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Korean New Year Celebration in Charlotte


“Sae-hae-bohk mahnee bah-duhsae-yo.” The Charlotte Korean community celebrated the New Year on January 4, 2014 at Halton Theatre, Downtown CPCC. Korean New Year is the first day of the lunar calendar; it is considered a more important holiday than the solar New Year's Day. While many Koreans celebrate the New Year on January 1st of the solar calendar, the lunar New Year is still popular today. In many Korean communities, the New Year is celebrated twice. The Year of the Horse Celebration, organized by the Korean Association of Charlotte, started at 5 pm with a delicious traditional meal. People gathered had a chance to see old friends, reacquaint with long- time friends or make new one. It was a time for reminisce and reconnections, and happyness. The gorgeous and spacious theater was buzzing with people all excited, and waiting for 2014 celebration. As an opening act, this year organizers had an half hour presentation about the new healthcare law, The Affordable

샬롯한인회 신년잔치 Care Act ( as some may call it “ObamaCare”), presented by Sam Sung Ins. The program started about seven pm, and included three parts. The moderators were husband and wife team, Soo Jin Ridgell & Robert Ridgell. The Invocation was presented by Pastor Sung S. Song, from the Southern Korean Presbyterian Church. The Korean Anthem and American National Anthem were sung. H. S. Pang, President of the Charlotte Korean Association welcomed all participants, members of the community and their guests, and introduced The Honorary Guests. The event continued with Mr. Hee Bum Kim, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta, expressing congratulations to the community. Patrick Cannon, Mayor City of Charlotte also sent messages of congratulation; these were presented by Mrs. Claire Fallon, Council Member. The New Year’s Address was

introduced by Keun Soo Lee, President of Federation of Korean Associations, Southeast; it was followed by a well disserved recognition award ceremony, announced by Mr. Pang, President of the Charlotte Korean Association. Mr Chul Joo Lim, professor at the Univerity of North Carolina in Charlotte, announced the Scholarship Recipients. A special Ceremony was held for the Proclamation of January 4, 2014 as Charlotte Korean-American Day. These also concluded first part of the celebration. After a short break, moderator Soo Jin Ridgell and Robert Ridgell introduced the second part of the event. Charlotte Samulnori Club had the first performance on the program. They brought rhythm and energy with an amazing drum beat; also, a dance by a performer wearing a hat with long narrow paper attached to it, which constantly swung in a sinuous way. It was an outstanding performance. Following was the Charlotte Korean Senior’s Chorus. Elegant Korean traditional costumes delighted the eyes while words of familiar songs encourage the audience to sing. Presenter Seung Hyun Chun decided it was time for a little movement in the audience; so he opened the raffle drawing. Excited people, kids and adults, hurry through the alleys with precious prizes, and smiles from ear to ear. Another upbeat performance of Tr a d i t i o n a l Ta e k w o n d o demonstration was presented by Dragon Champion TDK Academy. Continue on page 3

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (2) “Bridging the Pacific”

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 亞洲商會

Please Join Us In Celebration

아시안 상공회의소

Chair : Dr. John Chen, President : Jerry Tucker 1(866) YES-ASIA

Emeritus Presidents 1st: Dr.Ki-Hyun Chun, 2nd: Dr. Nini Bautista, 3rd: Dr. Jian X, Zhang, 4th: Dr. John C, Chen

Asian cultures represented in Charlotte encompass over 13 nations. One of the missions of the CAACC is to unite all of these groups to better service the public. Asian history spans thousands of years and its culture is rich and diverse. The CAACC strives to provide business opportunities and to promote business actiAvities through cultural events, such as the annual Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Races each spring and Asian celebrations in the Fall that display our resources and share with you our ethnic qualities. Forty years ago, there were less than 200 Asians and only 8 Asian businesses in the Regional Charlotte Area, but this number has grown to 55,000 Asians and 870 businesses directly involved with Asians. Considering average gross sales of $520,000 a year per business, the Asian population of this area is generating $452 million in revenues, contributing greatly to the regional economy. We invite you to join the CAACC for unique resources, and then cross the bridge between the East and the West.■ Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun (Founder & the first President)

Asian Library Activities

●Filipino Eskuwelahang Munti of Charlotte Sundays, 2 to 4 pm Glo Grifenhagen 704 293 8651 Dell Fallar 704 536 1803 Dr. Nini RB Bautista 704 408 9513 Inquiries: ●Little Lotus Fri / 5:30 – 7:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 - Chinese heritage to learn and enjoy traditional and contemporary dance as well as other Chinese Performing arts. ●Chinese Tree House M-F / 2:30 – 5:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 ● USANA. 704-488-9500

FREE Classes in English and Chinese

● Go Club Thurs / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Greg McCall 704-365-9811 ●Queen City Chess Tues / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Gary Newsom 704-618-2814 ●UCA-Universe Creative Arts 1) The Tao Tai Chi & Health Life Sat / 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM ●YOGA CLASSES Fri / 11:15 – 12:15 AM Leai Ho at 704-531-0915 ●DWMC Meeting First Wed of each month Time : 6:30pm contact : Mary Milan (704)362-2054 mmilan@carolina

We want to share your news ! 당신의 소식을 공유하고 싶습니다 !

Asian AsianCommunities Communities

任何消息和新闻要和大家分享 !

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce President : Nimish Bhatt 1(866)YES -ASIA 1339 Baxter St. #200, Charlotte, NC 28204

Andrea (CAACC)



Roxanna (English)

Jack Wang (Chinese)

704) 334-3450 email :

Korean Association

Chinese American Association of Charlotte

3400 S. New Hope Rd BLDG C&D Gastonia, NC 28056,

President: Jian X. Zhang Mailing : 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Charlotte Korean Church Association

Filipino-American Community

President : Hosang Pang (704) 867-7600 / 824-0155

President : Sung Kyun Na (704) 877-6642 / (704) 529-0900

701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

Vietnamese Association President :Binh Phu

(704) 981-1099 /

P.O.Box 38933 Charlotte, NC 28278

India Association

President: Lal Vishin 11916 Stone Creek Court Charlotte, NC 28227

President: Dr. Malette Aquino Oliveros 9654 Laurie Ave. NW Concord, NC 28027Cell # 704 280-4082 email:

Lao Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas President : Vannavong Phiaxay Community Affairs Contact: (704) 747-5719

Indonesian Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas

President : Robbynson H Suy, (704) 458-8532 9731 Clifton Meadow Dr., Matthews, NC 28105 Community Affairs Contact: Sharon Suy (848) 459-8124

The Asian Herald



"Opening to New Perspectives, Finding Balance, and Strengthening Relationships" Bang Duong is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of North Carolina. “I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNC Charlotte. I received my Masters of Social Work with a specialization in Clinical Practice from UNC Chapel Hill. I have over 8 years of experience working in the mental health field providing services to children, adolescent, adults and families. My calling to become a psychotherapist came from my beliefs that we, as humans, have much strength and are able to overcome insurmountable obstacles if we are able to set our mind to it. This is especially true with children whose mind are always learning and adapting. I want to help individuals and families seeking therapy to lead healthy lives and live life to its fullest. We often want a quick fix to our challenges however it’s always best to do what is necessary, and in the right way in order to achieve an effective and enduring change. In working with me, therapy is an interactive relationship between the therapist and the client. Each has to work towards a common goal which is to help you with the difficulties or challenges that you are going through or experiencing in your life. Therapy is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and look at the challenges or obstacles in a

different angle in order to find a better solution. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your life challenges. Insurance Coverage Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by calling the number on your card and asking the following questions: •Do I have mental health insurance benefits? •What is my deductible and has it been met? •How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover? •What is the coverage amount per therapy session? •Is approval required from my primary care physician? Accepted Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan, Cigna, Medcost/CBHA. Sliding Scale, Out-of-network, Private Pay. My goal is to have anyone seeking counseling/ therapy be able to receive treatment and have access to the care that they need. I want to make sure that my rates are affordable and provide assistance to clients who need them. I work hard to get paneled with different insurance companies in order to decrease costs for clients. Currently, I accept: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan, Cigna, Medcost/ CBHA I also provide sliding scale on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me for additional information; check back at any time for most updated list of accepted in-network insurance providers as I am constantly working on being panelled with different insurance carriers. Philosophy and Approach to Therapy Our views of the world, perceptions of different situations, and attitudes toward all things have a major▶

impact on our emotions and reactions to each and every situations and events which makes all the difference in the world. Achieving success, expecting failures, accepting or learning from our mistakes are based on how we perceive and interpret the different life events and situations that happen to us and surround us. Therapy will help with providing new ways to see things differently and discover novel perspectives that helps with looking at a challenge or situation in a different way, from a different angle in order to find a better solution and lead a healthier lifestyle. Finding balance in our life also help with leading a healthy lifestyle. Life is filled with many struggles and difficulties as with happy and serene experiences. Finding balance is a key to being able to overcome the challenges in our life and enjoy the wonderful experiences. This will also lead us to have a stronger relationship with

ourselves as well as with other people. Relationships are crucial aspects in our lives that affect us tremendously. Our own personal relationship to ourselves as well as our relationship with other people also helps us overcome the many obstacles that we may have in our life. With these perspectives in mind, my goal in working with you is to address concerns that you have and together look through different lenses to help you find a solution that works for you. Since everyone experience life differently and use different coping skills, therapy will be tailor to your personality and needs. ADDRESS: 4651 CHARLOTTE PARK DR. SUITE 101-E CHARLOTTE, NC 28217 Telephone: 704-323-6988 Fax: 1-877- 859-8190 Email:BANGDUONGLCSW@ GMAIL.COM RD.■

From page 1, Korean New year The celebration continued with the Worship Dance, followed by Korean Classic Pop- with an extraordinary performance by the Charlotte -Korean Saxophone Club. The Korean Dance Performance brought color and joy to the stage. More ruffle tickets were drawn and lucky people rushed to take possession of their prizes. As always, part of the stage was filled with rice bags, sweets, and other precious gifts. Among them triumphed a 43” HD Flat TV and a Tablet, surrounded by valuable little things like Visa Gifts Cards loaded with $ 200.00. These were given during small pauses between the performances.

After another short break, part three of the event, marked the last act of the night. Therefore, it was engulfed in excitement over a singing contest and the precious prizes of food, household items and of course, the big TV. Moderator Seung Hyun Chun gave an enthusiastic performance, having to keep up with the excitement and exuberance of all the people gathered to celebrate the New Year –performing or just enjoying. Thankful to the organizers and participants, the Korean community welcomed the Year of the Horse in style.

Any interested people who wish to participate Call 704-334-3450 BUY OR SELL A BUSINESS County South Realty & Business Brokers WWW.COUNTYSOUTH.BIZ 303 Indian Trail Road South Indian Trail, NC 28079 IN TODAY’S MARKET


Do you know anyone who is interested in a career in real estate or would be a great fit to join our team?


Peace,Health and Prosperity.▣

Attention “GO” Players


Representing Sellers and Buyers in the Metro Charlotte Area including Gaston, York & Union County

January 2014 (3)

BUSINESSES FOR SALE C-STORES Morganton, NC $55K + Inv, Motivated Durham, NC $139K + Inv, GR $2.8M Kernersville, NC $99K + Inv, GR $700K Mooresville, NC $109K + Inv, GR $2.4M Roxboro, NC $169K + Inv, GR $2M Denver/Lake Norman, NC $110K + Inv, GR $1.2M RESTAURANTS: Wilson, NC $95K, GR $660K Seafood Restaurant & Fish Market

Charlotte, NC $355K + Inv. GR 550K Italian York, SC $159K (CASH $115K) + Inv GR $770K Fish, Steaks, Pasta Charlotte, NC $175K + Inv, GR $480K Fish Market with Fish Fry RETAIL: Indian Trail, NC $449K + Inv, GR $525K Dry Cleaning Plant & 3-Pickup Loc Albemarle, NC $85K w/ $60K Inv, GR$162K Suit & Tux Business Gaffney, SC $325K + Inv, GR $148K Coin Laundry Includes Real Estate and Rental Income

Log-on to website to view other businesses for sale: Many Convenience Stores, Motels, Restaurants, Automotive Services, Salons, Spas, Dry Cleaners, and more!

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (4)

Charlotte to Host National School Choice Week “Whistle-Stop” Event A cross-country, whistle-stop train and motor coach tour in support of school choice will make a stop in Charlotte, organizers announced today. Hosted by National School Choice Week, the tour – which will feature 14 “whistle-stop” events from Newark to San Francisco – will provide students, parents, educators and community leaders with the opportunity to celebrate effective education options, while calling for even greater school choice in North Carolina and across the country. The Charlotte event, the fourth event on the tour, will take place <No intersecting on Thursday, link> January 23, 2014, at 8:30 a.m. at Carolinas Aviation Museum. Attendance is free but an RSVP is requested by visiting Local event planning partners include: Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina,, Students for E d u c a t i o n Reform – UNC Chapter, North Carolinians for Home Education, and North Carolina Association of Independent S c h o o l s . Speakers at this event will be announced in the coming weeks. Now in its fourth year, National School Choice Week (Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, 2014) shines a spotlight on the need for all types of education options — from traditional public schools to public charter schools, magnet

schools, private schools, online learning, and homeschooling. The Week is an independent, nonpolitical and nonpartisan public awareness effort. Stops along the National School Choice Week 2014 Whistle-Stop Tour include: Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Charlotte, Columbia, Augusta, Birmingham, Jackson, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Tucson, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In addition to the tour, National School Choice Week will feature an estimated 5,000 independently-planned and independently-funded events across the country. "Just as whistle-stop tours were used in the past to promote issues of transformational national importance, our tour is designed to galvanize public support for school choice and educational opportunity in local communities across the country,” said Andrew Campanella, president of National

School Choice Week. “We look forward to bringing our tour to Charlotte and working with people across North Carolina and our nation to celebrate school choice where it exists – and demand it where it does not." RD.■

Asian Herald’s Publisher Visited EM by Susan Palmes-Dennis

Publisher visited EM.jpg The publisher of Asian Herald, the biggest community paper in the Carolinas, recently visited the students of the EskuwelahangMunti (Little Schoolhouse) at the Asian Library. Publisher Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun was welcomed by the students with a traditional Filipino holiday greeting “MaligayangPasko (Merry Christmas in English). Aside from publishing the Asian herald, Chun is a well-known businessman and philanthropist who owns the Asian Library and donated several rooms for the EskwelahangMunti held every Sunday. Also present during the visit were teachers Adelia Dell Fallar, Gloria Grifenhagen and the parents. It was in September this year that the first EskuwelahangMunti opened on a Sunday at the Asian Library building. Dr. Nini de Bautista said Dr. Chun offered the use of a bigger space in the building's second floor in order to accommodate the growing number of students. De Bautista said the EskwelahangMunti is ready to meet the challenges of educating young Filipino Americans in

Philippine language and culture. The EskuwelahangMunti (EM) sa Charlotte meets every Sunday from 2 to 4 pm and is now in its 5th month of operations with 20 Filipino-American students ages six to 15 years old. During the Filipino-American Community at the Carolinas (FACC) Christmas fund-raiser party, the students made quite an impression to the Fil-Am guests when they recited an original poem by Ron Beltran entitled “AngEskwelahangMunti.” They followed it up with a performance of the Filipino folk song classic “Paru-ParungBukid (Butterfly Field)”, about a Filipina maiden whose grace is compared to a butterfly named ”Mariposa Bella” The school is a joint undertaking of the Filipino-American community and the Filipino American Spirit (FAS) with a grant from the Catholic Diocese Foundation. The FAS and the school were created by volunteers who believe in instilling understanding and appreciation of Filipino history, language and culture among the Filipino American youths growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina.■

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (5)

Bariton Chen-Ye Yuan and Tenor Dongwon Shin As a young singer, baritone Chen-Ye Yuan developed his craft as a member of the finest training programs in the business, including the Houston Grand Opera Studio and the San Francisco Opera's Merola Program. Mr. Yuan proved his mettle as an up and coming singer when performing the role of Germont in La Traviata with San Francisco Opera. Since being a member of the Houston Grand Opera Studio he has been invited back to sing many roles including, Tonio in I Pagliacci, Escamillo in Carmen, Marcello in La Boheme, and Bhaer in Little Women which aired on PBS's Great Performances and released on CD by Ondine. Mr. Yuan's schedule continues to be exciting, including recent performances of Marcello in La Boheme with the Hang Zhou Philharmonic Orchestra and Chou En-Lai in Adams' Nixon in China with San Francisco Opera. In addition to performing with many of the United States and Canada's premiere Opera Houses and Symphonies, Mr. Yuan has favored the stage of many highly acclaimed venues stretching across Europe and Asia, including his native country China. Mr. Yuan sang the Dragon King in the premiere Legend of Yao Ji. In Beijing, at the National Center for the Performing arts, he showcased his seasoned artistry in the roles of Cheng Ying in Chinese Orphan and Zhou LuoPing in A Village Teacher. Also, in Hong Kong, Mr. Yuan debuted the role of Umeya Shokichi in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

Korean born tenor Dongwon Shin distinguished himself early in the Metropolitan Opera Nations. In spring 2012 he made his debut as Radames at Covent Garden and just prior at the Vienna Staatsoper and later in the spring performed Manrico in his return to Ft. Worth Opera. Earlier in 2011 he had performed the Verdi Requiem as well as Samson at the Teatro Verdi, Trieste. He also recently debuted with San Francisco Opera as Radames and performed Manrico in Dresden again to begin 2010-11 after scoring a great success as Manrico in his debut with the Semperoper, Dresden last season. He also covered Dick Johnson in San Francisco's Fanciulla. Last year he performed Radames in his return to Opera Australia in their revival of Aida as well as completing his first engagement at the Metropolitan Opera covering Turridu. Other recent engagements have included Radames in Aida with Houston Grand Opera under Carlo Rizzi, the title role in Samson et Dalila with Dayton Opera, Canio in Pagliacci with Opera Delaware, Pollione in Norma with Michigan Opera Theatre, and the Verdi Requiem with the Delaware Symphony.In 2012-13 he is with Arizona Opera as Manrico and performs Calaf and Cavaradossi in Korea and performs concerts in Seoul and throughout Korea. New roles coming up include Don Jose in Carmen and Luigi in Il Tabarro. ■

Bonna's Corner

The Federal City of USA-The Capitol This month I will like to continue with the series on US history- excerpts from my book, What You Did Not Know

about the United States Washington DC, is the capital city and the capitol of the United States of America. The District of Columbia was founded on July 16, 1790. The US Constitution created this special district to serve as the permanent national capital under special condition on July 16, 1790. In December of 1790, Maryland ceded land selected by President George Washington to the federal government for the creation of Washington, DC. The land was taken from Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, as well as from Fairfax County and Alexandria in Virginia. However, the lands from Virginia were later returned through retrocession. The U.S. Congress has ultimate authority over the District of Columbia, though it has delegated considerable authority to the municipal government. This jurisdiction conversely creates some controversy on the status of DC as a state. DC has no governor, only a mayor, and the area has hardly has any history or credentials as a state. The City of Washington, D.C. was officially founded in 1791 and was named in honor of George Washington. Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant designed the layouts of the streets. The city only covers an area of 68.3 sq miles and shares its name with the U.S. state of Washington, which is located on the country's Pacific coast. DC is added to differentiate the state of Washington from Washington DC, the capital city of the United States. Washington, D.C. was the first planned city in America. The first cornerstone of the Capitol building was laid

in 1793 by George Washington, the first president. However the capital was moved to Washington, D.C. in 1800, and later the first session of the Congress was held that same year. The Government Headquarters of America, Washington DC is home to 11 colleges and universities that host 20,000 international students compared to Boston, the student capital of the US, which is home to 69 colleges and universities and only hosts 24,000 international students. DC residents are the only Americans who pay federal income tax but lack any representation in the US Senate. DC residents also have non-voting delegate in the House of Representative. Interestingly, though, the District residents pay more federal income taxes per capital than the residents of all fifty states. There is 1 lawyer for every 19 residents in DC and 74 lobbyists for each United States Senator. Washington DC’s National Mall is the 3rd most visited destination in the US after Times Square, NY and the Las Vegas Strip. The tallest building in Washington DC is the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It is 329 feet tall. D.C has warm spring and fall and cool with annual snowfall averaging 15.5 inches (39 cm)during winter. WASHINGTON DC is frequently called The Nation's Capital, which appears on its license plates, and America's First City. Taxation without Representation is currently used on some D.C's license plates. The District of Columbia is commonly known as WASHINGTON DC. It is popularly known as The Federal City. D.C is sometimes referred to as Chocolate City, Federal City. DC has no official nickname.[excerpts from my book, What You Did Not Know about the United States] . Visit Amazon/okyerebonna for more inrmation.■

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (6)

Cambodian Recording Artists Perform in Charlotte By AD

On January 4th, the Carolinas’ Cambodian community celebrated the New Year with a live performance from Chhoeun Odom and Sok Sreypich in Charlotte, NC at the Dragon Court Restaurant, located at 4520 N Tryon in the Asian Corner Mall. Chhoeun and Sok are currently on an extensive tour of the United States performing many dates across the country together singing solos and duets. That Saturday night they sang to a large audience and crowded dance floor as they skillfully performed their renditions of classic pop songs of earlier days in the tropics of Cambodia. The venue was nearly filled to capacity. The famous touring guests were backed up by a local/regional band, Apsara, who in their own right are extremely skilled professional musicians with an immense repertoire of knowledge of the Ros Sereysothea and Eng Nary era of Khmer pop music and are well known to the Cambodian community of the Carolinas. Chhoeun Odom is no stranger Khmer pop music. He has appeared in a number of RSK karaoke DVD’s over the years performing his recordings and acting out the songs

in video as a solo artist and in duets with other vocalists. Chhoeun’s musical genre includes Later Khmer Traditional and light-hearted and romantic duets. Some of his songs include: ស្អប់ប្រុសមុខរឹង, Tan Sou Nay Yueng, Klach Rokadaek ខ្លាចរកាដែក, Khmer wedding song: Baek Chan, Jay Monkol ជ័យមង្គល, សម្រស់ស្រ្តីខ្មែរ,

ឆ្នាំថ្មីស្រីទៅលេងឯណា, សម្រស់ស្រ្តីខ្មែរ,

Tourosap Nak Na?, Tan Sou Nay Yueng, Soum Treum Louch Snaeh, RoNoch Khae Praing, and Pum Men SoBen among numerous others. The accompanying artist, Sok Sreypich was born in Russey Chuk

village, Rokar commune, Svay Rieng province’s Pea Reang district. She began her musical and acting career in 1999 and has a younger sister, Lyly, who is also involved in the entertainment industry. Sok

started out singing for a restaurant, Hang Neak, where she performed regularly for 2 years. She later sang for music video production companies that needed her to sing the romantic ballads of earlier legendary pop stars like Pan Ron and Ros Sereysothea who made Khmer music history in the late ‘60’s to the early ‘70’s. Some of Sok’s songs include: Tech Troam Min Bane, Moronak Pheap Nov Aranh, Treuy Sne Nisay (from the Movie “Preah Laek Sinnvong Neang Pream Kesor,” Mjas Tbong Kon Deang, and Teuk Ho Euy Kom Al Chun ទឹកហូរអើយកុំអាលជន. Other countries Sok has toured with performances include: Australia, Canada, France and Germany. ■

A-1 Arrow Disposal, Inc. Arrow disposal Inc. is a "roll off" dumpster rental company. We deliver "roll off" dumpsters for our customers to use for the removal of construction waste, rubbish and trash from commercial or residential cleanups of warehouse, office and retail spaces, basements, attics, garages, storage sheds, etc. We have three sizes of dumpsters

10 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 4' tall 15 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 5' tall 20 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 6' tall All of our drivers complete a rigorous safety and training program

Phone: (704) 467-7744 Same-Day Dumpster Delivery !

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (7)

KIMNET Korean Inter Mission Network

Dr. Chun Ki-Hyun of the Chun Group and Pastor Samuel Choe of KIMNET signed a ministry partnership agreement on the usage of King’s Tower Building, 1339 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC, as KIMNET national office. On January 7, 2014, many delegates from all over USA visited the open house and opening celebration service.

Bill Harding, the director of Social Affairs of SIMUSA, wrote the following comments on our KIMNET welcome log: “Dear KIMNET, I give thanks today for God’s blessing on KIMNET. I am proud of SIM’s long history and partnership with KIMNET. … Samuel, I thank God for your faithfulness in declaring the glory of God among the nations. SIM wishes to support your zeal for the gospel.” At 10:30 AM, the celebration began at the first floor of King’s Tower,

the Asian library, which is also life time work of Dr. Chun. Currently she houses more than 130,000 Asian books. Pastor Hyunsuk Lee of KIMNET (piano: deacon Sarah Chung) opened the worship service by introducing Pastor Samuel Choe, the executive director of KIMNET. Speaking both Korean and English, he thanked all 70 delegates from all over Charlotte and USA. Pastor Jeeho Chung, the president of Charlotte Korean Pastors Association prayed for the service, which was followed by a special song by Jungwoon Paek and Kyungsun Choi couple. Their

song of dedication was especially meaningful since they are on the last stage of getting ready to be sent off as missionary. KIMNET staff and all the delegates lifted their hands and prayed sincerely for them and also Shane & Mari Hughes couple who will be sent to Uzbekistan as missionary in the coming month. It was wonderful testimony of how KIMNET can network with other agencies and empower young missionary candidates in the process of sending them off to the mission field. Pastor Sungkee Ho, the president of KIMNET, PGM and a senior pastor of Antioch Church of Philadelphia

preached a message entitled, ‘Be Victorious through Thanksgiving!’ out of Psalms 122:1-9. He spoke both Korean and English and challenged us deeply by the depth of his exposition of the Word of God and also realness of his personal testimony. IMG_0169.JPG Dr. Chun gave brief remark of thanksgiving and introduced the delegate from the Gorden-Conwell Seminary Dean Dr. Tim Laniak

who expressed his gratitude in having opportunity to network with KIMNET and shared about his seminary history. Finally, Pastor Nah Sungkyun, the president of the Charlotte Church Association, gave the benediction in conclusion of the service. It was followed by a banquet prepared by the Chun Group, Inc.

Pictures & writing by Bob Oh

Ki - Hyun Chun, PH.D, CPA Ph.D., LLD., CCIM, CPA. 1st Asian CPA Firm in the Carolinas Let Our 30yrs Experience Work For you! *Tax Planning *Accounting *Bookkeeping *Consulting

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The Asian Herald

January 2014 (8)

Charity Tournaments for Typhoon Haiyan Victims Straight from the Carolinas by Susan Palmes-Dennis TWO tournaments held last Dec. 14 to 15 highlighted the month of fund-raising activities for the victims of supertyphoonHaiyan in central Philippines. The Hataw Pinoy group in coordination with the Town of Matthews and The Crews Recreation Center held both a badminton and ping-pong tournament at the Crews Rec Center multi-purpose room over the weekend.

The bracketing was organized by OrlyMaturan of Hataw Pinoy and MonelleReyla of Charlotte Table Tennis Club. Charity Pong T-shirts were sold out at the end of the two events. There were lunch and food sales by the Glance Foundation Inc during the badminton and table tennis tournaments. Participants and the audience were asked to bring used clothes, toiletries, school supplies, canned goods and other donations in kind for the Haiyansupertyphoon victims. By the end of the tournament, The Hataw Pinoy were able to fill up 2 big balikbayan (shipping) boxes filled with these donations in kind from the participants. The Hataw P i n o y organizers for the Charity Ping-Pong tournament w e r e AlethCababa,

Figure 1:two "women’s doubles winners: upper right 1st Jane Lee and Kate Liu; upper left second Aleth Cababa and Weimin Vasudeva. Lower pic: group picture Co-sponsored by The Glance Foundation Inc., the ping-pong tournament drew 33 participants from Charlotte, Rock Hill, Concord, Matthews, Raleigh, Fort Bragg and even Georgia. There were also players from the Charlotte Table Tennis Club and The Hataw Pinoy Table Tennis Group. The table tennis tournament has advanced categories for both singles and doubles events and also a singles event for beginners. The table tournament started at 12 noon and lasted until 6 pm.

Dimple Maturan, OrlyMaturan, Jha Yabes and Adam Yabes. The Charity Pong winners: Singles-Advanced: 1st Place: PrakharPaharia 2nd Place: Randy Myott; Doubles-Advanced: 1st Place: PrakharPaharia and Alex Alesna 2nd Place: Mike Sta Ana and Glen Sta. Ana Singles- beginners: 1st Place: Adam Yabes 2nd Place: ErceCobile. ■

Straight From the Carolinas

A Woman of Service

by Susan Palmes-Dennis

I don’t know her personally that much as it was only few months ago that I came to know about her, specifically as president of the Filipino-American community of the Carolinas (FACC). Now her term as FACC president has come to an end and I thought I have to report about her year-long presidency. I was demanding to interview her that I had to apologize. It's not that I am mean but years of journalistic work in the Philippines made me refuse to take “later” or “no” as an answer. I was just after the news that I didn't even ask that I be exempted to pay entrance for the FACC gala night since I would do write-ups. She might have given me a pass but I didn't ask for it. Anyway, I am going to write about Florami Lao Cordero Lee. No matter how late she would answer me or leave a message, I was determined that she would give me answers that day. I asked her how she would define a leader in relation to her leading 400 plus Fil-American families who are members of the FACC. Florami answered that a leader is like a shepherd, “who stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble to go ahead. The others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.” The recently departed South African leader Nelson Mandela happened to be one of her inspirations, Florami said. It was no small coincidence that his passing a few days ago also preceded her exit from the FACC presidency.


Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

As she bows out, Florami recalled with fondness the experiences she had as FACC president. Among these are her meetings with public figures like Philippine Ambassador Jose Cuisa at the International Cabinet Awards and Governor Pat McRory of North Carolina. Project after project were accomplished under her watch. These include a trip to Cherokee for the seniors and not so seniors; donation of canned goods to the Second Harvest and bringing the youth to the Second Harvest warehouse. She also organized community fund raising activities like the Concert with Mitch Franco and just recently the Zumbathon. Born in Cebu, Florami grew up in Manila. She has two children with Chinese American husband Wyatt named Dina Joy and Kellen Jojon. Her favorite colors are purple and turquoise blue while she counts Mariah Carey as her favorite singer. She said she is still reading inspirational book by Bruce and Stan specifically their book "God is in the Small Stuff in the Family.” Among the many things Florami would list in her bucket list is to help again more Filipinos rebuild their lives from the devastation of the Oct. 15 earthquake and supertyphoonHaiyan. “I have attended so many functions and have met so many different kinds of people;I thank The Lord Almighty for making me strong and all things possible!” Amid all of these, Florami still remains humble and ever ready to Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any help othersother offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12 Before I end, please allow me to thank Dr. Nini de Bautista, Filipino par excellence for introducing me to Roxanna Dimitriu at this paper, which paved the way for me contributing to the biggest Asian thisCarolinas. coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with paperPresent atany the other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12 Thank you so much. The past year I am like a wanderer looking to where I can put to use the passion of being a journalist.■ Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

704-907-4787 Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12 Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

704-907-4787 Present this coupon at Can estimate. Can not Present this coupon at estimate. not be combined withbe combined with anyany other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12 Expire 6/31/12 other offer, discount or coupon.

Present this coupon at estimate. Can not be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. Expire 6/31/12

The AsiAn herAld

January 2014 (9)

Welcome to Sensé Spa Parties! Welcome to our ultimate Sensé Spa Parties! … The perfect way to introduce you to the benefits of Sensé skin care in a fun, relaxed environment. This is an opportunity to share unique Sensé stories, and introduce you to a world of unlimited, personalized wealth and beauty. We invite you to learn “The Four ‘P’s”, enjoy radiant skin, and meet new people. Although women are the most likely to attend our event, we would like to extend the invitation to husbands, brothers and boyfriends also; Sensé skin care line has something for them also.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation, or a Sensé facial, please email your request to usana@ or register at www. Also, you may call 704-488-9500 (Chinese and English). Therefore, here is a little information about the products you are about to discover when joining us for the party! SENSÉ SCIENCE BASED SKIN CARE. Sensé beautiful science skin-care products offer an innovative approach to skin care. With groundbreaking, patented Self-Preserving Technology, Sensé products contain no added chemical preservatives—meaning they stay fresh naturally—so they are more gentle and healthy for even the most sensitive skin. Our skin-care specialists have carefully formulated exclusive antioxidant complexes in every product using ingredients proven to revitalize skin cells, leaving skin looking younger and

more radiant. Developed by USANA Health Sciences, Sensé products are formulated to properly nourish and hydrate your skin’s cells. The Sensé beauty regimen is designed to be a comprehensive approach to skin and hair care that takes into account the nutritional needs of both the skin and body. THE SCIENCE OF SENSÉ™ SKIN CARE.As the body’s largest organ, your skin absorbs healthy and unhealthy substances applied to it. Sensé products focus on cellular health of the skin and utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver visible results while being better for you. “Our patented preservative technology will change skin care as we know it. The cosmetic industry has been trying to discover a way to preserve products without adding parabens or harsh chemicals for years, and by introducing our new self-preserving technology in theSensé product line, USANA continues to establish itself as the leader in the industry. The Sensé skin-care line has raised the bar for cosmetic companies around the world.” —Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D., He is internationally recognized microbiologist and immunologist and 2007 Einstein Award Winner Among the many cuttingedge innovations of the Sensé skincare product line, one stands out: SelfPreserving Technology, a patented blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and active ingredients that keep every Sensé product fresh without the need for harsh chemical preservatives or added parabens. Containing only pure ingredients, the products are more gentle and healthy for your skin and your body. Self-Preserving Technology: A revolutionary U.S.-patented formula ensures every Sensé product stays fresh naturally. In addition, the world-class scientists who developed the Sensé skin-care line have created two unique topical nutrition blends based on clinically proven studies and ►

服务员数名, 女性,全职。 带位兼收银,女性,兼职。 需经验,有身份,通国语,英文。 有意者请电或面洽

天天BUFFET (704)341-2293

Welcome to Calvary Internal Medicine Calvary Medical Clinic is a primary care clinic with the purpose of delivering quality and exceptional health care to our patients. Everyone deserves high-quality, compassionate medical care. That’s why we strive to bring every patient who walks through our door the best service at affordable rates. Our physicians, nurses and administrators are in the business of

helping people first and foremost, not turning a profit.Whether your children need a routine check-up or you’re a senior looking for the management of your multiple medical problems, our Doctor and ancillary staff will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible, while we treat you. ■

well-established dermatological and nutritional science. Proflavanol-T and Proteo-C topical nutrition complexes in every Sensé product work synergistically to nourish and protect the health and look of your cells— where beautiful skin starts. Proflavanol-T®: A proprietary antioxidant blend that supplies the right nutrients for perfectly balanced, younger-looking skin. Proteo-C™: An exclusive vitamin C blend offering powerful beauty therapy.

Experience the dramatic difference of these anti-aging technologies: Regenisomes™ Enzyme Technology: Marine enzymes help boost the skin’s natural defenses against environmental damage. Dermal Surface Renewal™ (DSR) Skin-Care Technology: Gentle formulation helps to refine the complexion. Even more, every product has been dermatologist/allergy/ clinically tested. XH/RD. ■

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (10)

For our community… Americans for Prosperity, one of North Carolina’s leading advocates for educational freedom, has issued a statement in regards to a lawsuit filed by the North Carolina Association of Educators. The lawsuit was filed in Wake County Superior Court and contends that the newly created Opportunity Scholarship Program – for low-income students to attend private schools – is unconstitutional. Feel free to let the lawmakers know your opinion, and help them make a good decision in this matter. Many Asian children benefit from the Scholarship Program, so it is important to keep it going. For more information, visit www. AFP-North Carolina Policy Specialist, Donald Bryson had this to say: “This lawsuit is true demagoguery from a special interest group. While NCAE senior staff are raking in sixfigure salaries and advancing this lawsuit, their membership are paying dues to help prevent low-income students from having increased Internal Medicine Family Kim Tam, M.D. English-Chinese

Members of our diverse community proudly participated in the Thanksgiving parade educational options through private choice. The State Constitution requires school choice. It is unconscionable that a group representing educators the General Assembly to maintain a would file a lawsuit to prevent ‘general and uniform system of free children in low-income families from public schools.’ To my knowledge, going to the school of their parents’ the Opportunity Scholarship program

Asian Professionals Internal Medicine Nang T. Ta, M.D. English-Vietnamese

1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

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Dr. Qing Ming Chen Engish-Chinese


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704-839-9583 Internal Medicine Sheena Kapadia

English-Hindi 1918 Randolph Rd. Ste. 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

704-342-8115 Obstetrics Gynecology Jenny Thao Ngo, C.N.M. English-Vietnamese 4822 Albemarle Rd. Ste 103 Charlotte, NC 28205


Pediatrics Nguyen Ta, M.D.

2504 Plantation Center Dr. Matthews, NC 28105

704-841-2237 Internal Medicine Family Ching H. Lieu, M.D. English-Korean

930 West Wilson Ave Mooresville, NC 28117


English-Korean 9335 Blankeney Center Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

Luong-Huy Le, D.D.S. English-Vietnamese 2614-A East 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204

704-295-0151 Dentist

Dr. Xin Chen English-Chinese 8170 C. South Tryon St Charlotte NC 28273


Dentist Nhung T. Phan, D.M.D. English-Vietnamese 2391 Dave Lyle Blvd. Suite 101 Rock Hill, SC 29730



Attorney Immigration

Tin Thanh Nguyen, Pllc English-Vietnamese-Spanish 4520 N. Tryon Street, Ste. 20 Charlotte, NC 28213

704-462-1527 Attorney Immigration Seung Hae Suh, Esq English-Korean 1110 Navaho Dr. Ste 502 Raleigh, NC 27609


Acupuncture (M.D. in China) Hu Jiang, L.Ac

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5200 Park Rd., Ste 227 Charlotte, NC 28209

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Steven Ghim, D.D.S.

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Chiropractor Jeongpil Park, D.C.

English-Vietnamese 1433 Emerywood Dr. Ste D Charlotte, NC 28210


Attorney at Law Mica N. Worthy

begins in 2014 and our statewide public school system will continue to exist. The NCAE is attacking a type of voucher program that has been repeatedly held as constitutional in state and federal courts – particularly in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Zelman v. SimmonsHarris (2002). Our public school system provides an adequate education for hundreds of thousands of students every year. This program is designed to help those families who do not, financially, have a choice in their child’s education. An attack on this program is an attack on those families.” The Opportunity Scholarship program was created as part of the North Carolina State Budget earlier this year. State lawmakers set aside $10 million in the budget to help pay private school tuition for about 2,500 students, starting in the 2014-15 school year. To be eligible, students must be currently be enrolled in public school and be eligible for free or reduced price lunches. The appropriation for the Opportunity Scholarship program, in the 2014-15 Fiscal Year, makes up one-tenth of one percent of the Education portion of the State’s General Fund. RD ■ Acupuncture Lauren Leung, L.Ac


Chiropractor Chiropractic Physician Dr. R. Scott Saario 537 W Sugar Creek Rd, Ste 101 P: 704-598-8040


Do Thuan My, D.O.

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Peizhi Li, L.Ac

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Pradip B. Bulsara L.Ac.


English-Hindi 203 Gelnway Street Belmont, NC 28054

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Starpoint Acupuncture


Wendy Swanson Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist

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Attorney Immigration Jordan G. Forsythe



Li Jie McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist) Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

John McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Masters degree of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbology Charlotte Davidson 704-737-4412 / Morganton 828-413-0567

Acupuncture (M.D. in china) Wenhui Li, L.Ac.

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English-Chinese 148 East Charles Street Matthews, NC 28105


Attorney Immigration C. Andres Lopez

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704-516-6514 Architect Hong Choe, AIA English-Korean 2409 Chesterfield Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 704-408-8994

The AsiAn herAld

January 2014 (11)

What Tet Means To Me

By Thien Kim Vuong

When I was younger, Western celebration of solar New Year made much more sense. Everything from over-the-top countdowns to New Year’s resolutions agreed with what I thought introduction to a New Year should be all about. Tet (Lunar New Year), on the other hand, was always full of festivities, dancing, and celebrations of things that I could not relate with or truly understand. Tet simply became a day when I traded a smile and a well-trained phrase of “Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year)” in exchange for money folded up in beautiful red envelopes. It was a day when I performed Vietnamese dances on stage, helped prepare exorbitant amounts of food, and sold raffle tickets to strangers. It wasn’t until much later— while interviewing for colleges, scholarships, and medical schools— that I started to understand the importance that this holiday held for me. After my first few interviews in high school, I started to recognize a trend: my interviewers were all intrigued by my background of being a Vietnamese-American. They asked vague questions about how being Vietnamese affected me and, in return, expected a brief synopsis of all my experiences. In truth, this wasn’t something I had ever tried to articulate, and my first attempt at an answer was nothing short of a disaster. My interviewer tried to urge me along by asking about specific experiences of “being Vietnamese”. Despite being mildly offended, I opened my mouth and, somehow, a description of Tet came pouring out. To anyone who has not experienced Tet first-hand, this was apparently eye-opening. My response was well-received with enthusiasm and fascination. As I started along the interview trail with my well-crafted answer, I felt myself getting anxious as I awaited the inevitable question. I

worried that my interviewer could see straight through my hollow response and would realize that I didn’t actually know how I was supposed to answer. I never thought it was fair to be expected to reduce my entire Vietnamese culture and childhood into mere sentences. In spite of my internal resistance, I continued to answer these questions with a smile and, over time, I started to realize that my answer evolved with each delivery. The more I was asked, the more confident I felt and the more depth I could provide. I began to tie in my family’s experiences as refugees and how their struggles shaped my childhood. I included details about how the Lien Hoa Temple and Buddhism shaped my views on leadership and outlook on life. While my answer evolved into something almost entirely different, the one aspect that stayed constant was Tet. Tet can seem somewhat loosely defined and chaotic to the untrained eye. To me, I now understand that this holiday, and the days leading up to it, is an opportunity to fully embrace my heritage and to share this aspect of my culture with the people around me. It is a day during which Vietnamese people from all walks of life can come together and celebrate as a unified people, bringing together families to honor traditions that would otherwise be lost here in America. Being a minority, our Vietnamese culture can sometimes be suppressed in order to function in an Englishspeaking and predominantly Caucasian society. However, Tet is our day. Tet allows this aspect of our identity to resurface and provides the opportunity to celebrate with others who are similar to us in this way. It is a day when we can wear our ao dai (traditional Vietnamese outfit), noi tieng Viet (speak Vietnamese), and rejoice without reservation or

NC REALTOR®/BROkER 买房,卖房,新房,二手房

Buy & Sale, New & Old

Tet Festival! Come and Celebrate with us!

judgment. To me, Tet represents the culmination of my experiences of being Vietnamese, and I look forward to it year after year. While my Vietnamese identity will undoubtedly continue to change and advance over time, I am certain that Tet will always remain as a symbol of what being Vietnamese truly means to me. I am very excited about this upcoming Tet, and I hope you are too! I am eager for the opportunity to move forward with new aspirations after learning from achievements and disappointments of the previous year. Tet uniquely

offers us a blank slate on which we can shape our future successes, and I wish you all the best in shaping your future during the upcoming year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! We would be honored if you would join us at our Tet celebration on January 26, 2014, from 12 PM until 5 PM. The celebration will be held at Taylor Hall on the campus of CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College), and the address is 1228 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, NC, 28204. We hope to see you there and to share our Tet celebration with you! ■

Brenda J. Shi

B rLei cne n sd . S h i Berda e InndJ a J . S h i NC & SC RealtoR® 地 產 經 紀

地 產 經 紀 Licensed In NC & SC

B r eRealtoR n® d a J . S®h i地 產 經 紀 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 RealtoR RealtoR 地 產 經 紀 ®

L i cMobile: e n 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 s e d (704) I n N502-2726 C & SC Mobile: 909-3883 (704) 502-2726 Fax: (704) Cell: 704 288 9983 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 Fax: (704) 909-3883 Office: 704 541 6100

Email: Office: 7907 Providence Rd, NC 28277 Web:

Licensed In NC & SC 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務

Mobile: (704) 502-2726 Fax: (704) 909-3883



Email: 凱 威 502-2726 地產 Mobile: (704) Fax: (704) 909-3883 凱威地產 3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28277 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Email: 凱 威Charlotte, 地NC產 3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, 28277 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28277 Dream your dreams, I ‘ll make your dream come true

Zhifang Li (Vicky) 李志芳

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated


The AsiAn herAld

January 2014 (12)


“An explosion of color and sound!” — The Charlotte Observer

REVIVING 5,000 YEaRs of CIVILIZaTIoN SHEN YUN captures the spirit of ancient China, recalling the grandeur of a culture long lost. The show moves quickly from one story, region, and dynasty to the next. Down in the valley, ladies of the Yi ethnic group dance in rainbow skirts by the river. In the heavens, celestial fairies trail silken sleeves through the clouds. Resounding drums awaken the dusty plateaus of the Middle Kingdom. Gorgeous backdrops extend the stage, transporting the audience to distant lands and eras. A full, live orchestra blends East and West like no other. Dancers fly across the stage in an array of flips, spins, jumps, and aerials. The energy of classical Chinese dance is contagious; the entire performance, mesmerizing. After selling out shows in Charlotte last year, Shen Yun is returning to Charlotte in January for a limited two-show engagement. Shen Yun cannot be seen in today’s China, where traditional Chinese culture has been mostly destroyed under communist rule. Based in New York, Shen Yun is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reviving authentic Chinese culture.

"I am completely enchanted… I do hope there is a recording of your wonderful erhu player, and it will…make me remember this marvelous evening.” — HRH Princess Michael of Kent

“It is very encompassing, large scale, and in a class of its own. It is an artistic feast, not seen in other shows. This kind of inner charisma, the power of the arts is the highest realm a performer can ever hope to achieve. ” — Chi Cao, lead actor in Mao’s Last Dancer principal dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet

“So beautiful... It was like taking a journey to China. It was inspirational and educational – a performance that I encourage everyone to see and all of us to learn from.” — Donna Karan, fashion designer and DKNY creator

"It's a performance that truly nourishes and lifts the spirit."

— Stephen L. Norris, Co-founder of The Carlyle Group

“Many people had tried to put Eastern and Western musical instruments in an orchestra but they never succeeded. Shen Yun did it. It sounds so unique and terrific!” — Kang Mang Ho., renowned South Korean conductor

“Absolutely beautiful... It has become this one big poetic event. It was so inspiring, I think I may have found some new ideas for the next AVATAR.” — Robert Stromberg, Academy Award-winning production designer for Avatar

Don’t Miss this Cultural treasure. buy your tickets now! VISIT: CALL: 800-382-1731 • 888-974-3698 704-372-1000 Prices:


BELK THEATER JAN 28 Tue7:30 PM - 29 Wed 7:30 PM at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

Presented by: NC Falun Dafa Association

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (13)

Hyung Yun in Concert Nineteen Carolina Opera Chorus and Angel Girls sang Panis Angelicus with Hyung Yun

CAACC held Fund Raising Party for Philipine Typhoon Victims Christmas Spirit Love Your Neighbor

Korean New Year Festival

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (14)


蓝脊山下 Local


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

2014 年第 1 期 總第 85 期 第


迦密華人教會聖誕音樂會 【本報訊】夏樂市迦密華人教會於日前舉行了聖誕音樂崇拜 會,近 300 多人出席,盛況空前。 教會的青年交響樂隊由 Jenny Chen 擔任指揮,詩班由曾 焕志(Aaron Chan)擔任指揮聯袂參加演出。聖誕音樂崇拜會 以一曲「普世歡騰」讚美詩開篇,緊接「小伯利恆」。教會 的青年交響樂隊和詩班參加演出,「一萬個理由」、「聖誕

湘 君


攝 影

詩,高山流水一氣呵成,台上台下同聲吟唱。 音樂會在李志堅牧師講道後,繼續演唱了「賜福与你」、 「三一頌」等奉獻詩歌。

北卡禪觀雷藏寺法會 北卡禪觀雷藏寺將於 1 月 24 日至 2 月 2 日,提供安奉太歲、 安延生位和安光明燈服務,并將 舉辦一系列「送迎太歲」、「佛 前大供上頭香」、「新春團拜祈 福」等法會。

1. 送迎太歲: 1

之夜上頭香: 1 月 30 日 (周一) 晚 11 時開始; 3. 佛前大供、恭 賀新禧: 1 月 31 日 (周二,大年 初一) 上午 11 時 開始 4. 團拜 : 2 月 2 日 (周日) 上午 11 時;舞 獅:下午 2 時開始。 地址: 5909 Monroe Rd, Char-

lotte NC 28212 ;電話: (704) 月 24 日 (周五) 2:30pm ; 2. 除夕 567-2000

美國大學申請指南 全方位介紹最新﹑最正確的申請資訊

第一本為華人家長編寫的專書       

美國大學申請程序﹑發展及最新趨勢﹔ 美國大學的種類﹔ 美國大學如何挑選申請人﹔ 大學申請文件的審查程序﹔ 擬定申請幾所大學及選定學校﹔ 申請財務補助的各種管道和訣竅﹔ 如何運用運動專長獲得獎學金﹔ 高中 11﹑12 年級學生﹑家長行事曆…

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The Asian Herald 2

蓝脊山下 Local

January 2014 (15)


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

2014 年第 1 期 總第 85 期 第


迦密華人教會聖誕音樂會 【本報訊】夏樂市迦密華人教會於日前舉行了聖誕音樂崇拜 會,近 300 多人出席,盛況空前。 教會的青年交響樂隊由 Jenny Chen 擔任指揮,詩班由曾 焕志(Aaron Chan)擔任指揮聯袂參加演出。聖誕音樂崇拜會 以一曲「普世歡騰」讚美詩開篇,緊接「小伯利恆」。教會 的青年交響樂隊和詩班參加演出,「一萬個理由」、「聖誕

湘 君


攝 影

詩,高山流水一氣呵成,台上台下同聲吟唱。 音樂會在李志堅牧師講道後,繼續演唱了「賜福与你」、 「三一頌」等奉獻詩歌。

北卡禪觀雷藏寺法會 北卡禪觀雷藏寺將於 1 月 24 日至 2 月 2 日,提供安奉太歲、 安延生位和安光明燈服務,并將 舉辦一系列「送迎太歲」、「佛 前大供上頭香」、「新春團拜祈 福」等法會。

1. 送迎太歲: 1

之夜上頭香: 1 月 30 日 (周一) 晚 11 時開始; 3. 佛前大供、恭 賀新禧: 1 月 31 日 (周二,大年 初一) 上午 11 時 開始 4. 團拜 : 2 月 2 日 (周日) 上午 11 時;舞 獅:下午 2 時開始。 地址: 5909 Monroe Rd, Char-

lotte NC 28212 ;電話: (704) 月 24 日 (周五) 2:30pm ; 2. 除夕 567-2000

美國大學申請指南 全方位介紹最新﹑最正確的申請資訊

第一本為華人家長編寫的專書       

美國大學申請程序﹑發展及最新趨勢﹔ 美國大學的種類﹔ 美國大學如何挑選申請人﹔ 大學申請文件的審查程序﹔ 擬定申請幾所大學及選定學校﹔ 申請財務補助的各種管道和訣竅﹔ 如何運用運動專長獲得獎學金﹔ 高中 11﹑12 年級學生﹑家長行事曆…

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January 2014 (16)

3 健康


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

Health & Life

饭后 1.5-2 小时后喝为宜。

The Asian Herald 2014 年 第 1 期 總第 85 期 第 3 頁

这 8 种食物




30 度的水泡着喝,否则容易引起腹 药物,也是不正确的,因为抗生素










蜂蜜加热到 67 度以上,会破坏当








斯大学的研究人员分析了 11 份不




西红柿 含有大量的果胶、柿胶酚、可溶 性收敛剂等成分,容易与胃酸发生 化学反应,使胃内压力增强,造成



度增高,影响人的食欲和消化功 能,不利于身体健康。用酸奶送服


































每天摄取的钾约 1600 毫克,远少 于每日应摄取的 3509 毫克,这样 可能导致心律不齐、易怒、腹泻以 及恶心。 每根香蕉平均含有 500 毫克的 控制体液平衡。每天吃三根香蕉就


















愛惜大腸 空腹吃水果


能摄入足够的钾,会使大脑发生血 管阻塞的风险降低 21%。

五、 六公尺 長,年輕有活力。而我的直徑



寬約三至 五公分 ,小腸比較細,直徑寬約



一公分 。




整理:游繡華 (台大榮譽 教授)

























※ 愛惜大腸











我有的時候也會發炎,有種種原因可能引 我喜歡的是蔬菜、水果,含有很多水分、


























〈Mechanical ileus〉。


















抗痙攣、 抗蠕動的藥,結果呢?就發生一個







所以,以下我將以大腸為第一人稱,帶著 大家進入大腸的世界,也聽聽它的心聲。



化 「你們要多運動,我才會有力量蠕動。」 大腸對身體的主人提出第一項重要建議: 一定要多運動。「每天日行萬步」是一種很 好的運動,每天以一分鐘一百步的速度,走 一百分鐘。成為生活習慣。 我有一大串的「小兄弟」小腸,小腸有













血性結腸炎」〈Ischemic colitis〉。粘膜表面






身長一公尺的我,身上也會有一個一個小 倉庫,叫作「憩室」。有的憩室是先天的, 有的是因為我壓力太大、緊張,為了消除緊

台灣在 2007 年,大腸癌的發生率已經突 破一萬例。肝癌是第一個突破一萬例的癌


症,大腸癌是第二個,而且案例還在持續增 還有,如果存在我這兒的廢物變得很硬的 加中,這是非常恐怖的。「我不希望健康的 時候,比較硬的廢物也會變大,相對於小兄 我長癌細胞,因為長了癌細胞我就痛苦了,



(704) 364-8887


護我的環境,我很環保,我不要這裡血流成 河,我不要,也不喜歡。

The AsiAn herAld 4

January 2014 (17) The Asian Herald Chinese Section

理財 Money

外公一路靜靜地開車,後來把車 不太好用的太陽能鍋,還做了烤

亞馬遜創辦人 對普林斯頓畢業生的演講 聰明是種天賦,而仁慈卻是







一種選擇! 能有如導師般的家人 「我闖禍了嗎?」外公是非常聰

2014 年 第 1 期 總第 85 期 第



2013 年,我


發現自己犯了好幾個理財失誤,該怎 麼補救?


指 引是福氣,找到如益友般的伴



侶 更 是幸運的,福氣來自天

答:根據非營利的美國消費者聯盟 2012



生,幸運 卻 可以創造。







馬遜創辦人 對普林斯頓畢業生的


傲。 明天,完全由你們書寫的嶄

12 分鐘演講。




● 你將如何發揮你的天賦?你會

且聽 Amazon 創辦人怎說,亞

亞馬遜創辦人(Jeff Bezos) 受邀到母校普林斯頓大學對畢業

有些人犯下失誤而默不作聲,所以您不需 要太難過。幸好,假如今年理財出錯了, 還是有辦法補救。 以下為美新周刊指出的理財失誤和補救




生演講。雖然只有短短 12 分鐘,


● 你是照習慣行事,還是你將追








● 你會遵循成規,還是要創新獨


急金。理財網站 調查發現,






● 你會選擇安逸的生活,還是選





陳志傑博士 1962.11.16—2013.12.03 陳志傑,北京人。一年多來,陳志傑在 夫人唐湞潔女士精心照護下,勇敢地與癌 症搏鬥,不幸于 2013 年 12 月 3 日在南卡



● 你碰到批評會畏縮屈從,還是

留 1000 元作為應急之用,之後,再逐步






● 你犯錯是會哄騙掩飾,還是坦





摘 錄,請細細品味: 在我 10 歲的時候,利用各種機


在這充滿創新驚奇的世界,聰明 承道歉?



● 你會因為害怕拒絕而不敢敞開





失誤是,平白錯失雇主提供的 401(k)配合



● 你會選擇打安全牌,還是會浪




發現網路使用一年成長 23 倍,我

● 遇到困難,你是會放棄,還是




鐘壽命。 在那個夏天的長途拖車旅行途 中,我決定為抽菸的外婆算一


1994-至 998 在英國南安普敦大學光電子研

● 你是憤世嫉俗的批評者,還是


Payne。論文研究對象是當時最熱門和高科 技領先的「光纖激光放大器及其在電子通




● 你會為展現自己的聰明而傷害







根據調查,全美 64%的人認為,電

我敢說,當你們 80 歲的時候,







會成功,因為大部分的創業都失 我原本期待外公外婆會稱讚我聰 敗了,我也不太確定失敗後會如 明、數學好:「傑夫,你好聰 何。




(Lucent Technology) 聘任為高級光導工程 師,曾爲西門子公司設計當時最先進與最 複雜的激光放大器,獲得專利,並獲得朗 訊 Lucent 傑出貢獻獎。2003 至 2009 任德 國 Hella Lighting 公司高級光學工程師,從 事美國與德國汽車車燈的光學設計工作,

己創造一個偉大的人生故事。 祝


其中包括卡迪拉克和福特等。2009 至 2013

你們好運。 God bless you !


任美國哈勃集團(Hubbell Lighting)高級光 學設計工程師,負責近年來全世界熱門新

人生就是由選擇所創造的。 為自












運 的,福氣來自天生,幸運卻可



訊的應用」。1998 年獲美國朗訊科技公司




從系主任王楚教授,然後留校任教七年。 究中心攻讀博士,師從著名教授 Sir David



陳志傑 1984 年畢業於北京大學無線電 系,1987 年獲北京大學無線電系碩士,師

就得經常外食,會衍生一筆很龐大的費 壞了明明可以修理,卻花冤枉錢購買新

那年我正好 30 歲、剛結婚一








能源 LED 的光學設計。 陳志傑博士追悼會已于 12 月 14 日在南 卡州綠谷地區隆重舉行 。

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The AsiAn herAld

January 2014 (18)

KIMNET 세계선교동역네트웍

The Chun Group (대표 전기현 장로) 와 KIMNET 는 동역 합의서에 동의하여 전기현 장로의 King’s Tower Building, 1339 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC, 3 층 에 KIMNET office 를 새로 장만하고 2014 년 1 월 7 일 (화) 에 전 미국과 샬롯지역 의 많은 목회자들이 아침부터 KIMNET office 의 오픈하우스에 오셔서 기쁜 마음으로 축복해 주셨다.

당일 오전 10:30분에 King's Tower 1층에 자리잡고 있는 아시안 도서관에서 축하 예배가 열렸다. 전기현 장로의 평생 사업이기도 한 이 도서관에는 십삼만권의(130,000)책을 갖고 있으며 개인적으로 미국내 최다 동양 장서를 보유하고 있다. KIMNET 의 이현석 목사 사회로 시작된 예배(반주 정사라집사) 에는KIMNET 상임대표 이신 최일식 목사님이 영어와 한어로 참석하신 70여명의 하객 들 에게 감사의 말씀을 전했고 샬롯 목사회 회장 이신 정지호 목사의 기도가 있었다. 안디옥

교회 담임이신 호성기 목사가 먼곳에서 오셔서 ‘감사함으로 승리하자’ 라는 주 제로 시편 122:1-9절 말씀을 통해 도전을 주셨다. 한어와 영어를 능숙하게 하시며 거의 부흥회 수준의 뜨거움과 말씀의 깊이 있는 도전이 많은 하객들 에게 도전이 되었다. 말씀 증거후 전기현 장로의 짧은 간증과 감사표시가 있었고 샬롯지역의 골든컨웰 신학교 대표 Dean Dr. Laniak의 축하의 메세지와 신학교 소개가 있었고 KIMNET과 같이 동 역할수 있게 됨을 감사 한다는 메세지도 있었다. 이 이러한 네트워크를 통하여 젊은 선교지망생 들과 많은 선

교단체들과 동역하는 모습이 아 름다웠다.마지막으로샬롯 장로교회 담임 이시고 샬롯교협 회장이신 나성균 목사가 축도함으로 예배를 마치고 Chun Group 에서 제공한 맛있는 만찬을 즐겼다. 만찬후 오후에는 나성에서 이민목회 연구원을 하시는 오상철 박사의 특강을 경청했다. 오랜기간 동안 4500 여명의 이민자들을 대상으로 연구한 이민목회 의 현황에 대한 발표를 나눈뒤 참석자 들과 Q & A의 시간을 가졌고 더욱히 2세 목회를 오래하신 오석환 목사와 같이 페널식으로 한시간 정도 의 토의가 있었다. 새롭게

2014년을 여는 KIMNET의 동역자들과 하객들의 축하와 감사와 찬양과 기쁨이 뒤범벅 되여 하나님께 향내나는 제물로 바쳐지는 하루였다. 할렐루야! 미국 선교단체 SIM USA 의 director of Social Affairs 이신 Bill Harding 목사가 KIMNET KIMNET 3.png 을 축복하며 다음과 같은 글을 방명록에 남겨 주셨다.

“Dear KIMNET, I give thanks today for God’s blessing on

KIMNET. I am proud of SIM’s long history and partnership with KIMNET. … I thank God for your faithfulness in declaring the glory of God among the nations. SIM wishes to support your zeal for the gospel.” 기사&사진: 오석환 목사

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The Asian Herald

January 2014 (19)

샬롯 한인회 소식 The News of Korean’s Association 갑오년 신년 잔치를 24대 샬롯 한인회 주최로 1월4일에 CPCC Halton 대 강당에서 성대히 거행 되었다. 매년 샬롯의 다른 아시안들은 음력 설을 기준으로 새해 잔치를 하지만 한인사회는 양력설을 기준으로 신년 잔치를 함으로 이지역 사회에서 신년잔치를 처음으로 성대히 갖는다. 24대 샬롯 한인회가 정성을 드려 각교회에서 음식을, 뜻있는 한인회 회원들의 정성을 담아 후원금을 지원 했고 또

한인사회에 많은 도움을 준 배려였다. 이번 신년잔치 사회는 부부 팀 수진 & 로버트 Ridgell 이 그리고 남부한인장로교회 송성섭목사 기도로 순서가 시작되었다.방호상한인회장은 참석한 모든 분들을 환영하고 귀빈 소개를 한뒤 샬롯 한인사회에 보내는 아틀란타 총영사의 축사를 김희범 영사가 대독했다. 김희범 영사는 축사를 대독하기 전에 본인이 샬롯에 전에 거주했던 것을 말하고 고향에 온 기분이고 샬롯을 자원해서 왔다고 말했다. 이번에 새로 선출 된 샬롯 시장 패트릭 캐논의 메세지는 시의원 클레어 펠론이 대독했고 미주 총연 동남부 한인회장 이 근수 회장의 축사 그외 많은 축사가 있었다. 특히 1월7일 샬롯의 '한인의 날' 을 맞이하여 2012년에 샬롯 시장 Anthony Fox 가 '한인의

임원진들이 한인 각 사업체에 들려 후원금 모금을 하는등 서로의 훈훈한 동포애를 느끼게 하는 협조의 아름다운 소식들이 이 신년 잔치에 깔려있는 소식들이 있다. 오후 5시에 식사가 시작되어 많은 한인들이 한국 음식을 즐기고 오래 못 본 낮 익은 얼굴들을 보고 만남의 날' 을 1월 7일로 정해 준 후 만 즐거운 미소 짖는 얼굴들을 1년 후에 '자랑스런 한국인 7 명' 에게 상패와 꽃다발 선물이 있었고 3분이 특별 다짐의 만세 3창을 했다. 다음은 장학금을 받는 학생들이 호명되고 장학금 전달이 있었다. 매년 한인 신년잔치에 장학금이 지속되는 것은 3분의 독지가가 대학생과 고등학생들의 사기를 격려하고 학업에 충실하기를 기부금을 한인회에 보며 이러한 신년잔치의 원해서 함으로 이어져 의미를 느낄 수 있었다. 새로운 donation 얼굴들도 많이 보였고 특히 가는 아름다운 마음들이 있기 젊은 이들의 얼굴들이 낫이 때문이다. 금번 샬롯 한인회 익지 않았다. 식사가 끝나고 장학위원회는 7명의 UNC프로그람이 시작되기 전에 약 Charlotte 교수들로 구성되었고 학생들의 30분간 "오바마케어" 강좌가 장학위원회에서는 삼성보험 회사 주최로 있었는데 성적뿐만 아니라 샬롯 한인 사회에 기여도 및 기여가능성,

그리고 리더쉽 등 다방면을 고려하여 공정하고 엄격하게 심사하였다.장학위원회에서 아래와 같이 장학생을 선발하였다. College: Chang Seo Jung (장서정),Choi Jenny(최해빈),LeeEllen Grace(이엘렌),Lee Seul(

색소폰 클럽의 능숙한 색소폰 연주, 한국 고전무용은 보는 사람들로 황홀한 아름다움을 과시 하였다. 순서 중간 중간 래플 추첨이 있었는데 43" HD Flat TV, $200 VISA Gift Card 당선자들이 상품을 탈때는 즐거운 비명들을 소리 내었다.

이슬), Park Rosa Eunbi( 박은비), Sye Inchang( 서인창),YoonYoungJun( 윤영준), High School: ChoiDanny(최동빈),Han Andrew(한앤드류),KimJun Soo(김준수),KimRebecca( 김미예),KimKoh-Eun Rebekah(김고은), Kwak

3부 노래경연대회에는 참가자들이 모두 일류 가수가 되고 사회를 본 전승현씨는 청중의 흥분의 절정이 지속 되도록 최고 MC 솜씨를 보였다. 순서 시작 전까지는 이제 5 년동안 한 MC 이니까 올해는 쉰다고 했지만 올해도 MC의 탁월한 면을 대치하기가 부족 한 것 같았다. 한국 왕복 비행기 티켓은 끝까지 남아 신년 잔치를 즐긴 사람 에게만 주어지는 가장 큰 래플 당첨이고 매년 전 기현 전 한인회장이 donation함으로 한 개인에게 가는 행운의 티켓이다. 매년 한인들의 신년 잔치는 이 행운의 한 사람이 당첨 됨과 동시 막을 내리지만 1년 내내 신년잔치의 여운은 지속된다. 24 대 샬롯 한인회와 샬롯 한인들이 갑오년에 복되고 잘 달리는 말과 같이 열심히 노력해서 노력의 대가를 받는 복된 새해가 되기를 소원한다. ■

Sunnie(곽써니), Lee Jonathan (이조나단), LeeWon(이원태), Lee Yeeun(이예은) 지난 4월에 수학경시대회에서 우승한 학생들도 상장수여 및 recognition이 있었다. 2부의 첫 순서는 '사물놀이' 이었는데 어린학생이 모자 돌리기를할때는박수갈채가 잇달았다. 다음으로 노인회에서 김신숙씨의 지휘로 "고향의 봄" 과 "메기의 추억" 합창을 한복을 곱게 차려 입고 공연했는데 청중도 같이 합창하며 옛날을 그리워하며 짧은 향수를 느꼈다. 래플추첨은 푸짐한 선물로 모두를 흥분하게 했고 즐거운 비명을 지르는 사람도 많았다. 태권도 시범을 드라곤 챔피언 TDK Academy에서, 한인

mUSIC INSTRUMENTS NC State Inspection, Transmission Oil, Tune-up, A/C System, Fuel System Cleaning, 17 Point Oil Changes, Brake Service, Differential

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“Homeland” and “Banshee” have finished shooting for the season, but that doesn’t mean that film in Charlotte USA has stopped. Far from it.

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (20)

교회 소식

노인회 소식 The News of Korean Senior Association

The Church’s News

샬롯 한인장로교회 담임: 나성균 목사

이 봉석 회장 사회로 다음과 같이 월례회 소식을 전해왔다. 기쁜 성탄과 희망찬 새해를 맞이하여 그 동안 보내주신 성원에 감사 드립니다. 지난 한해 어려운 여건에서도 보살펴 주심에 머리 숙여 깊은 감사를 드립니다. 다가오는 갑오년 새해에도 하시고자 하는 일 모두 성취하시고 가정과 사업에 행복과 건강이 항상 가득 하시기를 기원합니다. 1. 금년에도 Super Mart에서 본회 노인들을 위해 식품을 제공해 주셔서 임원 및 회원일동이 진심으로 감사를 드립니다. 2. 권도빈 회원께서 본회 노인들에게 식사대접 해 주신것 감사합니다.

3. 캐롤라이나 한인 모터사이클 협회 김 호중 회장께서 12월 15 일 본회 회관에서 본 회 회원들을 모시고 위로잔치를 준비 하셔서 큰 감동과 기쁨의 시간에 샬롯 사물놀이 동우회 및 샬롯 쌕스폰 동우회가 협찬하여 큰 기쁨의 시간 이었습니다. 정성껏 준비된 오찬은 기쁨의 선물로 맞이 했습니다. 4. 12월 27이에는 핸더슨 선교교회에서 송년 찬치가 마련되어 초청받고 있습니다. 5. 2014년 한인회 신년잔치에 초대받고 노인들이 열심히 연습하고 있습니다. 6. 1월 3일 시무식 예정 7. 1월 4일 샬롯한인싲년 잔치에서 "고향의 봄" & "메기의 추억" 합창과 금 일봉을 샬롯 한인회에서 노인회로 희사 했으며 노인회도 샬롯 한인회에 희사 했다 샬롯 한인 노인회

1. 교협 주최 성탄 찬양 축제 성료. 12/15일 남부 교회에서 많은 교회들의 참석으로 은혜롭고 의미 있는 연합예배를 드렸다. 각교회에서 출연한 팀들의 특징과 수준높은 찬양과 마지막에 있었던 전체 회원 목사님들과 사모님들의 연합찬양은 그동안의 아픔을 깨끗이 씻고 새로운 화해와 사랑의 연합이 이루어져 모두 함께 크게 기뻐 하였다. 교협 회장으로 섬기는 담임목사는 더욱 힘을 얻어 진정한 연합 속에서 새해의 사업을 크게 이루도록 기대케 되었다. 다음 행사는 내년 봄의 부활절 새벽 연합예배와 여름에 있을 연합부흥회이다. 2. 연말 당회 결정 사항(12/22) 임명된 결산과 예산위원을 통하여 제직회와 공동의회에 결산 예산 안건을 상정 통과토록 하고, 새해의 조직과 임명될 일군 결정은 물론, 특히 새해 8월 27일 창립 37주년 기념예배때 임직될 후보들을 최종 결정하였다. 후보자들은 담임 목사의 지도하에 6-7 개월의 훈련 후에 공동의회의 최종 인준을 받게 된다. 결정된 후보자들은 다음과 같다. 장 로: 전재현, 조동식(취임) 안수집사:성기태,임성기,전승현, 전오현, 진태형(취임) 권 사 : 이수경, 신찬화, 유계자, 김혜숙 3. 남여 전도회 활동 강화 새로 선출된 남여 전도회 회장과 임원들의 활동으로 교회 분위기가 한층 더 활발해져 가고 있다. 12/24 일 성탄 축하예배 때 전교우 식사 대접과 유치 유년부의 성탄찬양 후 전 교우들이 가족 별로 나와 은혜롭고 화기애애하게 찬양을 드리도록 가족찬양 경연대회 행사를 주관해 주었다. 특히 이날 밤 예배와 12/22 주일 낮예배때는 먼 곳에서 가족을 방문한 교우들과 자녀들과 함께 의미 깊은 유대관계를 더욱 돈독히

하였다. 이날과 12/22 주일 오전 예배에 참석한 교우들 중 아틀란타 구역: 서경석, 최문희 집사, 아란 , 찬빈가정과 먼 멕시코에서 진규환, 신우태 집사 부부와 딸 소연이가 왔고 샬롯 Country Day 졸업후 죠지 워싱톤 대학교에 다니는 아들 교승이도 워싱톤에서 내려와 크리스마스 가족 찬양 경연대회에 "Falis Navida" 불러 1등상을 받고 인기 푹팔, 전교인이 크리스마스 이브에 마음껏 전교인이 예수님의 탄생을 축하 했다. 4.신년예배(1/5) 와 KimNet 이전 감사예배(1/7) 이번 킴넽 사무실 이전 감사예배는 새해 1월 7일 화요일 오전10시 30분에 아시안 라이브러리 3층에 있는 킴넽 사무실에서 샬롯 교협신년 하례회와 목사회를 겸하여 드리게 되었다. 여러 관계 지도 목사님들 오시는 중에 킴넽 회장 호성기 목사의 예배인도와 특강이 있고 아시안 라이브러리에서 제공하는 점심 후에는 오상철 박사의 이민 신학 특강이 계속 된다. 한편, 같이 오시는 일행 중 오석환 목사를 모시고 본교회 신년 감사예배(1/5)를 드리게 되었다. 5. NC 교협 정기 총회 및 신년하례회 1/13일 월요일 본교회에서 개최된다. 본교회에서는 1부 예배후에 신년 하례 순서를 가지며, 본교회에서 제공하는 점심을 들고 일년에 한번 있는 친교 순서를 잘 가지도록 정성으로 준비하고 있다. 특히 이날은 그동안 드리지 못한 역대 회장님들과 관계 목사님들께 감사패를 증정하는 순서가 있어 그 의미를 더하게 되었다. 6. 담임 목사와 선임장로 동정 나성균 담임 목사는 1월 9일 10 일 새벽과 밤 네번에 걸쳐 뉴욕 효신장로교회(문석호목사시무) 제직 수련회를 인도하게 되었고, 전기현 선임 장로는 12월 27일과 28일 이틀에 걸쳐 GKYM 강사로 수고하였다. 특히 마지막날인 전체 집회에서 그동안 받은 은혜의 최종 결단을 통하여 2,0003,000 여명에게 주는 선교 도전에 영향력을 행사하였다.

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Hair Spa

볼륨 매직 스트레이트 케라틴(브라질리안)매직 스트레이트 물결 파마 / ▣ 셋팅 파마 속 눈썹 연장 (Extension) 바이오 헤어 크리닉 신부 화장 반영구 화장 점 빼드립니다.

<영업시간> 화 ~ 토 : 오전 10:00~오후 7:00 일 요 일 :오후 12:30~오후 6:00 월요일: 휴점 ※사전 전화 예약 환영합니다.

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The Asian Herald 7. 새 해 표어 새로 제작

새해 본교회에 여러 가지로 큰 의미가 주어지고, 교회 부흥과 발전에 큰 계기가 될 것으로 믿어지기에 다음과 같이 표어를 정하였다. " 새 시대, 새 비전"(정성과 믿음을 다하여 후진을 양성하자)

January 2014 (21) 지구촌 교회

점화된 것처럼 먼저 교회 직분자들의 죄를 고백하는 기도 담임: 임대문 목사 시간을 가짐으로 이 한해를 마무리하고 부흥이 기약된 1. 안수 집사 임직식 새해를 맞이 할 계획이다. 이에 따라 올 한해가 끝나기 까지는 10년전 미 남 침례회 후원으로 ‘자신의 숨겨진 죄를 고백하는 세워진 샬롯 지구촌 교회는 기도시간으로 수요예배를 진행할 교인투표로 안수 집사로 결정된 계획이다.. 예정자 김종대 안수집사 임직을 새해 1월 둘째 주(1월 12일) 3. 12월 25일 성탄절 오전 10시 저녁 5시에 가질 예정이다. 샬롯 예배 드림 지구촌 교회가 창립된 이래 본 본 교회서는 12월 25일 오전 교회서 세워지는 유일한 안수 10시에 성탄절 예배를 드린다. 집사의 임직식인 만큼 다들 이날 성탄절 오전 예배를 바쁘시더라도 참석해주셔서 드림으로서 먼저 예배를 통해 자리를 빛내주시길 소망하고 있다. 이날 랄리 제일 침례교회의 담임 목사이신 최동갑 목사님께서 축복의 메시지를 전해줄 예정이다.

8. 임한곤 선교사와 이영기 교수 방문 파라과이에서 성공적으로 선교하며 혼신의 힘을 다해 수고하는 임한곤 선교사가 12 월28일 낮에 도착하여 12 월 31일 이곳을 떠났다. 주일 낮예배에서 선교 보고를 하여 선교 현장을 나누는 기쁨을 선사 하였다. 한편 Chun University 설립에 산파역할을 담당하는 이영기 계명대 교수 (tenure professor)가12월31일 2.수요 예배 야고보서 강해를 이곳을 방문하여 약 1주일간 마치다 머물면서 남은 사역을 긴밀히 협의 할 계획이다. 그동안 수요예배시간에 3개월 동안 진행되어온 야고보서 9. 필리핀 난민 구호 강해를 마쳤다. 내년 새해부터는 2-3개월 전에 사상 최대의 예수님의 비유를 비롯한 사도 피해 중 하나를 만난 필리핀 바울의 비유 시리즈 강해를 4 재난민을 위해 정성껏 최선으로 개월에 걸쳐 진행할 예정이다. 헌금하였다. 12월이 다 내년 새해 수요예배시간에 비유 가기 전 드린 헌금은 샬롯에 시리즈 강해를 시작하기전에 거주해온 피해 현장 시장의 기도의 주제를 가지고 한해를 동생을 초청하여 보고를 들은후 마무리하고자 한다. 지금으로부터 실시하여 의미를 더 하였으며, 110년 전인 1903년 원산에서 앞으로 지속적 관심을 갖기로 의사이었던 하디 선교사의 죄 하였고, 그를 통해 현장에 고백으로 시작된 원산 부흥의 전달하고, 샬롯 교협과 힘을 불길의 영향을 받아 4년 후인 합하여 계속 지원을 하여야 할 1907년 평양 대부흥때 길선주 것 같이 느꼈다. 장로의 죄의 고백으로 부흥이

성탄의 감사를 하나님께 드리고 나서 가족 친지들과 함께하는 시간을 가지게 된다. 성탄 주일 예배시간에는 주일학교에서 학생들이 특송하는 순서를 가짐으로 온 교우들이 함께 성탄의 기쁨을 누리는 시간을 가진다. 이날 저녁 수요예배는 가지지 않는다. 4. 송구 영신 예배 본교회에서는 12월 31일 저녁 7 시에 만나 저녁 식사와 더불어 친교를 가지고 난후 송구 영신예배를 드린다

SKY 살롱

헤어 디자이너 : 크리스티나

<영업시간> 화 ~ 토 : 오전 10:00~오후 6:00 일요일, 월요일 :휴 점 ※사전 전화 예약 바랍니다.

한국어 직통 704) 975-8579 Crown Point Galleria 1816 Galleria Blvd. Suite F. Charlotte, NC 28270

Carolina Asian Culture Center 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Sunny Chun (704) 334-3450 Pastor Sam Na (704) 529-0900

Boat People SOS, Inc.

(704) 567-2320

Branch Manager/Outreach Coordinator Linh Quach (704) 596-2157

Central Piedmont Community College International Programs and Services Dotty Holly (704) 330-6127 (704) 330-6456

상업 사진 전문 서비스

UNC Charlotte

Commercial Photography

International Student/Schlar Office (704) 687-2000 Debbie Wilson - Administrative Assistatn (704) 687-7781

상업 촬영 촬영:: Architectural Photography 상업 사진 전문 서비스 LANDSCAPING 건축물, 건축물 , 쇼핑몰 쇼핑 몰 ,주택 주택,,각종행사 상업 사진Commercial 전문 서비스 Photography 오랜 경험과 축적된 기술로 조경에 관한 상업 촬영: 촬영 : Architectural Photography 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website Commercial Photography 모든 문제를 신속히 해결해 드립니다. 건축물,, 쇼핑 건축물 쇼핑몰 몰,주택 주택,,각종행사

상업 촬영 촬영:: Architectural Photography 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website 웹싸이트에서◈ Lawn 사진Care 구입 건축물,, 쇼핑 건축물 쇼핑몰 몰,주택 주택,,각종행사 웹싸이트에서 사진 구입

항공 촬영 촬영: : Aerial Photography Video 항공 촬영: 촬영 :&Aerial 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website

◈ ◈ ◈ ◈

New Garden & Remodeling Water Gardens & Stone Work Irrigation Sprinkler Systems Tree Service

Photography & Video 사진 & 비디오 - 미국내 전지역 웹싸이트에서 사진 구입 사진 & 비디오 - 미국내 전지역 (704) SKYSKY-6527 항공 촬영 촬영:: Aerial Photography & Video 사진 & 비디오 SKY- 미국내-전지역 Green World Landscape (704) SKY 6527 SKY--6527 SKY

TEL : 704- 699-7956 E.Mail :

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (22) Carmel Baptist Japanese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev. Kenji Takami 980-322-4321 e-mail:

Carmel Baptist Chinese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev: David Lee 704-847-8575 e-mail:

Agape Chinese Baptist Church 1500 Suther Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Edmond Chan 704-455-2813 704-549-8215

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church 7225 Pence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Steven Wang 704-536-6700

Vietnamese Baptist Church 4301 Howie Circle Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Paul Hung Nguyen 704-231-3594

Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church 9733 Plaza Road Ext. Charlotte, NC 28215 Senior Pastor: Dai Van Nguyen 704-563-7847

Charlotte Presbyterian Church 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Pastor: Sung Kyun Na 704-529-0900 704-877-6642

The First Korean Presbyterian Church 6930 Wallace Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Pastor: Yu Chan Choi 704-531-2552

Southern Korean Presbyterian Church 3619 McKee Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270 Pastor: Sung Sub Song 704-841-0821

Mok Yaung Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell Rd Matthews,  NC 28105 Pastor: Dong Min Shin 704-542-3514

Charlotte Church of the Nazarene 8614 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 Pastor: Dong Il Jang 704-759-8229 704-839-1574

Dream Presbyterian Church 3316 Pleasant Plains Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ji Ho Jeong 704-847-9880, 704-287-2278

Beacon Korean Methodist Church 9212 Bryant Farms Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277 Pastor : Sun Jin Kim 980-819-8493, 603-505-0195

Interfaith Indonesian Fellowship 2940 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Jusuf Mandey Contact: Maureen Laloan 704-248-6983

Filipino Int’l Community Church 185 S Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Van Joven Pamintuan 704-231-2271

Cambodian Methodist Mission 4305 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Samuel Om 704-253-3715

First Hmong United Methodist 2101 Belvedere Ave Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Hood Vang 704-649-8314 Email:

Vietnamese Assembly of God 4525 E. WT Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Timothy Tran 704-568-9522 704-362-1554

St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic

331 West Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Joseph Chung 704-598-5255 704-258-3568

Global Hope Church 3417 Ludman Way. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Hyung Woo Park 704-322-3101 704-281-0080

Statesville Korean Presbyterian Church 221 Ivyrun Ct. Statesville, NC 28625 Pastor: Song Choi 704-924-9772 704-873-6275

Peace Church 5201 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 예배시간 : 주일 12시 30분 Pastor: Eung Ju Lee 704-236-7194

Henderson Mission Church 286 8th Ave Cramerton, NC 28032 Pastor: Dongwook Kim 704-823-7743 704-823-0041

Charlotte Korean SDA Church 3120 Sam Newell Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ray Tai-Kook Chung 704-849-7787 704-641-2550

Rodem Presbyterian Church 15008 Lancaster Highway Pineville, NC 28134 Pastor: Eun Joo Kim 704-307-5442

5909 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Contact: Pauline Lee 704-567-2000

4929 Sandy Porter Rd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Rev: D. min. Tan Van Le 704-504-0907

Centerview Lao Baptist Church

Cambodian Buddhist Temple 219 Owen Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Master: Duong Cheang Contact: Manary Tan 704-596-6628

4307 Eddleman Street Charlotte, NC 28208 Rev: Bounthavone Sombatsaphay 704-509-4989 704-277-4183

Bible Baptist Church

Phat Hue Buddhist Temple 11502 Idlewild Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Chua Phat Hue Venerable: Thich Phap Hue 704-321-9098

255 South Highway 21 Bypass Fort Mill, SC 28089 Pastor: John Stone 571-438-3852 (한 수현)

Wat Lao Buddharam

Myanmar Community Church 1451 Briar Creek Road Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: John Byhna 704-449-3012

Holy Rosary Group

1824 Todville Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Phonglith Chanthasalo 704-391-9956

Chinese Tzuchi Foundation

Holy Rosary Groups of Charlotte

11626-B Wilmar Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Contact: Karren Wu 704-281-8060

& vicinity Paul Davis Amigo

To Jeong


Asian Churches & Religious Org. Sarang Church (Pentecostal Holiness)

Chinese True Buddhist Society

All Nations Church 301 S. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Pastor: Eul Ki Jung 704-332-9930 704-717-2920

Bethel Korean Church of Charlotte 7121 Delta Lake Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: John C. Kim 704-566-7173 704-599-3063

Carolina Korean Church 10512 Monroe Rd Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Seung Hwan Kim 704-488-1187

New Life Church 5008 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

Pastor: Hyoung Il Seo 678-469-2713

Korean Global Mission Church 1329 Stallings Rd. Matthews, NC 28104 Pastor: Daemun Lim 704-821-6637 704-451-4908

Matthews Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell RD. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Sebo Kwon 704-249-8986

New Vision Mission Church 800 Fullwood Ln,Bldg C Matthews,NC 28105 Pastor: Young Cha


Lien Hoa Vietnamese Buddhist Temple

Changes of information requested 2months ago!!!!!!!

6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540 Could you kindly change it as indicated below? 1. Please delete the existing picture and replace it with the attached picture. 2. Please print the new information as it is listed below: Lien Hoa Temple 6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540

Carolinas Christian Assembly/Indian Church Rev.Dr. K.C.paul, MA,MS,M.Div,Phd 12601 Idlewild Rd NC 28105 704-771-1414

Please confirm you've received this email. Thank you for your help! Please let me know if you need any clarification.

Asheville Korean Baptist Church 2905 N. Rugby Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28791 Pastor: Yeun Wok Kim 828-684-0173 828-702-2412

Wesley United Methodist Church 3715 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 282226 Pastor: Hyeong Jae Lee 704-408-0909 828-702-2412

Bethany Presbyterian Church 1805 E. 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204 Pastor: Jong Baek Lim 704-375-3501, 704-844-6175

Wheat Mission in Charlotte 1015 S. Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ki Yeong Kim 704-281-8318

Others © Open Church of Charlotte 704-849-2661 5008 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Calvary Church 704-564-9131 5804 Pineville-matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Grace Korean Church 704-965-1004 124 Georgia Valley Ave. Delmont, NC 28102 © Korean Central Baptist 704-567-1565 / 578-5678 8823 Albemarle Rd , Charlotte NC 28227 © Gastonia Baptist Sung chun, No 704-865-9845 © Mustard Seed Church Young seo, Kim 980-253-3956 © Lake Norman Preb Church Young IL, Cho 980-258-3521 © Serving Church Chong Han, Ji 704-954-2145

* 신규, 수정사항 있으면 신문사로 연락주시기 바람

The AsiAn herAld

January 2014 (23)

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

Pastor : Sung Kyun Na (나 성균 목사)

704-529-0900 704-877-6642

Charlotte Presbyterian Church (PCA)

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

샬롯장로교회 701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

Butler and Quinn, PLLC Areas of practice: Criminal Law &

Immigration 刑法及移民 형법 및 이민 Luật hình sự nhập cư Kriminal Law & Imigrasyon 4801 East Independence Boulevard Suite 700 . Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: (704) 569-9800 / Fax: (704) 569-9866

Triangle Executive Business Center 3200 Beechleaf Court Suite 100-32. Raleigh, NC 27604

Upstairs Banquet Room Private Dining


10719 Kettering Dr. Charlotte, NC 28226

Phone: (919) 424-8371


Tin Tin, an upscale All You Can Eat Asian seafood buffet offers a vast assortment of mouth watering culinary delights. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing each taste tempting entrée. Our buffet counter with over hundred varieties of appetizers, salads, hot foods and bite size desserts. Extravaganza cannot be described in mere words

Come in & enjoy!

● Lunch - 11:00 am ~ 3:00 pm Daily ● Dinner - Sun. ~ Thur. : 4:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm Fri. & Sat. : 4:30 pm ~ 10:00 pm


Grand Asia Market

4400 Potters Rd, Stallings, NC 28104 704-821-0899 STORE HOURS We're Open Everyday, Including Holidays! Mon - Sat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Holid Sun & Holidays: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Grocery: Authentic products from: China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, & Philippines. Produce: Multiple Choys, Peppers, & Mushrooms; Cassavas, Lotus Root , Lychee, Starfruit, Durian, Bitter Melon, Daikon; Lime Leaves, Basil, Lemongrass… Seafood: clams, oysters, lobsters, shrimp, squid, Live: tilapia, catfish, and blue crabs. Meat: goat, duck, livers, blood, tripes, and Chinese sausages… Non-Food: sake sets, sushi sets, chopstick sets, kitchen knives, dinner and cooking wares, Asian skincare products. Herbs & Medicine: Chinese, Japanese, & Korean remedies, staff specialists. Joy Luck Club authentic restaurant Hot-bar has at least 10 different dishes Chinese-style BBQ: pork, duck, or chicken Chanelle Cake in-house bakery Hong Kong style pastries Cakes, breads, fresh steamed buns Swiss, fruit, lotus … Milk tea with or without tapioca pearls Lavazza iced or hot coffee & Mighty Leaf tea Visit our website:

The Asian Herald

January 2014 (24)

OBAMACARE 안내 Obamacare 특징 ••

개인의 소득과 연계하여 정부보조금을 받을 수 있으며 또한 일부 저소득층 가입자의 경우는 치료를 받은 후에 가입자가 부담하는 금액 (Deductible or Co-pay)에서도 혜택을 볼수 있습니다

•• 새로운

Plan 에서는 개인이 부담하는 치료비의 최대 금액이 년 $6,350 (가족은 $12,700) 입니다

•• 기존의 Plan 과는 달리 가입자의 건강 상태에 관계없이 가입이 가능 합니다 •• 기존의 Plan 에서는 임신이나 출산후 관련된 혜택을 받으려면 별도의 Plan에 가입하여야 되었으나 새로운 Plan에는 자동으로 포함됩니다 •• 2014년 1월1일 부터 시행되는 의료개혁법에서는 새로운 Plan이나 기존의 Plan에 가입하지 않을 경우에는 벌금(penalty)를 부과 합니다 §2014 년에는 개인당 $95 (부부기준, 자녀는 $47.5 ) 혹은 년간 소득의 1% 중에 액수가 큰 금액을 기준으로 부과 됩니다 § 2015년에는 개인당 $325 (자녀는 $162.5) 혹은 년간 소득의 2%중에서 액수가 큰 금액에 부과 § 2016년에는 개인당 $695 (자녀는 $347.5) 혹은 년간 소득의 2.5% 중에서 액수가 큰 금액에 부과 가구별 신청가능 소득범위

신청자의 가입 요건

•합법적인 신분을 유지하고 계신분은 신청이 가능합니다 (Work Visa, Student Visa 등도 신청가능함)

•자녀의 나이는 26세 까지 가입이 가능함 •보조금 및 Deductible 등에서 이중혜택을 볼수 있는 Plan은 Silver Plan 이상 가입시 가능함 •65 세 이상이거나 기존에 Medicaid 에 가입하고 계신분은

보조금 혜택 범위


1인 가족

$ 11 , 4 9 0 - $ 4 5 , 9 6 0

$ 11 , 4 9 0 - $ 2 8 , 7 2 5

2인 가족

$15,510- $62,040

$15,510- $38,775


$19,530- $78,120

$19,530- $48,825


$23,550- $94,200

$23,550- $58,875

신청 불가함

Plan 소개 (BlueCross BlueShield 기준 • Bronze : 전체 치료비의 약 60% 가 Cover 되며 보험료가 저렴합니다 • Silver : 전체 치료비의 약 70% 가 Cover 되며,이중혜택이 가능한 Plan 입니다 • Gold : 전체 치료비의 약 80% 가 Cover 됩니다 • Platinum : 전체 치료비의 약 90% 가 Cover 됩니다 신청방법 및 절차 •첫째: 연방정부 ( Market Place)에 신청자가 Obanacare 에 가입 가능한지 여부를 문의함 ©가입자의 신상정보(SSN, Visa Type 등) 금년도 예상소득등의 정보를 적어서 제출함(신청자가 직접 신청시) © 보험 Agent 를 방문하여 연방정부에 제출함 © 연방정부에서는 신청자가 제출한 서류를 검토하여 가입가능 여부를 신청자에게 통보합니다 •둘째: 신청자가 Plan 별로 가격 및 Coverage 등을 Agent 와 상의한 후에 신청자에게 가장 적합한 Plan을 선택하여 보험회사(BlueCross BlueShield) 에 신청하시면 됩니다. (Plan 별로 Coverage 적용 범위등이 상이함으로 Agent와 협의하여 결정하시는 것이 바람직 합) © Agent 를 통하지 않고 연방정부에 가입가능 여부 및 Plan 선택하여 직접 신청 하실 수 있습니다. 참고로 Agent 를 통하여 신청하거나 연방정부에 직접 신청하거나 가입자의 보험료는 동일 합니다. 다만 직접 신청 하신분은 가입후에 Agent 의 Service를 받으실 수가 없음을 유의 하시기 바랍니다

신청 기간 •신청기간은 2014년 3월 31일까지 입니다. (가급적 2월이내 신청하시는 것이 좋습니다) •기타 문의 사항이 있으신 분께서는 삼성종합보험( BlueCross BLueShield Agent, 심위성)에 문의 하시기 바랍니다

삼성종합보험 전 화 Tel : 704-537-3722

Email: wsshim2424@gmail. com 주 소 : 4801 E. Independence Blvd. Suite #615, Charlotte, NC 28212

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Asian Herald January 2014  

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