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Ribbon Cutting & Dedication of NC KWV Memorial 한국참전용사기념비건립식


On Saturday, November 9, 2013, the North Carolina Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Mint Hill, NC. Attending the poignant ceremony was Republic of Korea’s Consul General, Mr. Beom Kim as well as Mayor Ted Biggers of Mint Hill and numerous dignitaries and politicians from surrounding cities and states. Colonel Billy J Raid, a Korean War veteran, and one of the principal founders of the Memorial, stated that “those from North Carolina , who made the ultimate sacrifice for South Korea’s freedom , will now share the honor they deserve with their names engraved on four fourteen foot granite towers that watch over the Memorial.” The architect, Mr. Kent Goolsby of Charlotte, deserves high recognition for the design of the Memorial, the center part of which is a replica of the Republic of Korea’s flag. Among those participating in the Memorial’s dedication were Captain Young Chang Ha, a native of Korea and a retired U.S. Navy Captain; Dr.Ky-Hyun Chun, publisher of Asian Herald; Mr. Hosang Pang, President of the Korean Association in Charlottee; Pastor Sung Kyun Na, President Of Charlotte Korean Church Association; and Mrs. Sunny Chun, who gave a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem of the Republic of Korea. The dedication’s highlights were the flyover of four Korean War vintage T-6 Texan Aircraft, courtesy of the organization “Warriors and War Birds of Texas.” There were many tears shed as Mr. Neal Davenport, former piano player for country music star, Charley Pride, played and sang an original composition entitled “Freedom Is not Free,” which was composed specifically for the Korean War Veterans Memorial dedication. A very special part of the Memorial is a 6,000 pound granite marker depicting the life story of Dr. Billy Kim who rose from a house boy to American G.I.s to become a world famous evangelist and confidant of Dr. Billy Graham. This part of the Memorial has attracted great interest from visitors to the Memorial. At the dedication, Colonel Reid

stated that “what man call America’s Forgotten War will no longer be forgotten for the families of those from North Carolina who served and sacrificed during America’s coldest and bloodiest war.” The U.S. provided 88% of the 341,000 international soldiers which aided South Korean forces, with twenty other countries of the United Nations offering assistance. According to the data from the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States suffered 33,686 battle deaths, along with 2,830 non-battle deaths during the Korean War and 8,176 missing in action. South Korea reported some 373,599 civilian and 137,899 military deaths. Western sources estimate the PVA suffered about 400,000 killed and 486,000 wounded, while the KPA suffered 215,000 killed and 303,000 wounded. The Memorial covering almost an acre of land is the largest one in the United States outside of Washington, D.C. and is the only one in North Carolina dedicated to Korean War Veterans.The estimated cost of the Memorial is approximately $ 900,000 and was paid for by contributions from the Republic of Korea, the Town of Mint Hill, the North Carolina Korean communities and the sale of hundreds of pavers, benches, markers and trees. Trees are still available for a $1,000 contribution, and pavers are available from $ 200, $500 and $ 1,000. Interested purchasers may contract the Memorial at Students from various cities wrote thank-you letters to the veterans of the Korean War. Although these are offered to the veterans, we think they will forgive the rest of us, who share these feelings of gratitude, if we read their mail. Dear Korean War Veterans, Several years ago, at my grandmother's funeral, my oldest aunt opened her mouth with tears dropping from her eyes. "I hated my mother for so long," she said. "I hated her so much for what she had done…" Everyone looked at her. She was the oldest daughter who received the most love from grandmother. "Mother was twenty one when the Korean War broke out. I was three and my younger sister was one. She lived with her husband's parents, and when she heard that the North

Koreans and Chinese soldiers were heading for the city, she had to flee to a relative's house," my aunt's story went on. "But the problem was that she had so many people and things to take with her. She had to take care of the elders as well as her children. One has to be sacrificed. She…she thought that because she was young she could again have another baby, she decided to leave her second daughter behind. So she put some food and her baby daughter in a small room. She locked the door… Inside, her baby will starve to death slowly." No one spoke. "But the war was over after a week. It wasn't the total end, but the North Koreans and Chinese went back to their country," oldest aunt further went on, and her eyes were blood-shot. "When the war ended she walked about 200 km without rest. She thought that she killed her daughter with her own hands. The most rational creature on Earth has turned into a beast; this was war. She came back to Daejeon. She went into the room. Hot air passed her face with a smell of a fermented human waste. The baby wasn't dead!" This is a story of an old women and the war. The soldiers who came from far away to help South Korea saved our family and saved my life. All the happiness and love I now enjoy came from the blood of the sacrificed and the tears of the terrified. Thank you. My life was dependent on you. Your bravery, your courage should never be forgotten. Yes, it is true that people dub the Korean War as the "Forgotten War". It is, however, not forgotten. It is just hidden deep inside our lives that we could not reach it. Just a little realization will be enough to bring out the hidden Korean War and the sacrifices of so many people. You are not forgotten. You are not in solitude. I am here to thank you. You live inside me and my family. You do not deserve misery and loneliness when others who owe to you live in comfort and happiness. You deserve to greatest honor and gratit Thank you. GyeongEun Yi Asian Herald and the Korean people of NC salute the veterans and thank them for their sacrifice for Korea. Article by Retired Colonel Bill J. Raid & AH Staff■

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (2) “Bridging the Pacific”

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 亞洲商會

아시안 상공회의소

Chair : Dr. John Chen, President : Jerry Tucker 1(866) YES-ASIA

Emeritus Presidents 1st: Dr.Ki-Hyun Chun, 2nd: Dr. Nini Bautista, 3rd: Dr. Jian X, Zhang, 4th: Dr. John C, Chen

Asian cultures represented in Charlotte encompass over 13 nations. One of the missions of the CAACC is to unite all of these groups to better service the public. Asian history spans thousands of years and its culture is rich and diverse. The CAACC strives to provide business opportunities and to promote business actiAvities through cultural events, such as the annual Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Races each spring and Asian celebrations in the Fall that display our resources and share with you our ethnic qualities. Forty years ago, there were less than 200 Asians and only 8 Asian businesses in the Regional Charlotte Area, but this number has grown to 55,000 Asians and 870 businesses directly involved with Asians. Considering average gross sales of $520,000 a year per business, the Asian population of this area is generating $452 million in revenues, contributing greatly to the regional economy. We invite you to join the CAACC for unique resources, and then cross the bridge between the East and the West.■ Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun (Founder & the first President)

Asian Library Activities

●Filipino Eskuwelahang Munti of Charlotte Sundays, 2 to 4 pm Glo Grifenhagen 704 293 8651 Dell Fallar 704 536 1803 Dr. Nini RB Bautista 704 408 9513 Inquiries: ●Little Lotus Fri / 5:30 – 7:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 - Chinese heritage to learn and enjoy traditional and contemporary dance as well as other Chinese Performing arts. ●Chinese Tree House M-F / 2:30 – 5:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-488-9500 ● USANA. 704-488-9500

FREE Classes in English and Chinese

● Go Club Thurs / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Greg McCall 704-365-9811 ●Queen City Chess Tues / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Gary Newsom 704-618-2814 ●UCA-Universe Creative Arts 1) The Tao Tai Chi & Health Life Sat / 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM ●YOGA CLASSES Fri / 11:15 – 12:15 AM Leai Ho at 704-531-0915 ●DWMC Meeting First Wed of each month Time : 6:30pm contact : Mary Milan (704)362-2054 mmilan@carolina

CAACC Holiday Dinner A Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser Thursday, December 5 6:30 p.m. at the Asian Library Food and Entertainment Organized by FACC Member- $25 Non-member- $30 RSVP Sana tel 704 877 9404 or Dell tel 704536 1803

We want to share your news ! 당신의 소식을 공유하고 싶습니다 !

Asian AsianCommunities Communities

任何消息和新闻要和大家分享 !

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce President : Jerry Tucker 1(866)YES -ASIA 1339 Baxter St. #200, Charlotte, NC 28204

Andrea (CAACC)



Roxanna (English)

Jack Wang (Chinese)

704) 334-3450 email :

Korean Association

Chinese American Association of Charlotte

3400 S. New Hope Rd BLDG C&D Gastonia, NC 28056,

President: Jian X. Zhang Mailing : 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Charlotte Korean Church Association

Filipino-American Community

President : Hosang Pang (704) 867-7600 / 824-0155

President : Sung Kyun Na (704) 877-6642 / (704) 529-0900

701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

Vietnamese Association President :Binh Phu

(704) 981-1099 /

P.O.Box 38933 Charlotte, NC 28278

India Association

President: Lal Vishin 11916 Stone Creek Court Charlotte, NC 28227

701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

President: Florami Cordero Lee

3216 Oakdale Drive, Monroe NC 28110 Community Contacts:

(704) 254 6051 email

Lao Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas President : Vannavong Phiaxay Community Affairs Contact: (704) 747-5719

Indonesian Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas

President : Robbynson H Suy, (704) 458-8532 9731 Clifton Meadow Dr., Matthews, NC 28105 Community Affairs Contact: Sharon Suy (848) 459-8124

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (3)

Let’s help typhoon victims, Asian Herald publisher appeals to community The publisher of the Asian Herald monthly paper challenged the North Carolina community to raise US $50,000 for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in a town meeting held recently. Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun, a well-known businessman and philanthropist then gave the first $1,000 to the Filipino American Spirit (FAS) group who organized the town meeting that was attended by 40+ Fil-Americans, Asian community and business leaders. The meeting was held to organize and coordinate all fund raising activities for the victims of SupertyphoonHaiyan that hit the Philippines last Nov. 8. Wally Penilla, FAS executive director, issued the invitations for the jampacked meeting. Among those who attended were Jerry Tucker, president of the Asian Chamber, delegates from the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese communities and the Filipino-American community Penilla said the meeting is also intended to raise awareness among members of the community on the magnitude of the disaster caused by the supertyphoon in the central Philippines area. “There is the urgency of sending our help.” Penilla added. In her opening remarks, Dr. Nini Bautista de Garcia, past president of the Filipino American Community at the Carolinas (FACC) and concurrent FAS Chairperson talked about coordinating the fund-raising efforts to make sure the funds go to their intended recipients. The group also heard testimonies from Manny Sabenico, who has two brothers in the Philippines—one a doctor, the other a soldier—that experienced the brunt of typhoon Haiyan's wrath. Sabenicio’s soldier- brother, serves as the area commander in charge of security in Tacloban City, witnessed how survivors had to scrounge for food for their families. About 20 of Tacloban city’s 30 policemen died and the remaining police had to bury their dead. Lynn Dawson of Gastonia gave an

emotional account of her family's ordeals in the aftermath of the supertyphoon. During the discussion Dr. Chun suggested sending a delegate from North Carolina to communicate and give a first-hand assessment of how to help and to make use of the cash donations to ensure that it is well spent. He also encourages the use of the press and other media to tell the stories that would raise awareness and concern on the typhoon victims. Satoshi Watanabe, senior vice president of Wells Fargo and president of the Asian Employee network, said they will spearhead efforts to unify the different Asian organizations for the relief drive. Among those who responded to the call were Dr. John Chen, chairman of the Asian Chamber,BinhPhu, president of the Vietnamese Association,and Satoshi Watanabe,Senior VP and president Asian Employees Network,Wells Fargo. It was announced also that Wells Fargo donated a big amount and will waive fees for transmitting funds. The Bank of America will match donations dollar for dollar and won't charge retention fees for relief donations. Tony Ventura, head of the North Carolina Couples for Christ and past executive director of ANCOP Foundation USA, reported that an

ANCOP team is already in Tacloban City distributing relief goods. ANCOP has an online link in its website www. accepting online donations. No retention or administrative fees would be charged for all donations. Other speakers included Doris Tan, who gave an updated account of the relief efforts based on reports she received from her cousin, a vice mayor of Tacloban City. Doris Mata, FAS Treasurer reported that the net proceeds from the recent FACC Gala silent auction amounting to $3,000 will be added to the relief fund. In addition, attendees to the town hall meeting contributed another $2,600. Among those activities identified for

天天BUFFET (704)341-2293

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Representing Sellers and Buyers in the Metro Charlotte Area including Gaston, York & Union County

fund raising are the preparation and serving of dinner at the Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce (CAACC) December Meeting/Christmas party on Dec. 5 at the Asian Library that is expected to draw 100 participants. Other identified activities are the Zumbathon on Dec 21st 14th that is coordinated by the FACC 1st Vicepresident Joannes Ave (FilipinoAmerican Community of the Carolinas), a 5K Run by the UNCC campus on Dec. 15th coordinated by Monique Tuzon and Dr. Louie Anquilo, and a red carpet event on Dec. 7 coordinated by Janet Hixson among others. Additional fund-raising activities are Taste of Asia-Rob Hudack,Glance with Jessica Esguerra and Letty Waddell, Concord International Church,Golf Tournament care-off Bert Rodriquez,Jamie Cruz and danmanglicmot, Bowling, Tennis and the like with Adam Yabes as coordinator. The official government death tolls in the typhoon-hit areas have reached 4,000 as of this writing. Fil-Americans who have relatives in Tacloban City, the hardest hit area, include Len Stevens whose family survived by hiding inside a toilet and room. Philippine President Benigno Aquino visited Tacloban City and other typhoon-hit areas and pledged that support is coming. International relief workers have the kindest things to say about the Filipino survivors whom they credited with having a "bayanihan" or community spirit amid their hardships. Their testimony is enough proof that the Filipino spirit is alive and well. By journalist Susan Palmes-Dennis■

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The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (4)

From our community... Charlotte Chamber

Join us for the 2013 Charlotte Chamber Annual Meeting, themed Flourish. We will celebrate the successes accomplished over the past year under the leadership of Brett Carter, chief distribution officer of Duke Energy, and will look ahead to 2014 with incoming chairman Michael Tarwater, CEO of Carolinas HealthCare System. We will also present the Citizen of the Carolinas award to Dan DiMicco, executive chairman of Nucor, and celebrate diversity champions. The talents of Martha Connerton’s Kinetic Works will provide entertainment. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, former mayor of Charlotte, will speak during the event. The event will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 3 at the NASCAR Hall of Fame at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy The Charity Table Tennis tournament the heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktail reception will be held on December 14, 2013 at Crews after the program. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and Recreation Center, and the Crew Badminton the program begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. Winter Classic will be held on December 14 UISAC Visiting Seniors & 15, 2013, 1201 Crews Rd, Matthews, NC Sometimes it takes a longer journey than 28105 anticipated, but we at UISAC have started Crews Road Recreation Center will visiting seniors. Our visits help us assess what support fund raising activities of the Filipino services may be needed, the language spoken community during their tournament. Brian and any special needs. Our goal is to provide Dlugosz, Athletic Programmer for Crews, has you with a care-giver, that can come to your made their tournament site available for any home, speak the same language as the senior, separate fund raising activities (table tennis and understand your particular customs and tournament, food, raffles, t-shirt sales, etc.) culture. Let's face it, aging is not necessarily with all the proceeds going to relief efforts in easy. When you add in the unique needs of the Philippines. the immigrant and refugee community then We encourage participants to help the challenges increase as the senior and their in this relief operation by donating cash or in family may or may not know the landscape kind.There will be an Advanced/Competitive of America's public assistance or insurance and Beginner/Recreational divisions for systems. We are here to help with that. Do you WD, MD and XD events for Badminton need more information or wish to include a tournament. senior on our list for assessment. Just send us an Person in charge: Aleth Cababa @ email and we will have someone give you a call. HATAW PINOY. To sign up for the Crew In addition to the Senior Services, we will also Badminton Classic tournament, please be coordinating classes for immigrant youth download the registration form (http:// to train for these positions helping the seniors., and send it to bdlugosz@ Our goal is to create 50 part-time jobs to help our youth learn job skills and pay for college These events are sponsored by G.L.A.N.C.E. tuition.■ Foundation Inc.


Your Support Made the Difference Sincerely,

Patrick D. Cannon, Mayor-Elect, City of Charlotte

4701 Park Rd., Charlotte, N.C. 28209-3217

(704) 237-3366.

The Asian Herald

November 2013 (5)

ILF Is Accepting Applications

The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is pleased to announce that the application process for the 2014 Civic Fellowship Program is now open. Every year, ILF’s selection committee identifies approximately 30 outstanding Asian Pacific American college students who spend eight to ten weeks interning at a federal agency in Washington, D.C. during the summer. Students who accept the fellowship are known as Civic Fellows, will receive a stipend of 2,000 dollars, attend weekly leadership seminars on Capitol Hill and gain valuable, firsthand working knowledge of the American government system. Fellows are responsible for their own travel, housing and living expenses. “ILF has a stellar record of advocating for increased civic engagement and public service from the Asian Pacific American community,” said Ms. Chiling Tong, ILF’s chief executive officer. “We need a greater representation of our community in government, and ILF’s goal is to train our younger generation to be successful leaders in their chosen fields and raise our community’s profile.” Based on the interests and majors of selected Civic Fellowship candidates, ILF will work to place them with over a dozen federal agencies, as well as limited placements in congressional offices and the White House. “The ILF works hard to foster bright young AAPI youth who wish to experience the inner workings behind this great country’s national government, and

provides effective training classes to enhance leadership skills,” said Mr. Norman Mineta, former S e c r e t a r y of Transportation. Mr. Mineta is also the honorary chairman of ILF, while the Honorable Elaine Chao serves as honorary chairwoman. Undergraduate students of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage who are United States citizens and possess a GPA of 3.0 and above are eligible for this fellowship. Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2014. To learn more or submit an application, visit ILF promotes the civic awareness, public service and economic effectiveness of the APA community. Our mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia and other Pacific Rim countries in the field of public service, entrepreneurship and the international arena through a network of business and community leaders. ILF has a network of national advisory boards and global advisory councils in 15 cities, comprised of professional, civic and business leaders. Since its founding in 2000, ILF has provided scholarships and leadership training for thousands of talented APA college students from across the country. In addition, ILF established the Young Ambassador Program to prepare the next generation of international young leaders to understand American democratic governance and to network with Fellows to address global issues in our changing world. 11120 Monroe Matthews, NC 28105■



Bonna's Corner

Alabama, the HEART OF DIXIE

Did you know that the Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama? Alabama is popularly known as the HEART OF DIXIE. On March 3, 1817, Alabama Territory was split from Mississippi Territory and became a state on December 14, 1819. In 2002 the phrase "Stars Fell on Alabama" began to appear on license plates. It refers to the night of November 12, 1833, when a fantastic meteor shower seen across the southeast caused this night to be known as “the night stars fell on Alabama.” The shower created such great excitement across the state that it became a part of Alabama folklore and for years was used to date events in Alabama. A century later it inspired a song, Stars Fell on Alabama, by Mitchell Parish and Frank Perkins. The nickname Cotton State was first used to describe Alabama in 1844 due to the predominance of cotton crops there in the 1800s. Variations on this name were used to denote Alabama over time: Cottondom was first seen in 1856, Cotton Belt and Cotton Country in 1871, and even Cottonia in 1862. The first Alabamians were also sometimes

known as “lizards,” which gave the state its earlier nickname of Lizard State back in 1845. The state has been known as the Yellowhammer State[MB1] from Civil War days. Alabama soldiers from the Civil War decked uniforms with yellow trimmings that resembled the wing patches of the yellowhammer. The yellowhammer nickname was applied to the Confederate soldiers from Alabama when a company of young cavalry soldiers from Huntsville, under the command of Rev. D.C. Kelly, arrived at Hopkinsville, KY, where Gen. Forrest's troops were stationed. Alabama is also known as the Camelia State. While there is no official nickname for the state of Alabama, The Heart of Dixie was introduced by the state's Chamber of Commerce in the 1940s for publicity purposes, and it remains the most commonly used motto by the state. It was approved by the legislature for inclusion on license plates in 1951. It is said that Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon. The world's first Electric Trolley System was introduced in Montgomery in 1886. Alabama is the only state with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel. It is also the largest supplier of cast-iron and steel pipe products. Montgomery was the capital and the birthplace of the Confederate States of America. The Confederate flag was designed and first flown in Alabama in 1861. For the book Visit https://www. (in color) (black & white)■

Attention “GO” Players Any interested people who wish to participate Call 704-334-3450

EMZY Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen Specialties Pan-Asian, Sushi

Located in the Duke Energy Center 550 S. Tryon St. Suite160 Charlotte, NC 28202

Website :


EMZY Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen is convenient to the Knight Theater, Mint Museum Uptown, Bechlter Museum of Modern Art, the Charlotte Convention Center, The Green, and more. EMZY's entrance is on Church Street. Hours. Monday-Thursday Lunch: 11am-3pm Dinner: 4pm-930pm Friday Lunch: 11am-3pm; Dinner: 4pm-10pm Saturday Dinner: 5pm-10pm, Sunday: Closed

Celebrate the Holidays with The Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County!

The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (6)

Ivy Chin Has Propelled Belk’s E-Commerce

The Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County Invite you and your significant other to our annual

The Democratic Women of Holiday Party Mecklenburg County Invite your toand ourOwen annual The you Lawand Offices ofsignificant Tin Fulton other Walker 301 East Park Avenue( Dilworth)

Holiday Charlotte, NCParty 28203

Thursday, December 12th 6:00 - 8:00 PM The Law Offices of Tin Fulton Walker and Owen

We also invite you to bring a gift (unwrapped) 301 East Park Avenue( Dilworth)

for a needy child this Charlotte, NC holiday 28203 season (toy, book or stuffed Thursday, December 12th animal) 6:00 - 8:00 PM

The Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce (CAACC) hosted its Networking Dinner at the Red Bowl in South Charlotte on Thursday, October 17, 2013. Ivy Chin, Senior Vice president in charge of e-commerce and digital sales for Belk Departments Stores since 2009 was the keynote speaker. CAACC member and Red Bowl owner John Zhang didn’t disappoint the lively group with a delicious spread of favorite Chinese dishes that included Garry & Bina Bhojwani, John Chen and wife Jennie Wang, along with a room full of regular Chamber members.

For weeks, CAACC touted that Chin was going to present, and for weeks the responses came in from not only the ‘longtimers’ but new people as well. All wanted to hear what Chin had to say, and in particular learned some of her approaches that helped Belk online sales jumped six folds from 2009 to 2012. Although she has achieved much, she is quick to admit that there is much still to do. Chin says that even trying to keep up with trends is a challenge and that

eventually she believes that just about all sales will be via a mobile device. Even the customers who go into the stores, will instantly compare prices seen, with those offered online from other retailers. It’s a question of how to lure the customers to “your” site, and keep them interested enough to continue to come back. By offering specials specifically geared to the individual is one way she sees growth potential. For example, if someone has purchased exercise clothing, then upcoming specials on exercise clothing will be sent to that person’s mobile device, or email account. Chin was featured in the October 2013 issue of Business North Carolina on page 38, and is credited with “helping Belk retain the title as the state’s largest private company.” Chin’s experience with QVC, the giant cable-TV and Internet retailer, prior to coming to Belk has served her well in this global marketplace. BNC reports that at QVC “Chin had risen to vice president of strategic and multimedia operations, overseeing a digital operation that generated more than $1 billion of sales every year.” Chin says that her team has grown from 20 people to more than 100, and she is continuing to build. After her informative presentation to a packed room, Dr. John Chen opened up a Q&A in which Chin gave thoughtful and detailed answers. Her popularity was evident as many stayed long after the meeting was ended to approach her with specific questions that pertained to their own businesses. Chin even agreed to advise the Chamber on tips for expanding their own website…■

Enjoy food, fun and Democratic friendship. We also invite you to bring a gift (unwrapped) And don't forget, it is time to renew your for a needy child this holiday season DWMC Membership for 2014! (toy, book or stuffed animal) You can renew your membership at the party. Enjoy food, fun and Democratic friendship. Newforget, members And don't it is are timewelcome! to renew your

DWMC Membership for 2014! You can renew your membership at the party.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 470712, Charlotte, NC 28247

New members are welcome! Our mailing address is: PO Box 470712, Charlotte, NC 28247

Bharatanatyam Saturday, Nov 16th, 2013 Dana Auditorium Queens University in Charlotte, presented :Bharatanatyam: Sonali Skandan & group Sonali is the Artistic Director of Jiva Performing Arts, based in NYC, where she teaches and creates engaging music and dance productions to increase the accessibility of the classical arts to all audiences. She is also the Director of Sonali Skandan & Jiva Dance, a professional dance company presenting exciting and compelling works based on the Bharatanatyam idiom. The company has presented concerts in prestigious venues to great critical and audience acclaim. She has also been the recipient of two Lower Manhattan Cultural Council awards. As an educator, she has given lecture demonstrations and workshops in

museums and schools throughout the NYC area and is a Teaching Artist for Young Audiences New York. Sonali is also on the dance faculty at Sarah Lawrence College and holds a Masters degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She uses her experience in teaching to develop engaging and enriching lecture demonstrations and workshops for professional dancers, students and teachers. Sonali's passion for Bharatanatyam stems from its spirituality, its intricate beauty and grace. Sonali's work reflects a high-level quality and dedication to the pure art form. By combining her devotion to the dance with her western upbringing, Sonali hopes to bridge the cultural boundaries and present Bharatanatyam in a clear and enlightening manner. by Sonali Skandan■

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10 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 4' tall 15 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 5' tall 20 yard dumpster, dimensions - 8' wide x 13' long x 6' tall All of our drivers complete a rigorous safety and training

Phone: (704) 467-7744 Same-Day Dumpster Delivery !

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (7)

A Healthy Gift U-SANA for Holidays...and 2014! “Mens sana in corpore sano” – Roman poet Juvenal (10.356-64). This is the famous Latin quotation, often translated as "A sound mind in a healthy body. The word SANA means Healthy; thus, by looking at the name U-SANA… what comes to mind is You-Healthy!! And I believe that is the mission of USANA products, and the concept upon which the business was built. USANA Health Science is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of health and nutrition.

Founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992, USANA develops and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy weightmanagement products, and selfpreserving personal-care products. From its humble beginnings, the company is now a thriving international presence that has achieved many milestones to become a world leader in cellular health. Looking at the health care situation in the USA, a few other things come to mind. Does your health insurance pay you for staying healthy?...Well USANA keeps you healthy, and pays you for it!! Can you share your health insurance with your friends, and get paid? Or, can you give a gift of health to your friends or loved ones by paying the premium of your health insurance? If the answer is no, not sure .. then you are right. USANA is not an insurance company, and will not pay for your doctor visits; however, by becoming a member you get free access to ressearch, medical/profesional advice and the all natural health plans

tailored to your needs. The future of personalized health and nutrition is now available with USANA’s True Health Assessment Just in case you thought that personalization stops at language… well we have good news!! The Asian Community should worry less, and begin learning all the benefits translated to Chinese, Korean and others. The Asian markets include: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thiland. Shopping for supplements has become a daunting chore for many people, special moms trying to keep their families healthy, stay in budget, and schedule. When you sign up with USANA, everyone in the family can have a monthly-auto-order, coming to your door. From vitamins, to diet products, energy boosters, skin and hair products, all are customized to individual needs, and mailed in special packages, labeled by day, time and name for each person. USANA, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and HealthCorps® have joined forces to further the shared mission of fighting teenage obesity. Through this partnership, USANA is lending a helping hand to an organization committed to dealing with one of the most pressing health issues in the United States.

To learn more, sign up for FREE Classes in English and Chinese, available starting November 2013 at the Asian Library (1339 Baxter Str, Charlotte, 28204), and FNHealthassit, at 3308Commonwealth Ave, 28205.

For questions or other information visit our websites: www.chinadolls. com or;www.fnhealthassist. org/employment-opportunities To self order, go to, click on the product... and add to your cart. The associate number is: 8651538. Please use it to ensure that our associates get their credit. You are buying “Made in America” products, help create jobs, and get amazingly healthy. Thank you! For email order, please email to: usana@fnhealthassist. org. Our associates will process your order and stay in touch until you receive the products. Employment Opportunities as USANA Associate. Training provided.

Feel free to email for classes schedule and directions to usana@ or call for English/ Chinese 704-488-9500 Hope to see you there. You have a lot on your plate during the holidays. Fortunately, with the help of USANA, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This season, give the gift of good health. RD.■ Law Office of Tin Thanh Nguyen, PLLC Văn Phòng Luật Sư Nguyễn Thành Tín Immigration*Criminal*Civil Law

Tel: (704) 461-1527 Fax: (704) 706-9524 3631 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205

Ki - Hyun Chun, PH.D, CPA Ph.D., LLD., CCIM, CPA. 1st Asian CPA Firm in the Carolinas Let Our 30yrs Experience Work For you! *Tax Planning *Accounting *Bookkeeping *Consulting

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1339 Baxter St. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28204

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The Asian Herald

December 2013 (8)

Enjoy our Diverse CommunityHost a Memorable Holiday Feast!

Want to be the host with the most this holiday season? Holiday entertaining can be particularly tricky, as everything has to be just right. But you don’t have to let it stress you out, say experts.

comes to serving guests, it’s helpful to get assorted dinnerware in both white and clear so you can mix and match as needed. Be sure that you have enough of the right glassware for serving cocktails

Living in a diverse community makes life more interesting, and noting brings us together more than food. The aroma, the colors the settings, all are part of long-lasting traditions for every culture. However, noting is more feared at this time of the year, then a dinner gone awry. “From setting the table, to creating a scrumptious dessert station, you can better impress your guests if you are prepared,” says Jessica Joyce, spokeswoman for Bed Bath & Beyond. As you make your plans, consider these helpful tips from Joyce for putting together the perfect holiday meal and creating an inviting atmosphere all season long: Remove the Guess Work.The key to reducing stress around holiday entertaining is to plan. Start putting together a guest list and menu ahead of time. Determine the hors d'ourves, drinks, main course, side dishes, coffee bar and desserts. Turkey Talk. Once the menu is selected, make sure you have the right kitchenware to prepare the meal -- especially the turkey. Turkey essentials include a roasting pan, meat thermometer and gravy separator. Keep in mind that every turkey is different, so your roaster should be able to handle even a 25-pound holiday bird. Your serving plate will need to be large enough to accommodate your turkey, and there should be enough additional room on the plate to surround it with garnish. Mix and Match Dinnerware. When it

when guests first arrive. Have a water and wine glass on the table for each guest to use during the meal. Presentation. Consider how you’d like to present your meal to your guests. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner or buffet style, your food will be the main focus. A triple slow cooker is great for a buffet. It will let you cook, keep your food warm and allow your guests to help themselves all at once. Create a ‘Tablescape’ You can make a great impression before your guests even sit down to eat by crafting a beautiful setting. Create ambience by adorning the holiday dinner table and buffet area with seasonally inspired décor and infusing pops of color with the tablecloth, metallic chargers, napkins and fresh flowers. Mood Lighting. For a finishing touch set the mood with candles by using a mix of tea lights and candlesticks on the table at varying heights. With some special touches to your menu and décor, you can make this holiday a memorable one. (StatePoint)■

You are invited! Xiaosong Her, is inviting you to unwind, refresh and have fun with her USANA team; come for the experience, stay for the new beginnings. Information is available in Chinese or English (www.chinadolls. com); thus no reason for you not to come. So here we start this holiday season with the gift of love and respect for all of you; in the same spirit awe are sharing Dr. Libby’s tips for a healthy and memorable end of the year : Nourish Your Body As Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” keeping your nutritional status preserved is an essential component in mounting your best defense to winter ailments. In today’s world, incorporating easy ways of increasing the nutrient density of your diet is a must. I find liquids are easy to prepare and take to work. Opt for a supercharged smoothie, soup or juice. It is amazing the amount of nutrition you can pack into a drink. Add blueberries, raspberries or blackcurrants —all great sources of the essential immune booster, vitamin C—to your favorite Nutrimeal flavor. Making a morning smoothie means you start your day with a few nutritional runs to the bank. However, you may notice as the temperature cools, your desire for warm food increases. One of the obvious winter favorites is soup. It makes a delicious lunch or a

convenient and nourishing snack. Green soups, fragrant Asian-style broths, a classic vegetable soup and of course organic chicken soup are all great options, but one way to supercharge them is to use bone broth, made from organic bones, as the base. Move Regularly A winter walk, even at night and taken with a friend, can be wonderfully rejuvenating. If weather doesn’t permit any sort of outdoor activity, set aside some time to do an exercise DVD, stretch, or practice simple yoga poses in your home.You could even commit to an exercise class, preferably breathfocused, to keep your body and mind occupied, like a restorative or warm yoga class. Winter is also a time many dance classes begin — so sign up — you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll laugh, learn and love trying something new. Tango and salsa are particularly amazing as the music alone is enough to enliven even the dullest winter’s night. The energy and optimism you create from regular movement can help you remain calm and clear in everything you do. Give Your Body Some Extra Love The winter often demands more of our bodies and is a time to amp up the supplements we take and make them even more winter specific. USANA’s Proflavanol® C will not only support skin that starts to dry out during the cooler months, it will also support your immune system. Winter is a particularly important time to ensure you’ve got your USANA Essentials on hand to keep your skin, hair and nails, as well as your immune system, fighting fit. Investing in your health now doesn’t just impact how you feel, function and appear this winter. It impacts how you feel, function and appear in the future. Take great care of you this winter(www. For Professionals!!! From your USANA team, ■

Prudential Financial Amira Q. Issa

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The Asian Herald

December 2013 (9)

Straight from the Carolinas

Remembering a WW2 Vet Stationed in the Philippines

By Beth K.

Call it the Filipino people's indomitable spirit, it is our courage in the face of adversity that earned us the reputation of being a “race of survivors.” In the past few days, Fil-Americans here at North Carolina and elsewhere around the world are pre-occupied with the relief operations for victims of supertyphoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda in the Philippines). As a side note, all typhoons that pass through the country are given female names in the belief that like women, storms and typhoons are fickle and can change minds and directions at the slightest instance. The Shakespearean saying of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” also comes into play. I've been learning a lot of what happened in the Philippines through accounts of media colleagues back home and I am sad that there were in fact casualties among media ranks who covered the typhoon's onslaught. Here at North Carolina, a town hall meeting was held a few days after reports of the typhoon aftermath made its way around the world to raise funds for the victims. Wally Penilla, CEO of the Filipino American Spirit (FAS) and past president of the Filipino American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) and everyone present in the meeting were all emotional on hearing the accounts of the relatives. Although I was not around during the first meeting, I was there in spirit because of the transcript of the meeting taken by Gloria Grifenhagen ( I owe you). From the transcript I can tell the empathy and sorrow of the people who attended the meeting after they learned of the magnitude of the devastation wrrought by typhoon Haiyan in Central Philippines. They also saw the Filipino's indomitable spirit, of not surrendering even in the midst of desolation and the Filipino people's generosity and solidarity with the victims. Someone even said

during the meeting that it is in the midst of disaster and crisis that Filipinos rally and unite as a people. In the next few days various fund-raising activities will commence in the North Carolina community. From serving dinner to dances and fun runs, FilAmericans will join hands in giving and asking cash and material assistance within their own community and to neighboring communities. They will also make parols (Christmas lanterns) to raise money. At Charlotte, North Carolina, the Asian community had been supportive with publisher and philanthropist Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun contributing US $1,000 to the cause. It is also good to note that other Asian communities like the Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese pledged cash and material support, a generous and welcome gesture that will go a long way towards helping the victims. In good and bad times,

My dad, Earl Kanter, who passed away this year, was a proud WW2 Veteran who was stationed in the Philippines for his tour of duty. I can’t help but think about him today. I remember him telling me stories about his experience there , one poignant story about going into a rural village and finding it destroyed. He and his fellow we Filipinos show to the world soldiers found a church bell in the jungle we are one. and returned it to the villagers who were by Susan Palmes-Dennis, Journalist overjoyed to have it although the church Dear Friends, itself was destroyed. They say that" Geography is Destiny".. I remember the last time I heard more so for the Philippines, that tiny the story – at a Veteran’s Day celebration Republic in Asia of 7,107 islands, all in my home town where he gave a speech, located in the Typhoon Belt and Ring of Fire, with never ending manifestations of sharing his stories, his pride in serving his country, and remembering fallen soldiers. Nature's Wrath...and calamities. No wonder God made the Filipinos resilient as the bamboo, bending with each " tai-fun"... And we can only survive with the help of the compassionate world, and with caring friends like you. We hope you can come to the CAAC Holiday Dinner on Thursday December 5, from 6:30 pm at the Asian Library ( 1339 Baxter St., Charlotte NC 28204), and extend a helping hand to the devastated survivors, while networking with the very giving international community of Charlotte... Maraming salamat po, a heartfelt " thank you", as always, Dr. Nini RB Bautista Chairman, Filipino American Spirit, a 501(c)3 in process Chairman Emerita & Past President, CAACC; Past President, FACC■

I can’t also help but think of the devastation in the Philippines right now and Typhoon’s Haiyan’s deadly path of destruction, killing an estimated 10,000 people. The Huffington Post put together this list of charities that are providing relief efforts to people there, including the Red Cross and Save the Children. As you spend this quiet day honoring the brave who lost their lives for our country, please take a minute to help the people in the Philippines recover from the horrific tragedy. **** Beth is a Speaker/Author/Master Trainer & nonprofit innovator in networks & social media, recognized by Business Week & Fast Co.■

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The Asian Herald

December 2013 (10)

Holidays can be Stressful for Seniors:Advice for Caregiver

The holidays may be filled with joy, but for the ever-growing number of aging Americans and those who care for them this otherwise celebratory season can become mired in challenges. The stress of visitors, eventful meals, gift giving and social obligations can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for those juggling busy schedules with caring for an elderly family member.An estimated 15 million Americans are sandwiched between two generations and working to support Internal Medicine Family Kim Tam, M.D. English-Chinese

both, according to the Pew Research Center. Known as the “Sandwich Generation,” these adults struggle to balance caring for their children and their elderly parents. “Staying organized is especially important during this time of year to ensure that loved ones aren’t ignored in the hustle and bustle of the season,” says Mark Armstrong, founder and CEO of ComForcare Senior Services, an international senior care franchise that provides in-home, non-medical care to seniors and others in need of assistance. Armstrong is offering some juggling tips for family caregivers: * Map out doctor’s appointments, prescription pick-up dates, school holiday pageants and other planned events on a calendar or on your smart phone to avoid double booking and overextending yourself.

Asian Professionals Internal Medicine Nang T. Ta, M.D. English-Vietnamese

1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 342-8115 Internal Medicine Jason Zeng, M.D.

3007 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 567-8218


Dr. Qing Ming Chen Engish-Chinese


1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 670. Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 839-9583 Internal Medicine Sheena Kapadia

English-Hindi 1918 Randolph Rd. Ste. 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

(704) 342-8115 Obstetrics Gynecology Jenny Thao Ngo, C.N.M. English-Vietnamese 4822 Albemarle Rd. Ste 103 Charlotte, NC 28205 (704)


Pediatrics Nguyen Ta, M.D.

2504 Plantation Center Dr. Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 841-2237 Internal Medicine Family Ching H. Lieu, M.D. English-Korean

930 West Wilson Ave Mooresville, NC 28117

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English-Korean 9335 Blankeney Center Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

Luong-Huy Le, D.D.S. English-Vietnamese 2614-A East 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204

(704) 295-0151 Dentist

Dr. Xin Chen English-Chinese 8170 C. South Tryon St Charlotte NC 28273

(704) 405-5690

Dentist Nhung T. Phan, D.M.D. English-Vietnamese 2391 Dave Lyle Blvd. Suite 101 Rock Hill, SC 29730

(803) 325-9000

5200 Park Rd., Ste 227 Charlotte, NC 28209

(704) 940-3405

Attorney Immigration

Tin Thanh Nguyen, Pllc English-Vietnamese-Spanish 4520 N. Tryon Street, Ste. 20 Charlotte, NC 28213

(704) 462-1527 Attorney Immigration Seung Hae Suh, Esq English-Korean 1110 Navaho Dr. Ste 502 Raleigh, NC 27609

(704) 605-2602

Acupuncture (M.D. in China) Hu Jiang, L.Ac

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Jeffrey Wang & Mary Ren, L.Ac English-Chinese

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Charlotte, NC 28277

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(704) 841-1701 Chiropractor Sharon Tam, D.C.

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English-Korean-Thai 101 E Matthews ST. Suite 700. Matthews, NC 28105

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(704) 377-0800 Chiropractor Xiaolu Dong, D.C. English-Chinese 539 #9 Highway Bypass E. Lancaster, SC 29720

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2907 Providence Rd. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28211

Acupuncture Lauren Leung, L.Ac

(919) 876-4707 Attorney Immigration Kristen A.Chang, Esq

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Steven Ghim, D.D.S.

Attorney at Law Mica N. Worthy

Chiropractor Jeongpil Park, D.C.

English-Vietnamese 1433 Emerywood Dr. Ste D Charlotte, NC 28210


* Members of the sandwich generation often feel they don’t spend enough time with their children because they’re busy caring for their parents and vice versa. Combat this issue with intergenerational activities, such as decorating the home, trimming the tree, planning the menu or wrapping presents. * Caring for another human being for an extended period of time can take its toll on even the most caring and nurturing of people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It may mean alternating days with a relative or bringing in a professional caregiver. * Watch out for these red flags that could mean your aging relative is in need of additional assistance: mismatched, wrinkled or soiled clothing, weight loss or gain, trouble remembering names or an unclean home.

* Discuss the possibility of hiring a professional caregiver to relieve some strain on you, especially around the holidays. In the long-term, a caregiver can help your loved one age safely and comfortably in his or her own home, by providing a wide range of non-medical home care services, including help with bathing, hairstyling and dressing, incontinence care, medication reminders, chores and light exercise assistance. Look for a company that offers a wide range of services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. For example, ComForcare Senior Services develops a customized care plan based on an in-home evaluation by a nurse and provides ongoing training and education to caregivers. More information can be found at www. * Even you need some care sometimes! Set aside “me” time every day to do something just for you and you’ll be able to return to your caregiving duties refreshed and ready to help. This holiday season, take the time to address the challenges facing you and your aging loved one.■

(803) 286-1148

Chiropractor Chiropractic Physician Dr. R. Scott Saario 537 W Sugar Creek Rd, Ste 101 P: (704)598-8040


Do Thuan My, D.O.

English-Vietnamese 6801 Northlake Mall Dr, Ste 253 Charlotte, NC 28212 (704)777-9047, (704) 563-7655

Attorney Immigration Douglas H. Kim, Esq English-Korean-Spanish 220 Westinghouse Blvd. Ste. 401

Charlotte, NC 28273

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Peizhi Li, L.Ac

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English-Korean 4915 Piedmont Pkwy Ste. 103 Jamestown, NC 27282


Pradip B. Bulsara L.Ac.


Enhglish-Hindu 203 Gelnway Street Belmont, NC 28054

9104 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 783-8999 Attorney Immigration Benjamin Li, Esq

(704) 917-9804


Starpoint Acupuncture


Wendy Swanson Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist

4912 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209

(704) 527-0878 Attorney Business Dennis O’s Dea, Esq 6729 Fairview Road Suite C Charlotte, NC 28210

(704) 780-1544

Attorney Immigration Jordan G. Forsythe



Li Jie McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist) Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

John McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Masters degree of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbology Charlotte Davidson 704-737-4412 / Morganton 828-413-0567

Acupuncture (M.D. in china) Wenhui Li, L.Ac.

756 Tyvola Rd. Suite 160 Charlotte, NC 28217

English-Chinese 148 East Charles Street Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 522-6077

Attorney Immigration C. Andres Lopez

756 Tyvola Rd. Suite 160 Charlotte, NC 28217

(704) 522-6077

(704) 516-6514 Architect Hong Choe, AIA English-Korean 2409 Chesterfield Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 408-8994

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (11)

Holiday foods from around the world

Set up the party Filipino Style. With the cooking-mastery of the Filipino American Ladies under Mrs. Merly Penilla guidance, the CAACC Holiday Dinner party will enjoy a feast. Although the event will embody the true meaning of the season (the participants will pledge their spirits to “The Gift of Giving” for the benefit of Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund), the buffet style dinner will be nothing less than delicious. And if your mouth is not watering yet, here are the dishes in the menu: 1.Pansit, noodles with veggies & chicken/Chinese influence; Chicken adobo, a national dish of the Philippines/Spanish influence/ braised stew with vinegar & soy sauce & herbs; Pork barbecue on skewers (not pulled pork) Filipino style; Salmon Teriyaki- Dr. Nini's specialty...Prize winning as per CAACC........Japanese influence; Lumpia Shanghai-thin crispy roll filled with ground meat, carrots, shallots, etc, with dipping sauce/ sweet sour; Mixed salad/ American influence; Steamed rice..Very Asian! Please feel free to leave room for Desserts! Crème caramel ( leche flan)..everybody's continental favorite (from Old Spain); Ube-ko...sticky rice cake with layer of purple yam jam in between- a nouvelle cuisine twist on an old traditional sweet…Yam-O!! And

last, but abundant cut- up fruit medley, a healthy alternative. American-Asian new food-trends. The Filipino and Vietnamese people are very accustomed with European traditions; many speak Spanish or French, and some went to visit these old-world countries. For this reason they often use European influences to their traditional meals. Charcuteries from Lyon and sausages play a large part in the European food habits and are even exported to the furthest ends of the earth. Thus, sausages such as Rosette, jésus, sabodet (made from pork rind), saveloy, stuffed with truffle and/or pistachio, Beaujolais andouillettes, made from chitterlings are a staple for the holidays. Like the wines that come from specific grape varieties, cheese is the product of a successful story of a land, men, and know-how (savoir-faire). The Appellation d'Origine applies to a product whose qualities are the result of both virtue of its soil, the traditional conditions of production with its rules skills that have been passed from generation to generation: the "local customs, consistently and equitably. As the X and Y generations are hosting more nontraditional but simply-chic parties, a variety of chesses give the je ne sais quoi flavor. From the hors d’oeuvres to the deserts, the assortment produces center pieces, and become a conversation point for many health-

NC Realtor®/Broker 买房,卖房,新房,二手房

Buy & Sale, New & Old

conscious young professionals. In USA, Fans of French cheese have found some unwelcomed surprises at the cheese counter. Some of their favorite cheeses have vanished and others don't taste like they used to. Reblochon, Bleu de Gex and Vacherin Mont d'Or are among the missing, while the Loire Valley's famed goat cheeses -- Valençay, Sainte-Maure de Touraine and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre, among others -- have lost flavor, retailers say, as producers switch to pasteurized milk for the cheeses they export to the United States.Importers, brokers and retailers have conflicting explanations for the changes, partly because they themselves remain puzzled by the mess of French and U.S. government regulations."The pasteurized versions are just not very good," some importers said. "They don't ripen in the same way. They get flat and bitter

take it out of the soft category. The “reformulated to improve” cheese, christened Fromage de Savoie, is made with raw milk and aged at least 60 days. It looks like a Reblochon, but the texture is firmer; indeed, the label pointedly describes it as a semihard cheese, a term unlikely to come to mind for a ripe, oozy Reblochon. A worried importer was referring to the difficulty of dialogue with government inspectors who don't use cheese terminology in the same way that industry professionals do. When cheese-makers speak of soft-ripened cheeses, they're talking about cheeses like Brie and Camembert that have powdery-white, mold-covered rinds and that ripen from the outside in. "It's ripened, it's soft, so it's softripened," said Sheehan about Bleu de Gex, although he later confirmed that his office considers it a semi-soft cheese. Safety questions. Consumers mourning the disappearance or alteration of their favorite cheeses may find some comfort in the notion

as opposed to gooey and rich and multilayered in flavor." But just what is a soft cheese and whose definition rules? The French use the Codex Alimentarius, the international food code promulgated by the United Nations, which defines soft cheese by its moisture content. But U.S. inspectors have a different playbook."We don't enforce French standards or Codex Alimentarius," Sheehan stated. "We only enforce American standards. One Reblochon producer, Le Farto de Thônes, decided to reformulate its cheese to lower the moisture content and

that their cheese counter is now a safer place. But how much safer is hard to know. Aged raw-milk cheeses have a remarkable safety record, which prompts some cheese professionals to wonder whether the costs of the heightened government scrutiny exceed the benefits. "We used to get these little French goat cheeses that tasted just like the field the goats were grazing on," says Goldsmith of the Cheese Board, "and we'll never see those again. I do support food safety, but is there an issue of food safety? That's my question.” (Janet Fletcher, 2005)RD.■

Brenda J. Shi

B rLei cne n sd . S h i Berda e InndJ a J . S h i NC & SC RealtoR® 地 產 經 紀

地 產 經 紀 Licensed In NC & SC

B r eRealtoR n® d a J . S®h i地 產 經 紀 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 RealtoR RealtoR 地 產 經 紀 ®

L i cMobile: e n 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 s e d (704) I n N502-2726 C & SC Mobile: 909-3883 (704) 502-2726 Fax: (704) Cell: 704 288 9983 我們提供廣東話,福州話,國語和英語服務 Fax: (704) 909-3883 Office: 704 541 6100

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Email: 凱 威 502-2726 地產 Mobile: (704) Fax: (704) 909-3883 凱威地產

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The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (12)

RevivinG 5,000 yeaRs of Civilization



“Incredible! Groundbreaking!” — MSNBC

“5,000 years of Chinese music and dance in one night!” —The New York Times

PERFECT HARMONY OF EAST AND WEST From the moment the gong is struck, you know you are in for something memorable. The Shen Yun Orchestra masterfully blends two of the world’s greatest classical music traditions, Chinese and Western. Ancient Chinese instruments such as the soul-stirring erhu and the delicate pipa lead the melody on top of a full Western orchestra, creating an enchanting new sound.

JAN 28-29 BELK THEATER at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Tickets: 888.974.3698 • 704.372.1000 • Prices: $150, $120, $100, $80, $70, $60, $50

RALEiGH MEMoRiAL AudiToRiuM JAN 10-11 Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

Hotline: 1.800.382.1731



Reclaiming the divinely inspired cultural heritage of China!” — Donna Karan, creator of DKNY

imagine a stage performance so profound, so inspiring, it touches your soul. Let Shen Yun take you on a journey through 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture. Legends, myths, and heroes spring to life through classical Chinese dance. Ethnic and folk dances fill the stage with color and energy. The leaps and flips of Shen Yun’s aerial masters, thunderous battle drums, and singers’ soaring voices are all set to animated backdrops that transport you to another world.

AERIAL MASTERS From BattleFielDS to imperial palaCeS. Classical Chinese dance has a history of thousands of years, sharing a common ancestry with martial arts. Over the centuries, this ancient dance system was enriched with each dynasty’s wisdom and aesthetic principles. Its dramatic jumping, spinning, and tumbling techniques are just a part of the vast repertoire of movements that make up classical Chinese dance. It is one of the most demanding and expressive art forms in the world. Experience what dance can be.

TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM... millionS oF people have seen Shen Yun. Standing ovations at the world’s top venues, royalty attending in Europe, sold-out shows throughout North America, and packed houses across Asia have made Shen Yun an international phenomenon. “It was an extraordinary experience … the level of skill, but also the power of the archetypes and the narratives were startling. And of course it was exquisitely beautiful.” — Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-winning Actress

“I have reviewed over 3,000 shows. I give this production 5 stars. That’s the top... I’ve seen enough Broadway shows that still cannot compare to what I saw tonight. The best word to use is ‘mind blowing.’” — Richard Connema, renowned Broadway critic

Ancient stories and legends come to life.

Exquisite ethnic and folk dances.

“Elegant—very athletic, and very skilled!” — John McColgan, Riverdance producer

“An explosion of color and sound!” — The Charlotte Observer

“Really out of this world! There is no word to describe it… If I had to describe it, the words might be ‘divine,’ ‘reborn’ and ‘hope’… It’s beauty from beginning to end. You have to see it to believe it.” — Christine Walevska, cello virtuoso

“Absolutely beautiful... It has become this one big poetic event. It was so inspiring, I think I may have found some new ideas for the next Avatar.” — Robert Stromberg, Academy Award-winning production designer for Avatar

Presented by: NC Falun Dafa Association Shen Yun is a nonprofit organization.

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The Asian Herald

December 2013 (13)

Ribbon Cutting & Dedication of the North Carolina Korean War Veterans Memorial

photo by Sandy Barnett

The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (14)

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2013 年 12 月 1 日 出版



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天天收件,兩週取件,加快 5 天!

(704) 919-6362 C 夏樂市「夏華籃球隊」感恩聚餐好熱鬧,鍛煉身體很重要!

《亞洲先驅報》 熱烈祝賀 Patrick Cannon 當選夏洛特市長!


夏樂龍舟協會年尾聚會好溫馨 【本報訊】夏樂龍舟協會日前舉行 2013 年尾聚餐聯 歡會,會場展示了列年的獎品及獎章等,并向三位會員 及家屬頒發獎牌,40 多人出席,場面熱鬧溫馨。 (湘君攝影報導)

湘 君 。 攝 影

要 當 媽 媽 了 。


北 卡 木 材 出 口 女 強 人

克倫堡 Pineville。


北卡州梅郡百姓隆重紀念美國 第 11 任總統 James Polk 誕宸 11 月 2 日是美國第 11 任總統詹姆斯‧波爾克(James

北卡州政府在他的出生地 ,建立州立歷史遺蹟紀念

王 女 士 ,

館,免費開放。詹姆斯‧波爾克總統出生地紀念館地 址: 12031 Lancaster Hwy, Pineville, NC 28134 , (704)889-7145,

UNCC 舞蹈專 業來自中國的張 雪瑤同學 (圖中, 後排右 1)與她的 同學們,日前在 UNCC 羅賓森大

湘 君 。 攝 影

圖 片 新 聞

樓 BELK 劇場 演出 秋季舞蹈匯演,活潑有趣,獲得全場熱烈掌聲。



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The Asian Herald


蓝脊山下 Local

December 2013 (15)


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

2013 年第 12 期 總第 84 期 第




验的房地产执照经纪人,不少从公司出去 的员工自立门户,都取得很好的成绩。对









【本報訊】北卡僑界翹楚衛高榮先生, 日前應邀赴南京工業大學演講,受到熱











白宫幕僚长鲍尔斯(Erskine Bowles),








“收益/损失”的百分比变化表现好的股票 无论是当地华人还是美国政客,只要有困难、需





困难就是语言障碍。由于 20 岁时遭遇化学爆炸事






颐养天年 寓工作于生活中



沉逾 40 年,他利用这八个步骤,快速找准投资的



股票,几乎没有失手。2008 年金融危机爆发,连


近乎全 A 的成绩,顺利拿到数学和计算机硕士学

“股神”巴菲特都损失近 1/3,而老卫分毫未损,







卫老家庭美满,妻子贤慧,儿女成双。如今家 庭新添了三个孙子和一个孙女。 他一家都与 IBM 结下了不解之缘。妻子高秀琼 勤奋聪慧,一直都是老卫的贤内助。

卫老任 First Citizens 银行维克郡西部董事会的 董事已 22 年,他还被北卡州长任命为北卡税率总

她在 IBM 工作长达 25 年,拿到了丰厚的终身退


成蝶般开始起飞。上世纪 80 年代初,正是美国

林,在 1985 年分别担任厦门市副市长和福建省副

IT 萌芽的时期。1980 年毕业后,老卫来到北卡

局的 Board of Governors 成员,至今已 12 年。退


州,先在 Carolina Power & Light (CPL)工作,后



留下一些历史镜头。2005 年,时任中国驻美使馆

到 IBM 公司任高级软件开发工程师。在 IT 界,


的好帮手,大学毕业后在 IBM 负责市场营销专



见了州务卿 Elaine Marshall。事后,刘川生女士赞 的人脉和财富,为日后的二次创业打下基础。 誉道:“卫先生真是不可多得的外交人才。”

舍弃一切 追求“美国梦” 1971 年,老卫毕业于国立台湾师范大学数学 系。在来到美国之前,他曾当过 7 年的数 学老师,自己开了家教和补习班。这 7 年的教师

卫老从 CPL 公司退休后成为北卡州政府人事厅

休金女儿卫湘怡(Shiny)继承了父亲的社交才能, 在大学曾是学校亚裔学生会的会长,现任 IBM 的

股票积下的财产,老卫在 50 岁以前成了名符其实 “小”百万富翁。

家,现在西门子任项目经理。 十一年前老卫还有三个未完成的愿望,第一是

华人之光 周旋八方显神通


自 90 年代初以来,卫老一直都是当地美籍华人 建设一个“中国中心”。如今他的最后一个愿望

的高级软件分析员。老卫戏称自己是将人生最后 的剩余价值应用在 IT 界。



商海弄潮 谱写人生新篇章



1988 年,老卫积极投身于当地第一所中文学校—








说,自己在 70 年代在台湾买了一栋 24 万(台

1990 年,老卫和李彦贞先生、杨志成博士共同创



币,下同)的房子,如今该房子的市值 800 多



底。1978 年,他申请了宾州州立大学数学系的全

万,翻了近 40 倍。1982 年,老卫考取了房地产经 姊妹州关系的建立。他还作为凯丽市姊妹城市委 纪人执照。1984 年,老卫加入 IBM 中国总部,任 员会的成员,协助建立了北卡凯丽研究三角园区

额奖学金。半年后,他又为太太卫高秀琼申请了 同校物理系的奖学金。于是,夫妻二人毅然决定 卖掉台湾的一切来到美国。 这样破釜沉舟的勇气,不是每个人都具备的。 提起这件事,老卫依然很感叹,若当初没有太太 的鼓励和全额奖学金,他不会出国,也许人生会 是另一番景象。

异地求生 石缝中开出花朵 提着两个皮箱,带着对“美国梦”的追求,老

系统工程师,挣得人生第二桶金。 1987 年从北京回来,他立刻成立 R.D.Realty ; 26 个年头过去,它已经变成了 R.D.International

这不仅是运气,更在于卫老独到的商业头脑和 快而准的敏锐市场感觉。 R.D.International INC.现拥有十数名具有丰富经




因此在 2005 年,台湾外交部颁予他“外交之友”




2009 年,凯丽市政府又颁予他“外交公民

INC.。自公司成立以来一直稳健发展,二十余年 来更创造了数亿美金的房价总销售额。



奖”。2010 年,他与时任湖北襄樊市副市长的施






会的北卡地区代表 15 年。


海外華聯會動態 海外華聯會(OCCAAF)最近在筹备 出版联合会的杂志,名为《海外华 人》,计划是有两个版本,一个是 IPad 上的电子版本,另一个是传统的印刷版 本。最初是中英文的文章都有,但会在 以后分别有中文和英文版本的出来。电 子版本的杂志是全北美发行的,稿子全 北美征集的。 此外,該會在和几位联合会的朋友筹 办一个名为:中国春天/温暖中国 这 么一个长期公益活动。主要是给国内贫

馬年到來之前,大夏樂地區華人活 教會,也將在 12 月 14 日晚舉辦聖

困地区的孩子发送衣服学习用品。这是 一个长远的,持续的活动,同时也给有




會、夏樂市華人浸信會 都有慶祝活



動(見海報) 。此外,夏樂以愛華人


美國大學申請指南 全方位介紹最新﹑最正確的申請資訊

第一本為華人家長編寫的專書        

美國大學申請程序﹑發展及最新趨勢﹔ 美國大學的種類﹔ 美國大學如何挑選申請人﹔ 大學申請文件的審查程序﹔ 擬定申請幾所大學及選定學校﹔ 申請財務補助的各種管道和訣竅﹔ 如何運用運動專長獲得獎學金﹔ 高中 11﹑12 年級學生﹑家長行事曆…

订购电话 704-364-8887


The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (16)

3 健康


The Asian Herald Chinese Section

Health & Life

柏拉图式的精神恋爱在与油盐酱醋,锅碗瓢 盆组成的现实生活相撞时,失望争吵与甜言 蜜语交替而来。在众亲友反对的恋爱中恋爱 信主前,父母,亲人的爱及期望及由此产 让我们相依为命,彼此鞭策要事业成功,以 生出的对他们及社会的责任,义务感是我学 安抚及报答亲友,似乎是作到了。但遍体鳞 习,奋斗,工作的动力;恋爱结婚后,丈夫 伤。 的爱情,同行和扶持,在学校和工作中结交 我感到凄楚与无奈。丈夫当年不会骑自行 的朋友的友谊也给我温暖和动力。但这些都 车,出去游玩时坐我自行车的后座,令我羡 没有消除我内心深处的伤感和无奈。天生的 慕坐在恋人后座上的女友;他做鼓膜修补术 开朗和激情让我象一团火,影响着周围的 人,但现实生活的艰辛苦涩又令我在夜深人 以前听力不好,让我感到与其他我说一遍就 静时忧伤,抑郁,甚至盟生出“这样永远睡 能听见的人交流是多么容易;他那时不会做 饭且不在乎吃喝,让我感到在周末时与朋友 下去,不醒来就好了”的愿望。 一起在宿舍里聚餐轻松愉快,但他认为那是 父母亲人浓烈的爱滋养着我,激励着我, 浅薄堕落。到了北京,面对在狭窄的空间养 又令我感到沉重。因为他们是人,他们竭尽 育孩子,在拥挤的交通中奔走上下班,在六 全力也无法保护我不受政治及社会不平导致 四以后的失落中,他开始怀念在校园中的单 的伤害。为了不增加他们的担忧,我对他们 身生活,粉碎了我“只要在一起就好了”的 都只报喜不报忧。他们看到的只是学业优 梦想。争吵取代了团聚的幸福。苦涩冲散了 秀,亊业成功的我。 亊业成功的喜悦。在我眼中,那时的他只是 丈夫对我狂热的少年般的爱情,几乎是每 精神世界的巨人,现实生活的弱者,中国知 天一封的情书伴随着我六年医学院的生活。 识分子的代表。我曾对他说:“你累了,你


【中年四字訣】 淡。 包括吃得清淡,放棄濃味,是

的头可以枕到我的肩上,我累了,又靠谁 呢?”生活似乎到了尽头。 就在那时,医院派我到了美国一家医学院 进修。 一个月之后,在第一次去查经班 时,我知道了,我不是偶然而生的,我是有 一个永恒的家乡可去的,而且有一个全能的 天父可以依靠的。霎那间,我所有的对人生 的困惑都得到了解释。人犯罪了,背离了上 帝,因此世界充滿了罪恶,痛苦,疾病,死 亡,纷争,残杀。但上帝爱我们,要我们重 新回到衪圣洁的国度,再次作衪的儿女,与 衪共享祂永恒的荣耀。为此衪道成肉身,为 我们而死且又复活。我为此惊喜,毫不犹豫 就接受了呼召。是的,我是一个罪人,我需 要救主,我愿意将我的一生交给爱我至极并 为我而死的耶稣基督,让衪引领我的一生。 在看电影《耶稣传》时,耶稣对税吏马太说 “follow me” (跟从我),那是期望又是



啊! !





五、指望誰: 養病指望誰?指望


二、高興: 高官不如高薪,高薪不 子女,久病床前無孝子;指望老

專。 做事情,要專於自己最擅長






的就交給別人吧! 交友也是,跟臭


六、懷舊: 常想一二忘九八,健康


三、自己的: 地位是暫時的,榮




四、不一樣: 父母對子女的愛是

七、直接面對死亡: 生老病死,








我及保守这样的心志。不是靠自己的毅力及 品性,而是与主的连接。正如圣经所说: “因为你们立志行亊,都是神在你们心里运 行,为要成就他的美意”(腓立比书 2:13)。“我们爱,因为神先爱我们。" (约翰一书 4:19)

《號角》 迦密华人浸信会 以爱华人浸信会 夏乐市华人浸信会



放。 那是最難的。放手,撇下,人

应;有困惑,主解释。在主爱中生活,又为 爱主而活,这是我的心志,却是上帝自己赐



一、活著: 日出東海落西山,活一 樂趣,不圖回報,一心想回報,就


管有与罪的挣扎,但蒙主赦免;有困难,但 靠主胜过; 有伤痛,主安慰;有缺乏,主供








在心里说道:“ 主啊,我愿意”。



慢。 終於明白,人生許多事情是急





2013 年 第 12 期 總第 84 期 第




大豆的营养价值高而且平衡良好:大豆 大豆异黄酮(Isoflavones)是一种植物性雌



含有 35%的蛋白质及约 20%的油脂,


白质,相当于肉类的 2 倍、鸡蛋的 3




倍、牛奶的 12 倍,黑豆含有 18 种氨基













维生素含量最高,维生素 E 是一种相当

的 PER(蛋白质利用效率)甚高,w-6 及




w-3 多元不饱和脂肪酸的生理机能卓

















果可分四大类: 1. 降低胆固醇、预防



心血管疾病; 2. 抗癌效果; 3. 舒缓妇



女更年期症状; 4. 预防骨质疏松症。



另外,大豆还含有大豆卵磷脂、维他命 E、 大豆异黄酮、矿物质、纤维等健康物 质,少含饱和脂肪酸而不含胆固醇,大

史上最杀超级优惠 打全球不论如何比,都便宜! 平价百姓家庭电话服务“麒麟电话”成功热销,再接再 励推出史上最杀电话打全球优惠,价格实在、怎么打都划 算,三种方案自由选。

全球包月“无限任打”6 个月免费: 网路电话用户现 转订麒麟电话服務,立即获得 6 个月免费全球包月 套装、无限拨打全球; 全球任打“500 分钟包月”6 个月免费: 每月免费 500 分钟拨打中、港、台、美、加及国际长途 x6 个 月(共 3,000 分钟免费通话时间); 全球任打“全年经济”随打随付: 12 个月免月费! 打多少、付多少,拨打中港台美加等指定国家只需 2c/分钟;


所有麒麟电话用户还可以享受专属的亲友热线,通 过给您的主机及三台给您在世界各地亲友的分机,连成一 条亲友专线,随时互打,永久免费,还可立即省下大量国 际话费;世界各地亲友的分机或您的主机皆可对外拨打全 球国际长途,十分方便;另外免费绑定手机、座机,不在 家时,也可以轻松拨打国际长途;帮您保留现有电话号 码;免费接听。

麒麟除了推出怎么打都划算的麒麟电话优惠外, 新客户也可订购「电话+电视」的捆绑服务,每月只 要$9.99 起,即可享受价格实惠的二合一组合;现在 订购,可获得无合约、免费电话设备、免开通费、 免运费的麒麟电话服务!优惠详情请洽您身边的经 销商—銀河科技公司,还可再省 15 元运费。 麒麟指定卡羅來納地區經銷商:銀河科技公司

(704) 364-8887


The AsiAn herAld 4

December 2013 (17) The Asian Herald Chinese Section

理財 Money

五個退休迷思 問:再過十年我就要退休,跟我年 紀相當的人都好緊張,我卻覺得一

主管史卓妮建議,退休之後可擔任 義工、或者打零工。 3.退休後的投資一味尋求收入: 傳統上來說,退休之後的投資策略

退休期間的資產管理 蕭良序

2013 年 第 12 期 總第 84 期 第



成非常重要。 在預期壽命的終點還不能計畫把資產

個資產消耗模型,看看怎樣是對自己 最有利的結果。



退休期間的資產管理可以用一個字來 資金消耗的操作沒有失誤的空間,時 概括─「Drawdown」─也就是控制資 光一去永不回,搞砸了可沒有辦法從









利 4%到 5%,但是在聯準會策略及





女們多多孝敬)。 萬元以上。 根據國家統計局的數據, 供未來十年的收入,做保守的投資 有了這樣的一個計畫,並且切實去實 (例如 AA 級或以上的公司債);另一 2010 年美國 65 歲以上的人的平均家庭



淨值只有 17 萬元。

獲利複合式成長、退休金的花用規 畫看來也都盡善盡美。


退休儲蓄的理想目標是達到一個可以 驟: 一,找出所有的資產和收入。 不動用本金,純粹靠本金所產生的利 息來過生活的水平;這筆錢至少在 50

理想的收入;這是現實,那麼退休者 只能調整自己的生活預算(或者叫兒





性,對自己的退休財務有精確的掌 握。這其實才是安享退休生活的更大 關鍵。




長;預期壽命必須計畫到「90 後」。







想的晋级游戏,也许你的级别很高,但 范,国际时事,法律常识。这能保证你


不代表你有多么成功,反而会影响和占 在任何聚会都有谈资。












下降 20%,但理財規畫業者





Evensky & Katz 在替顧客進行退休

吃,贫穷夫妻百事哀。不要相信电影里 据你成功的时间。 8,是人都有惰性, 14,宁可错杀一千次来自各方面的信 的故事情节,那只是个供许多陌生人喧 这是与生俱来的,但是我们后天可以改 息,也不放过任何一个有可能成功的机



嚣情感的场所。只有不理智和不现实的 变这种惰性,因为有很多人正在改变。 会。只有这样你才不会去买后悔药。 对于某种事物或是生意不要等别人做到 15,要做一件事,成功之前,没有必要 人才相信 .




了,我才想到。不要等别人已经赚到钱 告诉其他人。成功之后不用你说,其他




了,我才想去做。没有人相信的是市场 人都会知道的。这就是信息时代所带来

之一打算屆滿 70 歲退休,35%的人 物的時間也變多,生活費很難降 預計在 65 至 69 歲之間退休,然而 低,很多人一直到 80 多歲都很活 事實上,退休人有高達七成在年滿


65 歲之前就停止工作,比預計時間

5.誤以為醫療保險 Medicare 涵蓋所



的效应 16,头发,指甲,胡子,打理

力,往往可以改变 70%的命运。破罐

和机遇,大家都相信的叫做膨胀。 9,


知道自己要干什么,夜深人静,问问自 好。社會是个排斥性的接受体,这个星


己,将来的打算,并朝着那个方向去实 球所需要的艺术家极其有限,请不要冒

然,请礼尚往来,否则你的名声会越来 现。而不是无所事事和做一些无谓的 事。 10,出路出路,走出去了,总是 越差。








饭,看孩子,那就是大错特错。 12,



些不是拿来用嘴说说就能办到的,解放 自私的,自己才是最靠得住的人。

要尽量给人干净的感觉。 17,不要以

食方面不能太随便,多吃番茄,海产 己,不要以为你有多么八面玲珑,到处 难。《社会调查》普遍认为。 11,作 品,韭菜,香蕉,都是对男性健康有益 为女人,不要以老卖老,认为事业跟自 是朋友,最后真心对你的,只有一个,




Medicare 保險範圍內,安養院費用






朋友的,命运掌握在自己手中。坐在家 做人,要做到;万事孝为先,教童品之 给你的女人多买几个化妆品. 18,力求 里等什么房子,车子,还不如睡一觉做 道,夫妻和谐美,幸福万年长。但是这 上进的人,不要总想着靠谁谁,人都是

業主提供心理輔導的機構 SCORE


歡迎加入卡羅萊納地區的華人交流平台 「藍脊山下」群組 請前往以下網址造訪這個群組: 如要在此群組張貼留言,請傳送電子郵件至

初期年代要做到这些,需要付出很大的 19,面对失败,不要太计较,天将降大

坏话,说是非之人,必定是是非之人, 努力和辛苦,当今现实的社会需要你付 任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋 谨记,祸从口出。 7,少玩游戏,这不 出很大的金钱,聪明的人都知道这个道 骨,饿起体肤、但要学会自责,找到原

因,且改掉坏习惯。 是韩国,你打不出房子车子还有资本。 理。 13,空闲时间不要经常上网做无 20,每个人都有成功的机会!就看你给 聊的事和玩一些没有意义的游戏,读点 可以有爱好,但要把握尺度,少玩农 场,牧场,斗地主等一些高度吸引人思 文学作品,学习一些经营流程,管理规 不给自己机会!

《亞洲先驅報》分類小廣告 经济实惠 免費邮寄千家萬戶 效果显著 惠登廣告 請電郵 ļįĨıĹąĦĴıóĨĴIJåå或 電話 (704) 919-6362 RS Chinese Herb & Acupuncture

榮 善 堂 3705 Latrobe Dr Suite 320

Charlotte NC Off N Wendover Rd

704-568-5181 704-366-6818 華人牙醫 陳欣 Friendly Neiborhood Dental Center

8170 S. Tryon St.


晓玲,女,48 岁,现居中国

譚 劍 雄 西 醫 師 診 所 粵語 國語 英語

704-342-8115 陈青明牙医诊所


和,善解人意,性格开朗,寻 50 至 60 岁男子為

夏洛特分公司 (大亚洲超市内)


4400 Potters Rd, Stallings, NC 28104


Bright Dental Charlotte 2504 Plantation Center Dr Matthews , NC 28105 接受多种牙医保险



每月仅 $ 7.99 起 运费、开通费 全免

每月 $ 4.99 起



(中/英語) 704-858-2222



56 个电视频道 8 个 点播板块


個人及公司 會計 稅務


聯繫电话:中国 01186-130-87318257

T: 704-684-5078 F: 704-684-5145

Italk BB 电话

註冊會計師 陳施桂兒



1.最便宜﹑最受歡迎的中文衛星電視 香港鳳凰美洲﹑鳳凰資訊﹑亞洲電視﹑中央四台﹑台灣宏觀等八個卫 星頻道; 2 年合約﹐平均月付僅$9.68 2.中﹑英文高清晰美国卫星电视 DishnetWork 長城平台 中文精選 高清电视 $24.99 起 DirecTV 香港翡翠台 高清电视节目 $24.99 起


Phone/Fax 704-540-0027

3318 Bogle Dr, Sutie 7



Concord, NC 28027




夏洛特 簽証﹑機票服務中心

厚,每周可休两天,每年有 10 天带薪

廉價國際機票 各國簽証


3.卡拉OK播放機 , 贈送两个麥克風

704-364-8887 704-919-6362



夏洛特台灣同鄉會 CTAA

北卡夏樂市禪觀雷藏寺 704-567-2000

704-364-8887 海外華人文化體育藝術聯合會


夏洛市華美協會 CAAOC

夏樂市华人浸信会 CCBC

夏樂市中文學校 CCS


夏樂市華夏中文學校 CCA




优惠价 $89 起

麒麟電話 增值服務

年假。電話: 585-355-0962 李太太



限時預購特惠 新客戶只要訂購麒麟電視,就可以獲得買一送一「訂電視,送電話」的 超值優惠,就有機會獲得 一年免月費、免開通費、免費設備、免運費,以及帳內 4 臺設 備互打完全免費的電話服務。



給北美客戶及其全球親友,帳內親友之間互打電話無限量、不計費,大大節省您的電話 帳單。


話、來電轉接等十項功能。 麒麟电话为用戶提供 4 条亲友专线和设备: 一台主机给您、三台分机给您在世界各地的 亲友,只要使用麒麟电话设备,您和亲友间互打永久免费,可以立即省下大量国际话 费;同一帐户,主机、分机皆可对外拨打全球国际长途;免费另外绑定手机、座机,不 在家时,也可以轻松拨打国际长途;帮您保留现有电话号码,希望能让更多的华人家 庭,聊的痛快、省的开心。 除了电话优惠外,麒麟电视中文电视+电话的二合一组合,每月只要$9.99 起,是北美最 实惠的「电话+电视」套餐,订购二合一组合,可获无合约、免费电话设备、免开通费、

訂購熱線 (704) 919-6362




The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (18)

샬롯 한인회 소식 The News of Korean’s Association 2014년 신년 대잔치 샬롯 한인회(회장 방호상) 임원단에 서는 대망의 2013년을 맞이하여 신년 1 월 4일 (토) 오후 5:00부터 작년에 샬 롯 한인 잔치가 개최 되었던 동일한 장소 인 CPCC 대강당에서 (1201 Elizabeth Avenue,Charlotte NC 28235,Phone: 704-330-2722) “2014년 샬롯 한인 신년 잔치”를 가질 예정이다. 샬롯 및 인 근 지역에 거주하는 한인동포들이면 누구 나 이 행사에 참여 할 수 있다. 본격적인 샬롯 한인 신년 대 잔치 행사를 진행 하 기에 앞서 오후 5시부터 식사 시간을 갖으 며 오랜만에 만난 이웃 한인들간에 서로의 안부를 전하는 교제의 기회을 갖을 예정이 다. 또한 미주 한인과학자 협회에서 주관 하였던 수학경시대회 입상자들에 대한 수 상식과 2012년 제23대 김 진경 전임 한인 회장의 노력으로 시작하여 올 해로 제3회 째를 맞이한 "샬롯 교민 자녀에 대한 장학 금 지급 수상식"을 가진 다음 재미있는 장

기 자랑과 각종의 포퍼먼스 등이 열릴 예 정이다. 이번 신년 대잔치를 준비 하고 있는 샬롯 한인회의 방호상 회장은 "오는 2014 갑오(甲午)년 신년 대잔치를 준비하면서 지역 상공인, 단체, 교회의 협조를 정중히 요청하면서 다사다난했던 지난 1 년을 되돌아 보고 희망찬 새해를 설계하는 지역 한인사회 최대 전통행사의 성공적 개최를 위해서 여러분들의 자발적이고 적극적인 참여가 절실함을 호소하고 있다. 이에 따라 성금, 한인회비, 상품 및 음식지원, 자원봉사, 공연신청, 자랑스런 한인상(賞) 추천, 건의사항, 등 문의가 있으시거나 도움 주실분이 계시면 언제든지 한인회로 연락 바란다"라며 모든 분들이 신년 대잔치 행사에 적극적으로 참여하기를 기원했다. 샬롯 한인회에서는 일년의 한번 개최

되는 교민들의 만남의 장인 이번 신년 행 사에서 샬롯에 거주 하는 많은 기관 단체 및 한인 교민들이 참가 하여 이민 사회에 서 바쁜 일정으로 한 없이 멀게만 느껴졌 던 한국인의 정서를 이 자리에 함께 모 여 나누었으면 하는 바램이라고 한다. 따 라서 제 24대 샬롯 한인회는 오는 1월 4 일 CPCC HALTON THEATER에서 개 최 될 "2014 샬롯 한인 신년 대잔치"를 성 공적으로 치루기 위해 심혈을 기울이고 있 다. 이에 대한 일환으로 풍성하고 다양한 상품이 각 종 경연대회 등을 준비 중이다. 샬롯 한인회 장학위원회 2013 장학생 선발모집: 샬롯 한인회 (회장 방호상)는 지난해 에 이어 올해도 $12,000이상의 장학 금을 책정하고 장학위원회을 통해 선 발요강을 최종확정, 공고하였다. 고등학교와 대학교 재학생 중에 학업 성적이 우수하고 리더쉽과 봉사정신이 뛰어나거나 경제사정이 어려워 학업을 유지하기 어려운 교민자녀들을 대상으 로 한다. 지원자격은 지원자의 부모나 보호자 가 샬롯 및 인근지역에 거주하고 지 난 2년동안 샬롯 한인회 장학금을 수 여받지 않은 학생들로 제한된다. 자 기 소개서 (Biographical Essay-within 2 pages: qualification for the scholarship, goal, difficulties to overcome, your family, awards-체 육 예능상 포함, etc), 이력서 (Resume: must include Name, Gender & Age / Current GPA & School Name / Address & Phone Number / Visa Status / Contact Information of Reference(s)), 성적증 명서 (Unofficial transcript 도 가능 함), & 추천서 (By professor / academic advisor / school counselor / or teacher)와 함께 샬롯 한인회 장학 위원회 UNCC 임철주 교수(clim2@, 704-687-1954)나 샬롯 한인회 방호상 회장 (ptkdmaster@, 704-214-0860)에게 로 12월 20까지 신청하면 된다. 장학 생으로 최종선발된 학생들에 대한 수 여식은 오는 1월 4일 한인회 신년잔치 에서 거행될 예정이다. 세부사항은 샬롯 한인회 웹사이트 (나 페 이스북 ( 을 참조 바란다. 샬롯 인근 Mint Hill 지역 6.25 참전 기념비 준공식 지난 11월 9일 샬롯 인근 Mint Hill 지역에 6.25 참전 기념비 준공식이 미 캐롤라이나 한국전 참전용사회(Ko-

rean War Vererans Association) 임원 및 관계자, 가족, Ted Briggers, Jr.Mint Hill 시장, 김희범 미주 아틀랜 타 총영사, Rober Pittenger 연방하원 의원, 방호상 샬롯 한인회 회장 및 임 원과 관계자, 이봉석 샬롯 노인회 회장 과 회원, 나성균 샬롯 교회협의회 회 장, 전태현 캐롤라이나 베트남 참전 유 공전우회 회장, 홍승원 그린스보로 한 인회 회장, 전기현 및 한진구 전 샬롯 한인회장, 하영창 한국전 참전용사 대 표 등 약 500여명의 많은 참석자들과 함께 성대히 치러졌다. Mint Hill 소재 Korea War Memorial Park 내에 건 립된 참전용사 기녀미는 수년간에 걸 친 부지설정.설계와 공사를 거쳐 이날 정식으로 일반인에게 공개 되었다. 그 간 기념공원과 기념비 건립을 위하여 Mint Hill 시와 한국 정부,애틀랜타 총 영사관, 샬롯 한인회, 그리고 인근지역 내 여러 독지가의 정성어린 도움들이 모아졌으며, 노스캐롤라이나 거주 한 국전 참전용사들은 참전용사 대부분이

80대를 넘는 나이로 하나 둘식 사라져 가는 현실을 감안하여 더 늦기 전에 이 들과 함게 한국전에 참여하고 또 한국 전에서 고귀한 생명을 바친 동료들을 추모하기 위한 취지에서 2011년부터 추모비 건립을 추진해 왔었다. 이러한 취지와 추진 과정을 거친 후 마 침내 788명의 노스 캐롤라이나 한국 전 참전 용사들의 숭고한 희생정신을 기리는 뜻 깊은 준공 기념식을 가졌다. 한인동포 여러분의 많은 참석과 관심 으로 6.25 참전 기념비 준공식은 의장 대 사열, 한미양국 국민의례 및 개회기 도, 시장 환영사 및 경과 보고, 하원의 원 축사 및 총영사 축사에 이어 참전 용사 기념사와 더불어 헌화식 순으로 이루어졌다. 행사 후 김희범 총영사 주 재로 인근 모 한식당에서 약 30여명의 미참전용사들과 가족 그리고 한인회 관게자들이 함께 해 즐거운 오찬과 환 담의 시간을 가졌다.

여러분에게 필요한 보험을 마련하도록 도와드립니다 자동차보험 주택보험 생명보험 사업체보험 CHIP PARK / 박종호 Exclusive Agent

Cell Phone : 704-737-7203 Office: 704-849-7295, 704-844-8794 10400 E Independence Blvd, Suite #300 Matthews, NC 28105 @ 2000 Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company, Allstate Life Insurance Company Northbrook, Illinois

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (19)

6.25 참전 기념비 장소는 다음과 같다 Mint Hill Park, 8850 Fairview Rd, Mint Hill, NC 28227이다. 참조 사이트는 다음과 같다. Site: 샬롯 시장 민주당 Patrick Cannon 당선 지난 11월 4일에 있었던 샬롯 시장 선 거에서 샬롯 주민들은 민주당의 Patrick Cannon을 샬롯의 새로운 시장으 로 선택하였다. 그동안 많은 관심을 모 았던 민주당의 Patric Cannon 시장 후

장기적인 비젼에 대한 의견들을 수렴 하는 시간을 가졌고 9시 30분에 행사 를 마쳤다. 이날 모금 행사에서 모금 된 기금 $10,980을 Patric Cannon과 캠페인 매니저인 Pamela에게 전달하였다. 또한 지난 11월호 아시안 헤럴드 신 문의 1면에 아시안 헤럴드 전 직원이 Patric Cannon 캠페인 티셔츠를 입고 6,000부의 아시안 헤럴드 신문을 각 아시안 가정에 우편 배달을 했으며, 샬 롯 중심가에 있는 아시안 헤럴드 Rack 에 배포했다. Patric Cannon이 시장으로 당선 후 아 시안 헤럴드와 전 직원들에게 감사의 전화와 편지를 보내왔다. 샬롯시는 1987년부터 2009년까지 공화당 출신의 시장이 당선되어 임기 를 다 해왔으나 그 이후부터는 민주당 출신의 시장이 연임하게 되었다. 이와 더불어 시의원들도 민주당이 다수가 되었다. 한편 이번에 새로운 시장으로 당선된 Patric Cannon은 1993년도에 26세라는 나이로 시위원에 당선 되었 으며 현재 성공적인 비지니스맨으로 알려져 있다. 누가클리닉 무료 진료 누가클리닉의 올해 마지막 무료진료 일은12월 14일(토)이며 이날은 일반 보와 공화당의 Edwin Peacock 후보 내과진료와 치과 진료가 있을 예정이 자간의 팽팽한 기 싸움을 거듭한 끝에 다. 진료를 받기 위한 예약전화 번호는 마침내 민주당의 Patric Cannon 시장 당선자는 공화당 후보인 Edwin Peacock를 제치고 그동안 공석이었던 새 로운 시장으로 당선 된것이다.Cannon 은 투표자들의 53.02%를 획득하여 46.78%를 획득한 Edwin Peacock에 게 승리하며 시장이 되었다. Asian Herald(발행인 전기현)는 지난 10월 1일 샬롯에 사는 5만5천명의 각 아시안을 대표하는 회장과 지역 유지 919-870-9070이다. 누가 클릭닉 100여명을 초청하여 Patric Cannon 무료 진료를 위해 지난 일년 동안 꾸준 시장후보를 지원하는 기금모금 행사를 히 봉사 해주신 의료진과 자원 봉사자 들께 진심으로 감사 드리며 특별히 무 개최했다. 이 행사는 아시안 헤럴드 도서관에서 상으로 꾸준히 장소를 제공해 준 랄리 오후 6시부터 시작하여 참석자들의 자 제일한인침례교회에 감사를 드린다고 기 소개를 시작하였고, 6시 30분부터 전해왔다. 다음은 2014년 누가클리닉 무료 진료 일정표이다 저녁 식사 시간을 가졌다. 이날 행사에는 Patric Cannon과 부인 1월(18일:무료진료), 2월(22 인 Trenna가 함께 이 자리에 참석하 일:Health Fair), 3월(15일),4월(12 여 식사를 같이 했으며, 식사 후 Pat- 일),5월(10일),6월(7일)7월(12일),8 ric Cannon는 시장후보로서의 공약사 월(23일),9월(6일),10월(18일),11월 항과 아울러 샬롯의 비젼을 발표했다. (15일),12월(13일) 순으로 일정이 정 아울러 이 자리에 참석한 아시안 대표 해졌다.그러나 일정이 상황에 따라 변 들이 샬롯에 거주하는 아시안을 위한 경 될 수 있으니 사전에 점검하길 바 란다.

NC State Inspection, Transmission Oil, Tune-up, A/C System, Fuel System Cleaning, 17 Point Oil Changes, Brake Service, Differential

(704) 544-4665 8226 Pineville Matthews, Charlotte, 28226

오바마 Care 관련 보험 세미나 개최 샬롯 한인회 (회장 방호상)에서는 내 년초 정식 실시되는 오바마 케어 보 험관련 지역내 동포 여러분의 궁금증 을 풀어드리고 샬롯 교민들에게 적합 한 보험을 구입하는데 도움을 드리고 자 지난 11월 16일(토) 오후 7시부터 전문가들인 심위성 보험 Agent, 이천 우 공인회계사 (CPA)를 초빙하여 샬 롯 한인천주교회(7109 Robinson Church Rd. Charlotte, NC) 친교실 에서 세미나를 개최 하였다. 새로이 시 작하는 오바마 건강보험 개혁 법안은 2014년부터 영주권과 시민권을 가진 모든 미국민들이 건강 보험을 가입 하 도록 오바마 대통령과 민주당의 주도

로 시작되는 법안으로 작은 회사를 다 녀서 직장을 통한 보험이 없거나 아직 보험을 가지고 있지 않는 자영업자들 은 내년부터 3월 31일까지 보험을 무 조건 가입해야 한다. 따라서 2014년 1 월 1일부터 시작하려면 올해 12월 15 일까지 신청해야 혜택을 볼 수 있다. 만약 내년 3월 31일까지 보험을 가입 하지 않는 경우 2014년부터 세금보고 를 할 때 순수입(Net Income)의 1% 와 최소 $94(성인 1인 기준)을 기준 으로 가족 수를 합산하여 산출한 금액 중 많은 금액을 벌금으로 납부해야 하 고 2015년부터는 벌금 금액이 더욱 높아진다고 한다. 소득이 낮은 가구의 보험 가입을 돕 기 위해서 연방정부에서는 최소수입 (Federal Poverty Level)부터 최고 4배까지 수입을 가진 가구에 보조금 (Sbusidy)을 지급한다. 만약 가구 연 수입이 최소 수입 한도액보다 낮은 경 우 NC 주 정부에서 운영하는 Medicaid를 신청할 수 있고 100%-400% 의 수입을 가진 가구는 매달 보험료로 보조금을 사용하거나 병원을 갈 때 보 조금을 병원비로 사용할 수 있다. 샬롯 한인회 자문단 및 이사정기회의 샬롯 한인회 (회장 방호상)에서는 오 는 11월 23일 제 2차 회계년도를 기하 여 자문단 및 이사정기회의를 초원가 든 식당에서 개최했다. 샬롯 한인회는 이 자리에서 지난 제 1차 회계년도 재 무보고, 회무경과보고, 이사진 개편 및 2014년 사업계획 발표, 회칙개정안 상 정, 신년잔치 협조요청등을 주요의제 로 다뤘다 샬롯 한인회에서는 지난 10월 12일 과 26일 제 18, 19차 임원 운영회의를 통해 주소/업소록 인쇄, 발간에 관한 일정과, 장학위원회에서 확정한 2013

장학생 선발요강, 그리고 2014년 1 월 4일로 확정된 신년잔치 겸 샬롯 한 인의 날 기념행사 등에 관한 종합점검 을 하였고 임원간 단합된 모습으로 봉 사업무와 행사준비에 만전을 기하기로 하였다 2013년도 재미한인과학기술자협회 남부 및 아틀랜틱 지역대회 개최 2013년도 재미한인과학기술자협회 남부 및 아틀랜틱 지역대회가 11월 8~9일 이틀 간 노스 캐롤라이나 랄리 에 있는 NC 주립대학(North Carolina State University)에서 열렸다. 대회의 주제는 “과학과 엔지니어링 을 통한 삶(LIFE through Science and Engineering)”이었다. 재미한 인과학기술자협회 노스 캐롤라이나 지 부(KSEA-NC, 지부장 김성우 교수) 와 RTP 생명과학기술자협회(RTP B&B), 한미과학협동센터(KUSCO; Korea-U.S. Science Coporation Center)가 공동 주관했다. 대회는 8일 오후 3시부터 트라이앵글 지역의 Cisco, EPA, GSK, IBM, SAS 등의 산업체들을 방문하는 것으로 시 작했다. 9일에는 오전 9시 30분에 개 막 연설에서는 연사로 조한석(주미 한 국대사관 과학담당관), 문기호 한미과 학협력센터(KUSCO) 디렉터였다. 10시부터 시작된 키노트 스피치에는 듀크대학 데이빗 브래디 교수가 “기 가 픽셀 텔레비젼” 이라는 주제로 했 다. 이어 포커스 그룹 세션, 네트워킹 디너, 포스터 경연 등으로 진행되었다. 한국계 기업 토마스빌에 섬유 생산 공장 오픈 한국계 기업인 커스툼 논우븐 (Custom Nonwoven Inc.) 회사가 토 마스빌(그린스보로 남서쪽 30여마일 소도시)에 생산공장을 연다. 주지사 매크로리와 주 상무장관 샤론 데커는 지난달 4일 데이비슨 카운티의 커뮤니티 칼리지를 방문한 자리에서 이 회사의 투자 계획을 직접 발표하였 다. 주지사 사무실이 배부한 자료에 따 르면 이회사는 향후 3년 동안 $1,280 만을 투자하여 72명의 신규 고용을 창 출하게 된다. 이 회사는 미시시피에 본사를 두고 있고 토마스빌 공장에서는 주로 방화 섬유를 사용하여 방화벽, 방화 매트리 스 패드 등을 생산하게 된다. 이 물품 은 병원, 군대, 기타 기관에서 사용되 는 쿠션 용품에 사용된다. 고용 인원 당 평균 급여는 년 $45,875이다. 토마스빌이 있는 데이비슨 카운티의 평균 주민 소득은 년 $32,339이다. 커스툼 논우븐은 미시시피주 알바니 에서 2004년에 설립되었다. 이 회사 의 모회사는 한국합섬(Korea Synthetic Fiber; KSF)으로 1975년에 설립되었다.샬롯에 거주하는 한인들 역시 이 회사에 관심을 가지고 지원하 길 바란다.■

SKY 살롱

헤어 디자이너 : 크리스티나

Pineville Matthews Rd

Johston Rd

en Cree Speed Dee


Ketting Dr


<영업시간> 화 ~ 토 : 오전 10:00~오후 6:00 일요일, 월요일 :휴 점 ※사전 전화 예약 바랍니다.

한국어 직통 704) 975-8579 Crown Point Galleria 1816 Galleria Blvd. Suite F. Charlotte, NC 28270

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (20)

교회 소식

노인회 소식 The News of Korean Senior Association

The Church’s News

샬롯 한인장로교회

샬롯 한인 노인회 11월 월례회 소식 6.25 참전 기념비 준공식 참석 샬롯 한인 노인회원 일동은 6.25 참전 기념비 준공식 행사에 참여 한 후 다음과 같이 축시를 전해왔다. 인류애의 꽃동산을 찾아서 세월이 흘러 인류 역사는 말하리로다. 조국 대한민국은 반만년 유구한 역사 속에 수많은 침략을 당하는 가운데 나라와 민족을 잃고 통탄했던 애달픔을 어이 글로 쓸 수 있으리요! 통곡의 6.25. 동란! 하늘도 땅도 분노하였노라 16개국 UN군 참전 용사들을 우리들을 우리 민족은 잊어서는 아니 되리라 한송이 아름다운 거룩한 꽃송이글 금수강산의 피어나고 있노라 더욱 미국 국민을 영원히 우리 민족은 기억하여야 하리라 우방으로서 선두에서 국토가 초토화되고 전쟁고아! 굶주리는 민족을 구호하며 오늘의 부강한 나라로 이끌어준 우방의 고마움을 잊을 수 없노라 아! 오늘의 역사에 살아 있는 6.25 를 격은 80고개 넘어 90고개 바라보는 샬롯 한인 노인회 회원 20 여명이 지난 11월 9일 오전 10시 30 분 788명의 노스캐롤라이나 출신 전우들의 기념 공원 추모비 중공식이 있어서 오늘 노인회 회원들이 경건한 마음을 다시금 마음에 색이고저 찾게 되었노라, 기념비 공원에 12그루의 대한민국 국화인 무궁화! 영원이 잠든 전우들의 영혼을 위로 하리라 80만불의 공사비중 우리노인회 22명의 적은 정성의 인류애를 발휘하고 영원이 미국 역사와 인류 역사와 대한민국

역사에 길이길이 남으리라 초겨울 쌀쌀한 날씨에 늙은이들의 눈시울이여! 영원한 미합중국 땅에 단비가 되어 온 지구촌에 평회! 번영! 자유를 꽃피우는 대 앞장서 주소서! 고맙소! 지구촌! 사랑의 천사에 영령들이여! 미국이여! 영원하여라 대한민국이여 세계 평화에 앞장서야 하리라 인류애의 꽃동산이여! 영원히 하늘 태양을 빛취어주소서. 노스캐롤라이나 모도싸이클 클럽 노스캐롤라이나 모토싸이클 클럽에서는 12월 15일(일) 오후 1 시 30분부터 4시 30분까지 김 호중 회장 및 김 태중 총무 일동이 샬롯 노인회원들을 위한 연말 행사를개최 하기로 하였다. 이 클럽 회원 일동은 샬롯 노인회회관에서 모든 샬롯 노인회원 일동을 초빙하여 만찬을 대접 하기로 정하고 국악 및 노래 등의 다양한 행사를 개최 할것이라고 전해왔다. Super Senior Advocates Holiday Tea Party 12월 4일(수) 오전 10시부터 12 시까지 샬롯 노인회관에서 한미 합동으로 Supeor Senior Advocates Holiday Tea Party가 한.미 노인회 합동으로 개최 된다고 한다. 이번 행사에 참여 할 수 있는 대상은 샬롯 노인회원 및 미가입 회원들 모두가 이 행사에 참여 할 수 있다. 또한 이 행사에는 핸더슨선교교회의 전 선화 권사가 이 행사에 참여한 본회 회원 및 참가자 에게 점심 식사를 대접한다고 한다고 전해왔다.■

담임: 나성균 목사 계속되는 친교와 단합 최근에 다시 출석하는 장로 가정과 새로 출석하는 가정과 함께 장로들의 친교와 연합을 위해 아름다운 교제의 식사를 나누었다. (11/3) 장로들의 단합과 친교는 남달랐으며 특별하였다고 입을 모았다. 또한 11월 10일 저녁에도 21명의 식사와 함께 남전도회 단합모임을 가져 더 질높은 연합과 교제를 모색한 후 12월 둘째 주에 정기 총회를 개최키로 하였다. 확신 시리즈 설교 시작 금년을 더욱 알차게 마무리하려는 노력의 일환으로 명목상의 그리스도인에서 확신과 열정으로 새롭게 출발하여 신앙생활의 승리는 물론 말세 신앙생활의 성공을 위하여 확신 시리즈를 시작하였다. 반응이 뜨거웠고 이제 곧 있을 교회의 엄청난 축복과 변화의 주인공이 되도록 모두 다짐하였다. 노스 케롤라이나 한국전 참전 용사 기념비 제막식 참석(11/9) 약 5년전 부터 계획하였고 3년여 전부터 모금하여 건립을 시작한 기념탑 준공식에 담임목사가 참여하여 기도순서를 담당하였다. 뜻깊게 한국말과 영어로 기도하여 고귀한 사랑과 희생을 결코 잊지 않을 뿐 아니라 그 사랑과 연합정신으로 한국과 미국이 힘을 합하여 아직도 영적 육적으로 해방되지 못한 민족을 해방시키게

베다니 교회 담임: 임종백 목사 추수감사 초청 축제 추수감서절 예배인 2013 추수감사 초청 축제가 11월 24일(주)에 1부,2부 통합 예배로 10시30분에 드렸다. 2중 언어 열린 예배로 온 교회가 가족들과 함께 추수 감사 축제를 하나님께 드렸다. 본 교회 선교 목사인 Rev. Scott Girad의 말씀, 유 초등부, Youth 특순 및 성가대, 특별 찬양과 간증으로 예배를 드리고 축복의 장막에서 터키디너와 가족사진 촬영이 이어졌다. 청교도 감사절 정신을

해주시라고 간곡히 기도하였다. 이곳 민트 힐에 기념공원과 함께 조성된 기념탑은 80 여만 불의 건립비가 소요되었으며 이희범 총영사를 비롯하여 이지역 연방하원과 정치 지도자들 그리고 지역유지가 한인사회 지도자들과 함께 참여하여 그의미를 더하였다. 곽선신 전도사의 애국가 봉창과 방 호상 현 한인회장과 홍순원 그린스보로 한인회장을 비롯하여, 전기현 전 한인회장 노쓰케롤라이나 월남참전용사회장 전태현 장로와 성기태 회원 등의 참석으로 교회의 위상 제고와 중요성 인식을 같이 하였다. 교회 정원 단장 대폭 확대 최근 이곳에서 아름답기로 소문난 본교회 정문 정원을 대폭 보완 장식하였다. 곧 있을 챠터 스쿨을 비롯하여 대학 과정의 학생들에게 아주 좋은 공간을 관상용과 휴식용으로 제공케 되었다. 바리톤 형윤 독창회(12/7 토) 샬롯장로교회와 샬롯 제일장로교회가 Opera Carolina와 Asian Herald와 함께 주최하는 독창회가 12월 7일 저녁 7시에 본교회 대강당에서 있을 예정이다. 세계적인 성악가로 활약하는 형윤의 독창회 입장료는 10불이다. 류형렬 목사 방문 (11/17) 한국 합동교단 소속 경기남 노회 분립노회 차기 노회장으로 섬기게 될 류형렬 목사가 방문하여 빌리 그래함 목사의 기념관 방문과 앞으로 있을 영적 노회적 교단적 교류를 협의하게 된다.■ 기리어 가족과 이웃의 밎지 않는 분들을 널리 초청하여 전도의 기회가 되도록 온 교회가 기도하였다. 케냐 단자니아 단기 선교 지난해 11월 3일부터 열리어 세게선교의 비젼을 새롭게 불붙인 선교팀에서 세계 선교 강조주간을 통해 르완다 중앙아프리카 신학대학 건립을 위해 봄철에 이어 또 다시 뜨거운 헌신을 드렸다. 도한 수요집회 강사이신 김경수 선교사와 협의하여 2014년 8월 11 일부터 케냐 맛사이랜드에 베다니교회가 세운 텐커차테 교회를 중심으로 Youth, College 그룹의 맛사이원주민 단기선교가 실시된다■

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Hair Spa

볼륨 매직 스트레이트 케라틴(브라질리안)매직 스트레이트 물결 파마 / ▣ 셋팅 파마 속 눈썹 연장 (Extension) 바이오 헤어 크리닉 신부 화장 반영구 화장 점 빼드립니다.

<영업시간> 화 ~ 토 : 오전 10:00~오후 7:00 일 요 일 :오후 12:30~오후 6:00 월요일: 휴점 ※사전 전화 예약 환영합니다.

9623 East Independence Blvd. Matthews, NC 28104 (Windsor Square Mall)

704) 779-5006

Tel : 704-364-3667 Fax : 704-364-3668 4425 Randolph Rd. Suite 304 Charlotte, NC 28211

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상업 사진 전문 서비스 Commercial Photography 상업 촬영 촬영:: Architectural Photography 상업 사진 전문 서비스 LANDSCAPING 건축물, 건축물 , 쇼핑몰 쇼핑 몰 ,주택 주택,,각종행사 상업 사진Commercial 전문 서비스 Photography 오랜 경험과 축적된 기술로 조경에 관한 상업 촬영: 촬영 : Architectural Photography 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website Commercial Photography 모든 문제를 신속히 해결해 드립니다. 건축물,, 쇼핑 건축물 쇼핑몰 몰,주택 주택,,각종행사

상업 촬영 촬영:: Architectural Photography 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website 웹싸이트에서◈ Lawn 사진Care 구입 건축물,, 쇼핑 건축물 쇼핑몰 몰,주택 주택,,각종행사 웹싸이트에서 사진 구입

항공 촬영 촬영: : Aerial Photography Video 항공 촬영: 촬영 :&Aerial 사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website

◈ ◈ ◈ ◈

New Garden & Remodeling Water Gardens & Stone Work Irrigation Sprinkler Systems Tree Service

Photography & Video 사진 & 비디오 - 미국내 전지역 웹싸이트에서 사진 구입 사진 & 비디오 - 미국내 전지역 (704) SKYSKY-6527 항공 촬영 촬영:: Aerial Photography & Video 사진 & 비디오 SKY- 미국내-전지역 Green World Landscape (704) SKY 6527 SKY--6527 SKY

TEL : 704- 699-7956 E.Mail :

The Asian Herald

December 2013 (22) Carmel Baptist Japanese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev. Kenji Takami (980) 322-4321 e-mail:

Carmel Baptist Chinese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev: David Lee (704) 847-8575 e-mail:

Agape Chinese Baptist Church 1500 Suther Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Edmond Chan (704) 455-2813 (704) 549-8215

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church 7225 Pence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Steven Wang (704) 536-6700

Vietnamese Baptist Church 4301 Howie Circle Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Paul Hung Nguyen (704) 231-3594

Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church 9733 Plaza Road Ext. Charlotte, NC 28215 Senior Pastor: Dai Van Nguyen (704) 563-7847

Charlotte Presbyterian Church 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Pastor: Sung Kyun Na (704) 529-0900 (704) 877-6642

The First Korean Presbyterian Church 6930 Wallace Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Pastor: Yu Chan Choi (704) 531-2552

Southern Korean Presbyterian Church 3619 McKee Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270 Pastor: Sung Sub Song (704)-841-0821

Mok Yaung Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell Rd Matthews,  NC 28105 Pastor: Dong Min Shin (704) 542-3514

Charlotte Church of the Nazarene 8614 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 Pastor: Dong Il Jang (704) 759-8229 (704) 839-1574

Dream Presbyterian Church 3316 Pleasant Plains Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ji Ho Jeong (704) 847-9880, 287-2278

Beacon Korean Methodist Church 9212 Bryant Farms Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277 Pastor : Sun Jin Kim 980-819-8493, 603-505-0195

Interfaith Indonesian Fellowship 2940 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Jusuf Mandey Contact: Maureen Laloan (704) 248-6983

Filipino Int’l Community Church 185 S Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Van Joven Pamintuan (704) 231-2271

Cambodian Methodist Mission 4305 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Samuel Om (704) 253-3715

First Hmong United Methodist 2101 Belvedere Ave Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Hood Vang (704) 649-8314 Email:

Vietnamese Assembly of God 4525 E. WT Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Timothy Tran (704) 568-9522 (704) 362-1554

St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic

331 West Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Joseph Chung (704) 598-5255 (704) 258-3568

Global Hope Church 3417 Ludman Way. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Hyung Woo Park (704) 322-3101 (704) 281-0080

Statesville Korean Presbyterian Church 221 Ivyrun Ct. Statesville, NC 28625 Pastor: Song Choi (704) 924-9772 (704) 873-6275

Peace Church 5201 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 예배시간 : 주일 12시 30분 Pastor: Eung Ju Lee (704) 236-7194

Henderson Mission Church 286 8th Ave Cramerton, NC 28032 Pastor: Dongwook Kim (704) 823-7743 (704) 823-0041

Charlotte Korean SDA Church 3120 Sam Newell Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ray Tai-Kook Chung (704) 849-7787 (704) 641-2550

Rodem Presbyterian Church 15008 Lancaster Highway Pineville, NC 28134 Pastor: Eun Joo Kim (704) 307-5442

5909 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Contact: Pauline Lee (7040 567-2000

4929 Sandy Porter Rd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Rev: D. min. Tan Van Le (704) 504-0907

Centerview Lao Baptist Church

Cambodian Buddhist Temple 219 Owen Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Master: Duong Cheang Contact: Manary Tan (704) 596-6628

4307 Eddleman Street Charlotte, NC 28208 Rev: Bounthavone Sombatsaphay (704) 509-4989 (704) 277-4183

Bible Baptist Church

Phat Hue Buddhist Temple

255 South Highway 21 Bypass Fort Mill, SC 28089 Pastor: John Stone (571) 438-3852 (한 수현)

11502 Idlewild Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Chua Phat Hue Venerable: Thich Phap Hue (704) 321-9098

Wat Lao Buddharam

Myanmar Community Church 1451 Briar Creek Road Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: John Byhna (704) 449-3012

Holy Rosary Group

1824 Todville Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Phonglith Chanthasalo (704)391-9956

Chinese Tzuchi Foundation

Holy Rosary Groups of Charlotte & vicinity Paul Davis Amigo (704) 909-0429

Asian Churches & Religious Org. Sarang Church (Pentecostal Holiness)

Chinese True Buddhist Society

All Nations Church 301 S. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Pastor: Eul Ki Jung (704) 332-9930 (704) 717-2920

Bethel Korean Church of Charlotte 7121 Delta Lake Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: John C. Kim (704) 566-7173 (704) 599-3063

Carolina Korean Church 10512 Monroe Rd Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Seung Hwan Kim (704) 488-1187

New Life Church 5008 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

Pastor: Hyoung Il Seo (678)469-2713

Korean Global Mission Church 1329 Stallings Rd. Matthews, NC 28104 Pastor: Daemun Lim (704) 821-6637 (704) 451-4908

Matthews Presbyterian Church 2024 Sam Newell RD. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Sebo Kwon (704) - 249-8986

New Vision Mission Church 800 Fullwood Ln,Bldg C Matthews,NC 28105 Pastor: Young Cha

(704) 763-6242

To Jeong

11626-B Wilmar Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Contact: Karren Wu (704) 281-8060

Lien Hoa Vietnamese Buddhist Temple

Changes of information requested 2months ago!!!!!!!

6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540 Could you kindly change it as indicated below? 1. Please delete the existing picture and replace it with the attached picture. 2. Please print the new information as it is listed below: Lien Hoa Temple 6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540

Carolinas Christian Assembly/Indian Church Rev.Dr. K.C.paul, MA,MS,M.Div,Phd 12601 Idlewild Rd NC 28105 (704) 771-1414

Please confirm you've received this email. Thank you for your help! Please let me know if you need any clarification.

Asheville Korean Baptist Church 2905 N. Rugby Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28791 Pastor: Yeun Wok Kim (828) 684-0173 (828) 702-2412

Wesley United Methodist Church 3715 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 282226 Pastor: Hyeong Jae Lee (704) 408-0909 (828) 702-2412

Bethany Presbyterian Church 1805 E. 7th St. Charlotte, NC 28204 Pastor: Jong Baek Lim (704) 375-3501, (704) 844-6175

Wheat Mission in Charlotte 1015 S. Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ki Yeong Kim (704) 281-8318

Others © Open Church of Charlotte (704) 849-2661 5008 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Calvary Church 704) 564-9131 5804 Pineville-matthews Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 © Grace Korean Church 704) 965-1004 124 Georgia Valley Ave. Delmont, NC 28102 © Korean Central Baptist (704) 567-1565 / 578-5678 8823 Albemarle Rd , Charlotte NC 28227 © Gastonia Baptist Sung chun, No (704) 865-9845 © Mustard Seed Church Young seo, Kim (980) 253-3956 © Lake Norman Preb Church Young IL, Cho (980) 258-3521 © Serving Church Chong Han, Ji (704) 954-2145

* 신규, 수정사항 있으면 신문사로 연락주시기 바람

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Asian Business Directory Asian Embassies

Chinese Embassy Indian Embassy Indonesian Embassy Japanese Embassy Korean Embassy Philippines Embassy Singapore Embassy Taiwan(Am. Affairs Off.)


202-338-6688 202-939-7000 202-775-5200 202-238-6700 202-939-5600 202-467-9300 202-537-3100 202-362-6144

—––— North Carolina ——–

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 704-332-5656 Chinese-American Assn. of Charlotte 704-322-3327 Filipino-American of the Carolinas 704-366-4401 Filipino-American of Salisbury 704-536-1803 Filipino American Assn of the Triad 704-854-0895 Philippine American Assn of Raleigh 919-489-0505 Philippine Club of Fayetteville 910-482-4620 Filipino Western, Asheville 828-274-7536 Hindu Center (India) 704-535-3440 India Association 704-545-3727 Indonesian Association 704-458-8532 Japanese.-Ame. Assn. of Charlotte 704-333-8099 Korean Assn. of Charlotte 704-214-0860 Korean Assn. of Fayetteville 910-286-7518 Korean Assn. of Greensboro 336-327-3672 Korean Assn. of Raleigh 919-931-4747 Lao-Ame. Assn. of Charlotte 704-533-2634 NC Korean Church Assn. 919-621-6220 NC Korean Culture Assn. 919-848-6110 Tai.-Ame.Assn. of Charlotte 704-588-1004 Vietnamese Assn. of Clt. 803-526-2133

—–—– South Carolina —–––

Filipino Assn.of Columbia Korean Assn. of Columbia Korean Assn. of Greenville Philippine American Assn of Greenville

803-781-9509 803-419-1144 864-223-7271 864-297-4576

Chan Pauline,CPA Chun, Ki-Hyun, Ph.D.LLD,CPA Lee, Jung Sook, CPA Lee. C. W. MBA., CPA Zee, Sylvester L., CPA

704-540-0027 704-332-5656 704-364-3667 704-607-7260 704-467-1965

Accountants - CPA

Food Wholesale

Big “L” Food Service


Cultural Centers

Carolina Asian Culture Center International House The Peaceful Dragon Tea House


704-334-3450 704-333-8099 704-504-8866

Chang, Kristen Aekyung Chun, Daniel Li, Benjamin M. Kim, Douglas H. Nguyen, Tin Suhr, Paul

336-855-5700 919-260-4985 704-527-0878 704-504-0962 704-461-1527 919-876-4707

Jin’s Market Asia Oriental Grocery Han’s Oriental Food International Super Market New Century Overseas Oriental Food G Market Grand Asia Market Luck Oriental Market

704-341-1112 704-375-1215 704-597-8817 704-509-1799 704-921-1716 704-522-9111 704-321-4048 704-821-0891 704-568-8949

Asian Groceries

Home Accessories

Olivia Wong’s


Internet Solution

Zak Kacho C-Tech(Daniel)

Martial Arts

Facente, Christopher Kim, Ju Hoon Pak, Sang K. Pang’s U.S Taekwondo

704-347-5081 980-939-5032

704-545-7438 704-332-7000 803-327-9000 704-867-7600


The Asian Herald The Korean Christian Times World Journal China Star Carolina Korea Journal


704-334-3450 770-986-8220 770-451-4509 704-364-8887 704-449-0321

E.Balcita. McGary & Asso. Fu, Kevin Lee, Eva - Allen Tate Yu, Anne-Home Vision realty Yu, Linda-Keller Williams CherLue Vang, Golden Key Smita. B. Parekh Home mortage Lee, Maria Han, Michelle Coco Niu Brenda J. Shi Connie Heintz

704-502-1443 704-888-1108 704-543-5926 704-650-7650 704-258-9087 704-545-8264 704-608-2191 704-576-6000 704-400-7744 704-332-9320 704-502-2726 704-430-7046

Restaurants (Charlotte, NC )

–——— American, French ———–

Bernardin.s Green Tomato Buffet

704-332-3188 704-535-1818

Baoding Chinese Cuisine Chian Wing(Special Noodle) Ginbu 401 Dim Sum Dragon Court Fujo GadoGado Great Wall of China, South Jade JoJo China Bistro Koishi Panda’s Den Royal Panda Shun Lee Palace Tin Tin Tomi Wan Fu Red ball

704-552-8899 704-643-1212 704-372-2288 704-569-1128 704-596-0228 704-954-0087 704-844-8686 704-542-5409 704-369-5088 704-541-6488 704-442-9886 704-567-0088 704-587-3996 704-366-2025 704-341-2293 704-759-1288 704-541-1688 704-282-2300

—––—— Chinese ———––

Bombay Grill Jaipur Maharani

–—– Indian —–—

704-542-3933 704-643-1421 704-370-2455

––— Japanese ———

Kabuto Japanese Steak House Kobe Japanese House Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Sushi-ya japan Mizuho Japanese Restaurant Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

704-529-0659 704-896-7778 704-541-1788 704-295-7633 704-543-4081 704-541-1788

Hanaya Garden Osaka Room 112 Coral Sushi Simplee EMZY Nikko Nakato J.J. Wasabi’s

704-891-4150 704-849-0028 704-335-7112 704-895-6880 704-543-4081 704-348-428 704-370-0100 704-543-8899 704-799-0068

G Mart Restaurant Cho Won Garden GaChi Bistro Karaoke Bar Inter-net Coffee House Fish Wing

704-536-5848 704-845-6119 704-535-6632 704-334-1523 704-331-0740

Cuisine Malaya


–——— Korean —–——


Joel’s Grill



––— Filipino ——


–—— Thai —–—

Monsoon Thai House, Hwy 51 Thai House, Univ. Thai Orchid Thai Taste On East Blvd.

704-533-6778 704-542-6300 704-717-8006 704-364-1134 704-332-0001

–——— Vietnamese ———–

Ben Thanh Pupusa Pho 98 Pho Hoa Saigon Bistro Saigon Palace

704-566-1088 704-537-8475 704-643-1243 704-536-7110 704-536-5888 704-529-0098


Charlotte Chinese School Chinese Language Tutor Japanese Language School Timothy School


704-243-2515 980-939-9408 704-333-8099 704-591-4872

Cargo Brokers Int’l. - Tun Young 704-357-3079

Translating & Interpreting


704-717-0043 / 888-721-2077

Travel Agencies

Da Fa Travel Free Spirit Travel

919-790-6898 704-568-8744

Carolina Asian Culture Center 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Sunny Chun (704) 334-3450 Pastor Sam Na (704) 529-0900

Boat People SOS, Inc.

(704) 567-2320

Branch Manager/Outreach Coordinator Linh Quach (704) 596-2157

Central Piedmont Community College International Programs and Services Dotty Holly (704) 330-6127 (704) 330-6456

UNC Charlotte International Student/Schlar Office (704) 687-2000 Debbie Wilson - Administrative Assistatn (704) 687-7781

Korean Business Directory 동남부한인회연합회(박병준) 캐롤라이나연합회(정호근) 803-238-6315 주아틀란타총영사관 404-522-1611~3 샬롯 목회자협의회(장동일) 704-759-8229 샬롯한인회 (방호상) 704-214-0860 샬롯교회협의회(이응주) 704-236-7194 샬롯청년회의소(전도범) 704-906-5262 아시안도서관 704-334-3450 샬롯노인회 (이봉석) 704-689-8013 샬롯영남 동호회 (안상호) 704-562-7031 그린스보로한인회(최승용) 336-324-5536 랄리한인회 (최병렬) 훼잇빌한인회 (유재진) 910-286-7518 콜럼비아한인회 (정호근) 803-238-6315 그 린 빌 한 인 회 ( 이 현 주 ) 843-299-8677 한국식품점(Korean Grocery) 빼빼로식품 704-845-2107 G MART 980-321-4048 진식품 704-341-1112 한식품 704-814-8822 좋은마켓 704-510-8922 럭키식품 704-568-8666 부동산(Realtor) 박종호 부동산 704-737-7203 데이빗 리 부동산 704-408-9947 이 마리아 부동산 704-576-6000 미쉘 한 부동산 704-400-7744 임영준 부동산 704-560-0312 김하중 부동산 704-532-8222 배혜진 부동산 704-577-9309 최희수 부동산 704-351-6422 한진구 부동산 704-376-3825 최미숙 부동산 704-814-6255 전수진 부동산 704-649-2964 최종은 부동산 704-839-1575 김미선 부동산 704-575-5994 뉴라이프 부동산 704-877-7712 박에스더 704-208-9006

황미선 부동산 Connie Heintz

704-658-6480 704-430-7046

병원(Hospital) 유종현 M.D. 704-663-7500 하명록내과 704-799-8182 박정필 카로프랙틱 704-841-1701 송호준 카이로프랙틱 704-321-7963 정기수 신경과 704-316-5388 치과(Dentist) 정승수 치신경과 704-792-9637 김수훈 치과 704-935-2700 정치과 704-594-9808 Tommy Kim 치과 704-948-5684 박치과 704-573-1198 한의원(Asian acupuncture) 중화 한의원 704-543-9243 에버그린한의원 704-540-7471 녹십자 한의원 704-540-6900 융자(Financing) 김연화 융자 704-280-0437 전도범 융자 704-537-1909 초이스융자 704-320-8999 데이빗오융자 704-926-5683 법률사무소(LawOffice) 장애경 변호사 336-855-5700 김동현 변호사 704-504-0962 벤자민 리 변호사 704-527-0878 박영민 변호사 704-556-9161 천미성 변호사 919-783-8999 서승해 변호사 919-864-7110 태권도/검도(Martial Art) 용인대 태권도 (우성제) 704-841-7555 김문갑당수도/해동검도 704-568-8666 방호상 태권도 704-867-7600 유에스 태권도 704-544-7500 김주훈 태권도 704-332-7000

박상근 태권도 803-327-9000 한스유에스태권도 704-752-9400 자동차정비(Auto Repair) 이코노자동차종합정비 704-889-3266 FM 자동차정비 704-536-0519 스피디 자동차종합정비 704-544-4665 에이스 종합정비 704-566-7887 Park 자동차써비스 704-998-7042 공인회계사/세무(CPA) 전기현 공인회계사 704-332-5656 최기호 공인회계사 704-847-7208 이정숙 공인회계사 704-364-3667 이천우 공인회계사 704-334-5082 / 607-7260 최종구 공인회계사 704-541-0527 김하중 회계사무소 704-532-8222 한진구 회계사무소 704-376-3825 보험(Insurance) 박종호 보험 704-737-7203 삼성종합보험 704-537-3722 김시영 보험 704-737-9207 제이씨보험 704-334-5082 하나종합보험 704-968-2597 데이빗양 보험 704-839-3692 도서관(Library) 아시안헤럴드도서관 704-334-3450 식당(Restaurant) 초원가든 704-845-6119 오사카 704-849-0028 스시야재팬 704-295-7633 Simplee스시 704-543-4081 화룡 InterKorea 704-321-1750 미용실(Hair Salon) 현미용실 704-562-3847 안나 미용실 678-907-0999 Bela K 미용실 704-293-2631 유니스 미용실 704-779-5006 여행사(Travel) NC Travel 910-868-2400 JC Tour & Travel 704-451-1236 서울국제여행사 800-458-2242 청소(Cleaning)&건축(Construction)

유비엠 청소회사


KLEEN UBM US 건축 에이스건축 Ahn's 페인팅 Song's 페인팅 대한엔터프라이즈

704-527-2363 704-363-0106 704-615-8584 704-752-3885 704-808-0983 704-258-0614 704-309-0439


C & H Imports P & Y Trading US Trading J & P Trading Updales, Inc

704-525-5108 704-392-4849 704-375-0506 704-394-8453 704-399-6211


엘리스 꽃집 Todd’s Flowers

704-339-0633 704-332-5167


샬롯 한국인쇄소

704-527- 0901 간판 (Sign)

디지탈싸인그래픽스 US Signs & Graphics 이코노싸인

704-333-9399 704-771-6681 704-375-1552

기타 (Others)

컴퓨터수리 뉴에어(에어콘,히팅,냉동) 대농기계(세탁장비,수리) 프로전기,냉난방 남가이버핸디맨 C2 Education 샬롯 아이비학원 피아노조율 그린월드조경 코리아나농장 금은보석 Gold man Camel Jewelry 디모데한국학교 휴대폰 개인과외지도(Tutoring) 바이올린 레슨 웅진코웨이 대리점 닥터권교육센터 샬롯밀알선교단

980-939-5032 704-661-5699 704-942-5555 704-771-8507 704-516-5681 704-544-2511 704-608-2297 704-644-5285 704-699-7956 704-882-9533 704-569-0017 704-544-2511 704-591-4872 980-230-6906 704-965-9084 267-939-0222 704-375-1215 704-849-7926 704-281-8318

The AsiAn herAld

December 2013 (24)

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

Pastor : Sung Kyun Na (나 성균 목사)

704-529-0900 704-877-6642

Charlotte Presbyterian Church (PCA)

First Asian Church in Charlotte Established on Aug 28, 1977

샬롯장로교회 701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

Butler and Quinn, PLLC Areas of practice: Criminal Law &

Immigration 刑法及移民 형법 및 이민 Luật hình sự nhập cư Kriminal Law & Imigrasyon

Upstairs Banquet Room Private Dining


4801 East Independence Boulevard Suite 700 . Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: (704) 569-9800 / Fax: (704) 569-9866

10719 Kettering Dr. Charlotte, NC 28226

Triangle Executive Business Center 3200 Beechleaf Court Suite 100-32. Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: (919) 424-8371


Tin Tin, an upscale All You Can Eat Asian seafood buffet offers a vast assortment of mouth watering culinary delights. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing each taste tempting entrée. Our buffet counter with over hundred varieties of appetizers, salads, hot foods and bite size desserts. Extravaganza cannot be described in mere words

Come in & enjoy!

● Lunch - 11:00 am ~ 3:00 pm Daily ● Dinner - Sun. ~ Thur. : 4:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm Fri. & Sat. : 4:30 pm ~ 10:00 pm



(Sam Sung Ins.) 삼성이 하면 다릅니다 그 서비스의 차이를 느껴 보십시오!! 삼성에서는 자동차, 상업(W/C, G/L, 자영업자 보험), 건강 보험(BlueCross BlueShield) 생명보험(G/E) 등 모든 보험을 취급하는 보험 전문 회사 언제든지 전화만 주시면 자동차 보험료 무료견적을 받아 보 실 수 있으십니다 또한 본인 및 배우자의 금액에 따른 생명보험 요금도 즉시 에서 Check하실 수 있습니다 건강보험: Blue Cross Blue Shield (NC 제1의 건강보험) 생명보험: General Electric

Tel : 704-537-3722 Fax : 704-537-3713

4801E.Independence Blvd.#615 (Independence Tower) Charlotte, NC 28212

새로운 의료개혁 PLAN

“OBAMACARE” 에 대한 자세한 문의는 삼성종합보험으로 연락 바랍니다. 삼성종합보험

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Agent


심위성 대표


Tel : 704-537-3722 Fax : 704-537-3713 Email:

Asian Herald December 2013  

Asian Herald December 2013