (VINASA)

Myanmar Computer Industry Association

Myanmar Computer Professionals Association

Indonesian Telematics Software Association

AKI WHAT WE DO Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership

Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership Today, as the global business environment continues to expand, organizations are confronting tremendous challenges. Some phenomena are neither avoidable nor reversible. Globalization is one of them. In the wave of globalization, however, the acts of localization have emerged. The commitment of the Asian countries which is to build up their strong and unique communities has become a focal point of all leading global firms and has put the world economic to the new equilibrium. With these intense challenges and open opportunities in mind, the Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership is developed and designed to deliver a world class business education by offering unique learning experience course and focusing on 'Asian Business Environment'. The participants will be exposed to essential knowledge that could provide competitive edges in managing modern business in the globalized world, various concept and hands-on experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Oversea technical trip will be offered to strengthen professional skills and to extend the participant’s business experience

What You Can Expect Through knowledge, skills, and experience sharing by successful and talented global businessmen and professional speakers that represent a balanced mix of experience and expertise in all aspects of the business environment, the Executive Program’s participants will gain an insightful knowledge that emphasis on Asian community, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social spirit. The participants will also have the opportunity to explore best practices, share insights, and try out new ideas to get an inspiration and key strategies to develop their own business

Who is Right for the Program This program is intended for participants who have expertise in various industries which range from executive professionals, business entrepreneurs or social entrepreneurs.

AKI WHAT WE DO HR Training Consultant

HR Training Consultant • Through extensive discussion with clients • We identify your problems • We provide training solution • You achieve your goals Business competency development

AKI WHAT WE DO ASEAN Business Center

ASEAN Business Center aims to create national and regional interest in ASEAN among the business leaders, entrepreneurs, and academia by providing the essential information and most updated ASEAN’s business dynamic as well as being a hub of diverse intelligence regarding ASEAN business landscape. Specific objectives are • To create national and regional interest in ASEAN • To provide comprehensive understanding the strength and capability of ASEAN members in each area so together build the competitiveness for the country and the region • To address an agenda to build on ASEAN strengths and to address weaknesses and way to mitigate them • To brainstorm and deliver the suggestion to Thailand’s policy and business strategy in order to move the country forward to AEC 2015 in macro level and sectorial level.

ASEAN Business Center Publication

• Asean Report Issue 1 Asean in Global Platform • Asean Report Issue 2 Asean throught the Eyes of Thai SMEs • Asean Report Issue 3 The Currency Report: compairing Thailand with countries is ASEAN and BRICs


AKI TALK #1 The Future of Cloud Computing

 Ms.Pornthip Kongchun #2 Branding… Now & Next Questions & Share

 Dr.Sirikul Laukaikul #3 Eco-Design… Innovation & Creative Economy

 Dr. Singh Intrachooto AKI TALK

#4 The Use of Social Media for Social Enterprise & CSR Activities

 TWT4TH #5 Service beyond Expectation

 Mr.Patee Sarasin #6 Wongthanong…The Transformer

 Mr. Wongthanong Chainarongsing #7 Are we ready to cope with natural disaster

 Dr. Anond Snidvongs #8 How to market your products online

 eBay #9 Social Responsibility & Green Society

 Mr.Mechai Viravaidya #10 Referral Marketing ... Systematic Word of Mouth Marketing

 Mr. Dumkerng Raiwa #11 Infographic simplify your idea to reality

 Roo Su Flood #12 An Evening with Kitti Singhapat

 Mr. Kitti Singhapat #13 The New Era of ASEAN

 Mr. Apirak Kosayodhin #14 The Power of Women

 Ms. Charlotte Donavanik #15 Smart SMEs : Ready for AEC

 Mr.Suwanchai Lohawatanakul #16 The new Myanmar The new opportunity

 Myanmar Business Executives (MBE) Association #17 ASEAN + China : Opportunities and Strategies

 Dr.Arm Tungnirun #18 Opportunity of ASEAN in Japan and Japan in ASEAN

 Dr. Jessada Salathong #19 Paving the way to AEC

 Ms. Wiwan Tharahirunchote


#20 Future of Thailand in TPP and RCEP (ASEAN+6)

 Dr.Somjai Phagaphasvivat #21 Knowing China a must of this Century

 Dr.Aksornsri Phanishsarn


#22 AKI ASEAN 100


Creative Space

Creative Space

We offer Creative Space for rent from small meeting to large workshop & conference

 Dr.Suthikorn Kingkaew


Our Clients Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership The participants of this program are from various industries, ranges from executive professionals, business entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs such as             

Advance Exchange Technology Co.,Ltd. Bangkok Fastening Co.,Ltd. Beauty Bank, Elca (Thailand) Benjaphanpong Co.,Ltd. C.P.D. Sheet Board Co., Ltd. Citibank N.A. CP ALL Plc. Debuz Company Limited domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. DON’T Magazine Easy System Telecom Co.,ltd. Family Know-how Co.,Ltd. FrappeDesign Corporation Limited

Glassform Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

GM Generates Co.,Ltd.

Huawoi Technologies (TH) Co.,Ltd.


IQDcreative Co.,Ltd.

ISEVEN Co., Ltd.

          

ITEC Co.,Ltd. Krieng Thai Watana Intertrade Co.,Ltd Lampang Inter-Tech College Longkong Studio Co.,Ltd. Mahasrup Development McThai Co.,Ltd. Monpisit Business Co.,Ltd. National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) Nim See Seng Transport 1988 Co.,Ltd. OSK Securities Public PBS Fashion


PM Décor Co.,Ltd.

 

Sakura Kiss Co., Ltd Sara Lee Coffee&Tea (Thaialnd) Ltd.

 

Siam City Cement PLC. Siam United Frame Industry Co., Ltd.

St.Andrews International School

Sullair Asia Ltd. Tax Planning Bureau, Ministry of Finance

Thainamthip Co., Ltd.

The Mall Group

  

Tokio Marine Sri Muang Wattana Thanasinsap Co., Ltd.

YLG Bullion International

Training •        

Mead Johnson Nutrition (Thailand) Ltd. Creative Thinking to Service Innovation Consumer Mega Trend The New Market Opportunity in AEC The New Leadership in the globalization age HR Management and Service Excellence The Art and Science of Negotiation: Negotiating with Giants Marketing Insight The rise of china

Krungthai Bank

 HR Coaching Program: Human Capital Development Tools

 ทิศทาง E-Commerce ป 2556 •

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand  Customer Centric Mind Workshop

Thailand public Relations Association

 ประเทศไทยกับการพัฒนาชุมชนเศรษฐกิจอาเซียนเพื่อการยกระดับ ความสามารถในการแขงขันของกลุมประเทศอาเซียนในเวทีโลก อยางยั่งยืน


TEAM Group of Companies Co., Ltd.  Opportunity for Thai Construction Advisory in ASEAN

Research •

TEAM Group of Companies Co., Ltd.  Construction Management in Singapore and Malaysia

Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce  Potential and readiness of ASEAN business for joining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 through collaboration among ASEAN associations.  Potential and Readiness of ASEAN business for joining the ASEAN Economics Community (AEC)


Asian Knowledge Institute 399 Interchange Building, 34th Floor Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: 02 611 2888 Fax: 02 611 2777 @AKI_Talks

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