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Charlotte Church Hosts Global Mission Conference 샬롯 세계 선교 대회

夏洛特教會舉行全球宣教大會 The Global Mission Conference for the 10th Anniversary of KIMNET (Korean Inter Mission Net work) was hosted by Charlotte Presbyterian Church (formerly Korean Presbyterian Church of Charlotte - Sr. Pastor Sung Kyun Na) on October 15 to October 21, 2012. The Conference was the fruit of prayer and hard work of Executive of Director Rev. Il Sik Choe, Executive Secretary Rev. Hyun Suk Lee, Information Secretary Rev. Joseph Lee and Church Session led by Rev. Sung Kyun Na. The conference workshops were led by 50 Korean Missionaries from all six continents and 30 special guest speakers from all over the world. Those in attendance included over 300 ministers & workers for the Lord in the USA and Canada. In the past, these annual conferences were hosted by megachurches like Grace Church (Senior Pastor Gihong Han) in Los Angeles with membership over 20,000. However, this year the conference was hosted by a small church, although it is the first Asian Church formed in Charlotte, as the theme for the 10th anniversary conference was to focus on helping small to medium size churches become more mission-minded in order to fulfill the Great Commission. The opening night event featured two parts. The first worship part was highlighted by the introduction of Rev. Bang Ji Il, the first Korean missionary to China who is 102 years old. His opening message entitled “All to Glorify God” was clearly delivered. Considering he had flown in directly from Korea that day and the energy level in his strong tone of voice, it was hard to believe he was 102 years old. In addition to his opening night message, Reverend Bang maintained an attentive posture throughout all of the sessions during the week, making sure not to miss any workshops. The second part of opening night worship involved music and began with the “Angels Choir” from Moscow, Russia. They sang

Korean and English hymns very beautifully. Presider Rev. Ho, Sang Ki – President of KIMNET, was amazed at how well they could speak Korean and listeners were so moved by their beautiful voices that they said they sang just like Angels. The next act was Yu Myung Hae Korean Fusion Gospel Team that also came from Korea. The team of 12 performed traditional Korean dancing and music to a gospel message. They were very entertaining and they delivered their gospel message in a unique way. Next to perform was Jill Gardner who currently performs the leading soprano role in the opera “TOSCA” for Opera Carolina, and was introduced by Maestro James Meena. She sang the Lord’s Prayer and was accompanied by the chief pianist Emily. When Jill Gardner finished singing the Lord’s Prayer, the audience all stood up and began singing the Lord’s Prayer together, thus ending the night in the best way with the best prayer for the KIMNET Global Conference. So what exactly is KIMNET about? KIMNET introduces its ministry: We are living in a remarkable age where God is moving in our midst bringing us together to finish the task of His Great Commission. As we look at North American Korean immigrant history of 100 years, God has established more than 4,300 Korean American & Canadian Churches and many diverse mission organizations to finish the task of Global Mission. Especially as Koreans living in the US and Canada, we have to humbly discern what God’s will is for us. Although Korean Churches are sending out 23,312 missionaries over 169 countries, we must not be satisfied where we are at but really search our

logo design, marketing materials, web design, video editing and animation

souls in seeking God’s will in how God will use the Koreans scattered throughout the world especially in North Americas. Specifically speaking, God is preparing His people to reach the world and we must be ready in obedience to have the same vision to bring Christ to the world, And in order to finish the task of world evangelization, we must do it together. When mission organizations and missional churches partner & network we can do mission effectively. Now is the time to network and partner with churches and mission organizations to finish the task of Global Mission. We have to learn to unite together and know God’s heart of mission. God’s heart is for us to share information together, mobilize together and train together to finish the Global Mission. KIMNET would like to be that platform to create synergy effect in missions empowering the churches to carry out His Great Commission. During the Conference, work shops and classes were all in Korean but on October 18th, the evening program was all in English and it was a Cultural Connection Celebration Night. Dr.Ki-Hyun Chun – VP of KIMNET invited prominent American community leaders as well as leaders in the Asian American community. Over 500 people attended and gourmet Korean food was served by caterers from Atlanta. The Hope Community Church praising team led praising and Dr. Bruce Johnson –President of SIM (Service in Mission) delivered the message. There was a mission report from Ms. Mariella Provost who was born in Korea when her parents were missionaries in the 1920s. Everyone was surprised when she announced that she was 90 years old, only a few years younger than the 102 Rev. Bang Ji Il. Then James Linton who is a 4th generation Korean missionary reported on his “Wellspring” mission work in North Korea as he spoke fluently in both Korean and English. continue to page 3

Dion Lim-Anchor/Reporter

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (2) “Bridging the Pacific”

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 亞洲商會

Dion Lim-Anchor/Reporter

아시안 상공회의소

Chair : Dr. John Chen, President : Jerry Tucker 1(866) YES-ASIA

Emeritus Presidents 1st: Dr.Ki-Hyun Chun, 2nd: Dr. Nini Bautista, 3rd: Dr. Jian X, Zhang, 4th: Dr. John C, Chen

Asian cultures represented in Charlotte encompass over 13 nations. One of the missions of the CAACC is to unite all of these groups to better service the public. Asian history spans thousands of years and its culture is rich and diverse. The CAACC strives to provide business opportunities and to promote business actiAvities through cultural events, such as the annual Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Races each spring and Asian celebrations in the Fall that display our resources and share with you our ethnic qualities. Forty years ago, there were less than 200 Asians and only 8 Asian businesses in the Regional Charlotte Area, but this number has grown to 55,000 Asians and 630 businesses directly involved with Asians. Considering average gross sales of $480,000 a year per business, the Asian population of this area is generating $302 million in revenues, contributing greatly to the regional economy. We invite you to join the CAACC for unique resources, and then cross the bridge between the East and the West.■ Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun (Founder & the first President)

Asian Library Activities ●One 7 School ( 10 Students) M-F / 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM Mary Catherine Garrett 704-493-7043 - One7 Academy is a small private school founded to educate sudents who were “ slipping through the cracks’ in mainstream school. We believe that you can make an eternal difference one handful at a time. We are a division of One7 Ministries. ●Little Lotus Fri / 5:30 – 7:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 - Chinese heritage to learn and enjoy traditional and contemporary dance as well as other Chinese Performing arts. ●Chinese Tree House M-F / 2:30 – 5:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 ●Chinese Art School (Art&Choir) Sat / 2:30 PM– 5:00 PM Jane Zhao 980-939-9408 ●Contract Bridge Wed / 1:00 – 4:00 PM Ernie Ho 704-849-9715 ●Go Club Thurs / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Greg McCall 704-365-9811 ●Mahjong Thurs / 10:00 AM Frank Yao 704-246-9147 ●Queen City Chess Tues / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Gary Newsom 704-618-2814 ●UCA-Universe Creative Arts 1) The Tao Tai Chi & Health Life Sat / 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM 2) UCA Dance & Kung Fu Sat / 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Rieca Yao 704-778-5888 ●YOGA CLASSES Fri / 11:00 – 11:45 AM Leai Ho at 704-531-0915

AsianCommunities Communities Asian Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce

Dr Nini Bautista andfriends her friends withand Dion and Channel Dr Nini Bautista and her visitingvisiting with Dion Channel 36 team36 team Photo by Jack Wang Photo by Jack Wang Dion Lim joined the WCNC team in Augustlege, 2010.and She became anchors the p.m., 5:30 p.m. and Dion Lim joined thenews WCNC news an5 eBay Powerseller, 11 p.m. newscasts and provides consumer reports on ways to save money and avoid scams. team in August 2010. She anchors the 5 selling everything from women's shoes Prior to News Channel 36, Dion was a weekday morning anchor at KMBC in Kansas City, the p.m., and 11 p.m. newscasts to kitchen appliances #1 ABC5:30 affiliate the country. Named Kansas City's Best Morning Newsonline. Anchor in 2008, she and provides consumer reports ways became known for her "Dion's Daily on Deals" segments, viewers to save money and She showing graduated cumhow laude from Emerfind the best bargains. to save money and avoid scams. son, majoring in broadcast journalism Dion's love for savvy shopping started when she needed money to pay for college, and became Prior to News Channel 36, Dion was with shoes a concentration in science. an eBay Powerseller, selling everything from women's to kitchen appliances online. a weekday at KMBC has alsojournalism worked with on-air and behind She graduated morning cum laude anchor from Emerson, majoringDion in broadcast a concentration in inscience. Kansas City, the #1 ABC affiliate in the scenes at stations in Springfield, Dion has also worked on-air and behind the scenes at stations in Springfield, Mass., and the country. Named Kansas City's Best Mass., and Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Morning News Anchor 2008, she (and When she's not working, enjoys When she's not working, Dion in enjoys cooking, not cleaning) travel, workingDion out, spending time with friends know Charlotte. and her husband are the proud owners of a became knownandforgetting her to"Dion's Daily She cooking, (and not cleaning) travel, Yorkshire terrier named Georgie, and a miniature dachshundout, named Frankie.time with friends Deals" segments, showing viewers how working spending

to save money and find the best bargains. Dion's love for savvy shopping started when she needed money to pay for col-


and getting to know Charlotte. She and her husband are the proud owners of a Yorkshire terrier named Georgie, and a miniature dachshund named Frankie. ■

We want to share your news ! 당신의 소식을 공유하고 싶습니다 ! 任何消息和新闻要和大家分享 !

Andrea (CAACC)


I am the current President of Chinese American Association of Charlotte. Please replace Meng Li's picture with the attached, as well as contact information.









704) 334-3450 email :

Please use the following address for CAAOC from now on till further notice. CAAOC c/o Linna Sealy 1734 Turning Leaf Ct.


Chinese-American Association

President : Jerry Tucker 1(866)YES -ASIA 1339 Baxter St. #200, Charlotte, NC 28204 President : Linna Sealy (704) 701-6894

Community Affairs Contact: Richard Yang: Charlotte, N 28262

Korean Association

President : Hosang Pang (704) 867-7600 / 824-0155 3400 S. New Hope Rd BLDG C&D Gastonia, NC 28056,

Vietnamese Association President : Bith Phu (704) 981-1099

P.O.Box 38933 Charlotte, NC 28278

India Association

President: Lal Vishin 11916 Stone Creek Court Charlotte, NC 28227

Filipino-American Community

President: Mrs. LITA JOAQUIN 704 780 3239 9118 Skipaway Dr, Waxhaw NC 28173 Community Contacts: Guia Villapando 704 643 3416

Lao Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas President : Vannavong Phiaxay Community Affairs Contact: (704) 747-5719

Indonesian Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas

President : Robbynson H Suy, (704) 458-8532 9731 Clifton Meadow Dr., Matthews, NC 28105 Community Affairs Contact: Sharon Suy (848) 459-8124

Mitt Romney meets with Billy Graham

The Asian Herald

Mitt Romney meets with Billy Graham publications, saying, “It is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel. I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of life and support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray with me that America will remain one nation Photo by Evan Vucci Photo by Evan Vucci MittMitt Romney (left) meets Billy Graham and his son Franklin last week. God.” The ad doesn’t say explicitly Romney (left) with meets with Billy (center)under Graham (center) and his son Franklin last to vote for Mitt Romney. But a couple of Billy Graham has long been known as the "pastor to presidents." Now, as he approaches his 94th recentbeactivities suggestads thatin Graham week. Graham wants to help pick the president. He’ll birthday, running full-page The Wallis a Street Journal and USA among other publications, saying, is vitally we a Romney man.“ItLast weekimportant Romneythat made Billy Graham has Today, long been known cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the trip to North Carolina to visit Graham at as the “pastor to presidents.” Now, as he nation of Israel. I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of life and support the his home, and The Billy Graham Evanapproaches his 94th birthday, Graham biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Vote for biblical values this gelistic deleted an wants to help president. He’ll bewill remain November 6, andpick praythe with me that America oneAssociation nation under recently God.” The ad doesn’t say explicitly to voteads for Mitt Romney. But a couplearticle of recent activities suggestidentifying that GrahamMoris a from its website running full-page in The Wall Street Romney man. Last week Romney made a trip to North Carolina to visit Graham at his home, and monism as cult. ■ Journal and USA Today, among other The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association recently deleted an article from its website identifying Mormonism as cult.

continue from page 1 Heidi Linton who is the sister-in-law of James Linton gave a mission report of “Christian Friends to Korea (CFK)”, and time set aside to provide offering for North Korea Mission work. After the mission reports, the entertainment for the evening featured the Russian “Angels Choir” and Yu Myung Hae Korean Fusion Gospel Team, who performed during opening night. There was TaekwonDo Demonstration with message by King’s Tiger. And to top it all, the University Baptist Church Choir with its 70 members led by Ministers Aris Graves and Teddy Andrews sang and rocked the house. Especially conductor Teddy Andrews’s dynamic style and enthusiastic attitude serving God through music gave long lasting impression to all of them. Everyone in attendance really enjoyed the

performances, food, and fellowship. There are approximately 400,000 churches in the U.S., 60,000 churches in Korea, in addition to 4,300 Korean American and Korean Canadian churches. Only a small fraction of those churches have had the privilege to host a mission conference like the one held by KIMNET this past October, and this is the first mission conference to be hosted by the Asian community in both North and South Carolina. The Charlotte Presbyterian Church gives thanks to the Lord for the privilege to host this magnificent conference. All those who attended the conference were rejuvenated and recharged. We humble ourselves to obey Christ and the Great Commission to work locally but think globally to reach souls near and far.■ by Dr.Sunny Chun

Filipino-American Rosary November 2012 (3) Photos and story by Dr Nini Bautista

Filipino-American Rosary

Photos and story by Dr Nini Bautista

October 7, 1571, won by the Christian fleet of the Holy League, led by Spanish Duke Juan de Austria son of Hapsburg Emperor Charles V( composed of the Catholic kings of Genoa, Venice, Spain &the papal states) against the Ottoman-Turkish fleet under Ali Pasha. The decisive 5 hour perilous naval battle of Lepanto ( Italian for With Ester Escobal, MaryAnne Cagurangan DelaPena, Grace Escobal, Jo Tolentino what is now Naupactos or dockyard, in the Kocak, Lerma Camarillo Hill, Rodacelle western coast of Loeris,Greece) changed the course of history, and saved Europe & Lambert, Flor Beltran,Jocelyn Bala and Christian world DelaPena, from the Turkish invaWith Ester Escobal, Grace Escobal Nini Bautista De Garcia at MaryAnne St. Matthew Cagurangan sion. Catholic Church. Kocak, Lerma Camarillo Hill, Rodacelle Lambert, Coordinators of the NCFlor & SCBeltran,Jocely Rosary The Annual Rosary Fiesta in honor of Groups were: Nena Amigo(South), Rose De Garcia at St. Matthew Catholic Church. Our Blessed Virgin Mother was held on Freeman/Betty Javelona(North&University Saturday, October 20, from 3 to 8 pm at area), Joe Calicdan (Marian), Andy the St Matthews Parish Church on BallanPagilagan(Rockhill), Filipino-American RosaryDr. Nini ( Queen tyne Commons Pkwy/Rea Road. Accord- of Peace), Lita Joaquin ( Lady of GuaPhotos and story by Bautista Theto Annual RosaryFACC Fiesta in honor ofDr Nini Our Blessed Virgin Mother was ing Mrs. Lita Joaquin, President dalupe, Waxhaw), Malette Oliveros( Emperor Charles V( composed of the Catholic kings of Genoa, Venice, Spain &the papal 20,Coordinator from 3 toof 8thepm Stagainst Matthews Parish Church on Ballantyne C and Ladyatofthe Guadalupe theHuntersville/Concord), Ottoman-Turkish fleet under Ali Pasha. The decisive 5 hour perilous naval bat Connie Hudack( Lepanto ( Italian for what is now Naupactos or dockyard, in the western coast of Loeris,G Rosary Group which is hosting the event According to Mrs. Lita Joaquin, FACC President Coordinator ofinvat changed the course ofof history, and savedBallantyne/Fort Europeand & Christian worldMill); from the Turkish Lady Fatima, Coordinators of the NC & SC Rosary Groups were: Nena Amigo(South), Rose Freeman/B this year, the program included Social Rosary Group which is hosting the this year, the(Albemarle), program includ Doneevent Espina/Teofy Floyd Javelona(North&University area), Joe Calicdan (Marian), Andy Pagilagan(Rockhill), Dr. Queen of Peace), Lita Joaquin ( Lady of Guadalupe, Waxhaw), Malette Networking Susan Aquino Supil (Servants of the Rosary Prayers by the ten Rosary Prayer Groups &Lady devotees, led by Oliveros( Huntersville/Concord), Connie Hudack( of Fatima, Ballantyne/Fort Mill);d Rosary Prayers by the ten Rosary Prayer Espina/Teofy Floyd (Albemarle), Susan Aquino Supil (Servants of the Lord,Matthews). ■ Lord,Matthews). Mass; &Potluck; & Entertainment Groups devotees,Program led by designated The Filipinos' to the&Virgen Mary & the recitation of the rosa youth; Holy Mass; devotion Potluck; Program to the discovery and Christianization of the Philippines in March 1521 Entertainment Themonth Filipinos'ofdevotion to theMary Virgenand the Rosary because of her two impo the the Virgin Mary & the recitation of the rosary in Lady of the Rosary Feast on October 7 and the Motherhood of the Ble her honor dates back to the discovery (Theotokos,or Mother of God) on October 11. and Christianization of the Philippines in The Feast of Ouris Lady of the March 1521. October designated as theRosary (also known as Our Lady of Vic PopeofSt.thePius on the anniversary of the naval victory (La Naval) on month VirginVMary and the Rosary the Christian of the Holy because of her twofleet important feast days,League, led by Spanish Duke Juan de A i.e. Our Lady of the Rosary Feast on October 7 and the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Theotokos,or Mother of With Nini Bautista De Garcia, Jocelyn Bala, God) on October 11. Lerma Camarillo Hill, Ester Escobal, Flor The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (also known as Our Lady of Victory) was Beltran, Grace Escobal, Rodacelle Lambert, instituted by Pope St. Pius V on the anni- Jo Tolentino Kocak andArlene Giagunto at St. versary of the naval victory (La Naval) on Matthew Catholic Church.

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Charlotte Concerts, an organization that brings world-renowned classical music and performing arts to the Queen City, presented violin virtuoso Ray Chen as its second concert of the four-concert season on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8:00 p.m., at Central Piedmont Community College’s Halton Theater (1206 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, N.

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (4)

Violin Virtuoso Ray Chen

uoso Ray Chen

Concerts, an organization that brings world-renowned classical music and performing arts to Born in Taiwan and raised in Australia, esented violin virtuoso Ray Chen as its concert theInstitute four-concert season on Friday, Chensecond was accepted to the of Curtis of Music at Halton the age of Theater 15, where he(1206 stud- Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, ., at Central Piedmont Community College’s ied with Aaron Rosand. Chen played a 1721 “Macmillan” Stradivarius, awarded to him at the 2008-09 Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York, and was accompanied by pianist Julio Elizalde for his Charlotte performance. The evening’s program opened with Mozart Sonata for Piano and Violin K454 in B flat Major and Brahms Sonata for Violin and Piano no. 3 in D minor, Op. 108. After intermission Ray performance continued with Bach “Chaconne” from Partita no. 2 in D minor BWV 1004, Saint-Saens “Havanaise” and


Association, Charlotte Concerts’ mission is

Thursday, November 1, concerts 2012 to sponsor, promote and present The world-renowned Northwest School featuring performingofart-the Arts ists while Providence sponsoring arts High educationSchool: out1:15

reach initiatives which cultivate an understanding and appreciation for the performcerts board members ing arts. Typically, Charlotte Concerts hosts Now in its 83rd season, Charlotte Concerts an Informance (Informational/Informal has welcomed to the stage many acclaimed Performance) with each artist the day guest artists including Nelson Eddy, Arthur of the event. However, for Ray Chen, Rubinstein, Leontyne Price, Marilyn Horne, Charlotte Concerts furthered its mis- the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the New York Philsion of enhancing music education of harmonic, American Ballet Theatre and the students from Mecklenburg and all ad- London Symphony Orchestra. For more jacent counties in both North and South information about Charlotte Concerts, visit Carolina. CharlotteConcerts.orgor call 704.527.6680. About Charlotte Concerts, Inc. For More Information, Contact: Formed in 1930, Charlotte Concerts is the Lauren Robinson, Davola Group, oldest presenting arts organization in Char757.646.1918 or lotte, N.C. Formerly the Carolinas Concert ■ Southeast Asian Coalition in collaboration Southeast Asian Coalition in collaboration Southeast Asian Coalition in collaboration thethe Vietnamese Association of of Charlotte with the Vietnamese Association of Charlottewith with Vietnamese Association Charlotte

Charlotte Concerts, an organization that brings world-renowned classical music and performing arts to the Queen City, presented violin virtuoso Ray Chen as its second concert of the four-concert season on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8:00 p.m., at Central Piedmont Community College’s Halton Theater (1206 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, N.C.). WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2012 Grateful for The theNorthwest tickets provided, Xiao School of the Arts: 11:55 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. Providence High School: 1:15 Song Her, Mr Jack Wang and I enjoyed a p.m. – 2:00 p.m. spectacular evening. WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2012 Winner of the International Queen ElisThetheNorthwest School of the Arts: 11:55 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. abeth Competition in 2009 and Ye- Saint-Saens “Introduction et Rondo CapricProvidence High School: p.m. – 2:00inp.m. hudi Menuhin Competition 2008, Chen is cioso”. With a standing ovation1:15 the encore Partnernship with the Vietnamese Association of Charlotte. among the most compelling young violin- was as exuberant as the entire night. ists today. In 2011, Sony Classical released Charlotte Concerts, an organization that Chen’s premiere album Virtuoso world- brings world-renowned classical music and wide, which won the prestigious Echo performing arts to the Queen City, launched Klassik Award. its second concert, featuring violin virtuoso “The musicianship of Ray Chen is just as Ray Chen, with a special educational outas that of Gustavo Dudamel. He reach program. Chen, who is among the brings exciting world-renowned classical music and performing arts to seems to have it all: instantly recognizable most compelling young violinists today, Internship Announcement hen as its concert of and themusical four-concert season on Friday, tone,second charismatic personality visited three schools and their music classSEAC Southeast Asian Coalition) is in search two undergraduate SEAC (The(The Southeast Asian Coalition) is in search for twofor undergraduate interns nity College’s Halton Ave., Charlotte, authority unusual for hisTheater age. He is(1206 at the Elizabeth es the day of his performance on Thursday, who are interested in building experiences in non-profit social jusbeginning of a major career and it is a priv- November first. The master classes featured whointerns are interested in building experiences in non-profit social justice work. Interns will tice work. Interns will work direclty with the Director at the SEAC office ilege to build it with him,” says Bogdan demonstrations from Chen and Q&A with located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We will be accepting applications on a Roscic, President of Sony Classical. the students. Asian Herald’s finest photog- work direclty with the Director at the SEAC office located in Charlotte, North Carolina. rolling basis up until October 20th, 2012. rapher Jack Wang followed him, and cap- We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis up until October 20th, 2012. The two internship positions are: tured over a hundred images. 1. Communications Intern WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 2012

Southeast Asian Coalition

Internship Announcement

The Northwest School of the Arts: 11:55 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. ; Providence High School: 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ; Charlotte Country Day School: 2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. WHO: Ray Chen, violinist; band and orchestra teachers and students; Charlotte Con-

ay, November 1, 2012 Northwest School of the Arts: 11:55 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. Providence High School: 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

2. Civic Engagement The two internship positions are:

Project Intern Please fill out the application, and return asap to Cat Bao Le 1. Communications Intern at 2. Civic Engagement Project Intern Asian Coalition featured in *To see the Southeast the, click here. Please fill out the application by clicking here, and return asap to Cat Bao Le at *To see the Southeast Asian Coalition featured in the, click here.

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Putting Safety Measures in Place

Dan Starks has been a household name sation in which appeared to be the intent in Charlotte for decades. His Award to either rob or abduct her. Her mother Winning TV Show called “Don’t Be A said she “froze” and “didn’t think” of how Victim,” has been an Emmy Winner 11 or what she should or could have done in times, and Starks is still very active in this situation. Fortunately for the young the Charlotte area in teaching people how woman, another car drove up to the station and the two boys took off. They no protect themselves and stay safe. Starks and his Business Partner Connie longer had the “advantage.” The point Smigiel were guest speakers at the month- made was that this was not an out of the ly CAACC (Carolinas Asian-American way gas station; it was at the Arboretum Chamber of Commerce) Business Net- and took place on a Sunday afternoon in working Meeting, on Thursday, October broad daylight!” Had she been aware, or 25, held at Dynasty Cuisine in Matthews. had attended “STI – Starks Training InstiWith over 30 in attendance, the conversa- tute, Inc – Universal Defense Solutions” tion and information was lively, as the at- course in personal safety, she would have tendees enjoyed a sumptuous traditional known what to do. 2. “Early one Saturday morning, Starks Chinese style banquet. Jian Zhang and John Chen greeted was conducting one of his Self-Protecguests, of which some were attending for tion Programs, and a very sleepy looking the 1st time. The audience was rapt as young woman and her mother were taking Dan Starks gave example after example the class. Starks said she clearly was very of how people could and should protect “unhappy” about being there and inquired themselves at all times. Two extremes about it. The girl “growled out a snappish were: 1. “a mother contacted Starks on retort and said her mother had MADE her his website about an incident in which her come” and if she had refused, her parents would NOT pay her upcoming college tu10.25.26 CAACCwas at Cuisine Dynasty..... you "should been there!!" Fabulous "banquet daughter approached by 2haveyoung men style" traditional Chinese feast; and guest speaker Dan Starks of "Don't Be A Victim" fame and 11-time Emmy Award Winner!! as she stopped to Awesome. pump gas in the middle ition. So she was there, but not under her By Andrea of the Lee day. The 2 guys made every effort own volition. Fast forward to the fall of to distract her and engage her in conver- her freshman year in college and she was leaving the Library late one night and was walking down the sidewalk to her car. She ‘noticed’ a van parked some spaces behind her car, and immediately noted that the lights were not on, even though she could see 3 people in the front seat. She quickly got in her car and locked the doors and dialed 911 and explained exact-

November 2012 (5)


By Roxanna

November 1, 2012, 6-9pm Sponsored by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a WomenRock event offers a supporting environment where you’ll discover decision-making strategies for your financial well-being. Invited by Amira, I have enjoyed a great night of fun and network opportunities. Along with few awesome ladies from Prudential, she created a wonderful atmosphere for women to relax, indulge, and make new friends. The event took place at the Great Wolf Lodge 10175 Weddington Road Concord, NC 28027 Women Rock round table included dis-

cussions on health, finance, and career opportunities. Attorney Jennefer Garrity ( from Garrity& Gossage,LLP), Dr. Melonni Dooley ( from the Art of Living Center), Andrea Buschur( from Prudential) and Nancy White ( Crystal Executive –Isagenix International) were among those offering great information, all women should have; including yours truly. Activities: Zumba, with Rocio Gonzales from the Latin Chamber, Fashion show presented by Chico’s , and many vendor tables. Refreshments a Chocolate Madness included a chocolate fountain surrounded by sweet treats and strawberries. Prizes and Giveaway made all of us feel like rock-star-winners. My raffle ticket brought me a bracelet from Chico (from Sarah-South Park Store). I am ready to open the holiday season in style… Chico’s Style….Kangnam Style?? Great event. Thanks Amira. The Filipino Association should be proud of you. ■ get away. These and other items are offered by STI as are the classes throughout the year. They also teach “Concealed Carry” classes at Hyatt Gun Shop on Wilkinson Boulevard. This network meeting was by far one of the most informative to date, and a special thanks goes to the CAACC group for organizing, and for Dan Starks and Connie Smigiel for graciously giving their time and talent to share their valuable knowledge about Personal Safety. ‘If you are wondering what to ‘give’ your high school or college student for Christmas, birthday, or special occasion, this would absolutely be the ‘perfect gift’ says long-time friend and ‘student’ Andrea Lee. It could be the ‘gift of life’.” Please see their website / dan@ /

ly the situation. The police advised her to ‘come’ to the police station. [Starks had taught his students to scope out an area when it was new, and locate the police station, or safety points.] While driving to the police station she stayed on the line, and made several turns to see if she was being followed. Yes, she was. She was their target! As she pulled into the front of the police station, several police cars surrounded the van that was tailing her, and a potential robbery, assault, or worse, was avoided. What the police found in the back of the van, according to Starks, was duct tape, a rape kit, handcuffs. This young woman’s life was surely saved by her quick action, and by what she had learned before going off to college, in Starks class that early Saturday morning.” 704-392-SAFE (7233) At one point in the evening, Connie Smigiel demonstrated on a mannequin how to for a complete list of Self-Protection Prouse “Police grade Pepper Spray,” which is grams offered. ■ Submitted by Andrea Lee designed to “buy time” for the victim to

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November 2012 (6)

25th FACC Gala on November 10, A Sterling Silver Event by Dr. Nini RB Bautista, Past President FACC, Chairman Emerita/Past President, CAACC

On Saturday, November 10, 2012, from 5 pm, the Filipino Americans from all over the Carolinas will be gathering in full force at the beautifully renovated Blake Hotel (former Adams Mark Hotel) on 555 McDowell Street in uptown Charlotte, to celebrate 25 years of Filipino American unity, harmony and community service. It will be recalled that the first Filipino American Gala in Charlotte was held on November 22, 1988, organized by Rudy and Lita Joaquin, the Balcitas, Fallar sisters, Penillas, Rodriguezes,Restars, Burrows,Venturas, Ocampos, Siplons, Grifenhagens,Cabugwasons, del Mundos,Salcedo, Aspa,Quinio, Oates, etc. at the Royce Hotel (now the Hilton Hotel) on Tyvola. Thereafter, the need to formalize an association was evident, and the FACC's Articles of Incorporation was approved two years later, in December 1990 and thus the FACC was born. The first President, Lito Balcita, a chemical engineer was elected for 1991. The year 1988 was significant, as it was designated as the "Year of the Filipino Americans in the US" and marked the 225th ( now the 249th) anniversary of the first Filipino settlements in New Orleans, Louisiana, the so called Manila Village and St. Malo. Thus, from that auspicious beginning in 1988, the annual Filipino Gala Night has come to reflect the growth, vigor and changing demographics of the Filipino community (and Asians). The latest census figures cite about 5,000 Fil-Ams, with Asians as the fastest growing minority, next to the Latinos, in the international city of Charlotte. As the families grew, so did the community

involvement of the Filipinos. Some notable projects of the Filipino community through the years are -- the cultural enhancement programs in the three family days with historic attendance at the Charlotte Museum of History,(earning a citation for the Filipino community), of the renowned Smithsonian exhibit, SINGGALOT, The Ties that Bind, The History of the Filipino Diaspora of the Filipinos to the US since the 1500's, exemplifying the rich cultural heritage of the. Many philanthropic endeavors for the needy, here and back home, dot the landscape of Filipino American community life, thanks to its deep religious beliefs and strong family ties & compassion.. There are multi-.fundraiser events of every type, size & audience to benefit victims of natural disasters, build homes for the poor, provide educational opportunities to improve economic viability of families, feed the hungry(Homeless Shelter & Ministry of the Poor), rescue the street children, support medical missions & surgeries for life-threatening medical conditions, with plans to finance incubator projects , mini-banks as direct assistance to the enterprising, and many other such activities in answer to the cry for help. Aside from the Gala, the FACC also built the active social network among the members & outside community, through its signature events like the acquaintance and "gettingto- know- you" parties for newcomers, the Spring Fling & Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, charity golf tournaments, the Flores de Mayo or Santacruzan featuring the young Filipino Americans, and many more.The gregarious Filipino has every opportunity

to mix and mingle with friends and family throughout the year while imparting Filipino culture to their young. The Silver Anniversary celebrations on November 10 will continue supporting the mission and vision of the FACC, in its work of providing the opportunities of a compassionate society to help the needy It will feature a raffle with the grand prize of $2,000( one need not be present to win), but the many exciting consolation prizes will be awarded only to those who are at the Gala ( to encourage attendance). Since a limited number of the raffle ticket is being sold, it will increase your chances of winning. At any rate, it will be a win-win situation, since all proceeds will go to the direct assistance projects to be carried out immediately..Another opportunity to help will be the affordable ads ( starting from a mere $40 ) in the Gala Souvenir program, which will allow the FACC members/families, to stand and be counted as caring members of the Fil Ams of Charlotte at this important milestone in our history. Call your FACC officers now for your Gala ($55) & raffle tickets ($10) and to place

your family ad. ( Guia= 704 975 0779, Nena=704 909 0429, Tess 704 365 4353 ) The dinner dance will be studded with many silvery moments...Prexy Lita Joaquin and the all star officers, Nena Amigo, Tess Burrows, Jacky Ganzon, Susan Supil, Luz Taboada,Guia Villapando, and the representatives, all with excellent & long track records of community service are working hard to provide a stellar venue, with silver decors imported from the Philippines, piano selections of the '60 s and '70s during the cocktail hour by pianist Cristy Calicdan, dinner music by the upcoming band Pinoy Noir(jazz enthusiasts who are mostly doctors), plus a popular live band to supply the dance music for an all night revelry and fun, so Filipino, a short cultural program directed by Cynthia del Mundo , and a few surprise numbers to further spice the night. Don't miss out on this great " silver" opportunity ( which comes only once in 25 years !) to celebrate our unique Filipino-ness, while giving back to the caring community that nurtures and sustains us all !! ■

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November 2012 (7)

A Seven-Year-Old Bank with a Newly Minted Business Model

As neighbor across the street, we always wondered what is so special about New Dominion Bank. Friday, November 2nd, Asian Herald had a surprise visit from a wonderful team, Scott Shires (Vice president) and Lindsay Talbot (Senior Vice President); later in the afternoon, they brought the man responsible for much of the vision, CEO John Hipp III. In its early years, New Dominion Bank (NDB) concentrated its efforts in the emerging arena of Internet banking, gaining the expert technological skills many banks are still struggling to master. But after several years spent building a national customer base without a sustainable foundation, New Dominion saw a better opportunity. The real potential for future growth was in the amazing metropolitan statistical area (MSA) of Charlotte, N.C., right in the shadows of the big banks. Charlotte has been known for having big, high-profile banks, but it also has a big void. Unlike vibrant mid-sized cities such as Indianapolis, San Jose and Nashville, Charlotte has no dominant $1 - $3 billion community bank. “New Dominion Bank is building Charlotte’s Favorite Community Bank with relationships” says C. John Hipp III, CEO of New Dominion Bank. “We are the alternative to big banking. We are building a super community bank which operates with local decisions, less red tape and more responsiveness.” Currently with around $350 million in assets, the goal is to build a $2 billion dollar bank with a 7 to 10 branch network within the market. “Charlotte is the only major metropolitan area east of the Mississippi that doesn’t have a dominant community bank” according to Hipp. “Our goal is to fill that void.” Established in 2005, the bank was founded

on an internet banking strategy that built a national customer base and a loan portfolio heavily concentrated in real estate and development. Hipp was brought on in late 2010 to help develop and execute a community banking strategy. He was a natural fit for the role with his record of success at South Carolina Bank and Trust and Rock Hill National Bank. Hipp came in with the vision to build Charlotte’s Favorite Community Bank, a newly minted business model for the seven -year old bank. To achieve this vision, Hipp has made major changes in policy, goals and culture. Hipp initiated the changes by building a new management team, consisting of Marc Bogan, President and COO; Blaine Jackson, CFO; Greg Burke, CCO. Hipp and Bogan have a history of working together at both South Carolina Bank and Trust and Ameris Bank. Hipp and team are raising $30 million to recapitalize and build a high performance bank. The new business model is focuses personally knowing the customer and finding ways to help them be successful. It is a community bank without layers of hierarchy and can give customers quick decisions when they are looking for a loan. “Customers are coming to us seeking a bank that is relationship-oriented, not where they are treated like a number. Most people think of a community bank as one that they have real relationship with, “says Hipp. “We are positioned to build something of value, something meaningful to the Charlotte community” says Hipp. Dr Chun is eager to invite some of his firm’s clients, investors with over 20 years experience, to give the bank a chance. The personal touch, along with expert advice will make New Dominion -banking-experience a winner. But don’t just take our word for; come in, and see it for yourself. Young at heart, technology savvy, no matter at what point in your life you stand, this relation will move you to the new millennium. Your phone may not prepare dinner, but it will order one; may not produce money, but will deposit what you earned. You may still have to work, but this bank will save you cash, and reward your efforts. ■

First Annual Sushi Eating Contest Fund Raiser supporting the Miss Asia Carolinas Scholarship Fund

November 3, 2012 Concord, NC – Hissho Sushi and the Charlotte chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals collaborated in the first annual Sushi Eating fundraiser at Concord Mills Mall. Shoppers and contestants hailed from the entire Charlotte metropolitan area. The event was hosted by Mr. Warren Chu of NAAAP and emcee, Ms. Dion Lim, news anchor from WCNC Charlotte. The competition also served to celebrate the multicultural composition of the Asian American community and proceeds benefited a scholarship fund for promising young Asian American students representing the various Asian ethnicities. To kick off the event, 2012 Pageant winner, Miss Monique Tuzon sang the National Anthem and other pageant contestants entertained the crowd with beautiful and artful cultural performances. Volunteers from Bank of America, including Kimberly Blewett, Jinna Kim and Qadryah Zamri worked with NAAAP and the Hissho Sushi staff to literally set the stage for the twelve contestants who stepped up to the challenge of consuming mass quantities of California makizushi, otherwise known as “rolled sushi,” in a mad rush to beat the clock. Andrea Lee, May Kam, Hsiao Wen and the Concord Mills Mall Hissho Sushi team prepared over 700 tasty sushi pieces for our contestants. Winner Jann Heredia shared his winning secret with the

crowd: “eat…drink…eat…drink!” as he devoured 28 pieces of sushi in the final three minutes to take home the trophy, prize money and bragging rights. Chief event sponsor and Hissho Sushi CEO, Philip Maung, was recently recognized by the Obama administration for his visionary leadership in tough economic times. The National Association of Asian American Professionals is the fastest growing Asian American professional organization in North America with a local chapter in Charlotte lead by President, Warren Chu and Chairman of the Board, Marcus Cheung. The Miss Asia Carolinas pageant, founded by Dr. Nini Bautista of the Carolinas Asian American Chamber of Commerce, engages young Asian Americans in the celebration and awareness of the diverse cultural heritage and traditions that comprise the Asian American community in Charlotte. ■

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November 2012 (8)

Miss Vietnam of the Carolinas 2013, Accepting Applications

Work Toward Reward

Resident of North Carolina or South Chia-Li without the owners receiving their deCarolina C h i e n , served cash and business value. Single (have never been married or successful In Work Toward Reward, Chia-Li have children) b u s i n e s s Chien, Succession Strategist at Value Have some Vietnamese decent in you owner and Growth Institute and award-winning Have not been subjected to any criminal a w a r d - author of Show Me the Money, presproceedings or criminal convictions w i n n i n g ents the results of her Business Value in February 2013 and Miss Vietnam of Be available for all mandatory practicauthor and Drivers Study. This two-year study the Carolinas is one of the most exciting es, photo shoots and events. columnist, reveals challenges business owners and much anticipated part of the entire Be yourself, show your personality, and presented face and the Mission Critical ActiviNew Year's celebration. shine!!! to partici- ties crucial to building a business in If you are young, energetic, single and Registration form can be download pants in value. think you got what it takes to become from the link below: Business Building Workshops at the Using examples of business ownthe next Miss Vietnam of the Carolinas h t t p : / / w w w. v i e t c h a r l o t t e . o r g / Urban Rebound Competition and ers she interviewed in the study, she 2013, then definitely should sign up... VAC_2013_pageant.doc Conference on Monday, October 29, illustrates the successes and chalWe are accepting applications now and Contact info: at the Westin Charlotte in Uptown lenges of their businesses to inspire the deadline to submit your application Email: andtomotivate us to focus on value Charlotteauthor (601 South College Street). business owner and award-winning and columnist, presented is December 1, 2012. Chia-Li Chien, successful Tel: 704-981-1099 creation through Mission Critical AcChien is one of fi ve presenters at the participants in Business Building Workshops at the Urban Rebound Competition and Conference Application Requirements: h t t p : / / w w w. v i e t c h a r l o t t e . o r g / conference, which is South sponsored and tivities—and how those activities can onFebruary Monday,17,October 29, at the Westin Charlotte in Uptown Charlotte (601 College Between ages of 16-26 by VAC_2013_pageant.doc transform not only a business, but hosted by the Count Me In for WomStreet). 2013 ■ communities and even our world as en'sis Economic Chien is one of five presenters at the conference, which sponsoredIndependence, and hosted byInc. the Count Me well. Chien has recently released her secIn for Women's Economic Independence, Inc. ond book, Work The Toward Reward. The Work Toward Reward helps you start Chien has recently released her second book, Work Toward Reward. book is available book is available on at building your business in value, and on at when you are ready, cash out with Work Toward Reward will also show owners how to avoid being in the one-third of all Work Toward Reward will also show businesses that close without the owners receiving their deserved cash and business value. the reward you deserve after the risks dishes for all to share, owners how to avoid being in the you’ve taken and the years you’ve In Work Toward Reward, Chia-Li Chien, Succession Strategist at Value Growth Institute and and enjoy. The entertain- one-third of all businesses that close spent! ■ award-winning author of Show Me the Money, presents the results of her Business Value ment included a HallowDrivers Study. This two-year study reveals challenges business owners face and the Mission een Photos makeup, and prizes by David Wu Critical Activities crucial to building a business in value. drawn by Atlanta Gao'an. Photos by David Wu Using examples of business interviewed May,owners Eric,sheAlice, and in the study, she illustrates the successes and challenges of their businesses to inspire 9/29, and motivate us to focus on value creation through thets Mid-Autumn Festival night, the TeriSaturday, interesting outfi Mission Critical Activities—and how those activities can transform not only a business, Saturday, 9/29, thebut Mid-Autumn Festival night, the made the evening loveliTaiwan folks and friends, about 110 people gathered in communities and even our world as well. er. Sun Guoxiang cordial Taiwan folks and Shannamara Club House, Moon Work Toward Reward helps you start building your businesstoincelebrate value, and the when you arefriends, ready, about 110 people gathered greetings encouraged all, cash out with the rewardadding youFestival. deserve theand risks you’ve taken prepared and the years you’ve Shannamara Clubspent! House, Xiao mother authentic dishes to celebrate the Moon good after wishes to aher The Vietnamese Association of Charlotte is in process of planning for our upcoming Tet's celebration

Work Toward Reward

Taiwanese community in Charlotte

Moon Festival celebrated by the Festival celebrated by the Taiwanese communityMoon in Charlotte Taiwanese community in Charlotte

Industrial Sewers Needed


Minimum 2 and yrs sewing experience. Festival. her mother prepared authentic dishes Photos by David Mid-Autumn for all to share, and Wu enjoy. Thememorable entertainment included Festia Halloween makeup, andXiao prizes drawn Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and be drawn Moon Festival celebrated by the val! for ■all to share, and enjoy. The entertainment included a Halloween makeup, and prizes Taiwanese community able to change projects back and forth as the job demands. in Charlotte Sewing Test REQURED during interview Please do NOT apply if you don’t have the experience required. We use E-Verify

Saturday, 9/29, the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the Taiwan folks and friends, about 110 people gathered in Shannamara Club House, to celebrate the Moon Festival. Xiao and herAtlanta mother Gao'an. prepared authentic by

Please call 704-454-7605. Ask for Maria.

by Atlanta Gao'an. May, Eric, Alice, and Teri interesting outfits made the evening lovelier. Sun Guoxiang cordial FOLLOW US “Purveyor of Premier Properties in the Carolinas” J. ARLEGUI J.May, ARLEGUI REALTY REALTY GROUP GROUP Eric, Alice, and Teri interesting outfits made the evening lovelier. Sun Guoxiang cordial FOLLOW US FOLLOW US greetings encouraged all, adding good wishes to a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival! “Purveyor greetings of“Purveyor Premier Properties of Premier inProperties the Carolinas” in all, the Carolinas” encouraged adding good wishes to memorable Mid-Autumn Festival! J. ANDREW ARLEGUI



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The Asian Herald

November 2012 (9)

Mahatma Gandhi‘s Birthday & Candlelight Vigil

CITIZENSHIP CLASSES Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA) offers Preparation for U. S. Citizenship classes. The basic class is twice a week for 7 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:00-8:30 PM. The fee is $35.00, including the textbook. (A fee waiver is available to qualified persons.) CRRA also offers a Fast Track 1-Day class for persons with very good English reading & speaking skills. The 6-hour class is taught once a month, on a Saturday. The fee is $25.00. The classroom is at Briarcliff Apts., 4314-2 Commonwealth Ave. (off Monroe Rd.). The classes are open to persons 18 years or older who are Legal Permanent Residents (green card-holders) for 5 years or more.

Carolina International School, CMS and Charlotte in front of Historic Old Court many non-profit org. Students & Parents house building. Nimish Bhatt was a vibrant organizer, PeaceGandhi‘s prayer Mahatma Birthday Celebration & Candlelight Vigil empowering and encouraging everyone,

dhi‘s Birthday Celebration & Candlelight Vigil

Call or email or

704.535.8803 or 980.228.1020

Naturalization application services are also available;

callorganizer, 704.535.8803 Nimish Bhatt was a vibrant CHARLOTTE PEACEnon-profit DAY: CMS PLEASE regardless race, religion and other&affiliaCarolina International School, andorg. many non-profit org. Parents Peace prayer hool, CMS and many Students &Students Parents Peace prayer empowering and encouraging everyone,

become ONE with the CHARLOTTE tions, to participate. for information and fees. regardless race, religion and other affiliations, to COMMUNITY to celebrate the MAN of CHARLOTTE PEACE DAY: PLEASE becomeUS ONECongressional with the CHARLOTTE to candidate COMMUNITY Jennifer The classes and services are funded by a grant from USCIS, Dept. participate. : PLEASE become with CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY to the MILLENIUM, the in thethe fight celebrate the MAN ofONE the leader MILLENIUM, the leader in the fight for equal HUMAN RIGHTS, PEACE & Roberts expressed her support for the of Homeland Security for equal HUMAN RIGHTS, PEACE & NON-VIOLENCE. This was the message messagePEACE the Asian & event, and the importance of the LLENIUM, the leader in the fight for equal HUMAN RIGHTS, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, 5007 Monroe Rd., NON-VIOLENCE. This was the message Community prior toconsiders the event.dito the world.received Mrs. Roberts NON-VIOLENCE.versity This anwas the message the Asian opportunity to learn, discover Charlotte, NC 28205 andprior collaboration. is necessary for Community received to thePeace event. development and prosperity; theat younger Richto Cho andP.M Philip Maung On Saturday October 6th 2012 6:30 P.M. 7:15 generation has to understand the past, Many NC residents United to Celebrate this great human utilize and good andwhat craftitatake soci-for us to scarify and Rich Cho, General Manager of the being tryleadership, to experience Charlotte Bobcats visited US Congressional candidate Jennifer Roberts expressed change to enjoy POWER of PEACE make your Heart Hisshosushi this fall. her support On Saturday October 6thfor2012 at 6:30 P.M.Leaders to 7:15 P.M Home Humanity! Community gathered to for the event, and the importance of the message to the world. Mrs. Roberts considers diversity He and Philip were both born Candles for a peaceful vigil. Many NC residentslighted United to Celebrate this greatan human opportunity to learn, discover and collaboration. in Burma. “I claim to bewhat an average man of lessus than average I for development and prosperity; Peace is ability. necessary the a nice guy and boy can he What being and try to experience it take for to scarify and the Asian Community received prior to the younger generation have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make has to understand the past, utilize play ping pong... even brought his event. change to enjoy POWER of PEACE make your Heart good leadership, and craft a society with a multilateral the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.”--Mahatma Gandhi own paddle!! On Saturday October 6th 2012 at 6:30 foundation. Jennifer Roberts has served eight years on Home forNCHumanity! Community Leaders gathered to Info and pictures P.M. to took 7:15 place P.M atMany residents The Event 700 East Trade (intersection of Alexander St.) Uptown Charlottethe in Mecklenburg front of County Commission, five as Chairman, by Andrea Lee United to Celebrate this great human be-

Rich Cho and Philip Maung

Candles Historic Old Courtlighted house building.

for a peaceful vigil.

where she has worked as a strong, independent voice for

ing and try to experience what it take for North She has a proven Rich Cho, GeneralCarolina Manager of thefamilies. Charlotte Bobcats visited Hisshosushi this fall. record He and Philipof were both born in Burma. What a nice guy and boy can he play ping pong... even brought his us to scarify and change to enjoy POWER reaching across the aisle and working with all groups to own paddle!! claim to beforan ability. I of PEACE make“Iyour Heart Home Hu-average man of less than average create jobs and Info and pictures by Andrea Lee strengthen our education system. manity!man Community Leaders can gathered to bt that any or woman achieve what I have, if he or she would make lighted Candles for a peaceful vigil. Any interested people Among sponsors of Peace Day: Universal Vedic Cultural the same hope and faith.”--Mahatma “I claim to be an average man of less than Gandhi who wish to participate ety with a multilateral foundation. Jenni- Education Foundation & Charlotte International School. AID, Moksha group, CMS Students and Parents, many nonprofit organizations, and community at large fer Roberts has served eight years on the East Trade (intersection of Alexander St.) Uptown Charlotte in front ofCall 704-334-3450 Charlotte NC. organizer, Nimish Bhatt was a vibrant Mecklenburg County Commission, five empowering and encouraging everyone, lding. regardless race, religion and other affiliations, to as Chairman, where she has worked as a participate. strong, independent voice for North Carolina families. She has a proven record of reaching across the aisle and working with all groups to create jobs and strengthen average ability. I have not the shadow of a our education system. doubt that any man or woman can achieve Among sponsors of Peace Day: Universal what I have, if he or she would make the Vedic Cultural Education Foundation & US Congressional candidate Jennifer Roberts expressed Charlotte School. same effort and cultivate the sameherhope support for the event, International and the importance of the AID, Mokmessage to the Mrs. Roberts diversity shaworld. group, CMSconsiders Students and Parents, and faith.”--Mahatma Gandhi an opportunity to learn, discover and collaboration. many nonprofit organizations, and comThe Event took place at 700 EastPeace Trade is necessary for development and prosperity; the munity Charlotte (intersection of Alexander St.) Uptown younger generation hasat to large understand the past,NC. utilize■

Attention “GO” Players

good leadership, and craft a society with a multilateral Fast, friendly, professional editing by hasanserved English foundation. Jennifer Roberts eight yearsexpert. on the Mecklenburg County Commission, five as Chairman, No job too large; no job where tooshesmall. Over 20independent years' voice experihas worked as a strong, for North Carolina families. She has a proven record of ence. Satisfaction guaranteed. reaching across the aisle and working with all groups to create jobs and strengthen our education system I've been a technical editor since 1990, and I've been sponsors of Peacepeer-review Day: Universal Vedic Cultural editing thesis papers andAmong articles for journals Education Foundation & Charlotte International School. AID, Moksha group, CMS Students and Parents, nonprofit organizations, and community at large since 1999. My areas of many expertise include engineering, Charlotte NC. medicine, law, business, and fiction. .

Visit for more information, or write to

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (10)

Phoenix competes in the International Overseas Chinese Dance Competition by He Zi

teans to make them more aware of Chinese culture and arts. Recently, a great opportunity presented itself to Chinese Phoenix Arts: The China State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Chinese Dancers Association, and the Overseas Chinese Town Group joined forces to hold its third annual world overseas Chinese artistic talent competition. Furthermore, for the first time ever, the event organizers have added a dance division to the competition. About two months ago, The 2012 China Culture, The Global Chinese Art Talent - Dance Competition committee undertook a talent search amongst the Chinese, all over the world. The Chinese Talent (dance) final will take place from the 26 of November to the 1st of December 2012 in the Shenzhen China Art Centre. On these dates, 50 dance teams from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines and more than 10 other countries will participate in this competition. The dance contest aims to promote Chinese culture, promote the development and prosperity of national folk dance art overseas. Worldwide, a total of more than 200 Figure 1Lucy Zhang, XiaoSong He, 2nd row:Yanshu Li, Cara teams took part in the preliminaries; Zhang,Linda Yu. Pictures taken by Jack Wang. Internal Medicine Family Kim Tam, M.D.

Chinese Phoenix Arts in Charlotte NC was one of the eight amateur overseas Chinese dance groups in the United States who recently made the finals of the first Overseas Chinese Dance Competition. This is quite an honor for Charlotte's first adult Chinese performing group, a 15 year old non-profit Chinese culture and arts organization! Over the years, Phoenix has been promoting Chinese culture to major companies, banks, schools, nursing homes, and various social groups; its members are volunteers who love their heritage, culture, arts and music. Thanks to its members' enthusiastic love for their Chinese culture, and are very hard-working in promoting and educating the local charlot-


1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 342-8115 Internal Medicine Nang T. Ta, M.D. English-Vietnamese

Asian Professionals Attorney Immigration

Dentist Nhung T. Phan, D.M.D. English-Vietnamese 2391 Dave Lyle Blvd. Suite 101 Rock Hill, SC 29730

3007 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 567-8218 Internal Medicine Jason Zeng, M.D.

(803) 325-9000

Dentist Dr. Qing Ming Chen


1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 670. Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 839-9583 Internal Medicine Sheena Kapadia

English-Hindi 1918 Randolph Rd. Ste. 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 342-8115 Obstetrics Gynecology Jenny Thao Ngo, C.N.M. English-Vietnamese 4822 Albemarle Rd. Ste 103 Charlotte, NC 28205




Nguyen Ta, M.D. English-Vietnamese 1433 Emerywood Dr. Ste D Charlotte, NC 28210

(704) 554-8880

Dentist Steven Ghim, D.D.S. English-Korean 9335 Blankeney Center Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277


2504 Plantation Center Dr. Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 841-2237 Internal Medicine Family Ching H. Lieu, M.D. English-Korean

930 West Wilson Ave Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 663-7500

Chiropractor Jeongpil Park, D.C. English-Korean-Spanish 101 E Matthews ST. Suite 700. Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 841-1701

Chiropractor Sharon Tam, D.C. English-Chinese 2418 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 377-0800 Chiropractor Xiaolu Dong, D.C. English-Chinese 539 #9 Highway Bypass E. Lancaster, SC 29720

(704) 541-8600

Dentist English-Vietnamese 2614-A East 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 295-0151 Dentist

(803) 286-1148

Optometrist Luong-Huy Le, D.D.S.

Dr. Xin Chen English-Chinese 8170 C. South Tryon St Charlotte NC 28273

(704) 405-5690

the competition was divided into solo, duets and trio dancers as well as dance groups with multiple participants. After experts from the Chinese Dancers Association, Central Nationalities Song and Dance Ensemble made a rigorous assessment of the dance submissions of these overseas Chinese dance groups, only 50 were selected to participate in the finals. Chinese Phoenix Arts in Charlotte was one of the 8 dance groups selected from the United States. The dance is Kang Ding Love Song, a Tibetan dance. The news spread out and all of the members of the Phoenix got wide and excited to congratulating and cheering the dancers on. The dance instructor, artistic director, also, the lead dancer, Ms. Zhang Xueyao(Cara), a dance major student of UNCC, adapted a

Do Thuan My, D.O.

English-Vietnamese 6801 Northlake Mall Dr, Ste 253 Charlotte, NC 28212 (704)777-9047, (704) 563-7655

Attorney Immigration Douglas H. Kim, Esq

English-Korean-Spanish 220 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 401 Charlotte, NC 28273

(704) 504-0962

Tin Thanh Nguyen, Pllc English-Vietnamese-Spanish 4520 N. Tryon Street, Ste. 20 Charlotte, NC 28213

(704) 462-1527 Attorney Immigration Seung Hae Suh, Esq English-Korean 1110 Navaho Dr. Ste 502 Raleigh, NC 27609

professional version of the dance online last year, and taught the dance team this Tibetan dance for one of Phoenix’s Chinese New Year celebration number. Now Xueyao has worked hard rehearsing with the rest of the dance team, notably Zhang Zhihong (Lucy), the stage manager, and the dance team rehearsal coordinator, Yu Qing (Linda), the Present of Chinese Phoenix Arts and the dance team leader, Li Yanshu, a dance major graduate from ShanXi University in China, now a staff member of Confucius Institute in Pfeiffer University, and He XiaoSong, former first President of Phoenix Chinese Arts, currently Director of Little Lotus Troupe, and an adjunct professor at Johnson C. Smith University. These dancers have been rehearsing very hard and have a common goal of striving to do their best to achieve great results in the finals. We know the dance team will do its very best for its special mission in ShenZhen China! This group of five bears a huge responsibility, will meet a great challenge, yet will contribute its talent, energy and time for our city, the people of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the United States! We are proud of you! ■ Attorney at Law Mica N. Worthy 2907 Providence Rd. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 940-3405 Acupuncture Lauren Leung, L.Ac 5200 Park Rd., Ste 227 Charlotte, NC 28209

(704) 605-2602

Acupuncture (M.D. in China) Hu Jiang, L.Ac

English-Chinese-Korean 3065-A Senna Dr. Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 560-6928 Acupuncture (M.D. in China)

Jeffrey Wang & Mary Ren, L.Ac English-Chinese

7810 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Ste 300

Charlotte, NC 28277

(919) 876-4707 Attorney Immigration Kristen A.Chang, Esq

(704) 968-0351 Acupuncture (M.D. in China) Peizhi Li, L.Ac

(336) 855-5700 Attorney Immigration Jennifer Chun, Esq

(704) 341-3063

English-Korean 4915 Piedmont Pkwy Ste. 103 Jamestown, NC 27282

English-Chinese 10512 Park Rd. Ste 203 Charlotte, NC 28210


Pradip B. Bulsara L.Ac.


Enhglish-Hindu 203 Gelnway Street Belmont, NC 28054

9104 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 783-8999 Attorney Immigration Benjamin Li, Esq

(704) 917-9804

Architect Hong Choe, AIA English-Korean


4912 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209

2409 Chesterfield Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 408-8994

(704) 527-0878 Attorney Business Dennis O’s Dea, Esq 6729 Fairview Road Suite C Charlotte, NC 28210

(704) 780-1544

Attorney Immigration Jordan G. Forsythe 756 Tyvola Rd. Suite 160 Charlotte, NC 28217

(704) 522-6077

Attorney Immigration C. Andres Lopez

756 Tyvola Rd. Suite 160 Charlotte, NC 28217

(704) 522-6077

Chiropractor Chiropractic Physician Dr. R. Scott Saario 537 W Sugar Creek Rd, Ste 101 P: (704)598-8040


Starpoint Acupuncture

Wendy Swanson Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist



Li Jie McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist) Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

John McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Masters degree of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbology Charlotte Davidson 704-737-4412 / Morganton 828-413-0567

The AsiAn herAld

November 2012 (11)

HELPING ASIAN AMERICANS REACH THEIR RETIREMENT GOALS Most Americans Asian Americans need to address the gaps HELPING AMERICANS REACH that exist between the goalsTHEIR they’ve set and have been im-ASIAN RETIREMENT GOALS pacted in some the lifestyle in retirement they can now exto achieve. particularly critical Mostby Americans impacted in some wayThis by theisfinancial downturn way the fihave nan-beenpect of 2008-2009, and a study conducted by Prudential Financial indicates that for those nearing retirement. 43 percial Asiandownturn Americans areof no exception. Asian Americans on the Road Some to Retirement, is aand reportabased on anhave onlineless study than conducted in July 2009 that cent $50,000 in retirement 2008-2009, polled a total of 656 Asian Americans who were sole or joint financial savings, andsome many have findings, little or no understudy conducted decision makers. Survey results uncovered interesting the fact that approximately 8 of in 10the respondents felt options their savings standing fi nancial available byincluding Prudential Fiand investments have been negatively impacted in recent years. Additionally, tothought them.planning was an essential part of a majority of those surveyed nancial indicates retirement success, but only 18 percent currently uses licensed financial The need for professional assistance. that Asian Ameriprofessionals for long-term financial planning needs, such as how to achieve retirement goals. cans are no exception. Asian Americans on Now more than ever financial professionthe Road to Retirement, Additional survey findings:is a report based als play a critical role in helping individuon an· online study conducted in July 2009 als from all cultures explore various investOnly 27 percent of those surveyed have a formal written plan in place for retirement. ment vehicles. Asian Americans · Financial protection in retirement was a key concern, but few had adequate knowledge about the nearing that polled a total of 656 Asian Americans various life insurance products available. retirement arelikeanmutual especially underserved who ·were orpercentage joint fiunderstood nancial decision Onlysole a small the role that investment vehicles funds or annuities play in a retirement portfolio. makers. Survey results uncovered some group when it comes to getting the help interesting findings, including Understanding cultural influences.the fact that they need – the Prudential survey points approximately 8 in 10 reCultural differences definitely come into play when you look at how people from different backgrounds spondents feltplanning their for savings approach their financial security. Asian Americans, for example, often look to family and friends for financial and investments haveadvice, beenand may need to be persuaded about the valuable role a trusted financial professional can play in helping them attain their financial goals. Asian Americans also have a tradition negatively impacted inaging re- family members, but for those approaching their golden years, the prospect of personally caring for living with adult children should not be viewed as a substitute for building an adequate nest egg. cent of years. Additionally, a Asianof Americans need to address the gaps that exist between the goals they’ve set and the lifestyle in majority those surveyed retirement they can now expect to achieve. This is particularly critical for those nearing retirement. thought planning waslessan Some 43 percent have than $50,000 in retirement savings, and many have little or no understanding of the financial options available to them. essential part of retirement success, but foronly 18 perThe need professional assistance. cent currently uses licensed financial professionals for long-term financial planning needs, such as how to achieve retirement goals. Additional survey findings: • Only 27 percent of those surveyed have a formal written plan in place for retirement. • Financial protection in retirement was a key concern, but few had adequate knowledge about the various life insurance products available. • Only a small percentage understood the role that investment vehicles like mutual funds or annuities play in a retirement portfolio. Understanding cultural influences. Cultural differences definitely come into play when you look at how people from different backgrounds approach planning for their financial security. Asian Americans, for example, often look to family and friends for financial advice, and may need to be persuaded about the valuable role a trusted financial professional can play in helping them attain their financial goals. Asian Americans also have a tradition of personally caring for aging family members, but for those approaching their golden years, the prospect of living with adult children should not be viewed as a substitute for building an adequate nest egg.

out that only about one in four Asian Americans have a formal, written plan in place. Clearly, having a plan is essential toward achieving future lifestyle goals, particularly for those nearing retirement. Like other consumers who are looking for guidance, Asian Americans who want to learn more about investment options but don’t know where to begin should seek out a financial professional they feel comfortable with. A good place to start is through referrals - ask friends and coworkers if they can recommend a financial professional and consider interviewing several. The right individual will help identify financial objectives and lead discussions on topics ranging from investments to retirement

savings. Having the right plan in place is an essential first step to helping to obtain retirement security, and can help keep you on track to achieving your hopes and dreams for the future. Provided courtesy of Prudential. For more information, contact Amira Issa, Financial Professional Associate with The Prudential Insurance Company of America's Charlotte agency located in Charlotte, NC. She can be reached at amira.issa@ and (704) 421-7803. Important note: If payment is exchanged for the publication, production, or distribution of an article, first sentence should be substituted with: This advertisement provided courtesy of Prudential [in NY and WA add “, Newark, NJ] [In Texas, use – “Provided courtesy of The Prudential Insurance Company of America (if also used in NY or WA add “, Newark, NJ).”] ■

h .Tịn H MC

Đ gọc N à v



Ngày Chủ Nhật 02 tháng 12 năm 2012 Lúc 6:00pm


Vé ủng hộ : $30.00

Kinh Mời

November 2012 (12)

The AsiAn herAld

The AsiAn herAld

November 2012 (13) 夏洛特簽証﹑機票服務中心 廉價國際機票,24 小時訂票小姐電話服務

精辦赴中國﹑香港及歐美各國簽証 代辦美國國務院﹑中國大使館公證認證 代取中國大使館辦理的護照、公証文件

The Asian Herald Chinese Section 2012 年 第 11 期 總 第 71 期


2012 年 11 月 1 日出版

7864-B Rea Rd Charlotte NC 28277

Tel(704) 364-8887 ; Cell (704) 919-6362 Fax(704)837-4148

聯繫電話 704-919-6362


Address:7864-B Rea Rd Charlotte NC 28277



「一日遊遍全世界」 北卡大學夏樂分校國際節 ,人山人海、摩肩擦踵,真熱鬧! 【本報訊】一年一度的北卡大學夏樂分校國際 遊行,讓全場觀眾眼睛一亮。 (圖與文 湘君) 節日前在該校學生活動中心籃球館內外舉行, 夏樂地區近萬名民眾攜家帶口前來參加盛會,

亞裔群眾受邀參觀夏洛特 NBC 電視台 會見夏洛特首位華裔播音員兼記者 Dion 林


【本報訊】夏樂第一位華裔播音員兼記者 Dion 林,日前邀請並親自當嚮導,招

鬧。北卡大學夏樂分校代表 50 多個國家和地 區的國際留學生展出了他們國家玲琅滿目的

待亞裔專業人士協會和卡羅來納亞洲小姐協會的代表,參觀了夏樂 NBC 電視台


WCNC。Dion 林女士負責主持 NBC 下午和晚間 11 時新聞節目。Dion 林女士出




WCNC 新聞攝影棚、機房、體育節目和新聞節目編輯部,並會見了值班人員。

準備了餃子、燒烤。工藝品和代老外書寫中文 名字的服務,一直是最多人群光顧的展棚。夏 樂 20 多個文藝團體,演出了精彩的舞蹈表演、 民歌演唱和樂器演奏。「小荷花藝術團」演出 了「飛天舞」和「彩扇舞」受到全場熱烈歡迎。,

精神可佳。北卡大學夏樂分校朱思遠同學的 中國武術「雙節棍」表演,也得到很多贊歎。 下午 2 時半,各國代表隊服飾遊行開始,10 多 位中國大陸留學生身著中國民族服裝出場。男 同學身著唐裝,女同學穿著旗袍手持花傘健步

共有 200 多支隊伍參加了預賽,比賽分為 單雙三人舞和群舞兩個組別。日前,活動評 全球華人中華才藝-舞蹈大賽決賽 審委員會邀請了中國舞蹈家協會、中央民族 由中國國務院僑務辦公室聯合中國舞蹈家 歌舞團的專家對中國駐外使領館遴選後提供 協會、華僑城集團舉辦的 2012「文化中國· 的優秀作品視頻資料進行了嚴格評審,最後 全球華人中華才藝( 舞蹈) 大賽」決賽將於 選出 50 個海外華僑華人舞蹈團體參加最後 2012 年 11 月 26 日至 12 月 1 日在深圳華夏 的決賽。夏樂市鳳凰藝術團的群舞節目「溜 藝術中心舉行。屆時,來自美國、英國、澳 溜康定」人選群舞決賽。 大利亞、馬來西亞、菲律賓等 10 多個國家 夏樂市鳳凰藝術團建團已 15 年,是北卡 的 50 支舞蹈隊伍將參加角逐。此次舞蹈大 州大夏樂地區第一個由來自中國的業餘文藝 賽旨在弘揚中華優秀文化,促進民族民間舞 愛好者自己組建的藝術團體,以弘 揚中華 蹈藝術在海外的發展與繁榮。 文化,促進中美友誼為宗旨,活躍在夏樂地


魅力中國 授權代理商


704-364-8887 919-926-1081

區各大公司, 銀行,中學,小學, 老人院和社會團體等舉辦的文化活 動中。正在北卡大學夏樂分校 (UNCC)學習舞蹈教育專業的張雪瑤 同學,親自動手改編舞蹈和剪輯舞 曲,去年利用課餘時間耐心指導團 員排練群舞「溜溜康定」兩個多 月,貢獻最多。現在該團舞蹈隊的 演員們正在抓緊參賽前的最後幾個 星期,做進一步地排練,爭取在決 賽中奪獎。 (圖與文 湘君)

919.926.1081 704.364.8887

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (14)


藍脊山下 Local


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

2012 年第 11 期 總第 71 期 第


夏洛特華美協會秋季野餐, 新老相聚

夏洛特台灣同鄉會中秋聚會,賞月說親情 【本報訊】夏洛



十月十三日 (星期六) 中午開


始,在夏洛特市公園路公園 2

歡聚餐,110 多





人出席。 從麒麟閣中餐館提前

修一新的 Shannamara 社區 俱樂部,大家賞 美食,喝靚湯, 品月餅,其樂融 融。

訂購的盒飯,健康美味。夏洛特華美協會義工們親自準備的 燒烤,香味撲鼻。孩子們還有有獎遊戲。

剛剛從加州探親回來的前會長李芬芬,還 引全體賓客的注目。經過大家舉手錶決,由 帶來了北美婦女會編印的 2013 精美年曆,


供大家選購,順便幫助北美婦女會的慈善事 身穿小熊裝,非常可愛,獲得第三名。主辦 業。

華夏中文學校秋假,500 多師生家長聯歡


夏樂人人敬重的蕭媽媽,今年又帶來親自 獎品留念。現任會長宋富美和副會長吳俊

【本報訊】華夏中文學校於十月十四日 (星


煲制的可口酸菜湯、米粉湯和紅豆湯,很受 岳,也身著節日服裝,忙前忙後,與五位參

期天) 在夏洛特市公園路公園 1 號和 2 號棚舉 湯,地道中式菜餚,色香味俱全,人人大快

歡迎。台灣中餐館鐘師父的夫人親自下廚, 賽選手的萬聖節服飾相映成趣。

行了秋假聚餐,500 多位師生家長出席,氣






粉、燴三鮮、香酥魚、菠蘿肉和泡菜,色香 製作的旦黃、綠豆碰和芋頭三種口味月餅, 味俱全,大受歡迎。


吳愛麗莎(Alissa Wu) 和她的兩位美國同


學 Kathryn O'Connell, Sarah Sciascia 的萬聖


由該校總務長李勐親自下廚,不計工本, 提供了鹽水鴨塊、五香醺魚、紅燒牛腩、蔬


節服飾化妝最精彩;北卡大學夏樂分校鄭慧 問候。晚餐後大家還興致勃勃地加入卡拉 寬教授也身著華麗的女王服裝,參加當天晚 OK 的歌唱。邱老先生花費了整個晚上管理 上的萬聖節服飾賽。五位選手繞場一週,吸 卡拉 OK 設備,勞苦功高。

卡羅來納亞美商會 10 月 25 日晚聯誼聚餐會 【本報訊】卡羅來納亞美商會 (CAACC) 於 10 月 25 日晚在朝代 中餐館(Dynasty Cuisine Restaurant ) 舉行聯誼聚餐會,邀請電 視節目獲獎人丹斯 塔克斯 (Dan Starks) 講解有關個人安全的問 題,作主題演講。 他和他的同事康妮(Connie Smigel)出席演講。他們是本地有名 的演講家和安全專家。

九陽豆漿機 CTS 1048 全豆王 $99 不銹鋼外殼 堅固美觀易清洗.

CTS 1068 全新米糊王 不銹鋼內殼, 保溫外殼,可以 避免燙傷 。

優惠價 $109

919-926-1081 704-364-8887

The Asian Herald 3 健康


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為何相信有一真神存在? 常聽見人說:“如果真有一位神,讓我親 眼看看,我就相信。”說這話的人,你不會 覺得他太過於幼稚嗎?世界上有多少東西並 不是憑人的“肉眼”所能看得見的。比如: 電波,聲波,細菌,原子等等也是看不見 的,你可以否定其存在嗎?另外“風”,我 們可以從風吹草動,天熱風吹涼爽感受風的 存在,但有誰看過風呢?何況那位超越“時 空”,又是“無限”的創造主,更不是我們 這“有限,微小”的人所能探知的。 1960 年代美蘇太空競賽,蘇俄的第二位 太空人鐵托夫(Charman Titov)曾乘太空船 繞地球 17 圈半回來,這個成就使美國感到 落後了。鐵托夫就很自誇的說:“我去了太 空,但很抱歉,我並沒有看到上帝。”當時 蘇俄頭子赫魯曉夫(當年除了美國總統以 外,最顯眼的名字)就妄自尊大的宣稱:


心:一. 是我頭上群星的穹蒼,二. 是那在我


北。他所帶 41 萬大軍,料想不到因一場大





的,共有 21 萬 3 千多人被埋尸於雪地,結果


只帶了九千殘兵退回本國。歷史學家 F. W.


Krumwacher 論起此事,他說:“明顯的有一









們這卑微罪污的人怎能朝見這一位至尊至聖 的神呢?我們想見美國總統都不容易求見, 何況這一位“天地萬物的主宰上帝”,我們 豈可隨便使喚祂出來讓你看看呢? 世人可以經由神客觀“啓示”,加上他的 觀察及推論,尋求到宇宙確實有一位“真 神”存在。神藉著三方面的定律向人啓示。


蔬食者愈來愈多,前副總統呂秀蓮也 是其中之一,她表示,吃蔬食後,身體 愈來愈健康,體重也減輕了四公斤。不 過,醫師提醒,蔬食者要注意攝取足夠 的蛋白質,以免造成失智等其他病症。 英諺說:「You are what you eat」,意 指吃進什麼樣的食物,就決定什麼樣的 身體。醫學博士陳俊旭說,身體健康與 飲食有很密切的關係。 「現代人大都吃 錯了。」大多數的慢性病都是吃出來 的,像糖尿病主要是因為飲食比例錯 誤,吃太多澱粉、糕餅、水果,吃太少 蔬菜所致;高血壓和腦血管疾病則是因 壞油(油炸食物)吃太多、蔬菜、水果(含 抗氧化劑可對抗體內自由基)吃太少;憂

趕緊上網查 社安金報告( Social Security statements)會摘要列出每個人過 去的所得紀錄、以及預期的退 休金額,長久以來,這份報告 都會在每個人生日前寄到家 裡,就像早到的生日禮物;但 現在信箱裡不再有這份報告, 想知道報告裡的訊息,必須造 訪

雖然人不能直接用他的肉眼看見,但藉著 神所創造的萬物,間接可以知道神的永能和 神性。將來在神的審判台前,無論是誰都不


神的永能與神性,不但顯明在整個“偉大 的宇宙”,同時也顯明在“微小的原子”裡






盼望讀者讀了這篇信息之後,能相信有一 位真神存在。“神愛世 人,甚至將祂的獨生 子賜給他們,叫一切 迦密華人浸信會 信祂的,不至滅亡,

心”所追求的。 顯明在“良心”的功用上。我們都知道“良


反得永生。”(約翰福 音

以愛華人浸信會 夏樂市華人浸信會 半島浸信會華人團契

德國哲學家康德(Immanuel Kant)說:


“有兩件事,讓我越反省就越產生敬畏神的 考。


1. 食物四分法:每餐飲食中蔬菜類、



水果類、蛋白質類及澱粉類各佔 25%。

和體力減退、臉色蒼白等;缺乏B 12



2. 多吃好油、少吃壞油:好油可以維






「內科紀事」期刊( Annals of Intenral Medicine)16 日發表研究顯示,睡眠太 少可損害人體的脂肪細胞,使人易患 肥胖和第二型糖尿病。 科學家早就指出,缺乏睡眠會使人疲



3. 多原味、少調味:吃新鮮原味食 物。


B 12 是人體製造神經傳導物質的輔助














6. 每餐只吃七分飽:吃太飽或有吃消












7. 食物種類多樣化:人體要維持基本


乏維他命B 12、蛋白質而出毛病。













生素B 12 是造血重要元素,若缺乏會


4. 多吃完整食物:很多食物都可以連 籽帶皮吃,如葡萄、蘋果等。 5. 精製糖、精製澱粉少吃:吃過多精 製糖或澱粉,會增加身體負擔,影響吸 收維生素 C,使抵抗力變差。

倦和思維混亂,同時還使人長胖。睡 眠不足導致人體的饑餓荷爾濛水平提 高,降低了飽足感的荷爾濛水平,從 而導致食量增大和體重增加。 人體的荷爾蒙胰島素對調節體內的能 量儲存與配置至關重要,研究顯示, 睡眠不足降低了脂肪細胞對荷爾蒙胰 島素的正常反應能力。 芝加哥大學的分子代謝與營養委員會


8. 多喝潔淨的水:喝好水很重要,不












釋,長期不吃肉會缺乏維生素B 12,維 此外,蛋白質還能構成抗體,來維持身

鬱症也與優質蛋白(如新鮮魚? 蛂 % 蛋)及 半素半葷最健康

缺乏維他命B 提前退化

“自從創世以來,神那看不見的事,就如 祂永恆的大能和神性,都是看得見的,就是







當晚的佈道會上作了公開回答。 他用一個比 在人,成事在天。”拿破侖笑著狂傲地說: 喻說:“有一條蚯蚓從地下鑽出地面,只伸 “我拿破侖不同凡人也,我是:謀事在我,




“宇宙中確實沒有 神。”記得當時葛理翰牧 所說:“順天者昌,逆天者亡。”1812 年法 心”是與生俱來的,是上帝放置於人心,使 師(Rev. Billy Graham)正在某地舉行大型 國拿破侖欲攻俄國時,俄國大使勸告他不要 它能發生分別是非的作用,所以中國哲學家 佈道會,他在報章閱讀到這一則消息,就在 動兵,免得兩敗俱傷,並引古話說:“謀事 就稱“良心”為“良知”或“天良”。


2012 年 第 11 期 總第 71 期 第

mystatement 網站,開設社安帳 戶。 到底什麼原因非得要定期查

1213 查詢。

看社安報告呢? 第一個理由是,這是預知將

第四,年輕人不必等到 25 歲




社安報告。只要滿 18 歲、有社






延至 70 歲;報告書也明列殘障









第二個理由是,報告內容可 能有誤;社安局建議大家每年


時會變,而且從 2033 年起,薪 實是問答問題的本人,問題包


資所得稅只夠支應 75%社安





誤,應盡速撥打 1-800-772-





(704) 919-6362 (919) 926-1081


在美國如果出現飛機失事,即使 損傷輕微,也一樣會上新聞頭條。 相比之下,美國醫療界可謂更要 命:每週因為醫療事故而丟掉性命 的人足以裝滿四架大型客機。但在 全世界,這些錯誤都常常不被人察 覺,醫療界也極少從中汲取教訓。 那些原本可以預防避免、幾無差別 的醫療事故在世界各地一遍一遍上 演。 在美國,外科醫生在手術台上認 錯部位動錯刀的次數高達每週 40 次。如果將醫療錯誤當成一種疾病 的話,它在美國算是第六大死因,

排名緊隨意外事故之後,比老年痴 呆症還靠前一位。若將人員傷亡撇 開不談,單從財物損失上看,醫療 錯誤就使美國醫保系統每年損失高 達數百億美元。 在本專業領域進行了調查研究的 醫學專家認為,大約有 20%到 30%的用藥、醫檢及手術是不必要 的。還有比這更不靠譜的行業嗎? ( 湘軍摘自華爾街日報)

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (16)

4 社會觀察 Society 一個台灣人 看上海交大 佚名 看一個人,可以看他的學識, 他的氣質,他的丰采,他的談 吐。看一個國家,可以看它的大 學。 我每到一個國家,一個城市, 風景區可以不看,但大學和博物 館一定要看。 台大的老校長傅斯年,掌理台 大的時間其實不長,但這位胡適 的得意門生,前北大校長,卻給 台大奠立了很好的基礎,把北大 的學術風氣和自由學風帶到了台 大,把大學的莊嚴地位和神聖使 命清楚地傳達給一代又一代的台 大人。傅老給台大師生留下一句 鏗鏘有力擲地有聲的名言:“貢 獻這所大學於宇宙之精神”。是 啊,“宇宙之精神”,多麼莊嚴 神聖,多麼亙古長新。 美國東岸的耶魯、哈佛、哥倫 比亞,西岸的柏克萊、史丹佛我 都去過,也待過;大陸的北大和 上海交大、我也去過。 大陸的大學,即使是名牌大 學,培養的是螺絲釘;美國的名 校和台大,培養的是人材。大陸 的大學,即使是名牌大學,比較 像職業學校或技術學院;美國的 名校和台大,培養的是獨立研究 獨立思考的領袖人材。大陸的大 學,尤其是名牌大學,很像是在 開店開公司;美國的名校和台 大,則把自己看得很重,看作是 學術殿堂。 所以,台大可以出幾個諾貝 爾,大陸十多億人,卻無法“填 補空白”。

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上海的同濟大學,也是老牌菁 英名校了,尤其是以建築系聞 名;然而,電視廣告里,它下屬 的“同濟大學裝潢公司”,居然 用同濟的金字招牌,拉裝潢生 意。 上海交大,也是百年名校,當 年曾為國民政府培養出多少棟樑 之材;現在的交大,不但有股票 上市公司(當然,同濟、北大、 清華等大陸名校都有),走在它 的校園里,簡直就像逛一個市 場。在廣元西路的校門旁邊,交 大用臨街校地蓋了一座6層大 樓,一樓二樓是電腦商場,裡面 分隔成許多狹小的店面,租給商 家賣電腦或組裝電腦。走道是那 樣的狹窄,商家再把桌子搬出來 拉客,讓人走都不好走。人人手 上一根煙,那空氣真叫一個污 濁。三樓是交大昂立書店,純粹 以營利為目的,連中小學生到幼 兒的參考書都賣。你能想象柏克 萊、史丹佛的大學書店裡面,賣 非學術方面的書?四樓以上則是 交大昂立學院,一個以營利為目 的的英語電腦進修學院。進了校 園,到處可以看到廣告,有交大 的這個英語培訓班,那個電腦培 訓班,原來交大不止一個昂立進 修學院,還有好幾類似的學店 呢。學生宿舍的一樓,被出租給 某個培訓班當教室,大白天的也 會聽到,這個那個英語培訓班里 傳出託福gre聽力模擬測驗的 錄音機聲音。小賣部旁邊,還有 一間店面是賣仿製的青銅器。還 有個地方,墻壁上用手很粗糙地 寫著:假肢,洽詢請進。交大還 有用學校名字作商標的“交大昂 立一號”補品,呵呵,西方人真

笨,怎麼不搞個「劍橋海狗 丸」、「牛津隆胸素」、「哈佛 腦鑽石」、「耶魯減肥茶」。 交大的系、所,分得真是細, 大概中國人都喜歡自立山頭,都 喜歡擁有好聽的頭銜,所以交大 有無限多的系主任、所長、院 長。 比方說,居然還有個“機器人 研究所”。耶魯大學整個工科, 就是一個系:工程系。 當知識變得如此支離破碎的時 候,你還指望能培養出有全局眼 光的棟樑之材? 當大學校園變得像個市場商場 的時候,你還指望能熏陶出什麼 優雅之士?聽上海的大學生和大 學畢業生的談話,永遠都只圍繞 著“個人”問題,出國啦,讀學 位啦,學英語啦,學電腦啦,工 作啦……。 在美國和台灣,大部分的社會 變革和進步,都是由學校和民間 的知識分子推動的;在上海,知 識分子是這樣的幸福,一切事情 都只需要等著上海市政府做。知 識分子讀書,只不過是為了賺 錢、結婚、傳宗接代而已。 這也不奇怪,叢林里的猩猩猴 子也是這樣呢。 甲:“聽說你找了個廳長的女兒,洪福 加艷福!恭喜恭喜,恭喜!” 乙:“老實講,我決不是因為她爸是高 幹才追她。不瞞你說,我也不怕人家說 我唯美主義,主要是她長得漂亮!”

2012 年 第 11 期 總第 71 期 第


“我愛人美的程度,在弊省,超過副部 “嘿,真新鮮!她人品如何?脾氣是不




錯! 香蕉熟了還是得放冰箱,雖然外皮會變

可冷藏。 因為桃、李的危險溫度為 1.7℃~


10℃,而冰箱的冷藏溫度 4℃,正在危險溫度範

●蘋果、水蜜桃一起塞冰箱? 不可以!

圍內, 如果桃李未完全熟化前冷藏,會破壞水


果組織、流失水分。 夏季高溫超過 29℃以上,桃、李也會開始產

若是錯把不同特性的水果放在一起,就會像李 媽媽冰箱裡的水蜜桃一樣,開始熟透壞掉。




便。 不對! 因為水分會使病菌微生物孳生,讓

在室內陰涼處熟化,熟成後還是得冷藏, 否則






如何判斷水果已熟? 以軟硬度可分辨桃李類、奇異果、釋迦、甜

起?該如何正確保存?如何催熟? 怎樣才不會讓水果還來不及吃就爛了?一起跟




冷藏前,先認識水果類型 水果雖然已從果樹上摘下,但它仍是有生命 的個體,會呼吸、感冒、受傷,也會老化。 有些水果會釋放「乙烯」,有些水果最怕冰 箱吸收水氣而變乾,也有水果冷藏會受傷,該

梨則會轉變為黑色。 以嬌嫩難照顧的後熟型水果水蜜桃為例,經 營水果行 30 年的李進益分享一個小撇步,買回 來需在室溫環境擺放 2 天左右,稍微變軟就可 以放入冰箱冷藏,要吃之前拿出來退冰 2 小時

如何小心照顧它們呢? 要學會保存水果,前提

~ 3 小時,吃起來的軟硬度就剛剛好。 但水蜜





「已熟型」水果:指在採收時已經成熟, 若未放入冰箱冷藏,很快就會過熟、爛掉的水 果;「後熟型」水果:是在採收時還未完全

此外熱帶水果也怕冷、容易感冒,如鳳梨、 香蕉、芒果、木瓜等,若要成熟後冷藏,建議 不超過兩天,並盡快食用。


3.不能和其他蔬果放一起的水果︰ 蘋





葡萄、蘋果、蓮霧、芭樂、草莓、櫻桃、水 梨、柑橘。 不過冰箱內溫度低、濕度也低,所 以水果容易流失水分,許多人或許都有經驗, 有些水果未包裝就放進冰箱或是冷藏太久,就 會出現皺紋、乾枯萎縮。 在冷藏環境下容易流失水分的水果,包括 梨、蓮霧、芭樂、櫻桃、龍眼等。 避免水分流 失是冷藏保存關鍵。這類水果怕水分流失,但 也需要呼吸,因此可用紙張包覆後再放入塑膠

烯會加速水果的成熟和老化,若將一般蔬菜、 水果與此類水果放在一起,就容易提早老化、 腐爛。 在水果堆中,若是有一顆水果壞掉,就 要立即挑出,因為壞掉的水果也會開始釋放乙 烯,讓其他水果一顆一顆接著壞。 分開包裝、 擺放為保存關鍵。這類水果不論是冷藏或室溫 保存都需要分開,若是冷藏,建議裝入塑膠 袋,袋口稍打個結,避免釋放出的乙烯影響冰 箱內其他水果的品質。

水果保存得宜,須先聰明買 如果不想因為保存水果而大傷腦筋,最好的




柿、酪梨等。 為例,未熟前的理想保存溫度在 10℃~




維持透氣,別讓水果悶壞。 櫻桃易碰撞受傷又

辦法就是適量採購,可少量多樣,並在一週內 食用完畢。當然,還要選擇當季盛產水果,因 為最新鮮,而且量多便宜。 大顆水果賣相好價






2.先放室溫幾天再冷藏的水果︰ 水蜜

並可分次食用。 若是後熟型水果,可挑選一顆


的,回家還可再擺放 1 天~ 2 天。


格高,若是自己吃,則建議購買小顆,數量多 熟度剛好,當天可吃,另一顆則挑青澀一點

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8170 S. Tryon St.


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陳青明牙醫診所 Bright Dental Charlotte 2504 Plantation Center Dr Matthews , NC 28105 接受多種牙醫保險


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2.中﹑英文高清晰美國衛星電視 $24.99 起 DirecTV 香港翡翠台 高清電視節目 $24.99 起 3. 25,000 首歌曲 1080P 高清輸出卡拉OK播放 DishnetWork 長城平台 中文精選 高清電視

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漿、養生米糊、早餐米糊、綠豆沙、 羹、滋補香粥、調味/飲料,輕鬆做多 樣美食。

● 多達七十二種營養配方,隨機配送。 ● 額定功率: 900 W ● 額定電壓: 110 V, 50 HZ,專門為北美華人定製。 ● 容量: 1200-1300 ml ● 材料:使用進口 PC 無毒材料。



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The AsiAn herAld

November 2012 (17) The Asian Herald Chinese Section

5 讀者園地 Reader 超越了這個牆之後就才超越日本的,所以 台灣和中國大陸要跳躍這個牆,還是很困 難的。」 除三星外,樂金集團(LG)也在全球科 技領域佔有一席之地,被認為是韓國最有 張倩燁 影響力的四大財閥之一,LG 在全球移動 電視市場佔據專利優勢,韓國媒體分析, 韓國國家競爭力騰飛飆升,從十幾年 隨著移動電視風靡歐美,LG 將與三星收 前亞洲金融危機時的「破產邊緣」,蛻變 穫鉅額專利費。 為目前的發達國家。三星打敗諾基亞和蘋 LG 集團大中華區創始人千辰煥在接受 果公司,成為全球最大的手機品牌,銷售 亞洲週刊採訪時,解析了與美國、中國等 額居全球 IT 企業之首,創造新的「漢江奇 國相比,韓國科技飛速發展的原因,認為 蹟」韓國的影視、音樂、動漫、網絡遊戲 美國與中國的基礎科學實力較強,但韓國 等「韓流」向全球輸出。奇蹟背後是韓國 一直寄望於應用科學領域,希望能夠盡早 重視技術積累,在研發階段,政府會盡力 發展,超越中國。 提供支持;成立韓國文化振興院,全力發 韓國領先中國的制度優勢 展「韓流」文化產業。 談到中韓應用科技領域的對比,千辰煥 如果說二十世紀七十年代韓國的經濟奇 表示,中國在從基礎科學向應用科學領域 蹟是「起飛」,那新世紀以來,韓國則可 轉變過程中,出現的根本問題是制度的問 稱得上是對全世界發出「佔領」的戰書。 題。「中國人非常聰明,醫療、科技方面 今天的韓國,早已從當年「亞洲四小龍」 發明得很多,非常好,但是他們不願意在 的同儕中脫穎而出,在智慧手機、造船、 中國開發這個東西。還沒有成熟的就拿到 化工等領域將香港、台灣、新加坡遠遠拋 美國,或者其他國家去發展起來。」 離,挑戰日本及歐美,躋身發達國家行 千辰煥介紹,韓國的經驗是,在研發階 列。 段,韓國政府會盡力提供財政政策上的支 《朝鮮日報》與韓國樂金(LG)研究院 持,「但怎麼做他們不管」。中國政府也 共同發布研究成果,稱韓國六月將正式步 鼓勵應用科學發展,「但有政治上的目 入「二零│五零俱樂部」,即人均年收入 的」。 突破兩萬美元,全國人口達到五千萬。繼 他用一個小故事解釋了中國政府在一些 日本、美國、法國、意大利、德國與英國 研發項目中的作用:「比如癌症方面,我 之後,韓國是第七個進入這一集團的國 們認識很好的朋友,他們差不多十年前就 家。 發明瞭非常好的針對癌症方面的藥,本來 在十大成長動力產業中,帶給世界最大 做的是乳房癌症,後來所有的癌症都可以 驚奇的,莫過於移動通信產業。如今,韓 治療。但是他們不願意申請中國的 FDA 國三星已經超越索尼、諾基亞等手機製造 (藥檢局專利),賣給美國醫療公司…… 商,成為在國際市場與蘋果一決高下的知 他們和美國非常大的醫藥公司(合作), 名品牌。韓國的網速也高居全球第一,比 董事長坐飛機過來北京、上海談的時候, 美國快了兩倍。對韓國人來說,「三星是 旁邊有安插(中國的)情報員。」 一個帝國」。二零一一年,三星電子銷售 當韓國企業用智慧手機和移動電視將全 額達一千四百八十六億美元,銷售額連續 球移動市場逐漸收入「掌中」時,韓國文 兩年位居全球 IT 企業之首。二零一零年, 化產業則對全球文化消費者進行著眼球的 三星的銷售額佔韓國 GDP 的二成二。對 佔領。從金融危機中孕育出的「韓流」, 韓國人來說,這是個 Too Big To Fail 的支 十幾年間風靡亞洲,走向歐美,千萬青少 柱企業。 年成為韓國流行文化的狂熱粉絲。 韓國檀國大學經濟學教授金兌基向亞洲 在日本和台灣,「韓流」的威力是通過 週刊表示,三星和蘋果的競爭,實際上是 「反韓流」行動得以證明的。由於擔心 發明和製造革新主導市場的問題。「過去 「韓流」入侵對本地文化產業造成衝擊, 蘋果有喬布斯可以超越三星,沒有喬布斯 日本、台灣曾多次發生「反韓流」遊行, 是不能超越三星的,因為三星不是靠一個 示威者表示擔心韓國文化入侵造成本土文 CEO 來進行的。」「三星的競爭力是綜合 化的失落,從屢次的千人遊行中,韓流的 競爭力創造起來的」三星在發展產業的初 威力可見一斑。 級階段,就注重技術積累。「三星製造業 發展「韓流」作為國家意志肇始於一九 這個發展模式,是一九八零年代製造半導 九八年。金融危機期間,剛剛就任總統的 體開始發展的,雖然中國大陸與台灣模仿 金大中決意調整產業政策,成立文化觀光 三星的技術,但是三星八十年代累積下來 部,逐年提高國家總預算中對於文化觀光 的研究開發組裝能力,在短時期內,中國 產業的投資。一九九九年十二月,韓國國 大陸沒辦法、台灣也沒辦法趕得上的。」 會整合所有傳播相關法規,統一為《二零 他還以韓日競爭為例,說明技術積累中的 零零年傳播法》,其中規定電視台播放國 關鍵步驟——一面「技術牆」。「韓國是 產電影必須佔電影播放時間的百分之二十



長城平台 29 個中文頻道 京)有限公司與 iTalkTV

登錄 iTalkTV 說起 iTalkBB 大家一定非 常熟悉,iTalkBB 家庭電話 的使用者可以獲得 1 年免 費 iTalkTV 高清中文電視的 優惠這個也是大家熟悉的優 惠項目。現在有一個更好地 消息要分享給大家,那就是 長城平台 29 個精彩中文頻 道已經正式登錄 iTalkTV, 大家可以在 iTalkTV 觀賞中 國 29 個頻道的電視節目 啦! 經由中國廣播電影電視總局 核准,中視國際傳媒(北

於 2012 年 9 月 20 日在北京 正式簽署合作協議。宣佈自 即日起,中視國際傳媒(北 京)有限公司授權 iTalkTV 面向海外播出長城平台 29 個電視頻道,同時雙方就攜 手拓展海外市場、服務全球 華人表達了濃厚願望。 據了解,此次合作簽署播

五,保護本國文化產業。 二零零一年八月,韓國文化觀光部發布 「發展韓流」文化產業方案,「韓流」正 式命名。同時,成立韓國文化振興院,舉 全國之力發展包括電影、電視、動漫、音 樂、手機與網絡等相關文化內容產業。

爭取掌握世界文化霸權 素有「韓流之父」之稱的韓國 SM 娛樂 公司創辦人曾李秀滿的一段表態,透露了 韓國向全球輸出文化的野心。二零一一 年,在韓流未來戰略論壇上,李秀滿曾表 示,他有一個遠大的目標:建立假想中的 國家,讓外國粉絲成為假像國家的「國 民」。李秀滿說:「過去是企業先向海外 發展,文化緊隨其後,但現在變成文化幫 助企業的當地活動。要讓 K-POP 等韓流成 為國家基礎產業。」他判斷,今後世界文 化產業將從以國家為單位的競爭轉化為地 區競爭格局,希望向亞洲國家傳授韓國過 去所積累的流行文化的挖掘、培訓以及製 作經驗,並「爭取使以韓流為基礎的東方 流掌握世界文化霸權」。 「韓流」產業的全球擴張,在賺得經濟效 益同時,也是韓國軟實力輸出的體現。事 實上,早在上世紀末,韓國的對外文化輸 出就有計劃地開始了。成立於一九九一年 的韓國國際交流財團,多年來致力於向外 推廣韓國文化,推動韓國學研究,為提升 韓國國家軟實力做出了重要貢獻,目前已 在全球範圍內資助超過五十個國家和地區 的一百五十多所大學的韓國學研究。

韓流軟實力輸出全球 金宇祥表示,韓國在短短三十年的時間 裏,同時完成了政治上的民主化過程,與 經濟的現代化,國家發展的成功經驗在全 世界也極為罕見。韓國希望通過對外交 流,向外推廣韓國成功經驗,「韓國模式 不一定要其他國家全部引用,但起碼要可 以值得研究探討,學術上也是值得研究的 一個有重要價值的東西」。 談到韓國軟實力輸出的成功案例,金宇 祥想起了一位在韓國學習國際政治學的肯 尼亞留學生。這位留學生對韓國媒體表 示,希望學成歸國之後,能帶動肯尼亞的 一些民主制度化的工程,為之做出貢獻, 希望肯尼亞成為民主體制的國家。「他 (肯尼亞留學生)不但學習韓國的文化, 特別是流行文化,也得學習韓國這個短暫 歷史內轉變的過程,對他們來說也有值得 他們學習的、值得探討的內容。」 今年是韓中建交二十週年,二零一一 年,韓國共有六萬二千四百四十二人赴中 國留學,佔赴中國留學總人數的百分之二 十一點三,是中國留學生人數最多的國 家,而留學韓國的中國留學生總人數為六 萬三千人,佔韓國留學生總數的八成四, 也是韓國留學生的第一大國。

來自中國大陸和港澳台等地 衛視 10 湖南國際頻道 11 北京 的中文電視節目。通過此次 長城平台與 iTalkTV 的合 作,將中央電視台及國內各 地國際頻道眾多優質、精彩 的節目帶給海外華人。我們 相信這將進一步豐富海外觀 眾的電視娛樂生活。

出的 29 個頻道, 包括中國中 附錄:長城平台 29 個電視頻道

電視台; 12 上海東方 13 廈門衛 視; 14 安徽電視台國際頻道; 15 深圳衛視; 16 浙江電視台國際 頻道; 17 重慶電視台國際頻 道; 18 江蘇國際頻道; 19 廣東南 方衛視; 20 黃河電視台教育文 化頻道; 21 天津電視台國際頻 道; 22 泰山電視台; 23 廣西電視 台國際頻道; 24 四川電視台國 際頻道; 25 廣東電視台國際頻 道; 26 華夏電視台; 27 CCTVNEWS;28 CCTV-F ;29 CCTVNEWS

2012 年 第 11 期 總第 71 期 第

亞裔在美崛起 成功動輒遭嫉 亞裔已成為美國教育程度和 所得最高、成長最快的族群, 與美國猶太人一樣,成為移民 成功的象徵,也承受一些隨之 而來的負擔。 亞裔在美國社會一直是處於 邊緣的少數族裔,現在卻快速 崛起,而職業男籃新星林書豪 是最顯著的代表性人物。今年 3 月甚至有人問歐巴馬總統, 知不知道林書豪已超過他,成 為名氣最響亮的哈佛畢業生。 林書豪今年春天即鼓勵亞裔 佔多數的紐約市史岱文森高中 畢業生:「絕不要讓任何人告 訴你,你做不到什麼。」 華爾街日報 27 日在名為「虎族 崛起」(Rise of the Tiger Nation) 的專文中指出,哈佛和耶魯等 長春藤名校精英,當年曾因感 受猶太人的威脅,對他們秘密 訂定招生限額。現在這些名校 有些也被控歧視亞裔學生。 這顯示亞裔與猶太人移民美 國的歷史雖然非常不同,卻因 成就傑出面對同樣境遇。亞裔 已成為最能表現美國讓富有決 心毅力的人,實現成功夢想的 移民團體。他們不僅超越西班 牙語裔,成為人數最多的美國 新移民團體,對追求美國夢想 更是積極。 2000 年到 2010 年亞裔人口 成長 46%,2010 年的人數已經 是 1980 年的四倍,成長速率超 過任何其他族群。 小說「大亨小傳」(The Great Gatsby)中的白人至上主義者布 坎南曾對「黃禍」表示驚駭 說:「我們如果不注意,白人 會被整個淹沒。」這種觀念在 今天可能讓人覺得很要不得, 可是面對亞裔源源而來,以及 他們驚人的成就,沒有更多美 國人懷有這種心態實在很不容


italktv 三大中文電視比較


易。 猶太人是在成就與穩定方 面,與亞裔最類似的美國移民 團體。他們沒有像早期的亞裔 移民引起強烈種族仇恨,得以 更快在美國站穩腳步。但是, 猶太人在文化上不像亞裔那麼 沉默內斂,野心也更大,積極 向政治、社會和娛樂等各界發 展,因此進入美國社會後面對 更強烈的阻力。 亞裔在美國的發展與猶太人 正好相反。當年來到美國的猶 太移民,大多身無分文。現在 的亞裔移民卻比任何其他移民 團體受過更高的教育,也更富 裕,而他們通常避免涉及政 治。 亞裔驚人的成就,讓人懷疑 他們能夠避免強烈恐懼和嫉妒 多久,尤其是在經濟低迷,或 是美國與中國等亞洲國家發生 經濟和政治衝突之時。如果中 國有一天真的成為美國的敵 人,華裔的不安情緒絕對會超 過美國猶太人的忠誠受到質疑 之時。 蔡美兒去年出版「虎媽的戰 歌」受到那麼多激烈攻擊,有 部分或許與怨恨亞裔在美國崛 起,尤其嫉妒亞裔能夠教養出 「完美」子女有關。 猶太人的語言活力、智識和 尖銳諷刺傾向,以及強烈競爭 個性,會不會被亞裔的審慎拘 謹,敬重社區,對音樂、科學 和數學等非語言領域的天賦所 取代?社會會不會回到當初由 白人清教徒主導時一樣,變得 比較沉靜? 文化的本質變幻不定,亞裔 也不乏狂放風趣的領袖人物。 林書豪在為史岱文森高中畢業 典禮錄製的影片,即與亞裔朋 友一起演唱滑稽的饒舌歌。就 像從世界其他地方來到美國的 人一樣,他們混身散發對一切 毫不在乎和活力旺盛的美國作 風。

無線支持 WiFi。美中不足:影 視點播需另外付費。 官網:

2、魅力中國 優勢特點: 在海外看中文電視,除了使 費用較麒麟便宜,可以儲存 48 用衛星電視,最流行最暢銷的 小時節目,提供錄製回放功 就是使用網絡電視機頂盒服 能,內置無線。點播和卡拉 務,其中頻道最多的當屬麒麟 OK 免費。 電視 90 多,服務時間最久,頻 美中不足:無台灣地區節目 道最多,但價格較貴;魅力中 官網: http:/ 國與 italktv 原屬合作關係,

央電視台國際中文頻道、英 1 CCTV-4; 2 CCTV 戲曲頻道; 3 ItalkBB、ItalkTV 訂購熱線 語新聞頻道、鳳凰美洲和大 CCTV 中國電影頻道;4 CCTV

2012 年初因合作關係分裂鬧的

3、italktv 優勢:新增長城



陸所有地方國際台等,海外 娛樂頻道; 5 鳳凰衛視美洲台; 6 鳳凰衛視資訊台; 7 亞洲電視本 華人可以通過 iTalkTV 收看 港台; 8 CCTV 紀錄頻道; 9 海峽




同時 italkTV 的優勢還有與電



(704) 364-8887 (919) 926-1081



年中文電視服務;非 italk 電話 用戶則需要 4.99 美金/月;美中

源豐富,特別適合海峽兩岸三 地觀眾,是北美地區最大的中 不足:無台灣地區節目。 文電視服務商。支持分量接口 官網: 及 HDMI 接口。可上門服務, Customer Service 很好。節目較 中文電視南北卡特約經銷商 流暢,直播可以儲存 48 小時節 (704) 364-8887 目,提供錄製回放功能,內置

(919) 926-1081

The AsiAn herAld

November 2012 (18)

금마련에 많은 협조 있으시길 바란다!

샬롯 한인회 소식

* 제 1 차 이사 정기회의

The News of Korean’s Assoication

* 미동남부 최초로 차세데 리더 소셜 네트워크 모임개최 애틀랜타총영사관에서는 오는 2012년 12월 14일(금) 미동남부 최초로 차세데 리더 소셜 네트워크 모임개최를 예정하 고 준비 중에 있다. 차세대 네트워크 구축사업은 올해 처음 실시 예정인 행사이나 추후 지속적으로 개최하여 동남부 지역에서 활동중인 차 세대 리더들의 체계적인 네트워킹을 구 축해 능력 있는 우리 한인 차세대들이 더 욱 활발히 미 주류사회에 진출 할 수 있 도록 서로 돕고 협조하는 발판을 마련하 는데 큰 기여를 할 수 있을 것이라고 생 각된다. 이에 따라 보다 많은 한인차세대들의 인 적 자료가 데이터 베이스화 될 수 있도록 각 지역에서 활동하고 있는1.5~2세대 ( 현재 활동 중인 한인 차세대 리더, 의학 계, 학계, 법조계, 예술계, 체육계, 문화 계, 정계, Business CEO 등) 인재들을 각 지역 한인회장의 추천을 통해 발굴을 추진하고 있다. 추천자들은 12월 행사에 초청이 되어 질 예정이며, 행사에 참석이 불가능 하다 하 더라도 차세대 네트워킹에 소중한 자료 로 활용될 것이니 활발히 활동하고 있는 인재들이 누락되는 일이 없도록 적극적 인 관심과 노력을 부탁 드린다. 이번 사 업은 총영사관에서 각별히 관심을 가지 고 진행하고 있는 핵심 주요사업이니만 큼 많은 협조 있기를 거듭 당부 한다. 문의: 한인회 704-214-0860 (방호 상 회장) /

* 샬롯 한인회, 2012 UNCC International Festival 지원

지난 9월 29 일 UNC Charlotte 연례 행사인 International Festival 이 궂은 날씨에도 불구하고 수 천명에 달하는 많 은 인파들의 참여 속에 당 대학캠퍼스에 서 성공리에 치러졌다. 각 나라별 독특한 고유문화와 음식, 공연 등 다채로운 볼거 리와 먹거리로 오고 가는 사람들의 타 문 화에 관한 여러 가지 호기심과 흥미를 유 발케 하였다. Korean Student Association (회장 Kevin 강)이 준비하고 기 획한 한국코너에서도 인파의 행렬이 끊 이지가 않았고 많은 관심과 호응도를 보 여 주었다. 샬롯 한인회에서는 한국안내 책자, 포스터, 지도, 등 각종 홍보물을 지 원하였고 한복, 전통악기 진열 등을 도왔 다. 본 행사를 통해 다문화와 지구촌시대 에 살고 있음을 실감하면서 샬롯 지역내 에 한국문화를 알리는데 좋은 기회로 삼 고 있다. 한편 UNCC 학생회는 한인회와 의 유기적인 협조관계를 지속적으로 유 지하고 있으며 이에 한인회는 해마다 본 행사에 관심을 갖고 임원들의 행사참여, 등 각종지원을 해오고 있다.

* 제 18 대 대한민국 대통령 선거 국 외부재자, 재외선거인 등록 (마감)

다. 총영사관은 선거업무에 협조를 아끼 지 않은 방호상 회장과 Asian Herald의 전기현 회장측에 감사를 전하였다.

* Asheville, NC 새로운 한인회 창립 샬롯 한인회 방호상 회장은 지난 10 월 21일 Asheville 한인회 창립식에 캐롤 라이나 연합회 성열문, 정호근 전현직 회 장, Columbia 한인회 김영실 회장과 함 께 참석하여 축하의 뜻을 전하고 이웃 한 인회로써 향후 긴밀하고 우호적인 협력관계로 발전해 나갈 것을 약속하였 다. 한편 40 년 한인역사의 Asheville 초 대 한인회장에는 이번 모임을 주선한 지 역원로 이영수씨가 추대형식으로 선출되 었다.

*한인봉사/민원 Hotline (704-824-0155)

* 2012 한인주소록/업소록 발간

샬롯 한인 주소록 제 24 대 샬롯 한인회는 샬롯 한국 인 쇄소와 협력하여 금년 12월 말에 새로운 한인주소록/업소록 발간을 준비하고 있 다. 따라서 샬롯에 거주하는 한인 교포들 의 주소와 전화번호 변경, 신규등재, 업 소광고 등을 수렴하고 있으니, 한인주소 록 및 업소록에 등재 되기를 희망하는 분들은 언제든지 인쇄소 (704-5270901)로 연락하면 된다. -First come, First served!

* 2013신년 대잔치 준비작업 진행:

아틀란타 총영사관에서 파견된 선거관 련 담당자들이 지난 10 월 12 일 NC 샬 롯에서 선거안내, 등록접수 순회 출장업 무를 다녀갔다. 샬롯 한인회의 준비협조 로 Asian Herald Library 에서 4시간 동안 진행되었다. 오는 12 월 19 일에 치 러지는 본국 대통령선거를 앞두고 지난 10 월 2일 변경, 시행된 선거법에 의하 면 1993 년 12 월 20 일 이전에 출생 한 일시체류자나 영주권자로서 10 월 20 일까지 여권, 영주권 사본과 함께 등록을 완료하고 오는 12 월 5일-12 월 10 일 (08:00-17:00) 사이에 아틀란타에 설 치될 예정인 투표소에 직접가서 선거권 을 행사하여야 하는 절차를 남겨두고 있 다. 이날 샬롯 노인회 회원님들과 교회 목사님, 등 지역내 여러분들이 신성한 참 정권 행사를 위해 바쁘신 일정에도 불구 하고 업무장소를 방문, 선거관련 문의와 함께 재외국민선거인 등록을 완료하였

샬롯 한인회와 이사회 (이사장 박익삼)는 청명한 가을을 맞이하여 오는 11 월 10 일 지난 발족식 이후 첫 정기 이사회를 소집 한다. 이번 이사회에서는 집행부와 이사진 의 단합과 친목을 도모하기 위한 친선골프 행사, 석찬과 함께 추가 이사진 발표, 회칙 심의개정위원회 구성, 신년잔치 준비 등의 주요 의제가 다루어질 예정이라고 한다. 집 행부 방호상 회장은 지난 9월 제 24 대 이 사진 전원에게 위촉감사장을 전달하였고 이사회와의 원활한 소통과 실질적인 협력 체계 구축을 위해 노력하며 이사회가 한인 사회와 한인회 육성발전을 위한 중추적 역 할과 기능을 담당해 줄 것을 기대한다고 밝 혔다.

샬롯 한인회는 오는 2013 년 (계사년 癸 巳年) 1월 5일 작년도와 같은 장소인 Downtown CPCC 대강당에서 신년 대잔 치를 개최 하기로 하고 전체 기획 안을 마 련하여 준비에 만전을 기하고 있다. 임원진 의 열성과 이사회의 후원으로 다채로운 공 연과 풍성한 상품/경품, 장학금 및 각종 시 상식, VIP초대, 수준 높은 음향기기와 함께 마련될 노래/장기자랑 등 한인사회에 활기 와 역동성을 불어넣고 희망찬 신년을 함께 축하하며 설계하는 뜻 깊은 행사가 될 것으 로 기대된다. 본 행사를 위한 자원봉사자, 후원자, 공연 신청을 수시 접수하고 있으며, 성금 및 기

제 24 대 한인회는 지난 10 월 01 일부 터 한인봉사/민원 Hotline을 설치, 운영 해 오고 있다. 샬롯 및 인근지역 한인 여 러분의 신청을 수시 접수하며 실명, 연락 처 (주/야), 내용을 남겨주시면 접수 후 24 시간내 유관기관 또는 전문가와의 협 의와 상담으로 성실한 답변을 드린다고 한다. 이민 생활 속에 여러가지 어려움을 겪교 있는 한인 교포들의 노고를 해결하 려는 제 24대 한인회 운영위원들의 노고 에 감사를 드린다. 각 종 문의 전화는 아 래와 같다. Tel 704-824-0155.

*한인회비 모금, 광고모집: 한인회 운영의 중요한 기초자산이자 근간 이 되는 한인회비 납부를 정중히 요청드린 다고 한다. 한인회 회계년도는 회칙에 의거 8월 16 일에서 익년 8월 15 일까지 (2012-2013)이며 가정당 정액 $20/ Year 이다. 회비 납부자는 정회원으로 자동가입되고 총회 시 청구권, 의결권, 선 거권, 피선거권, 회장입후보자 추천권, 등 의 권리가 주어지며 차후 한인회에서 추진하고자 하는 지역내 주요 한인업소 (식 당, 식품점, 미용실, 체육관, Tax Service, 등) 정회원 특별할인혜택을 받을 수가 있 다 (Membership Card발급예정). 한인회 의 발전과 건전한 재정을 위하여 여러분의 많은 관심과 협조가 있기를 거듭 당부 드린 다. 기타 기부금, 장학금, Donation, 한인회 보, Web-site 광고주가 있으시면 아래의 연락처로 문의 하면 된다. 전화 704)214-0860 /704)867-7600 ■

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The Asian Herald

November 2012 (19)

베트남참전 유공 전우 총 연합회 Service Center for Korean

한인 베트남참전 용사들 공로인정 VA주 상원서도 결의안 추진 한국군으로 베트남전에 참전한후 미 시 민권자가된 참전용사들의 희생과 공로 를 인정하는 내용의 결의안 채택이 지난 번 뉴저지주에 이어 버지니아주 의회에 서도 추진된다. 미주 메트남참전 유공전 우 총연합회 (회장 한창욱)는 지난 9월 29일 저녁 우래옥에서 쳅 피터슨 버지니 아주 상원의원이 참석한 가운데 기자회 견을 열어 주 상원결의안(Resolution) 추진에 대해 밝혔다 한창욱 회장은 “미 시민권자가 된 베트 남 참전 한인들은 한국군으로 싸웠지만 한국 정부로부터 아무런 인정도, 혜택도 받지 못하고 있다”며 “연방 의회에서 의 한인 시민권자 참전용사들의 명예 회 복을 위해서 주 의회나 정부에서 공식적 인 결의안이 도움이 될 것”이라고 추진 배경을 밝혔다. 이번 결의안은 “한인 베트남 참전용사 들은 미국 군인들과 동등하게 희생을 치 럿기 때문에 이들의 희생을 기려야 한 다”는 내용을 골자로 하고있다. 챕 피터슨 의원은 “버지니아주 상원에 서 버지니아 거주 한인 시민권자 참전용 사들을 영예롭게 여기고 이를 기억하기 위한 결의안을 상정하고자 한다”며 “ 내년 1, 2월쯤에는 결의안이 채택될수 있을 것”이라고 내다봤다. 한인 시민권자 베트남전 참전용사들에 대한 결의안은 2010년 워싱턴주에 이 어 괌, 하와이, 뉴저지에서 잇따라 채택 되었고 버지니아에 앞서 지난8월에는 메 릴랜드 주 상원에서 캐런 몽고메리 의원 을 통해 결의안을 상정한바 있다 한창욱 회장은 “총 연합회에서는 12개 주에서 결의안이 채택되는걸 목표

국가보훈처 전용진 차장과 함께

유니온신학교 샬롯캠퍼스 세미나 Union Presbyterian Seminary at Charlotte Campus

로 뛰고있다”며 “미국에만 약 2천400 명위 베트남 참전 한인 시님권자가 있는 것으로 추산한다”고 말했다. 주 의회에서의 결의안은 법적인 구속력 을 갖는건 아니나 한인 참전 용사들의 희 생과 공로를 공식 인정하는 의미에다 향 후 연방의회 차원의 결의안 채택에 도움 이 된다는점에 큰 의의가 있다.

작하는 일에 전력해 온 이주섭 목사는 이번 세 미나를 통해 자신이 만 든 성경의 땅 지도와 3D 모형을 선보이고 동시 에 자신이 직접 찍은 사 진들과 Google Earth를 버지니아 리치몬드에 소재한 유니온신 사용하여 입체적인 성경 이해의 틀을 제 학교(Union Presbyterian Seminary) 시했다. 이번 세미나에 버지니아와 노스 의 아시안 센터(디렉터 장성희 교수) 샬 캐롤라이나의 지역에서 초교파적으로 롯 캠퍼스 이전을 기념하며 10월 29일 21명의 목회자와 사모들이 참석을 했는 (월)과 30일(화), 양일간에 걸쳐 한인 데 참석자들은 이주섭 목사의 해박하고 목회자 교육세미나가 있었다. 지난 여름 열정적인 강의를 통해 성지순례가 아닌 새 건물이 완공된 후 처음으로 열린 샬 성지학습의 중요성에 깊이 공감하고 이 샬롯한인노인회 10 월 한인 월례회 소식 롯 캠퍼스의 세미나가 목회자들을 목사의 강의가 일회적인 세미나로 끝나 샬롯한인 노인회(회장 이봉석)는 10 월 16 일에 본회 회관에서 정기 위해 열린 것은 학교적으로나 한인교회 지 말고 주기적 연구모임으로 발전 되기 월례회를 개최했다. 를 요청하였다. 이주섭 목사는 이 요청 적으로 매우 뜻 깊은 일이다. 이번 10 월 월례회의를 주관했던 이봉석 회장의 개회 인사말에 이어서 제막식후 관계자들과 함께 을 받아 들여 연 4회, 1박2일의 연구모 세미나는 성경의진행사실적 김수학 이번 총무의 사회로 월례회가 본격적으로 되었고 논의 배경( 되었던 이 임을 유니온 신학교의 리치몬드 캠퍼스 자리에서 의결된 사항 중에 다음과 같이 소식을 본지에 전해왔다. The Real Background of the Bibel) 한편 케롤라이나 지회(회장 전태현)에 1. 인터콥선교회의 초빙으로 한국을 방문 하였던 김수학 총무께서 서는 지난6월15일(금요일) 오전11시부 이라는 주제로 성서지리연구원 원장이 와 샐롯 캠퍼스에서 각각 가지며 이 두 인터콥선교회와 김포제일교회 그리고 효목교회 등을 방문하여 그 기간 동안 자 조지아크리스찬대학교 조교수인 이 모임의 멤버들과 함께 그 다음 해에 성 터 100 Bragg Blvd. Fayettsville,NC수행했던 사항 등을 보고하였다. 목사가 강사로 수고를 했다. 지난 경의 땅을 방문하여 현장 학습을 하는 National Museum에서 6.25때 전사한2.본 주섭 노인회 운영에 대한 수입과 지출 사항 등을 정산하여 회원들에게 1년간 성경의 땅 지도와 3D봉사모형을 제 프로그램 개발을 약속하였다.■ 8240부대(군번없는용사)를 기념하기위회계보고를 하였으며, 노인회원들을 위한 차량운행 등에 관한 내용등을 한 추모비 건립식에 샬롯에서는 전태현전달하였다. 회장과 최기수전우. 성기태전우가 참석모든 참석자들에게는 본회에서 식사를 제공하기로 했다고 소식을 전해왔다. 2012 년 10 월 26 일 하였으며 와싱톤에서 8240회장 장인규 The News of Korean Senior Association 회장과 미주총연합회 한창욱회장등 수 석부회장, 부회장, 사무총장, 재무위원 사항 등을 정산하여 회원들에게 회계 장, 고엽제위원장, 고문 한분과 워싱톤 보고를 하였으며, 노인회원들을 위한 베트남전우회 지회장.등 총19명이 참석 차량운행 봉사 등에 관한 내용등을 전 했으며 한국정부에서는 국가보훈처 차장 달하였다. 인 전용진씨가 참석였으며 추모식 후에 3. 현재 샬롯 한인회가 2개의 한인회 Hibachi 식당으로 자리를 옮겨 국가보훈 로 양분된 실정을 개탄하면서 앞으로 처 전용진차장과 회원들이 환담을 가진 자리에서 본국에서의 베트남참전용사들 샬롯한인 노인회(회장 이봉석)는 10 하나로 단일화 하여 더욱 큰 활동을 진 의 처우에 대한 질문등에 대해서 본국에 월 16일에 본회 회관에서 정기 월례회 행 할 수 있도록 적극적으로 중재 역할 을 감달 할 것이다라고 전하였다. 서도 많은 관심을 가지고 처우개선을 하 를 개최했다. 고 있는중 이라는 답변과 계속 개선해 나 이번 10월 월례회의를 주관했던 이봉 4.샬롯 한인 노인회를 위해 매달 오찬 갈것 이라는 대답도 듣는 등 화기애애한 석 회장의 개회 인사말에 이어서 김수 을 제공 해 온 전선화 권사에게 감사를 자리였다. 학 총무의 사회로 월례회가 본격적으 전하였고, 10월 23일 Mcdowell Park 또한 아직 이 기쁜 소식을 알지 못하는 로 진행 되었고 논의 되었던 이 자리에 에서 가진 본 회원들의 가을야유회를 전우들이 많을 것으로 보고 주위에 계시 서 의결된 사항 중에 다음과 같이 소식 위해 G마켓에서는 많은 식품을 제공 해주었는데 이점에 대해 진심으로 감 는 분들 중에 베트남 참전전우들이 계시 을 본지에 전해왔다. 면 캐롤라이나 회장 전태현씨에게 연락 1. 인터콥선교회의 초빙으로 한국을 사를 전하였다. 해주시기를 부탁 드린다고 전했다. 방문 하였던 김수학 총무께서 인터콥 5. 기타 사항으로는 11월 8일에 본회 연락처 : 회장 전태현(704.578.7944)E- 선교회와 김포제일교회 그리고 효목교 역원 및 각 지역 미국노인회 역원 회의 mail : 회 등을 방문하여 그 기간 동안 수행했 가 있으며 이 자리에 참석하는 모든 참 석자들에게는 본회에서 식사를 제공하 주소:Korean Veterans Association of Car- 던 사항 등을 보고하였다. olina 417 Cecil St Charlotte NC 28204 ■ 2.본 노인회 운영에 대한 수입과 지출 기로 했다고 소식을 전해왔다.■

노인회 소식

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (20) 캐롤라이나 한인교회

교회 소식

담임: 김승환 목사

The Church’s News

남부 한인장로교회 담임: 송성섭 목사

“흑암에 비친 빛” 인도 단기선교 10월 2일부터 12일까지 인도 라자스 탄 지역으로 떠났던 단기선교팀이 풍 성한 수확을 가지고 돌아왔다. 12-3 억에 달하는 인구에 3억의 우상들을 가지고 있는 흑암의 땅 인도에는 세계 민전도 종족의 반이 되는 3000 종족 이 살고 있다. 절대빈곤 속에 삶의 무 게에 찌들려 소망없이 살고 있는 저들 을 향한 하나님 아버지의 마음을 가지 고 열흘 동안 쉴새없이 복음을 전했다. 선교단을 이끌고 가신 담임목사님께 서 현지에서 보내주신 이메일 속에서 “지구의 완전 반대편 - 이름도 알 수 없는 수많은 귀신들이 백성들을 사 로잡고 있는 이 땅에 하나님의 급하신 구령의 마음을 느끼며 또 한 놀라우신 하나님의 역사를 경험하며 다만 감사 와 영광만을 드릴 뿐입니다. 만물에 찌 끼만도 못한 저희들에게 복음의 영광 을 알게 하시고 더우기마 추수의 기쁨 을 우리에게 허락해 주시니 감사할 뿐 입니다. … 참으로 놀라운 것은 모이 면 모인 모든 사람들이 다 주님을 영 접하고 세례를 받는 기이한 일들이 벌 어지고 있습니다. 일반적으로 이곳에 서 복음을 소개받는 인도 사람들이 주 님을 영접할 찬스가 이 지구촌 어느곳 보다 높아 그 비율이 3명에게 전하면 1명이 복음을 받는 놀라운 영적 추수 가 이곳에서 일어나고 있습니다. 하지 만 지금 우리가 경험하고 있 는 것은 그 정도가 아닙니다. 10명이 모이면 10명, 20명이 모이면 20명이 다 복음을 받 고 세례를 받는 일들이 연일 일어나고 있습니다”라고 전 해주셨다. 인도단기선교 기간 동안 매 일 8시 교회에서는 단기선교 를 위한 기도회가 있었고, 시

간마다 모인 성도들의 간절한 기도의 부르짖음으로 보내는 선교사들의 역할 을 감당했다. 하루 평균 30명 가량이

예수님을 영접하고 세례를 받는 놀라 운 역사가 일어났고 계속해서 가정교 회로 또 지역교회로 성장해갈 수 있도 록 현지인 영적 지도자들을 훈련하는 일들도 계속되고 있다. 복음이 땅끝까 지 이를 때까지 우리는 이 일을 감당해 갈 것이다.

전교인 가족 수련회 실시 캐롤라이나 한인교회 성도들은 지난 10 월 27일~28일 양일간 블로잉락 리트릿센 터에서 가족수련회를 가졌다. 바쁜 이민생 활 속에서 모처럼 휴식을 취하면서 찬양 과 기도와 말씀과 교제로 영육간에 재충 전의 귀한 시간을 가졌다. 토요 저녁에는 온 성도들이 캠프파이어를 가지면서 서로 를 알아가는 시간을 가졌고, 즉석에서 찬 양과 율동을 통한 즐거운 시간을 가졌다. 일박이일의 짧은 시간 속에서 성도들은 더 머물고 싶은 간절한 바램이 있었지만 아쉬운 마음을 달래며 샬롯으로 돌아올

Monroe Rd. Matthews NC 28105이다. 캐롤라이나 한인교회는 예배 처소의 이전 과 함께 주일 예배 시간을 현재 오후2시 에서 오전 10시 30분으로 변경할 예정이 다. 아울러 토요 새벽기도 후 간단한 아침 식사와 함께 토요성경공부를 11월 3일 부 터 시작한다. 교재는 로이드 존스 목사님 의 교리강좌시리즈 1권(부흥과 개혁사간) 이다. 관심있는 분은 캐롤라이나 한인교회 (704-488-1187)로 연락주시기 바란 다.

특별 간증 집회 실시 3. 캐롤라이나 한인교회는 지난 10월 19 일 열린교회 성도들과 함께 워싱톤에서 홈 리스 사역을 하고 계시는 나운주목사님( 광야교회 담임)을 모시고 특별간증집회를

구역대항 장기자랑 대회 10월 28일 주일 오후 2시에는 7전도 회 주최의 구역대항 장기자랑 대회가 열렸다. 8구역이 참가했는데, 인형극, 난타공연, 아카펠라, 노래와 율동, 영 상을 이용한 연극, 성극, 무언스킷 등 의 다양한 프로그램을 가지고 열띤 경 쟁을 벌였다. 첫무대를 장식한 구역은 야광스틱과 대형 페인트통을 이용한 멋진 난타 공연으로 분위기를 사로 잡 았다. 최연장 성도들의 구역에서는 “ 다윗과 골리앗” 인형극을 준비해 쩌 렁쩌렁한 목소리 연기로 재능을 마음 껏 발휘했고, 구역의 자녀들의 악기솜 씨, 발레 솜씨를 마음껏 보여준 구역도 있었다. 1등은 “인생대박” 나오미와 룻의 이야기를 코믹하면서도 감동적으 로 그려준 구역이 차지했다. 각기 다른 재능을 가진 지체들이 한 몸을 이루어 성령의 하나되게 하신 것을 힘써 지켜 나가는 하나님의 걸작품, 교회의 아름 다움이 마음껏 표출된 행사였다. 준비 와 진행을 위해 수고한 7전도회에 감 사드린다. ■

수 밖에 없었다. 캐롤라이나 한인교회 성 도들은 수련회를 통해 얻은 새 힘으로 세 상 속에서 그리스도의 증인된 삶을 충성되 이 감당하기로 다짐하였다.

신 예배당에서 토요 성경공부 2. 캐롤라이나 한인교회는 12월 첫째 주 일부터 매튜 빼빼로 근처에 있는 독립 건 물을 임차하여 새 예배당에서 예배를 드리 게 되었다. 그 동안 캐롤라이나 한인교회 성도들은 독립된 예배 처소를 위해 오래 기도해왔는데 이번에 그 기도의 응답을 받 게 되었다. 새 예배처소의 주소는 10506

가졌다. 워싱톤 크랭클린 파크에서 7여년 동안 홈리스 사역을 해 오시면서 미국 사 회에 신선한 감동을 주고 계신 목사님의 회심경험과 그 동안의 사역 내용을 들으면 서 많은 성도들이 큰 은혜를 받을 수 있었 다. 캐롤라이나 한인교회는 이번 특별간증 집회를 계기로 샬롯지역의 홈리스들을 정 기적으로 방문하여 그들을 돕는 사역을 시 작하기로 했다. 그 사역의 일환으로 11월 중에 홈리스 셀터를 방문하여 그들에게 식 사제공과 함께 친교하는 시간을 가지기로 했다. ■


오랜 경험과 축적된 기술로 조경에 관한 모든 문제를 신속히 해결해 드립니다. ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈

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The Asian Herald

November 2012 (21)


초교파적 동역과 네트워킹을 통한 선교를 위한 창립된 킴넷(Korean Inter Missions Network, KIMNET)의 <창립 10주년 선교 대회>가 15일(월)부터 21일(주일)까지 캐 롤라이나에서는 처음으로 이곳 샬롯도시에 소재한 샬롯장로교회(담임 나성균 목사)에서 개최되었다. 미주 이민교회 목회자들과 세계 각지의 선 교단체 대표, 및선교사 등 선교 지도자 3백여 명이 모인 선교대회는 지난 10년을 돌아보고 앞으로의 10년을 계획하기 위한 자리였다. 미 국의 40만개 교회와 한국의 6만개의 교회, 미 주와 캐나다 이민교회 4,300개의 교회가 있 으나 전 세계의 선교사를 불러 1주간의 선교 대회를 여는 교회는 극소수에 불과하다.이를 위하여 러시아 천사합창단과 유명해 한국 국 악팀이 이 대회만을 위하여 초청되어 선교대 회기간 중에 공연을 하였으며, 세계적으로 명 성을 떨친 미국 오페라 가수 Jill Gardner가 주기도문을 불러 하나님께 영광을 돌렸다. 현재 킴넷 선교단체의 회장을 맡고 있는 호 성기 목사의 사회로 시작된 2012년 KIMNET 10주년 선교대회 첫 무대는 한국 개신 교의 산증인 방지일 목사의 축사와 이어진 도

미니카에서 선교사역을 담당하고 있는 최광 규 선교사의 선교보고와 한기홍 목사(은혜한 인교회)의 메시지로 첫 일정을 마무리 했다. 세계 선교를 위한 “네트워크 전략회의” 중심으로 이뤄진 둘째날 집회는 11개 네트웍 별 사역발표와 협의 모임을 진행했다. 발표가 진행된 11개 네트웍은 ▲교회선교교육(이원 상) ▲EM선교(정민용) ▲지도력개발(최바 울) ▲선교지교회개척(양태철) ▲미디어선 교(이종문) ▲전문인선교(호성기) ▲교육선 교(송제임스) ▲세계캠퍼스사역(김아브라 함) ▲선교사지원사역(황선규) ▲중보기도 사역(김태진) ▲미전도종족사역 등이었으며 선교 네트워크 전략 중심으로 선교 사역 중심 의 주제 발표 후 네트워크 협의 모임 후 협의 사항등을 보고 등을 하였다. 셋째 날과 넷째 날 진행된 킴넷 선교집회는 “개교회 선교 잠재력 개발”을 주제로 선교 논의가 이뤄졌다. 양일간에 걸쳐 총 7개의 주 제를 다루는 선교 논의는 ▲선교가 중심된 교 회(발제: Bill Harding, 응답: 김경식) ▲지역 교회 선교적 사명과 실천(발제: 한기홍, 응답: 최동갑) ▲선교와 리더십(발제: 박희민, 응 답: 김용훈) ▲지역교회의 구체적 선교참여

(발제: 이상진, 응답: 윤명호) ▲선교로 하나 되게 하시는 성령과 기도(발제: 정인수, 응답: 오석환) ▲선교와 제자훈련(발제: 유승관, 응 답: 송상철) ▲지역교회의 선교 실천 방안(발 제: 임현수) 등으로 중소교회를 깨우는 너무 나 알찬 내용들로 참석자들에게 도전과 비전 으로 이어졌다. 선교대회 기간 중에는 또 킴넷 동역선교사 모임이 별도로 마련되어 있어 선교사들과 킴 넷간의 구체적인 협력 방안을 논의하기도 했 다. 선언문 채택으로 마지막 선교에 대한 논 의를 마친 이번 선교대회는 이어 목요일 밤에 500여명의 샬롯 미국 사회지도자와 아시아 민족 지도자들을 초정하여 개최 한 다민족선 교축제로 절정을 이루었다. 이와 같은 일정으 로 킴넷의 공식적인 선교대회를 마친 이후 샬 롯장롯교회에서는 20일(금)부터 22일(주일) 까지는 에스더기도운동 대표 이용희 교수가 주강사로 나서‘열방을 위한 기도성회’를 추가로 개최하여 샬롯장로교회의 선교대회가 최종적으로 마무리 되어 과거 어느 선교 대회 보다 더욱 알차고 깊이 있는 도전과 큰 비젼 을 주는 하나님의 큰 은총아래 이와 같은 큰 행사를 마칠 수 있었다. ■

한인 업소 정보 Korean Business Directory Carolinas' Association 캐롤라이나 연합회 전화번호 동남부한인회연합회(박상근) 803-517-3942 캐롤라이나연합회(박용성) 704-375-0506 주아틀란타총영사관 404-522-1611~3 샬롯 목회자협의회(정을기) 704-332-9930 샬롯한인회 (방호상) 704-214-0860 샬롯교회협의회(김동욱) 704-873-6275 샬롯청년회의소(전도범) 704-906-5262 아시안도서관 704-334-3450 샬롯노인회 (이봉석) 704-689-8013 그린스보로한인회(최승용) 336-324-5536 랄리한인회 (장대현) 919-349-9542 훼잇빌한인회 (유재진) 910-286-7518 콜럼비아한인회 (정호근) 803-238-6315 그 린 빌 한 인 회 ( 이 현 주 ) 843-299-8677 한국식품점(Korean Grocery) 빼빼로식품 704-845-2107 G MART 980-321-4048 진식품 704-341-1112 한식품 704-814-8822 좋은마켓 704-510-8922 럭키식품 704-568-8949 부동산(Realtor) 박종호 부동산 704-737-7203 데이빗 리 부동산 704-408-9947 이 마리아 부동산 704-576-6000 미쉘 한 부동산 704-400-7744 임영준 부동산 704-560-0312 김하중 부동산 704-532-8222 배혜진 부동산 704-577-9309 최희수 부동산 704-351-6422 한진구 부동산 704-376-3825 최미숙 부동산 704-814-6255 전수진 부동산 704-649-2964 최종은 부동산 704-839-1575 김미선 부동산 704-575-5994 뉴라이프 부동산 704-877-7712 박에스더 704-208-9006 황미선 부동산 704-658-6480

병원(Hospital) 유종현 M.D. 704-663-7500 하명록내과 704-799-8182 박정필 카로프랙틱 704-841-1701 송호준 카이로프랙틱 704-321-7963 정기수 신경과 704-316-5388 치과(Dentist) 정승수 치신경과 704-792-9637 김수훈 치과 704-935-2700 정치과 704-594-9808 Tommy Kim 치과 704-948-5684 박치과 704-573-1198 한의원(Asian acupuncture) 중화 한의원 704-543-9243 에버그린한의원 704-540-7471 녹십자 한의원 704-540-6900 융자(Financing) 김연화 융자 704-280-0437 전도범 융자 704-537-1909 초이스융자 704-320-8999 데이빗오융자 704-926-5683 법률사무소(LawOffice) 장애경 변호사 336-855-5700 김동현 변호사 704-504-0962 벤자민 리 변호사 704-527-0878 박영민 변호사 704-556-9161 전리사 변호사 919-619-1280 천미성 변호사 919-783-8999 서승해 변호사 919-864-7110 태권도/검도(Martial Art) 용인대 태권도 (우성제) 704-841-7555 김문갑당수도/해동검도 704-568-8666 방호상 태권도 704-867-7600 유에스 태권도 704-544-7500 김주훈 태권도 704-332-7000 박상근 태권도 803-327-9000 한스유에스태권도 704-752-9400 자동차정비(Auto Repair) 이코노자동차종합정비 704-889-3266 FM 자동차정비 704-536-0519 스피디 자동차종합정비 704-544-4665

Call: 704)334-3450

에이스 종합정비 704-566-7887 Park 자동차써비스 704-998-7042 공인회계사/세무(CPA) 전기현 공인회계사 704-332-5656 최기호 공인회계사 704-847-7208 이정숙 공인회계사 704-364-3667 이천우 공인회계사 704-334-5082 / 607-7260 최종구 공인회계사 704-541-0527 김하중 회계사무소 704-532-8222 한진구 회계사무소 704-376-3825 보험(Insurance) 박종호 보험 704-737-7203 삼성종합보험 704-537-3722 김시영 보험 704-737-9207 제이씨보험 704-334-5082 하나종합보험 704-968-2597 데이빗양 보험 704-839-3692 도서관(Library) 아시안헤럴드도서관 704-334-3450 식당(Restaurant) 초원가든 704-845-6119 오사카 704-849-0028 스시야재팬 704-295-7633 Simplee스시 704-543-4081 화룡 InterKorea 704-321-1750 미용실(Hair Salon) 현미용실 704-562-3847 안나 미용실 678-907-0999 Bela K 미용실 704-293-2631 유니스 미용실 704-779-5006 여행사(Travel) NC Travel 910-868-2400 JC Tour & Travel 704-451-1236 서울국제여행사 800-458-2242 청소(Cleaning)&건축(Construction)

유비엠 청소회사 KLEEN UBM US 건축 에이스건축 Ahn's 페인팅 Song's 페인팅

704-940-7722 704-527-2363 704-363-0106 704-615-8584 704-752-3885 704-808-0983 704-258-0614




C & H Imports P & Y Trading US Trading J & P Trading Updales, Inc

704-525-5108 704-392-4849 704-375-0506 704-394-8453 704-399-6211


엘리스 꽃집 Todd’s Flowers

704-339-0633 704-332-5167


샬롯 한국인쇄소

704-527- 0901 간판 (Sign)

디지탈싸인그래픽스 US Signs & Graphics 이코노싸인

704-333-9399 704-771-6681 704-375-1552

기타 (Others)

컴퓨터수리 뉴에어(에어콘,히팅,냉동) 대농기계(세탁장비,수리) 프로전기,냉난방 남가이버핸디맨 C2 Education 샬롯 아이비학원 피아노조율 그린월드조경 코리아나농장 금은보석 Gold man Camel Jewelry 디모데한국학교 휴대폰 개인과외지도(Tutoring) 바이올린 레슨 웅진코웨이 대리점 닥터권교육센터 샬롯밀알선교단

980-939-5032 704-661-5699 704-942-5555 704-771-8507 704-516-5681 704-544-2511 704-608-2297 704-644-5285 704-699-7956 704-882-9533 704-569-0017 704-544-2511 704-591-4872 980-230-6906 704-965-9084 267-939-0222 704-375-1215 704-849-7926 704-281-8318


샬롯볼링협회(홍미경) 샬롯테니스협회(박준범) 샬롯축구협회(오정국) 샬롯유스축구

704-877-7910 704-877-1030 704-363-4452 704-654-5023

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (22) Carmel Baptist Japanese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev. Kenji Takami (980) 322-4321 e-mail:

Carmel Baptist Chinese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev: David Lee (704) 847-8575 e-mail:

Agape Chinese Baptist Church 1500 Suther Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Edmond Chan (704) 455-2813 (704) 549-8215

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church 7225 Pence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Steven Wang (704) 536-6700

Vietnamese Baptist Church 4301 Howie Circle Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Paul Hung Nguyen (704) 231-3594

Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church 9733 Plaza Road Ext. Charlotte, NC 28215 Senior Pastor: Dai Van Nguyen (704) 563-7847

Charlotte Presbyterian Church 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Pastor: Sung Kyun Na (704) 529-0900 (704) 877-6642

The First Korean Presbyterian Church 6930 Wallace Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Pastor: Yu Chan Choi (704) 531-2552

Southern Korean Presbyterian Church 3619 McKee Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270 Pastor: Sung Sub Song (704)-841-0821

Mok Yaung Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell Rd Matthews,  NC 28105 Pastor: Dong Min Shin (704) 542-3514

Charlotte Church of the Nazarene 8614 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 Pastor: Dong Il Jang (704) 759-8229 (704) 839-1574

Dream Presbyterian Church 3316 Pleasant Plains Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ji Ho Jeong (704) 847-9880, 287-2278

Beacon Korean Methodist Church 9212 Bryant Farms Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277 Pastor : Sun Jin Kim 980-819-8493, 603-505-0195

Interfaith Indonesian Fellowship 2940 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Jusuf Mandey Contact: Maureen Laloan (704) 248-6983

Filipino Int’l Community Church 185 S Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Van Joven Pamintuan (704) 231-2271

Cambodian Methodist Mission 4305 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Samuel Om (704) 376-3467

First Hmong United Methodist 6401 Hickory Grove Rd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Cher Lue Vang (704) 545-8264

Vietnamese Assembly of God 4525 E. WT Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Timothy Tran (704) 568-9522 (704) 362-1554

St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic 4929 Sandy Porter Rd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Rev: D. min. Tan Van Le (704) 504-0907

Centerview Lao Baptist Church 4307 Eddleman Street Charlotte, NC 28208 Rev: Bounthavone Sombatsaphay (704) 509-4989 (704) 277-4183

Bible Baptist Church 255 South Highway 21 Bypass Fort Mill, SC 28089 Pastor: John Stone (571) 438-3852 (한 수현)

Myanmar Community Church 1451 Briar Creek Road Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: John Byhna (704) 449-3012

Holy Rosary Group Holy Rosary Groups of Charlotte & vicinity Paul Davis Amigo (704) 541-9485

Asian Churches & Religious Org. Sarang Church (Pentecostal Holiness) 331 West Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Joseph Chung (704) 598-5255 (704) 258-3568

Global Hope Church 3417 Ludman Way. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Hyung Woo Park (704) 322-3101 (704) 281-0080

Statesville Korean Presbyterian Church 221 Ivyrun Ct. Statesville, NC 28625 Pastor: Song Choi (704) 924-9772 (704) 873-6275

Peace Church 5201 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 예배시간 : 주일 12시 30분 Pastor: Eung Ju Lee (704) 236-7194

Henderson Mission Church 286 8th Ave Cramerton, NC 28032 Pastor: Dongwook Kim (704) 823-7743 (704) 823-0041

Charlotte Korean SDA Church 3120 Sam Newell Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ray Tai-Kook Chung (704) 849-7787 (704) 641-2550

Rodem Presbyterian Church 15008 Lancaster Highway Pineville, NC 28134 Pastor: Eun Joo Kim (704) 307-5442

All Nations Church 301 S. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Pastor: Eul Ki Jung (704) 332-9930 (704) 717-2920

Bethel Korean Church of Charlotte 7121 Delta Lake Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: John C. Kim (704) 566-7173 (704) 599-3063

Carolina Korean Church 1201 Matthew Township Parkway Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Seung Hwan Kim (704) 488-1187

Open Church of Charlotte 1015 S. Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor:Young Chang Cha (704) 849-2661 (704)763-6242

Korean Global Mission Church 1329 Stallings Rd. Matthews, NC 28104 Pastor: Daemun Lim (704) 821-6637 (704) 451-4908

Matthews Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell RD. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Sebo Kwon (704) - 249-8986

All Nations Mission Church 1320 India Hook Rd. Rock Hill, SC 29731 Pastor: Joon Won Kang (803) 366-3107 (704) 665-6243

Chinese True Buddhist Society 5909 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Contact: Pauline Lee (7040 567-2000

Cambodian Buddhist Temple 219 Owen Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Master: Duong Cheang Contact: Manary Tan (704) 596-6628

Phat Hue Buddhist Temple 11502 Idlewild Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Chua Phat Hue Venerable: Thich Phap Hue (704) 321-9098

Wat Lao Buddharam 1824 Todville Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Ven. Phra Singkham Ban Lusak (704) 391-5540 Contact: Mr. Done Vongsavanh (704) 499-3717

Chinese Tzuchi Foundation 11626-B Wilmar Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Contact: Karren Wu (704) 281-8060

Lien Hoa Vietnamese Buddhist Temple Thich Chan Phuc 6510 Lake Dr, Charlot, NC 28215 (704) 537-1126

Carolinas Christian Assembly/Indian Church Rev.Dr. K.C.paul, MA,MS,M.Div,Phd 12601 Idlewild Rd NC 28105 (704) 771-1414

Asheville Korean Baptist Church 2905 N. Rugby Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28791 Pastor: Yeun Wok Kim (828) 684-0173 (828) 702-2412

Wesley United Methodist Church 3715 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 282226 Pastor: Hyeong Jae Lee (704) 408-0909 (828) 702-2412

Bethany Presbyterian Church 1805 E. 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204 Pastor: Jong Baek Lim (704) 375-3501, (704) 844-6175

Wheat Mission in Charlotte 1015 S. Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ki Yeong Kim (704) 281-8318

Others © New Life Church (704) 341-7710 5008 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Calvary Church 704) 564-9131 5804 Pineville-matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Grace Korean Church 704) 965-1004 124 Georgia Valley Ave. Delmont, NC 28102 © Korean Central Baptist (704) 567-1565 / 578-5678 8823 Albemarle Rd , Charlotte NC 28227 © Gastonia Baptist Sung chun, No (704) 865-9845 © Mustard Seed Church Young seo, Kim (980) 253-3956 © Lake Norman Preb Church Young IL, Cho (980) 258-3521 © Serving Church Chong Han, Ji (704) 954-2145

* 신규, 수정사항 있으면 신문사로 연락주시기 바람

The Asian Herald

November 2012 (23)

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

Pastor : Sung Kyun Na (나 성균 목사)

704-529-0900 704-877-6642

Charlotte Presbyterian Church (PCA) 샬롯장로교회 701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

Traditional Chinese Restaurant

Butler and Quinn, PLLC Areas of practice: Criminal Law & Immigration 刑法及移民 형법 및 이민 Luật hình sự nhập cư Kriminal Law & Imigrasyon 4801 East Independence Boulevard Suite 700 . Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: (704) 569-9800 / Fax: (704) 569-9866

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Awarded 5 STARS (HIGHEST RATING) by The Charlotte Weekly in 2008 Rated "Charlotte's BEST Chinese Restaurant" by Rated Best Of Voted CITY'S BEST by AOL Cityguide WINNER - Best of Citysearch Proud to have the famous "Chef Chan" as our Head Chef since 2002 Private Meeting Rooms/Party Rooms & Upstairs Banquet Room available

10719 Kettering Dr. Charlotte, NC 28226


Triangle Executive Business Center 3200 Beechleaf Court Suite 100-32. Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: (919) 424-8371


Tin Tin, an upscale All You Can Eat Asian seafood buffet offers a vast assortment of mouth watering culinary delights. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing each taste tempting entrée. Our buffet counter with over hundred varieties of appetizers, salads, hot foods and bite size desserts. Extravaganza cannot be described in mere words

Come in & enjoy!

● Lunch - 11:00 am ~ 3:00 pm Daily ● Dinner - Sun. ~ Thur. : 4:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm Fri. & Sat. : 4:30 pm ~ 10:00 pm



(Sam Sung Ins.) 삼성이 하면 다릅니다 그 서비스의 차이를 느껴 보십시오!! 삼성에서는 자동차, 상업(W/C, G/L, 자영업자 보험), 건강 보험(BlueCross BlueShield) 생명보험(G/E) 등 모든 보험을 취급하는 보험 전문 회사 언제든지 전화만 주시면 자동차 보험료 무료견적을 받아 보 실 수 있으십니다 또한 본인 및 배우자의 금액에 따른 생명보험 요금도 즉시 에서 Check하실 수 있습니다 건강보험: Blue Cross Blue Shield (NC 제1의 건강보험) 생명보험: General Electric

Tel : 704-537-3722 Fax : 704-537-3713

4801E.Independence Blvd.#615 (Independence Tower) Charlotte, NC 28212

너무 비싼 의료 보험 !!! 여기 저렴한 Plan을 소개합니다.(Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

남.여 비흡연자 Blue Advantage Blue Advantage Blue Advantage 기 준 (Plan A, $2,500 Ded) (Plan B, $5,000 Ded) (Saver 1, $5,000 Deductible) 100% 정기검진 100% 100% Cover Preventive Care Cover Cover $ 25 (일반의) 개인병원 $ 15 (일반의) $ 25 (일반의) *전문의는 Ded. 적용 Doctor office $ 30 (전문의) $ 50 (전문의) $500 Ded. 적용 후 의사처방약 $ 10 (Generic) $200 Ded. 적용 후 Prescription Drugs $ 10 (Generic) $ 45, $65 (Brand) $ 10 (Generic) $ 45, $65 (Brand) $ 45, $65 (Brand) $ 2,500 Ded. 적용 후 $ 5,000 Ded. 적용 후 $ 5,000 Ded. 적용 후 종합병원 보험 80% Cover 보험 70% Cover 보험 70% Cover Hospital 가입자 20% 부담 가입자 30% 부담 가입자 30% 부담 * 20% MAX, $2,000 * 30% MAX, $3,000 * 30% MAX, $3,000 30~34세 부부기준 $479 $223 $287 40~44세 부부기준 $603 $278 $359 $471 $936 $365 50~54세 부부기준 ● Deductible이란 보험 혜택을 받기 전에 우선 가입자가 부담해야 하는 금액입니다. ● 종합병원에서 치료비용이 $1,000,000.00일 경우 Plan별 가입자 최대 부담 금액은 Plan A $2,500(Ded): $4,500, Plan B $5,000(Ded) : $8,000, Plan Saver 1 $5,000(Ded): $8,000입니다. ● S.S.N.이 없으셔도 가입 하실 수 있습니다.

The AsiAn herAld



Shen Yun—Reviving 5,000 years of civilization


FTER SELLING OUT shows at Lincoln Center this past January, New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts is returning to Lincoln Center in April for a limited six-show engagement. Shen Yun cannot be seen in China today, where traditional culture has been mostly destroyed under communist rule. Yet, Shen Yun has become a global cultural sensation, bringing the virtues and wisdom of traditional Chinese culture to millions of people across four continents.

“A mesmerizing performance ...

reclaiming the divinely inspired cultural heritage of China.”

— Donna Karan, creator of DKNY

“An extraordinary experience ... exquisitely beautiful.”

— Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-winning actress


January 26th & 27th

Knight Theater TICKETS & INFO: Hotline: 888-974-3698 | * All individuals’ quotes originally published by The Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty Television.

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