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Celebration of Korea's 71st Independence 热烈庆祝韩国独立71周年

Korean Americans in Charlotte celebrated the 71st Korean Independence Day at The Asian Library on August 13, 2016. World War II ended on August 15, 1945, when the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, announced through radio broadcast that Japan would accept the Potsdam Declaration, which was a statement calling for the unconditional surrender of Japanese forces. The Emperor’s speech was pre-recorded on a phonograph the day before as his supporters knew that news of his decision to surrender would be met with staunch resistance from many in the Imperial Japanese Army. After the surrender, we read article after article about how the whole world celebrated and how everyone was joyful at the end of World War II. However, for Koreans the degree of jubilee was much more than any other country. Japan’s surrender not only marked the end of the War, it also marked the end of a long struggle for Korean independence from Japanese colonial rule for 35 years. In addition, there was not yet a North Korea or a South Korea but Korea was one nation, and the nation had her own history for over 4,200 years of sovereignty. After 35 years losing sovereignty as a nation, Independence was very emotional and it is a legacy that Koreans continue to celebrate this Independence Day in Korea and among Koreans abroad. On this Independence Day, the Korean Association of Charlotte (KAC) held its 26th annual meeting to celebrate Independence and for the installation of the newly elected President and Officers to

71주년 독립기념및 26대 한인회 취임

begin their two-year term. President Thung Hyun Chun was elected to serve a second two-year term along with most of the other 8 officers. In addition, 54 other Charlotte Korean Americans participated for this meeting. One of the new officers elected was Joon K. Lee, S.J.D. who was elected as Legal Advisor. This year, many second generation Korean Americans attended the meeting. The story of Independence and the legacy of the first generation left a lasting impression on many of them. David Choi and Sam Lee, both are seniors at UNCC were at the meeting. They have provided the following statement about their experience celebrating Independence Day at the KAC meeting this year. Korea is one of the strongest, most passionate, and highly educated as a nation. Koreans have a strong unity of culture (“Jung”, a strong attachment to any person or event.). From church to family, and family to God, we together as a nation have churned from ashes to flames. Flames of famine and war, flames of knowledge and education, flames of culture and pride, and also, flames of sacrifice and humility. It is so great to see the big brands, such as, Hyundai, LG, Samsung, etc... In the end of the Choseon Dynasty in 1910, Japan took over Korea for 35 years, bringing suffering, oppression, and the assimilation of genocide. The Japanese oppressed and enslaved Koreans through Starvation, Murder, Rape, Torture, Kidnapping, and Slavery during the 35 years of Reign. Korean People will Never Forget. Even through it all, Koreans stand strong, forever

waving the Taegeuki (Flag) high as We Will Never Forget. Despite Korea suffering so much, we did not give up on God. In 2010, roughly three-in-ten South Koreans were Christian, including members of the world’s largest Pentecostal church, Yoido Full Gospel Church, in Seoul. At church, we see the flames of our past through our elders as Korean Americans. We look around and see our Korean Grandmothers and Grandfathers; we see the 1st generation (Korean-Americans) such as our Korean mothers and Fathers that lived through oppression and war. Coming from the 2nd Generation, we carry the burden of our families, our neighbors, and our country as our generation lives in a great time of prosperity and success. A fire in my eyes arose; we felt the presence of the Elders at the longtable, to see Korean Blood and Korean Pride all in unity, we heard the bells of the Elder Generations, Igniting the flames of Korea: Mansei! Mansei! Mansei!!!! We Shouted. The room engulfed with Joy. "Until the day when the East Sea's waters and Mt. Baekdu are dry and worn away, God protect and preserve us. Long live our nation! With this spirit and this mind, give all loyalty, in suffering or in joy, love the country. Three thousand Li of splendid rivers and mountains, filled with Roses of Sharon; Great Korean People, stay true to the Great Korean way." By Sunny Chun & David Choi, Sam Lee

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (2) “Bridging the Pacific”

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 亞洲商會

Established June 18, 1999

아시안 상공회의소

Chair : Dr. John Chen, President : Nimish Bhatt 1(866) YES-ASIA

Emeritus Presidents: 1st: Dr.Ki-Hyun Chun, 2nd: Dr. Nini Bautista, 3rd: Dr. Jian X, Zhang, 4th: Dr. John C, Chen, 5th: Jerry Tucker, 6th: Nimish Bhatt

Asian cultures represented in Charlotte encompass over 13 nations. One of the missions of the CAACC is to unite all of these groups to better service the public. Asian history spans thousands of years and its culture is rich and diverse. The CAACC strives to provide business opportunities and to promote business activities through cultural events, such as the annual Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Races each spring and Asian celebrations in the Fall that display our resources and share with you our ethnic qualities. Forty five years ago, there were less than 200 Asians and only 8 Asian businesses in the Regional Charlotte Area, but this number has grown to 58,000 Asians and 920 businesses directly involved with Asians. Considering average gross sales of $550,000 a year per business, the Asian population of this area is generating $506 million in revenues, contributing greatly to the regional economy. We invite you to join the CAACC for unique resources, and then cross the bridge between the East and the West.■ Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun (Founder & the first President)

Asian Library Activities Established 10/15/85

● Filipino School : 2 to 4 pm Regular Class Sept 11 and 25, 2016 Oct. 9 & 23, 2016, Nov 13 & 27, 2016 Dec 11 , 2016, Jan 8 & 22, 2017 Feb 12 & 26, 2017, Mar 12 & 26, 2017 April 9 & 23, 2017, May 14 & 28, 2017 LAST DAY ● Filipino Book Club @ Filipiniana Library at Asian Library. Call Dr. Nini 704 583 9421 ● VASA Birthday Party 3 pm Third Sunday of each month ●Little Lotus Company Fri / 5:30 – 7:30 PM Xiao Song Hè 704-759-4022 - Chinese heritage to learn and

enjoy traditional and contemporary dance as well as other Chinese Performing arts./ ● USANA. 704-488-9500

FREE Classes in English and Chinese ● Go Club Thurs / 6:30 – 11:00 PM Greg McCall 704-365-9811 ●UCA-Universe Creative Arts 1) The Tao Tai Chi & Health Life Sat / 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM ●DWMC Meeting First Wed of each month Time : 6:30pm ● Please Call Wendy to schedule 704-334-3450 OR

We want to share your news ! 당신의 소식을 공유하고 싶습니다 !

任何消息和新闻要和大家分享 !

Jesicca 980-355-2618

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Asian AsianCommunities Communities Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce President : Nimish Bhatt 1(866)YES -ASIA 1339 Baxter St. #200, Charlotte, NC 28204 Established 6/18/99

Korean Association, Established 9/10/73

President : Thung Hyun Chun (704) 307-9584 (phone)/ (704) 332-9373 (Fax) 1339 Baxter St. Suite 205, Charlotte, NC 28204,

Charlotte Korean Church Association President : Sung Sub Song (704) 989-4412 (C) / (704) 841-0821(O) 3619 McKee Rd., Charlotte, NC 28270

Vietnamese Association President :Amy Nguyen

(704) 780-0822 /

P.O.Box 38933 Charlotte, NC 28278

India Association of Charlotte President: Lal Vishin 3212 Devon Croft Lane Charlotte, NC 28269

Andrea (CAACC)



Dr. Nini (Filipino)

Jack Wang (Chinese)

(704) 334-3450 email :

Chinese American Association of Charlotte President: Jenny Tang Mailing : 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Filipino-American Community

President: Robert John Escobal Cell # 704-605-5955 7120 Potter Rd. S., Waxhaw, NC 28173


Lao Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas President : Vannavong Phiaxay Community Affairs Contact: (704) 747-5719

Indonesian Am. Assoc. of the Carolinas

President : Robbynson H Suy, (704) 458-8532 9731 Clifton Meadow Dr., Matthews, NC 28105 Community Affairs Contact: Sharon Suy (848) 459-8124

Charlotte Taiwanese-American Association President :Eric Wu (704) 301-4461/

Web: Facebook: Charlotte Taiwanese American Association

The AsiAn herAld

On the 30th Anniversary of the Charlotte Chinese American Association John C. Chen

life among Chinese-American women in the area. The membership was extended from age 18 and older. With an initial membership of 20, the first president, Ann Schafermeyer, along with its core members, developed and organized many informal inter- family social activities. This effort was a welcomed relief to many young mothers as they were preoccupied to keep up with the increasing demand of their growing families. The evolution of the Chinese- Credit must go to a group headed by American Association of Charlotte Anna Ho who in late 1987 renamed club to Chinese-American (CAAOC) parallels the growth of the the 郭衛華








city of Charlotte since the early 80’s. Its predecessor, the Charlotte Chinese Women Association was formed in 1984. The expressed purpose of this club was to promote friendship, lend mutual support, facilitate communications for better quality of



ethnic Chinese organization was invited for the first time to jointly participate in a public event, an art exhibit at the Mint Museum. Working closely with the PTO of the Charlotte Chinese School, membership continued to grow as new programs were introduced. Over the years, CAAOC along with the special language school and the Chinese Baptist Church, become the anchors for stability and continuity to many Chinese residents as city began to attain its prominence symbolizing the progressive, new South.

September 2016 (3) leadership. We would like to recognize contributions by all the members, officers and Board of directors, past and present, led by the presidents listed alphabetically here: Anna Ho Ann schafermeyer Angel Liu David Lan Edmond Chan Eva Chang Eva Lee Harry Troung Jenny Tang Jian Xiong Zhang Joan Gao Johnson Wu Kenny Kung Li Meng Peggy Lee Peizhi Li Wu

Di Zion Lee True to its founding principle, however, CAAOC is open to all fellow Chinese residents and all our neighbors. Our goals remain the same, namely, to preserve, promote and to share our


Association of Charlotte (CAAOC). Part of the reason was to convince the public library to stock Chinese books, based on a significantly expanded unique cultural heritage with all in membership list. In time, the founding members this community. ■ In the same year, another milestone moved on as the baton was passed was also achieved. This newly born on to a successive line of younger

mUSIC INStRUmENtS ♬♩♪ Upstairs Banquet Room Private Dining



10719 Kettering Dr. Charlotte, NC 28226


☎ 704-726-4117

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The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (4)

EM Drama Workshop Series for the Teaching of Tagalog & Philippine Culture

The Eskuwelahang Munti of Charlotte, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, now on its 4th year, is launching a new initiative for the teaching of Tagalog and Philippine culture to the Filipino Americans and friends, with a new EM schedule for only 2 Saturdays instead of 3 Sundays. Dubbed as the EM Drama

and perception of those born and raised in the US towards the need to learn Tagalog and Filipino culture. Many of these young Filipino Americans do not feel any connection to their Filipino heritage, nor do they see any use for Tagalog.They feel more "American" and not much of being a "Filipino". But they surely can be both, just

Workshop Series , it will be held every first Saturday of the month, from 10 to 12 noon at the Asian Library. Its purpose is to develop a pool of talents for the production of a new & original Filipino musical, written by Maria Eliza Duncan of Florida, classmate of EM Director Glo Grifenhagen. The play ( musical) as a "fun" instrument for teaching, was suggested by Dr. Nini, as a hook to retain old students who get too busy with other school activities and leave, and also it is intended to attract new students. It will be used as an additional teaching tool aside from the regular course work using textbooks and the Rosetta Stone, to be done on the third Saturdays of the month from 10 to 12 (new shortened sessions). The play is an attempt to hopefully shift the paradigm in the attitudes

like the other Asian Americans, who can be both Chinese & American, Japanese & American, etc. EM Director Grifenhagen tells a compelling tale of her experience during her almost 30 years of teaching in the CMS . She told parents of prospective students of EM, that she is sorry she did not teach her own Filipino American children how to speak Tagalog. Now that they are all grown up, they chide her for not teaching them her native language. She also told the parents that most of the Asian children whom she taught, are usually fluent in their mother tongues, be it Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi or Laotian. They have a true sense of their Asian identity and are proud of their own culture. The same is true with the Latinos. All the children speak Spanish. But sad to say, most

of the Filipino American kids who passed thru her classroom do not speak Tagalog. Mainly because like her, the parents wanted the kids to be assimilated faster and be acculturated easier in their environment. Hence, her determination and passion in the teaching of Tagalog to the young Filipino Americans, which she shares with the equally passionate ( unpaid) volunteer faculty of Eskuwelahang Munti:, who like her are all professionals with graduate degrees: Dell Fallar, M.Ed, retired Head Teacher of CMS, Guia Villapando, M.S. in Nursing & Education, Grace Bautista Basilan, UP Fine Arts, Luz Taboada, UP Juris Doctor, Dr. Nini Bautista, Ph.D Nuclear Chem, MS Chem, MBA, UP/BSChE. The EM Drama Workshop series will be conducted by none other

than Lazaro "Ollie" Memije, who has been teaching Theatre Arts to young thespians since 1987 in Manila. He teaches Theatre Art & Movement, feeling honored to be around talented & dedicated young performers at the Northwest School of the Arts, where Eva Noblezada, a Filipina American from Charlotte trained, winning the Blumey Award as Best Actress of National High School Musical Theater, the Jimmy Award as Best Actress, and was auditioned by Cameron Macintosh

himself to be Kim in" Miss Saigon" in London,, and is now on Broadway as Eponine in Les Miserables. Memije started his career in mime and children's theatre in 1984 with Teatro Obrero at Dulaang Kamalayan(Theatre of Awareness) Mime Ensemble focusing on

mime, masks, Children's Theatre and developmental issues. With his group, he extensively toured all over the Philippines in 1984 to 1989. He earned a Post Baccalaureate degree in Theatre Education at UNCC, and his knowledge & techniques in corporeal mime at L'Ecole de Mime Coporel Dramatique de Paris, France. He has been creatively collaborating and performing with Omimeo Mime Theatre, Charlotte's premier mime troupe, for the past 20 years. As per Memije, the Course Content will include principles of acting by learning to use the "tools" of an actor- the body, voice, building, role playing, character creation,,,staging Traditional Filipino stories, non-verbal communications, and basic mime techniques, improvisations and informal Drama Showcases. A reasonable fee applies for enrollment in the Drama Workshop Series, which starts on

September 3,2016, with slots for a limited number of students only. Parents and prospective students are invited to the EM Open House on Saturday, August 13, from 10 to 12 noon at the Asian Library to learn more about EM from the Faculty, and the Drama Workshop from Memije himself.For more info, call Director Glo Grifenhagen tel 704 583 0430 or Dr. Nini at 704 408 9513. We encourage you all to discover the "Star" in your child by enrolling him/her in the

EM Drama Workshop Series. By Dr. Nini RB Bautista

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (5) and they sleep in ttheir raveling car most of time. This year, they made 3rd trip to across Counry and they came to Charlotte, and visited Korean person, but those who are disabled Churches and Asian Herald. ones have to have help from some You can contact S2S, donate where else other than Combodia. Rev. Daniel & Ellen Cho were ♥ USA : SHINHAN Bank successful businssness couple in America Philadelphia, PA. Rev. Cho is a ACCT: The Shoulder to Shoulder PK-Preacher's Kid, and he never ACCT #: 700-000-469263 R/T #: 026011963

Shoulder to Shoulder Disability Ministries of Cambodia The Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) Disabilty Ministries of Cambodia, under God's truth, grace, and love, helps the disabled neighbors who have become isolated due to their physical incapabilites. S2S mission statement is to "Search and Serve" people who do not know Jesus yet. S2S preaches to those who have wounded hearts with the love of Jesus and help them to rise up again as well as to save their souls. S2S Disability Ministries is run by Rev. Daniel and Ellen Cho who are professional missionaries by serving the disabled in Cambodia. "Wheels for Love movement" originated from the Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) located in the USA in 2010, and the mission organization is in charge in Cambodia. This organization distributes to 21 cities in Cambodia including Battambang, Kam Pongcham, Kampong Chinang,

Kampong Seupeu, Kam Pongtom, Kampote, Kamdal, Keokong, Krakow Tee, Mondul Kiri, Oddor Meanchey, Puleusateu, Peuleabihealeu, Prey Beng, Rattana Khiri, Siem Reap, Seutung Teureng, Sheba Come Eng, Takeo, Teubong Keumum, Phnom Penh, Kampung Som, Sihanoukville, Sisophon, Pailin, and serve people who do not know Jesus yet. The missionaries

preach to those who have wounded hearts by the love of Jesus and help them to rise up again as well as to save their souls. S2S Disability Ministies is run by Rev. Daniel and Ellen Cho who are professional missionaries devoted to serve the disabled in Cambodia. The Wheels for Love movement also preaches the Word of God to people while distributing wheelchairs to the disabled in Cambodia. But because Cambodia has many unpaved road, the disabled have had many accidents due to poor road conditions. The organization now is to turn the wheelchair in to "Tricycle Wheelchairs" to help the disabled in the countryside independently. There are many the disabled people in Cambodia compare to other countries due to "Killing Field" historical tragedy in Combodia. wanted to be a minister but his life 2,000,000 people out of 8,000,000 dream was to become a successful business man and help missionaries and ministers with wealth he will have. But the Lord had different plan for Daniel Cho and He called Daniel Cho for this special minisry with compassion and burden in his heart. His wife Ellen Cho is working as his life time partner and with her help in Cambodia and his relatives donations, the ministries had started seven years ago. Daniel & Ellen Cho need donations to carry this minisry and every other year they come to the USA and they make fund raising trip by acrossing counry, visiting churches by car Combodian population massacre is well known to the world. Even though the war is over, Combodians are still suffering from the tragedy. Mine explosion, slow economic developement, diseases from the war are few things people experience before they concern about spiritual matther. This kind of environment and circumstance are hard enough for normal healthy

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Email: 凱 威Charlotte, 地NC產 3430 Toringdon Way, Suite 101, 28277 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated Toringdon Way, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28277 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated


The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (6)

Hubby David, is a Social Security Supervisor, and they have a son, Allen. Her daughter Ashley was in the 2012 Miss Asia Carolinas. Treas Liezel Bell was in Hotel & Restaurant Management ( Hilton Hotels in Costa Rica)before coming to the US. She is now an Admin Asst. for Loving in Home Care Service. She & husband Jeremy have a daughter Nicole. Her daughter Ashley competed at the inaugural Asian Music & Dance Fest at the Asian Festival 2016/AMDF. Secretary Aurea Barbee, a Manilena came to the US in 1987. She is Exec Asst/ Office Manager of NiroSteel, South Park. She & hubby Ronald have a son, Raymond. Au was in the Committee of MAC 2015 & headed the Secretariat of the successful AMDF 2016. Auditor Ma. Luz Blackwell a long time FACC member, took up the challenge of serving on the Board to help solve a crisis. She is a Payment Analyst at the Avid Xchange. Hickory. She & Tom have a son John.She believes like the others that hard work = accomplishment. PRO Ramuel Cabanero was Bank Mgr, Regional Mgr,Retail Banking Director in Chicago, active in many organizations

Simon is following in his brother's footsteps. In spite of the many challenges & the late start,this outstanding Board has managed to successfully hold the signature events of the Filipino community, such as Spring Fling, Park on Park Road,April 23, 2016 to welcome new & old members,with fun & games for all. Filipino participation in the Asian Festival,May 14,2016 with private Dragon Boat Teams( Hataw Pinoy, JMAT Realty),Filipino Food Booth ( to raise money for the H2O system for Nagtipunan Village), a Philippine Cultural Booth, and contestants at the inaugural Asian Music & Dance Fest 2016.(Congrats to Evan Xie, 9 yrs old Chinese pianist, who will perform at a Hollywood Red Carpet Event in November, 2016 as part of his Grand Prize !) The traditional Flores de Mayo/ Mayflower Festival &Santacruzan at St Matthews Parish Hall, May 21,2016,commemorating the finding of the True Cross of Jesus by Empress Helena/Reyna Elena,mother of Constantine the Great/Rey Constantino. Congrats to the Reyna Elena= Ashley Faye Perez & the other sagalas made up of FACC's pretty teenagers and cute young kids. Disco Night, Crewes Recreation, June 11, 2016, fundraiser to augment the meager funds from the $5 membership

as the Philippine Chamber, Chinatown Chamber, Chinese American Sr. League,Opus Dei, CFC. A widower, his daughter Robyn, is a UNCC student. Now he is the Health Care Liaison for a Home Care Agency. Rep Tonette Asay studied at UP Los Banos & Xavier Univ/Ateneo de Cagayan( Psychology)In Manila,she was with Zuellig Pharma Corp, Triumph International, CORE Nissan, a Hospital Specialist in HR, an Admin Mgr ( Org Dev) . She now works at Harris Teeter & Mary Kay. She is married to Dwayne Asay. Ex Officio Dr. Malette Oliveros, Past Pres, is a dentist & is married to Ric Oliveros, an IT Executive, SonTommy graduated Summa cum laude in high school and is at UNC Greensboro.

fee, which has not been increased, for the past 28 years, in spite of inflation & the expanded involvement of FACC in the community- at- large. Congrats to the Best Dance Couple of the Disco Dr. Tony Amor & Melo Acton, Best Disco Costume, Mr & Mrs, James & Mae Armstead, Best Solo Dancer, Nelia Fallar Haulk. Independence Day/ Summer Picnic at Reedy Creek Park, June 25,2016, to celebrate the Independence Day of the 1st Republic in Asia on June 12, 1898. Debut of the Adobo Contest (national dish of the Philippines, of Spanish origin , used to preserve perdiz/partridge & other game as a vinegary stew with spices.) Congrats to the winner, Florami Lee, Past Pres. ( Blind tasted by judges David Perry, Tom Blackwell & Dr. Nini).

Boards of Directors of FACC from 1990 to 2016, the Unsung Heroesby Dr. Nini RB Bautista The Filipino American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) is very lucky. It is the only Filipino American association in the entire USA(as per a Smithsonian survey), to exist for so long, as the only official organization of Filipino Americans in Charlotte. Other cities have many factions, splintered groups, & even multiple associations of Filipino Americans, due to perhaps the very "regionalistic " nature of Filipinos, or where everybody wants to be Chief Honcho or the disgruntled forms his own group ?

officer yourself ". But thanks to Officers, Representatives & volunteers of the past 29 years, FACC has withstood the test of time in spite of apathy, intrigues, harsh criticism, and outright belligerence from members. Don't get me wrong, FACC is not the only organization with these same problems though. It is high time to rally more vigorously behind the FACC and those who would want to see the Filipino American community progress, prosper. We need to continue to be united in harmony, be more caring, giving and forgiving,

The FACC was formally established in 1990 with Carlos Balcita as 1st President.But two years earlier, the Filipinos in Charlotte organized the 1st Filipino Gala in 1988, headed by Mr. & Mrs,. Rudy & Lita Joaquin, who later served as FACC Presidents. Thus FACC antedates even the Asian Chamber/ CAACC ( & the Korean Association ) founded by Dr. Ki Hyun Chun in 1999, Only the Vietnamese Association ( Cong Dong) founded in 1993 is of similar vintage All thru the 29 years of existence of FACC, every year, a band of heroes and she-roes have put in lots of hard work, sacrifice, dedication & caring, serving the Filipino community & those in need. They are the Board of Directors, their families & volunteers, who selflessly put in time, talent & treasure to carry out the FACC vision ( the" why" ), the mission ( the " what")& the values ( the "how" ).Some members, new & old, do not realize this. It's sad to say, some are oftentimes apathetic ( who cares?), uncooperative ( let others do it !), and even unforgiving ( ang mga Filipino nga naman, or worse, Pinoy kasi eh !) One FACC officer( burnt- out from overwork) succinctly put it, " You will never know how difficult it is to serve the community, unless you have been an

willing to help each other, striving together for a better world for our children. We have always been such a community who loves God, country, family & our fellow men. We thus appeal to your strong Filipino spirit of tulungan, bayanihan, kawang-gawa, pakikisama, and all the other hallmarks of what a true Filipino is, and support the FACC. The 2016 Board, some of whom have selflessly agreed to serve another year, have been working so hard for the community and they all deserve our praise and gratitude.. They are the following: President Robert John Escobal, an Electronics Engr. who did some oil exploration work in China before coming to Chicago then Charlotte. He is a single parent to Sofia (Ms Congeniality of 2015 Miss Asia Carolinas/MAC) & twin boys, Nicolas & JonPaul, who are soccer fanatics. 1st Vice Pres, Jessica Esguerra, was a Wells Fargo Supervisor for many years & is now Sr. Compliance Specialist at TiAA-Cref. She is co-founder of Glance Foundation which provides assistance to poor schoolchildren in the Philippines. 2nd Vice Pres Cecilia Perry of Cagayan de Oro, is a YMCA Team Leader.She handles the FACC youth programs.

Pastor : Sung Kyun Na (나 성균 목사)

704-529-0900 704-877-6642

Charlotte Presbyterian Church (PCA)

샬롯장로교회 First Asian Church in Charlotte ( Aug. 28, 1977) 701 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209

The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (7)

Hornets GM, Rich Cho, named Charlotte Asian Basketball League 2016 Man of the Year I arrived at Time Warner Cable Arena and entered via the Executive Entrance. I was escorted to the glass enclosed executive office suites and took the long walk to the office of Hornets GM, Rich Cho. Reading the names on the doors along the wayPete Guelli, Fred Whitfield, Curtis Polk then finally , Rich Cho. I am greeted by him but can't help but glance to a nearby office - could that be the office of Michael Jordan. I wondered if he too was in awe the first time he took this walk . With 20+ years in the NBA, he probably just took it all in stride. His many distinguished and groundbreaking accomplishments belie his humble beginnings. His work ethic,his sense of gratitude, thirst for knowledge and education, his love for tennis and his refreshing humility were inspired by his parents and forged by the hardships and experiences of his youth. In order to escape the military and political strife of Burma( Myanmar), In 1968, sponsored by a Baptist church in the US, Alan Cho (father) and Shirley Cho (mother) took a 3 year old Rich Cho, along with his three brothers and his sister to begin new lives in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. After a few years ,the family moved to the Pacific NW and settled in Federal Way, Washington, a city just outside of Seattle. Alan Cho (father) worked night shifts at 7- Eleven for 15 years and Shirley Cho (mother) worked at a library an hour away to support their five children with help from food stamps. Rich Cho pitched in by working odd and end jobs including bus buy/ dishwasher at IHOP to fruit picker. After graduating from Decatur HS, his journey led him to Washington State University where he received his mechanical engineering degree. He worked for Boeing from 19891994 then chose to pursue his passion for sports by enrolling at Pepperdine University Law School in 1994. His vision allowed him to see that by studying contractual law, sports law and dispute resolution coupled with his affinity for mathematics, that the impending NBA collective bargaining agreement and mastery of the salary cap would serve him well one day. In 1995, after his first year of law school, Rich Cho writes every NBA team in hopes of getting an internship. Wally

Walker, Supersonics GM , took a chance on Rich Cho after reportedly reading " the best letter he's ever read” and offered him a GM internship. His NBA career had begun. During his internship and his tenure with the Supersonics, Rich Cho and two Microsoft programmers developed and implemented a computerized, comprehensive qualitative analytics system to rate players . In 1997, his ascent continued as he became director of basketball affairs and in 2000, he was promoted to assistant GM. In

, and the precious moments spent with their two daughters, Miranda( 11y) and Annika (8y). Family has always been something he’s cherished. The Charlotte Asian Basketball League recognizes Richard "Rich" Cho as it's 2016 Man of the Year for his support of its commissioner, Ed Onia, and it’s players. During the 2015-2016 NBA season, Rich Cho took time out if his very busy schedule to meet and greet many of the league's players and supporters . He’s the living and breathing example of the resiliency of

2008, he relocated with the team to Oklahoma City and along with his Assistant GM duties , he would oversee the D- League team. It was very fitting that in 2010, Rich Cho makes history by returning to the Pacific Northwest and becoming the first Asian born NBA GM of none other than the Portland Trailblazers. He was unexpectedly fired after his first season. Just days after being fired, the Charlotte Bobcats hired Rich Cho to be GM. In the summer of 2011, Rich Cho, along with his wife, Julie, and two daughters Miranda and Annika, moved to Charlotte, NC. Recognized for his innovative mind, work ethic, savvy roster moves, humility and the way he deals with his colleagues, staff, players and fans in NBA circles, very few outside that world recognize him. He loves great food , enjoys softball, ping pong (2013 NBA Summer League Table Tennis champion ), basketball and Charlotte Pro League tennis. He enjoys the time spent with his wife , Julie Heintz-Cho, who he met at Pepperdine Law School

the human spirit and the rewards of dedication and hard work. He serves as an inspiration and role model for me and many of the young men of the Charlotte Asian Basketball League. It's been long overdue, but the Charlotte Asian community recognizes the life and accomplishments of this trailblazer and pioneer. He’s Mr. Richard “Rich” Cho, the 2016 Charlotte Asian Basketball League Man of the Year. Question: What have been some of the keys to your success as the first Asian American GM in major professional sports and what is some advice you would give to young Asian Americans as they either embark on their careers or try to make their mark in the work world? I've been extremely lucky and fortunate to work with and learn from a lot of great people over the years – from my first boss Wally Walker to Rick Sund (former GM of the Seattle Sonics) to Sam Presti (current GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder), a lot of people have helped me along the way

and I owe a great deal of gratitude to them. There are a few phrases/ philosophies that have guided me over the years and that are really applicable to any discipline: 1. "It takes years of hard work to have overnight success." When I first started in the NBA, I didn't know if I would ever move up the totem pole or how fast or how high I would move up. I knew a lot of those things would be out of my control, but I knew the one thing I could control was how hard I worked. I tried to be the first one in the office and the last to leave. One thing I tell young people who are frustrated with where they are in their careers is that good things don't typically happen overnight and remind them that it takes years of hard work to have overnight success. Work as hard as you possibly can and don't let anyone ever outwork you, continually learn as much as you can and focus on doing the best possible job at the current position you have, be a good teammate, and good things will eventually happen. 2. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." This is an African proverb I came across while touring the Bill Gates Foundation several years ago. It speaks to teamwork and the value of working together. No matter what discipline you're in, you need to work well with people to progress in your field. When I look at hiring people, some of the things I'm looking for are similar to what I look for in players – talent of course, but I also want someone who will be a good fit with our organization. High character, humility, unselfishness, and someone who will be a good teammate are all really important parts of our hiring process. 3. "While everyone is looking at where the puck is, I'm looking at where the puck will be." This is a Wayne Gretzky quote that I love and has a presence within our front office and scouting staff. It speaks to thinking ahead and thinking outside the box. We're always looking for ways to improve and gain a competitive advantage. For information on the benefits of being a Swarm 365 season ticket holder, partial season ticket plans, single game tickets and group outings at Hornets games, please contact the Charlotte Asian Basketball League dedicated account manager, Ms. Courtney Cisielski at 704 688 9022 . by Ed Onia

Ki - Hyun Chun, Ph.D, CPA Ph.D, LLD, CCIM, CPA st 1 Asian CPA Firm in the Carolinas Let Our 30yrs Experience Work For You! *Tax Planning *Accounting *Bookkeeping *Consulting

Tel : (704) 332-5656 Fax: (704) 332-9373 E-mail :

1339 Baxter St. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28204

Link to: /

The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (8)

orphan kid, but for the one we do it will make all the difference. We

are covered with our money, private donation, and money raised by selling food at festivals similar to Asian festival. We know we have a long journey ahead of us, and we will not solve the problem of all needy kids, but

believe that education without virtues is the path to destruction and miseries. Established in 2009 as a private charitable organization (501 C3). We have helped many students, mostly orphans, to come to study at an American university by

for the few we helping, it is making all the difference in the world. These young people are going to be the leaders of our community, the ambassador of America in the world. They all see the generosity, the honesty and the democratic life we live in. These young men and

providing them with room, board, and tuition. These young people live with in our community, learn our culture, we shield them, and teach them the American virtues. All our expenses (zero overhead)

women will come back and pay forward for the next generation. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and wisely used to accomplish our mission. By Nabil Eddine

L.O.V.E. American Foundation

Happiness is the ultimate life goal and energy that keep us going. At for most of us. The satisfaction L.O.V.E. America Foundation, we

realized from helping others is the know that we will never realize our non-depleted source of happiness dream of educating every needy

CAROLINA HOME HEALTH CARE INC. “We Welcome \ Referrals from the Community and Local Organizations” -We Accept Medicaid, CAP, VA and Private Pay Clients. -Bathing -Personal Hygiene -Light Housekeeping -Laundry -Medicine Reminders -Errands

-Companionship -Doctors Appointment -Care for Children, Adults, and Seniors -Alzheimer’s Care -Certified Nursing Assistant -Skilled Nursing

EMZY Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen

Specialties: Pan-Asian, Sushi Located in the Duke Energy Center 550 S. Tryon St. Suite160 Charlotte, NC 28202

PLEASE CALL TODAY (704) 548-8949


The AsiAn herAld

ARTSpring 2016 Art Sale and Auction Fundraiser

On September 10, 2016, the Asian Library will be the site of the very first ArtSpring art sale and auction benefit. Sponsored by the Filipino-American Spirit, Inc. (FAS), in partnership with ANCOP Foundation (USA), it will bring to Charlotte works by celebrated and up-and-

objets d’art, will also be on sale. Commemorative T-shirts will be available for a minimum donation. Doors will open at 3:00 PM and the sale and auction will end at 7:00 PM. Light refreshments will be provided. Several of the artists will be on site to discuss

coming local and international artists to help raise funds for a good cause: providing a potable water system for the Carolinas I Village in the Philippines. The main exhibition hall will house the work of featured artists such as internationally renowned Filipino artists William Yu and Rene Robles. Local successful artists who have donated art work include John Hugo, Astrid Martin, Alex Romero, and award-winning artist Edelweiss de Guzman. Works by FAS friend and supporter Paul Tañedo of Virginia will be available. Other artists include Seth Painter, Tim Townsend and other up-and-coming local and regional artists. In addition to the featured art, additional pieces, including

their work and may be available to discuss commissioned work. A couple of art pieces will be raffled off. The net proceeds will provide drinking water for the Carolinas I Village in the Philippines, built in 2007 with the help of generous donors from North and South Carolina. The village is situated on a remote, rocky mountainside. Villagers have limited access to drinking water and have to walk several kilometers to collect drinking water in jugs and then carry them back to the village. The FAS, with the help of the FACC and the Couples for Christ community in Charlotte has provided the initial funds to dig deeper into the water table to access the drinking quality water. Additional funds are needed to

build the pump and distribution and collection systems. FAS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) taxexempt charitable organization founded in Charlotte in 2014 for education, cultural and charitable purposes. It has raised funds for victims of natural disasters and scholarships for indigent deserving students. It supports the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and the Missionaries of the Poor feeding programs. It recently started the Philippine Resource Center, which opened the Filipiniana section of the Asian Library and has hosted poetry workshops and cultural film showings. The FAS was also an early supporter of Eskwelahang Munti, a weekend Filipino language and cultural school now on its 5th year of operation. Upcoming projects include establishing a rondalla, a band/ orchestra utilizing native Filipino instruments, and additional scholarships for local students. The FAS frequently partners with local groups such as the Filipino-American Community of the Carolinas, FACC, which provides many volunteers who support and promote the activities of the FAS. The Charlotte Couples for Christ community as well as the youth arm, CFC-Youth, also work with the FAS, particularly when working to raise funds for ANCOP projects such as the Carolinas I Village water project, and the ANCOP Child Sponsorship Program. Other Asian-American groups, and especially the Asian Library, have been strong supporters of the FAS.

September 2016 (9)

For more information about ArtSpring 2016 and FAS, please visit the FAS Facebook page and the FAS website You may also contact Dr Nini Bautista, Wally Penilla wallpen2011@gmail. com, Doris Azarcon-Mata doris_, and Alex Romero alexphotoarts@gmail. com. For those unable to attend ArtSpring 2016 but are interested in donating to the water project or other FAS projects, please go to the FAS website: http:// Photos : Artist Alex Romero turning over his donated photograph on canvas called “Fishers of Men” to Wally Penilla, Vice-Chairman of the FAS and ArtSpring 2016 Coordinator. Artist Alex Romero describing his donated photograph on canvas called “Boracay Fishing Boat” to Dr Nini Bautista, Chairman of the FAS.

Dell Fallar, FAS board member checking out new books at the Philippine Resource Center housed in the Asian Library. FAS Board members and ArtSpring Committee members viewing donated photographs on canvas by Alex Romero. by Dr. Nini RB Bautista


The Filipino-American Spirit, Inc. a 501Ic)(3) organization, was organized in Charlotte, NC by a group of community leaders in the Filipino American community for the purpose of providing charitable and educational financial assistance to the marginalized members of our local community and abroad. Among the many projects of FAS is helping poor villages in the Philippines in the areas of health and sanitation, livelihood, education and basic needs of the community. We are in the process of raising funds to build a water supply system for a village of 30

famillies in a remote, rural town in northern Philippines. FAS is sponsoring ArtSpring 2016, an art auction featuring internationally known and local Filipino artists including William Yu, Rene Robles, William Antonio, Astrid Martin, John Hugo, Alex Romero, to name a few, whose paintings, photos and other works of art would be auctioned to the highest bidder. We will also open

Internal Medicine Family Kim Tam, M.D.

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support to this worthy cause. Should you need more information or have any question, please contact Doris Mata at Doris_mata@yahoo. com or at 980-875-0296 or 704650-7995. by Dr.Nini & Penilla

919-876-4707 Attorney Immigration Kristen A.Chang, Esq


James Park, D.D.S.

from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For more information about this event, please visit our FaceBook Page ArtSpring2016 or FAS website at . We would like to invite you to

Chiropractor Jeongpil Park, D.C.

English-Vietnamese 1433 Emerywood Dr. Ste D Charlotte, NC 28210


come and participate in our auction or pick one or two items in the Art MarketPlace. Your donation is tax deductible. If you are unable to come but would like to make a donation, please mail your check payable to FAS to the address shown below and mark the check as Water System Project or through our website using your credit/debit card through PayPal. We thank you in advance for your

Asian Professionals

1918 Randolph Rd. Ste 440 Charlotte, NC 28207

The Asian Herald

an ART MarketPlace for sellers or donors of objects d'art including paintings, photos, figurines and other art objects for sale to the public during the event. Net proceeds from the auction and the Art MarketPlace will be allocated to the water system project. ArtSpring 2016 will be held at the Asian Library located at 1339 Baxter Street. Charlotte, NC 28204 on Saturday, September 10, 2016


Chiropractor Chiropractic Physician Dr. R. Scott Saario 537 W Sugar Creek Rd, Ste 101 P: 704-598-8040


Do Thuan My, D.O.

English-Vietnamese 6801 Northlake Mall Dr, Ste 253 Charlotte, NC 28212 704-777-9047, 704-563-7655

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Wendy Swanson Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist

4912 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209

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Attorney Immigration Jordan G. Forsythe



Li Jie McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist) Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

John McGimsey, (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Masters degree of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbology Charlotte Davidson 704-737-4412 / Morganton 828-413-0567

Acupuncture (M.D. in china) Wenhui Li, L.Ac.

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704-516-6514 Architect Hong Choe, AIA English-Korean 2409 Chesterfield Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 704-408-8994

The AsiAn herAld

I Love My Family I have a heart-warming and happy family. Everyone is supportive of each other, and there’s always those little moments that make me reminisce these memories even when I am far away from home. Spending time with my family and uncontrollably laughing is the best thing ever. Home is where I can truly be myself; I don’t have to wear a mask to conceal my feelings. Even during times of stress, anxiety, depression, or frustration, I can all rely on my family, just like how a boat can always stop by its own harbor and dock. There are four members in my family: me, my dad, my mom, and my brother. My dad is a very kind, down-to-earth man. He is currently a structural engineer. In fact, he’s been through a lot to get to this point. When he was seventeen years old, he immigrated to the States in search for better opportunities. He frequently recounts his days as a chef in Chinatown, New York, his first destination upon arrival. “I slept in the storage room in the back of the restaurant to save money, but could see brown spots of oil that seeped through the walls,” he recalls.

Maggie Zhang Because he was been through so many hardships, this may be why he has encouraged my brother and I to study hard and eventually find a less arduous job. Moreover, our family rarely has time for summer vacations because my dad is usually busy with work. When I was younger, I harbored frustration and confusion towards less travel and vacation time. Why could my classmates talk on and on about Disneyland trips or cruise ships,

the Chinese saying “tongue as sharp as a knife, heart as soft as tofu.” When I was younger, I was very scared of my mom because she lectured me a lot of her high expectations for school and grades. Now I understand that EVERY parent wants the best for his or her child and I am thankful that I received pressure to do my best in school because now, it is a habit now. Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Maybe I’m slowly starting to understand what that truly means in my dayto-day life. Similar to my dad,

"Tong as sharp as a knife, Heart as soft as Tofu" Chinese saying

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle yet I stayed at home working on math and science workbooks. Now, I understand that if you want A, you must sacrifice B. My father worked very hard not only to help support with the familial financial costs, but also to help me learn more and continue my hobbies, like learning Chinese or playing the piano. In addition, my mom can be perfectly described by

my mom is also quite busy with her job. She is a businesswomen and spends the majority of her time in China. However, I’m excited that she works in China because this means I can travel to China more often, a place I love! Overall, I am very thankful for everything that my mom has done for me. I would not be where I am today without her. My brother is very hard

September 2016 (11)

working. He can become so focused on his studies that he could forget to eat lunch or neglect exercise. He is only one year younger than me, but because of that, we got into fights a lot. However, my mom would remind us that sometimes taking a step back and letting it go solves the conflict. Instead, if both sides insists on arguing, then the problem exacerbates. All in all, I love my family. Every morning, I wake up to the scurrying footsteps. Everyday I come home to delicious sweets and snacks that my mom prepares for my brother and me. When I am sad, my family can talk to me about anything and make me happy. This is my family: similar to an umbrella. These people will forever help me through the rain and storms and support me. I love my family. ▄ Maggie Zhang is introducing herself: Hello, my name is Maggie Zhang. I am 16 years old, yet I live a very different lifestyle from other teenagers. I go to North Carolina School of Science and Math and it is around 2 hours away from Charlotte. I only go home approximately once a month. The essay above was the first one I wrote since coming to school and recounts my memories and my homesickness for my family. Just having someone reading would mean so much to me.

Charlotte Asian Heritage Association (CAHA) AKO Asian

The Chun Group Presents

मैं एशियाई हूं TÔI ASIAN

້ າ AM ASIAN ຂ ້ າພະເຈ 나는 아시아 AM 我是亚洲人

Food, Exhibit Booth, Culture Showcase

Showcase Entertainment & Kids Games Games

1:00 PM PM

Keynote speech speech

4:00 PM PM

Candlelight Vigil Vigil

4:30 PM


1:OO PM – 5:00 PM


Old County

Courthouse Lawn,

700 East Trade St.,

Charlotte, NC 28202 28202


4 t h S t r e et P a r k i n g D e c k – C o u nt y C o u r t s

( 4 t h a n d M c D o w e l l S t r e et)


I AM เชี ่ยน Aku ay ASIAN

A unique opportunity for all high-school students of Asian ancestry to showcase their creative writing abilities in demonstrating their cultural heritage by entering in an essay writing contest.

The essay should reflect on what it means to be an Asian-American. Specifically, it should describe how the particular cultural norms and attitudes of the AsianAmerican community affect, positively or negatively, your dreams and aspirations for your life in America. You could consider how growing up in an Asian-American family has defined your individual qualities, academic goals and lifestyle. In addition, your essay may include a comparison between Asian and American family value-system, not by showing one to be superior but by simply observing similarities and differences. Eligibility: Any student currently enrolled in any high-school in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties (Cabarrus, Union, York, Lincoln, Iredell, Catawba and Gaston). Please attach the following information with the essay: full name, mailing address, phone, email address, name of high-school, current grade and birthdate. Important Notes: The essay submitted should be an original work in 500-750 words in double-space, APA style format. Your entry will be judged based on creativity, originality and skill in interpreting the theme and expressing your ideas. The essay will be judged by a panel of accomplished educators, literature and journalism experts. All decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable. There are six scholarship prizes: the first grand prize of $500, two second prizes $250 each, three third prizes of $100 each. The scholarship prizes will be distributed at the Gandhi Unity Fall Festival on October 1, 2016. The winners must be present to claim the prize. All submissions will become the property of CAHA and may be reproduced or used to further its mission of increasing Asian educational and cultural awareness. Entries must reach submitted by August 15, 2016 (deadline extended to August 31, 2016). Send the essays to: CAHA’s mission is to promote Asian heritage by planning, organizing and sponsoring traditional cultural events to enhance the visibility of Asian ethnic groups as an active and integral part of culturally vibrant community.

Hosted in Partnership By Charlotte Asian Heritage Association CA A C C


a s ia n h e r ita g e a s s o c iat i o n @ g m a i m

70 4 - 9 7 5 - 0 5 4 8

The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (12)

夏•洛•特•華•美•協•會 庆祝活动:晚餐, 月饼, 卡拉OK舞会 费用: 会员免费,限数150人 日期: 二〇一六年九月十七日, 星期六 时间: 6:30 – 10:00 PM 地点: 亚洲图书馆 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28204


请上网报名 Please Register at

慶祝华美 慶祝华 慶祝 华美 美30 30周年活动 30周年活动 CAAOC 30th Anniversary Celebration

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (13)


ART. POETRY. MUSIC 시 음악 예술의 향연은 영상과 감상적인 음악의 표현으로 융합되어 세계적인 문화의 축제로 향하며 화려한 장관의 예술로 우리를 하나로 만들어 가고있다.

OCTOBER 22.27.30




THE BARBER OF SEVILLE 几, 紀 來,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,场场。。。。。。。。剧剧剧剧罗 罗罗罗罗罗《《《《《《《《《》》,,, ,,现现现现现现现现现。。。。剧剧剧 剧剧剧剧剧疯疯疯乔乔乔乔乔乔现给观观 。。请请请观赏! 수 세기동안 미장원이나 이발소에서는 가쉽이나 뒷말을 많이 하는 장소로 알려졌다. 로시니는 세빌리아의 이발사 오페라에서 재미있게 이런 장면을 아주 코믹하게 잘 표현했다.오페라 캐롤라이나 에서 공연하는 이 오페라에 많이 오셔서 관람하시고 즐기시기 바랍니다.


The 2016/17 Season is made possible by a generous sponsorship from Wells Fargo Private Bank.

The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (14) 下 一 页 新 闻 特 写 。 湘 君 报 道

奥 运 队 , 排 名 第 六 , 为 第 一 ) 替 补 队 员 。 ( 详 见

The Asian Herald Chinese Section 2016 年 第 8 期 總 第 112 期 2016 年 8 月 1 日 出版

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右 二 ) , 更 有 幸 在 今 年 入 围 美 国 女 子 体 操 八 人

很 多 体 操 爱 好 者 , 其 中 一 位 杰 出 女 学 员 ( 图 中

卡 州 夏 洛 地 区 创 办 的 “ 珠 峰 体 操 学 校 』 培 养 了

中 国 体 操 名 将 韩 琦 ( 左 一 ) 陈 怡 文 夫 妇 在 北

Charlotte Visa Service (704) 364-8887 夏洛特簽証服務中心 精辦赴中國﹑香港等地旅遊簽証 代辦美國國務院﹑中國大使館公證認證

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北卡华人学者中美交流协会 美中经济文化协会 七月十日在杜克大学图书馆,联合举办卫高荣报告会

Hot pot

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The Asian Herald 2

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September 2016 (15)


北卡大学生代表团访问中国 在 2016 年 5 月 17 日到 6 月 4 日之期间,美中 经济文化协会牵头,由李升航团长(Eric Li)带领 美国北卡州的杜克大学,北卡州立大学和北卡大 学教堂山分校的大学生组成的代表团了访问中国 大陆,八个高校,先后访问了北京大学、复旦大 学、首都经贸大学、西北工业大学、西北大学、 陕西省师范大学、云南省师范大学、云南省民族 大学。访问了云南省瑞丽市一中高中部和瑞丽市 勐典小学。 他们还访问了北京对外经贸控股集团有限公 司,得到了陈董事长的接见会谈,代表团参观了 懋隆文化创意园。

The Asian Herald Chinese Section 代表团得到了国务院侨务办公室负责人接见。 以及云南省德宏州侨办、省侨办的接见会谈,并 宴请合影。 代表团还得到了上海市商务委员会对外经济合 作处孔福安处长的接见会谈。代表团得到了世界 中餐烹饪联合会尚哈玲秘书长的接见会谈。 代表团参加了旅美华人李勐先生给老母亲过的 八十寿宴,体验感受了中国乡村的传统习俗,拜 寿、寿宴、披红挂绿、念洞经、民族表演、敬 酒、红包。 代表团参观了北京的长城、十三陵、故宫、天 安门,上海的外滩、城隍庙,昆明的石林,西安 的古城墙、历史博物馆、半坡遗址、兵马俑、华 清池、骊山,昆明的石林。

来认识2016年美国奥运会 女子体操队的队员们 参加 2016 年里约热内卢奥运会的美国女子体操队阵容强大,被看好夺得 奥运金牌。如果这些体操女将不负众望,便将与在四年前伦敦奥运会上夺金 的“五骁将”(Fierce Five)以及在 1996 年亚特兰大奥运会上为美国夺得首 枚女子体操团体金牌的“豪勇七姣龙”(Magnificent Seven)齐名。美国女 子体操队有五位主力队员:盖比·道格拉斯(Gabby Douglas),亚历山德拉 ·拉斯曼(Aly Raisman),西蒙·拜尔斯(Simone Biles),麦迪逊·科希 安(Madison Kocian),劳里·赫尔南德斯(Laurie Hernandez)和三名替补 队员。美国女子体操队的三名替补队员是:来自北卡罗拉那州(North Carolina)18 岁的阿什顿·洛克利尔(Ashton Locklear),来自亚利桑那州 (Arizona)19 岁的麦凯拉·斯金内尔(MyKayla Skinner),以及来自得克 萨斯州即将在 8 月年满 16 岁的里根·史密斯(Ragan Smith) 美国女子体操奥运会测试赛于7月8日——10日举行,这也是继6 月24日所 进行的美国女子体操锦标赛之后,美国女子体操所进行的第二次里约奥运会 的选拔赛。美国体操协会根据两次比赛的成绩,在7月10日紧接着就宣布了 参加里约奥运会的五名正选运动员名单和三名候补运动员名单。拜尔斯、道 格拉斯、赫纳德兹、科西奇和拉斯曼等五名运动员为正式队员。洛克莱尔、 斯金纳和斯密 思等三名运动员为候补队员。这些运动员的产生,都是经过 了美国奥林匹克委员会批准和同意的。 实力雄厚 参加这次奥运测试赛的形式是共进行两轮全能比赛。以两轮比赛成绩的总 和,来最终决定全能和各单项的名次和作为参加里约奥运会的重要依据之 一。共有14名 运动员参加比赛。有13名运动员参加了全能两轮全能项目的 比赛。仅仅对获得全能前八名运动员的两轮比赛成绩来进行统计:1)八名运 动员的两轮16人次全能 成绩,均在58分以上,占100%;2)获得59分以上有 10人次,占62.5%;3)获得60分以上的有4人次,占25%。按照这个成绩来假 设的话,如 果,美国女队派两支队伍参加里约奥运会团体决赛的话,是很 有可能获得团体前三名的,甚至前二名! 人才辈出 由于美国的女子体操有着世界上绝对首屈一指的广泛群众基础。所以,优秀 后备人才的不断涌现,让世界刮目相看。每年奥运周期均会惊艳地冒出独领 风骚的优秀 人才。约翰逊、柳金、威伯、道格拉斯和拜尔斯等层出不穷。 如今,年仅16岁的赫纳德兹,又脱颖而出,大出风头。(下面会具体介绍)美 国女子体操之所以在最 近几年里会长盛不衰,其主要原因是:1)极其广泛的 群众基础;2)科学训练;3)完善的比赛和选拔制度;4)良好的医疗保障和康 复训练等等因素。 拜尔斯 拜尔斯是2013——2016奥运周期世界上最优秀和最成功的女子体操运动员。 她分别获得了2013年、2014年和2015年连续三届世界体操锦标赛 的全能和 自由体操项目的金牌,创造了世界体操锦标赛历史。另外,她还获得了两届 世界锦标赛平衡木金牌。跳马项目也是连续三届进入到前三名。简直是创造 了世 界体操锦标赛的神话。在里约奥运会上,她将会在她人生的第一次奥 运会上,继续会创造神奇的!

2016 年第 8 期 總第 112 期 第


代表团还参观了刚建成通车的云南 省腾冲县龙江大桥,龙江大桥是亚洲 第一的大桥,雄伟壮观,高高矗立在 腾冲县龙江上。 在云南期间,代表团还专程访问了 退休老干部李绍孔先生一家,座谈、 交流、采访。 美国北卡州大学生代表团一行,经 过 17 天的对中国访问,加深了美中 大学生的相互了解,增进了美中大学 生之间的友谊,访问取得了圆满成 功。 美国北卡州大学生代表团于 6 月 4 日顺利返回美国北卡州,结束了 访问行程。

赫纳德兹 16岁的赫纳德兹是美国女子体操队在创造历史的征途上,又出现了一位新 秀。在今年的两次全美比赛中,均是可圈可点。在6月份的全国锦标赛上, 分别获得了 全能、高低杠、平衡木和自由体操的铜牌。全能总分在60分以 上。而在这次美国奥运会测试赛上,她的成绩更进一步,获得了全能亚军和 自由体操冠军和自由体操 第三名。两次全能成绩均在60分以上。她最大的 特点是四项实力平均,而平衡木是她的强项。15.700得分,远高于2015年拜 尔斯获得金牌的 15.358分。所以,她是美国队将来的又一颗希望之星! 拉斯曼 在2012年伦敦奥运会上,她是美国队获得团体冠军的主力成员。并且还获得 了自由体操项目冠军。但在伦敦奥运之后,她因受伤,直到两年后才重新回 归赛 场。在2015年世锦赛上,拉斯曼再次成为美国队获得团体冠军的主力 成员之一。但是,她只参加比了平衡木和自由体操两项比赛。在这次测试赛 上,她的表现是 令人满意的。分别获得了全能、跳马、平衡木第三名和自 由体操第二名。 科西安 虽然,科西安在这次测试赛上只名列全能第八(美国锦标赛第五名),但 Organizer 主办单位: 是,因为高低杠项目是她的强项,并获得了去年世锦赛高低杠冠军。相对于 其他三个项 目,高低杠项目则是美国队的一个软肋。在20114年和20115年 两届世锦赛上,美国队在团体决赛夺冠时,都启用了科西安只比高低杠这一 项目。她如今的 15.900得分(D 6.7 E 9.20),远高于2015年世锦赛冠军的 15.366分。(范亿琳今年全锦赛成绩:15.834 D分 7+0.1 E分 8.734) 道格拉斯 2012年伦敦奥运会全能冠军、2015年世界锦标赛全能亚军——道格拉斯, 在这次测试赛发挥的不是很理想,仅仅名列全能第七。她之所以能再此入围 里约 奥运会的正式名单,美国队是看中她的经验。因为,她是美国队中, 唯一参加过奥运会比赛的运动员。美国队是希望利用她的比赛经验来帮助没 有参加过奥运会比赛 的其他队友。另外,她的高低杠项目还是不错的,能 弥补美国队的不足。 中国教练 而在过往几年中,美国女队的教练组成员都会有中国教练的身影,这是由 于美国体操协会规定,当地体操俱乐部所培养的队员如果能进入到国家队, 那么可以有一名该俱乐部的教练成为美国女队的教练组成员。2008年、2012 年两届奥运会上的乔良,2011年体操世锦赛上的李月久,都是这样的典型例 子。今年南宁体操世锦赛 上出现在美国女队的两名 中国教练是韩琦和张建 华,他们手下队员斯金内 尔和罗斯分别进入了高低 杠和平衡木的单项决赛。 韩琦因为妻子在南卡罗 来纳州的一家体操队执 教,那边正好缺人手,退 役后的韩琦在1999年去了 美国。2004年时他有了自 己的体操房,当时报名的 人就有 400多。而如今,

这个数字增长为800到1000人。队员阿什顿·洛克利尔就是韩琦的得意弟 子,她也在本次世锦赛展露了才华,并入选2016美国奥运体操队,为第一后 补。在针对中国大陆媒体采访时,韩琦说:我是希望中国体操能够强大的, 但这种强大是建立在击败强劲竞争对手基础上的。”据指出,珠峰体操学校 是全美国上千个体操俱乐部,今年唯一有两名运动员被邀请参加全美国14人 奥运队资格选拔赛的体操俱乐部。珠峰体操学校现有学员800多人,聘请了 30多位教练和工作人员。 (湘君报道)

美國大學申請指南 全方位介紹最新﹑最正確的申請資訊

第一本為華人家長編寫的專書        

美國大學申請程序﹑發展及最新趨勢﹔ 美國大學的種類﹔ 美國大學如何挑選申請人﹔ 大學申請文件的審查程序﹔ 擬定申請幾所大學及選定學校﹔ 申請財務補助的各種管道和訣竅﹔ 如何運用運動專長獲得獎學金﹔ 高中 11﹑12 年級學生﹑家長行事曆…

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September 2016 (16) The Asian Herald Chinese Section

3 文化生活 Culture Life

六位艺术家联展暨夏洛特百年历史图片展圆满举行 海外华人文化体育艺术联合会主办 夏洛特历史博物馆 美中经济文化协会 协办





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The Asian Herald 2016 年 第 8 期 總第 112 期 第 3 頁

The Asian Herald 4

September 2016 (17) The Asian Herald Chinese Section

文苑 Culture

2016 年 第 8 期 總第 112 期 第


北卡州立大学孔子学院 2016年中文演讲比赛 夏洛特瓦戴尔外国语学校获奖文稿选 (1) 我最好的朋友

人 在一 起 欣 赏 这 么美 丽 的 景 色,非 常 快 乐。 我 想 我 的 下 一 次 难 忘 的 旅 行 应 该 是 我 的 中 国 之 行,我 十 分期 待。(按:这里是本届高级组演讲比赛第一名马 慧君 Hannah McGee 演讲。马慧君在五年级林老师班)


俊杰(Benjamin Mullis )

Hannah McGee 马慧君

大家好!我叫Benjamin Mullis。 我的中文名字是俊杰。俊, 是英俊,帅的意思。杰,是杰出,特棒的意思。今年我七岁。今天 我要告诉你们我最好的朋友。 我最好的朋友是我的同学,叫Drake。他的中文名字是锦龙。锦 龙有棕色的头发和棕色的眼睛,个子跟我差不多高,也是七岁。 锦龙是一个小运动员,跑起来就像只小老虎!可猛啦! 锦龙不仅是一个小运动员,更是一个好学生。在学校,他特听老师 的话,就像一只小绵羊。在班里特别安静,也从来不做坏事儿。锦 龙最喜欢上数学课,有时候为了一道题,他可以不吃饭、不睡觉, 也要把它弄明白了。我呢,也特别喜欢数学。这,就是为什么我们 是最好的朋友。做题的时候如果我有什么问题,我就给他打电话, 我们切磋一番。他有问题,也愿意跟我讨论。 我跟 锦龙还 有一个 共同爱 好,喜 欢吃中 国的饺 子!暑 假快到 了,放 假以后 我一定 要跟锦 龙约, 到中国 餐厅吃 饺子 去! (按: 这是本 届演讲 比赛低 级组演 讲口才奖获得者一年级韩老师班的俊杰Benjamin Mullis 的演讲文 稿)

去 年 秋 天 ,我 和 爸 爸,妈 妈,还 有 弟 弟 去了 亚 利桑 那 州 旅 行。我 的 妈 妈 在 那 里 打 网 球 比 赛。我 们 除 了 看 妈 妈 的 比 赛,给 她 加 油,还 去了塞 多 纳 国 家 公 园,大 峡 谷 和 图 森 三 个 地 方 玩 。我 是 第 一 次 去这 几 个 地 方,每 一 个 地 方 都 是 那 么 漂 亮, 壮 观, 都是 我 从 来 没 有 见 过 的 风 景。 我 最 喜 欢 的 地 方 是 塞 多 纳 国家 公园。那 里 的 大 教堂 之 岩 是 塞 多 纳 最 有 名 的 岩 石 了,我 觉 得 她 的 颜色 非 常 漂 亮。岩 石 周 围 都 是 绿 色 的 植 物,看 起 来 像 是 两 层 ,很 有 意 思 。我 们 全 家 一 起 爬 岩 石。刚 开 始 的 时 候, 我 爬 得 很 快,因 为 很 好走 。可 是 到 了 中 间 的 时 候,路 越 来 越 难 走,我 很 害 怕,不 敢 走 了。爸 爸 鼓 励 我 不 要 放 弃,他 说 我 一 定 可 以 爬 到 山 顶。 我 们 休 息 了 一 下,就 继 续 爬, 爸 爸 拉 着 我 的 手一 直 到 山 顶。 山 顶 的 景 色 棒 极 了。我 很 高 兴 我 坚 持 爬 到 了 山 顶 。 我 们 还 去 了 图 森 和 大 峡 谷。在 图 森,我印 象 的 是 到 处 都 有 巨 大 的 仙 人 掌,比 我 还 要 高。在 大 峡 谷,我 们 边 走 边 看,那 里 的 景 色 太 壮 观 了。看 着 大 峡 谷,我 觉 得 自己 变 得 更 小 了,像 一 只 小 老 鼠。这 里 的 小 松 鼠 也 长 得 很 大, 我 真 想 抱 一下。 我 们 只在 那 里 呆 了 一 天,我 和 弟 弟 都 不 想 离开。 我 们 说 以 后 还 要 来。 这 次 旅 行 令 我 十 分 难 忘,因 为 我 和 我 的 家

我的学校 Brooks McGeer 柏愷 我的学校是瓦戴尔国际语言学校。 这里有小学和中学。我们学 校教六种语言。 我学中文不到三年,我 已 经 会 说 很 多 中 文,还 能 读 中 文和 写 中 文 字。学 习 中 文 很 有 意 思, 今 年 我 学 了 拼音现 在 我 已 经 会 读 很 多 课 文 了。 这是因为在我的学校有很 好 的 老 她 们 又 耐 心 又 严 格。 在 幼 儿 园 的时 候,如 果 我 们 写 的 字 不 好,老师就会 把纸撕了让我们重写。我 知 道 她 不 是 不 好,她是想让我们 把字写得更好看。 在 学 校,我 最 喜 欢 学 的 是 数 学 和 科 学。 更 酷 的 是 我的 老 师 用 中 文 教 数 学 和 科 学。今 年, 我 用 中 文 做 了 一个科 学 项 目, 是 一 个 地 形 和 水 体 的 西 洋 镜。我 的 西 洋 镜有 七 种 地 形 和 五 种 水 体。七 种 地 形 是 林,山,火 山, 岛 屿,山 谷,半 岛 和悬 崖。 五种水体是 瀑 布,海 洋,河 流,湖 泊和 池 塘。 我 爱 我 的 学 校,我知道 我 会 学 越 来 越 多 的 中 文, 会变 得 越 来 越 聪 明。 (按本届演讲高级组决赛选手柏愷作文。他是 Hannah McGee 马慧 君(演讲比赛第一名) 的弟弟)他在二年级李老师班。)

(致谢:瓦 戴尔国际语 言学校中文 教师骆泽红 老师为本版 提供了全部 图片和文 稿。不胜感 谢之至!)

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제71주년 광복절 기념식 및 26대 샬롯한인 회장 임원진 취임식 올해로 한국이 일본으로 부터 독립된지 71 주년을 맞게 되었다. 그 기념식을 8월 13일 오후 6시에 샬롯한인회 주최로 샬롯지역 한인 50 여명이 아시안 헤럴드 도서관에서 광복절 기념식을 가졌다. 정준승 청소년 선도 담당 및 장학 위원장의 사회로 기념식을 가졌으며 나 성균 (샬롯 장로교회 담임) 목사의 기도와 애국가 1절4절, 광복절 합창을 의미 깊게 합창했으며 전승현 한인회장의 환영사와 인사가 있었다. 대통령

금메달 7개 은메달 4개, 동메달 7 개를 받고 아틀란타 1등, 알라바마 2등, 샬롯이 3등을 차지 했으며 계속 아틀란타에서 계최하는 동남부 체육전을 2017년에는 샬롯으로 결정하는 계기가 되었다. 전승현 한인회장은 2014년 독립 69 주년 기념식과 함께 25대 한인회장으로 취임 했었으며 지난 2년간 25대 샬롯 한인회는 전승현 회장과 임원들이 샬롯 지역의 발전과 캐롤라이나 지역 및

샬롯25대 한인회 회계보고 수입

8/16/14-8/15/15 8/16/15-7/31/16

한인회 이월금 $ 346(24대) $13,116 공탁금 5,000 -0회장단 임원회비 5,700 -0이사회비 8,400 3,000 일반회비 (290명)(142명) 5,800 2,840 장학금 16,000 12,000 기부금 16,350 18,640 동남부체육대회기부 7,300 6,700 물품기부 9,850 5,840 음식기부 5,200 5,200 비행기표기부 1,200 1,200 노래자랑수입 600 270 합계 $ 81,746 $68,806 8/16/14-8/15/15 8/16/15-7/31/16


축하 대독은 2일 빠른 기념식 관계로 생략 되었다. 이어 라승군 이사장의 메세지는 71년 전의 해방의 기쁨을 회상케 했으며 지금의 발전한 한국을 바라보게 했다. 이날 리우에서 한참 세계올림픽이 진행중인 가운데 한국이 제 5위에 올라 있어서 나라의 발전과 함께 한국이 체육에도 세계의 정상에 오르는 눈부신 발전을 상기 시켰다.

만세 3창을 라승군 이사장의 선창으로 힘있게 불렀으며 이날 한인 2세들도 많이 참석하여 1세들의 조국 독립의 의미를 한층 이해 하는 계기가 되었고 한인회와 지역행사에 많이 참여하는 기쁜 소식을 1 세들에게 상기 시켰다. 그 한예로 지난 2년간 아틀란타에서 있었던 동남부 체육전에서 샬롯한인회가 19 지역 한인회에서 참석한 가운데 3위를 차지 했으며 2016년은 6 월 11-12일에 있었던 동남부 한인 체육전에 선수단 72명이 참석해서

동남부 지역의 한인회와 밀접하게 협력하여 지역 사회를 위해 열심히 봉사 활동을 해 왔다. 지난 6월12 일 동남부 체전에서 2017년 동남부 체육대회를 샬롯으로 결정하게 되어 26대 한인회회장단은 샬롯한인회가 큰 부담을 안고 있는 회장단이 될것을 알렸었다. 지난 7월12 일에 26대 회장후보로 이용수씨가 출마 의사를 선거위원회에 알려 왔었다. 이번 기념식을 마치기 전에 선거위원장인 전기현 박사의 경과 보고에서 이용수씨가 '양보' 하므로 경선을 거치지 않고 순조롭게 제 71 주년 광복절 기념식과 함께 26대 회장단 취임식도 있었다. 임원들은 8 명으로 이번 임기동안 사무총장은 박기홍씨가 맡게 되었고 법률상담은 이준길 변호사가 맡게 되었다. 이날 취임식에는 4분의 증경회장들이 참석했는데 전기현,성열문, 김진경, 방호상 전 회장들이 참석해서 샬롯한인회를 격려했다. 광복절 기념식이 끝나고 참석한 전원을 신 회장단이 토꾜 일본식당에서 식사 대접을 했는데 사회한 정준승 임원은 " 왜 하필 오늘 토꾜 식당에 가느냐" 문의 하실 수 있겠지만 이름만 일본 식당이지 중국사람이 운영한다 해서 함께 웃음을 자아 내기도 했다. AH Staff

장학금 $ 16,200 부조금 3,250 사무비 1,540 임원회 활동비 782 Web 관리비 500 이사회 활동비 926 연합회및지역한인회기부 1,000 노인회기부및식사비 600 수학경시대회지원 952 대회 활동비 768 신년잔치행사비 27,357 (물품및음식기부포함) 상패 600 광고비 1,227 행사장사용비 500 비디오촬영비 500 비행기표 1,200 동남부체육대회 7,116 8.15 경축대회 710 Police Security 400 샬롯시장선거기부금 -0영사업무 334 한국태권도시범단 768 장학사업활동비 400 볼링대회 1,000 합계 $ 68,630 잔액(BALANCE)

$ 12,700 3,655 320 2,452 500 700 1,200 2,667 -01,057 27,646

$ 13,116

1,320 1,041 500 500 1,200 6,145 -0-01,000 -0-0600 -0$ 65,203 $


여러분에게 필요한 보험을 마련하도록 도와드립니다 자동차보험 주택보험 생명보험 사업체보험 CHIP PARK / 박종호 Exclusive Agent

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The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (19)

2017년 동남부 체육전 변경

(장학금을 수여한 학생들) 지난 6월 11일과12일 양일에 의견이 있었다. 이런점을 알리고 아틀란타에서 동남부 체육대회가 샬롯개최를 양보해 줄것을 개최되었을때에 샬롯한인회장 부탁하기위해 박상근 회장( 전승현씨가 샬롯교민의 경제 증경동남부회장및 샬롯한인회 혜택과 한인회 위상을 높이기 회장)과 성열문회장 (증경 위해 내년 동남부 체전을 샬롯에 샬롯한인회 회장)이 전승현 유치하도록 동남부 연합회 회장이 완강히 샬롯에서 개최할 임원진의 허락을 받아 성공적인 것을 주장하므로 전기현 전 체전을 하기 위하여 26대 회장을 샬롯회장에게 중재 해 줄것을 연임하게 되었다. 요청해서 8월21일 오후 3 그 후 연합회 일부 임원들의 시에 전기현박사 사무실에서 의견들이 바뀌어 매년 모임을 가졌다. 전기현 회장이 아틀란타에서 체전을 진행 하는 이용수씨가 한인회 화합을 위해 것을 원칙으로 결정했는데 그 양보 한것 같이 전승현 회장도 이유는 아틀란타가 동남부의 양보 할 것을 권유 해 동남부 중심이며 샬롯에서 개최되면 연합회 화합을 위해 아틀란타에 알라바마 및 장거리에서는 양보하기로 했다. 참석 할 수 없다는 임원들의

어께 동무 장애인 선교단 사랑의 휠체어 나누기 모금 경제적으로 사회적으로 고립되고 외로운 장애인들을 찾아 캄보디아에서 선교하고 있는 조동청 조은주 선교사 부부가 샬롯에 왔다. 조 목사 부부는 필라델피아에서 잘 나가던 사업도 내려놓고 편안하고 안락한 생활과는 이별을 고하고 7년전에 자신 부부와 목회자 아버지를 둔 형제들의 도움과 필라에 있는 Professional Global Mission (PGM) 세계전문인선교회 회원들의 기도로 캄보디아 장애인들을 위한 선교사가 되어 "어께동무장애인 선교단" 일을 하면서 2년에 한번씩 미국전국을 무전여행하면서 모금을 한다. 샬롯을 방문하게되어 샬롯장로교회 및 몇 교회와 아시안 헤럴드를 방문했고 편집한 아래 글을 보내 주셨다. ‘제3차 2016년도 북미주 자동차 대륙행단 순회선교보고’ 아니 ‘북미주선교행전’을 아래와 같습니다. 동부지역 뉴욕, 뉴저지부터 출발하여 중서부, 서부, 남부, 동남부를 거쳐서 23개주를 자동차로 운전하여 ‘제3차 북미주 자동차 대륙행단 순회선교보고 (2016' 3rd North American Cross Country Mission

Reporting)’을 위해서 오래 동안 기도로 준비하여 2016년 5월 15 일부터 뉴욕을 출발해서 '사랑의 세발 휠체어 나누기 1,000대 모금 (Wheels for Love Movement)' 사역이 다 이루어질 때까지 자동차로 이동하며 순회선교보고를 드리며 앞으로도 북미주 7,000곳에 세워진 한인교회들을 찾아가서 장애복지선교의 중요성을 널리 널리 전하는 사명을 잘 감당하여서 2만 8천명의 선교사들 중에서 170 명의 장애복지전문인선교사를 파송하는 사역과 170개국에 세계 어깨동무 장애인 선교단을 세우겠습니다. 이 사역을 위해서 벌써 3차 북미주선교행전을 하는 동안에 510군데 한인교회들을 찾아갔습니다. 그래서 앞으로 남은 6,500군데 한인교회들을 달리고 달려 찾아가서 전할 것 입니다. 북미주 선교행전 총 115일 중에서 74일 만에 노스캐롤라이나지역 한인교회들을 찾아와 캄보디아 어깨동무 장애인 선교단 사역에 꼭 참여하는 교회가 될 것을 믿고 조동천 조은주 전문인 선교사가 현재까지 자동차로 달린 거리가 마일로는 17,054Mile 킬로는 28,180Km을 달리고 달려


찾아다니는 한인교회마다 더욱더 관심과 기도로 후원하는 교회가 될 것을 믿고, '사랑의 휠체어 나누기 1000대 모금 목표'로 제3회 북미주 자동차 대륙횡단 순회선교보고 (North America Cross-Country Fundraising Mission Long Trip Repot)를 77일째 선교보고 드리고 있습니다. 오늘 드리는 이 선교 편지가 무더운 여름날에 급작스럽게 내리는 소나기와 같은 은혜가 있으시기를 간절히 바라는 마음으로 드립니다. 북미주 선교행전 115일을 중에서 벌써 반이상 날짜가 지나는 동안에 1,000대 중에서 약 400대가 모금이 되었지만 아직도 부족한 휠체어 모금을 위해서 달리고 달려 찾아가서 전할 것 입니다. 존경하는 선교의 동지 여러분! 섬기시는 개 교회 온 교인들 한 가정에 한대식 참여 할 수 있도록 아주 많이 홍보해주셔서 '사랑의

교회마다 시간이 허락해주시면 섬기시는 교회에서 '장애복지선교' 에 중요성에 대해서 말씀드리고 열정을 갖고 해외선교를 잘하시는 교회마다 장애복지선교에 대해서 더욱더 보고를 드리고 싶습니다. 혹시 저희 전화번호 201-774-7774로 연락주시면 달려가겠습니다. 그리고 늘 사랑받으며 7년 동안 사역을 잘 감당하고 있는 캄보디아 어깨동무 장애인 선교단 사역 중에 중요한 사역인 '사랑의 휠체어 나누기 모금'을 위한 홍보영상'을 보시고 계속해서 기도와 후원해주시기를 바랍니다. 그리고 저희 캄보디아 어깨동무 장애인 선교단 조동천 조은주 전문인 선교사는 9월 첫째 주에 캄보디아 선교지로 들어갑니다. 9월이후에 캄보디아로 연락주시면 감사하겠습니다. '사랑의 휠체어 나누기 모금


휠체어 나누기 1000대 모금 (Wheels for Love Movement) 에 적극적으로 홍보대사로서 많이많이 전하고 알려주시기를 바라며 기도해주시고 앞장서서 ' 사랑의 휠체어 나누기 1000대 모금 운동'에 우리 모두 앞장서서 주위에

홍보영상' https://youtu. be/9FIPv-Du_Fs [후원구좌안내] 한국에서 보내실 때 : 신한은행 110-299-176615(예금주 어깨동무 선교단 조동천) Pay To : 'The Shoulder to Shoulder'로 적으셔서 미국에서 Check으로 보내실 때 : 보내주실 주소 : (노래자랑 수상자들) 세계 어깨동무 장애인 선교단 국제본부 The Shoulder to Shoulder of USA 160 Terrace Ave. #2A Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 (201)774-7774, (201)6948336 은행으로 직접 보내주실 때(Wire Transfortation) : 계신 지인들에게 많이 참여하도록 세계 어깨동무 장애인 선교단 힘을 써주시고 아주 많이 국제본부 The Shoulder to 기도해주셨으면 감사하겠습니다. Shoulder of USA 그리고 '사랑의 휠체어 1대당' 미국 신한은행 : SHINHAN BANK 환화로는 13만원이고, 미국 AMERICA U$120달러이오니 한 가정에서 Acct. Name : The Shouler to 한대식 참여해주시면 장애를 Shoulder(S2S) 갖고 살아가는 장애인들에게 Acct. No : 700-000-469263 손과 발이 될 것입니다. 그리고 Routing No. 026011963 마지막으로 선교편지를 받으시는

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (20)

교회 소식

The Church’s News

샬롯 한인장로교회 담임: 나성균 목사 1.창립 39 주년 (8/28)


약 2주 후에 있을 창립 39 주년 감사예배를 준비하면서 동시에 일년 후에 있을 창립 40주년 특별 감사예배와 행사를 위하여 전교인들이 모임을 가졌다. 8/14일 주일 저녁에 Lotus Buffet에서 함께 저녁을 나눈 후 좌담회를 통하여 다음과 같은 행사를 한 해를 두고 차근 차근 준비하여 가능한 최대로 진행하기로 하였다. 1) 샬롯장로교회 40 년사 발간 2) 단독 선교사 파송 준비 3) 중남미 단기 선교 4) 성지순례 5) 특별 음악 예배 6) 창립때부터 함께 교회를 섬기던 교역자 및 교우들 홈커밍 행사 7) 어린이 연합행사 8) 행사준비를 위한 바자회 개최 9) 에어로빅 강좌 개설 ( 가입비 전액 선교지원) 10) 창의 미술을 통한 카드 제작을 통하여 선교지원 등 2.연합 구역예배(8/7) 삶을 나누는 구역예배를 저녁을 같이 나누고 함께하게 되었다. 오늘의 양식을 예배순서에 따라 진행한 후에 각자의 삶에서 경험한 바를 나눔으로 바쁘고 소외되기 쉬운 현대인의 삶에서 진정한 신앙의 삶의 동지를 발견하며 서로에게 큰 격려와 깊은 교제를 나누게 되어 기쁨을 나누게 되었다. 3.광복절 기념행사와 제 26 대 한인회장 취임 행사(8/13) 광복 제 71 주년 기념행사와 제 26 대 한인회장으로 취임한 전승현 안수집사의 취임식이 아시안 라이브러리에서 있었다. 대표 기도를 인도한 담임목사는 해방을 주신 하나님의 은혜를 마음 깊이 감사하면서도 동시에 아직까지도 억압과 핍박 속에서 헤매이는 북한의 동포들을 위해 다시 자유 특히 마음 놓고 하나님을 믿게 해주시는 자유를 주시라고 간절하게 기도하고, 동시에 귀한 취임을 하는 전승현 안수집사의 예수님을 닮은 섬기는 리더십에 더욱 매진하여 나누어진 한인회를 연합시켰던 경험을 더욱

사용하고, 가난하고 어려운 도움이 절실히 필요한 교포들을 더욱 감싸 안고 특별히 내년에 있을 동남부 체전 같은 귀한 행사들을 모범되게 감당할 능력을 주시도록 기도하였다. 4.NC 교협행사 참여(8/8-10) 일년에 한번 있는 연합 수련회를 예년과 같이 머틀 비취에서 하게 되었다. 모처럼 함께 만나 교제하며 목회의 경험이나 선배들의 조언을 소중히 나눔 받는 좋은 기회이었다. 첫날 잠시 말씀을 나눌 기회를 요청받은 담임 목사는 부임 초기에 있었던 어려움을 함께 나누고 성령님의 인도를 받는 영성으로 극복하였음을 차분하게 간증하였다.

KIMNET제9차 열방을 향한 선교전략과 기도성회

KIMNET(세계선교동역네트웍: 대표회장 호성기 목사) “제 9차 열방을 향한 선교전략과 기도성회”가 “북미주 한인교회의 열방을 향한 선교적 역할”이란 주제로 10월 19 일(수)~21일(금)까지 뉴욕 프라미스교회에서 열린다. 북미주 여러 선교단체와 교회 그리고 선교사들이 참가하여 주제별 발제와 응답, 선교도전, 네트워크별 발표, 패널토의 등을 통하여 디아스포라, 차세대, 이슬람, 전문인, 다민족 등 선교 현황과 전략을 심도 있게 다루고 기도하는 시간을 가진다. 첫날 19일(수) 저녁에는 이성민

선교사(캄보디아)의 선교지 사역보고와 한기홍 목사 (남가주 은혜한인교회 담임)의 설교로 개회 예배가 시작 된다.

상업 사진 전문 서비스 Commercial Photography 상업 촬영 촬영:: Architectural Photography 건축물,, 쇼핑 건축물 쇼핑몰 몰,주택 주택,,각종행사

사진 구입 구입:: Stock Photos from Website 웹싸이트에서 사진 구입

항공 촬영 촬영:: Aerial Photography & Video 사진 & 비디오 - 미국내 전지역 (704) SKYSKY-6527

(704) SKY-6527

둘째 날 20일(목) 오전에는 ‘ 준비된 디아스포라 사명자들’란 주제로 김경식 목사(세인트루이스 제일장로 교회 담임)와 조에스라 박사(UBF)가, ‘한인교회의 다민족 선교전략’이란 주제로 호성기 목사(필라안디옥 교회 담임)와 이상진 장로( 타코마중앙장로교회)가, ‘기도로 열방을 변화시키는 전략’이란 주제로 이원상 목사가 발표 한다. 오후에는 KIMNET 총회에 이어 네트웍별 발표와 각 선교단체 사역보고가 이어지고, 저녁에는 이아브라함 선교사(독일)의 사역 보고와 류응렬 목사(워싱톤 중앙장로교회 담임)의 말씀 선포로 마친다. 셋째 날인 21일(금) 오전에는 ‘ 청교도 영성 회복’이란 주제로 박희민 목사(Life Mission 대표) 와 이규섭 목사 (뉴욕 퀸즈한인교회 담임)가, ‘북미주 한인교회 시대적 사명’이란 주제로 송상철 목사(아틀란타 새한장로교회)와 이은무 목사(Georgia Christian University)가, ‘이방 땅에서 선교적 전략’이란 주제로 송병기 목사(뉴욕 목양장로교회 담임) 와 강성일 선교사(브라질)가 발표 한다. 오후에는 ‘차세대 디아스포라

동원 전략’이란 주제로 정민용 목사 (Covenant Fellowship Church)와 Jason Noh 목사( 토론토 큰빛교회 공동목회)가 ‘ 이슬람 미래와 선교 전략’이란 주제로 최바울 선교사(인터콥 국제대표)와 김진영 선교사(Silk Wave Mission 대표)가 발표하고 이어 패널 토의가 이어진다, 저녁에는 강경찬 선교사(브라질) 의 사역보고와 김남수 목사(뉴욕 프라미스교회 담임)의 말씀 선포와 기도로 모두 마친다. 특히 이번 컨퍼런스는 북미주 한인교회가 감당 할 세계선교의 전문분야별 발표와 토의을 통하여 폭넓고 깊이가 있고, 그 어느 때 보다도 의미 있는 모임이 되었으면 한다. by KIMNET 총무 이현석 목사

KIMNET & I Pray for Amerca 한국전 참전용사 감사의 날 행사 한국전쟁 66주년을 맞아 I PRAY FOR AMERICA/KIMNET 에서는 2016년 9월 24일 토요일을 한국전 참전용사 감사의 날로 정하고 감사의 시간을 갖는다. 대한민국의 자유와 민주주의를 위하여 6.25 한국전쟁에서 산화한 54.246 명의 전몰장병의 숭고한 희생을 기억하고 공산군과 싸워 이겨낸 참전용사들을 위로하고 감사하는 시간을 갖게 된다. 감사의 날 행사에는 아시안 헤럴드, 샬롯한인회, 샤롯장로교회와 I PRAY FOR AMERICA 기찬국악팀이 후원하고 정성껏 준비한 한국 음식으로 점심을 대접하고 특별히 한국에서 온 기도와 찬양 국악팀이 한국전통악기와 무용으로 참전용사들을 위로하고 격려하며 미국을 위한 기도의 순서를 갖는다. 한국전 참전용사 감사의 날 일시는 2016년 9월24일 토요일 12:00 시 이며 장소는 샤롯장로교회 친교실이다 701 scaleybark Rd Charlotte NC 28209 누구나 참가 하실 수 있고 문의는 박형우 목사 이다. 704 281 0080

기도찬양 국악팀 동부투어 I PRAY FOR AMERICA 와 기찬찬양국악팀은 9월20일 부터 10월 7일까지 (18박 19일) 동안 미국을 위한 기도투어 동부 순회공연에 나선다. 미국이 영적으로 도덕적으로 타락하고 무너지고 있는 때에 미국을 위한 기도운동의 일환으로 한국의 국악찬양팀과 함께 각도시를 순회하며 공연을 하면서 미국을 위해 함께 기도하게 된다. 순회도시는 한국에서 9월 19일 출발하여 아틀란타, 샬롯,워싱턴 디시, 필라델피아, 뉴욕 그리고 보스톤등 각 도시를 순회하며 한국의 전통 악기로 음악과 무용 그리고 기도와 찬양으로 미국을 위한 기도를 하며 10월 7일까지 진행된다.


오랜 경험과 축적된 기술로 조경에 관한 모든 문제를 신속히 해결해 드립니다. ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈

Lawn Care New Garden & Remodeling Water Gardens & Stone Work Irrigation Sprinkler Systems Tree Service

Green World Landscape TEL : 704- 699-7956

E.Mail :

The Asian Herald

샤롯 공연은 한국전 참전용사 감사의 날 ( 9월 24 일 토요일, 장소 : 샬롯장로교회) 에서, 다민족연함 예배 (세계로 소망교회, 미얀마교회,미국교회 3교회연합) 에서 (9월25 일 주일, 장소: 세계로 소망교회) 그리고 샬롯의 업타운에서 야외공연을 벌일 예정이다. 공연참가를 원하는 분들은 이메일 전화 704-281-0080 박형우 목사에게 문의 하면 된다.

10년 넘게 일한 오지 선교사 초정

전세계 선교지에서 사역하는 선교사 가운데 선교 단체가 확실하며 오지에서 10년 이상 사역하고 동부지역을 한번도 방문한 적이 없는 선교사 가운데 19명을 초청하여 아틀란타 (GA), 샬롯(NC),워싱턴 D.C,

필라델피아(PA),뉴욕을 주요 역사적 탐방지를 방문하고 5개 후원교회에서 리더쉽과 영성수련을 통하여 오랜 사역으로 인하여 지치고 탈진된 선교사들에게 재충전과 회복의 기회를 제공하기 위하여 마련되었는데 13박14 일 동안 진행된 이 프로그람은 선교사들에게 새로운 충전과 회복 그리고 힐링을 통해서 큰 힘을 얻고 각 사역지로 돌아갔다. 특히 이번에 참가한 선교사들은 후원교회들의 섬김에 감사할 뿐 아니라 미국을 위해 기도하는 가운데 기도선교에 비전을 갖고 내년 5월 15일~8 17 일까지 태국의 수도 방콕에서 I

제공해주시고, 여러가지 방법으로 후원을 작정해주신 샬롯 장로교회에 감사드립니다. 샬롯 장로교회의 주소 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209

Pray For All Nations 세기모( 세계를 위한 기도모임) 기도대회를 갖기로 했다. I Pray For All Nations 세기모( 세계를 위한 기도모임)에 관심을 갖고 기도하며 참가를 원하는 분은 I Pray For America 미기모 ( 미국을 위한 기도모임) 코디 박형우 목사에게 문의 하면 된다. 세기모 기도대회를 위해 매주 토요일 아침 7시에 I Pray for America 중보기도실에서 기도모임을 갖고 전세계를 품고 기도하는데 함께 기도할 중보자들을 찾고있다.

가을학기 사랑의 교실 준비모임 가을학기 사랑의 교실 개강을 위한 준비모임이 7월 30일과 8월 7일 양일에 걸쳐서 있었습니다. 바쁘신 중에도 관심을 가져주시고 참여해주신 모든 분들께 깊은 감사드립니다. 제24회 미주 동부지역 사랑의 캠프 '천국의 기쁨을 누리는 장애인' 이란 주제로 함께한 이번 사랑의

September 2016 (21) 홈페이지 주소는 www. 이며, 새로운 이 메일 주소는 charlottemilar@ 입니다. 사랑의 교실 자원 봉사자 교육 세미나 및 준비모임 2016년 하반기 사랑의 교실 개강을 앞두고 8월 20일(토) 오전 10시 30분에 자원 봉사자 교육 및 준비모임을 샬롯 장로교회에서 가졌습니다. 이번 봉사자 교육 세미나와 하반기 사랑의 교실 운영 계획안 발표는 각각 이승민 전도사와 김기현 사모가 담당해주셨습니다. 기도 부탁드립니다. 토요 사랑의 교실 예배 가운데 회복과 연합의 은혜가 있기를

신청문의: I PRAY FOR AMERICA 코디네이터 박형우목사 704 -281-0080 iprayforamerica@gmail

샬롯밀알 선교단 사역자 청빙 샬롯 밀알 선교단에서는 이승민 전도사를 새로운 지소장으로 청빙 중에 있습니다. 새로운 사역자와 더불어 아름다운 샬롯 밀알 선교단을 만들어 갈 수 있도록 기도 부탁드립니다. 사랑의 교실 장소 이전 새로운 사랑의 교실 장소가 ' 샬롯 장로교회' Room# 201 로 정해졌습니다. 장소를

캠프에 6명의 샬롯 밀알 가족이 약 40여명의 아틀란타 밀알 가족들과 함께 참석했습니다. 이번 사랑의 캠프에 참여할 수 있도록 후원해주신 모든 분들과 특히 아틀란타에서 샬롯까지 오셔서 Bus ride 로 섬겨주신 아틀란타 밀알에 깊은 감사드립니다. 아틀란타 밀알 봉사자 훈련 참석 지난 8월 6일(토)에 있었던 아틀란타 밀알 선교단의 봉사자 훈련 모임에 이승민 전도사와 김기현 사모가 함께 참석하였습니다. 봉사자 훈련에 참석할 수 있도록 숙식을 제공해주시고 필요한 여러가지 자료들을 후원해주신 아틀란타 밀알 선교단에 감사드립니다.

바랍니다. 샬롯의 여러 장애인들이 연결되어 토요 사랑의 교실에 참석할 수 있기를 바랍니다. 봉사자들과 교사진들이 사랑의 교실을 잘 모집될 수 있기를 바랍니다. 샬롯의 많은 개인과 교회 그리고 단체들이 장애인 선교에 동참할 수 있게되기를 바랍니다.

각종 후원 가을학기 사랑의 교실을 위한 포스터가 '샬롯 열린교회' 의 후원으로 제작되었습니다. 후원해주신 열린교회에 감사드립니다. 샬롯 장로교회의 세구역에서 샬롯 밀알 선교단을 1년동안 후원해주시기로 작정해주시며 새로운 홈페이지와 이 메일 주소 지난 8월 7일 구역장 전기현 샬롯 밀알 선교단이 새롭게 장로님께서 저녁식사를 홈페이지를 개설했습니다. 섬겨주셨습니다. 감사드립니다. 홈페이지의 블로그를 통해 샬롯 밀알 선교단의 활동내용이 매주 이 승 민 전도사 업데이트 될 예정입니다.

Super G Mart Super Global Mart

Store Hours: 8:15 AM - 9:30 PM We Are Open Every Day!

The largest international supermarket in North Carolina • Authentic Korean Restaurant, • Bakery, and Chinese Dim-Sum

Tel: (980) 321-4048 Website: Independence Square East Shopping Center 7323 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28227

Store Hours: We are Open Every Day Including Holidays! Monday thru Saturday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday & Holidays: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM • Joy Luck Club authentic Chinese restaurant • Chanell Cake In-House Bakery

Voice: (704) 821-0899 Website: 4400 Potters Rd, Stallings, NC 28104

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (22) Carmel Baptist Japanese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev. Kenji Takami 980-322-4321 e-mail:

Carmel Baptist Chinese Ministry 1145 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Rev: Haohsin Huang 704-847-8575 e-mail:

Agape Chinese Baptist Church 1500 Suther Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Xiaowei Zhou 973-699-2308

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church 7225 Pence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Jayson Ramscal 704-536-6700

Vietnamese Baptist Church 4301 Howie Circle Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Paul Hung Nguyen 704-231-3594

Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church 9733 Plaza Road Ext. Charlotte, NC 28215 Senior Pastor: Dai Van Nguyen 704-563-7847

Charlotte Presbyterian Church 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Pastor: Sung Kyun Na 704-877-6642 (Cell) 704-529-0900 (Church)

The First Korean Presbyterian Church 6930 Wallace Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Pastor: Yu Chan Choi 980-200-7211 (C) 704-531-2552 (O)

Southern Korean Presbyterian Church 3619 McKee Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270 Pastor: Sung Sub Song 704-989-4412 (C) 704-841-0821 (O)

Charlotte Adelphos ARP Church 2024 Sam Newell Rd Matthews,  NC 28105 Pastor: In Woo Ryoo 704-221-4837 661-860-6185

Wesley United Methodist Church 3715 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 282226 Pastor: Hyeong Jae Lee 704-408-0909 828-702-2412

Dream Presbyterian Church 3316 Pleasant Plains Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Ji Ho Jeong 704-287-2278 (C) 704-847-9880 (O)

Beacon Korean Methodist Church 9212 Bryant Farms Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277 Pastor : Sun Jin Kim 704-936-9025 (C) 980-819-8493 (O)

Interfaith Indonesian Fellowship

St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic

2940 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Jusuf Mandey Contact: Maureen Laloan 704-248-6983

Filipino Int’l Community Church

4929 Sandy Porter Rd. Charlotte, NC 28273 Rev: Tri Truong 704-504-0907

Centerview Lao Baptist Church

185 S Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Van Joven Pamintuan

4307 Eddleman Street Charlotte, NC 28208 Rev: Bounthavone Sombatsaphay 704-509-4989 704-277-4183


Bible Baptist Church

Cambodian Methodist Mission 4305 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: Samuel Om 704-253-3715

First Hmong United Methodist 2101 Belvedere Ave Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Hood Vang 704-649-8314 Email:

Vietnamese Assembly of God 4525 E. WT Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: Timothy Tran 704-568-9522 704-362-1554

255 South Highway 21 Bypass Fort Mill, SC 28089 Pastor: John Stone 571-438-3852 (한 수현)

Myanmar Community Church

To Jeong

2029 Mecklenburg Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205 Pastor: John Byhna 704-712-7810 E-mail:

Lien Hoa Vietnamese Buddhist Temple

Changes of information requested 2months ago!!!!!!!

6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540

Asian Churches & Religious Org. Could you kindly change it as indicated below? 1. Please delete the existing picture and replace it with the attached picture. 2. Please print the new information as it is listed below: Lien Hoa Temple 6510 Lake Drive Charlotte, NC 28215 Contact person: Phuc Tu Phone: 704-941-4540

Please confirm you've received this email. Thank you for your help! Please let me know if you need any clarification.

Sarang Church of Charlotte 331 West Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Pastor: Joseph Chung 704-598-5255 (C) 704-494-3003 (H)

The Korean Hope Church 2841 Idlewild Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Pastor: Hyung Woo Park 704-322-3101 (C) 704-281-0080 (H)

Statesville ARP Church 221 Ivyrun Ct. Statesville, NC 28625 Pastor: Song Choi 704-924-9772 (O) 704-873-6275 (H)

Peace Church 5201 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 예배시간 : 주일 12시 30분 Pastor: Eung Ju Lee 704-236-7194 (C)

Henderson Mission Church 286 8th Ave Cramerton, NC 28032 Pastor: Dongwook Kim 980-329-0060 (C) 704-823-7743 (O)

Charlotte Korean SDA Church 3120 Sam Newell Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Jin Yong Park 704-849-7787 (O)

Rodam Presbyterian Church 15008 Lancaster Highway Pineville, NC 28134 Pastor: Eun Joo Kim 704-307-5442 (C)

All Nations Church 301 S. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC 28202 Pastor: Eul Ki Jung 704-281-0585 (C) 704-332-9930 (O)

Bethel Korean Church of Charlotte 7121 Delta Lake Dr. Charlotte, NC 28215 Pastor: John C. Kim 704-877-9925 (C) 704-566-7173 (O)

Carolina Korean Church 3715 Rea Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 Pastor: Seung Hwan Kim 704-488-1187

Open Church of Charlotte 1015 S. Trade St. Matthews, NC 28105 Pastor: Jae Chul Cho 704-849-2661 (O) 704-534-9964 (C)

Korean Global Mission Church 1329 Stallings Rd. Matthews, NC 28104 Pastor: Daemun Yim 704-654-5035 (C) 704-568-7794 (H)

Asheville Korean Baptist Church 2905 N. Rugby Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28791 Pastor: Yeun Wok Kim 828-684-0173 828-702-2412

New Vision Mission Church 800 Fullwood Ln,Bldg C Matthews,NC 28105 Pastor: Young Cha

704-763-6242 (C)

Chinese True Buddhist Society 5909 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Contact: Pauline Lee 704-567-2000

Cambodian Buddhist Temple 219 Owen Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28213 Master: Duong Cheang Contact: Manary Tan 704-596-6628

Phat Hue Buddhist Temple 11502 Idlewild Rd. Matthews, NC 28105 Chua Phat Hue Venerable: Thich Phap Hue 704-321-9098

Wat Lao Buddharam 1824 Todville Rd. Charlotte, NC 28214 Phonglith Chanthasalo 704-391-9956

Holy Rosary Group Holy Rosary Groups of Charlotte & vicinity Paul Davis Amigo 704-909-0429

Charlotte Harmony Church 2817 Mt. Harmony Church Rd. Charlotte, NC 28105 Rev. Yong Chel Park 704-577-6085, 704-814-0958

Carolinas Christian Assembly/Indian Church Rev.Dr. K.C.paul, MA,MS,M.Div,Phd 12601 Idlewild Rd NC 28105 704-771-1414

St. John Lee Korean Catholic Church 7109 Robinson Church Rd. Hendersonville, NC 28215 Pastor: Duk Kyo Suh 704-281-6292 (C) 704-531-8417 (O)

Korean Central Baptist Church 328 W Carson Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 Pastor: Kee Woong Lee 980-422-3263 (C)

Bethany Korean Presbyterian Church 3901 McKee Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270 Pastor: Jong Baek Lim 704-771-3685 (C) 704-375-3501 (O)

Wheat Mission in Charlotte 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Pastor: Seung Min Lee 704-860-1388 (C)

Others ◙ Grace Korean Church 704-965-1004 ◙ Mustard Seed Church, 980-253-3956 Young Seo Kim ◙ Lake Norman Presby. Church Young Il Cho, 980-258-3521

◙ Full Gospel Hallelujah Church Jung Kyung Kim 704-525-1133, 704-534-7756

The AsiAn herAld

September 2016 (23)

Asian Business Directory Cultural Centers

Asian Embassies

Chinese Embassy Indian Embassy Indonesian Embassy Japanese Embassy Korean Embassy Philippines Embassy Singapore Embassy Taiwan(Am. Affairs Off.)


202-338-6688 202-939-7000 202-775-5200 202-238-6700 202-939-5600 202-467-9300 202-537-3100 202-362-6144

—––— North Carolina ——–

Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce 704-332-5656 Chinese-American Assn. of Charlotte 704-322-3327 Filipino-American of the Carolinas 704-605-5955 Hindu Center (India) 704-535-3440 India Association 704-545-3727 Indonesian Association 704-458-8532 Japanese.-Ame. Assn. of Charlotte 704-333-8099 Korean Assn. of Charlotte 704-307-9584 Korean Assn. of Fayetteville 910-286-7518 Korean Assn. of Greensboro 336-327-3672 Korean Assn. of Raleigh 919-931-4747 Lao-Ame. Assn. of Charlotte 704-533-2634 NC Korean Church Assn. 919-621-6220 NC Korean Culture Assn. 919-848-6110 Tai.-Ame.Assn. of Charlotte 704-588-1004 Vietnamese Assn. of Clt. 704-780-0822 Taiwan Assn. of Charlotte 704-543-9360

—–—– South Carolina —–––

Filipino Assn.of Columbia Korean Assn. of Columbia Korean Assn. of Greenville Philippine American Assn of Greenville

803-781-9509 803-419-1144 864-223-7271 864-297-4576

Chan Pauline,CPA Chun, Ki-Hyun, Ph.D.LLD,CPA Lee, Jung Sook, CPA Lee. C. W. MBA., CPA Zee, Sylvester L., CPA

704-540-0027 704-332-5656 704-364-3667 704-607-7260 704-467-1965

Big “L” Food Service


Accountants - CPA

Food Wholesale

Carolina Asian Culture Center International House The Peaceful Dragon Tea House

704-334-3450 704-333-8099 704-504-8866

Chang, Kristen Aekyung Li, Benjamin M. Kim, Douglas H. Nguyen, Tin Suhr, Paul

336-855-5700 704-527-0878 704-504-0962 704-461-1527 919-876-4707


Asian Groceries

Asia Oriental Grocery International Super Market New Century Overseas Oriental Food G Mart Grand Asia Market Luck Oriental Market Pepero Asian Grocery

704-375-1215 704-509-1799 704-921-1716 704-522-9111 980-321-4048 704-821-0891 704-568-8949 704-845-2107

Olivia Wong’s


Zak Kacho C-Tech(Daniel)

704-347-5081 980-939-5032

Nu Air Cond.


Home Accessories Internet Solution Heating & Air

Kim Piano

Piano Tuning Martial Arts


Facente, Christopher Kim, Ju Hoon Pak, Sang K. Pang’s U.S Taekwondo

704-545-7438 704-332-7000 803-327-9000 704-867-7600

The Asian Herald The Korean Christian Times World Journal China Star Carolina Korea Journal

704-334-3450 770-986-8220 770-451-4509 704-364-8887 704-449-0321

E.Balcita. McGary & Asso.




Fu, Kevin Lee, Eva - Allen Tate Yu, Anne-Home Vision realty Yu, Linda-Keller Williams CherLue Vang, Golden Key Smita. B. Parekh Home mortage Lee, Maria Han, Michelle Coco Niu Brenda J. Shi Connie Heintz

704-888-1108 704-543-5926 704-650-7650 704-258-9087 704-545-8264 704-608-2191 704-576-6000 704-400-7744 704-332-9320 704-502-2726 704-430-7046

Restaurants (Charlotte, NC )

–——— American, French ———–

Osaka Room 112 Coral Sushi EMZY Nikko Nakato J.J. Wasabi’s

704-849-0028 704-335-7112 704-895-6880 704-348-4288 704-370-0100 704-543-8899 704-799-0068

G Mart Restaurant China Wing Inter-net Coffee House Fish Wing

704-536-5848 704-643-1212 704-334-1523 704-331-0740

–——— Korean —–——




Cuisine Malaya

Baoding Chinese Cuisine Chian Wing(Special Noodle) Ginbu 401 Dim Sum Dragon Court Fujo GadoGado Great Wall of China, South Jade JoJo China Bistro Koishi Panda’s Den Royal Panda Shun Lee Palace Tin Tin Times Tomi Wan Fu Red ball

704-552-8899 704-643-1212 704-372-2288 704-569-1128 704-596-0228 704-954-0087 704-844-8686 704-542-5409 704-369-5088 704-541-6488 704-442-9886 704-567-0088 704-587-3996 704-366-2025 980-299-3939 704-676-9998 704-759-1288 704-541-1688 704-282-2300

Joel’s Grill

—––—— Chinese ———–--------

Bombay Grill Jaipur Maharani

–—– Indian —–—

704-542-3933 704-643-1421 704-370-2455

––— Japanese ———

Kabuto Japanese Steak House Kobe Japanese House Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Sushi-ya japan Mizuho Japanese Restaurant Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Hanaya Garden

704-529-0659 704-896-7778 704-541-1788 704-295-7633 704-543-4081 704-541-1788 704-891-4150




––— Filipino ——


–—— Thai —–—

Monsoon Thai House, Hwy 51 Thai House, Univ. Thai Orchid Thai Taste On East Blvd.

704-533-6778 704-542-6300 704-717-8006 704-364-1134 704-332-0001

–——— Vietnamese ———–

Ben Thanh Pupusa Pho 98 Pho Hoa Saigon Bistro Saigon Palace

704-566-1088 704-537-8475 704-643-1243 704-536-7110 704-536-5888 704-529-0098


Charlotte Chinese School Chinese Language Tutor Japanese Language School Timothy School

704-243-2515 980-939-9408 704-333-8099 704-591-4872


Cargo Brokers Int’l. - Tun Young 704-357-3079

Translating & Interpreting


704-717-0043 / 888-721-2077

Travel Agencies

Da Fa Travel Free Spirit Travel J.C. Tour & Travel NC Travel

919-790-6898 704-568-8744 800-239-1232 910-868-2400

Carolina Asian Culture Center 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte, NC 28209 Sunny Chun (704) 334-3450 Pastor Sam Na (704) 529-0900

Boat People SOS, Inc.

(704) 567-2320

Branch Manager/Outreach Coordinator Linh Quach (704) 596-2157

Central Piedmont Community College International Programs and Services Dotty Holly (704) 330-6127 (704) 330-6456

UNC Charlotte International Student/Schlar Office (704) 687-2000 Debbie Wilson - Administrative Assistatn (704) 687-7781

Korean Business Directory

동남부한인회연합회(이기붕)334-221-5939 캐롤라이나연합회(김성찬) 843-708-0777 주아틀란타총영사관 404-522-1611~3 샬롯한인회 (전승현) 704-307-9584 샬롯교회협의회(송성섭) 704-989-4412 아시안도서관 704-334-3450 샬롯노인회 (이봉석) 704-689-8013 한국식품점(Korean Grocery) 빼빼로식품 704-845-2107 한식품 704-814-8822 럭키식품 704-568-8666 부동산(Realtor) 박종호 부동산 704-737-7203 데이빗 리 부동산 704-408-9947 이 마리아 부동산 704-576-6000 미쉘 한 부동산 704-400-7744 임영준 부동산 704-560-0312 김하중 부동산 704-532-8222 배혜진 부동산 704-577-9309 최희수 부동산 704-351-6422 한진구 부동산 704-376-3825 최미숙 부동산 704-814-6255 전수진 부동산 704-649-2964 최종은 부동산 704-839-1575 김미선 부동산 704-575-5994 뉴라이프 부동산 704-877-7712 박에스더 704-208-9006 황미선 부동산 704-658-6480 Connie Heintz 704-430-7046 병원(Hospital) 유종현 M.D. 704-663-7500 하명록내과 704-799-8182 박정필 카로프랙틱 704-841-1701 송호준 카이로프랙틱 704-321-7963 정기수 신경과 704-316-5388 치과(Dentist) 정승수 치신경과 704-792-9637 김수훈 치과 704-935-2700 정치과 704-594-9808 Tommy Kim 치과 704-948-5684

박치과 704-573-1198 한의원(Asian acupuncture) 중화 한의원 704-543-9243 에버그린한의원 704-540-7471 녹십자 한의원 704-540-6900 융자(Financing) 김연화 융자 704-280-0437 전도범 융자 704-537-1909 초이스융자 704-320-8999 데이빗오융자 704-926-5683 법률사무소(LawOffice) 장애경 변호사 336-855-5700 김동현 변호사 704-504-0962 벤자민 리 변호사 704-527-0878 박영민 변호사 704-556-9161 천미성 변호사 919-783-8999 서승해 변호사 919-864-7110 태권도/검도(Martial Art) 용인대 태권도 (우성제) 704-841-7555 김문갑당수도/해동검도 704-568-8666 방호상 태권도 704-867-7600 유에스 태권도 704-544-7500 김주훈 태권도 704-332-7000 박상근 태권도 803-327-9000 한스유에스태권도 704-752-9400 자동차정비(Auto Repair) 이코노자동차종합정비 704-889-3266 FM 자동차정비 704-536-0519 스피디 자동차종합정비 704-544-4665 에이스 종합정비 704-566-7887 Park 자동차써비스 704-998-7042 공인회계사/세무(CPA) 전기현 공인회계사 704-332-5656 최기호 공인회계사 704-847-7208 이정숙 공인회계사 704-364-3667 이천우 공인회계사 704-607-7260 최종구 공인회계사 704-541-0527 보험(Insurance) 박종호 보험 704-737-7203 삼성종합보험 704-537-3722 김시영 보험 704-737-9207

제이씨보험 하나종합보험 데이빗양 보험 해피 라이프

704-334-5082 704-968-2597 704-839-3692 615-833-2100

도서관(Library) 아시안헤럴드도서관 704-334-3450 식당(Restaurant) G-Mart식당 704-536-5848 오사카 704-849-0028 스시야재팬 704-295-7633 미용실(Hair Salon) 현미용실 704-562-3847 안나 미용실 678-907-0999 Bela K 미용실 704-293-2631 진 미용실 704-277-1868 여행사(Travel) NC Travel 910-868-2400 JC Tour & Travel 704-451-1236 서울국제여행사 800-458-2242 청소(Cleaning)&건축(Construction)

유비엠 청소회사 KLEEN UBM US 건축 에이스건축 Ahn's 페인팅 Song's 페인팅 대한엔터프라이즈

704-940-7722 704-527-2363 704-363-0106 704-615-8584 704-752-3885 704-808-0983 704-258-0614 704-309-0439


샬롯 한국인쇄소

704-527- 0901 간판 (Sign)

디지탈싸인그래픽스 US Signs & Graphics 이코노싸인

704-333-9399 704-771-6681 704-375-1552

기타 (Others)

컴퓨터수리 뉴에어(에어콘,히팅,냉동) 대농기계(세탁장비,수리) 프로전기,냉난방 남가이버핸디맨 C2 Education 샬롯 아이비학원 피아노조율 그린월드조경 코리아나농장 금은보석 Gold man Camel Jewelry 디모데한국학교 휴대폰 개인과외지도(Tutoring) 바이올린 레슨 웅진코웨이 대리점 닥터권교육센터 샬롯밀알선교단

980-939-5032 704-661-5699 704-942-5555 704-771-8507 704-516-5681 704-544-2511 704-608-2297 704-644-5285 704-699-7956 704-882-9533 704-569-0017 704-544-2511 704-591-4872 980-230-6906 704-965-9084 267-939-0222 704-375-1215 704-849-7926 704-281-8318


샬롯볼링협회(홍미경) 샬롯테니스협회(박준범) 샬롯축구협회(오정국) 샬롯유스축구

704-877-7910 704-877-1030 704-363-4452 704-654-5023


C & H Imports P & Y Trading US Trading J & P Trading Updales, Inc

704-525-5108 704-392-4849 704-375-0506 704-394-8453 704-399-6211

아시안 수퍼 식품점(Asian Super MKT) G-Mart 980-321-4048 Grand-Asia 704-821-0899 피아노조율(Piano Tuning) 김 피아노 912-655-9385


Todd’s Flowers


Nu Air

냉방&난방(Air Condition) 704-543-9360

The Asian Herald

September 2016 (24)


Tin Tin, an upscale All You Can Eat Asian seafood buffet offers a vast assortment of mouth watering culinary delights. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing each taste tempting entrée. Our buffet counter with over hundred varieties of appetizers, salads, hot foods and bite size desserts. Extravaganza cannot be described in mere words

Under New Management ● Lunch - 11:00 am ~ 3:00 pm

Daily ● Dinner - Sun. ~ Thur. : 4:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm Fri. & Sat. : 4:30 pm ~ 10:00 pm

980-299-3939 삼성종합보험

(Sam Sung Ins.) 삼성이 하면 다릅니다 그 서비스의 차이를 느껴 보십시오!! 삼성에서는 자동차, 상업(W/C, G/L, 자영업자 보험), 건강보험 (BlueCross BlueShield) 생명보험(G/E) 등 모든 보험을 취급하는 보험 전문 회사 언제든지 전화만 주시면 자동차 보험료 무료견적을 받아 보실 수 있으십니다 또한 본인 및 배우자의 금액에 따른 생명보험 요금도 즉시에서 Check하실 수 있습니다

건강보험: Blue Cross Blue Shield (NC 제1의 건강보험) 생명보험: General Electric

Tel : 704-537-3722 Fax : 704-537-3713

새로운 의료개혁 PLAN

“OBAMACARE” 에 대한 자세한 문의는 삼성종합보험으로 연락 바랍니다. 삼성종합보험 Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Agent


심위성 대표


Tel : 704-537-3722 Fax : 704-537-3713 Email: 4801E.Independence Blvd.#615 (Independence Tower) Charlotte, NC 28212

Asian Herald | September 2016  

The Asian Herald is an English language newspaper offering an opportunity to reach 338,000 Asian-American readers from the Korean, Chinese,...

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