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Happy Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims

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July 2014 - 1st Edition


Express JULY 1ST EDITION 2014



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SALMAN KHAN TO THRILL FANS THIS EID Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is set to kick-start this Eid season with the forthcoming action romantic-comedy film ‘Kick’.

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GEORGE CLOONEY SLAMS NEWSPAPER FOR ‘DANGEROUS’ STORY ABOUT HIS FIANCÉE Actor George Clooney has strongly criticised the Daily Mail for a “completely fabricated story” about his fiancée, saying its only intention is to exploit religious differences and says that it has put his family at risk.

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ARTIST: Razwan Ul-Haq produced the huge piece of art as part of the Yorkshire Festival’s ‘Fields of Vision’ project which saw artists produce land art for the Tour de France

Bradford Calligraphist brings Arabic art to Le Tour

By Ashley Grint

As Yorkshire prepared for the Tour de France takeover, the county went bike-crazy and one local artist says he was delighted to have made his mark on the world’s biggest cycling event. Razwan Ul-Haq, from Bradford, is one of many artists whose creative work

was on show for the world to see when the Tour passed through the Yorkshire countryside. Giant designs of bikes were seen in fields throughout the route yet, unlike any other, Razwan’s stunning creation was made up solely from Arabic letters.

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July 2014 - 1st Edition

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REMEBRANCE: Speakers at the event included four Mothers of Srebrenica - Nirha Efendić, Mejra Dzoguz, Hatidza Mehmedović, Mrs Sebija Izetbegović with President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegović, Senior Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Minister for Faith and Communities at the Department for Communities and Local Government, Rt Hon Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Judge Theodor Meron, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Rt Hon Eric Pickles

Remembrance for victims of Srebrenica genocide By Anush Ansari

July 11th marks the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre where some 8000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys were mass murdered. Key faith leaders, MPs, academics and opinion leaders and senior guests attended a remembrance evening for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide in London, on Tuesday 8 July. Hosted by Rt Hon Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the event at Lancaster House was one of a number of national and local events leading to Srebrenica Memorial Day on 11 July, the EUwide day of remembrance for the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. Guests of honour were four of the Mothers of Srebrenica, Hatidza Mehmedovi , Dr Fatima Dautbaši -Klempi , Mejra Dzoguz and Nirha Efendi . They represent approximately 6,000 widows and victims’ relatives who survived the genocide, and share their personal testaments throughout Remembering Srebrenica Memorial Week. Also attending the evening were President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovi , Rt

Hon Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Bruce MP, President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Judge Theodor Menon, and Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, chairman and founder of Remembering Srebrenica.

all too recent reminder of what can happen when hatred and prejudice is not challenged. “We all have a collective responsibility to learn lessons from this history and prevent a repeat of the atrocities - which is why the Remembering Srebrenica Memorial week is so vitally important. “I have met and heard many touching stories from the Mothers of Srebrenica – women whose sons, husbands and brothers’ lives were so cruelly taken. Their courage and dignity to re-tell their stories, and their determination to

“The Srebrenica genocide leaves an indelible mark on our recent history. The horrors of Srebrenica is an all too recent reminder of what can happen when hatred and prejudice is not challenged.” Faith and Communities Minister Baroness Warsi said: “The Srebrenica genocide leaves an indelible mark on our recent history. “The horrors of Srebrenica is an

seek justice for the victims, is something we can all learn from. “As we remember and pray for the victims we must all pledge to ensure that such horrors are never repeated, and never forgotten.”

July 2014 - 1st Edition

SUPPORTED: Imam at Leeds’ Makkah Masjid Mosque, Qari Asim, and White Ribbon Ambassador, Ikram Butt, are supporting the event alongside faith leaders across Yorkshire and Lancashire

Faiths unite to tackle domestic violence The month of Ramadan is about caring and sharing with all regardless of backgrounds. And now, during the Islamic holy month, faith institutions have come together to support a campaign aiming to eradicate domestic violence from society altogether. Domestic abuse is an alarmingly common crime in the UK for both genders, with one in four women experiencing at least one incident of domestic abuse in their lifetimes and one in ten experiencing violence from a partner at least once a year. Events are set to be held across Yorkshire and Lancashire this month as the problem is tackled by faith institutions,

spearheaded by the White Ribbon Campaign. Leeds’ Makkah Masjid will be just one place of worship where the project will be supported and Imam Qari Asim explained why it was important to support the initiative. He said: “We know that during times of heightened emotions, such as the current World Cup, incidents of domestic violence increase. “This campaign will help people talk more openly about any concerns they may have both in their own households or those of their friends and families.” Chris Green, founder and CEO of the White Ribbon

Campaign, said he was delighted to see action being taken to end violence in the home. “During football World Cups, from 2002-2010, domestic abuse increased by 38 per cent. “Let this year be the first when there is no increase, or even better, a reduction in the levels of male violence against women, during the World Cup.” Former England Rugby League international and White Ribbon Ambassador Ikram Butt added: “Violence against women and children is unacceptable and we all have a duty and responsibility to speak out against it and take action until we eradicate it completely.” An open event, for people of all backgrounds, is set to be held at the Leeds Makkah Masjid on Friday 11th July from 8:30pm at the Annual Community Iftari, with White Ribbon representatives in attendance.





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Housing on its way

FOUND: Nadim Hanif’s blue BMW M5 was initially stolen in a carjacking in Birmingham last month, yet after a group of friends headed to the city from Leeds to track it down, they were reunited with the vehicle, pictured member of the search group, Shaf Ahmad

Funding announced earlier this week, as part of the historic £1bn deal with government to accelerate economic growth across Leeds City Region, will mean plans to deliver regeneration and housing in Leeds can make significant progress. The East Leeds Extension is the city’s largest single allocated site for housing development and is expected to make a significant contribution to the overall city-wide requirement for 70,000 new homes by 2028. The funding will enable preparatory site works and relocation of council facilities to provide land for the East Leeds Orbital Road, with further funds to assist the development of brownfield sites in other parts of East Leeds. Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has made a commitment to secure at least £64.5m of other funding, mainly from developers, with central government adding up to £5.1m (£2.6m in 2015/16) to kick start development in this area, as part of the wider investment plan for the region.

Bradford calls for more ‘neighbourliness’

Bradford Council is supporting the district-wide Be Neighbourly campaign to encourage more acts of neighbourliness in local communities. They are asking people to organise simple activities on their street to build a stronger sense of belonging to your local community. Examples might include coffee mornings, a street clean-up, a plant or book swap, garden party or family fun day. You can also apply for a £50 Street Activity Voucher to contribute to any costs incurred in organising your street activity up until the 30th September. It aims to help overcome isolation and improve community cohesion by increasing friendliness between neighbours so communities can band together during difficulties like cold weather and icy conditions.

Get ‘Fit for Summer’

Bradford Council is making it easier than ever to get fit this summer with affordable offers on seasonal gym memberships. The Fit for Summer programme offers four months of Clubactive gym membership at Bradford Council’s two premier gyms Richard Dunn Sports Centre and The Leisure Centre Keighley for just £90. The offer is also available at Bingley pool, Eccleshill Pool and Shipley Pool with four months allinclusive membership for only £75. The offer, which starts now, includes a free gym induction, then unlimited use of the gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms and access to a wide range of exercise classes. Asian

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APP: The ‘My BMW’ app is free to download and is designed to help drivers find their cars when parked in a busy car park

Needle-in-a-haystack situation sees sentimental vehicle reunited with owner

FREE car app finds stolen BMW A businessman, who was carjacked at knifepoint last month, says it is a ‘miracle’ that he has been reunited with his car thanks to a simple free phone app. Nadim Hanif, 38, from Leeds, had just concluded a meeting in Birmingham city centre on Wednesday 18th June when his beloved BMW M5 was stolen by a pair of masked men. The publishing group director was forced out of the car by the armed assailants just after 4pm and left stranded without his phones, money or car. “It was a horrible experience and something I had never encountered before,” he said. “I knew they wanted the car and I knew they were willing to hurt me for it so I thought I must just cooperate with these guys and walk away so I am safe. “They took my wallet, phones, iPad, clothes, and of course the

car.” He added: “I was very disturbed but at the same time grateful that nothing had happened to me.” During the attack an onlooker had called the police and within two minutes of the men driving away, three patrol cars had arrived on the scene. Two of the response units went to search for the stolen car whilst the police helicopter was also sent up in the search efforts yet to no avail. “I couldn’t believe it had gone,” Mr Hanif added. “The car had such sentimental value to me and you can’t replace something like that because I had waited so long to get it.” Two days later, Mr Hanif was at home with his family when his replacement phone arrived after contacting the insurers. Knowing that he had already set up a BMW app on his stolen

mobile, which alerts drivers where their cars are parked within a specific radius, he once again downloaded the app and decided to head down to the West Midlands with a group of friends to ‘take a chance at finding the car’. “The ‘My BMW’ app can find a car if you are about a mile and a half away,” Mr Hanif explained. “It is designed for when you park in a busy place like an airport but I thought we may as well give it a go. “We headed down on the Friday with the plan of just driving around a few areas and hoping the car would register on the app’s map.” The group stopped off at Big John’s Lawley Middleway drivethru, Langdon Street, when they arrived in Birmingham. To their ‘amazement’ the phone’s app registered almost immediately showing the car to be parked just over a mile away. After following the signal, they

pulled up outside an underground parking lot where they found the blue BMW M5. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Mr Hanif said. “We had no idea if we were even going to find it, let alone within five minutes of arriving in the city. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. “I instantly called the police and whilst I was still on the phone with them two CID officers arrived on the scene before backup came down. It was like something out of a Hollywood movie. “It’s an absolute miracle and so phenomenal. I am so grateful to the police for their help and fast response time and also my friends who helped me find the car and the guys at Big John’s.” Mr Hanif added his warning to fellow drivers on the road and urged them to always put safety first if they were to encounter such a situation. “For anybody driving any car, safety for yourself is the most important thing,” he said. “Don’t try and be a hero, don’t try and fight these people just be safe. “A car can be replaced but you can’t.”

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Cycle of Time Bradford calligraphist brings Arabic art to Le Tour VIEW: The calligraphy created bike could be found in the Worth Valley and was passed by cyclists in this year’s Tour de France

Cover story continued The local calligraphist has been mastering the art form since he was just a child and was approached by the Yorkshire Festival to produce something which had never been seen before. Designed to the same dimensions as Bradley Wiggins’ winning bike two years ago, the giant piece of art could be found in the Worth Valley and read ‘The Time’. With the help of volunteers and local organisations, Razwan’s creation took hours to complete yet he says it was all worth the effort. “It was extremely difficult to do but definitely worthwhile,” he said. “We had three main issues to overcome from the volunteers not being able to see what the bigger picture was looking like, to land gradient and even the weather. “Once we had finished though, I definitely think all of us on the project had a real sense of satisfaction watching people take photos of our work. “One of the residents told me she had the calligraphy on her lock screen on her phone and I saw a cyclist dismount to take photos on his phone the day the calligraphy went up.” The calligraphy cycling art was commissioned by the Yorkshire Festival under the ‘Fields of Vision’ project which had artists creating land art for the Tour. Pennine Prospects, Yorkshire Water and the Arts Council

spearheaded the project with the Worth Valley Young Farmers Club on hand to help lay all the land art on the hills. The choice of wording to create the bicycle, ‘The Time’, was made by Razwan and he says it was for a number of reasons including: the time it took to complete, the quickest time wins the race, and the importance of time in Islam. Razwan believes that his design could be the biggest Arabic word in Europe and hoped the efforts of all the volunteers would be welcomed by the international audience. “The Tour itself is international so it makes sense for the Art to reflect the global aspect of the

human endeavour too,” he said. “It was great fun to do and it was great to see different cultures represented through the art during the race.” He added: “The Young Farmers were an absolute delight to work with and soldiered on, in the mud and the rain, working all hours to get the piece in place. “We were also fortunate to have the cheery Andrew Wood leading the team, and his ingenuity, drive and enthusiasm really kept everyone going.” The artwork could be seen in the Worth Valley and was televised as the Tour de France passed by last month.

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Jobs for Bradford

Hundreds of new jobs are to be created in Bradford following a boost from the Government to enable a modern office development in City Park. The new office block, on the site of the former Tyrls police station, is to be known as No 1 City Park, and will mean another piece of the City Park jigsaw is slotting into place. Creating 5,500sq-metres of office space, it is expected to bring in 450 permanent jobs and 400 construction jobs. Leeds City Region is to get £72.8m of new investment in its first year from the Growth Deal, with further funding adding up to £573m from 2016 to 2021.

Curry Capital

Food lovers are being asked to help the city keep its Curry Capital of Britain title for the fourth time. Bradford Council’s tourism team, Visit Bradford are asking curry connoisseurs in the Bradford district to vote for their favourite restaurant, to represent Bradford in the national competition. People can vote by emailing details of their favourite curry restaurant in the Bradford district to or fill in a form at Bradford Visitor Information Centre. This year you can also tweet @VisitBradford and use the hashtag #BFDCurry to cast your vote. The public has until 14th August to vote and then the votes will then be counted and the four restaurants with most votes will go forward to represent Bradford as the 2014 Curry Capital of Britain team.

Could you foster a child?

More long-term foster families are urgently needed in and around Kirklees so that local children can enjoy a better quality of life. That's the warning from Kirklees Council, who need to find permanent homes for 85 children in their care until they reach adulthood, or are able to live independently. The council has launched a new appeal so that local children in need of permanent foster care can settle with one family instead of having to be moved from place to place. Long-term placements can have massive benefits for the child, keeping them closer to their friends, their family and everything they know. For more information about fostering please visit or speak directly to someone from Kirklees Fostering Team at 0800 389 0086.

£200k fine

A Shaw Cross man has received a substantial confiscation order from Leeds Crown Court for using greenbelt farmland to store and sell vehicles. Norman Hargreaves of Lees House Farm, 996 Leeds Road, Shaw Cross, Dewsbury was prosecuted by Kirklees Council for offences under S179 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for ignoring a planning enforcement notice and continuing to store and sell vehicles on the land between January and August 2012. He pleaded guilty to the offence at Kirklees Magistrates on 5th February 2012 but the case was committed to Leeds Crown Court for sentencing and confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. He was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Monday June 30 after the confiscation proceedings brought by Kirklees Council had been concluded, and ordered to pay back £223,390.

SUCCESS: Horton Grange pupils smile with their certificate after being named as Bradford’s first official ‘School of Sanctuary’

School of Sanctuary

Cohesion is champion at local primary school

By Ashley Grint

A school in Bradford has been commended for its promotion of ‘cohesion, diversity and antiracism’ after becoming the first educational establishment in the city to receive a prestigious award. Horton Grange Primary scooped the School of Sanctuary Award last month in recognition of their hard work around refugees and asylum seekers. Pupils at the school demonstrated a passion for learning about the subject whilst the teaching staff provided a curriculum which helped reinforce aims and visions promoting social cohesion. As part of the criteria to gain the award, Horton Grange had to provide a portfolio of work for evidential proof that they were working towards making the site a welcoming and safe place for all.

Sanctuary in Schools project development worker, Mary Blacka, praised the school as she handed over the award, saying the pupils and staff had really gone the extra mile. “Normally the portfolios are one well-stuffed leaver-arch file but when I turned up at Horton Grange I found four enormous, crammed lever-arch files,” she said. “I think that is typical of the way the school addresses issues around diversity and cohesion and this award is very richly deserved. “The school has been practicing the ideals of a School of Sanctuary long before I ever came in. There is obviously enormous support from school management and a special mention for Niela Ahmed.” The school has already been praised for its work in promoting racial equality; becoming the first in the country to receive the Stephen Lawrence Award at Level Two first time.

PROUD: R.E and Equality co-ordinator, Niela Ahmed, was delighted to see the school receive the award

For their latest award, the school held a number of events which culminated in the national Refugee Week where pupils were involved in extra workshops around asylum seekers and refugees. A giant canvas project was completed in conjunction with the Human Relief Foundation and Sewing Bradford, whilst a special play was performed by pupils, showing the struggles of asylum seekers, produced alongside the Zephaniah Trust. Niela Ahmed, R.E and Equality co-ordinator, explained further: “We’ve been working towards this for so long and it was actually during Refugee Week that we got the award. “After the canvas was unveiled in the morning we had a separate ceremony after school at the Fabric Gallery where we were presented with the certificate for a School of Sanctuary award. “We were all really proud, firstly, because we are the first school in Bradford to get it, and secondly because of all the hard work put in over the last year.” The school is now working towards obtaining the Stephen Lawrence Award at Level Three as it continues to promote cohesion in a multicultural society.

“The school has been practicing the ideals of a School of Sanctuary long before I ever came in. There is obviously enormous support from school management and a special mention for Niela Ahmed.”

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Batley Blossoms

Poetry brings Yorkshire town to life By Ashley Grint

A writing group in Batley were celebrating last month after releasing two new books with a helping hand from some young budding poets. Batley Blossoms was officially released last month by the Gujarati Writers Forum and includes 38 poems written by schoolchildren from three local schools. Batley Girls High School, Zakaria Muslim Girls’ High School and Batley Business Enterprise College all took part in the project which was set up with the aim of promoting literature to the youth as well as creating cohesion between English and Asian children in Batley. Chairman of the Gujarati Writers Forum and poet, Ahmad Gul OBE, helped establish the project and said he was delighted to see such enthusiasm from students. “Poetry is a way of bringing cultures together and that is why we wanted to come into schools and get children involved with literature,” he said. “Some of the poems are about ‘best friends’ and when somebody reads this book they will see that English girls are the best friends of Asian girls and it’s the same the other way too.

“This is very important for people to see because it is promoting the mix of cultures through writing.” He added: “By doing this book we are also trying to get a new generation

READ: The two books, Batley Blossoms and Fireplace, can be purchased for just one pound each

involved and my aim is to bring interest to literature. Any kind, whether you write poetry, prose, whatever it may be, I just hope to see more young people involved.” The book was officially launched at a special event last month with councillors and MPs in attendance alongside special guest, Dr Jayendra

Shekhdiwala, who is a professor at SP University in India. At the presentation, a separate book was also presented for the first time called ‘Fireplace’ and is a book of poems by Mr Gul. Since moving to Batley in 1963 from his hometown of Alipore, India, Mr Gul has been writing poetry about his experiences in the UK and back home. His latest book, the twelfth to be published, talks about some of his earliest memories of arriving at Heathrow Airport on his own at just 24, to making his way North to Batley with just three pounds in his pocket. With approximately 200 Indian’s living in the town at that time, Mr Gul says he used poetry as a way of helping him remember his home and family, and also cope with adapting to life in England. Written in both English and Gujarati, 17 poems are included in Fireplace and along with Batley Blossoms, is available to purchase for £1 by contacting Mr Gul on 07980 611 808.

POET: Ahmad Gul OBE, Chairman of the Gujarati Writers Forum, has been writing poetry since he was a child in Alipore in India and hopes to see more children getting involved in literature

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Ramadan Mubarak Mr Abra and little Ahmad

GIVING: Last year, at the end of Ramadan, the Give a Gift scheme saw more than 500 gifts donated to local children charities to celebrate Eid al-Fitr

By Ashley Grint

As of 28th June, Ramadan had begun and with it, a month of fasting had arrived for Muslims all over the world. Food and drink has been given up through daylight hours with this self-sacrifice allowing followers of the faith the chance to experience the real life situations which the least fortunate must comprehend on a daily basis. Ramadan is a time of selfreflection, a time to make oneself a better person and to refrain from activities which may be against the Islamic religion. People all over the world observe the holy Islamic month, which this year ends with Eid ul Fitr in late July, and we caught up with some people in Bradford to see how they were feeling during this year’s Ramadan. Nadeem Yasim has just finished work at midday having started in the early morning. Despite fasting during the daylight hours, he said he felt more energetic and was coping with his fast well. “It is a bit strange to be honest because I do feel more awake than

A time to practice selfrestraint and remember the less fortunate usual,” he said. “Obviously it is only early in the month but so far it is going well. This time is very important to Muslims everywhere because we try to experience what some of the poorest people in the world have to every day.” Another local resident, Mr Abra, had been walking through the city with little Ahmad and he spoke of the importance of Ramadan. He said: “It is a very good time of year for Muslims. No food or water can be hard but [I have] done it so many times that I am okay,” before adding: “It is very important.” Anam Ghulfam and Aisha Latif agreed that it was important and said it was more than just about giving up food and liquids. “You do feel a bit more tired at times and it can be hard but that is why we do it,” they explained. “It is more than just giving up food, it is a time to be a better person and

reflect upon how you can do that.” Adil Hussain was walking through the city during a break from work. He has been fasting since the start of Ramadan and adds his beliefs surrounding the holy month. “This time of year is a time where we all think of the most needy and ways which we can not only become better people but help these less fortunate,” he stated. “However hungry we might be during a day, it is nothing compared to them and that must be remembered and highlighted at this time.” Once the days of fasting end, Eid ul Fitr arrives. There are special services out of doors and in mosques, processions through the streets, and of course, a special celebratory meal - eaten during daytime, the first daytime meal

Anam Ghulfam and Aisha Latif

Muslims will have had in a month. Gifts are often given and last year the Give a Gift scheme in Leeds, spearheaded by the Hamara Centre, brought hundreds of gifts to young patients and their families at Leeds General Infirmary’s Children’s Heart Unit and Martin House Children Hospice. The Give a Gift initiative is running once again this year with more information available via

Adil Hussain

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

InTouch InSchool

A group of students from a Bradford boy’s school have been showing their generosity over the past ten weeks, as they collected dozens of food items for a local foodbank. Year Nine pupils at Belle Vue Boys’ School took part in the project as a way of giving back to the least fortunate in the community through the help of the InTouch Foundation. In total, 23 boxes of goods were donated and purchased before they were handed over to the foodbank on Wednesday 9th July. The initiative of working in Belle Vue Boys’ School came from PSHCE teacher, Asma Khan, who volunteers at the InTouch soup kitchen in her spare time. She explained why she brought the charity into the school and how impressed she was with the group’s enthusiasm. “After making a link with Osman Gondal (founder and board member of InTouch Foundation) and the other coordinators at InTouch we thought why not introduce it to some pupils,” she said. “Within our lessons we have aimed to promote the charity in various ways. The boys have gone round, class by class, and then onto the whole year groups

to do collections and they even did the shopping for the final push themselves. “I was really proud of them,” she added. “I just didn’t know whether they would take to it but, because they had Osman come in and talk to them about poverty and where the food is actually going, they all did really well.”

food were collected which will be used in food parcels distributed by the InTouch Foodbank running in Bradford. Founder and board member, Osman Gondal added: “The important thing for us was to reach out to the youth in Bradford so when the school approached us we of course were happy to do whatever we

“It has been very enjoyable and fun to do. We are helping the homeless and it gives us all a rewarding feeling which is great.” Muhammad Umar Faarooq was one of the Year Nine pupils in the team and said he really enjoyed the scheme. He said: “It all started with a pack of biscuits really. That soon turned into a box full of food and it eventually developed into 23 boxes. “It has been very enjoyable and fun to do. We are helping the homeless and it gives us all a rewarding feeling which is great.” More than a hundred items of

could to help. “The way the boys have responded has been great. It really shows that when you give the students something which they can really believe in, they will put in 100 per cent and go out there and become advocates for the homeless and InTouch. “This food collected is incredibly important for struggling people in Bradford as it can act as an emergency package and even feed them for one or two weeks at a time.”

COLLECTION: Students from Belle Vue Boys’ School collected 23 boxes full of food which will be distributed out through the InTouch Foodbank, pictured, pupils: Shujaat Ali, Muhammad Umar Faarooq, Aamir Ali, Tehmoor Hussain, Mohammed Jabran, Mohammed Hussain, Abdul Ruman, Hamad Qureshi; with PSHCE teacher, Asma Khan, and InTouch founder and board member, Osman Gondal

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

Curry Circle Food project sees demand rise as residents hit hard times

FOOD: The Curry Circle team dished out a special meal last week as food was served up by the local Lahore Cafe

By Ashley Grint

A Bradford-based food project, which has only seen demand grow since setting up in December last year, say they are as committed as ever to helping the less fortunate during the holy month of Ramadan. The Curry Circle, which runs out of the Carlisle Business Centre every Thursday evening, provides a hot two-course meal for the city’s most in need. Run by the Muslim Women's Council, the project has become an important lifeline for many who have fallen upon hard times in the current economic climate. As foodbanks across the country increase in numbers, projects like the Curry Circle are also becoming more and more needed to ensure individuals and families have access to food. Yet, chief executive officer, Bana Gora, says that more funds are needed to ensure the Curry Circle, and projects like it, can continue to operate. “It would be great if people could help out with the project especially during the month of Ramadan,” she said. “Many of the people who come down need places like the Curry Circle, but projects like these also need support to

help them run. “For just two pounds, one person can be fed; £20 can feed 10 people; £60 can feed 35; £100 can feed 60; and £160 can feed a full 100. “We do receive great support from local businesses and restaurants, such as Lahore Café who have brought food down today, but as we increase in size we also need donations to grow.” More than 100 people are fed every week at the Curry Circle with numbers only rising. Sharron Lawrence has visited the site three times previously and said it was ‘extremely important’ as it helped so many people. She explained: “It is really good here and the people who run it are very good with you.

“With the current climate we are in now I think it is really important to have places like this. It is not just people who are homeless coming down anymore; there are more people who have just hit hard times. “I go to one or two other places and it is the same story there, with numbers increasing everywhere.” She added: “It is definitely nice to see these kinds of groups also giving away food even though they are not eating themselves during Ramadan. “I owe a lot to this time of year and people still need these services so it is fantastic that it is still here.” If you would like to donate to, or sponsor an event, please contact Currycircle@muslimwomenscouncil. or phone 01274 223 230.

ATTENDING: Shamrez Khan (left) has been going to the Curry Circle for six weeks, whilst Arif Mahmood (right) says he has been using the services since it first set up in December 2013

Pop down to the market

Saltaire Local Produce Market will be at the Exhibition Road car park on Saturday 12th July from 10am until 3pm. The market, which has attracted more stalls since it moved to its new location in May, will take place every second Saturday of the month. The market has something for everyone with local cheeses, pickles, pies, fresh hand-picked organic vegetables, local beers, home-baked goods, fresh fish, olives, eggs and produce from a local deli. There will also be vegetarian street food, coffee and bagels. If you are interested in trading at the Saltaire Local Produce Market, or any other Council market, please phone 01274 432 245.

Go camping this summer

Kirklees Summer Play Camp returns this year and is set to be held at the ever popular Woolley Edge Campsite. The camp is open to children aged nine to 12 years inclusive and is run by an experienced voluntary organisation, staffed by teachers, students and experienced volunteers. This year four separate events will be held between July and August allowing groups of about 75 children to spend four days, and three nights, in the country.

Children will not need any special equipment, just sensible clothing, footwear and a sleeping bag – which will be provided if needed. The children take part in various activities organised and supervised by the staff including Archery, circus skills, water slide, giant Connect-Four, arts and crafts, team games, cycling, sports and various other activities. Camps begin as early as 24th July with more information available at camp

July 2014 - 1st Edition






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A proposed programme of commemorations in Leeds to mark the centenary of the First World War between 1914 and 1918 are set to be discussed by senior councillors next week. Included as part of a report tabled to Leeds City Council’s executive board meeting on Wednesday 16th July, councillors will have the opportunity to consider how the council with partners in the city, plans to both remember and provide a lasting legacy from the commemorations for people of all ages and generations. This work will be undertaken by the council and its partner organisations, which including the University of Leeds and regional and local museums, are set to provide a diverse range of events, activities, exhibitions and education programmes.

Take a sneak peak

Bradford Council staff are making special preparations inside City Hall to welcome the public to the historic building over the summer. Volunteers have been recruited to help visitors on ‘Sneaky Peek’ tours and the museums and galleries staff are putting together special displays which will bring to life punctuation points in Bradford’s history. The displays will be on different points along the self-guided route, and will include objects which represent the district’s textile and engineering heritage. The ‘Sneaky Peek’ openings will start on Wednesday 6th August and run every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm and on Thursdays from 10am to 12 noon until 11th September 2014.

Bringing youths together

Young people from across Yorkshire and Humber met up in Kirklees to discuss ways they can improve young lives. They were all members of local Youth Councils and other bodies in the region which aim to support young people and make a difference in their communities. Over 70 delegates, aged from 12 to 19, shared ideas, showcased the work they have carried out, and described the campaigns they have run. They included work to help young people live independently (Kirklees and NE Lincs); an anti-bullying campaign in schools (Doncaster); working with teachers to review PHSE lessons (Sheffield); giving young people more confidence about their body image (Hull and North Lincs); and helping schools to support pupils with mental health problems (York).

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Bringing aid to the most vulnerable Bradford man visits Syria in refugee mission

By Ashley Grint

Bradford’s Naqshbandia Active Development Association (NADA) reached out to the wider world last month as one of its members travelled to the Syria/Turkey border to deliver almost £30,000 in aid. 35-year-old Wajid Khan made the trip to the border province of Hatay where he helped give out food parcels, toys and clothes to those affected by the ongoing unrest in the war torn country. Over a two week period, Mr Khan, alongside three friends, got to see first-hand the issues which families were facing, as they visited over-flowing refugee camps. The father-of-one said it ‘broke his heart’ to see Syrian children in such a vulnerable position and made it his mission to help as many as he could. He said: “Everywhere I went the Syrian children would hug me and cling on to me. Many sadly have lost their fathers in the conflict which shows no sign of easing. “I was taken aback at the horrific accounts I heard first hand from the Syrian Refugee families, it is difficult to comprehend the trauma they have been through especially the children. “I therefore decided with my friends that we would support up to 200 families with monthly food parcels that are not supported by any aid agency.” Mr Khan recounts visiting one town on the Turkish/Syrian border, Reyhanli, where dozens of families had been forced to set up tents in the ‘middle of nowhere’. One family of 12 was described as living in one-room accommodation in partially built homes that have simple sheets coverings that act as a doors and windows. Many of these families will be supported by the NADA representative as well as the group. For Mr Khan, the chance to help the least fortunate in such a way is a ‘dream come true’ and he explained how important it was for him to just see the children smile. “I remember visiting Syria in 2006 with friends and being bowled over by the wonderful hospitality of the generous Syrian people,” he said.

“It is difficult to put the experience into perspective or put into words. I met countless widows, orphans, people who had lost their limbs from the conflict. “The little we did put a smile on their faces especially the children as we bought them sweets, lollies and toys. Just to see that smile was priceless and will live with me forever.” Mr Khan thanked NADA for their financial support which raised thousands of pounds to help fund the project and explained what was next for the setup. “On average my friends and I will be supporting up to 200 families a month with regular food parcels and God willing I hope to visit Hatay (Turkey) in October 2014. “My aim in the meantime is to raise money for winter relief packs so that the Syrian Refugees can survive the harsh winter months.

SUPPORT: (above) Wajid Khan helped deliver tens-of-thousands of pounds worth of aid to Syrian refugees which included toys and treats for many of the homeless children VULNERABLE: (left) Mr Khan said it ‘broke his heart’ to see so many children affected by the current situation in Syria

“Last year countless Syrian Refugees died because of the fierce winter weather particularly children who are susceptible to the elements. “100 per cent of donations will go towards the Syrian Refugees, with no hidden cuts or administrative charges. My recent trip was wholly financed by myself which included my travel, food and accommodation.” If you would like to learn how you can support Mr Khan you can contact him via 07816 313 462.

NUTRITION: (below) Hundreds of food parcels were handed out to families who have been displaced due to the unrest in Syria, with up to 200 families set to be supported on a monthly basis through the same project

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Summer Solstice Festival 2014

July 2014 - 1st Edition

MUSIC: Ustad Surjeet Singh gave a memorable performance on the Sarangi

Music overtakes as sun shines down on Leeds Last month, the longest day of the year finally arrived and a very special festival was held in Leeds to commemorate the date. The now annual Summer Solstice Festival was held for its third year in the city to celebrate the break of dawn with a helping hand from South Asian Arts-UK. Brimming with mystical, musical charm, the all-night concert is the only one of its kind in the UK and welcomed artists from around the world to showcase their talents well into the early hours of the morning. The performance encompassed a unique array of internationally acclaimed artists, of Indian classical music, who took the audience on a ‘raga’ and a journey from the sunset through to sunrise. Keranjeet Kaur Virdee, Chief Executive of SAA-UK,

spearheaded the first ever festival following an increase in demand to see artists live in Leeds. Following another highly successful night of entertainment, she explained why the festival had proved to be so popular throughout recent years. She said: “The idea came to me when I heard musicians talking about the compositions of music they spend a long time practicing but rarely get chance to perform. “A raga uses a series of musical notes upon which a melody is constructed and is associated with a time, season or emotion. “Rarely do musicians have the opportunity to play late at night and into the early morning, times which evoke the true essence of the music that the unknown composers aim to capture.

PERFORMER: Uday Bhawalkar was just one of many acts which performed throughout the night until sunrise

“This festival gives the artists the chance to showcase their musical abilities to a wide audience.” Attendees on the night were able to enjoy the sounds of an outstanding line up of seven internationally renowned musicians including: Ustad Harjinderpal Singh, Ramprapanna Bhattacharya, Kousic Sen, Ustad Surjit Singh, Manjit Singh Rasiya, Awad Pratap Balasaheb and Uday Bhawalkar. The Summer Solstice marks the day with the most hours of daylight and the fewest hours of darkness, falling this year, on Saturday 21st June.

FESTIVAL: Keranjeet Kaur Virdee, CEO at South Asian ArtsUK, introduced the festival to festival goers on 21st June

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Sporty, sporty, sporty

Kirklees Cabinet members will be asked to agree the details of sports provision in Huddersfield’s new leisure centre. The building – which is expected to open early in 2015 – will replace the current sports centre. Councillors will be asked to agree to increase the availability of group exercise and gym space for rapidly growing activities, but this will be at the expense of a permanent competition standard indoor bowls space. Since the new sports centre was proposed in 2008, Kirklees Active Leisure fitness memberships have increased from around 6,500 members to over 21,500 in March 2014. If councillors agree the new specification, council officers will be asked to scope proposals for alternative league standard bowls provision elsewhere in the district.

See a whole new York

Over 1,500 lanterns in York will be replaced this year with a new ‘white light’ - providing a clearer light, which will help make people feel safer at night. The LED lantern conversions will be installed over a seven month period until January 2015, predominately in the following areas: Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington, New Earswick, Copmanthorpe, Bishopthorpe and Micklegate. The Wards that have been chosen are areas that house the highest number of 35watt low pressure sodium lanterns (orange light). The new lighting will also help make significant carbon, energy and cost savings

July 2014 - 1st Edition

New service stations get the thumbs up from cyclists

Bradford’s in the right gear APPROVED: Bradford College Cycling Champion, Zaid Bashir, praised the new self-service stands

Three new bike repair stands have been installed in Bradford, giving cyclists across the city an extra reason to jump on their bike this summer. The pit-stop facilities are located at Bradford College’s three main Campus Secure Bike Shelters and have been setup through funding from UK-charity Sustrans. With bike maintenance sessions, services and sales already taking part at the site, the new stands are a welcome addition to the college which welcomed the Tour de France spirit. The repair stands will rival other cycling facilities at institutes and public places such

as London’s Paddington Station and Cambridge University. Commenting on the new facilities, Zaid Bashir, the Bradford College Cycling Champion said: “It’s great news for Bradford College Bicycle Users and I’m especially grateful to Sustrans for the funding and the help and support from their local representative Jennie O'Hara.” Zaid is a keen cyclist and takes part in Italy’s biggest bicycle race, the Maratona dles Dolomites (Dolomites Marathon), every year. He says the increased interest in cycling has meant projects such as the repair stands in Bradford have become viable and welcomed all cyclists to use the facilities. He said: “As cycling has become increasingly popular over the last few years we’ve grown in the number of users and now have some of the best cycling facilities thanks to Sustrans and the Bradford Bike Hub. “These self-service stands go a long way in helping to keep our cyclists mobile at any time of the day, and even if you’re new to cycling, you’ll have the added confidence that self-support tools are always at hand should you need them.” The Learning to Travel Differently Project, delivering the Bradford Bike Hub, is a partnership of Sustrans, Bradford District Council, the University of Bradford, Bradford College and Cycle-reCycle. The project aims to increase travel by bike, foot and public transport to the College and University. Learning to Travel Differently is part of the national Access to Education project led by Sustrans and eight Local Authority partners, and is funded by the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

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Skills for the future

Young people in Calderdale could soon have the opportunity to further their careers in manufacturing and technology, as plans for a new Skills Innovation Centre are being discussed. On Monday 14th July Calderdale Council’s Cabinet will consider plans to develop a business case for a state-of-the-art Centre, working with the University of Huddersfield. The Council is working hard to inspire young people to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including software engineering and to identify and develop workforce skills in areas where there are shortages, for example within advanced engineering, manufacturing and digital technologies. There are currently minimal numbers of Calderdale students studying these types of courses, despite one out of five jobs in the borough being in these sectors.

‘Ramadan Harvest’ Youths donate piles of food to feed the hungry

July 2014 - 1st Edition Youngsters at a Mosque in Shadwell have been gathering tons of food items this Ramadan, in hope of helping some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. The Baab-Ul-Ilm Centre’s Youth Network have been getting their hands on whatever food they can over recent weeks, collecting for their inaugural ‘Ramadan Harvest’. Piles of donated goods can already be seen, at the Leeds mosque, which will continue to grow before it is donated to the Moortown Methodist Church food bank at the end of the holy Islamic month. From toddlers to teens, the youths have been bringing their donations down and already have plans to repeat the event


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DONATIONS: Children from the Baab-Ul-Ilm Centre in Leeds have been collecting food for a special harvest which will be sent to a foodbank in a nearby church, pictured (l-r) Zaina qamar, 10; Shazfa qamar, nine; Ayaanali kanji, six; Anaya kanji, two; Sana Bhamani, 14; Sajiya Rizvi, 16; and Erum Bhamani, 12

next year. leader, Zaheda Youth Mehrali, explained where the initiative came from and how happy she was to see so many children involved. “The idea for the harvest project came from the kids really, as they had been doing them in school for Lent,” she said. “The message of Ramadan is to give to those in need and so we decided to launch the ‘Ramadan Harvest’ in an attempt to help some of the people here in Leeds. “It has been really good so far and everybody has joined in. We have little one’s waddling in with food which has been donated and they have done great to build up such an impressive amount.” Ms Mehrali added that she hoped the project would help strengthen cross-cultural ties by working with the church, and that it was vital that the children understand the importance of a cohesive community. “I think the message we really wanted to get over to the kids by doing this project is that when you live in a society like Britain’s it is important to contribute to that. “We are proud to be British and these kinds of projects only help build bridges in society. “The church’s foodbank was actually chosen to be the charity by local councillors and we were more than happy to do that. By working together it enables us both to become a much stronger unit.”

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The Miah Solicitors would like to wish all a happy Ramadan Mubarak







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CLEAN: Car washers helped raise more than £100 for the Little Heroes Cancer Trust last weekend

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Q&A with your property law solicitor

DIN Solicitors specialise in various areas of law. This week our solicitor will be discussing frequently asked questions in relation to residential conveyancing.

• What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the term given to the process of transferring legal ownership of land and property. Conveyancing can include sale, purchase, and re-mortgaging.

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Car Wash

Buckets and sponges at the ready for fundraisers By Ashley Grint

• How much does conveyancing cost? There are two costs – one is the legal fee and one is a fee for disbursements (see below). The legal fee will depend on the purchase/sale price of the property and whether a mortgage is involved. We are able to provide a fixed fee which is very reasonable and competitive. • What are disbursements? Disbursements are expenses paid to third parties and which are incurred in the conveyancing process (e.g. property searches, Land Registry fees etc). We have excellent contacts with search providers and can obtain competitive quotes for search fees.

Fundraisers for a children’s cancer trust got their hands squeaky clean last weekend as a charity car wash was held in Bradford. The city’s Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM) hosted the event in an attempt to raise vital funds for the Little Heroes Cancer Trust on Sunday 6th July. Based at the Centre for Oneness on Napier Street, more than 100 people from the local community headed down for a day of family activities and maybe even a quick wax and shine. Cars were parked up in the car park and washed by volunteers whilst families entertained themselves at the funfair with foods and cakes available indoors. The SNM Yorkshire volunteers chose the Little Heroes Charity, a local charity organisation which supports children through cancer, after hearing of the ‘fantastic work which they do’. Mohinder Ram, volunteer in charge on the day, was delighted with the success of last weekend’s event which raised well over £100 for the cause. “We decided to hold the car wash and funfair after hearing about a shortage of funds for the Little Heroes Cancer Trust,” he said. “We contacted them and told them of our plans which would hopefully help bring in some extra money for the charity. “Young and old came down on the day and tried out all the activities and food on

• How long does conveyancing take? The conveyancing process does not have a fixed duration. Much depends on whether or not there is a mortgage, the cooperation of all parties involved etc. A straightforward conveyance where there are no major problems can be completed within 6-12 weeks. However please note this is a guide only; some conveyances may take longer and some may be completed sooner.

ENTERTAINMENT: As well as the car wash, a funfair was held at the Centre for Oneness where families got to take part in an array of activities

offer helping us raise more than £100.” Little Heroes Cancer Trust provides toys and distractions for children who are going through treatment for cancer, whilst also supporting siblings too. Each month the team visit a children’s cancer ward with £1,000 worth of toys and have even purchased a caravan in Newquay where families with ill children can visit for a free holiday. On behalf of Little Heroes, Trustee Angela Walton-Hawkins, said: “I would like to thank the team at Sant NirankarI Mission in Napier Street, Bradford for the car wash and fun day to raise money for Little Heroes Cancer Trust. “A fantastic amount was raised on the day which we appreciate greatly.”

• What are the different types of searches? The main searches include the following: • Local Authority Search – this reveals the property’s planning history and any future planning proposals likely to impact the property. • Drainage Search – this tells you whether the drains run into a private or public sewer. • Land Registry Search – this reveals if there are any undisclosed mortgages on the property. • Land Charges Search – this is usually required by the mortgage lender to ensure you are not bankrupt. • Environmental Search – this reveals if there are any waste disposal sites in the locality and whether there is any risk of flooding, subsidence etc. There may be other searches which may be applicable to your conveyance. Please contact us and we will advise you further.

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DONATION: Girls from Bradford Girls’ Grammar School handed over a cheque of £500 alongside a bundle of new toys to the Bradford Hospitals Children’s Charity

July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition



Gift Giving Toys galore as gifts donated to Bradford charity

By Ashley Grint

Students from a Bradford grammar school were in the giving spirit last week as they donated a bounty of new toys, and a substantial sum of money, to a local children’s charity. Year 10 pupils from Bradford Girls’ Grammar School raised hundreds of pounds for Bradford Hospitals Children’s Charity which supports critically ill babies, children and teenagers in the city. Throughout the past academic year, the girls have been raising funds through their Business Enterprise Club. Three companies, ‘Candalized’, ‘Charm’ and ‘Diversion’ were established as part of the project which saw the students sell products in an ‘Apprentice-style’ setup. Profits made from the sale of goods were collected and in total almost £800 was raised, some of

which was used to purchase new toys for the charity. The Year 10 Business and Communication representatives then visited Bradford Royal Infirmary’s Paediatric Ward to hand over the cheque and presents in person. Jane Campbell, the charity administrator thanked the pupils and their teacher, Mrs Mirza for the ‘generous’ contribution.

Year 10 pupil, Jemima Gordon, said the group were extremely proud to have been given the chance to visit the charity and hand over the cheque. “We wanted to support a charity that was closer to home and really enjoyed visiting the hospital to present our donations personally,” she said. “The nurses gave us a brief tour of the children’s ward and

“We wanted to support a charity that was closer to home and really enjoyed visiting the hospital to present our donations personally,” She said: “The donations you have kindly brought today following all your hard work will go towards enhancing the environment for babies, children and families being cared for by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – helping to make their time here a little easier. “Thank you all for your generosity and kindness.”

explained how the money would be used. “We felt very proud to be able to make a difference to the very sick babies and children and very fortunate at our own good health.” Bradford Hospitals Children’s Charity provides state-of-the-art equipment and care for critically ill children as well as outstanding play, rest and therapy facilities.

ATTRACTION: Yorkshire Sculpture Park was awarded the Art Fund Prize for being the best museum in Britain, pictured the site’s ‘Molecule Men’ statue

Best of British In what has already been a memorable summer for the county, Yorkshire is celebrating once again after a landmark attraction was named the best museum in Britain. Yorkshire Sculpture Park was first opened to the public back in 1977 and has since grown into a renowned site which host tens of the country’s most inspiring pieces of work. This latest award, The Art Fund Prize, will mean the museum receives £100,000 to help maintain it, as the judges put it, ‘as a truly outstanding museum with a bold artistic vision’. Upon receiving the prize, founder Peter Murray, said: “We've tried so hard to develop something which is unique not just in this country but also in Europe and beyond. “This award makes us feel we are moving in the right direction.”

Meanwhile judges were also full of praise for the Bretton Hall College-site. “A perfect fusion of art and landscape, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has gone from modest beginning to one of the finest outdoor museums one might ever imagine,” said Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar, chair of the judges. “In 2013 it really came of age - with art projects such as Yinka Shonibare's extraordinary exhibition; the fruits of the expansion and consolidation of the landscape on both sides of the lake; and with the conversion of the chapel to house (as its inaugural exhibition) a major new work by Ai Weiwei.” Yorkshire Sculpture Park beat the likes of Londons’ Hayward Gallery and the Tate Britain, as well as East Sussex’s Ditchling Museum of Art, to scoop the top prize.



July 2014 - 1st Edition

‘Don’t let HIJACKERS of Islam, HIJACK you’ Mosques across the UK united last month as faith leaders attempted to distance themselves from hate-preachers who have been inspiring young British Muslims to go and fight in war-torn countries. During Friday prayers, on 27th June, Imams led sermons to emphasise the importance of ‘staying at home’ and not being tempted by extremists to join the ongoing unrest in Syria and Iraq. Over the past month, footage of young Syrian men carrying guns have been broadcast across international media. Imams say they are united in their condemnation of any individual who encourages hatred and the killing of others, disassociating the religion with such actions. At Leeds Makkah Masjid, the same message was spread, which reminded Muslims that the religion is one of peace and tolerance. Imam Qari Asim MBE led one sermon and said it was extremely important to send out a loud and clear message to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), warning followers of the faith: ‘Don’t Let hijackers of Islam, highjack you.’ Commenting on the recent reports from Syria, Mr Asim said: “I fully appreciate that young people in Britain are

WARNING: Imam at Leeds Makkah Masjid, Qari Asim, has emphasised the importance of staying at home during the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq

affected by the gross injustice, persecution and suffering of millions of Syrians that is taking place before our very eyes. “Naturally, young people want to help Syrians to remove their suffering. “However, Makkah Masjid (mosque) has been saying all along that if

people want to send aid and relief, they should use reputable charities to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Syria. “British young people must not get involved in Syrian civil war. It is not safe to go out there and risk one's own life and put many other lives at risk.”

MISSING Bedfordshire teen could be in West Yorkshire

A teenager from Luton, who has been missing since last week, could be in West Yorkshire, police have said. 16-year-old Maayra Akhtar left her residence on Wednesday 18th June and has not been heard from since. Police say they are concerned for her safety after she packed her bag and left her home in Luton after a disagreement at her foster placement. Maayra has previously gone missing from home for a couple of days at a time, and has been found staying with friends in Leeds and Wakefield in the past. However, she has never been away for such a long period of time and now officers are appealing for help to ensure she is safe and well. It is a criminal offence for an adult, even if they believe they are helping, to harbour a young person when they are missing from their legal care placement or guardian. If anyone knows where Maayra is, or Maayra herself sees this, they should contact police on the non-emergency 101 number.

MISSING: Maayra Akhtar has not been seen or heard from since mid-June, since leaving her foster placement following a disagreement

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

A STAR of Mauritius

Highest accolade for BRI Doctor By Ashley Grint

A doctor from Bradford Royal Infirmary was praised for his work in helping to improve medical care in his home country of Mauritius last month as he received the nation’s highest civilian honour. Dr Sulleman Moreea was presented with the Grand Officer of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean Medal by the President of Mauritius, Mr Kailash Purryag, at a formal ceremony on Thursday 19th June. The award is the equivalent of a British knighthood and commends the work Dr Moreea has undertaken since 2008 - helping to introduce, train and improve endoscopies across the country’s five hospitals. Working closely with Mauritius’ Ministry of Health and Prime Minister, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, the Bradford practitioner has done much of the work at his own expense, and time, including travel, equipment, and training. Speaking upon his return to the UK, Dr Moreea thanked his friends, family and colleagues for helping him achieve the award, adding that there was still more work to be done. “I felt exceedingly proud when I received the medal from the President of Mauritius and was just bursting with emotion,” he said. “I think this medal signals the start of a new episode and...every morning now I wake up thinking ‘how am I going to justify this medal’ but in fact I have a plan. “We are in the middle of it right now and have achieved a lot but there is still a lot more to come and as things progress in the UK, I need to transfer this know-how to Mauritius.” Following the formal presentation, Dr Moreea and his family held their own celebratory event, but not before an invite to a tea party at the State House where the president and prime minister spoke to all nominees and their relatives. This was described by Dr Moreea as an ‘extremely memorable occasion’ and one he will never forget. “The party was a very memorable day indeed, and is one I will probably never experience again,” he said. “After we had finished with all the formalities we then had a huge garden party for family, friends

and colleagues. Even the vice-prime minister of country came and we had a great time.” Since starting work in Mauritius, the country’s five hospitals have seen their operating standards improve significantly with endoscopies now able to be performed in units which previously didn’t even exist. In one hospital, in the south of the country, Dr Moreea not only paid for an architect to design a room which could cater for endoscopy facilities but also paid for the equipment. Since operations began in 2012, more than 600 have been performed. PROUD: Dr Sulleman Moreea was presented with the Grand Officer of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean award last month for his work in Mauritius

PRESENTATION: A formal ceremony was held at the State House of Mauritius and was attended by a number of dignitaries from the country, pictured (l-r) Prime Minister of Mauritius, the Honourable Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam; Dr Sulleman Moreea; and President of the Republic of Mauritius, his Excellency Mr Kailash Purryag

July 2014 - 1st Edition





Looking for the perfect honeymoon? or just a 'sweetheart getaway'

July 2014 - 1st Edition

SUPPORT: Razia Amini visited a number of towns in the Gambia alongside her Humanity First colleagues, delivering sewing machines to the ladies pictured

Bradford grandmother delivers bounty of bikes

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CYCLE: This year, Razia had appealed for bikes to be donated which would then be taken overseas and more than 90 were handed over to the children

July 2014 - 1st Edition

By Ashley Grint

A caring charity worker from Bradford brought ‘pedal power’ to the Gambia last month as she helped deliver a mammoth crate of goods to the African country. Razia Amini, from Heaton, has been supporting the Humanity First charity for 13 years and has travelled around the world with her team to deliver much needed support to some of the poorest areas. Her latest venture saw the 54-year-old return to the Gambia where the group delivered more than 90 bikes to the most remote areas, as well as an array of other items ranging from clothes to stationery and sewing machines. Even with a crate bursting at the seams, the Humanity First team still had time to purchase 800 pairs of shoes upon arrival which were warmly received by students and teachers alike. After specifically appealing for bikes to be donated prior to setting off, Razia said she was delighted with the response from the Bradford public and was even happier to see the reactions of the children who received the gifts. “The highlight of the trip

VISIT: Thousands of items were delivered across the country during the charity trip

and the container was definitely the bicycles,” she said. “We decided to spread them across the different towns, the majority going to remote schools, where children really had to travel the furthest to get an education. “We were told by the teachers, ‘these are not just bikes you are giving, they are a lifeline for many of the children’. “To us it may just be a bike but to them it is so much more.” The Bradford Grandmother had last

visited the Gambia 12 months ago, bringing with her school equipment including laptops, tables and chairs. This latest visit allowed her to see firsthand how some of the donations have already been put to use, and also acted as an eye opener for a ‘very special companion’. “My husband actually came along this year for the very first time which was really nice,” she said. “When we went into the most remote places, last year I was so overwhelmed and emotional but this year I was fine because I had seen it all before. “My husband on the other hand twice got really sad. With him seeing how little some people have, I do think it will help me on my next venture because he will tell his friends who will then hopefully help support the charity further.” Despite only returning at the end of June, Razia already has her sights set on her next charity mission, with Burkina Faso the likely destination. She is currently appealing for donations of garden equipment, bicycles and sewing machines and would like to see businesses get involved with the efforts. “Everything is so important over there,” she added. “If businesses have surplus things that they don’t need, or anything that they think is useless here, it is like gold over there.” If you are able to help Razia by making a donation please email her directly via

“We were told by the teachers, ‘these are not just bikes you are giving, they are a lifeline for many of the children’. “To us it may just be a bike but to them it is so much more.”





Armed Forces Day

PROUD: Members of the Yorkshire Malayan and Borneo Veterans Association were just some of the dozens of veterans who marched in the parade in Leeds last month

Hundreds turn out to honour Britain’s servicemen

July 2014 - 1st Edition

The annual Armed Forces Day passed at the end of last month with parades, stalls and the odd spitfire flyover all on show in Leeds City Centre. The day, celebrating armed forces, past, present and future, was attended in good spirits across the whole of the UK, with an abseil down the front of Leeds Town Hall kicking off celebrations in the Yorkshire city. The Armed Forces Day flag was presented to host of the day Leeds’ Lord Mayor, Cllr David Congreve, and the city’s Children’s Lord Mayor Charlotte Williams. Fun and games were provided for children whilst a host of military linked stalls also gave visitors the opportunity to meet veterans of all ages who have served the country in the past. Paul Thompson, Chairman of the Yorkshire Malayan and Borneo Veterans Association, said it was a fantastic day which paid tribute to some fantastic people. “Altogether I think 6,000 people came down on the day which was great,” he said. “We held a march and also had our own stall for the Malayan and Borneo Veterans Association which showcased our latest lottery funded project. “Experiences have been taken down from members who have been interviewed and they, together with pictures and photos from the war, were on display. “I played rugby in Brunei whilst I was over there serving and someone actually knew the mosque which was there. His father said ‘you saved our country’ and that kind of praise is just amazing really.” Also marching on the day was Mohammed Saddique, from Roundhay, whose father, Goolam Hussein Bawa, fought with the Merchant Navy from 1903 at the age of just 19. His legacy lives on through his son, who said he was very proud of everything his father did for the country. “I think my father is still alive in me today,” he said. “In my mind he is still here and it makes me very proud to carry his name on. “I also wanted to say a message to the younger generations. Consider an army career. “Not only are you helping the rest of the world but you are showing yourself to be a brave and proud soldier and eventually a proud veteran.” Armed Forces Day Leeds took part on 28th June and was supported by the Ministry of Defence and Leeds City Council.

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

SECURE: Leeds Bradford Airport will step up security measures following a warning from US security chiefs

Airport security to be stepped up in Yorkshire Flood defence

It’s two years since unprecedented flooding hit the Upper Calder Valley, including Hebden Bridge, and one year since the flooding in Walsden. Calderdale Council’s Cabinet will mark these anniversaries with a review of the progress which has been made to reduce the risk and impact of future flooding in the Upper Calder Valley. In the aftermath of the floods the Calderdale Flood Recovery Programme was launched as a partnership led by Calderdale Council which includes the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and local community groups. Since July 2012 just over 1,200 properties in Calderdale have been damaged by floods. The repair bill totalled more than £3 million and put flood defences at the forefront of council activity.

Road investment

Over £2 million of European funding has been secured by Calderdale Council to help provide a new relief road for Sowerby Bridge. The new road will link the existing road at Hollas Lane to Fall Lane/Holmes Road, near the town centre, providing significant improvement to the local network for businesses and residents. The project, costing £4.7 million in total, is part of the council’s wider scheme for Sowerby Bridge and the Copley Valley, which includes the construction of new homes and employment units, essential flood remediation works, a new flood storage area and a nature reserve. The £2.2 million grant to Calderdale has been awarded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with the rest provided by Calderdale Council.

Airports across Yorkshire have stepped up security measures just three days after the US announced that terrorists in Syria and Yemen may have been developing explosives that could be smuggled onto planes. The new measures had affected major airports which flew directly to the US yet now it seems the extra precautions are also being taken at smaller locations. Passengers carrying a mobile phone or tablet device will have to show that it can turn on otherwise it will not be allowed on the flight. An initial warning had been released last week after US security chiefs told Britain’s Department for Transport (DfT) that al-Qaida operatives in the two aforementioned countries had joined forces to develop bombs that would avoid detection and bring down aircraft. A spokeswoman for Britain's transport ministry declined to give any further details on any further security measures or to say whether the increased security was even linked to the US concerns. Meanwhile, a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official said the changes were a response to a ‘real time’ and ‘credible’ threat but could not comment on specific intelligence matters. “Aviation remains an attractive target to global terrorists, who are consistently looking for ways to circumvent our aviation security measures,” the spokesperson said. “As always, DHS continues to adjust security measures to fit an ever evolving threat environment. “Information about specific enhancements and locations are sensitive as we do not wish to divulge information about specific layers of security to those who would do us harm.” The main concern is that militant groups could try to blow up US or Europe-bound planes by concealing bombs on foreign fighters carrying Western passports who spent time with Islamist rebel factions in the region, according to the US sources.

July 2014 - 1st Edition





Groomer found


A Leeds man has been handed an eight-year prison sentence after being found guilty of five offences against a 12-year-old girl. 34-year-old Mohammed Sadiq, from East Ardsley, was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court after sexually abusing the youth over a four month period. The court heard how the father-of-two would write letters to the victim in which he said he wished to ‘kiss and cuddle’ with her, called her ‘sexy’ and added that he believed his wife was becoming suspicious. After committing the sex assaults upon her, Sadiq told the girl not to tell anyone and threatened to burn her house down if she did. The letters were discovered by the young girl’s mother, with the notes also saying that the girl should ‘destroy them’ once they have been read. Prosecuting, Katherine Silverton, said the victim had purposely left the notes in a place where her mother could find them. Recorder Robin Mairs jailed Sadiq and said it was clear that there was no sense of remorse following the assaults, adding that the situation could have been

GUILTY: Mohammed Sadiq, a father-of-two from Leeds, has been sentenced for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old child

much worse if the letters were not found. He said: “You are a man of the world. You are experienced. You are a professional businessman. You have tailored it to fit in with a 12 or 13-year-old girl. “These letters represent regular, considered, persistent grooming of a child. What is evident is that there is not a shred of contrition or remorse.” Sadiq was found guilty of two offences of sexual assault on a child, one of attempted sexual assault of a child, sexual activity with a child and inciting sexual activity with a child.

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Bike thief thought he A Leeds man has admitted to stealing a £12,000 bike the day before the Tour de France began in the city after believing he was one of the favourites to win the contest. 37-year-old Patrick Chapman had taken the bike from the Victoria Quarter Shopping Centre on Friday 4th July after it had been on display at the Paul Smith clothing shop prior to the race. The bike, worth thousands of pounds, was the same model used by Chris Froome last year as he rode to victory in France to pick up his first yellow jersey. Chapman admitted stealing the bike in front of Bradford Magistrates Court earlier this week yet did not know where it was. The bike is still missing after the local resident placed it in a bush when he saw police approaching but when he went back to get it, the bike had gone. Chapman is under the care of a psychiatrist for mental health problems and Sajid Majeed, in mitigation, said that was why he took the display. “He was of the view that he was a main person in the Tour de France, who was a leading runner in the race,” Mr Majeed said. “He saw the bike and because he thought he was a favourite in the Tour de France, he took it.” Majeed also told the court that Chapman: “Thought the country had been invaded and was trying to fight people off on behalf of his country.” Chapman, who also pleaded guilty at the Bradford Court to possession of cannabis, is set to be sentenced at Leeds Magistrates Court later this week.

STOLEN: A bike similar to the one pictured, which is the same model that Chris Froome rode to victory on in last year’s Tour de France, was taken

PC John Carter, of Leeds District Neighbourhood Investigations, made an appeal for information as to the whereabouts of the stolen bike. He said: “The stolen bike is a black Pinarello Dogma F8 that is an exact replica of the Team Sky bikes ridden in the Tour de France and has the Sky logo on it. “It is made of carbon fibre and worth about £12,000 and was one of two bikes bought by the shop as display items.


“It is very distinctive and we would like to hear from anyone who has been offered a bike like this for sale or knows its current whereabouts. “Bikes of this technical specification and high cost are relatively rare and are generally only used by serious cyclists so it will stand out.” Anyone with information is asked to contact PC 1024 Carter at Elland Road via 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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July 2014 - 1st Edition

was ‘in the Tour’

Do you know these people? Police investigating an incident of violent disorder in Bradford have released images of five people they would like to speak to. The three men and two women are believed to have information which could be of use to detectives and are being urged to come forward and speak with them at the earliest opportunity. A number of people have

been arrested and charged in connection with the incident, which occurred in Sackville Street in the early hours of Monday 26th May this year and saw five people need hospital treatment. Detective Sergeant Stuart Lyons, of Bradford District CID, said: “We are urging these people to come forward and tell us what they know about the disorder in

Sackville Street, as they may have information which could be vital to our investigation. “Similarly, we would also ask for anyone who might be able to identify these people, or anyone who might have further information about the incident, to contact police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”



Allegations withdrawn King Khan to face no further action

Amir Khan will face no further action after he was arrested on suspicion of two assaults last week. The Bolton boxer had been taken into police custody in the early hours of Friday morning after a pair of teenagers were injured in Heaton. Two 19-year-olds, who were believed to have been returning home from a local Mosque, were hurt but ‘not seriously injured’ according to police after the incident took place in Russell Street. Witnesses say they saw the former World Champion’s car at the scene and he was subsequently arrested and held in police custody for several hours before being released on bail. Shortly after, the 27-year-old sent out a statement via Twitter saying: “It's all nonsense. Please don't believe what you read. I'm home with my family and nobody got beat up.” A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said a decision had been made to take no further action against a 27-year-old arrested on suspicion of two section 47 assaults (actual bodily harm). A spokesman for Amir said: “Amir Khan was arrested during the early hours of Friday 4th July on suspicion of common assault against two youths. Shortly thereafter he was released on police bail pending further enquiries. “This was a minor incident involving a misunderstanding between Amir Khan and two other youths. “On Monday 7th July Amir was notified by the police that the allegations against him had been withdrawn and the matter would not be pursued any further.”

ARRESTED: Amir Khan had been arrested by police following an incident with two youths in the early hours of Friday morning



Put it


this Ramadan

CAMPAIGN: Mohammed Idrees has been visiting a number of local establishments in Manningham to encourage people to stop smoking

Smokers urged to give up cigarettes for good

Smokers across the Bradford district are being urged to quit the habit during the holy month of Ramadan and not light up again once the period is over. Muslims fast from dawn until dusk during the holy month with eating, drinking and smoking all included in the fast. Bradford Council's Stop Smoking team are visiting mosques in the Manningham area to encourage Muslims to give up all forms of smoking. Mosque leaders and Imams are being trained to share smoke free messages and

July 2014 - 1st Edition

why now was a great time for people to put the cigarettes away for good. “Ramadan is a period of fasting, prayer, selfpurification and self-reflection,” he said. “It is an ideal time for people to reconsider their lifestyles and make a positive change. “Quitting smoking will not just improve your own health, but the health of your friends and family as well. You are also four times more likely to stay smoke free with support become public health from a stop smoking service.” advocates within their Bradford Council’s stop communities. smoking service provides It is part of a wider confidential help, support and campaign to encourage people information to people who in Manningham to become want support to quit smoking. smoke free and inspire a You can contact the service by generation of non-smokers. calling 01274 437700. The campaign includes visits Up to five-million children to schools, community centres, across the UK are regularly children centres and work exposed to second hand places. smoke at home resulting in The project aims to educate over 300,000 GP visits and communities about the effects 9,500 hospital admissions for second-hand smoke has on children each year. the whole family and It’s the 13th year Bradford’s Mohammed Idrees, stop stop smoking team has run a smoking specialist for smoking cessation campaign Bradford Council, explained during Ramadan.

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition





Your National and Local Business Round-up

Business news

Mughals Sweet Centre F and Restaurant New modern look, same traditional tastes

Opening Times: 8am-12am (open late during Ramadan) Mughals Sweet Centre and Restaurant 790-792 Leeds Rd, Bradford, BD3 9TY Phone: 01274 733 324

or more than 25 years Mughals Sweet Centre and Restaurant has been serving up some of the finest sweets and tastiest dishes out of its Bradford premises. And now, after a huge refurbishment which took four months to complete, the restaurant finally has the setting to perfectly complement its famous menu. Families are able to take advantage of the expanded premises with a second floor revamp creating an additional 60 seats upstairs, whilst a grass balcony is available for the sunny days. Mughals has always been known for its welcoming atmosphere and none of that has been lost with the most recent changes, as owner, Barber Rashid, explained. “The response to the new look has been fantastic,” he said. “Our great customer base has already approved and we have had an increase in families coming down to get tucked away upstairs, with a little bit of privacy. “Mughals is synonymous with quality Asian sweets and we just felt we needed an environment which partnered this.” The modern decor may be eye-catching but rest assured, the same traditional tastes, that helped Mughals garner its fantastic reputation, still remain today. All dishes, from curries to sweets, are prepared onsite with specific attention to detail given to every order. Sweets are even baked-up at the new preparation stand allowing customers to see how some of the scrumptious treats are made firsthand. Family-run with family recipes means diners can experience home comforts on the go, whether they want to dine in or takeaway, with only the freshest ingredients and HMC certified produce used in every dish. Mughals has established itself as a favourite dining hotspot for local residents, from their classic Asian breakfasts to flavoursome curries and watch out for new stores opening in the future. For now, head down to Mughals on Leeds Road this Ramadan to break your fast and enjoy a special Iftar every night with extended opening hours in operation during the holy month.



July 2014 - 1st Edition

A Decade of Dhesirable Dishes

In the firing line I

n a significant decision, the Supreme Court has considered a claim based on negligent misrepresentation made in precontractual negotiations and found that a party can be liable for a continuing representation even where the contracting parties have changed since the time of the initial misrepresentation. The case of Cramaso LLP –v- OgilvieGrant, Earl of Seafield and Others involved a claim for damages arising out of the lease of a Scottish grouse moor which, despite investment by the tenant, yielded a significantly lower number of birds than the tenant had been led to believe in the pre-contract negotiations (where the grouse count had been over-estimated). The unusual feature of this case was that the representation as to the productivity of the shoot had been made to the potential tenant prior to the existence of the Limited Liability Partnership which had been set up as a vehicle through which to run the venture. Notwithstanding that, Cramaso LLP claimed it had been induced to enter into the contract as a result of the misrepresentation made. Originally, the Court found that the LLP could not recover damages because it had not been in existence at the time the representation was made. However, on appeal, the Supreme Court found that the claim could be sustained. The Defendants had assumed a duty of care to the LLP and were liable in damages for any losses suffered as a result of the misrepresentation. The Court found that by continuing and concluding the contractual negotiations with Cramaso through its

agent (the individual to whom the original representation had been made) without having withdrawn that representation, the Defendants were impliedly asserting the accuracy of that representation. The change in the identity of the contracting party did not affect the continuing nature of the representation or the Defendants’ responsibility for its accuracy. Following the formation of the LLP, the negotiations between the parties had simply continued. Neither party had sought to disclaim representations previously made or sought any assurances that the LLP could rely on any such representations. The Court found that by their conduct, the Defendants were implicitly asserting the accuracy of the representation made. Accordingly, the Defendants had breached their duty of care, for which they were liable to pay damages for any loss suffered by Cramaso as a result of that breach. This represents a clear shift in the Court’s approach to misrepresentation claims and means that where a representation is made by party A to party B, party A may well owe a duty of care to party C for the representation made to party B. The decision highlights the importance of drafting carefully worded contracts, particularly where there is a change in the identity of the contracting parties prior to the conclusion of the contract, as parties may remain liable for any representations made during the negotiation process. We at Blacks can assist with the drafting of all types of contracts and deal with any disputes arising.

Please contact Luke Patel on 0113 227 9316 or by email at


sian Express visited Dhesi Grill when they originally opened approximately 10 years ago and, ever since, the family run business has extensively evolved treating Bradford diners to a host of dhesirable dishes right on their doorstep. Originally the premises consisted of only 25 seats however in 2012 they acquired the adjacent premises and created a 100-plus seater restaurant resulting in an upstairs family dining hall and separate prayer room and ablution facilities all executed in a relaxed contemporary setting. Dhesi Grill is also very proud to be able to provide full disability access along with a ground floor WC. Unlike other dining outlets in the city, the business has built up its reputation on not only serving up flavoursome dishes but also taking extra care in ensuring every meal has a healthy aspect to it. Specialising in grilled food, the extensive menu has been designed by the owners and chefs who have experiences working in Pakistan and the Middle East giving every diner a memorable meal by using the many different marinades to give the meats that extra delectable taste. Speaking to the owners you get to understand how passionate they are. They tell me that their thinking is based around three simple things, always using good quality fresh ingredients, keeping things simple and consistency. The menu itself has changed over the years because, as with all things, people’s

tastes and trends do change and therefore updating the menu is very important. The diverse menu caters for all ages and you’re able to not only choose the popular grill items, but can opt for a burger, lasagne, stir-fry, karahi dish or even a whole roasted lamb for the more adventurous. The Dhesi Grill team keep away from the deep-fried options, instead opting for fresh, raw meats prepared in-house on a daily basis. Most ingredients are sourced locally and the meat and poultry products are all certified HMC Halal. Recently, Dhesi Grill have reduced salt, sugar and oils in their meals by up to 95 per cent working in partnership with Bradford Council and the Good Food Health Guide – but don’t worry, the famous flavours have only gotten better. Since the refurb, Dhesi Grill have held many functions from engagements to birthday parties which have all been a massive success. You are able to order straight from the extensive menu or opt for the buffet which has also proved to be hugely popular. Head down this Ramadan and enjoy your Iftar in the most dhelicious and dhesirable way

29 Lilycroft Rd, Bradford, BD9 5AD Tel:01274 786 550 Web: Open 7 days a week, 11am til late

July 2014 - 1st Edition



Fasting: The Ins & Outs Fasting related diets have recently become all the rage. The most widely acclaimed at the moment is the 5:2 diet (where you eat normally for five days in the week and fast [consume 500 calories for the other two]) though this sits amongst the hundreds of other juice cleanses, detox regimes and intermittent fasting programmes that are currently being marketed to those who want to lose weight – and lead a healthier lifestyle. When the body is denied food it burns fat so that energy is created and this in turn can lead to weight loss. However, if the body is denied sustenance for too long, it will eventually start to break down our muscle protein for energy – this is not good. The changes observed in our body physically on the outside and felt internally on the inside depend on how long we are fasting for. Diets such as the 5:2 and certain other detoxification cleanses do not last for a prolonged amount of time – the denial of food is temporary and so the benefits of these are high. In a normal fasting state, our bodily glucose is used up as our main source of energy; once this use has been maximised and exhausted, fat becomes the next source of energy for the body and starts to be broken down. Whilst this is ok, what we do not want to happen is for the body to begin using protein for energy through the breakdown of muscle – this is what is technically known as starvation and what happens in bouts of prolonged fasting. In cases such as the 5:2 diet or in Ramadan for example, this stage is highly unlikely to be reached due to the

intermittent nature of the fast in the case of the former, and the daily breaking of the fast in regards to the latter. It’s not all about food Fasting during the month of Ramadan is a fundamental aspect of Islam – it is one of the five pillars of the religion and is observed by millions of Muslims throughout the world. The Islamic calendar is a lunar one, meaning that the dates of Ramadan (if put into accordance with the standard calendar) change every year; this year sees those in the UK fasting for around nineteen hours a day. Obligatory fasting has not been prescribed to Muslims for cosmetic reasons – it is not a means to lose weight so that we can fit into that pair of jeans we bought last month. Rather it is a time to reflect; to understand how not to take things for granted, to teach us self-restraint and self-discipline, to take away

all outer distractions so that we may get closer to our maker and, if done correctly, to cleanse our bodies of any toxins and impurities – to strive to become as perfect as we were when we were put onto this Earth by Allah. What happens to our body during Ramadan? Fasts during Ramadan, wherever you are in the world, last from sunrise to sunset. The energy lost throughout the day from no food or drink can be replaced and accounted for during the pre-sunrise (suhoor) and the pre-sunset (iftar) meals. This prevents the breakdown of body muscle for protein. Whilst we are using glucose for energy whilst we are fasting, following suhoor and iftar we begin to use fat for energy – which in turn preserves muscle and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Following several days of fasting, increased levels of

endorphins (the hormone released during exercise) become apparent in the blood which as a result, give a feeling of less fatigue and a sense of mental and physical wellbeing. It’s a month long – do it properly. To ensure that our muscles do not breakdown for energy during Ramadan, meals must contain food groups that give us energy – i.e. carbohydrates and fats. Ideally slow energy releasing / complex carbohydrates (for example barley, lentils, wholemeal flour, wheat etc.) and fats. Refined carbohydrates (those that contain sugar and white flour) should try to be avoided. All of the major food groups should be incorporated into the diet: carbohydrates, fats, fibres, proteins, minerals and vitamins. In fact, the composition of our meals during Ramadan, if done aptly, should be the same during

non-fasting months. It is said to avoid caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, coke) as these stimulate increased water loss through excessive urination. Deep fried foods should be avoided and replaced with baked or shallow fried foods. High sugar and high-fat foods such as cakes, chocolates and Asian mithai should be broached with a lot of caution – instead milk-based sweet treats and dishes like grilled chicken and / or meat should be incorporated into the diet. Potatoes with skin on are also a great energy food. For mind, body and soul Remember, the daily fast during Ramadan is to benefit YOU in the long run; you can make it as healthy and as productive as you like. It is a test of will, devotion, and physical and mental strength...if done properly, the rewards – here and in the hereafter – will be bountiful.

By Zéna Butt, Information Officer Halal Food Authority Follow the HFA’s charitable arm Halal Food Foundation on twitter: @HFF_UK and subscribe to their newsletter at



July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition




Beauty Top Tips

In the month of Ramadhan, a change of eating and drinking habits can upset your hormones which can cause breakouts, or dull, dry skin in general. It is really important to step up your skin regime to compensate for the lack of nourishment from within. To keep your skin looking fresh and radiant this month we recommend using our Spa Skin Polisher to exfoliate, the oils deeply cleanse and moisturise the skin leaving it with a healthy glowy sheen.

Baroness Warsi unveils plaques commemorating 175 men from overseas who were awarded the Victoria Cross during World War One.

Overseas Victoria Cross recipients honoured for WW1 Centenary VIPs from across Britain came together at Lancaster House last week to witness the historic display of commemoration plaques for the 175 men for services in the First World War. As part of the Government’s First World War Centenary Programme, HRH The Duke of Kent and Senior Minister of State in the Foreign Office and Minister for Faith and Communities, Baroness Warsi, unveiled the plaques for the overseas men who won Britain’s highest military honour. The 11 bronze memorial plaques, which were displayed to the public for the first time at an event at Lancaster House, London, are inscribed with the names of the Victoria Cross holders and will be sent to the recipients’ home countries. There they will displayed at a prominent location as a symbol of the gratitude that is felt towards them by the people of the United Kingdom. Two of only nine Victoria Cross holders alive in the world today, Sgt Johnson Beharry VC and Australian Cpl Mark Donaldson VC, also attended the launch of the plaques. Speaking about the event, Baroness Warsi said: “It is important to remember this was a truly global war, one which pulled in people from every corner of the earth. “Sacrifices were made not only by people in the United Kingdom but by many millions across the world: whether it was the large proportion of Australian men who volunteered to fight in a war far from home, the 1.2 million Indian troops who took part in the war, or the essential support which came from the islands of the West Indies. “It is truly inspiring that so many countries came together 100 years ago to uphold our way of life. This was a war which saw extraordinary courage and sacrifice from an entire generation. “This year, we are marking our gratitude to 175 men from 11 countries

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who demonstrated the utmost bravery ‘in the face of the enemy’ during the First World War. “These extraordinary men were awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest award for valour for their actions during the War. “We shall honour them by engraving their names on bronze memorial plaques,

to be presented to their home countries, sending out a powerful message that people of all backgrounds and faiths can unite in the name of a common cause. “I am determined that we ensure that people of all backgrounds and of all generations learn about the courage and heroism of their forefathers a hundred years ago.”

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01274 307 040

14 Legrams Lane, Bradford BD7 1ND



July 2014 - 1st Edition

Businessman fakes death to pocket a million

GUILTY: Sanjay Kumar was handed a two-and-a-half year prison sentence after faking his own death in India following a number of failed business ventures in the UK

Financial troubles ‘forced’ couple into life insurance scam HAIR NAILS & BEAUTY

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FAKE: Sanjay’s wife, Anju, handed a bogus death and cremation certificate to insurers in England in an attempt to claim a huge life insurance payout

A man from Hertfordshire, who faked his own death in order to claim more than a million pounds through life insurance, has been jailed for two-anda-half years. Sanjay Kumar, 46, pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court last month to six counts of insurance fraud, whilst his wife, Anju, pleaded guilty to two counts – she was handed a six month suspended sentence. After Sanjay travelled to India in November 2011, Anju phoned five insurers to tell them of her husband’s death during the trip due to ‘brain fever’. She said he had been in contact with her via email prior to the ‘death’ saying he had been taken ill before telling insurers that he died and was cremated on the 25th November. Yet enquiries conducted by insurers revealed no record of Sanjay being treated for a life threatening illness or having been admitted to hospital. There was also no cause of death certificate, only a bogus document, and no evidence that the crematorium where he was said to have been cremated actually existed. Even the person with whom Sanjay was reported to have stayed with in India denied knowing him. In total, Anju had sent the fake death and cremation certificate to three insurers: Aviva, Scottish Provident and Legal and General, in order to secure a total payout of £1,155,789.38. With the insurers’ enquiries pointing towards an attempted life insurance fraud, Scottish Provident referred the information into the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) which launched its own investigation. IFED detectives established that Sanjay was in significant financial debt, and with several failed businesses behind him, pressure to pay creditors had been building. They also uncovered that Anju had used a Western Union transfer to send £1,500 to her husband in India on 27th November 2011 – two days

after she alleged he had died – and that he collected it. They also traced Sanjay as having flown back to the UK from India under the alias ‘Sanjay Vig’ on 17th August 2012. A short time afterwards, 47-year-old Anju was arrested at the couple’s house on Hempstead Road in Watford. Sanjay was arrested at a police station on 11th September and his mobile phone was seized. Analysis of his phone revealed damning messages detailing the specifics of the fraud. On 28th April 2014 at Southwark Crown Court, Sanjay pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation while Anju pleaded guilty to the same offence relating to invested money that she fraudulently claimed. The couple were sentenced on 17th June. DC Tom Hill, who led IFED’s investigation, said: “Sanjay Kumar’s answer to building up substantial debt was to fake his own death in India and let his wife cash in their investments. “Unfortunately for the couple their tale of supposed tragedy quickly fell apart under scrutiny by insurers and IFED, with the uncovering of one lie exposing several more from the Kumars as they attempted to get their hands on a massive payout. “Now that he is behind bars they will have time to reflect on whether making fraudulent claims is the right way to go when faced with financial troubles.”

July 2014 - 1st Edition


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July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition


Dementia Friends

SUPPORT: Mohammed Muhith, BME Development Officer at the Alzheimer’s Society, says he would like to see one-million ‘Dementia Friends’ within three years

Public Health England have teamed up with a leading health charity to launch a new campaign to tackle one of the biggest health issues facing the country, and a growing issue for ethnic minority communities. Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Dementia Friends’ initiative aims to give people understanding of dementia and encourage a whole society response to enable people with the condition to live well. Of the 665,000 people in England and Wales living with dementia, it is estimated that approximately 25,000 are from ethnic minority communities. This figure is expected to rise significantly as the ethnic minority population ages. By 2026 it is likely to have doubled to nearly 50,000 and by 2051 to over 172,000 – representing a seven-fold increase in 40 years. The Dementia Friends campaign aims to give people an understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia, dispel common myths and stigma associated with the disease and show how others can make a real difference to people living with the condition. Mohammed Muhith, BME Development Officer at the Alzheimer’s Society, explained why it was so important to become educated on the condition. “Statistics out there show that the number of people affected by dementia in BME communities is only increasing,” he said. “Dementia Friends is a three-year programme, supported by Public Health, and we would like one-million ‘friends’ to join in. “The friends will have a better understanding of what dementia is and what symptoms to look out for.” If you would like to become a Dementia Friend, please visit

Prison for newspaper hacker British Prime Minister David Cameron's former media chief Andy Coulson was jailed for 18 months on Friday for encouraging widespread phone-hacking by journalists to obtain scoops at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid he edited. Coulson, editor of the now defunct News of the World newspaper from 2003-2007, was convicted last week of conspiracy to intercept voicemails on mobile phones following a high-profile eight-month trial at London's Old Bailey court.

“What this says is that it's right that justice should be done and that no one is above the law,” said Cameron, who has apologised for having hired Coulson. Opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband has criticised Cameron for bringing a ‘criminal into the heart of Downing Street’. The maximum sentence the 46-yearold Coulson could have faced was two years but the judge said he had taken into account signs of good character outside his career.

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08703 608 606




July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition



DONATION: Pupils at Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School handed over a cheque worth £13,500 to Book Aid International as the charity aims to give children across the world access to books

School Library in a box Thousands raised to help stock portable bookshelves in Africa

A Lancashire based charity has been helping to fill the bookcases of some of the less fortunate pupils around the world with the help of some willing local students. The Tauheedul Charity and Book Aid International had initially teamed up to inspire young readers in the developing world by establishing ten portable school libraries on Pemba Island, Tanzania. Now their latest project, launched on World Book Day 2014, hopes to expand the initiative to a further five schools via a ‘School Library in a Box’ scheme. Last week pupils and staff from Blackburn’s Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School presented a cheque worth £13,500 to Book Aid International. The people of Pemba rely primarily on subsistence farming and small-scale fishing for a living, with many surviving on less than one pound a day. There is only one public library on the island, serving the population of over 300,000. Many schools don’t have any books, let alone a library, with many children on Pemba never visiting a library or reading a storybook before the School Library in a Box scheme was introduced.

The project provides portable libraries containing books in Swahili and English to schools that do not have a building that can house a library. Director of Tauheedul Charity, Hamid Patel said: “At Tauheedul, we are passionate about making a difference to the lives of children through education. “Our partnership with Book Aid International is underpinned by a vision of more children in Africa learning to read and having all the opportunities that this brings. “The Zanzibar School Library in a Box programme is an example of how our partnership is enhancing the lives of thousands of children and young people.” Director of Book Aid International, Alison Hubert added: “Book Aid International’s vision is of vibrant libraries that inspire readers and empower communities. “A School Library in a Box is just such a library – filled with all kinds of books in the children’s mother tongue and in English. “With this support from Tauheedul Charity we are able to provide thousands more children in Zanzibar with the books they need to flourish at school and beyond.”

WED: The sham marriages took place at the Manchester Register Office and were alerted to the authorities by suspicious staff. Nadya Kamenova (left) and Tamenuzhka Slavcheva (right)

Bogus brides to spend honeymoon in prison Two women from Bulgaria, and a man from Pakistan, have been handed prison sentences after their sham marriages were detected by UK authorities. Nadya Kamenova, 20, and Tamenuzhka Slavcheva, 21, were flown to Manchester in February this year to marry a pair of Pakistani men who had faced deportation charges after their visas had expired. The brides had arranged to wed the two men in exchange for more than £4,000 after being contacted online and brought into the country by sham marriage organisers. The fake grooms, Muhammed Saleem, 28, and Mohammed Shahbaz took the women to the Manchester Register Office with the latter marrying Kamenova with Saleem as a witness. Four days later and Saleem this

time was set to wed his bogus bride, Slavcheva, yet after staff at the office contacted border officials, who sat in on the service undercover, the plot was foiled. Slavcheva had been paid £1,000 for agreeing to marry Saleem after his student visa ran out, whilst Kamenova was recruited by her UKbased aunt, who is suspected of being another of the organisers, and paid £3,400 for the job. Both women admitted conspiring to facilitate breach of UK immigration law and were jailed for 20 months (Kamenova) and 12 months (Slavcheva). Saleem, from Rochdale, was also handed a sentence of 20 months whilst his fellow fake groom has so far escaped arrest and is believed to have organised other sham marriages. David Toal, prosecuting, said:

Muhammed Saleem “Before the accession of countries such as Bulgaria and Romania to the EU, most previous sham marriage cases involved ‘brides’ from affluent countries like Holland, and invariably spent only a few days for the marriage in the UK before returning to their lives in their own country. “Such transient passage within the UK, gave the marriages the obvious appearance of shams. “By choosing brides from poor countries such as Bulgaria, the grooms could be confident that their brides would be more willing to remain within the UK for longer periods of time or come to the UK on repeated visits.” Michael Johnson, defending Saleem, described his client as an ‘industrious and law-abiding person’ who ‘very much regrets’ his crime.



July 2014 - 1st Edition

A takaful for students A Sharia compliant student loan could be introduced to universities across the UK as early as 2016, the Universities Minister, David Willetts, has said. The new financial aid, called a ‘takaful’ would allow Muslim students to receive the same amount as a student loan whilst not defying their religious beliefs. One academic year at university in the UK can cost more than £9,000 so monetary support is often crucial for prospective students who wish to attend. With a ‘takaful’, Muslim students would be required to pay the money back in the same repayment plan as a normal loan student, yet rather than giving the money to the bank, it would be put towards a ‘communal fund’. By using such a scheme, the method of payment is seen as a charitable donation as the funds will then be used once again by future students who opt to use the takaful so all members benefit equally. Rochdale Labour MP, Simon Danczuk, backed the proposals saying no person should be made to choose between their future and religion. “Members can imagine their dismay when they find that the student loans on offer to help with

University loans to be developed for Muslim academics

astronomical university fees are not compatible with their religious beliefs,” he said. “Essentially, they are being asked to choose between the future they want for themselves and their own religious convictions. “That is not a choice we should be asking anyone to make. It is an unacceptable situation. “I understand that not all Muslims feel that way and that there is a degree of theological argument about the issue.” The takaful may be available within two years for students wanting to study in the UK according to Mr Willetts. He adds that the plan was being developed by experts in Islamic finance and had been provisionally approved by the Sharia Supervisory Committee of the Islamic Bank of Britain. He said: “It would be a tragedy if any student, particularly a Muslim student, because of concerns about so-called interest rates, were put off from going to university. “We are now indeed examining a Sharia compliant alternative to the conventional student loan.”

SUPPORT: Universities Minister, David Willetts, says it would be a ‘tragedy’ if a person’s religious beliefs stopped them from gaining an education



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Iconic statue set to grace Parliament

Gandhi Monument A statue of one of the most iconic civil rights leaders in history, Mahatma Gandhi, is set to be erected outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Following their recent visit to India, chancellor, George Osborne, and foreign secretary, William Hague, announced the plans in New Delhi at a memorial on the site of his assassination. The statue will be alongside already established monuments including Nelson Mandela, Sir Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Gandhi, who studied in London, will join the list next summer as a mark of the 100th anniversary since he returned to India from South Africa to begin his fight for self-rule. Mr Osborne said it was ‘time for Gandhi to take his place’ in front of parliament and praised the concept. He said: “The father of the largest democracy in the world…He is a figure of inspiration, not just in Britain and India, but around the world. “I hope this new memorial will be a lasting and fitting tribute to his memory in Britain, and a permanent monument to our friendship with India.” Leading sculptor, Philip Jackson, who has carved statues for the likes of the Queen

Mother and Bomber Command, has been tasked with creating this latest piece of art. It is set to be funded by charitable donations and sponsors and Mr Hague believes it will be a great reminder of Gandhi’s lasting legacy. “Gandhi's view of communal peace and resistance to division, his desire to drive India forward and his commitment to nonviolence left a legacy that is as relevant today as it was during his life,” he said. “He remains a towering inspiration and a source of strength. We will honour him with a statue alongside those of other great leaders in Parliament Square.” UK culture secretary, Sajid Javid, who is leading an advisory group to support the project, added: “My parents were born in British India with first-hand experience of partition. The effect it had on millions of people contributed to my decision to take up public service. “Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's reverence and greatness, a man who fought equally for everyone, in the form of a statue in Parliament Square is a fitting tribute. “No matter what your background, history or religion, this statue will allow people from around the world to look upon him and appreciate his endeavour and successes for humanity.”

“I hope this new memorial will be a lasting and fitting tribute to his memory in Britain, and a permanent monument to our friendship with India.”


7/7 memorial defaced on anniversary

Vandals on Monday defaced a memorial to the victims of July 7 London bombings hours before survivors and relatives were to gather there to pay tributes on the ninth anniversary of the attack. The 52 stainless steel columns, commemorating each of the deceased, were daubed with messages referring to ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, who led Britain into the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the four suicide bombers involved in the attacks. Located in the heart of city at Hyde Park, all the pillars were replicated with slogans in red and black paint that read ‘Blair Lied Thousands Died’, ‘4 Innocent Muslims’ and ‘July 7 Truth’. A spokesperson for the Royal Parks, which manages all the parks in the city, said the graffiti has been removed after they were discovered by the park's manager early that morning.

Unexpected underground delay

STATUE: A monument of Mahatma Gandhi will stand alongside the likes of Sir Winston Churchill outside the Palace of Westminster


Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from the Channel Tunnel on Monday after a train broke down due to a problem with overhead wires, resulting in long delays on the crossing between Britain and France. A spokesman for operator Eurotunnel said a problem with the overhead catenary, which supplies the power to trains, led to a vehicle shuttle becoming stuck at about 7.30pm on Monday. “We transferred customers through the service tunnel and onto an empty train,” he said. The Channel Tunnel, 30-mile link between Folkestone in south east England and Coquelles in northern France, is used by shuttles carrying cars and lorries, and by Eurostar train services between London, Paris and Brussels.



World’s top tourist city

London has topped Bangkok and Paris as the world's most popular destination, and is expected to host 18.7 million international visitors this year, according a report released on Wednesday. The projected figure of global visitors in 2014 is 300,000 more than the 2013 top destination city of Bangkok, says the report ‘Mastercard Global Cities Index’. Bangkok was the second most popular city with 16.4 million visitors predicted for 2014 while Paris was placed third. London mayor Boris Johnson said: “With nearly nineteen million visitors this year London is the world's favourite place to visit. “Our city perfectly combines history, heritage, arts and culture, not to mention vast amounts of green space and major events that are the envy of the planet.”

Agreement is far away

Significant differences remain between the six world powers and Iran in negotiations over Tehran's nuclear programme, according to British Foreign Minister William Hague. In an interview conducted by the Wiener Zeitung via email on Wednesday and published on Thursday, Hague said a deal was far from certain but that all possibilities should be exhausted in a final round of talks now taking place in Vienna. Iran and the powers - the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China - aim to reach a long-term deal to end the decade-old standoff by a selfimposed July 20 deadline. Some diplomats and analysts believe an extension may be needed in view of the still-wide gaps in negotiating positions. “Achieving an agreement is far from certain,” Hague said. “Significant differences remain ... which are yet to be bridged. But I am convinced that the current negotiations are the best opportunity we have had in years to resolve this issue.”

The mother of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular has appeared in court charged with the murder of her son. Mother-of-four, Rosdeep Kular, 34, is accused of beating little Mikaeel to death over a period of four days before dumping the body in the woods. Reports of the young victim going missing sparked a mass search-operation by police and the public in Edinburgh. His body was eventually found wrapped inside a duvet cover in a suitcase behind a relative’s home in Kirkcaldy. Rosdeep is accused of punching Mikaeel in the head and body, hitting him against a hard object and causing blunt forced trauma injuries at the family’s flat in the same city, between 12th and 15th January. Further charges also accuse the mother of failing to seek medical help, attempting to hide the body and sparking a futile police search operation. The prosecution alleges she reported Mikaeel missing to police in an attempt to cover up the child's death. She has been charged with murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice – the Scottish equivalent of perverting the course of justice. Kular, who is appearing at court under her married name of Adekoya, did not enter a plea at Edinburgh’s High Court for her preliminary hearing on Tuesday with proceedings set to continue on 25th July. Mikaeel’s death was mourned throughout the country with hundreds of floral tributes, candles and soft toys left outside the family’s home. Hundreds later gathered on both sides of the Forth where balloons were released and candles were lit in his memory. In May, a second vigil was held to commemorate what would have been Mikaeel’s fourth birthday.

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Rosdeep Kular appears in court TRAGIC: Rosdeep Kular is accused of killing little Mikaeel in January this year before dumping his body in the woods hidden in a suitcase

Mother accused of murdering son starts trial

July 2014 - 1st Edition




Britain planned to train a Syrian-rebel army PLAN: Former chief of staff, General Sir David Richards, was the mastermind behind the plan two years ago which would have seen a rebel army trained up for one year before marching on Damascus

Thousands of rebels would have been recruited to overthrow Al-Assad’s government A secret plan to train-up and equip a 100,000-strong Syrian rebel army in an effort to overthrow leader Bashar al-Assad were turned down just two years ago as they were deemed ‘too risky’. General Sir David Richards, or Lord Richards as he is now known, was the country’s leading military personnel at the time and had shown the proposals to Downing Street and the National Security Council, as well as US officials. Plans are often drawn up as contingency strategies yet few are circulated amongst such personnel as Lord Richards’ proposals were. The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on the reports yet, according to the BBC, Richards had suggested that an international coalition was established to train the rebels at separate bases in Jordan and Turkey. The army would be trained for a year, whilst a new alternative Syrian government was to be established in exile. Once the force was fully equipped for the challenge, it was suggested to the PM that the new Syrian rebel army would march on Damascus, with support from fighter jets provided by the West and Gulf allies. Richards’ two-year-old proposals came just days after US President Barack Obama had said he was seeking $500million in funding to do a similar project which would see Syrian rebels receive training. Britain had initially pledged to

stay away from the war-torn country yet once it was revealed that chemical weapons had been used, David Cameron was all but forced to consider military action. US and UK officials have since accused the Assad army of being behind the attacks, yet Damascus have always insisted it was rebel groups. Monzer Akbik, spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition, an opposition alliance, said: “The international community did not intervene to prevent those crimes and at the same time did not actively support the moderate elements on the ground. “A huge opportunity was missed and that opportunity could have saved tens of thousands of lives actually and could have saved also a huge humanitarian catastrophe.” Speaking to the BBC, Professor Michael Clarke, of the Royal United Services Institute think tank, added his beliefs that, though it would have been risky to set-up training two years ago, it may have been the most effective plan. He said: “We have missed the opportunity to train an anti-Assad force that would have real influence in Syria when he is removed, as he will be. “I think there was an opportunity two or three years ago to have become involved in a reasonably positive way, but it was dangerous and swimming against the broader tide of history… and the costs and the uncertainties were very high.”

He added that he thought now it was too late to take such action. “Western policymakers in a sense have got to have the courage to do nothing and to work on what comes after the civil war,” he said. “There are no good options over Syria. It is a slow-motion road accident.”



July 2014 - 1st Edition


Missile Strikes Battle between Gaza and Israel intensifies

STRIKE: Hundreds of Hamas targets have been hit by missiles in Gaza since Tuesday

TACTICIAN: Israel’s Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, says the country’s air strike operation is going exactly to plan

At least 70 people have been killed and many more injured as three days of air strikes continue to batter Gaza. Hundreds of Hamas – a Palestinian Sunni Islamist organization - targets have been hit by Israeli rockets whilst missiles fired in response have been mostly met by defences protecting the country. At least 750 targets have been hit so far in Gaza, with more than 70 casualties. The rocket war has been the heaviest fighting between the two areas since an eight-day conflict in 2012. Israel currently has a 20,000-strong ground operation available to be deployed at any moment yet the country insist that they wish to progress with their air campaign. A ground invasion could lead to heavy civilian casualties on the Palestinian side while putting Israeli ground forces in danger. Israel says that Hamas must cease rocket fire from Gaza for Israel to consider a truce. Militants have fired hundreds of rockets, striking across the length of Israel and disrupting life across the country. Israel’s Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, said the operation was going according to plan, with Israel targeting various Hamas interests. “The military's successes so far have been very significant,” he said. “We will continue until they understand that this escalation is not beneficial to them and that we will not tolerate rocket fire toward our towns and citizens.” On Thursday, Egypt opened its Rafah border to wounded innocent Palestinians attempting to escape the ongoing air strikes. The crossing is usually closed due to security risks in the area, with the army currently battling an Islamist insurgency, yet wounded civilians were in desperate need of extra aid. Hospitals were placed on standby by officials in north Sirai, which borders both Gaza and Israel, with the number of injured Palestinians on the rise according to the country’s MENA news agency. Rafah is Gaza's only border crossing that bypasses Israel, which continues to hammer the coastal strip in response to Palestinian rocket fire.

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July 2014 - 1st Edition


India want answers after ‘spy’ allegations

Indian authorities have called upon US officials to explain reports that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, may have been spied on by security forces prior to his election earlier this year. Modi, who represents the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was allegedly spied on during 2010 after a US court allowed the intelligence agency the right to do so. A classified document, leaked by former US security contractor, Edward Snowden, and published this week by the Washington Post, showed Modi was amongst a handful of politicians spied on. The US State

Department said it would not comment ‘on every specific alleged intelligence activity’ yet a spokeswoman did add that she hoped the relations between the two countries have not been harmed. In a statement provided by the Indian Foreign Ministry, the body said it summoned a US diplomat to seek assurances that no such activities would occur again in the future. “India has sought an explanation of the information contained in the press reports, and an assurance that such authorisation will not be acted upon by US government entities,” it read.

British Jihadists join fight in Syria

A ‘chenorous’ act of kindness

A wealthy Chinese businessman who once tried to buy the New York Times offered a free lunch of seared tuna and filet mignon to several hundred homeless New Yorkers at a swank Central Park restaurant on Wednesday. Chen Guangbiao, who made his fortune in the recycling business, took out newspaper advertisements last week inviting "poor and destitute Americans" to lunch in the park. Several hundred

people showed up for the lunch and Chen entertained them by singing "We Are the World," the 1985 charity hit song to fund African famine relief, and a ceremony in which Chen was presented with a certificate declaring him "the world's greatest philanthropist." He announced to applause and cheers he would hand out $300 to each of the guests and also introduced a selfimmolation survivor whose medical treatment he paid for.

‘Don’t let my shoes get wet’

An official in eastern China has been sacked after a picture of him being given a piggyback across a flooded path during a search for missing children went viral online, sparking outrage. The photo showed the official from Guixi in Jiangxi province being carried on another man's back through ankle-deep water, keeping his leather shoes dry, the official Xinhua news agency

reported. He was caught on camera on Saturday during a search for three children who had fallen into a swollen river, Xinhua added. “Wang, vice director of a government office, was about to cross a flooded path when Ding, a low level clerk, offered him the ride. The inappropriate act had a negative social impact and tarnished the image of party officials,” the report said.

Extra protection brought in

Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 soldiers to its border with Iraq after Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the area, according to Saudiowned television reports. The world's top oil exporter shares an estimated 500-mile border with Iraq, where Islamic State insurgents and other Sunni Muslim militant groups seized towns and cities in a lightning advance last month. King Abdullah has ordered all necessary measures to protect the

kingdom against potential ‘terrorist threats’, state news agency SPA reported on Thursday. The Dubai-based alArabiya said on its website that Saudi troops fanned into the border region after Iraqi government forces abandoned positions, leaving the Saudi and Syrian frontiers unprotected. The satellite channel said it had obtained a video showing some 2,500 Iraqi soldiers in the desert area east of the Iraqi city of Karbala after pulling back from the border.

TRAINING: Brothers, Aseel (left) and Nasser Muthana, have joined the fighting in Syria and have both been filmed in a recruitment video for more British jihadists to join the conflict in the war torn country

‘The UK is afraid I come back with the skills I’ve gained’ A British jihadist, who travelled to Syria to fight with a rising insurgent group, has warned that people in the UK should be afraid of the new terror skills he has learned after posting a picture of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on social media. Nasser Muthana, 20, from Cardiff, was shown to be a terrorist in training for the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS) group last month after appearing on a recruitment video. Having previously been a prospective medical student in Wales, he joined the militant group in Syria last month with his younger brother Aseel, 17, who has already spoken of his willingness to die fighting. In a chilling photograph uploaded to Twitter earlier this week, via an account believed to belong to Nasser, several homemade bombs were shown with the caption ‘So the UK is afraid I come back with the skills I gained’. He also posted a picture with a chainlike weapon with reference to decapitating an ‘enemy’. On the Twitter account profile, Nasser describes himself as a ‘soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham [ISIS]’ and that his beliefs are based on ‘a book that guides and a sword that supports it’. Earlier this week, the brother’s devastated father, Ahmed Muthana, 57, said he believes his sons should be brought back to the UK and jailed. “This is not the son I know,” he said. Maybe if they have a heart they’ll come back.

TWEET: Nasser Muthana posted a picture of suspected IEDs on Twitter earlier this week

“What they are doing or posting online, they are being told to by the people with the guns who feed them, look after them and have control over them. They are trapped in the situation and that makes it hard for them to come back or leave the place. “I think they are being forced into posting these things because my kids are not like this.” He added: “I haven’t had any contact with either of my sons since they left. “I don’t want to speak to them. If they want to speak to me they can reach me but I’m not going to ask them to speak.”

In an online interview with the BBC, Aseel said he had no regrets aboutjoining the fight in Syria but did say he would like his family to be there with him. He also described making friends with fellow British jihadists who had travelled to the war torn country to join ISIS and that ‘jihad was obligatory’. Asked how far he was willing to go in the fight, he added:“I can say I am willing to die but Allah knows the truth behind the words.” Hundreds of Brits are believed to be currently fighting in Syria with an approximate 2,000 travelling from across Europe. In recent days it has been revealed that two of the fellow jihadists in the recruitment video were also young British men – 20-year-old Reyaad Khan, from Cardiff, and Abdul Raqib Amin, 25, from Aberdeen. More than a dozen residencies were raided earlier this month in West London and Watford with one 32-year-old man arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation and terrorist fundraising offences. On Friday 27th June, Imams throughout the UK disassociated themselves from any hate-preachers who may have been inspiring young British Muslims to go out to fight in Syria. Instead, they discouraged Brits from travelling abroad and said they were united in their condemnation of any individual who encourages hatred and killing of others.

July 2014 - 1st Edition





July 2014 - 1st Edition


Indian Pinter Prize winner

Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie is the winner of this year's PEN/Pinter Prize in recognition of his support for freedom of speech and generous help to other writers, the prize judges said on Friday. The prize, awarded by the British branch of the worldwide writers' association, is named for the late playwright Harold Pinter, who was an ardent advocate of human rights and a fighter for social causes. Rushdie, 67, is probably best known for his 1988 book ‘The Satanic Verses’ which outraged the Islamic world and forced him to take special security

precautions after death threats were made against him, including a fatwa issued by Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. He also won the prestigious Booker Prize for his second novel, ‘Midnight's Children’, and has been a prolific novelist, essayist and public speaker. “This prize is English PEN’s way of thanking Salman Rushdie not just for his books and his many years of speaking out for freedom of expression, but also for his countless private acts of kindness," novelist and journalist Maureen Freely, chair of judges, said in a statement.

Speak Hindi not English

Since taking office as India's prime minister two months ago, Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi has taken a clear stand in support of Hindi, pushing for it to replace English as the preferred language of the capital's urbane and golf-playing bureaucrats. Hindi and English are India's two official languages for federal government business,

although India's constitution recognises a total of 22 languages. Modi's government has ordered its officials to use Hindi on social media accounts and in government letters. Modi spoke in Hindi and used interpreters in meetings with South Asian leaders last month, and addressed the Bhutanese parliament in Hindi during his first official overseas trip last week.

A big victory for Pakistan Military continue to make ground on Taliban fighters

Pakistani military claim they have seized control of 80 percent of a key city in the war against the Taliban after a recent US drone strike killed six suspected militants earlier this week. Drone strikes in the country have been suspended for six months leading up to June, yet once the hiatus was lifted; an air campaign was launched to drive Pakistani Taliban militants out of the remote border region of North Waziristan. Thursday's strike in the Datta Khel district killed six militants and injured two, security officials said, with the site of the strike approximately 28 miles west of the regional capital of Miranshah, near the Afghan border.

ATTACK: A US drone flies over Miranshah where the Taliban militants’ presence has dwindled in recent months

Military in the country were so confident of their success, one senior officer took reporters on a tour of the region on Wednesday to underscore the magnitude of the victory. 80 percent of Miranshah, North Waziristan's main town, has been regained following extensive military intervention in the area. The region, the base of some of the country's most feared al Qaeda linked terrorists, has been sealed off and there is no way to verify the military's accounts or casualty figures. But the presence of many senior officers during the tour suggested that the army had secured broad control over the area.

Reporters were led through sites ranging from dingy two-room shops to large buildings piled high with cylinders and explosives, all described as workplaces to manufacture bombs. Also on display was a complex of a couple of dozen rooms with a courtyard, described as a training site for suicide bombers. “North Waziristan had transformed into a hub and safe haven for terrorists of all colours and creeds,” General Zafarullah Khan, the region's commander, said the military's sprawling headquarters. “But with the operation, 80 percent of Miranshah and the adjoining areas has been cleared.”

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July 2014 - 1st Edition

• INTERNATIONAL NEWS • INTERNATIONAL NEWS • INTERNATIONAL NEWS • INTERNATIONAL NEWS A UK based charity has launched its latest programme in Northern India which aims to provide a sustained water supply to disadvantaged communities before the monsoon season arrives. The Shining Hope Foundation has been working in the state of Bihar and their newest initiative, ‘Rainwater Harvesting’ will help with the accumulation and deposition of rainwater, which can then be reused to benefit hundreds of people in the community of Bodhgaya. Whilst preserving rainwater has

become more important for people around the world, it is essential for those in the drought-ridden state of Bihar. In an area where water shortage problems are commonplace for large parts of the year, rainfall in the 2013 monsoon season was 25 per cent less than is required at this crucial time of year, with 33 of the 38 districts suffering from droughts. Traditionally, the monsoon season starts in the second week of June yet, over the past decade, this has slowly shifted later into the month. In order to combat this problem,

Shining Hope Foundation started their programme in the villages where rain water can be collected from roof-tops and stored in water tanks. This stored and uncontaminated water will enable communities to utilise the rain water to meet water requirements for various productive purposes throughout the year, such as washing, cooking, sanitation requirements and watering of kitchen gardens in household backyards. Interested households and schools are currently being

provided with water tanks by Shining Hope Foundation and its partner organisation free of charge, with them simply having to cover the small cost of the plumbing required to install the system. Marie Saint-Arnoult, Trustee and Founder of Shining Hope Foundation, explained: “We started this project by carrying out a number of meetings and discussions with village communities; explaining to them the concept, uses and advantages of rainwater harvesting. The feedback was fantastic.

“As a result, those who expressed an interest were instructed to build platforms for the installation of water tanks and to fit pipes that would carry water from roof-tops to the tank. “By the end of this project we expect our villages to be well equipped to cover household levels of water harvesting. This is something we are very excited about supporting.” If successful, the Rainwater Harvesting programme will be rapidly scaled up in advance of next year’s monsoon season.

Let it


Sustainable water supply to arrive in ‘drought-hit’ India VITAL: A new project has been set up in the state of Bihar which will hopefully help bring a sustainable water supply to households through the utilisation of rainwater

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July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition

George Clooney




slams newspaper for ‘dangerous’ story about his fiancée Actor George Clooney has strongly criticised the Daily Mail for a “completely fabricated story” about his fiancée, saying its only intention is to exploit religious differences and that it has put his family at risk. In an open letter, the actor said that a Daily Mail story incorrectly reported that Amal Alamuddin’s mother opposed their forthcoming marriage on religious grounds. The article cited an anonymous friend of the family for the report, which said that Alamuddin’s mother had “been telling half of Beirut” that she was not happy about her daughter getting married to Clooney because he is not a member of the Druze religious group. Clooney said that he “seldom responds to tabloids, unless it involves someone else and their safety or well being” but that “none of the story is factually true”. “Amal’s mother is not Druze. She has not been to Beirut since Amal and I have been dating, and she is in no way against the marriage – but none of that is the issue,” Clooney wrote. “This lie involves larger issues. The irresponsibility, in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist, is at the very least negligent and more appropriately danger. “We have family members all over the world, and the idea that someone would

inflame any part of that world for the sole reason of selling newspapers should be criminal.” Clooney wrote that he accepted the inconvenience caused by the media to his private life from time to time but said this story had been picked up by hundreds of other outlets, including and New York Daily News. “The Daily Mail, more than any other organisation that calls itself news, has proved time and time again that facts make no difference in the articles they make up,” Clooney wrote in a hard-hitting paragraph. “And when they put my family and my friend in harm’s way ,they cross far beyond just a laughable tabloid and into the arena of inciting violence. They must be so very proud”.

Clooney’s announcement of his engagement to British-Lebanese human rights lawyer and activist Amal Alamuddin in April this year raised a few eyebrows




GLITZ NEWS Govinda happy about daughter’s debut film It was known that a little fall-out had happened between Govinda and his best buddy Salman Khan over the launch of his daughter Narmada’s film career with Punjabi film superstar Gippi Grewal. Reportedly the relationship between the “partners”

soured when Salman, instead of launching Govinda's daughter as planned, launched Shatrughan Sinha's daughter Sonakshi instead. However, the pair who’ve been friends for years have since patched up.

Amitabh’s iconic look was a result of an error The denim blue shirt teamed with khakee coloured pants and a rope dangling over the shoulder is arguably Amitabh Bachchan’s most iconic film look till date and the megastar reveals the styling in ‘Deewar’ was a result of a mistake by the tailor. Reflective of the tumultuous politics of the early 70s, the 1975 film directed by Yash Chopra

established the 71-year-old actor as the “angry young man” of Hindi cinema. “The knotted shirt and rope on shoulder in ‘Deewar’ was an adjustment for an error in stitching… shirt too long so knotted it,” Bachchan shared on social media. ‘Deewar’ also starred Shashi Kapoor, Nirupa Roy, Parveen Babi and Neetu Singh. The film was a superhit.

Gupta wants to romance with the Khans The energetic and ambitious model-turnedactress Esha Gupta says that she got really lucky to have done different genres of film up till now. Being a sporty person, picking up medals for running and basketball during her school years she says she’d love to an actionpacked film with Akshay Kumar.

However, she says that a full-on romantic film with Shah Rukh Khan is her dream. She says the Khans are the ones who everyone wants to work with in Bollywood. “I got lucky to work with one of the Khans (Saif Ali Khan in Humshakals), now I am waiting for the others,” she commented to press.

“This is rubbish”

Vidyut Jamwal the model who’s a trained gymnast and a martial arts fighter says he’s an eternal fan of both the Khans and has spoken publically on how shocked he was at the baseless rumours of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan being upset with him. Vidyut said: "This is absolute rubbish. There's no reason for SRK or Salman to be upset with me. I have a lot respect for both of them and would love to work with them. “These rumours have been spread by random gossip mongers who are in very poor taste. They (gossip mongers) really should find something more constructive to do with their time." Vidyut is currently working with on his next film “Yaara”, after which he will be starting work on two further films.

SCULPTURE: Kareena Kapoor met her own waxwork when it was unveiled in Blackpool in 2011 and said it was both an honour and privilege to be included at the Madame Tussauds attraction

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Kareena meet Kareena

July 2014 - 1st Edition

An icon in the world of Bollywood cinema, Kareena Kapoor has joined fellow Indian film stars at Madame Tussauds London, as her wax figure pays a visit to the internationally renowned attraction for the first time. Created in 2011 by a team of sculptors, hair, makeup and wardrobe experts, Kareena’s figure has been travelling the globe in a new Bollywood exhibition, which has visited a number of Madame Tussauds attractions around the world. Arriving in London, Kareena’s wax likeness is in good company, joining some of the biggest names in Indian cinema, including Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachan in a special Bollywoodinspired area. The model originally cost £150,000 to create, taking over four months to complete, and had proved to be a big hit at the Blackpool attraction where it was first launched. On seeing her wax figure for the first time in 2011, Kareena had commented: “It is an honour and a privilege for me to have my own Madame Tussauds wax figure - this is a moment of pride for Indian cinema. “The figure looks incredible and is so life

Bollywood star’s wax work welcomed to London attraction

like, I had to do a double take when I saw myself – they have really done a superb job at capturing my essence.” Fan, Amil Singh, aged 24 from Birmingham on meeting Kareena’s figure commented: “Her figure is amazing – so glamorous just like the real Kareena. “The whole Bollywood experience is magical and a real must see for all, whether they are Bollywood fans or not.” It was actually film legend, Amitabh Bachchan, star of such films as Anand and Deewaar, who was the first Bollywood actor to get his own waxwork model back in 2000. Since his introduction, the number of Asian visitors to Madame Tussauds sites around the world has increased with Indian film stars spreading to several of the famed attractions.

“My mother would have been proud of me” SRK Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was conferred the Knight of the Legion of Honour by Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France during a special ceremony held at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. On receiving the prestigious honour the superstar said that it was his mother’s birthday and if she were alive, she would have been extremely happy. Created in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the honour is the highest award given for outstanding service to France, regardless of the nationality of the recipient. The title of ‘Knight of the Legion of Honour’ has been conferred on Shah Rukh Khan in recognition of his outstanding contribution to cultural diversity across the world.

Why Sajid Nadiadwala still feels like a newcomer


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TO THE WHITEROSE CENTRE Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, whose has struck gold with three of his releases this year"Highway", "2 States" and "Heropanti", still feels like a fresher in the industry as far as his directorial debut "Kick" is concerned. "I am extremely nervous and excited about my directorial debut 'Kick'. I have been a creative producer for 27 years but I still feel like a newcomer where 'Kick' is concerned," Nadiadwala said in a statement. "Kick", which will be releasing on Eid, stars Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez. The trailer, which boasts of death defying stunts and picturesque locations, was unveiled earlier this month and has received a positive response so far.


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Salman Khan to thrill fans this Eid



Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is set to kick-start this Eid season with the forthcoming action romantic-comedy film ‘Kick’, releasing on 25th July 2014 through UTV Motion Pictures. Billed as an awesome, roller-coaster ride of action, intrigue, suspense and romance, Salman Khan leads an impressive ensemble cast in this highoctane, action rom-com. The intriguing story takes as its core premise a man’s desire to live life to the full and get a ‘kick’ out of every opportunity that comes his way. Salman Khan plays the character of ‘Devil’, an adrenaline junkie who is addicted to risk, be it in his job or in his personal life. His many misguided and miscreant acts culminate in him becoming a thief and dicing with the law in a dangerous and daring game. What ensues is a catand-mouse style chase, as Devil is pursued by lauded police officer ‘Himanshu’ (Randeep Hooda Highway) as well as entering into a turf war with local gangster ‘Aslam’ (Nawazuddin Siddiqui – Gangs of Wesseypur). ‘Kick’ is helmed by popular producerturned-director Sajid Nadiadwala, with the screenplay written by Sajid Nadiadwala and acclaimed author Chetan Bhagat (3 Idiots, Kai Po Che, 2 States). Salman Khan is joined by leading lady Jacqueline Fernandez (Housefull, Race 2), Bobby Deol (Dostana), Mithun Chakraborty (OMG! Oh My God) and a special appearance by Nargis Fakhri (Madras Café), amongst others. The film has already met with acclaim by fans and industry figures alike, with the official trailer breaking records with four million hits in just 38 hours. The trailer launch has crossed 39,000 likes already, making it the fastest trailer to ever get so many likes. Bollywood celebrities have also been tweeting their appreciation. Acting legend Amitabh Bachchan said: ‘Did you see the trailer of 'KICK'. baaadooom!! Compares with anything that the other 'wood' brings out from their high end films!’. Producer-director Karan Johar said: ‘#KICK looks outstanding!! Huge blockbuster enroute!! Congratulations Sajid!’. With death-defying stunts, state-of-the-art VFX, picturesque locations and multiple avatars played by the delectable Salman Khan, ‘Kick’ promises to be a complete wholesome entertainer with an engaging plot and superstar Salman Khan at his best - as an action hero and romantic lead.

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Akshay Kumar backs native sport Kabaddi Known for his devotion to sports, Akshay Kumar, who was formerly a professional martial arts trainer in Bangkok before turning to acting, has lent a supporting hand to another sport, Kabaddi. On his Facebook page, Akshay recently expressed: “I’m a sports enthusiast, be it cricket, martial arts, hockey or Kabbadi... that’s no secret. I’ve always promoted fitness and sports. “Cricket is already world famous but I feel it’s now time to shift a little focus towards the sports which originated in our own country, Kabaddi.” The superstar has personally requested fans to tune into the World Kabbadi League later this year.

His enthusiasm for Kabaddi extends as far as him owning his own Kabaddi team, which is due to take part in the World Kabbadi League being played across four continents from August to December. The World Kabbadi League is also set to be a somewhat star studded affair, with Bollywood counterpart Abhishek Bachchan, having also purchased the Jaipur team. The Khiladi star’s passion for sport has never gone unnoticed and he recently leveraged his sporting expertise in order to help women learn how to better defend themselves, with the launch of a Martial Arts Institute for women in Mumbai. The institute is set to provide three month long, free of charge, self-defense courses.

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July 2014 - 1st Edition

FILM: Punjab 1984 DIRECTED BY: Anurag Singh GENRE: Drama STAR CAST: Diljit Dosanjh, Kirron Kher, Pavan Malhotra, Sonampreet Kaur Bajwa At the helm of ‘Punjab 1984’ is the ‘numero uno’ of Punjabi cinema, Diljit Dosanjh, delivering a powerhouse performance that will resonate with audiences and critics for years to come. Director Anurag Singh, whose latest offering marks a magnum opus that showcases Punjabi cinema at its very best and bears all the hallmarks of a blockbuster in the making. Sure to be hailed universally on the platform of world cinema and beyond, Punjab 1984 cinematically recounts a tragic episode in India’s history when the state was going through a turbulent time of political unrest and terrorism. The turmoil affected thousands of households and families across the Punjab region, and is conveyed with emotion and atmospheric realism. The film depicts the desperate search and longing of a mother (played by the much-celebrated Kirron Kher) for her son who has

been labelled a terrorist amid the clashes. Essaying the heartfelt role of a matriarch dealing with the angst and pain of a missing son and the desperate lengths she goes to in order to secure his safe return home, Kirron delivers an aweinspiring performance. The story encapsulates how her son eventually fights for his rights and to prove his innocence, desperate to return to his home and mother. ‘Punjab 1984’ poignantly depicts the sensitive and vulnerable period in history for the youth of Punjab and is dedicated to the thousands of mothers who lost their sons at that time. Impeccable supporting performances are delivered by an ensemble cast featuring: Pavan Malhotra, Sonampreet Kaur Bajwa, Manav Vij, Rana Ranbir Vansh, Arun Bali and Gurcharan Channi. Composers Gurmeet Singh, Nick and Jatinder Shah.

RELEASE DATE: 04/07/2014

FILM: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil DIRECTED BY: Arif Ali GENRE: Bollywood/Drama STAR CAST: Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth

A fresh Bollywood romantic drama charting a tumultuous year in the lives of two young lovers. Dino (Armaan Jain) and Karishma (Deeksha Seth) are youthful and carefree, living in the paradise that is uber-cool south Mumbai. They love to hang out with friends, regularly painting the town red. But reality intrudes in the unwelcome form of Karishma's parents, who put pressure on her to marry. It's at this point that Dino and Karishma realise they're made for each other. Being rebellious by nature, they decide to elope for a lifetime of love and fun. Unfortunately, things don't work out quite the way they hoped over the next twelve months.

FILM: Anima State DIRECTED BY: Hammad Khan GENRE: Pakistani STAR CAST: Uns Mufti, Malika Zafar, Osman Khalid Butt A man with a bandage mask across his face goes on a shooting spree across a Pakistani city, gunning down random people. He soon realises that his actions have no consequences and

RELEASE DATE: 14/07/2014

nobody appears to be interested in his murderous deeds, and so he decides to go on live television with a view to committing suicide on air. Here a huge twist in the plot is to entertain audiences. The film is an unflinching and surreal look at contemporary Pakistan and will provoke and entertain in equal measure. Racy and unafraid of controversy from start to finish, the film is an exhilarating cinematic ride, dealing with persecution, paranoia and that blurry line between dreams and harsh reality.

July 2014 - 1st Edition


ATE: FILM: Bobby Jasoos 0 4 /0 7 /2 0 1 4 DIRECTED BY: Samar Shaikh GENRE: Thriller/Comedy STAR CAST: Vidya Balan, Ali Fazal, Supriya Pathak Vidya Balan stars as a female detective in this groundbreaking Bollywood spy thriller. Multiple award-winner Vidya Balan - one of Bollywood's most versatile actresses now takes on the challenge as a female detective in this spy thriller. Bilqis Ahmed aka Bobby (Vidya Balan) is a wannabe private detective solves petty neighbourhood cases, such as helping Tasawur (Ali Fazal), to get rid of marriage proposals brought home by his parents. Bobby finally gets her big break when a she gets allocated the case of two missing girls by a wealthy client named ‘Khan’. To solve the case Bobby takes up many getups such as 'beggar', 'peon', 'hawker', 'nerd student', 'astrologer' and even a fake ' TV producer'. After locating the targets, Booby is paid a tremendous fees and is offrered another mysterious case by the same mysterious Khan. This time she must find a boy with a missing toe named 'Ali'. With her suspicions arising about the client himself, Bobby finds herself in the middle of a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. 'Bobby Jasoos' ('Bobby Detective') is the second film to be produced by Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha.

FILM: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (Bollywood) DIRECTED BY: Shashank Khaitan GENRE: Drama/Musical STAR CAST: Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Shukla 'Student of the Year' stars Alia RELEASE DATE: Bhatt and Varun Dhawan reunite for another sparkling Bollywood romantic 11/07/2014 comedy. Feisty young Kavya Pratap Singh (Alia Bhatt) takes a trip from Ambala to Delhi to shop for her forthcoming wedding. Here she meets laidback Humpty Sharma (Varun Dhawan), whose father runs the local campus bookstore. Humpty is immediately smitten by the bubbly Kavya, and the fact that she is unattainable makes her even more attractive. Being persistent and resourceful, he recruits his best friends Shonty and Poplu to help find out all he can about her. The more time this chalk and cheese couple spend together, the more the chemistry between them develops. When Katya returns to Ambala, Humpty faces his biggest challenge yet: to persuade her strict yet loving father to agree to their union! Legendary Bollywood producer Karan Johar reunites with his 'Student of the Year' leads for this quirky, funny and touching romantic comedy.

FILM: Kick DIRECTED BY: Sajid Nadiadwala GENRE: Action/Comedy STAR CAST: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Radeep Hooda Salman Khan stars in an intoxicating Bollywood action-romance about a man who lives for the thrill of the adrenaline rush. Psychiatrist Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) is about to marry Indian police officer Himanshu (Radeep Hooda) and neither of them are delighted at the prospect of this arranged union. But when they meet on a train journey to Warsaw, the couple quickly form a firm friendship. Shaina




talks about her previous 25/07/2014 relationship with thrillseeker Devi (Salman Khan), whose life is devoted to the pursuit of kicks. Himanshu reciprocates with the tale of how he finally met his match in the form of a very clever thief. What they don't realise is that they're both talking about the same man! And when Devi re-enters their lives, a deeper mystery unfolds - with deadly consequences. 'Dabangg' superstar Salman Khan leads the superlative cast of this remake of the Telugu hit of the same name, which was partly shot on location in Glasgow.



July 2014 - 1st Edition

SjuEPlyT 2014 CHEF




Written by, directed by, UK RELEA produced by SE and starring Jon 18/06/20DATE: 14 Favreau - Chef features an all-star cast. When Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) suddenly quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise his creative integrity for its controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman), he is left to figure out what's next. Finding himself in Miami, he teams up with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), his friend (John Leguizamo) and his son (Emjay Anthony) to launch a food truck. Taking to the road, Chef Carl goes back to his roots to reignite his passion for the kitchen alongside his zest for life and love.



Secret Service 12A field agent CERT Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) dedicated his life to the CIA but when he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness, he retires from his high stakes life in order to reconnect with his estranged family. When the agency offers him a life-saving experimental drug in exchange for one final but extremely dangerous mission, he reluctantly agrees. As well as tracking down a ruthless terrorist, he takes sole responsibility for his daughter, endeavouring to complete his two toughest assignments yet.


26/06/20DATE: 14

THE ART OF THE STEAL STARRING: TERENCE STAMP, JAY BARUCHEL, KURT RUSSELL, MATT DILLON DIRECTOR: JONATHAN SOBOL GENRE: COMEDY, THRILLER Crunch Calhoun (Kurt Russell), a third rate CERT motorcycle daredevil and semi-reformed art thief, agrees to get back into the con game and pull off one final lucrative art theft with his untrustworthy brother,


TAMMY STARRING: MELISSA MCCARTHY, SUSAN SARANDON, KATHY BATES, DAN AYKROYD DIRECTOR: BEN FALCONE 15 CERT GENRE: COMEDY A downhearted woman embarks on a road trip with her granny in this crazy comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon. Life is not being kind to Tammy (Melissa McCarthy). The unlucky thirty-something has written off her rustbucket of a car. She's been fired from her dead end job at a greasy burger bar by sleazy boss Keith (Ben Falcone). And she's got home to find hubby Greg (Nat


04/07/20DATE: 14 Foxon) carrying on with their neighbour, Missi (Toni Collette). Tammy's only way of getting away is to team up with her harddrinking, potty-mouthed grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon), who has cash, a car and a yearning to see Niagara Falls. So the unlikely duo burn rubber on a wild adventure.

Nicky (Matt Dillon). Reassembling the old team, Crunch comes up with a plan to steal a priceless historical book, but the successful heist leads to another far riskier plan devised by Nicky. They fail to realize each


K RELEAS other’s E 20/06/20DATE: separate 14 agendas when their plan goes awry in this con movie about honour, revenge and the bonds of brotherhood.

July 2014 - 1st Edition



SjuEPlyT 2014 TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION STARRING: MARK WAHLBERG, STANLEY TUCCI, LI BINGBING, KELSEY GRAMMER, SOPHIA MYLES DIRECTOR: MICHAEL BAY GENRE: ACTION, SCI-FI The fourth instalment of the hit Transformers CERT movie series begins after an epic battle that left a great city torn, but with the world saved. As humanity picks up the pieces,


a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history, while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime and the


05/07/20DATE: 14

Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 STARRING: JAY BARUCHEL, GERARD BUTLER, CRAIG FERGUSON, AMERICA FERRERA, JONAH HILL, KRISTEN WIIG DIRECTOR: DEAN DEBLOIS GENRE: ACTION, FAMILY, COMEDY The thrilling second chapter of the epic How to Train your Dragon trilogy brings us back to the fantastical world of Hiccup and Toothless five years after the two have successfully united dragons and Vikings on the island of Berk. While Astrid, Snotlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races (the island's new favourite contact sport), the now inseparable pair journey through the skies,



charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the UK RELEA SE D center of a 1 0/07/201ATE: battle to 4 protect the peace.


CERT A growing nation of genetically UK RELEA SE D evolved apes 1 7/07/201ATE: led by Caesar 4 is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth's dominant species. With the apes now carrying guns and developing a rudimentary language, the outcome is far from clear.


2014 25/07/

HERCULES (ALSO IN 3D!) STARRING: DWAYNE JOHNSON, RUFUS SEWELL, TBC IAN MCSHANE, CERT JOHN HURT, JOSEPH FIENNES DIRECTOR: BRETT RATNER GENRE: ACTION Dwayne Johnson's Hercules battles terrifying foes in a fresh and visceral new take on this legendary action hero. Having completed his character-defining twelve labours, tormented Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) has become a battleweary warrior who leads a band of mercenaries. The King of Thrace (John Hurt) calls upon him to help end a bloody civil conflict by defeating a savage, brutal warlord. Now Hercules must find the strength to become a hero again. But this will not simply be a battle against a formidable enemy, but a fight for his very soul.



July 2014 - 1st Edition

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Round 2 for

McLaren supercar registration PERFECTION: DVLA Personalised Registrations will be auctioning 650 S at Williams F1 next week


By Steve Maybury

Six weeks after auctioning the personalised registration MCL 650S to reflect the McLaren 650S supercar, the DVLA is offering the perfect follow up with 650 S. The registration, which has a reserve of £3,500, is among 1,500 that will go under the hammer during the Agency’s three day summer auction which gets underway at the Williams Formula One team’s factory on Wednesday, July 16. Clearly the connotations towards the £200,000 McLaren 650S supercar aided in the sale of MCL 650S, with the gavel finally

coming down after a titanic tussle for a supercar sum totalling £16,000. Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “We were astounded by the interest and the battle that ensued around MCL 650S during our most recent auction. Who knows, 650 S could prove equally as exciting.” Visitors to the three-day event will be given access to Williams’ museum displaying arguably the biggest collection of Grand Prix cars under one roof. The private collection belonging to F1 legends Frank Williams and Patrick Head is normally kept behind closed doors with only the privileged being allowed in.




July 2014 - 1st Edition

New Yaris bursting with kit Japanese car maker Toyota is launching its new Yaris supermini this summer, and hopes to broaden the car’s appeal with a revised range. The firm is offering more choice, more equipment options and a wealth of advanced features for on-board comfort, communications, safety and style as it launches the Yaris into an increasingly competitive market sector. Established Active and Icon grades are joined by new Sport and Excel trims. The Hybrid variant can be specified in Icon and Excel versions. Each grade has its own character, differentiated by details such as the interior trim and materials and treatment of various interior and exterior elements, including the lower grille, wheels, seats,

centre console and instrument panel. High equipment levels feature throughout the range, with a leathertrimmed steering wheel, air conditioning and the latest Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system fitted as standard from Icon grade. Climate control is standard for all Hybrid and Excel variants. Cost options include Toyota’s Skyview panoramic roof, LED daytime running lights and rear lamps, rear privacy glass and a multimedia system with navigation. Sport models can further be specified with red interior trim. On-the-road prices start at £10,995 for the 1.0-litre three-door Active model and rise to £17,695 for the rangetopping Hybrid model in Excel trim.

The Lexus NX – a luxury crossover Lexus created the luxury-utility crossover category with the original midsized RX model in 1998 and is now poised to disrupt the growing compact segment with the all-new 2015 NX. Inspired by performance vehicles, the 2015 NX unites the engineering input of racers with the impeccable touch of Lexus luxury in a design that steals the show.

Following in the tire tracks of the new-generation Lexus GS and IS sedans, the 2015 NX brings dramatic design to a segment populated by boxy offerings. The boldest interpretation yet of the signature Lexus spindle grille and L-finesse design envelops a platform engineered by a team that includes active racers. The 2015 Lexus NX debuts in two versions, the NX 200t with a turbocharged 2.0-liter fourcylinder engine and the NX 300h hybrid, which brings the brand's number of hybrid offerings to six, the most among luxury brands. The hybrid offers a real

driving kick, thanks to a new transmission with a kick-down function. The racers on the team insisted on splitting the hybrid battery into two separate pods for better weight distribution; with the benefit of more efficient use of cabin space. Both NX models offer their own version of pro-active allweather drive (AWD). Looking more sports-car than sport-utility, the 2015 NX's cabin is bristling with new, onboard, standard and available technology, including a Lexusfirst Wireless Charging Tray for compatible phones and devices; the new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) with a touch pad; and a comprehensive Multiinformation Display that features a Lexus-first G-Force meter and boost gauge.

July 2014 - 1st Edition

New Q50 two-litre turbocharged petrol engine pricing revealed


The lightweight 1991cc turbocharged petrol 4-cylinder engine develops (350Nm) of torque and 211PS of power which is transmitted through a 7-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. Flexible and efficient driving is assisted by a wide torque band curve that begins at just 1250rpm. Manufactured with the latest fuel efficient certified technology and tuned by Infiniti

engineers for an engaging throttle response, the 2.0-litre direct injection petrol engine joins the new 2.2-litre direct injection turbo-diesel engine, and the celebrated highperformance V6-configuration hybrid powertrains. Over the next five years, Infiniti will increase its model range by 60 per cent and more than double the number of its powertrains. First revealed in Europe at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March and already launched in China the Q50 petrol, will make its sales debut in Europe in autumn before rolling out to the rest of Infiniti’s global markets by year end.

Starting price of ÂŁ31,755 on sale in Europe autumn 2014







£5,000 (0011 ASH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£8,000 (ASHOK M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (B KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (D YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (F AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (H AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (NAHEED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (O SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 (RAJHA) TEL. 07768 686 842

£2,000 TEL. 07947 979 777

£1,275 ONO TEL. 07852 290 229

£2,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£4,500 (ASH RAJ) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (B SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (D YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (F AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07973 165 474

£100,000 ONO TEL. 07539 976 158

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HALE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (O VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 914 041

£12,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

OFFERS OVER £10,000 TEL. 07889 184 532

£5,500 TEL. 07947 979 777

£2,500 (ASHRAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (BISSMILA) TEL. 07971 732 789

£10,000 (E AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (F AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,550 TEL. 07867 861 193


£7,000 (MONTY P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HAYE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (N AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (O YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (R AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (S DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £35,000 TEL. 07971 827 913

£1200 ONO TEL. 07884 115 115

£2,500 (ASH 222) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO (BUSTED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (E AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£16,000 (HEAVEN-HAVEN) TEL. 07731 464002

£3,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£10,000 (M OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (NAIMA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£15,000 (O YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (R AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 ONO TEL. 07706 216 060

£4,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£3,000 ONO (ALI HASSAN) TEL. 07946 162 099

£10,000 ONO TEL. 07976 024 735

£10,000 (B VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

£5,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£15,000 (HELEN H) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 ONO (KAABAH) TEL. 07779 300 128


£20,000 (MR HUGH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£3,995 TEL. 07954 389 874

£OFFERS TEL. 07557 472 855

£2,995 TEL. 07793 628 670

£25,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07539 976 158

£70,000+ TEL. 07854 012 093

£15,400 (B YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

OVER £10,000 TEL. 07765 555 786

£15,000 (HELEN M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07907 318 666 no withheld numbers

£650 ONO (MUNAWAR) TEL. 07597 572 045

£13,250 ONO TEL. 07837 867 868

£OFFERS (TEXT ONLY) TEL. 07884 064 015

£3,000 (PAAYJA) TEL. 07768 686 842

£7,000 (R DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,995 ONO TEL. 07764 656 667

£10,000 ONO TEL. 07887 690 098

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07539 976 158

£8,500 ONO NO WITHHELD No TEL. 07768 686 842

£15,000 (B YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (E BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (F BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (HELEN P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,995 ONO TEL. 07890 201 854

£10,000 TEL. 07779 117 865

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£5,000+ (NAIWAAB) TEL. 07973 165 474

£1350 TEL. 07867 861 193

£2,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£OFFERS T: 07754 852 402

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (A VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07764 656 667

£8,500 (E BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (F DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (HELEN R) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 T: 07740 784 983 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 £850 TEL: 07977 118 134 £5,000 (MR SPOK) no withheld numbers MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£2,000 ONO TEL. 07966 386 755

£29,000 (R GIGGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,000 ONO TEL. 07828 695 464

£5,000 ONO (AMJED) TEL. 07971 732 789

£5,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (AWESOME) TEL. 07985 254 294

£999 ONO TEL. 07427 677 989

£8,500 (E BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,000 (HELEN T) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£1,499 ONO TEL. 07958 000 480

£1,499 ONO TEL. 07875 337 224

£5,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (A YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (C AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£4,999 TEL. 07846 480 112

£1,500 ONO (HELLO X) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS TEL. 07980 802 471

£OFFERS TEL. 07764 511 955

£OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07817 615 022

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,400 (A YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (C AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £4,000 TEL. 07513 257 029

£6,995 (F GUPTA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (H DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07983 480 777

£15,000 ONO (MAWLA) TEL. 07842 955 147

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 £5,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (A YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

£15,500 (E JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (F KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£14,000 (H KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (SHAB) TEL. 07977 348 295

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 £OFFERS T: 07740 784 983 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (E KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (F LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (H KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

123 YKP



786 KAM 786 MAK 82 GK













































July 2014 - 1st Edition















M0 51DDK M111 NWR





MR 54BAR MR 5 5K0L MR5 5P0K






















no withheld numbers



£10,000 T: 07740 784 983

£5,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£3,500 (P ALLANS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,500 (R JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07754 852 402

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£7,495 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£11,000 (PAUL JR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (R SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07754 852 402

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£75,000 ONO TEL. 07969 914 041

£11,000 (PAUL SG) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (R VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£19,000 (MAHBUB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (MR SINGH) TEL: 07731 464002

£8,500 (N BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£11,000 (PAUL SR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (R YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£3,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£1,500 ONO (MAIDA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,000 (N CLARK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (P AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (R YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,000 TEL. 07921 576 971



















no withheld numbers


no withheld numbers



£15,000 (A AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (ANSAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£20,000 (AALIYAA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL. 07983 480 777

£OFFERS TEL. 07971 850 490

£7,000 (C BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (E LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,900 TEL. 07867 861 193

£7,500 (H MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07523 264 595 no withheld numbers

£1,500 ONO (MAIDAH) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (MS HOPE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (N DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (P AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (SOULJA) TEL. 07803 526 898

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (ARJAN) TEL. 07731 464002

£4,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£7,000 (C DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (ELISA A) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (F SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£21,000 (HUNTER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (K DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (MALEK) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (MS HALE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£10,000 ONO (ANWAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS TEL. 07557 472 855


£8,000 (EMILY C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (F YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 T: 07740 784 983

£9,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£20,000 (M AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MS HALY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (NEIL FOX) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (P DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 TEL. 07900 895 552

£15,000 (SHIPER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444


£7,000 (C BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (EMILY D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (F YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (HUZAIFAH) TEL. 07737 071 097

£10,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£29,000 (M AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MS HAWK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (NKHANZ) TEL. 07946 162 099

£1,500 ONO (POSSESS) TEL. 07971 732 789

£OFFERS TEL. 07545 218 365

£10,000 TEL. 07969 914 041

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£2,500 TEL. 07405 763 319

£10,000+ (CHOWDRY) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY E) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07913 919 169

£10,000 (H VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 TEL: 01274 414141

MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£1500 (MAHMUD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£9,500 (MS HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (N LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (PHIL FOX) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,200 ONO TEL. 07791 919 237

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07870 993 553

£15,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£10,000+ (CHILLER) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 802 112

£9,500 (H YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (MS HUGH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£14,000 (P KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£775 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07870 993 553

£10,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£9,500 (ASHOK B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07866 860 894

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£8,000 (EMILY M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (G AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (H YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£18,000 (M AHTAB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (M SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (P MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,495 (SHOYB/SAQYB K) TEL. 07768 686 842

£5,000+ (SHIMMLA) TEL. 07973 165 474

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£9,500 (ASHOK C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£7,500 (C SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (EMILY S) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (G AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (H YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£13,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£10,000 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£7,500 (N SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (P SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057


£5,725 TEL. 07802 183 450

£OFFERS NO WITHHELD No TEL. 07754 852 402

£9,500 (ASHOK D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£995 (BIG FRR) TEL. 07971 850 490

£15,400 (C YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£49,000 (ERNEST) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (G AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (JOHNTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07970 281 994

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£SERIOUS OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£25,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£3,250 ONO (ABID SAB) TEL. 07773 995 142

£9,500 (ASHOK F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07764 656 667

£1,495 ONO TEL. 07832 302 222

£7,500 (E SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (G DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

£15,000 (K KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£1,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£10,000 (N VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (P WILSON) TEL. 07985 455 057

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£8,500 (A BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (BILAL) TEL. 07808 950 492

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£8,500 (ETHAN A) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£15,000 (K SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 595 760

£10,000 (M VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (N YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (P YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£15,000 (SPORTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£9,500 (ASHOK H) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 TEL. 07891 217 880

£10,000 (D AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£900 ONO (JAT OK) TEL. 07581 423 143

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£1400 (M DAWOOD) TEL. 07428 657 147

£9,500 (M YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (P YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,200 ONO TEL. 07791 919 237

£20,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£3,500 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK J) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 TEL. 07838 130 681

£1200 TEL. 07947 979 777

£8,500 (ETHAN F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (GUIDES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1500 ONO TEL. 07774 246 877

£10,000 (K VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (M DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 (MY IPOD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£9,500 (ROHAN G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL. 07508 341 074

£1,500 (SURBJIT) TEL. 07985 589 631

£10,000 ONO (ABDUL) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07812 728 079

£7,000 (D DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 ONO (GULLFAM) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,400 (K YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£995 (MY SHISHA) TEL. 07834 531 683

£1,395 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£9,500 (ROHAN K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£50 TEL. 07932 410 393

£15,400 (S YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK L) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,495 ONO TEL. 07957 429 964

£7,500 (D MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN R) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07597 629 845

£15,000 (JALLALS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£19,000 (MEHBUB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£20,000 (OO LLOYD) TEL. 07985 455 057

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AAL115 AAZ15


























B055 KHN

B055Y B0 B111 NAA



B166 BOB B17SH U B19 ALY





























































































MR10 JAT MR1100K MR110BB














£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30 MON - FRI: 9-5.30













NY55 HAA 00110YD OO11ARY






0 M11RZA













































T1L1 786






July 2014 - 1st Edition TA11YRS



£OFFERS TEL. 07707 747 776

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K7 PPA £3,995 ONO TEL. 07890 201 854

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X3 51NGS X 7BY X XAL 11X










no withheld numbers



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Car insurance market condemned by MPs Car insurance is a "highly dysfunctional market" in which firms' pursuit of profit has led to higher prices for consumers, a report by MPs has said. In some cases, business practices have not been in the consumer interest and have "inadvertently encouraged criminal activity", the report from the House of Commons Transport Committee said. There was no clearer example of this than "insurance firms' willingness to pay compensation for whiplash claims which they suspect are fraudulent without requiring the claimant to undergo a medical examination". The committee said steps were being taken to prohibit insurers from offering to settle whiplash claims before the claimant had undergone a medical examination. "We agree and would like to see this practice banned altogether," the committee said. The MPs also said they agreed in principle with the Government's requiring of courts to strike out "dishonest" insurance claims where, for example, there had been gross exaggeration. But the committee cautioned against hasty legislation "because there may be complex legal implications". The committee also agreed with Government plans to prohibit solicitors from offering inducements, such as cash or tablet computers, to people considering making claims. The report said progress in enabling insurers and claimant solicitors to share data about potentially fraudulent claims had been slow. The MPs said that when data sharing began it should be compulsory, otherwise

only the most reputable firms would be involved. The report went on: "We also note evidence that new forms of potentially dishonest practice - such as ordering additional medical reports on psychological harm arising from road traffic accidents -are emerging. "The Government should press the Solicitors Regulation Authority to stop some solicitors from playing the system to maximise their income from unnecessary

"Further action is still required to tackle fraud whilst protecting genuine claimants." Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "Despite the reforms already introduced, insurers are still footing the bill for the increasing number and cost of personal injury claims, particularly whiplash, even though the number of crashes and injuries on Britain's roads continues to fall. "This suggests that attempts at fraud

“The Government should press the Solicitors Regulation Authority to stop some solicitors from playing the system to maximise their income from unnecessary medical reports.” medical reports." Launching the report, the committee's chairman Louise Ellman, Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, said: "This is our fourth report on the cost of motor insurance and while premiums are now falling, aspects of the market remain dysfunctional and have encouraged criminality to take root.

are still rising, while insurers are even starting to see claims for psychological injury following even very minor collisions. "Insurers are working hard to identify attempts at fraud and are becoming increasingly successful, as figures released earlier this year underlined, but more can be done."




July 2014 - 1st Edition



Specialist in Accountancy and Tax Services for Small Businesses




• CASH FUNDING Office: 5 Oakwood House 637 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 4BA

FOR SALE in Leeds Based on Roundhay Road, Leeds. A good size over 4 floors with Steam Room & Spa Area. FREE Parking on side of building. GENUINE REASON FOR SALE • Influence is part of the Mirage Group.

JAZ 07429 383506 Interested Parties should contact:

APPLY UP TO £10,000


A long running modern hair & beauty salon


CALL: 0808 284 9825 MOB: 07856 81 5000

0113 249 49 69

Hair & Beaut y







BUSINESS FOR SALE AMERICAN - MEXICAN FOOD 70 Seater Restaurant Last years turnover £300k Possibility of Franchise ASKING PRICE £95k CONTACT: 07739 413695 CHEMISTS

SKY PHARMACY • • • • • • • •

Repeat Prescription Management Prescription Collect and Delivery Service Emergency Hormonal Contraception Alcohol and Substance Management Medicine Use Reviews Health Advice • Dossett Boxes Disabled Access • Passport Photos Toiletries etc. • Minor Ailment

35 Harehills Road • Leeds LS8 5HR

Tel: 0113 248 4107


July 2014 - 1st Edition





Kalda Khan CeMap - Mortgage Adviser

Tel: 07534566493





Letting a property has never been easier, let us do the work!

WHAT WE CAN GUARANTEE: • Referenced Tenants Waiting • Guaranteed Rent • Hassle Free Tenants • No Let No Fee

Urdu and Punjabi speaking consultants also available including home visits. email: You can choose how we are paid for mortgages: pay a fee on average £600, or we can accept commission from the lender.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Mortgage Broker Countrywide is an appointed representative of Sesame Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR GRANT OF PREMISES LICENCE UNDER THE LICENSING ACT 2003 Krispy Kod Bradford Ltd applied to City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council on 7th July 2014 for a licence to use the premises at 356 Great Horton Road, Bradford, BD7 1QJ. for the provision of late night refreshment 11.00am to 02.00am Monday to Sunday . Representations should be made in writing to the Environment & Regulatory Services, Licensing Team, Jacobs Well, Bradford, BD1 5RW by 4th August 2014. Persons wishing to inspect the Licensing Register may do so at the above address between the hours of 09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Thursday and 09.00 - 16.30 Friday. It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application which carries a maximum fine of £5000.

103b Little Horton Lane, Bradford BD5 0BU Office: 01274 725 427 Office Mob: 07429146995 Email:







Indian Astrologer 15 Years

Are you worried, anxious or upset? Experience Are you facing challenges in your life? Are you looking for happiness, peace, prosperity in your life? If the answer is YES then Astrology is the boat to survive in the sea of life. Our services include, Kundli Matching, Palmistry, Birth Stone, Star Sign, Issues in Love or Marriage etc. If you are on the lookout for someone special, or you like someone and are unsure of their feelings for you, then consult us TODAY! 199 Roundhay Road • Leeds LS8 5AN

Tel: 0777 8476 888 Nari Ekta

WOMENS TRAINING Nari Ekta is a training organisation for women from Ethnic Minority Communities funded by Leeds City Council and Skill Funding Agency through Leeds City College. It has been established since 1985


Intake in Progress for September 2014

Tues 15th July 2014

• Level 2 Award in Administration (Business Professional) • Level 2 Certificate in Administration (Business Professional) • Level 2 Diploma in Administration (Business Professional) • GCSE English • Functional Skills-Maths • Employability Skills • Health & Social Care • Childcare / Teaching Assistance • Hair & Beauty • Literacy • ESOL • Computing

10.30am - 2.00pm (Women only) Venue: Enfield Centre Enfield Terrace, Leeds LS7 1RG (Part of Thomas Danby College)



For further Information Please Contact: Nari Ekta Office, Fairfax House, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8JU Tel: (0113) 243 4023 Email:

July 2014 - 1st Edition


July 2014 - 1st Edition

Meet mini



CHAMP IN THE MAKING: Khunais may only be six-years-old yet he already has his mind set on becoming a world champion boxer one day

‘King Khan’

SUPPORT: Khunais’ father, Ismail, has supported his son’s love for boxing since day one and says he would love to see him make it professional when he is older

Bradford’s future British Champ… and he’s only six!

Whilst many six-year-olds won’t have even thought about what they want to do when they grow up, one Bradford youngster has his heart set firmly on one career path – a boxer. Khunais Khan, from Girlington, first put on the gloves at the age of just four and has never looked back. Training several times a week with his father, as well as a professional trainer, the Year One Home Farm Primary School pupil is already becoming a dedicated sportsman. Khunais’ father, Ismail, used to box when he was in his teens and hopes his son can reach heights which very few athletes ever manage. “The way he is now and how active he is at just six-years-old makes me really, really proud,” he said. “I can’t wait until he is around 11 and can actually compete with other kids because I have seen him improve so much over the past year and I know people won’t believe how good he is for his age. “He has started so young and he really loves it. He trains all the time and just wants to be boxing so I would love to see him go far in it.”

The little boxer, who has already adopted the ring name ‘King Khan’, after one of his idols – Amir Khan, is also determined to go the distance in the sport. There is certainly only one ambition Khunais has. “I want to do boxing when I am older and I want to win the British title,” he said. “I want to be the first one to win the Gold Medal in boxing at the Olympics from Bradford too. “I really like boxing because it is a strong sport where you can become the best.” Away from the ring, Ismail added that he believes more children should take up the sport as it helps promote a healthier lifestyle for youths. “You see a lot of children nowadays just hanging around the streets or eating junk food,” he said. “Khunais already knows that this isn’t the way to live if he wants to be a professional boxer and I would definitely say that is a big advantage of getting involved with the sport young.” It will be a few years yet until the mini King Khan can actually make his junior debut yet keep an eye out for the name ‘Khunais’ as he aims to box his way to the top.

Nadeem Siddique’s long awaited comeback finally arrived at the end of last month as the Bradford boxer made a winning return against Alexander Farkas. ‘Sid’, who is now competing as a light-welterweight, was made to wait five years for his ring-return yet spent no time in finishing off his Hungarian opponent in the first round. Just two minutes 19 seconds had passed when the 36-yearold was declared winner by total knock-out, twice flooring his opponent, 15 years his junior. In build up to the contest, Sid had been putting himself through intense training which included a fortnight in Puerta Ventura, training alongside the likes of Kid Galahad and Kell Brook. The local competitor had previously clinched the BBofC Central Area welterweight title before a back injury put him out of action. Yet now, following his winning return, Sid will be looking to rebuild his once blossoming career and get more wins underneath his belt.

VICTOR: Nadeem Siddique made short work of Alexander Farkas on his return to the ring, picking up a total knockout victory in the first round

He’s Back!



July 2014 - 1st Edition

ROYALTY: The Duchess of Cambridge watched as the cyclists took off on the first leg of the Tour in Yorkshire

Tour de Yorkshire

County bids ‘au revoir’ to world’s biggest cycling race Yorkshire turned yellow for two days last weekend as the historic Tour de France made its way through some of the county’s most amazing sceneries. It had been built up to be one of the most ‘must-see’ sporting events of the year, and with more than two million people turning out to line the streets, hills and walls to get a glimpse of the world’s top cyclists, it certainly lived up to its billing. Set against Yorkshire’s fantastic backdrop, sports fans from around the world arrived in the North of England where the support for the Tour was like nothing the county has ever seen before. Starting Stage One from the Headrow, Leeds, thousands upon thousands of people lined the streets, creating walls of spectators as far as the eye could see. It wasn’t just an event for the everyday sports fan; it was an event for the whole world to join in. Of course, amongst all the commotion there was also a winner. German rider Marcel Kittel came home in first place, picking up the yellow jersey ahead of the ride between York and Sheffield.

British hopeful, Mark Cavendish, unfortunately collided on his bike just a few hundred metres from the finish and was subsequently ruled out of the rest of the tour. The race continued with Stage Two and it wasn’t to be a double triumph for Kittel, as Italian champion, Vincenzo Nibali, took home the victory. The Italian’s late surge to the front of the group gave him an unattainable lead as he rode home comfortably in front of the chasing pack. Tour de Yorkshire will never be forgotten according to Sir Rodney Walker, chairman of the tour organisers TdFHUB2014 Ltd, who believes the county has proved itself to be one of the best. “Around 2.5 million spectators lined the route over two days and revelled in being part of history,” he said. “The passion of the crowds in Yorkshire has really made this a weekend to remember. “There has been a huge amount of planning and hard work from all the

partners involved to ensure the first two stages were a success. “We have once again showcased how the UK can deliver amazing events and a world-wide audience has seen the best of Yorkshire, and the best of the UK.” England’s section of the Tour finished on Monday, as Kittel picked up a second win with the event now heading to France for the remainder of the race. STAGE ONE: Marcel Kittel picked up the first win of this year's tour ahead of a very strong pack, before repeating the feat in London for Stage Three

STAGE TWO: It was Italian Vincenzo Nibali who came home in pole position as the race left Yorkshire

July 2014 - 1st Edition

Commonwealth Games await Team England announced ahead of international games

Back page story continued Amongst them will be Leeds bantamweight boxer, Qais Ashfaq, who is determined to build on his own national championship victory earlier this year. The 21-year-old has had a fantastic year, clinching the ABA title and reaffirming himself as the number one ranked boxer in his amateur weight division. Most recently, he picked up a Bronze medal at the Chemistry Cup in Germany, where a controversial decision was the only thing standing in his way for another title. This year’s Commonwealths will be the first time that the young boxer has competed at the Senior championships, having previously won Gold in the Youth Games, and he says he is ready to step up to the occasion. “There is no doubt in my mind that I am going there to win it; I certainly won’t just be making up the numbers,” he said. “Gold is definitely the target. “I have already faced a few boxers who will be there later this month so know a bit of what to expect with them. “I’ve beaten the kid who won it over in Delhi in 2010 twice, so I am very confident going into it and am looking to go for the win.” Ashfaq added that he had been working towards this target for a long time and was delighted to receive the call-up last month. “When I got told I was in, it was just amazing and I was over the moon,” he said. “I’ve been working really hard to get to this point and training for this moment. “In a way I suppose I was expecting it but you never truly know in this sport so it was a great feeling to know that I had been picked.” He continued: “It is an honour

STRENGTH: Weightlifter, Ali Jawad, will be hoping to build on his Gold Medal from the World Championships in Dubai earlier this year when he competes in Scotland

to be representing England at the Commonwealth Games and it is a dream come true. “For me as a British citizen, and my parents moving here from Pakistan, I am going to be very proud when I compete in Glasgow in just a few weeks time.” Ashfaq is currently training with the England team in Sheffield where he has been involved in two five-day training camps over the past two weeks. Next week the team will begin multi-nation training where competitors from Canada, Bulgaria, Wales and Mauritius will join up with the England squad as the Games move a step closer. Meanwhile, fellow England

athlete, Ali Jawad, will also be making the trip up to Scotland after being selected to represent the nation in weightlifting. The 25-year-old clinched a Gold medal at the World Championships in Dubai earlier this year and was previously selected as one of the athletes to be a baton bearer for the Queen’s Baton Relay in Leeds. Ali, who suffers from the incurable Crohns disease, competed as part of Team GB’s 2012 Paralympic team and will look to build on the Gold medal he picked up in London. Speaking previously to the Asian Express, he said it was a ‘real honour’ to represent the country and something which makes him ‘incredibly proud’.



Attitude, what attitude? One of Bangladesh’s most prominent cricketers has been handed a six month ban by the country for his ‘severe attitude problem’. All-rounder, Shakib Al Hasan, will also be suspended from overseas competitions until the end of 2015, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has said. “He has a severe attitude problem, which is unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh cricket. That is affecting the total team,” BCB President, Nazmul Hassan, told reporters. Shakib was accused of travelling to the West Indies to play in the Caribbean Premier League Twenty20 tournament without a clearance from his board and was subsequently ordered to return to Bangladesh. The 27-year-old, who has played 34 tests and 136 one-day-internationals, had reportedly threatened to quit playing for the country and is further alleged to have had an altercation with coach Chandika Hathurusinghe, something Shakib denies. “It is not easy to take such action against player like Shakib but we had to take it for the welfare of the country's cricket,” the BCB chief added. Shakib will miss Bangladesh's tour of West Indies starting next month when they will play three one day internationals, a T20 international and two tests.

BANNED: All-rounder, Shakib Al Hassan, has been banned for six months by his country after displaying ‘attitude problems’




July 2014 - 1st Edition


Commonwealth Games await


Team England announced ahead of international games

By Ashley Grint

In yet another action-packed summer of sport, England will be hoping to find success close to home as the Commonwealth

Games arrive in Glasgow later this month. For two weeks from the 23rd July, the Scottish city will be overtaken by athletes from around the world, all of which will be fighting it out for the prestigious gold medals. More than 50 nations are represented at the international tournament with thousands of competitors arriving to compete on one of the biggest stages.

Continued on page 58

BOXING: Qais Ashfaq will be representing England at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games later this month and says he has his eyes set on the Gold

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Asian Express Yorkshire - July 1st Edition 2014  
Asian Express Yorkshire - July 1st Edition 2014