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A national tabloid’s headline “Halal secret of Pizza Express” creates social media storm

Cheesy A massive debate has come to the fore regarding ‘Pizza Express’ serving halal chicken, with a flurry of comments pouring in surrounding halal meat and the manner in which animals are ritually slaughtered.

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P.A.K.I - ‘Pride Attitude Killer Instinct’ Controversially titled track holds no punches in addressing discrimination See page 65

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GIVING: Razia Amini has spent her own money purchasing many of the items, including bikes, which will be shipped off to the Gambia next month

Pedal Power By Ashley Grint

A Bradford resident says she is on a ‘mission’ to help thousands of children in one of Africa’s poorest countries by delivering hundreds of bicycles to the Gambia. Razia Amini, from Heaton, will send off more than

100 bikes next month as part of her work with the charity, Humanity First. By collecting bikes through donations, eBay and other bargaining methods, Razia will be shipping the goods, alongside thousands of other items, in a few weeks. She will then, alongside three other women from Humanity First, visit the country and help deliver the items over ten days.

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With the weather kinda picking up, the best way (undoubtedly) to enjoy the sunshine is to put on your sunglasses, roll back the roof and turn the music up

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Bradford gran to deliver hundreds of bikes to Africa




Safer Communities Fund helps launch tens of projects

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Criminal Cash given to Communities POLICE: West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, handed over the cheques to community groups last week

By Ashley Grint

Forty-five community groups from across West Yorkshire were given extra reason to be celebrating last week after being issued with a share of more than £200,000. The Safer Communities Fund allocates grants to local projects which aim to improve communities, with the majority of funding coming via cash seized from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act. After the first round of grants, £218,000 was issued out to representatives from successful applicants, who received their giant cheques at Tong High School at a special presentation. West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, handed over the money and explained why the Safer Communities Fund was so vital to communities. He said: “As funding cuts continue to impact on charities and voluntary organisations, I am delighted to be able to provide these groups with the money that will allow them to provide an invaluable service to our local communities. “The feedback I received from representatives of these groups at last night's event was extremely supportive and I was really interested to hear about the projects they will be delivering locally. “I am really looking forward to working closely with the groups who will be key partners in making our communities safer and feeling safer.” One registered charity, which

TEAM: The Shantona Women’s Centre was just one charity which was given the highest single donation of £8,000 (r-l) Fosia, Preeti, Nahid, Tam and Sabina

will benefit from one of the biggest grants, is the Shantona Women’s Centre, located in the Roundhay area of Leeds. The organisation, which provides support to mothers and children from a range of backgrounds, was allocated £8,000 from the scheme which will go towards the ‘Strong

Mothers, Stronger Daughters’ project, launched in partnership with ‘Getaway Girls’. More than eight languages are fluently spoken at the centre, which aims to tackle some of society’s taboo subjects, such as domestic violence and child sexual exploitation, whilst also acting as a

“As funding cuts continue to impact on charities and voluntary organisations, I am delighted to be able to provide these groups with the money that will allow them to provide an invaluable service to our local communities.”

May 2014 - 2nd Edition


COMMUNITY: The Bangladeshi Community Association Bradford (BCAB) received £7,712 to help with the ‘Inspire Youths’ project, (l-r) Volunteer, Talha Munim; Community Advisor, Ansar Habib; Chairperson, Alamza Ali; Centre Manager, Jalal Uddin; Management team, Asabur Rahman; and local residents, Khalis Miah and Abdul Rob

support group. Nahid Rasool, director of the centre, said the money was crucial in helping to launch the latest project and she hopes it will help women prevent issues from arising. “We are a proactive organisation in that we are trying to prevent these problems before they have even happened,” Ms Rasool said. “With Strong Mothers, Stronger Daughters, we hope to inform mothers on ways they can protect their children, whilst also teaching about social media and the best way for them to support their daughters in these circumstances.” She added: “It will be a free eight-week programme for three groups of mothers, and three groups of daughters, meeting to discuss the best way to support the child. There is nothing else quite like it in the city.” Meanwhile, in Bradford, the Bangladeshi Community Association Bradford (BCAB) was allocated just less than the Leeds support service, with £7,712 handed over to help with ‘Inspire Youths’.

BCAB works in one of the most deprived areas of the city, Bowling and Barkerend, and looks to actively engage youths from all backgrounds, whilst also helping residents with tasks such as job applications, welfare advice and translations. Jalal Uddin, centre manager, explained how BCAB was planning on using the money. “The project name is Inspire Youth and, as it says, we hope to inspire young people in terms of development, socialising, understanding and community cohesion. “Activities will be run to help young people divert from things such as drugs and gang culture, and be more aware of things like having a healthy lifestyle and being more active. “It’s also helping out with sport events, bringing people together, and helping to educate different cultures about each other.” On the importance of the funding, Mr Uddin added: “There has been a huge 33per cent cut in the local youth services across

Bradford so the funding we have received here from the police, has allowed us to continue providing projects from here.” The second grant round for the Safer Communities Fund will open on 12th May and, despite the positive response from the first allocation, Mr Burns-Williamson is hoping to share even more funds next time. He explained: “Under current legislation, the Government keeps half of the money seized from criminals. This is cash which could potentially double the amount available within my Safer Communities Fund. “I am therefore leading a nationwide campaign to bring this money back and would urge everyone to sign my petition which would ensure the subject is discussed in parliament.”

If you would like to sign the petition please visit

MONEY: Groups from across West Yorkshire were allocated a share of more than £200,000 to help with community projects

DELIGHTED: Director of the Shantona Women’s Centre, Nahid Rasool, says the money will help launch the ‘Strong Mothers, Stronger Daughters’ project




May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Fashion show gets ladies together and addresses some taboo issues By Anush Ansari

A fashion show brought women together for a bit of fun last week whilst also helping to create awareness of the taboos surrounding mental health issues. ‘Khushi’ held its second event on the 4th May at the Carr Manor Community Centre in Leeds on behalf of Hamara and project partner SAA-UK. At the ladies-only event, participants were able to listen to and talk about mental health and related issues such as post natal depression and coping with bereavement. The relaxed atmosphere was deliberately created to enable women to hold conversations with each other and help lift their spirits around a serious topic. The event proved to be very successful with a full house in attendance, hearing some background information about the national campaign by ‘Time to Change’ on challenging stigma and discrimination against mental health issues. Tayba Azim, Mental Health Project Coordinator of Khushi, and Keran Virdee, CEO of SAAUK, both spoke passionately about the issues facing women from minority backgrounds. The audience were presented with a case study on child abuse a very taboo subject in society and across all cultures, particularly in the Asian

AWARENESS: The Hamara Centre in Beeston has teamed up with SAA-UK to help women identify mental health issues

community. Also, to provide inspiration, a lady talked about her personal story and drive to change her life for the better despite her experiences of child abuse and being involved in an abusive marriage. The fashion show with the beautiful range of clothing by Nabila Rafique and organised by Rifhat Malik was followed by a ‘Zumba’ taster session, leaving everyone present in high spirits and demonstrating the positive impact of such events on the target group. “It was great to see so many women here and so many

conversations taking place about mental health and I really want to thank Keran, Rifhat, Nabila and the ‘Give a Gift’ models for contributing to a great event,” commented Tayba. Watch out for the next event taking place on the 24th May at the Bangladeshi Community Centre from 7.30pm-9.30pm, where we will be entertained by Shaheen Khan, the leading UK Ghazal and Sufi singer. For further information on the Khushi project and if you would like to get involved please contact Tayba Azim on 0113 249 7762 or email:

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Celebrating language and culture

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

LAUNCH: The InTouch Foundation Food Bank will begin to operate in Bradford later this month, following the success of the charity’s soup kitchens

Wakefield Council is to celebrate languages and culture with a special day of activities on 22nd May. The event which is taking place to promote national Adult Learning Week, between June 14th and 20th will include: Two hour taster sessions in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, GCSE English and British Sign Language; international cinema event showing highly rated films throughout the day; and Café serving continental foods such as paninis, Italian meats and olives, cheeses and ice cream. The event starts from 9:30am and continues through to 8.30pm. people are welcome to drop in at any point at Manygates Adult Education Centre, Manygates Lane, Sandal, Wakefield, WF2 7DQ. There is a £5.00 registration fee which allows you to participate in as many sessions as you wish. Asian

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08703 608 606

A helping hand By Ashley Grint

A new foodbank, which will launch in Bradford later this month, is set to help hundreds of families across the district. The first ever InTouch Foundation Food Bank will begin to operate out of Manningham in a couple of weeks, with people being referred to the project and then issued with a food parcel to last between three and five days. For more than a year, the InTouch team have been helping feed the less fortunate at their mobile soup kitchens and this new venture is just the latest expansion for the rapidly growing charity. Founder and board member, Osman Gondal, said the plan was to always launch a food bank, yet plans were forced to be put on hold due to the success of the Keighley and Bradford soup kitchens. Mr Gondal added that he hoped this new venture would be particularly welcomed by the South Asian community and explained why they decided to set up now. “The food bank will be available for everybody who is referred, regardless of race or

religion, yet we are hoping to see a particular response from South Asian communities,” he explained. “We have seen from our soup kitchen events that the food we give out is only a short term solution for people, so by giving out parcels, which can last days, it is going to help more people.

has put them in their situation so we plan on having financial planning advice in place.” Meanwhile, food donations are currently being welcomed at the Sharing Voices offices, Clifton Villas, just off Manningham Road. Schools and religious places of worship have recently been helping to collect food for the launch of the food bank and Mr Gondal explained why he wanted to get the two groups involved. He said: “We have linked up with local mosques, schools and colleges to help achieve two primary objectives. “One, we hoped to get the mosques involved to take them back to their original root and purpose, which was always as the heart of the community. “Secondly, we have got students involved to make them aware that there is a need in the area for food banks and to help them understand from a young age that this situation is very real.” People can be referred to the InTouch Foundation Food Bank through their local places of worship, Bradford Council, or the Job Centre, with collections set to take place on Mondays and Thursdays.

Soup kitchen launches first foodbank in city centre “There is a very real need in the South Asian communities in particular, but for one reason or another, people do not come forward and access these services. “We are currently conducting our own research into why this could be and hopefully, by linking up with Mosques and Gurdwaras, we can get the message across that we are here to help.” He added: “The way we differ from other food banks is we don’t just hand over the food, we speak with people to find out how they feel we can help. “For instance, in many cases it may just be bad budgeting that

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

COLLECTION: Razia has picked up thousands of items over the past 12 months, from shoes to clothes, and stationery to cutlery

STORAGE: Razia stores many of the goods in her own home, which has been taken over in parts by the collection, and is continuing to look for bargains before shipping

Cover story continued The generous grandmother last visited the African nation 12 months ago and says she saw children being forced to walk miles every day just to get to school in some areas. From that day, she decided that the best way to help the children would be to make the journey from home to school ‘as easy as it could be’. “When I went there last year I knew what to expect really with it being a poor country, but there were certain places which were a bit sadder than I had anticipated,” Razia explained. “I went to a school which was in the centre of this village and I thought we were lost because it was that far away from homes. I asked ‘where do the children come

from?’ and was told they come from miles and miles away just to get here. “Then it clicked for me that when I go back this year, I have to take bikes with me.” Razia has helped deliver thousands of goods in her previous visit, with items ranging from clothes, to stationery and even laptops, much of which was bought with her own money. A self-proclaimed ‘bargain hunter’, the Humanitarian First North-East representative, raised more than £10,000 over the past 12 months through fundraising events. This money has helped fund much of the items which will be shipped, yet there is still more work to go. “I have picked up so much stuff this year that we will be able to give even more items to the people of the Gambia,” she said. “We live this life of luxury over

Pedal Power Bradford Gran to deliver

hundreds of bikes to Africa here and then people over there struggle to get even the basics so I see it as an obvious thing to help with. “I feel very lucky to be able to see first-hand, the work we do in the Gambia and am very grateful

to everybody who has helped me in collecting so many wonderful things.” Razia will be sending off the crate load of goods in a few weeks yet still welcomes donations from anyone who wishes to help out.

In particular, bikes, sewing machines and laptops, are being asked for, as well as unworn clothing. Contact Razia on to find out how to get involved in the project.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Dementia Awareness Week

Council’s across Yorkshire will be supporting the Alzheimer’s Society annual campaign ‘Dementia Awareness Week’ from 18th to 24th May. The theme for this year's Dementia Awareness Week is all about opening up and encourages anyone who's concerned about dementia to stop bottling it up. The Alzheimer’s Society says ‘It's important to talk to someone about it. The sooner you know what you’re dealing with, the sooner you can get on with your life and feel in control again’. Kirklees Council is also supporting Dementia Friends, an Alzheimer’s Society initiative backed by Public Health, to create a more dementia friendly society. Dementia Friends is about giving more people an understanding of dementia and the small things that could make a difference to people living in their community.

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FIREFIGHTER: Kirklees District Prevention Manager, Mohammed Ali, acted as Project Manager for the team of English Fire Service representatives who visited Pakistan in April

UK Firefighters visit Pakistan on fact finding mission

VISIT: The four team members from AFSA were warmly welcomed by men and women from Punjab Rescue, where they worked for five days last month

‘Amazing, educating experience’ By Ashley Grint

A team of four firefighters from the UK travelled almost 4,000 miles last month as they embarked on a unique visit to Pakistan and helped establish a new educational link between the two countries. Spearheaded by the Asian Fire Service Association (AFSA), members of AFSA visited the South Asian country for five days with the aim of providing advice and recommendations on ways to improve the country’s current fire service. A fact finding visit saw the team experience, first hand, how the Punjab Rescue team is currently run, with everything from training, to medical responses covered. Muhammad Ali, Kirklees District Prevention Manager, was one member of the group who took part in the visit, and although he says it was ‘exhausting’, he added that it was ‘definitely worthwhile’. “The work we were doing over there was crucial in helping to ensure the country’s fire service is continually improving,” he said. “We covered so much in such a short space of time that at points we were doing 12 or 14 hour shifts in the heat, but now we have the information it was definitely worthwhile.

TRAINING: Members of the Punjab Rescue showed their current training drills to the four visitors who offered recommendations and advice on ways to improve performance

“This first visit was about finding out the facts. We needed to see first-hand how everything was run and then take all this information back to the UK to analyse and provide recommendations. “We are now looking at how to further develop this programme and hopefully make the trip a regular thing.” The group signed a memorandum of understanding with the Punjab Rescue group before leaving, which reaffirmed

both parties commitment to the newly formed partnership. Activities such as tower training, reviewing fire engine specifications and simulation designs at the soon-to-belaunched academy, were just some of the undertakings the British representatives partook in, whilst Muhammad also helped host a lecture at Lahore University for aspiring architects in regard to fire protection advice. Advice and recommendation was given on the spot by the AFSA representatives at points and changes were even made in front of their own eyes. “When we were looking through plans for the new fire tower training facility for example, one of our members pointed out a few recommendations which were immediately undertaken,” Muhammad said. “It was great to see them responding in such a positive manner because they wanted to learn.” He added: “When the group returns, I believe a large focus will be on the community unit, as that was one area which was highlighted for improvements. We need to get more information out to schools and colleges but that is something that will hopefully be brought up next time. “It is now just a job of looking through all our information and finding the best way forward.”

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

PROTEST: Demonstrators gathered outside Leeds Crown Court earlier this week in support of Shamas Ahmad

DEMONSTRATION Family and friends protest UPDATE: outside Leeds Crown Court By Ashley Grint

One month ago, former doorman, Shamas Ahmad, was sentenced to five years in prison for Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) yet his family continue in their fight to appeal the conviction. On Thursday 8th May, a large group of the 24-year-old’s friends and family held a peaceful protest outside Leeds Crown Court. Shamas was arrested last year after he was involved in an altercation with a small group who had been ‘causing disruption’ at Leeds’ Bierkeller venue during a night out. After trying to calm them down, Shamas was allegedly attacked by the group, and in response allegedly hit one of them over the head with a glass four times. Demonstrators argue that the former doorman and Sainsbury’s employee was simply acting in ‘self-defence’ yet he was handed the lengthy prison sentence following his court appearance on

SENTENCED: Shamas Ahmad was handed a five year prison sentence earlier this month on charges of GBH in Leeds’ Bierkeller venue

the 11th April. Since then, the family have already held one protest outside the solicitors in Dewsbury which represented Shamas, with this latest demonstration continuing

the appeal. Shamas’ father, Mukhtar Ahmad, remains adamant that his son is innocent and explained why the latest protest was being held outside the Leeds court. He said: “The main reason we were demonstrating outside the court was to make people aware that, if you are to go in there, you are fully prepared with your defence and a dedicated solicitor. “We need to highlight the injustice of Shamas and we will be doing some sort of action every week until my son is out. “He was made out to be a hooligan in court but that is just not him. He has worked in customer service all his life and it is just beyond my comprehension how the whole legal system has let him down here.” The family have now received the transcripts from court and have handed them over to a new solicitor to see if there is the chance of an appeal. Mr Ahmad added: “We are very optimistic that a ground for appeals will be found from the court’s transcript, and we will then just take it from there.”

Train pulls up in Roundhay Park

A popular visitor attraction has made a return to a much loved Leeds park this spring. Following a tendering process, a licence has now been granted by Leeds City Council to an operator, which will see a family friendly land train once again available to take in many of the

great sights of Roundhay Park Managed by Scott Pullen of Scott Pullen & Son Fun Fairs and sponsored by Al Murad Tiles Ltd, passengers of the land train will be treated to a journey approximately 1.5km long, which running through the centre of the park, is set to offer extensive

views across Waterloo Lake and of Barron’s Fountain and the Mansion. The three major car parking areas will be linked by the land train, with the Lakeside café facilities also just a short walk away.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

OPEN: The restaurant chain said that it was “no secret” that all the chicken they use is halal and adding that all birds are stunned before being killed


Managing Editor of Asian Express, Andleeb Hanif commented: “Headlines are the way the media captures a reader’s attention. “It’s clear to see that animal rights are the perfect surrogate for spewing anti-semitic and Muslim-bashing cracks. “Where I do believe that there is a meat labelling issue which needs to be addressed, I have a strong feeling that there are some scaremongering political tactics in play with The Sun’s recent headline. “I don’t think it would be too far-fetched to say that creating discord and upsetting the harmony between the different communities in Britain could ultimately lead to gaining the favour of certain voters.” Follow the Editor on Twitter: @andleebhanif

A national tabloid’s headline “Halal secret of Pizza Express” creates social media storm By Anush Ansari

A massive debate has come to the fore regarding ‘Pizza Express’ serving halal chicken, with a flurry of comments pouring in surrounding halal meat and the manner in which animals are ritually slaughtered. The Sun newspaper featured a dramatic headline on its front page, in an attempt to indicate to was breaking news, that all chicken meat in the chain's pizzas are killed in accordance with Islamic law and said this could cause animals "unnecessary suffering". It also suggested that Pizza Express was deceiving customers by not informing them that the chicken is halal. The reaction was so great that both ‘Pizza Express’ and ‘halal’ began trending on Twitter. Now The Sun has been severely criticised for inciting anti-Muslim prejudice by hoards of individuals, including journalists, who have unveiled that The Sun itself has been Tweeting about this matter for around two years. Over 85% of animals killed in

the UK using the halal method are pre-stunned. Despite Pizza Express’s halal chicken not really being big secret (it’s on their website), it has however exposed something nasty: the vast majority of the population has been eating halal for years and never seemed to care before. Suddenly this has changed and questions are being raised as to why. Amongst other threads, it’s

being debated why the paper was singling out Islamic practices for scrutiny. Despite scientific evidence supporting that ritual slaughtering when performed after the animal has been stunned is not painful, a whirlwind of heated debates, derogatory comments and rather nasty statements have surfaced across all social media platforms. Pizza Express have said that they will now review its menu policy for halal meat after campaigners have called for greater clarity on the labelling of chicken produced through religious slaughter. Pizza Express said that all of the birds slaughtered for its chicken dishes were pre-stunned. Certainly one thing has come to surface: that there is a transparency issue for customers who like to know what they are eating. Despite a motion backed in 2010 when the European Parliament voted by 559 to 54 for more detailed, compulsory labelling on all halal and kosher meat, it still awaits full adoption across Europe.

The Halal Food Authority (HFA) issued a statement saying: “The government are supportive of the labelling of meat but the onus for this has been placed upon retailers; the HFA does not believe that this will be beneficial unless regulated by UK laws. Halal must be defined and protected by legislation in order to be regulated appropriately to protect consumers from potential mislabelling and/or misrepresentation.”

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Campaigners demand ‘equal rights’ for all asylum seekers

May Day March By Ashley Grint

Whilst many others were resting over the May Day bank holiday, a campaign and support group from Leeds were demonstrating against the unfair treatment of many migrant workers in the UK. The Leeds No Borders group continued in their ongoing protest against immigration control by holding a march through Leeds on Saturday 3rd May. Tens of people gathered to take part in the event which called for ‘a right to work for asylum seekers’, ‘equal rights for migrant workers’ and an ‘end to racist immigration controls’.

The group, who hold monthly protests outside Leeds’ UKBA Waterside Court, on Kirkstall Road, received support from onlookers as their procession passed through the city. Kate Jennings, representative for Leeds No Borders, said she was pleased to see so much support for the group and explained what she hoped the group could achieve. She said: “May Day is a day to remember workers across the world and we marched calling for asylum seekers to be allowed to work, for equal rights for migrant workers and an end to racist immigration controls. “By standing together, we can fight for better pay and conditions for everyone and will not be divided

MARCH: Representatives from Leeds No Borders took part in a march through the city centre on May Day in support of asylum seekers and migrant workers

by the racist politicians. “We had a very positive response from shoppers and I think it shows that most people don't believe the lies about immigration.” The Leeds No Borders group are made up of campaigners from across the county who also offer support to individuals facing deportation. Last month, the group gathered outside Waterside Court to show their support for Nigerian mother, Afusat Saliu, and her two children, who face deportation back to the African nation. Should they be forced to return, the children are in danger of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and currently more than 117,000 people have signed an online petition against the family’s extradition.

PROTEST: The group carried banners through the streets with many onlookers showing support for the campaign

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Funeral for house fire victims 2,000 gather to pay respects to three generations of family By Ashley Grint

DEVASTATED: Nazia Parwaiz Kayani, daughter of Anum Parwaiz who sadly died in the fire, praised the ‘selfless heroism’ of her mother who tried to rescue the children

Thousands gathered outside a Sheffield Mosque earlier this week to mourn the death of five family members who tragically died in a house fire last week. Shabina Begum, 53, died along with her three grandchildren Adyan Parwaiz Kayani, nine, Amaan Parwaiz Kayani, seven, and their nine-week-old sister Minahil in the blaze in Sheffield. Mrs Begum's daughter, Anum Parwaiz, who was also the children's aunt, also died in the fire at the family home in Wake Road, in the Nether Edge area of the city, last Monday. A funeral was held for the five victims at the Masjid Mosque in Sheffield, where more than 2,000 people gathered to pay their respects, with up to 300 people publicly praying outside the building. Speaking before the ceremony, Nazia Parwaiz Kayani, another daughter of Mrs Begum and aunt of the three children, cried as she

remembered the bravery of her mother, who made her way to safety but died trying to rescue her grandchildren. “Our thoughts would be incomplete without mentioning the selfless heroism of my beloved mother, Shabina Begum, who went back into the house to try and rescue the family she adored,” she said. “She made the ultimate sacrifice. “My beautiful mum, my beautiful little sister, my little nephews, Adyan and Amaan, my baby niece Minahil - You have gone from our lives but have never been forgotten.” Ms Parwaiz Kayani spoke through tears at a press conference as she described the ‘void’ which had been left in the family. She said: “We are devastated by the loss of our beloved family and their untimely passing has left an unimaginable void in our lives forever.” She struggled to make the comments at the conference where she sat next to her father, Sultan Parwaiz Kayani, who lost his wife, daughter and three grandchildren in the blaze.

FIRE: Nazim Parvaiz lost his two sons, Amaan Nazim, seven (left) and Adhyan Nazim, nine (right), in the blaze

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Mercy for Mankind Run


DIN Solicitors specialise in various areas of law. This week our solicitor will be discussing the recent changes in the area of private family law.

SPEAKER: Former England goalkeeper, Peter Shilton OBE, helped launch the run which was also raising money for the Rainbows Charity, of which the shot stopper is a patron

PARTICIPANTS: Children and adults from across the country took part in the 10k run and walk, helping to raise money for charity

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

RUN: It wasn’t only children who got in the spirit for the day with superheroes spotted completing the run

Football legend helps volunteers raise £250,000 By Ashley Grint

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. Peter Shilton OBE, Young Muslims from patron of the Rainbows across the country, Charity, commented: “It’s a including many from genuine privilege to be Yorkshire, travelled down to London's Battersea Park involved in this event that last week to raise hundreds raises money for some fantastic charities and of thousands of pounds for presents young Muslims in several UK charities. a positive light. Volunteers from the “The AMYA does some Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) took fantastic work in communities and really part in the Mercy for Manking 10k run and walk, brings people together." Justine Greening MP with members as young as commended the four-years-old completing Ahmadiyya Muslim the fundraising efforts. Community for its Leading up to the event, charitable work in the UK volunteers arranged a including the massive flood number of local fund raising initiatives in schools, relief efforts as well as its charitable work football stadiums and internationally. supermarkets to raise While speaking to the money for causes such as Save the Children, NSPCC, participants, Mirza Waqas Ahmad, National President Barnardos, CLIC Sargent, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim UNICEF, The Silver Line, Youth Association UK also The Royal British Legion, Macmillan Cancer Support, praised all the volunteers and thanked the communtiy British Heart Foundation, LLR, RNIB, and the Royal for their support. Commenting on this, Hospital for NeuroQasim Amini, a local Disability. AMYA youth leader, Volunteers were joined added: “Glorious weather, by a host of political stars and one very special former amazing charities, fantastic participants, and a beautiful sportsman, the England venue all made the Mercy international football for Mankind run a team’s all-time record thoroughly enjoyable event. appearance maker, Peter “We are already looking Shilton OBE. forward to next year's run Politicians included and keen to raise even Justine Greening MP, more than the £250,000 we Secretary of State for International Development, have raised so far this year.” Jane Ellison MP, local MP for Battersea and

From 22 April 2014 there are various changes which will have an impact on applicants wishing to commence Children Act proceedings. The Children and Families Act 2014 sets out the following major changes: • Introduction of Single Family Court – A national court for all family proceedings in England & Wales. Although local county courts will still exist to accept counter applications such as divorce, all applications relating to children will have to be issued from a centralised Designated Family Court. The case will then be allocated by the ‘gatekeeping team’ to the most appropriate court and level of judge. • Compulsory family mediation – Courts will no longer accept applications to issue Children Act proceedings (unless a specified exemption applies) until applicants have first attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). This is now a compulsory requirement for separating couples to resolve financial matters and arrangements for children. • New terminology – ‘Contact’ and ‘residence’ orders will be removed and instead will be called ‘child arrangement orders’. This is to highlight the court’s primary concern of the welfare of the child. • New rules on evidence – Expert evidence (e.g. local authority reports) will only be permitted if it is ‘necessary’ to assist the court to resolve disputes justly. • Court fees – There is no longer a court fee for injunction applications, such as nonmolestation and occupation orders, given the urgency and sensitivity of such applications. I deal with all areas of private family law. Contact me for a confidential chat or to book your free 30 minute face-to-face consultation.


Fixed Fees & Free Initial Advice Contact us today on 01422 647175 (office hours) 07772 559 839 (out of office hours)

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Home Secretary announces new measures in the way police use their powers FIRM: The Home Secretary has written to all Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners, telling them to adhere to the code’s requirement

Theresa May

Stop & search reform Home Secretary Theresa May this week announced a major package of measures to reform the way the police use stop and search powers. While stop and search is undoubtedly an important police power, when it is misused it can be counter-productive. It can be an enormous waste of police time and, when innocent people are stopped and searched for no good reason, it is hugely damaging to the relationship between the police and the public. The Home Secretary today announced that she intends to revise the Police and Criminal Evidence Act Code of Practice A to make clear what constitutes “reasonable grounds for suspicion” – the legal basis upon which officers carry out the vast majority of stops. The revised code will emphasise that where officers are not using their powers properly they will be subject to formal performance or disciplinary proceedings. The Home Secretary has written to all Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners, telling them to adhere to the code’s requirement that they should make arrangements for public scrutiny of stop and search records so communities can hold forces to account. She has told them that if they do not do so, the Government will bring forward legislation to make this a statutory requirement. The College of Policing is to review the national training of stop and search for all officers, and introduce an assessment of

officers’ fitness to use stop and search powers. If they fail this assessment, they will not be allowed to use these powers. Furthermore, the Home Office will work with chief constables and PCCs to explore the possibility of recording information on the use of stop and search via the new Emergency Services Network. The Home Secretary also announced earlier this week that this summer the Home Office and College of Policing will launch a new “Best Use of Stop and Search” scheme. It already has the backing of the Metropolitan Police, the biggest user of stop and search in the country, and all other police forces in England and Wales will be invited to sign up. Home Secretary Theresa May said: “Nobody wins when stop and search is misapplied. It is a waste of police time. It is unfair, especially to young black men. It is bad for public confidence in the police. “The proposals I have outlined today amount to a comprehensive package of reform. I believe that they should contribute to a significant reduction in the overall use of stop and search, better and more intelligence-led stop and search and improved stop-to-arrest ratios. “But I want to make myself absolutely clear: if the numbers do not come down, if stop and search does not become more targeted, if those stop-to-arrest ratios do not improve considerably, the Government will return with primary legislation to make these things happen.”

Forces participating in the scheme must

· Record the outcome of stops in more detail to show the link – or lack of a link – between the object of the search and its outcome, allowing an assessment of how well forces interpret the “reasonable grounds for suspicion” they are supposed to have. They must also record a broader range of outcomes, such as penalty notices and cautions, so it can be understood how successful each stop and search is. · Allow members of the public to apply to accompany officers on patrol to help improve the community’s understanding of the police.

Introduce a stop and search complaints “community trigger” so forces must explain to the public how powers are used if they receive a large volume of complaints.

· The Home Secretary said forces must make clear that they will respect law established in the recent Roberts case by only using the Section 60 “no suspicion” stop and search power when it is “necessary to prevent incidents involving serious violence” rather than just “expedient” to do so. For those participating in the Best Use of Stop and Search scheme, use of Section 60 must also be authorised by a chief officer who must reasonably believe that violence “will” take place rather than “may” take place, as it stands now. Forces must also limit its application to 15 hours and communicate with communities before and after, so residents can be kept informed of the purpose and success of the operation.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Quad bike menace


Government says that it has no plans to register offroad vehicles

The use of quad bikes in Bradford, in particular, has been on the rise in busy local areas and many have slated them as a menace and called for rules to tighten on their use. The law currently does not require them to be registered at point of sale, nor are they legally obligated to display a number plate. Such vehicles, are untaxed and uninsured, are not only a major nuisance to residents, they can be highly dangerous to pedestrians. This week the government has said that it has no plans to register off-road vehicles, despite the high level of incidents of anti-social behaviour in Bradford involving

these vehicles. Mother of three, Rashida, from the Bradford 3 area said: “I have seen them doing wheelies myself on Leeds Road. “Because the weather has started to get nice now, the quad bikes are coming out. Just last week I was crossing the road with my children just before the quad bike zoomed out of no where onto the road from a street joining Leeds Road. “I’m sure the rider thought he was being really clever doing his wheelies, but not only was it a ridiculous and totally unnecessary sight, a couple of cars swerved on the busy road to avoid hitting him. “I was terrified. I wondered what

DANGEROUS: The rise of anti-social behaviour from users of quad bikes in busy areas has many residents calling for them to be banned

his mother would think of her son playing such a stupid stunt like that on a busy road, not only endangering himself but others too.” Due to their speed and manoeuvrability, off-road vehicles are often used illegally and unsafely in busy residential and commercial areas by those involved in crime and acts of antisocial behaviour. The Police are unable to safely pursue those on off road vehicles and are currently unable to trace any acts back to the owners or potential users as they are currently unregistered. This results in crimes going unpunished, which only further encourages the use of

these vehicles, exacerbating the problem. Bradford had called on the Government to introduce compulsory registration of off-road vehicles in order to reduce antisocial behaviour and improve safety in Bradford, but the response from Stephen Hammond MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State from the Department of Transport, states that they have no plans to introduce compulsory registration of off road vehicles. In 1994 the DVLA introduced a voluntary scheme to register off road motorcycles, which was extended to all mechanically propelled vehicles, which are used

off road. Whilst the Department of Transport states the Government takes the use of unregistered vehicles on the road very seriously and is working with the Police to tackle these problems, they refuse to implement the one policy that allows Police to take action. Police say off-road motorcycles and quad bikes are a ‘constant issue’ in Bradford and officers said many of the vehicles were not road-legal and riders often did not wear helmets. Recently MP John Mann suggested unregistered and unlicensed quads and motorbikes were being used by drug dealers to hide and despatch caches of drugs.

to book 01274 258 025 The Bradford Zouk tea Bar & Grill is where the story of Zouk began and was the first restaurant in the Yorkshire region to offer a theatre style kitchen. Located on the busy Leeds Road running into the heart of Bradford the restaurant is renowned for its food and design, and has gone on to win critical acclaim and a host of awards since opening in 2006. The restaurant has a contemporary design with a stylish bar area, private dining facilities and luxurious banquette style seating. The menu offers everything from traditional favourites to seafood specialities, weekly specials, steaks and a full variety of vegetarian and gluten free options. Zouk also has a vast array of sweet treats too prepared freshly each day by our inhouse dessert chef. Set menus are available on request for large parties or group bookings.

Zouk Bradford 1312 Leeds Road | Bradford | BD3 8LF Zouk Manchester 0161 410 0272 Unit 5 | The Quadrangle | Chester Street ( just off Oxford Road) Manchester | M1 5QS

An amazing experience in the heart of the city




A tasty donation

GENEROSITY: Pupils and teachers from Bradford Girls’ Grammar School donated food items to the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank last week after a mass food drive

By Ashley Grint

Staff and students from a local Bradford school were in the giving spirit last week, as they helped collect thousands of food items for one of the city’s crucial food banks. A collection at Bradford Girls’ Grammar School saw more than 2,000 donations made for the Metropolitan Food Bank which provides food parcels for organisations working with people in vulnerable positions.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Bradford Girls Grammar donate thousands to food bank The growth of food banks in the country is reflective upon the soaring need of members of local communities who have suffered from the latest economic downturn. In Bradford, numerous food banks are now operating and Bradford Girls’ Grammar School are just one of the many establishments dedicated to

helping make a difference. Mrs Mirza, the teacher at the local school who helped organise the whole day, said she was ‘delighted’ with the amount of enthusiasm pupils showed when getting involved with the project. She said: “While the aim of this exercise was to collect as many food items as possible to feed the most vulnerable families, it also brought to the forefront a true sense of community cohesion, encouraging pupils to become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.” Over a one week period, pupils and staff in the Senior School donated an assortment of tins, dried food, cereals, jars, cartons, sweets and biscuits implementing a friendly inter-house competition to see which house could make the largest contribution. Pupils presented their impressive donation to Ken Leach, one of the food bank co-ordinators who explained that the charity has seen an alarming seven fold increase in demand over the past two years with a current average of 800 food parcels distributed each month. He said: “This is a significant donation and will certainly go a long way towards supporting the many desperate individuals and families who are struggling to put food on the table. “I would like to thank all the pupils and staff, your generosity is overwhelming.”

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

BANNED: The European Union has temporarily restricted the import of Alphonso mangoes from India with effect from 1st May

India dines on top quality mangoes after EU ban By Anush Ansari

Indians are feasting on some of the world's most succulent mangoes after the European Union banned imports of the fruit from India this month, producing a glut and rock-bottom prices for local consumers. Starting 1st May, the EU banned imports of Indian mangoes including the Alphonso, considered the king of all the mango varieties grown in South Asia, because a large number of shipments were contaminated with fruit flies. The pests are considered a threat to crops grown locally in Europe. ‘Those jittery Europeans have taken fright at some fruit flies in our mango exports, flies which they fear will wreak havoc on their tomatoes and cucumbers,’ the Times of India wrote in a gleeful editorial. ‘Imagine sacrificing the king of fruits for salad!’ For years, the Alphonso mangoes had been out of the reach of most Indians as the best of the fruit was shipped to the supermarkets of Europe and other parts of the world where it commanded a premium price. In Mumbai, the capital of the main Alphonso growing region, the fruit is now

selling for 150-550 rupees ($2.50-$9) a kilogram, and sellers say they expect the prices to fall even further. Mangoes start arriving in Indian markets in April, providing a juicy, delicious respite from summer temperatures and humidity as they start climbing to oppressive levels. Piles of mangoes are cooled in refrigerators or buckets of ice-cold water or pureed to create refreshing drinks that cut through the scorching heat. The Alphonso, with its golden yellow flesh and distinct aroma, is a favourite and is especially prized because the best varieties are either exported or prohibitively expensive. This year, however, the stores in the crowded lanes of Mumbai's Crawford market are piled high with crates and baskets of perfectly ripe Alphonso. Indian mango exporters are worried, as well. They say they may lose the hold they have over European markets. Alphonso mangos are sold from mid-April through June. Exporters are likely to lose 500-600 million rupees ($8-10 million) in business, according to Sanjay Pansare, a fruit exporter in Mumbai. The Indian government is also trying to work out a way to have the ban revoked.





Noise Nuisance team

A new integrated single service to tackle noise nuisance across the city has been launched by Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police. As part of a six month pilot, the revamped service will see staff from the council and West Yorkshire Police, working under the banner of Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT), join forces to tackle noise nuisance and low-level anti-social behaviour across the city. This follows a review by partners, which looked at a range of options to see how the out of hours noise nuisance service could be further improved to meet the needs of residents. Two mobile marked vehicles will also operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 6pm to 4am, with a reduced service being offered from Monday to Thursday, where one vehicle will be available. Any residents suffering from excessive and/or intrusive noise problems can get in touch with the noise nuisance service on 0113 3950143, with 24 hour telephone response capability.

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba… Ladies getting ready to dance the night away for charity As many would agree, the girlies need little excuse for the chance to have a little dance. With many familiar with the Zumba-dancing fitness technique, a group of ladies are now encouraging women to join them in an exhilarating all-girlie twohour sponsored ‘Zumbathon’, to

raise funds for poorly children. Local fitness instructors Rifhat Malik and Bhranti Naik will be leading around 50 women and girls in dance and aerobic moves incorporating hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and martial arts. So if you fancy a good wiggle and jiggle – now’s

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

SUPPORTERS: Ladies from Leeds are encouraging other women to join them for a night of salsa and swaying

your chance. The initiative comes from the great work done by the Hamara Centre in Beeston, Leeds which last year launched their ‘Give a Gift’ scheme, encouraging people from Asian communities to support the charities here at home in the UK such as the

Children’s Heart Unit at Leeds General Infirmary and Martin House Hospice in Leeds. Commenting on the event, Rifhat said: “This is a great opportunity for women from all communities to come together and have some fun while exercising and at the same time raising money for these two great causes. “The money raised will go towards saving lives and improving the health care of very ill children and as mothers we have a real empathy with the great work the two agencies both do.” The ‘ladies-only’ event takes place on Sunday 18th May at Carr Manor Community School. The registration fee of £10 includes a free T-shirt, lunch and refreshments and there are limited places. For further details or to book a place contact Rifhat Malik on 07734 882 116. EAGER: Rifhat Malik, a Zumba fitness instructor is keen to raise funds for children’s charities

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Who gets the money? You decide

Communities in Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Liversedge and Gomersal have been offered the chance to bid for funding up to £500 and the local community will vote on who gets the money. ‘It’s up to you’ is a new project which encourages people to bring forward their ideas and bid for funding for projects that they would like to see happen. Events were held in local communities to enable them to do this. Three pilot events took place in the Firthcliffe area of Liversedge, Thornhill in Dewsbury and Sheepridge/Brackenhall and Deighton where community groups could bid for up to £500 and individuals up to £100. For more information, please call the Kirklees Council switchboard on 01484 221000 and ask for Chris Chinnock by name, or email Asian


Email: Phone the news desk on

08703 608 606

By Ashley Grint

International students have given a Yorkshire University a glowing endorsement following the publication of a leading independent annual student survey. Results from the latest International Student Barometer show that Leeds Met's personal tutors are ranked first in the UK and fourth in the world. Meanwhile, assessment was ranked first in the UK with class sizes also being rated as the UK's best by overseas students. The International Student Barometer is an annual in-depth survey of international students across 170 institutions. Results from the survey also showed that 99.5 per cent of international students were satisfied with their lecturers, with campus buildings and course organisation also scoring highly. Speaking about the results, Director of the International Office Andrew Disbury said: “It is important for us to provide a first class learning environment for our international students and we work hard to ensure their experience with us is a positive one. “We are delighted with the latest results from the International Student Barometer and are particularly pleased that personal tutors, class size and assessment scored so highly in the survey. “Our international students contribute so much to the vibrancy of studying here at Leeds Metropolitan University and this survey helps us to assess our

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

An International institution Local university has Number One tutors in the UK

PRAISED: Leeds Metropolitan ranks first in country for international students

performance and make sure we continue to enhance our provision.” The Student Barometer survey is independently administered by the

International Graduate Insight Group. In 2013, Leeds Metropolitan University became the only university in the UK to have

achieved the Customer Service Excellence standard, Investors in People Gold and the RoSPA Gold medal.

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition UNHAPPY: Local residents from Grosvenor Street have protested against any development at the site which is used regularly by children despite park equipment being removed two years ago, Ansar Miah pictured far right

Manningham residents say ‘NO’ to housing development site

More houses, less parks Residents from a street in Bradford have expressed their discontent at housing developers who plan on building five new homes on their only remaining community play area. Grosvenor Road, in Manningham, currently has one small area of land which local children use to play safely, just away from the busy Manningham Lane. However, an application put forward by Firebird Homes, a subsidiary of Manningham Housing Association, could soon see this bit of land turned into the site of the city’s latest housing development. Ansar Miah is one resident from the street who is helping to publicise the appeal against any development on the land

which he believes is crucial for the local community. “This land used to be a park with swings and slides,” he explained. “A couple of years ago Yorkshire Housing came down and removed it all, saying they were going to replace it but nothing ever happened. “Instead now we are hearing that they are going to build houses on the site which would leave the kids nowhere to play in an already built up area. “Just further down from us the council have already approved planning for more than 200 new houses so are these five homes really going to be that beneficial to anyone?” Mr Miah said he remembered playing in the park more than 20 years ago

and his children regularly use the space for activities. He now worries that they will have to travel across busy roads to play outdoors, which could be dangerous without adult supervision. “There is another park nearby but it is not close enough for children to just go on their own without a parent,” he added. “My biggest concern is that this kind of thing seems to be happening across the city. Parks are being removed to make way for housing and eventually the city is going to have nowhere for children to go or the elderly to walk around.” A statement issued by Yorkshire Housing read: “The play area has not been used as such for a number of years. The play equipment was removed in 2010. “We have received feedback from local people of the play area becoming a health and safety concern. We knew this space could be put to much better use for the community.” The street have begun a petition to reject any proposals to develop on the land and have so far collected more than 50 signatures.





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Teenager left with life changing injuries following acid attack

@AsianExpressUK Bingley Music Live is coming!

A 19-year-old Muslim convert is doctors and she remains in a critical still in hospital with ‘life-changing condition in hospital. internal injuries’ after a man threw Wood, appeared in the dock cleaning fluid on her. alongside his partner, Lisa Wood, and Aleena Rafiq, 19, formerly known his mother, Debbie Wood, who are as Vikki Horsman, was attacked on both charged with perverting the her doorstep and course of justice by suffered serious facial removing or disposing of burns, damaging her items connected to a She also throat and lungs. serious offence. sustained 27-year-old Matthew The defendants, all of internal injuries Smethwick, near Wood, who is alleged to have caused grievous to her throat and Birmingham, were bodily harm to Aleena ordered to appear at lungs which have Wolverhampton Rafiq, has been Crown been described as remanded in custody Court on 11th July. life-threatening by Wolverhampton Lisa Wood, 25, and her magistrates. mother-in-law, 46, were by doctors and Aleena suffered conditional bail. she remains in a granted serious facial burns Matthew Wood, is also critical condition when a mystery liquid, further accused of in hospital. thought to be a harmful wounding Mohammed high-strength cleaning Rafiq, who answered the product, was thrown in door with Aleena at the her face as she answered a knock at address. the door at a property in MacDonald Two other men, aged 23 and 19, Close, Tividale, West Midlands. were arrested on suspicion of assault She also sustained internal injuries and bailed and an 18-year-old man to her throat and lungs which have arrested on suspicion of wounding been described as life-threatening by was given bail.

Bingley Music Live organisers are taking steps to ensure the summer festival is accessible to everyone. A range of measures are being taken at the Bradford Council-run event that will help people with disabilities enjoy performances alongside other revellers. The event, now in its eighth year, has already been awarded a Bronze standard by the charity Attitude is Everything, which promotes a charter of best practice for accessiblity at music venues and festivals. It is now hoping to enhance these facilities to achieve the Silver standard with this year's improvements. This year's festival runs between 29th and 31st August at Myrtle Park, Bingley. Headline acts include The Pet Shop Boys, Example, Shed Seven and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass. The full line up is on the BML website



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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition





TALENTED: Persia Shafi-Cliffe is currently performing at the Leeds Grand Theatre as part of the La Bohème cast, with shows up until 10th May

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

By Ashley Grint

A young performer from Leeds has been helping to set the stage alight at one of the city’s grandest venues, as her debut performance in an internationally renowned opera took place last week. Ten-year-old Persia Shafi-Cliffe, from West Park, has been ‘mesmerised’ by the opera from the first time she saw it and says she has never contemplated doing anything else in her life. The little soprano singer has been performing as part of Opera North’s cast in La Bohème at the Leeds Grand Theatre in front of more than a thousand spectators every night. As part of the prestigious Children’s Chorus, Persia performs a number of songs with her cast members in the production, which will run in the city until later this month. Speaking about her role and love of opera, she explained how she got into performing at such a young age. “I love everything about it,” she said. “I really like how it combines acting and singing together and have been mesmerised by it since my mum first took me to see my first show when I was seven-years-old. “We actually went to see La Bohème here in Leeds. I loved it so much my mum took me to London to see it again and I told her that is what I wanted to do.” She added: “I feel really proud of myself to now be performing on the main stage. I am really happy and proud of my mum as well because she was the one who helped me get here.” Persia’s mum, Sarah Shafi, first realised her daughter had a ‘gift’ when the child would sing to herself at home

May 2014 - 2nd Edition


Opera Starlet

Ten-year-old lives her dream and performs in La Bohème

after they went to see La Bohème for the first time. From that moment, Sarah says she knew this was what her little girl was supposed to do with her natural talent. “This voice just came out of nowhere after we had been to see the opera,” she explained. “Persia started putting music on at home and then the next thing this amazing voice came out and I just thought it was incredible. “She told me she just wants to sing opera so I thought I’ll call Opera North. They said bring her down and after auditioning her, said they were starting up a Children’s Chorus, and she got a place in that.” As part of the Children’s Chorus, Persia has already performed at the Royal Albert Hall and sung for the Dalai Lama when he visited Leeds, yet it is the La Bohème opening night performance which Sarah says will be the most memorable for the family. “It was just an incredible feeling to see her performing on stage in front of so many people,” she said. “To see her living out her dream was such a special feeling and I will never forget it and I’m sure she won’t either.” La Bohème’s final show in Leeds will take place on Saturday 10th May before the production moves on to The Lowry in Manchester, until Saturday 17th May.

PROUD: Persia’s mother, Sarah Shafi, says she was extremely proud to see her daughter perform on opening night and is amazed by her ‘natural talent’




May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Jail warning for drive ban killers Disqualified drivers who kill while behind the wheel will face longer jail terms under tougher sentences announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. Offenders who defy driving bans will be hit with up to 10 years in prison if they cause death and up to four years for serious injuries under the law reforms, which will be introduced next year. Mr Grayling said the changes would send a clear message to drivers who flout bans and ‘go on to destroy innocent lives’. The current maximum sentence faced by a driver who causes death while driving when disqualified is two years in jail and there is no specific offence of causing serious injury while banned. Mr Grayling also announced plans for a full review of all driving offences and penalties, which includes offences committed by uninsured and unlicensed drivers. It comes after MPs pushed for a change in the law to deal with banned drivers following cases across the country. Last year, husband and wife Ross

and Clare Simons were on a tandem bicycle when they were hit by a Citroen Picasso in Hanham, near Bristol. Drug addict Nicky Lovell, 38, who had 11 previous convictions for driving while disqualified, was being pursued by police at the time of the accident. He pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one of driving while disqualified and was jailed for 10 years and six months - the maximum sentence possible. Mr Grayling said: “I want to make our roads safer and ensure people who cause harm face tough penalties. “Disqualified drivers should not be on our roads for good reason. Those who chose to defy a ban imposed by a court and go on to destroy innocent lives must face serious consequences for the terrible impact of their actions. “Today, we are sending a clear message that anyone who does will face much tougher punishment.” In 2012 there were 16 prosecutions and 13 convictions for

causing death by driving when disqualified, unlicensed or uninsured. Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan said: “Those driving without insurance that cause serious injuries or deaths should be properly punished. “The Government also needs to assure the public that they have enough space in prison to cope with the increased demand. The current shortage of space and increased AA president Edmund King said: deterrent to not re-offend or as a overcrowding on their watch has led to serious problems in our prisons.” “A small proportion of drivers are means of stopping those imprisoned Julie Townsend, deputy chief serial offenders who need to be who seem intent to be serial reoffenders.” executive of road safety charity taken off the road. “We support these changes as a Brake, said: “We have long campaigned for a shake-up of charges and penalties for risky and irresponsible drivers who kill and injure on our roads. “Brake supports families who have been deeply and permanently affected by selfish and risky The final phase of taking the opportunity to refurbish behaviour at the wheel and we improvements at Dewsbury other parts of the crematorium at Moor Crematorium is due to the same time. frequently hear from these families start in June. The work will take place in that they feel terribly let down by A mercury abatement plant is to three stages and will take around our justice system. As such, we be installed to comply with recent 16 weeks to complete from 16th strongly welcome Chis Grayling's Environmental Emissions June to 12th October. announcement.”

Crematorium works

legislation and the council is

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Your National and Local Business Round-up

Business news

Self-Certification: A probable abuse of the term ‘Halal’

The amount of Muslims in the world is astronomical and as an outcome of these mammoth numbers, the Muslim community represents a huge potential market that many national and international companies and organisations are tapping into. Muslims today represent 4.8% of the UK population and in Europe the Muslim share of the population is expected to grow by approximately one third over the next two decades. With increased numbers of Muslims, wider demand for halal compliant produce is rising; recently we have seen the launch of the 100% halal ready meals spearheaded by Shazia Saleem – founder of Ieat Foods. The Ieat website ( guarantees consumers that their products have been halal certified by a reputable UK certification body. In direct contrast however, if one peruses our everyday supermarket aisles, we come across a variety of products – from ethnic foods such as samosas to frozen lamb burgers that can go straight onto the barbecue – many with the globally recognised Arabic ‘halal’ emblazoned across the packaging but with no mention of the certification body which has accredited said products as halal. Self-certification of halal products is rife in Britain; due to the vast Muslim consumer market there is a want and need for more halal products and as a direct result, more consumer choice. Consumers do not want to feel excluded when they do their weekly shop, they want to go to the supermarket and have as much as choice in the products they buy as their non-Muslim friends, colleagues and peers. Despite this, it remains imperative to understand where the products we are eating have actually come from. If a product has ‘halal’ written on it, can we fully trust it? If a company is marketing their products as halal, the meat may be from a halal source, but has the entire production process been halal approved? Is the said product free of all nonhalal additives and E-numbers? Is it free of non-halal oils and

fats? Are the emulsifiers that have been used 100% sourced from halal slaughtered animals? If yeast has been used in the finished product – was it autolysed or brewer’s yeast? If cheese has been used in a product, is animal rennet or pepsin used in the cheese production? When the processed foods are transported, are suitable transportation methods put in

place to stop halal products from being contaminated by non-halal items? These are just a few of the questions that need to be considered to ensure a product is 100% halal. All of the above need to be taken into account and looked at in depth – a task that is undertaken by halal certification bodies across the world.

The method by which the animal has been slaughtered is not the only factor that solely determines halal compliance and this is something that consumers need to understand. CEO of the UK certification body Halal Food Authority (HFA), Saqib Mohammed, tells me that: “merely having the word ‘halal’ in any transcript depicted on product packaging means next to nothing unless

By Zéna Butt, Information Officer Halal Food Foundation @HFF_UK

said product has been independently certified by recognised halal certification body(ies) depicting their registered logo. “We at the HFA strongly discourage the use of selfcertification and will consumers to seek further information to unveil probable misrepresentation or abuse of the term ‘halal’”. Echoing the sentiments of the HFA above, the term ‘halal’ can be put onto a product but this does not mean that the entire production process of the product in question has been looked at from start to finish. The question “how are we supposed to know what is halal and what isn’t?” may arise by the time you have gotten to this stage in the article, and the truth of the matter is – if you don’t ask you won’t know. Consumers need to become proactive to ensure that they are not eating any products that would not be seen as permissible in accordance to Islamic law. When stocking up your trolleys on the weekly shop, before you put the halal goodies in, take a look at the back of the product to see if the logo of a reputable, trustworthy certification body has been put on the packaging, if not a logo – is there any mention of the halal certification body that certifies the company? If not, before purchasing the product, enquire about its halal compliance. With the rise in social networking, asking questions and making informed decisions has never been easier. The growing numbers of selfcertified products are purely down to the fact that there is a place in the global halal market for them to exist; if consumers seek something and the want is large enough then gaps will be filled. If more consumers question and contest self-certified halal products and refuse to purchase items that they cannot fully trust, the amount of selfcertified businesses who ‘assure’ Muslims that their products are halal will begin to dwindle – and as a result, the lucrative halal market will be left with dependable products that are categorically 100% halal. Seek the knowledge. Be informed. Share your findings.



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Achieve your goals with

Just Fitness

The Number One marquee provider or over a decade, A1 Regal Marquees has built up a reputation as one of the best marquee providers in Yorkshire and now, with summer fast approaching, why not get in contact and plan your perfect event. The wedding season is just around the corner and A1 Regal Marquees offer a service like no other. Not only can they assist in the selection of that perfect venue accessory but also, due to their vast experience in the wedding industry, suggest tens of extra ideas, which no couple should overlook. Whether you are having an intimate dinner party or a wedding celebration, A1 Regal Marquees can cater for your every need with an array of marquees on offer. From 40 up to 200 people. Stand alone or wall-to-wall designs are available to meet every person’s specification with added accessories available upon request. Hard flooring, linings, tables and chairs, all help furnish the inside of the


marquee, providing an elegant finish whilst heating equipment is also available for the colder days and nights. All marquees are made of lacquered white PVC and conform to British Standard specifications, developed to withstand up to 60mph winds. Marquees can even be erected on uneven land or hills, with the guarantee that they will remain strong in difficult conditions. The company has helped many people with difficult surface areas. Whether you are a person of small means or millions; the company tries to assist everyone. To continue to help their clients the firm is still investing in new, bigger marquees, furniture, décor and flooring. They also respect all their clients and their views and will always go out of their way to make their occasion a success. Contact A1 Regal Marquees today for expert advice on marquees and the best prices around.

For more information please visit or call 07890 797 108. 134 Bradford Road, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 2EW

hether you want to lose a couple of pounds before summer, build up muscle or are training for a triathlon, Just Fitness in Leeds is the perfect place for you. Located on Harehills Road, the fitness complex is the ideal environment for any person, of any age and any gender, wanting to get into shape and pursue that active lifestyle. Brand new, state-of-theart equipment gives the premises an advantage over existing gyms and with memberships costing no more than £14.99 a month, your pocket will be the only thing not feeling lighter after a cardio session. Set up by fitness enthusiasts, Jonathan Carrington and Gavin Omalley, Just Fitness is a personal experience which can help you reach your fitness goals with a dedicated team behind you. Unlike other gyms, Jon and Gavin offer free


personal training to members who want it, as well as free nutritional advice and individuallytailored programmes, as every member is just as important as the next. “We set up here because there is no other gym around us which allows people to get fit and get active,” they explained. “The community around here is very close and we look forward to becoming part of that by helping everybody reach their goals whatever they might be.” Major development works have taken place at the site over the past 12 months with the former gym’s site now extended, with dedicated space for cardio and weights. A separate area, for

classes is located upstairs, where the first Zumba event is set to take place in the next couple of weeks, whilst a silent area has been constructed for private reflective time and prayer. A ‘Just Café’ is even located onsite, in the Shine building, giving members the perfect place to cool down after a tough workout. “We are not like other gyms,” the two owners continued. “We like to look after everyone who comes through the doors and we are here for the long term.” The Just Fitness gym will soon be launching a separate, ladies-only, site in Harehills where women can work out in their own, relaxed environment.

Just Fitness Units 1-5, The Shine Buildings, Harehills Road, Leeds, LS8 5HS Web: Phone: 0113 240 8620 Email: Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 6am-11pm Saturday: 8am-8pm Sunday: 8am-6pm

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A family-run pharmacy with family values By Ashley Grint

n 1990, Sky Pharmacy opened its doors for the first time in Leeds and now, 14 years later, the business is still operating out of the heart of the Roundhay area. Set up by husband and wife team, Kidar and Anjla Mason, the pharmacy has become a much-loved company, offering a personal touch to every customer. After Mr Mason sadly passed away six years ago, it was up to his wife, and daughter, Bhavna, to continue the family legacy. Mrs Anjla Mason said she particularly wanted to thank local residents for their support during the roughest time in her life. “We want to thank the local community for helping me and supporting me when my husband passed,” she said. “It was the support of the local area that helped us through this. “We’re not like a chain


company, we are a community based business and it is the people who really matter to us. “There is the healthcare aspect of it of course but the personal service, and getting to know everybody by name is what we love to do.” FOUNDER: Kidar Mason opened Sky pharmacy, Sky Pharmacy with his wife, Anjla, which has its 14 years ago on Harehills Road own consultation room, provides tens of services to hundreds of local residents who rely on the family-run business to help Dispensing and repeat them. dispensing prescriptions are all Whether you just have a cold done on-site with advice on how and need some over-theto get the most benefit from counter medication, or need your medicines available. your prescription delivered to Dosette boxes are also issued, your door, Sky Pharmacy will meaning organising your adhere to meet your every need, medication is as simple as one, with their team of dedicated, two, three. fully-trained pharmacists.

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ith an exclusive fleet of luxury prestige, convertible, performance and four-wheel drive vehicles, you truly are spoilt for choice at Fairway Prestige. Cars for every occasion can be found at West Yorkshire’s finest exotic car rental company, whether it’s for business or pleasure, they have the right vehicle for you. Perhaps make a dream come true by treating yourself, a family member, friend, employee or business partner to an exhilarating day driving the latest sports cars when you take advantage of one of Fairway Prestige’s vehicle hire options. Do you have a special event planned, a wedding, an engagement party or debutant ball? Or do you want to surprise someone special on that dinner

date or weekend away? Fairway Prestige can supply you with the perfect luxury vehicle so your driving experience is truly memorable and you can arrive at your destination in style. “Our affordable prices and commitment to customer service remains unparalleled. Due to the fact that we operate as a smaller company, we are able to provide our clients with savings on their exotic car rentals. We offer numerous rental packages with long-term and short-term rates that are tailored to our customers’ budgets.” The reputable outfit also offers chauffeur-driven luxury limousine service and airport transfers, as well as corporate packages, bridal car hire, gift vouchers, corporate and tailormade promotional business packages, and group drive outings for corporate events.

These vehicle hire services can be daily hire, weekend hire or weekly rental plans. Alongside the high end luxury, prestige and performance vehicles, Fairway Prestige can also provide vehicles for everyday use. Whether it be for a business commute, daily driver, secondary car or just a cheaper vehicle to do the bulk of your travel in, Fairway Prestige can cater for your needs. Every day Fairway Prestige prides itself on providing the best exotic and luxury car rental experience possible and won’t settle for less. Call today on 01924 400 100 to experience exotic car rental at its best.

Fairway Prestige 55A Halifax Road, Staincliffe, Dewsbury, WF13 4AS Phone: 01924 400 100 Web:

Other services available include passport photos, medicine use reviews, a minor ailment scheme and even a selection of toiletries. Visit the pharmacy today and see what they can do for you.

35 Harehills Rd, Leeds, LS8 5HR Phone: 0113 248 4107 Opening times: Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm Saturday: 10am-6pm Sunday: 12pm-6pm



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Let the record play n the High Court case of Ashworth and others v The Royal National Theatre the Claimants, a group of musicians, were unsuccessful in their application for an interim injunction to require the Defendant, The Royal National Theatre (“RNT”), to continue to engage them in the production of War Horse until the hearing of their claim for breach of contract.


Please contact Luke Patel on 0113 227 9316 or by email at

The Claimants were engaged by the RNT in March 2009 to play their instruments in accompaniment with recorded music in the RNT’s production of War Horse. However productions of War Horse in other parts of the world have relied wholly on recorded music and as such it was decided by the Co-Director and the Composer of War Horse that it was better for accuracy and impact to rely on recorded music for the play. Initially the involvement of the Claimants in the production was reduced to them playing their instruments during one short scene only with the remainder of the music in the play being recorded. On 4 March 2014 the RNT sent the Claimants letters of termination stating their contracts would expire on 15 March 2014 on the grounds of redundancy (i.e. the music in the play would now be recorded as opposed to live). In response the Claimants issued a claim against the RNT claiming breach of contract. At the same time the Claimants filed an application for an

interim injunction (or specific performance) requesting that the RNT be required to employ them in the production again until the trial of their claim. The court dismissed the Claimants’ application for an interim injunction. The court found that there had been a breakdown in ‘trust and confidence’ between the Claimants and the RNT and an injunction reinstating the Claimants into the production was likely to be unworkable. The court also held that the case was not exceptional, and that damages would be an adequate remedy for the Claimants. Further, the court was not persuaded that specific performance or a mandatory injunction would be granted at the trial of the Claimants’ claim for breach of contract. The court also considered that the decision of the Co-Director and Composer to rely only on recorded music was a decision made in accordance with their ‘right of artistic freedom’. This right derives from Section 12 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which provides that when

considering whether to grant relief which may affect the right of freedom of expression as contained in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (“ECHR”), the court must have particular regard to the importance of that right. The Judge held that the RNT’s right to freedom of expression as to how it produced the play would be interfered with should the Claimants be reintroduced into the play. Even though the Claimants were unsuccessful in their application for an interim injunction the Judge did indicate that their prospects of success at the trial of the breach of contract claim were strong. The case is an example of the stringent test Claimants must pass in interim relief applications. Furthermore, human rights legislation was held to be applicable in this case and this may set a precedent for future cases where ECHR provisions are used in a similar context. The Musicians’ Union, which backed the five instrumentalists in the case, said the Claimants are considering whether to appeal. We at Blacks have experience in handling applications for interim injunctions and breach of contract claims.

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Permanent Make-Up • Skin Care Products • IPL Hair Removal

Prity’s Hair Growth & Repair Oil HAIR NAILS & BEAUTY

Prity’s – Hair, Beauty & Spa are proud to announce our amazing new 100% natural Hair Growth & Repair Oil. It contains over 20 highly potent herbs & roots to nourish and regrow hair! Some of the key ingredients include: Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Shikakai & Olive Oil which are all extremely beneficial in to repairing damaged or broken hair and in promoting new hair growth!

The UK welcomed a first of its kind entry on the fashion calendar, which saw three of India’s and three of Pakistan’s most celebrated designers from some of the most-lauded fashion houses all on one platform. The Mayfair Hotel, London played host to the ‘Faisana Fashion weekend’, where renowned Anita Dongre, Rina Dhaka and Bhairavi Jaikishan (India); and Umar Sayeed, Nida Azwer and Sania Maskatiya (Pakistan) showcased their collections. The fashion weekend, curated for the first time together on one international satge, was a twoday event, hosted by South Asian fashion influencers, Radhika Hasan and Aamna & Aisha, launched with an exclusive Champagne, Canapés and Couture evening on 2nd May in Mayfair Hotel’s Crystal Room. Influencers, VIP’s and celebrities such as singing sensation Kanika Kapoor; former Bollywood actress Madhoo; actress, comedian, writer and singer Meera Syal MBE; and one of India’s original supermodels, host VJ Nina Manuel were privy to a runway show featuring the latest collections from all participating designers, presented by the designers themselves. The evening also featured a classical dance performance by celebrated Kathak dancer Fasih ur Rahman of the Akademi institute. A free to attend, open exhibition, The Grand Trunk Show, took place on 3rd May, showcasing a wide range of the designers’ pret and couture collections for the general public. The Faisana Fashion Weekend marked the first event to combine Indian and Pakistani fashion from the respective countries, showcasing the high end of South Asian fashion. The participating designers are fashion icons in India and Pakistan respectively. Their unique designs transcend the contemporary, the young and hip, hence a perfect fit for the London and wider UK market.

Pictures courtesy of: Shahid Malik

Faisana: Fashion Weekend wows UK audiences with the crème of Indian and Pakistani design talent

Here are some of the benefits of these ingredients: • Indian Gooseberry is renowned for it’s hair healing powers such as conditioning hair, nourishing from roots to tips, reducing hair fall and giving hair a natural shine. • Fenugreek is rich in proteins and minerals like Iron & Vitami - C which are essential for hair growth, hair thickness & shine. • Olive Oil is essential for keeping your scalp nourished, it eliminates dandruff (which blocks follicles and stops hair growth and causes itchiness) and moisturises the scalp as hair needs a moist culture to grow. • Shikakai has very low pH levels, which means your hair won’t be stripped of its natural oils. It also nourishes hair, making it grow faster and stronger. Keeps hair moisturized and shiny and helps to delay the appearance of grey hairs.

City Centre Branch, Kirkgate (Next to McDonald’s) 14 Legrams Lane, Bradford BD7 1ND

There are many more herbal ingredients, proteins & minerals included in this oil and is recommended for anyone with:

• • • • •

Hair Loss Thinning/Patchy Hair Dull/Damaged/Dry Hair To increase the length of hair To increase density/volume of hair

To use: Apply a generous amount and massage into the roots of your hair this will enable the herbal nutrients to strengthen the roots and improve the overall health of your hair. Apply to areas where hair is thinning and patchy then massage for around 5-10 minutes. Let it sit for around 20 minutes or leave it overnight then wash. In the first week hair will start to repair and you will see visible results in only 2 weeks! Available now in our salon at Prity - Hair, Beauty & Spa, Bradford.

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By Anush Ansari

A bid to allow the taxman to settle unpaid demands by taking money directly from people's bank accounts has been criticised by a group of influential MPs. The cross-party Treasury Committee says it is very concerned because tax officials have a history of making mistakes and call for greater scrutiny over the plans proposed by Chancellor George Osborne. In the announcement of the Budget, Mr Osborne outlined plans for new powers for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to recover tax debts from anyone who owes more than £1,000 in tax or in tax credits. This would allow the tax authority to seize the tax owed directly from debtors' bank accounts. But the committee said the plan was problematic owing to HMRC's performance in the past when it has failed to accurately calculate tax bills. “The proposal to grant HMRC the power to recover money directly from taxpayers' bank accounts is of considerable concern to the committee,” a report said. “The committee considers a lengthy and full consultation to be essential. “Giving HMRC this power without some form of prior independent oversight -for example by a new ombudsman or tribunal, or through the courts would be wholly unacceptable.” The major concern here is when incorrect amounts of money is collected from bank accounts as it may result in serious detriment to the taxpayers. At the moment the HMRC requires a court order to be able to seize money from accounts. HMRC explained that the system would only target those who have long-term debts and have received at least four demands for payment and will ensure that at least £5,000 is left in total across all debtor's accounts, including savings accounts, after the unpaid tax is seized. HMRC will freeze the amount owed in accounts for 14 days to allow time for a debtor to pay before the money is seized. The plans are now going through a consultation process. If approved by Parliament, they will take effect in 2015-16.

Taxman scare Concerns over HMRC plans to dip in and collect tax debt straight from bank accounts

WAITING: The plans are going through a consultation process and if approved will take effect in 2015-16



Free Range Chicken

Deer Duck

Unit 1 | Dewsbury Market | Dewsbury | WF13 1QE

Order online @ Goat

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Retail Enquiries - 07448 351536 Wholesale Enquiries - 0785 1011848 Email:



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Glitter Fabric Wallpaper

Bradford's Largest Decorating Centre

Enki Splashback Enki Splashback 600mm*700mm NOW ONLY £40 (RRP £125) Only in colours below and whilst stocks last

Real Glitter Fabric Wallpaper ONLY £25 per meter length (RRP £55 per meter length)

If you are looking for an exclusive sparkling effect on your walls, then this unique glitter wall covering is perfect for residential or commercial use

Al-Murad - Decorating Bradford for over 25 Years Unit 2 Bradbeck Road off Cemetery Road (Next to Asda) Bradford BD7 2NX 01274 499427

Victoria Works Bradford Lane off Leeds Road (behind Akbars Restaurant) Bradford BD3 8LU 01274 656333

Whilst Stocks last on all offers 44 A Hopwood Lane Halifax HX1 5ER 01422 368074

Goulbourne Street Keighley BD21 1PJ 01535 662366

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‘Embarrassed’ election candidate resigns Disgraced politician said it was ‘good to be anti-Islam’

RESIGNED: David Bishop resigned from the election race in Brentwood South, Essex, after homophobic and anti-Islamic tweets were found on his Twitter profile

By Ashley Grint

A Conservative local election candidate was forced to withdraw his name from the ballot after tweeting that Islam was the ‘religion of rape’. David Bishop, who was set to stand as the Conservative candidate for the ward of Brentwood South, Essex, resigned from the role after both anti-Islamic and homophobic messages were found on his Twitter profile. Just four days after it was announced that four Muslim men had been arrested for the rape of a 14-year-old girl, the controversial former candidate wrote ‘[Islam] "the religion of peace" & rape’. Further investigations into Bishop’s profile saw that he had also posted links to videos of the controversial comedian, Pat Condell, who has previously called Islam the ‘religion of war’. Following his resignation, Bishop released an official

statement on the Brentwood and Ongar Conservative Association (BOCA) saying he ‘had let the party down’ and would no longer be considered a candidate on the 22nd May elections. He added: “I recognise that someone standing for public office should show leadership and seek to unite communities, not divide them. “I have let myself and my party down and, in order to avoid any further embarrassment, I have taken the decision to resign from the Conservative party with immediate effect. I will not be asking anyone to vote for me on 22nd May. “I hope the residents of Brentwood South can forgive my lack of judgement in time.” Louise McKinlay, group leader of Brentwood Conservatives, wrote her own message on the site, welcoming the resignation of Bishop, stating that he had ‘no place in our team’. She wrote: “David's decision to step down was the right thing to do and I am pleased the party has backed this and accepted his resignation from the team and from the party.”


Six charged with BritishIranian’s kidnap Dubai prosecutors have charged six Iranians with kidnapping a British-Iranian businessman who went missing in the emirate last year, the government said on Thursday. Authorities said in January they had detained three Iranians suspected of being part of a group that had kidnapped Abbas Yazdi, a businessman who owns a general trading company in the Gulf Arab emirate and who disappeared last June. Yazdi's wife, Atena, has told media in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federal state comprising seven emirates, including Dubai, which she feared he might have been kidnapped by Iranian intelligence officers. Iran has denied any role in Yazdi's disappearance. The suspects confessed they had attacked and drugged Yazdi and were able to smuggle him out of the country through a sea port, the government said in a statement. It did not elaborate on Yazdi, whose whereabouts remain unknown. Three Iranians have been detained and three others remain at large, the statement cited Dubai Attorney-General Essam al-Humaidan as saying. They were charged with kidnapping, forced robbery, attacking Yazdi and endangering his life. Britain's Foreign Office said last August it was in touch with the Dubai and Iranian governments over the case of Yazdi, who was 44 years old at the time of his disappearance.



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Oldham drug crackdown 16 men and one woman have been arrested in raids as part of an operation to crackdown on drug dealing in Oldham. They were arrested when Manchester Police raided 14 addresses just after 6am on Wednesday 30th April 2014. Officers from Oldham's Operation Caminada Organised Crime Unit launched the operation, codenamed Operation Alamos, as their response to community concerns that street drug dealing was a problem in the area. This operation forms part of Operation Challenger, which is the Force's strategy for tackling organised crime groups across Greater Manchester. These arrests came after months of investigations by officers from the Oldham Organised Crime Unit into the distribution of heroin. In the raids this morning, 16 men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences, after officers executed warrants across Oldham and Burnley. More than 80 officers were involved in the raids and included officers from the Oldham Division and force tactical aid unit supported by Lancashire Police. Extra officers from Oldham's Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be patrolling the area from today and the next few days to provide a visible presence and reassurance to the community. A multi-agency plan is now in

place for the area to ensure support for drug users and to prevent any further offending in the area. Superintendant Denise Worth of the Oldham Division, said: "Today shows that the desire to rid our communities of the blight of drugs is continuous and that we shall keep tackling the issue as many times as is necessary until the problem is dealt with. "This operation has taken months of intricate planning and dedication by officers from Operation

Caminada. "The people of Oldham have told us that they want drugs and drug dealing tackled across the borough and I hope that today's action highlights how seriously we take these crimes. "It also sends a message out that we will not let people profit from spreading their misery in our neighbourhoods and we will continue to use all the powers and resources available to put people before the courts."

“The people of Oldham have told us that they want drugs and drug dealing tackled across the borough.� Superintendant Denise Worth

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Where Q u a l i ty M atte rs!

SPECIAL OFFER for Restaurants & Takeaways on all Fruit, Veg & Meat NOSHI FOOD STORES

39-43 Hyde Park Road, Hyde Park, Leeds, LS6 1PY • Tel: 0113 2343865 26-28 Harehills Road, Harehills, Leeds, LS8 5PB • Tel: 0113 2351698




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Our dedicated team of professionals offer the following services: • Criminal Defence • Civil Litigation • Personal Injury • Immigration Email: 24hr: 07770848483

01274 665 775 Fax: 01274 664 775

723 Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 8DG Avisons LLP is registered in England and Wales as a Limited Liability Partnership, Registration No. OC385787. Avisons is a trading style of Avisons LLP, a list of members of Avisons LLP is open to inspection at the registered office 723 Leeds Road, Bradford BD3 8DG. Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA No 598295.

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Why young people are being tempted away from taking a university degree At the age of 18, Memona Mohammad was all set for university. She had three good, science A levels and offers to study for a degree in biomedical sciences. But she chose to sign up for a higher apprenticeship with BT instead. Now 21, she will complete the scheme this September. If all goes well,she will have a foundation degree, a level 4 NVQ and the chance to go onto take a master’s, paid for by BT. After three years on a salary, Mohammad has no student loan to pay off and has a job lined up as one of BT’s ethernet planners. “The guarantee of a job definitely played a part in my decision,” she says.“But it was also the chance to join a global company and develop my career in IT while learning on the job.” Once considered the preserve of manual trades for the less academically gifted, apprenticeships are now available at three levels, from GCSE to foundation degree, in industries ranging from accountancy to zookeeping. The number of people starting an apprenticeship grew from 175,000 in 2005/06 to more than 510,000 in 2012/13. Most are now offered in the service sectors, such as business administration, retail and health. Since 2010, most of those starting

apprenticeships have been female. “We’ve had significant growth over the past decade, although we have probably plateaued at about half a million,” says Karen Woodward, divisional apprenticeship director at the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS). “But while the quantity may have stabilised, we are still seeing an increase in the quality.” Woodward believes that the growing popularity of apprenticeships is due to their mutual benefit to apprentice and employer. “An apprenticeship is not a training course,” she says. “It’s a job with a salary and an employer with a vacancy.” Employees who have been apprentices tend to be loyal to their employer and, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, are £214 a week more productive than the average worker. The flexibility of modern apprenticeships has encouraged employers to increase the number and scope of the schemes they offer. BT now runs 11 different schemes, for example, which will take on more than 700 apprentices this year. Damian Brown, head of accredited learning and apprenticeships at BT, says: “In the past five years it has become possible

to tailor schemes both to the needs of the apprentices and to what we need as a business.” Apprenticeships are promoted nationally by the NAS, part of the Skills Funding Agency. It supports employers and runs an apprentice“matching service”. At regional level, a number of local enterprise partnerships have set up“hubs” to promote apprenticeships with local industry and small to medium-sized enterprises. In Yorkshire, for example, eight local authorities have combined to create the Leeds City Region Apprenticeship Programme, a £4.6m scheme designed to offer 2,500 new apprenticeships by autumn 2015. Similar initiatives are underway in Nottingham, Greater Manchester and the West of England. Demand for apprenticeships continues to outstrip supply, however: the NAS receives around 12 applications for every position. And despite all efforts to escape their blue collar image, apprenticeships remain far more popular in the former industrial heartlands than in the South East. According to Demos, the think tank, London requires 30,000 more apprentices to catch up with the rest of the country.



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Demonstrators protest outside the famous establishment over Sharia laws enforced in Brunei

Thailand PM ousted from seat

A Thai court ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down on Wednesday after finding her guilty of abuse of power, prolonging a political crisis that has led to violent protests and brought the economy close to recession. The decision is bound to anger supporters of Yingluck, but the court did allow ministers not implicated in the case against her to stay in office, a decision that could take some of the sting out of any backlash on the streets. After the ruling, the cabinet said Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongphaisan, who is

Deadly blast

CALIFORNIA: Protests over Brunei's strict Sharia law penal code outside the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the Sultan of Brunei

Celebrities boycott Beverley Hills Hotel boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel. This week Stephen Fry, Sharon Osbourne and Hollywood celebrities have Richard Branson said they boycotted one of its most are boycotting the luxury famous hotels because of Dorchester Hotel chain over harsh Islamic penal codes the owner's ties to the introduced by the Brunei introduction of Sharia law in government. the Sultanate of Brunei. The Sultan of Brunei, who The mayor of Beverly Hills, owns the Beverly Hills Hotel Lili Bosse, had urged the city as well as the world-famous council to adopt a resolution luxury Dorchester hotels condemning Brunei's new chain, announced the first laws and force the country to phase of the new penalties at sell the hotel and others it the beginning of May. owns through the Dorchester Brunei's leader, Sultan Collection chain. Hassanal Bolkiah, said the Several organisations have initial phase of the new penal cancelled events at the hotel, code introduces fines or long a gathering place for prison terms for offences Hollywood celebrities. including indecent behaviour, But Christopher Cowdray, failure to attend Friday the chief executive of the prayers and pregnancies out- Dorchester Collection chain, of-wedlock. said those protesting have The second phase which is ignored local hotels owned by due to start later this year will countries with poor human cover crimes such as theft and rights records. robbery and will involve "There are other hotel more stringent penalties such companies in this city that are as amputations and flogging. owned by Saudi Arabia... you The most severe know, your shirt probably punishments, such as death by comes from a country which stoning for offences including has human rights issues," Mr sodomy and adultery, will be Cowdray said, adding a introduced late next year and boycott would hurt local will eventually include death employees the most. by stoning for homosexuality and adultery. Comedians Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres from the USA are among the celebrities supporting the

A bomb planted by suspected Taliban insurgents ripped through a truck carrying troops in Pakistan's tribal region on Thursday, killing nine soldiers and wounding more than a dozen, officials said, with the death toll expected to rise. The daylight attack, one of the biggest on Pakistani security forces in months, deals a major blow to the army at a time when Pakistan is already under strong US pressure to do more to contain the insurgency on its western frontier.

also a deputy prime minister, would replace Yingluck, and the caretaker government would press ahead with plans for a 20th July election. “The caretaker government's responsibility now is to organise an election as soon as possible,” said Niwatthamrong, a former executive in a company owned by Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck's brother and himself a former prime minister who was ousted by the military in 2006. “I hope the political situation will not heat up after this,” Niwatthamrong said of the court ruling.

The army said the bomb was planted in a truck carrying soldiers of the paramilitary Frontier Corps. It exploded as it was moving along the Afghan border where many al Qaedalinked militant groups are holed up. “The paramilitary forces were doing some internal movements along the Afghan border when their pickup truck was blown up,” a senior military official based in Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan, said. Another military official said the death toll could increase as several of the wounded were in critical condition.

By Anush Ansari

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition


Abu Hamza describes accident that cost him hands and eye Pistachio Gelato

RADICAL: Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri at the sixth annual rally for Islam in Trafalgar Square in 2002

By Anush Ansari

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The radical London imam Abu Hamza al-Masri has been famously recognisable for the distinctive metal hook he wore in place of his missing right hand and is infamous for his fiery sermons. This week in a New York court room Abu Hamza claimed he lost both hands and one eye in an accidental explosion in Pakistan two decades ago. His account, which came as he testified at his trial on terrorism charges, conflicted with media stories that he suffered the injuries while fighting the Soviets alongside the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The preacher said his image as a veteran of the Afghan war was exaggerated by the press. “Unfortunately, the reputation is larger than the reality,” he told a jury in Manhattan federal court, in a baritone that carried across the room. U.S. prosecutors have accused Abu Hamza of trying to set up a jihadist training camp in Oregon and providing aid to al Qaeda and the Taliban. He is also charged with helping Yemeni militants who in 1998 kidnapped a group of Western tourists, four of whom later died during a military rescue operation. His lawyers have argued that he employed provocative language but never participated in any crimes. During nearly six hours of testimony, Abu Hamza described his travels to Afghanistan and elsewhere; prompted laughter with a joke about John Travolta; and broke down while recalling the aftermath of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia that left thousands of Muslim villagers dead. But it was the description of his crippling accident that riveted the packed courtroom. As a civil engineer, he said, he was working with the Pakistani army in Lahore on a road project that involved explosives in 1993. At one point, someone left a container of chemicals on a table, which he picked up. Finding it warm to the touch, he sought to throw it away, but the container exploded in his hands, sending him into a coma. His injuries made him a “hero” in the eyes of many Muslims when he returned to London, he said. He said the stories that sprung up about how he lost his hands were inaccurate. “Some people said I went to Saudi Arabia and was caught stealing, and they cut off my hands,” he said, laughing. During his testimony, he also said visiting Srebrenica after the massacre convinced him that young Muslims, even children, needed training to defend themselves against oppressors. He used inflammatory language in order to attract followers, he said, but insisted his public persona was different from the adviser he was in private. When individuals came to him with plans for violence, he said he counselled restraint. At one point, he said he believed Osama bin Laden needed to be controlled. But he also acknowledged that he admired the former al Qaeda leader. “He was a very famous man,” he said. “People loved him, including myself.”

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition





May 2014 - 2nd Edition



Neighbours not entertained by couple’s Pixar-inspired renovated house By Anush Ansari

BACKLASH: Hossam Haggog and his wife Fatima Rahman are facing the anger of locals for renovating their house to resemble the one from movie “UP”

Everyone loves a Pixar movie, and the heart-warming tale of an old man finding friendship after the death of his wife in the movie “UP” is full of adventure and hope. However, it seems that not everyone would want to live next door… Hossam Haggog and his wife Fatima Rahman in California are facing backlash after they spent two years painting their Victorian house to resemble Carl Fredricksen's home from the movie. The couple, who have two daughters say that they love the movie “UP” and wanted to do something fun to the house. They felt that their house, bought in 2011 in Santa Clara's Old Quad neighbourhood, could do with colours and so submitted plans for remodelling the house, which were approved by the city council in 2013. However, the multi-coloured pastel shades have upset neighbours who don't think that the transformation is in-

keeping with other houses in the area. Now a petition, signed by 100 local residents, asks why the Historic Landmarks Commission had not been consulted at the time to oversee the changes being proposed to the 1891 historic Victorian house, which sits in the oldest street in Santa Carla. Things getting out of hand, the police even had to remove a neighbour who had planted himself in protest outside the Haggog’s residence. Speaking to an American TV network, Haggog said that their daughters had inspired the move. “They love the movie 'Up' and we just thought we'd give them something fun to be proud of. And actually all the kids in the neighbourhood really love the colours,” he said. Rahman added: “We're not trying to create controversy. We're trying to build a home for our daughters and our family. And that's what our intention was.” Nearby homeowner Lou Faria said: “I don't think it fits in with the neighbourhood. It really, in my opinion,

Carl's house... painted in bright pastel shades (Copyright: Pixar)

is atrocious that this Victorian is a gracious old lady, and it's been painted up to look like a clown.” Others were a little less angry, however, neighbour Chuck Peterson adding: “I like historical houses to be historical, but on the other hand, this is his house, and I feel that sometime down the line it's going to be painted again anyway.”

May 2014 - 2nd Edition


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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

May 2014 - 2nd Edition




Dangerous A World Health Organisation (WHO) report, released earlier this week, has ranked New Delhi as the world’s worst city for air pollution whilst 12 other Indian cities help to make up the top 20 dirtiest cities. The WHO study of 1,600 cities released on Wednesday found air pollution had worsened since a smaller survey in 2011, putting citydwellers at a higher risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. The study found New Delhi to have the dirtiest air, with an annual average of 153 micrograms of small particulates, known as PM2.5, per cubic metre. The news was rejected by many Indian officials who believe the research has overestimated the air pollution in the capital. “Delhi is not the dirtiest ... certainly it is not that dangerous as projected,” said A.B. Akolkar, a member secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board of India. One health advocacy group welcomed the WHO study, however, saying it should spur the Indian government to tighten up fuel emission standards. Growing traffic on city streets is a major cause of air pollution.

New Delhi ranked top for air pollution

BUSY: Growing number of vehicles on the streets of New Delhi is only adding to the air pollution in the world’s sixth most populous city

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said the government should respond by setting an ambitious agenda to reduce toxic risks in Asia's third-largest economy. "This database confirms our worst

fears about how hazardous air pollution is in our region," Sunita Narain, director general at the CSE, said in a statement that called for uniform fuel emission standards to be implemented across India in 2015.

Coke to drop controversial ingredient

Coca-Cola says it will drop a controversial ingredient from all its drinks that contain it, not just Powerade. The Atlanta-based company says brominated vegetable oil is still being used in some flavors of Fanta and Fresca, as well as several citrus-flavored fountain drinks. The change will apply to its drinks globally, meaning Canada and Latin America are phasing out the ingredient as well. A spokesman for Coca-Cola, Josh Gold, noted that the ingredient is not used in many countries. Brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, had been the target of petitions on by a Mississippi teenager, Sarah Kavanagh, who wanted it out of Gatorade and Powerade. The Food and Drug Administration says the ingredient is used as a stabilizer for flavoring oils in fruit-flavored drinks. But Kavanagh's petition noted that it has been patented as a flame retardant and isn't approved for use in Japan or the European Union. The Associated Press reported on Sunday that Coca-Cola is dropping BVO from Powerade, following a similar move by PepsiCo's Gatorade last year. On Monday, Coca-Cola said in a statement that all its drinks are safe and comply with regulations in the countries where they're sold. It noted that BVO is used to improve the stability of its drinks and prevent certain ingredients from separating. In coming months, however, the company said it would phase out BVO in the U.S. by the end of the

year to be consistent with the ingredients it uses around the world. It said it would instead use sucrose acetate isobutyrate, which Coca-Cola said has been used in drinks for more than 14 years, and glycerol ester of rosin, which it said is commonly found in chewing gum and drinks. Even as companies stand by the safety of their products, several have changed their recipes as people increasingly look to eat foods they believe are natural. The trend toward natural foods has prompted some to steer clear of ingredients or chemicals that sound unfamiliar, even if they're approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration and have been used by manufacturers for years. The ingredient is still used in drinks including PepsiCo's Mountain Dew and Amp, as well as Dr Pepper Snapple Group's Sun Drop and Squirt. Representatives for PepsiCo, based in Purchase, New York, did not respond to request for comment. A Dr Pepper spokesman said only that the company continually reviews its product formulations to ensure they meet customers' expectations. Sarah Kavanagh, the 17-yearold Mississippi high school student who started the petitions asking for the removal of BVO from Powerade and Gatorade, said she was thrilled by the decision. "Coca-Cola has gone above and beyond our expectations," she said. "It's really good to know that companies, especially big companies, are listening to consumers."



May 2014 - 2nd Edition

May 2014 - 2nd Edition



P.A.K.I ‘Pride Attitude Killer Instinct’ Controversially titled track holds no punches in addressing discrimination

By Anush Ansari

The Burban music scene is getting ready to welcome brand new, breakthrough artist ‘THE B.A.D.’ who’s set to challenge and provoke audiences with the release of his debut, controversially titled single, P.A.K.I. 33-year-old THE B.A.D. AKA Kash Chaudhary, was inspired by his own experiences. Growing up at the intersection of the 80s and

90s in Britain as the son of an immigrant, the talented rapper used his confusion over his dual identity as a source of inspiration. An acronym for ‘Pride Attitude Killer Instinct’, P.A.K.I. cleverly spins the word on its head and intends to represent the acceptance of identity and strength. THE B.A.D.’s topical and controversial references are certainly not for the feinthearted, as he holds no punches when addressing his adversaries.

Continued on page 66

t Ou nday

Mo 12th May


P.A.K.I 66


‘Pride Attitude Killer Instinct’ London-based rapper and producer TaZzZ is back with a new enchanting track "Teardrops" - the first single from his forthcoming debut album. Featuring Raxstar (who has collaborated with TaZzZ many times before) and the angelic-voiced Rita Morar, TaZzZ displays growth and maturity with this single by weaving a story of heartbreak and love that is lost. Talking to the Asian Express about “Teardrops”, TaZzZ said: “I just wanted to show a different side of me and releasing this first was an easy decision to make as it’s a very strong and meaningful record.” The chorus has been taken from a Bollywood track “Tujhe Bhula Diya” from the movie “Anjaana Anjaani”. Ever since TaZzZ heard the original he’s always wanted to recreate it and give it a rendition of his own. Amongst handling production duties,

TaZzZ has also contributed a verse of his own in the song, showcasing his multi faceted skillset. TaZzZ explains: “When I made the production for “Teardrops” I instantly had a vision for it. “Raxstar was an obvious choice, for me he is one of the best lyricists in our industry, he understands writing so well and has such a unique style of delivery. “Whilst we were having a vibe in my studio I told him what the concept of the track was and an hour later he penned his lyrics and totally nailed it. “Raxstar always delivers precisely, he is such a remarkable talent to work with professionally; besides music we are very close friends so there’s a very good understanding and relationship, plus we share the same vision in what we hope to achieve.” Talking about working for the first time with Rita Morar from Luton, the producer says that he was mesmerized

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

by her vocals and that she “is the soul” of “Teardrops” and elevated the song to a different level. Giving us an insight into his album which has been five years in the making, it sounds like we can expect to hear some mind-blowing music and vocals as TaZzZ has collaborated with artists in Pakistan. TaZzZ commented: “The album will release at the end of this year. “It’s taken me a long time to put it together simply because of the fact that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my craft and I don’t want to release an album just for the sake of releasing it. “I’ve worked extremely hard, I’ve put my heart and soul into it and I hope people get to feel that when they hear it.” The Single “Teardrops” is out now and is available to download from iTunes and all other leading digital stores.

Teardrops by TaZzZ Controversially titled track holds no punches in addressing discrimination Continued from page 65 Talking to the Asian Express about the controversial title and why he chose to put this particular self-written and selfproduced track out, THE B.A.D explains: “The trials and tribulations, from physical and verbal attacks to the other more subtle forms of discrimination, is not something that’s just unique to me.” Growing up in North West London, THE B.A.D. says that he could fill an encyclopaedia with incidents where he was left to battle the racial tensions inflicted on both himself and his family. Having been on the receiving end of the offensive term ‘Paki’, instead of retaliating with violence and aggression, THE B.A.D. decided to take his natural musical talents and utilise them as a weapon. His debut track is a direct response to past and existing racism in today’s society. “We’ve all had similar experiences and that’s why I wanted to make the song about all of us - Asians and other groups that have grown up with discrimination have been made to feel alienated and inferior,” says THE B.A.D. Growing up never truly understanding where ‘home’ is, resulted in dissociation with both Britain and Pakistan. THE B.A.D ellaborates: “I spent some time in Pakistan where I realised that I was most certainly not a Pakistani, but I realised that I had never really felt English either. This led me to question my identity more. “Then, the birth of my son has influenced me. “Although he’s born at a time of a more multicultural society with less prevalent racism, I wanted to make sure he did not grow up with this ‘label', or at the very least I wanted to take the sting out of it.” THE B.A.D. is a fresh addition to the up and coming Burban scene of British Asian Artists who are setting the streets ablaze with progressive music. It won’t be long before THE B.A.D. is soon at the forefront of the scene with his powerful new single – a perfect blend of thought-provoking, explosive lyrics and dubstep. Talking about the British Asian music scene, THE B.A.D. comments: “I feel overall British Asian music is lacking any real soul or drive. “If people want to hear powerful and original music they’ve got to support the artists that make it, simple as that.” The track is taken from his forthcoming album set to release in early September 2014, “Pride Attitude and Killer Instinct”, which aims to deliver more hard-hitting issues in the Asian community through Hip-Hop-meets-Desi style. P.A.K.I releases on Monday 12th May via iTunes and other digital stores.

You can follow TaZzZ On: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter: (@TazzzArtist) Instagram:

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

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Award-winning child trafficking drama to open

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

16th annual London Asian Film Festival

By Anush Ansari

‘Lakshmi’, a hard-hitting drama about child trafficking in India, directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, will open this year’s London Asian Film Festival (LAFF). The film is based on the real-life story of an impoverished 14-year-old girl

kidnapped from her village in Andra Pradhesh and forced into prostitution and who eventually testified in court against her traffickers. ‘Lakshmi’ will have its European premier on 1st June at LAFF, Europe's oldest and most respected showcase for independent South Asian cinema. Acclaimed Indian writer and director Kukunoor, known for his work

predominantly in Parallel cinema, will travel to London for the occasion and take part in an exclusive tete-atete following the screening on 1st June at the capital's historic Tricycle Theatre. 'Lakshmi' stars newcomer Monali Thakur in the central role, as well as Indian TV stalwart Ram Kapoor and veteran Bollywood star Satish Kaushik who was also part of the film's production team. The film had its world premier in January at the prestigious Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014 where it won the Audience Award for ‘Best Narrative Feature’. Director Kukunoor has been praised by critics and audiences alike for his unflinching portrayal of the horrors of child trafficking and sexual slavery in India where more than 50,000 abductions and ‘disappearances’ are recorded every year, with an overwhelming majority of those cases remaining unsolved. The US-qualified Chemical Engineerturned-filmmaker, is renowned for his intense and deeply authentic directing style and 'Lakshmi' is the ultimate example of that ethos. Kukunoor was reportedly accosted following a special screening in March in the Kamathipura ‘Red Light’ District of Mumbai with enraged sexworkers demanding that the producers hand over the man who plays the film's brutal and malevolent pimp, not realizing that the role was essayed by the director himself. ‘Lakshmi’ kicks off a 12-day celebration of independent South Asian arts and cinema across London as LAFF returns for a record 16th year. Among the other highlights of this year's Festival are an exclusive appearance by filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj, Pam Chopra, the wife of the late, great Yash Chopra, Indian-American comedian Nadia P Mansoor as well as films from Pakistan, India and the UK. For listings and venue information, visit





May 2014 - 2nd Edition

FILM: Kaanchi DIRECTED BY: Subhash Ghai GENRE: Drama STAR CAST: Mishti, Kartik Aaryan, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Hazel Crowney ‘Kaanchi’ is an innocent, rural beauty, an 18-year-old girl from the Uttrakhand hills. Blissful in her little world and far removed from the business of the big city, she has a keen eye for adventure, laughs irrepressibly, dances passionately and is completely oblivious to her own sensuality. Tomboy by nature, she habitually plays pranks on all those around her. Her small town is a sleepy hamlet where nothing much has changed over the years, until danger looms large in the form of ‘Shyam Kakda’, ‘Jhoomar Babu Kakda’ and ‘Sushant Kakda’. They


‘Purani Jeans’ is a film based on the belief that friendship is like a pair of old jeans- the older they get, the better they become. This is the belief that protagonist Siddarth Ray has heard about from his best friend Sam and eventually comes to realise as he makes a journey from New York City back to his hometown, a small hill station in India, after 12 long years. The main hook of the film is friendship and those unforgettable memories which we all have. The film unfolds as a coming of age drama about a summer where Sidharth, his best friend Sam and their gang of friends rediscover bonds of friendship & love. A summer when everything changes for the group. They experience the agony and ecstasy of growing up, forming enviable bonds of friendship, trust, jealousy, joy, envy and love while also dealing with problems of distant parents, broken hearts and pressures of growing up. Hey also discover how gradually close friends go their own way.

RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2014

represent the rich and powerful of the country and their intentions and motives will displace Kaanchi and the world around her forever. Standing in the way of these powerful figures and their motives is ‘Binda’, Kaanchi’s childhood friend and mentor, but not for long. Soon her world crumbles and her comfort zones are eroded. The people around her do not have the strength to fight the mighty powers that be, with the system at their beck and call. Kaanchi, overcome by grief, cannot understand why justice is being subverted. She is told to simply ‘move on’. This is something she cannot accept

FILM: Purani Jeans DIRECTED BY: Tanushri Chattrji Bassu GENRE: Drama STAR CAST: Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal, Izabelle Leite, Sarika, Rati Agnihotri

and her innocence and naivety give way to obsession and blind rage as she seeks out revenge. The story quickly moves to Mumbai, home of the Kakda’s, as Kaanchi arrives on their turf to turn the tables. Little by little, Kaanchi infiltrates the world of big business, lavish parties and dirty politics and, one by one, she uses her wiles and her brains to bring down those responsible for her tragedy. It becomes a first of its kind, astonishing case in the files of the CBI and the establishment, and they are lost as to how to deal with this, with corruption so deep rooted around them.

RELEASE DATE: 02/05/2014

FILM: Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar DIRECTED BY: Manjeet Maan GENRE: Punjabi Comedy/ Drama STAR CAST: Gurdas Maan, Neeru Bajwa, Jassi Gill, Rajeev Thakur Megastar actor and singer Gurdas Maan teams up with Neeru Bajwa for the first time in this Punjabi family entertainer. Agam Singh (Gurdas Maan) is a family man whose love for his younger brothers leads to a series of hilarious and heart-warming incidents. Manjeet Maan directs her Punjabi


FILM: Arjun And Alison DIRECTED BY: Sidharth Sharma GENRE: Action/Thriller STAR CAST: Monique Squeri, Shiv Jhala, Oliver Squires, Kulvinder Ghir, Duane Hannibal, Nicholas Dare

RELEASE DATE: A student sets out to 25/04/2014 avenge a racist murder on a Birmingham campus in this stylish action thriller. Alison (Monique Squeri) is an American student at university in Birmingham. Her boyfriend is Alex an angry Scot who doesn't hold back his opinions. She's also best friends with black student Nigel (Duane Hannibal) - the campus joker and all-round ladies' man. Another pal is wealthy Indian undergraduate Arjun (Shiv Jhala). He fled a scandal back in Delhi and now obsessively films everything that happens to him. When Nigel is brutally murdered, suspicion immediately falls upon Matthew Gordon (Oliver Squires). He's the leader of the university's controversial 'English Society', who makes inflammatory speeches on race issues. Alison decides to get to the bottom of what happened and exact revenge. But this comes at great personal cost. Anglo-Indian filmmaker Sidharth Sharma's powerful debut feature was inspired by real events that he witnessed in Birmingham.


music legend husband Gurdas Maan in this eagerly anticipated wholesome family drama. A veteran of more than 34 albums, Gurdas has also pursued a successful parallel career as an actor. Among his many distinguished performances was the title role in the award-winning historical drama 'Waris Shah: Ishq Daa Waaris'. Now

RELEASE DATE: 02/05/2014 he's cast opposite Punjabi cinema's most popular actress, Neeru Bajwa, for the very first time. Among Manjeet’s many hits are 'Jihne Mera Dil Luteya', 'Mel Karade Rabba' and 'Jatt and Juliet' the highest grossing Punjabi movie of all time. The screenplay is by Dheeraj Rattan, who has an enviable reputation as a writer of Punjabi blockbusters.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

FILM: Jatt James Bond (Punjabi) DIRECTED BY: Rohit Jugraj GENRE: Comedy/Action STAR CAST: Gippy Grewal, Zarine Khan, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Yashpal Sharma


Gippy Grewal stars in this Punjabi romantic comedythriller in which a povertystricken bus driver plans a bank robbery. Shinda (Gippy Grewal) is a simple village lad who works as a school bus driver and is in love with the local bank manager's sister, Lalli (Zarine Khan). She, in turn, loves him for his heart of gold. But the couple will never be permitted to marry unless he manages to buy a house of his own. Meanwhile, Shinda's equally impoverished village friends Binder (Gurpreet Ghuggi) and Bhant Mistry (Yashpal Sharma) have problems of their own. When these lead to a tragedy, Shinda uses his 'desi' street intelligence to solve everybody's financial woes by pulling off a bank robbery. But this proves to have unexpected consequences! Bollywood actress Zarine Khan makes her Punjabi movie debut opposite hugely popular singer and actor Gippy Grewal in this stirring tale of a poor boy who refuses to be beaten down.

RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2014


RELEASE DATE: 16/05/2014

FILM: Romeo Ranjha DIRECTED BY: Navaniat Singh GENRE: Punjabi/Comedy STAR CAST: Jazzy B, Garry Sandhu, Parul Gulati, Amannn Grewal, Monica Bedi


Set to champion the hearts of cinemagoers and diehard music fans alike, Jazzy delivers another charming performance alongside Punjabi pin-up, Gary Sandhu, in a film that represents regional language cinema at its most entertaining. Romeo (Jazzy B) and Ranjha (Gary Sandhu) are both from Punjab and respectively head to Thailand to fulfill their dreams. They meet by chance one day, delighted to discover they are both from the same region and soon becoming good friends.

A BRIDAL STUDIO A new successful modern hair and beauty salon for SALE in Leeds. Roundhay based on a busy road with alot of potential to the salon and business. A very good size salon upstairs and downstairs. If you wish to view the salon feel free to contact Mina


They play hard and work hard in equal measures, making and pooling good money along the way. Ranjha falls in love with Preet, who runs a refugee camp with the help of her uncle. Preet introduces them both but her uncle stipulates the condition that Ranjha can marry Preet only if he makes a substantial donation to the charity. Desperate to marry Preet, Ranjha uses the money he and Romeo have earned

collectively. Upon realising the money is missing, Romeo confronts Ranjha but, as it transpires, the love-struck lad has been duped by Preet and her uncle. Going in search of the pair of fraudsters, Romeo and Ranjha discover that Preet and her uncle are back in Punjab. Boarding flights

back to their homeland, their mission to find the duo that has robbed them continues.


3 0 1 R o u n d h a y R o a d | Le e d s L S 8 4 H T


07462 337 535 or email on



May 2014 - 2nd Edition





30/04/20DATE: 14

STARRING: KIT HARINGTON, EMILY BROWNING, KIEFER SUTHERLAND, JARED HARRIS, CARRIE-ANNE MOSS, ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE DIRECTOR: PAUL W.S. ANDERSON GENRE: ACTION/DRAMA Erupting Mount Vesuvius brings terror to the Roman city of Pompeii in this awesome historical disaster epic. In 79 A.D., a muscular slave named Milo (Kit Harington) has become an unbeatable gladiator. He fights in the arena of the city of Pompeii - the breathtaking jewel in the Roman empire's crown.

Milo falls for beautiful, high-born Cassia (Emily Browning), who's betrothed to corrupt Roman Senator Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland). When the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius showers the city in deadly fireballs and engulfs it with a torrent of lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena.

As Pompeii is destroyed around him, he faces a race against time to save Cassia. 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington leads the cast of this involving human story set against the backdrop of an astonishing depiction of nature's fury. It's directed by Paul W.S. Anderson of 'Resident Evil' fame.

SABOTAGE STARRING: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, SAM WORTHINGTON, OLIVIA WILLIAMS, TERENCE HOWARD Arnold Schwarzenegger reboots his career with this ferocious action DIRECTOR: DAVID AYER film in which an elite DEA team GENRE: ACTION/DRAMA/THRILLER are targeted for death.





John 'Breacher' Wharton (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a crack team of the most dangerous DEA agents ever to wear a badge. They need to be hard, because this ten-strong assault unit is charged with taking down America's deadliest drug cartels. But something goes terribly wrong after a tactical raid on a cartel safe house. Although a kingpin is arrested and hundreds of millions of dollars are seized, it transpires that $10 million has gone missing. Now members of the team are under suspicion and being assassinated in a series of grisly hits. And for Breacher, things are about to become very personal indeed. 'End of Watch' director David Ayer specialises in gritty portrayals of police life. Here, he gives Arnie a striking makeover for one of his toughest and most realistic roles to date.



Johnny Depp stars in a mind-blowing sci-fi thriller about a terminally ill scientist whose consciousness is uploaded onto a computer This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable. Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence. He's also an evangelist on behalf of the technology, arguing that it represents the next stage in human evolution. But his plan to create a sentient machine that combines a full range of human emotions with the collective intelligence of mankind is not universally popular. When Revolutionary Independence from Technology (RIFT) activists fatally wound him, they unwittingly accelerate his 'transcendence'. Will's wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max (Paul Bettany) upload his mind, but can only look on in horror as he spreads across the internet, becoming an unstoppable, omnipotent power! This cutting-edge techno-thriller is the directorial debut of 'Inception' director Christopher Nolan's regular cinematographer Wally Pfister. The excellent supporting cast includes Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman.


09/05/20DATE: 14

BAD NEIGHBOURS STARRING: ZAC EFRON, SETH ROGAN, ROSE BYRNE, DAVE FRANCO DIRECTOR: NICHOLAS STOLLER GENRE: COMEDY War breaks out UK RELEA SE when Zac Efron's 09/05/20DATE: college fraternity 14 moves next door to Seth Rogan's family in this hilarious comedy. Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly Radnor (Rose Byrne) are a young married couple who've put their wild days behind them. They now have a perfect suburban home where they're raising their beautiful newborn baby girl. But their tranquil life is shattered when a college fraternity moves in next door. At first they try to play it cool, asking fraternity president Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) to keep the noise down a bit. But 15 CERT the juvenile high-jinks and continual partying just carry on.

THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY STARRING: VIGGO MORTENSEN, KIRSTEN DUNST, OSCAR ISAAC, DAISY BEVAN UK RELEA SE DIRECTOR: HOSSEIN AMINI 16/05/20DATE: 14 GENRE: DRAMA, THRILLER 1962. A glamorous American couple, the charismatic Chester Macfarland (Viggo Mortensen) and his alluring younger wife Colette (Kirsten Dunst), are in Athens during a European vacation. While sightseeing at the Acropolis they encounter Rydal (Oscar Isaac), a young, Greek-speaking American who is working as a tour guide, scamming female tourists on the side. Drawn to Colette’s beauty and impressed by 12A Chester's wealth and sophistication, Rydal gladly CERT accepts their invitation to dinner. Uncovering darker secrets and much more than meets the eye, the couples journey takes them from Greece to Turkey, and to a dramatic finale played out in the back alleys of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition



SMEAPyT 2014



The ultimate X-Men cast unite to fight a spectacular war for survival across two time periods. By 2023, CERT mutants are on the verge of extinction. Giant robotic Sentinels stalk this devastated future world, hunting down the few survivors. Magneto (Ian McKellen) and Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) hatch a last desperate plan. They send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to 1973 on a make-or-break mission. His challenging task is to unite the young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) at a time when they are at one another's throats. In order to prevent the war ever taking place, it will also be necessary to stop Sentinel inventor Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage).




2014 16/05/



An epic rebirth to CERT the iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent STARRING: TOM CRUISE, EMILY BLUNT, creatures who, bolstered BILL PAXMAN, JONAS ARMSTRONG, by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our TONY WAY very existence. TBC DIRECTOR: DOUG LIMAN Made with the CERT GENRE: ACTION, SCI-FI endorsement of Japan's Toho Studios, who first Tom Cruise gets caught in a time loop battling unleashed Godzilla in savage alien invaders in this mind-bending sci-fi 1954, this stunning action spectacular. reinvention delivers great An unstoppable alien race, known as ‘the characters as well as Mimics’, are swarming over the Earth leaving a awesome spectacle. trail of total devastation. With mankind on the edge of extinction, the world's armies unite for a desperate last stand against this relentless onslaught.


MarlboroBazaar •Indian / Pakistani Designer Wear •Laces & African Attire •Toys & Bags •Jewellery & Imported Jewellery Stones •Ready Made & Unstitched Casual Wear •Dresses & Bridal Accessories •Perfumes & Shoes •Fruit & Vegetables •In House Cafe •Beauticians •Electrical Goods

discount prices


30/05/20DATE: 14

2 Floors 80 Stalls

Opening Times: Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 11am - 7pm Sunday 11am - 7pm

New Enquiries for stall holders welcome

Carlisle Road, Bradford BD8 8BX Tel: 07890 735123 - 07788 427786

Marlboro Bazaar



May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Odeon and The Asian Express bring back the movie mania as you get a chance to win free cinema tickets. Answer a simple question and you could win tickets to a film of your choice.

Who plays Romeo in the film ‘Romeo Ranjha’? Send in your answers to Don’t forget to mention your full name, contact details and address. Entry closes May 16th 2014, 5.00pm Winners will be selected randomly from all correct entries. Hook on to this page for free cinema tickets to upcoming films. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Competition is organised by the Asian Express Newspaper. The Asian Express Newspaper reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition, the Competition Notice or these Rules at any time without prior notice. Competition entries must be made in the manner and by the closing date specified on the Competition Rules. Failure to do so will disqualify the entry. In the event of any dispute regarding the Rules, Competition Notice, conduct, results and all other matters relating to a Competition, the decision of the Asian Express Newspaper shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. To qualify to enter the Competition you must be resident in the United Kingdom and aged 16+. Only one entry per person per Competition is allowed and multiple entries will result in an entrant being disqualified. Additional eligibility requirements may apply to a specific Competition, e.g. a valid passport, visas and/or driver’s licence will be required. Prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Winners may be requested to take part in promotional activity and the Asian Express Newspaper reserves the right to use the names and addresses of winners, their photographs and audio and/or visual recordings of them in any publicity. Any personal data relating to entrants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the individual’s prior consent. The Competition and the terms and conditions of this agreement will be governed by English law.

25% Off

Tickets all day every Monday Classic - £1.99 and 100 Introductory points Deluxe - £4.99 and 500 introductory points Ultimate - £9.99 and 1000 introductory points and double points for a month You can spend your points on popcorn, soft drinks and snacks. or use them to get film tickets at the box office.or at

Earn 15% Off when you book tickets online using the Odeon Premiere Club Card

Bargain Day Tuesday all Standard Tickets just £4.50

Kids Club £2.50 Every Saturday & Sunday morning and most School Holiday mornings

Senior Screenings £3.00 Mid-Morning screenings chosen from modern and classic cinema

Newbies £4.50 Watch current film releases without worrying about your little one making any noise

May 2014 - 2nd Edition



Collector’s item BMW celebrate 30 years of the M5 with special edition

By Steve Maybury

To celebrate 30 years of the BMW M5 the marquee has created an exclusive, special-edition of the current, fifth-generation model boasting performance that sets it apart from its stablemates. The BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition (30 years of the M5) will be produced in a limited run of just 300 vehicles worldwide. Only 30 cars will come to the UK. Developing 600hp and peak torque of 700Nm, this special-edition (combined fuel consumption 28.5mpg; CO2 emissions: 231g/km) is not only the most powerful BMW M5 ever to emerge from series production under the auspices of BMW M GmbH, but also the most powerful production car in the

history of the brand. The car sprints from zero to 62mph in a lightning fast 3.9 seconds. Its BMW Individual-inspired looks and dynamic and comfort-enhancing equipment makes this special edition M5 set to be a highly desirable collector’s item. Under the bonnet of the BMW M5

30 Jahre Edition is a 4.4-litre V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology with 40hp more than the standard model. In keeping with the anniversary celebrations which have inspired its creation, the special-edition model has been given the BMW Individual treatment.

As a result, it cuts a more dynamic, head-turning figure than its standard siblings. The M5 30 Jahre Edition represents a new high point in 30 years of success that began at BMW

Motorsport GmbH in Munich in 1984, and continues to raise the pulses of car fans around the world today. It is on sale now and costs £91,890 OTR.

In keeping with the anniversary celebrations which have inspired its creation, the special-edition model has been given the BMW Individual treatment. As a result, it cuts a more dynamic, head-turning figure than its standard siblings.



Asian Express’s best convertible guide With the weather kinda picking up, the best way (undoubtedly) to enjoy the sunshine is to put on your sunglasses, roll back the roof and turn the music up. Obviously,

the most dramatic way to get the most attention is to roll back the hood when you’re stopped at the traffic lights (in true desi-poser-style!). With this in mind, here are some of the best twoseater drop-tops to help you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Porsche Boxster No list of desirable drop-tops is complete without including a Porsche. The German firm’s Boxster continues to improve with age, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Fast, sleek and a surprisingly good allrounder if you’ve only got room for one car in your life, the Boxster can do it all.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Mercedes-Benz SL The SL has often been labelled for either the mature male who likes playing golf or the mature lady who likes to lunch a lot. Although it pays to be sitting on a few quid to own and run an SL, the ageism angle is no more. This new, sharper SL should now also appeal to younger, more enthusiastic drivers, and especially those who like a classy design and the car’s clever folding metal roof.

Mini Convertible Look past the fuss surrounding the all-new hatch, as the current Convertible still has plenty of life left in it. Cute, affordable, fashionable – just a few things routinely said about Mini’s dropttop model. The key to a successful ownership experience is to make it your own through the myriad of options available, from exterior colour schemes to tempting audio upgrades. Realistically a two-seater, to get the most out of the car opt for the most powerful variant you can afford.

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Audi A5 Cabriolet How small can you go with a premium convertible? According to Audi, cutting the roof off its desirable A3 hatchback is the answer. Retaining all the car’s good points – likeable exterior, premium cabin, good selection of refined and punchy engines – the cabrio offers enjoyable wind in the hair motoring in a size that’s capable of conquering the city.

BMW couldn’t let Audi steal all the limelight, which is why the appearance of its 2 Series drop-top coincides with the launch of Audi’s A3. The BMW couldn’t be more different, though. Being rear-wheel drive it’s an altogether more engaging and sporting experience, a feeling backed up by some great petrol motors and super-frugal diesel units.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





Stealth-like design concept McLaren MSO 650S Coupe showcased

By Steve Maybury

McLaren Special Operations, the bespoke division of McLaren Automotive, has released images of the MSO 650S Coupe Concept – a showcase of the MSO designed and

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

engineered upgrades available for the McLaren 650S Coupe and 650S Spider. Being the latest models to join to the McLaren Automotive range, the cars are being flaunted throughout China and includes an array of bespoke MSO features, including a newly designed carbon fibre rear diffuser and MSO-branded carbon fibre side blades. The striking MSO 650S Coupe Concept has a stealth-like, menacing appearance, with subtle upgrades made to the exterior bodywork and within the driverfocused cabin. Finished in ‘Agrigan Black’, which is a metallic black paint specially developed in-house with a deep ruby red metallic flake, the paint effect gives the exterior bodywork a dramatic colour change in direct sunlight, contrasting with the extensive use of satin-finished carbon fibre highlights. At the rear, the GT3-inspired

rear bumper features a carbon fibre centre section, and the lightweight material carries through to the carbon fibre airbrake and unique MSO rear diffuser. The engine bay has been further enhanced with satin black engine covers and a satin finish to all carbon fibre parts. The purposeful exterior look of the MSO 650S Coupe Concept is finished with the addition of a set of special satin black finished lightweight ‘650S’ alloy wheels, shod with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres. Inside the cockpit, the one-off design showcase is fitted with the fixed-back carbon fibre racing seats, based on the lightweight design found in the McLaren P1, finished in carbon black leather. Satin carbon fibre features extensively throughout the cabin, which is further enhanced by the switchgear and bezels that are finished in contrasting gloss black.


May 2014 - 2nd Edition

ROLLS-ROYCE CELEBRATES 110 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Rolls-Royce Motor Cars celebrated a seminal moment in British automotive history on Sunday 4th May. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met for the first time on this date exactly 110 years ago and agreed to form the company that would become synonymous with the very best. Celebrations took place at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex and at The Midland Hotel, Manchester. At Goodwood very special contemporary Rolls-Royce motor cars – Wraith, Phantom Coupé and Ghost – were displayed at the ‘Supercar

Sunday’ Breakfast Club meeting, a short distance from the company’s Head Office and Manufacturing Plant. The cars were hosted by a team of Rolls-Royce employees. The event was the largest in the history of the Breakfast Club, with 1000 cars on display inside the circuit and more than 14,000 visitors. In Manchester a Rolls-Royce Phantom joined more than 30 heritage Rolls-Royces on display outside the Midland Hotel, the setting for the first meeting of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. The event was hosted by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club.





The new Toyota Yaris

Hot on the heels of its newly launched Aygo city car, Toyota has released the first details of its refreshed Yaris supermini. Scheduled to hit the showrooms this summer, the restyled car boasts an improved interior and better vehicle dynamics that its maker believes will position the car as one of the strongest contenders in the fiercely competitive supermini market. The Yaris follows the example of new Aygo, adopting a dramatic look that integrates a distinctive cross shape, centred on the front emblem, which separates the new-look upper

and lower grilles. At the rear there are restyled light clusters fitted with LEDs. According to Toyota, customer feedback has inspired improvements in three principal areas: a greater feeling of roominess and dynamic appeal; higher levels of perceived quality; and more choice in terms of colours and equipment. To back up its claims, under the skin Toyota has revised the car’s suspension to improve both comfort and handling. The engine line-up remains unchanged, with 1.0 and 1.33litre petrol and 1.4 D-4D diesel engines alongside the car’s flagship hybrid system.

Trident, the British sports car brand, has just announced the global availability of its flagship Iceni sports car, the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports car. With a top speed in excess of over 190mph and the ability to run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or biodiesel, the Iceni uses torque multiplication technology to achieve this unique combination of speed, power & fuel efficiency. Two new models to the Iceni range are also unveiled today, the Iceni Magna (fastback) & Iceni Venturer (estate). All three models boast the same impressive spec, each with its own distinctive design. In addition, the cars can store a minimum of two suitcases, as well as two holdalls, making a 2000mile road trip a reality. Phil Bevan, designer & founder of Trident said: “The Trident cars deliver incredible speed & performance combined with outstanding fuel efficiency, achieved through our unique torque multiplication technology.” It is widely believed that horsepower delivers power, speed & fuel efficiency, but it is in fact torque that matters. Using this technology in a road car increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Trident has patented a unique way of utilising torque multiplication to improve performance and efficiency, which has been incorporated into all their sports cars. The British designed Trident sports

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Fastest diesel sports car cars boast a distinctive look, with clean curves and the unusual sculpted rear. The cars also incorporate over thirtynine bespoke, designed & manufactured components, including independent control of each car seat and oculight roof. In addition, every Iceni can be built to specific customer spec, ensuring a truly unique driving experience. Daniel Monaghan, co-founder of

Trident said, “We have worked extremely hard to reach this point & the whole Trident team is thrilled to be bringing the world’s most fuel-efficient diesel sports cars to market.” The three Iceni sports cars are available to buy globally with prices starting from £96,000. With limited availability and a pre-launch waiting list, the three models are already in high demand across the globe.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition
















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£OFFERS T: 07523 264 595 no withheld numbers

£1,500 ONO (MALEK) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (MS HALE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£5,000 TEL. 07900 895 552

£15,000 (SHIPER) TEL. 07985 455 057

123 YKP



786 KAM 786 MAK 82 GK






















































no withheld numbers







M0 51DDK M111 NWR








MR 54BAR MR 5 5K0L MR5 5P0K

£5,000 (MR SPOK)
































no withheld numbers



no withheld numbers


no withheld numbers







£15,000 (A AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (ANSAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£7,000 (C BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (E LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,900 TEL. 07867 861 193

£21,000 (HUNTER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (K DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (M AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MS HALY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (NEIL FOX) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (P DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07545 218 365

£10,000 TEL. 07969 914 041

£20,000 (AALIYAA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL. 07983 480 777

£OFFERS TEL. 07971 850 490

£7,000 (C DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (ELISA A) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (F SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 T: 07740 784 983

£9,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£29,000 (M AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MS HAWK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 ONO (NKHANZ) TEL. 07946 162 099

£1,500 ONO (POSSESS) TEL. 07971 732 789

£1,200 ONO TEL. 07791 919 237

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07870 993 553

£15,000 (ARJAN) TEL. 07731 464002

£4,995 TEL. 07867 861 193


£8,000 (EMILY C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (F YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (HUZAIFAH) TEL. 07737 071 097

£10,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£1500 (MAHMUD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£9,500 (MS HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (N LUCAS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (PHIL FOX) TEL. 07985 455 057

£775 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£3,000 ONO TEL. 07870 993 553

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£10,000 ONO (ANWAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS TEL. 07557 472 855

£7,000 (C BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (EMILY D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (F YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (H VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444


£10,000+ (CHOWDRY) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY E) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 802 112

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£2,500 TEL. 07405 763 319

£10,000+ (CHILLER) TEL. 07973 165 474

£8,000 (EMILY F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£10,000 TEL. 07733 244 444

£9,500 (ASHOK B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07866 860 894

£OFFERS TEL. 07977 612 479

£9,500 (ASHOK C) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS NO WITHHELD No TEL. 07754 852 402





B055 KHN

B055Y B0

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

B111 NAA













£10,000 TEL: 01274 414141 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141












MON - FRI: 9-5.30

MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (MS HUGH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£14,000 (P KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,495 (SHOYB/SAQYB K) TEL. 07768 686 842

£5,000+ (SHIMMLA) TEL. 07973 165 474

£9,500 (H YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£18,000 (M AHTAB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (M SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (P MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057


£5,725 TEL. 07802 183 450

£10,000 (G AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (H YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£10,000 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£7,500 (N SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (P SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£25,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£8,000 (EMILY M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (G AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (H YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£13,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£SERIOUS OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£7,500 (C SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (EMILY S) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (G AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£20,000 (JOHNTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07970 281 994

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£1,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£10,000 (N VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (P WILSON) TEL. 07985 455 057

£999 ONO TEL. 07773 339 595

£15,000 (SPORTY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,400 (C YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£49,000 (ERNEST) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (G DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS T: 07740 784 983

£15,000 (K KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 595 760

£10,000 (M VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (N YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (P YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,200 ONO TEL. 07791 919 237

£20,000 ONO TEL. 07786 510 000

£9,500 (ASHOK D) TEL. 07985 455 057

£995 (BIG FRR) TEL. 07971 850 490

£1,495 ONO TEL. 07832 302 222

£7,500 (E SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£15,000 (K SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1400 (M DAWOOD) TEL. 07428 657 147

£9,500 (M YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (N YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (P YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL. 07508 341 074

£1,500 (SURBJIT) TEL. 07985 589 631

£3,250 ONO (ABID SAB) TEL. 07773 995 142

£9,500 (ASHOK F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07764 656 667

£8,000 TEL. 07921 576 971

£8,500 (ETHAN A) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (G SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£900 ONO (JAT OK) TEL. 07581 423 143

£2,445 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£7,000 (M DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 (MY IPOD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,695 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£9,500 (ROHAN G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£50 TEL. 07932 410 393

£15,400 (S YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (A BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK G) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (BILAL) TEL. 07808 950 492

£10,000 (D AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN B) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (GUIDES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1500 ONO TEL. 07774 246 877

£10,000 (K VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 (MOHAMMAD) TEL. 07867 886 786

£995 (MY SHISHA) TEL. 07834 531 683

£1,395 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£9,500 (ROHAN K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,295 ONO TEL. 07949 891 313

£15,000 (S YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07707 146 047

£9,500 (ASHOK H) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 TEL. 07891 217 880

£1200 TEL. 07947 979 777

£8,500 (ETHAN F) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 ONO (GULLFAM) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,400 (K YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£19,000 (MEHBUB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£20,000 (OO LLOYD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (ROHAN P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07867 861 193

£15,000 ONO TEL. 07973 787 934

£3,500 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK J) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,500 TEL. 07838 130 681

£7,000 (D DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN M) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07597 629 845

£15,000 (JALLALS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£19,000 (MEHMUD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 T: 07740 784 983

£15,000 (OO HARY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 (ROHAN X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (SHEETAL) TEL. 07786 510 000

£OFFERS TEL. 07581 169 231

£10,000 ONO (ABDUL) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK K) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07812 728 079

£7,500 (D MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN R) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (G VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (J AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£18,000 (MEHTAB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07870 696 399

£10,000 (O AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07816 488 420

£1,500 ONO (SAIDAH) TEL. 07946 162 099

£OFFERS (TARIQ) TEL. 07887 693 228

£10,000 ONO (ABRAAR) TEL. 07946 162 099

£9,500 (ASHOK L) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,495 ONO TEL. 07957 429 964

£8,000 (DR HOPE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN T) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (G YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 (U 4 USY / LUSY) TEL. 07768 686 842

£25,000 (M JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07846 016 228

£5,000 ONO (QASSER) TEL. 07967 350 957

OFFERS OVER £400 TEL. 07866 992 500

£1,500 ONO (SALIHA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£1,500 ONO TEL. 07974 179 156

£7,000 (A DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (ASHOK M) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (B AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 (DR HORN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,500 (ETHAN W) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (G YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,895 TEL. 07779 324 610

£10,000 ONO (IMRAN) TEL. 07759 097 070

£20,000 (M KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL. 07969 914 041

£8,500 (O BLACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 ONO (RIZWANA) TEL. 07779 300 128

£1,500 ONO (SAIKA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£2,200 ONO TEL. 07926 095 168

£OFFERS TEL. 07867 861 193

£9,500 (ASHOK N) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (B AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (DR IANS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (E VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,950 ONO (HUSSAIN) TEL. 07956 214 163

£5,500 TEL. 07867 861 193

£7,000 (L DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£OFFERS TEL. 07751 427 106

£9,000 (O CLARK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 QUICK SALE TEL. 07814 071 397

£15,000 (S AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£995 ONO TEL. 07886 606 431

£2,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (ASHOK O) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 T: 07740 784 983

£12,000 (DR HARY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£650 ONO (EVIL CAR) TEL. 07411 953 337

£8,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£7,000 (J DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,500 ( L JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,900 ONO (MR D ALLY) TEL. 07774 246 877

£600 ONO TEL. 07836 221 302

£7,000 (O DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£3,500 ONO (SAIMA/SALMA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£15,000 (TAWHEED) TEL. 07842 955 147

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (ASHOK P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,000 TEL. 07740 784 983

£8,000 (DR HAYS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (E YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (H OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 (L LUONG) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£5,500 ONO TEL. 07766 645 325

£6,995 (O GUPTA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07779 675 730

£OFFERS TEL. 07983 104 538

£OFFERS TEL. 07863 289 625

£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (ASHOK S) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 TEL. 07530 612 171

£OFFERS TEL. 07720 376 861

£15,000 (E YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057


£7,500 (J SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (L SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HOOK) TEL. 07985 455 057

SERIOUS OFFERS TEL. 07969 914 041

£15,000 (O JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07868 572 069

£2,995 ONO TEL. 07729 288 346

£1,500 (TALLAT) TEL. 07867 886 786

£4,000 (AHMADS) TEL. 07846 269 808

£9,500 (ASHOK V) TEL. 07985 455 057

£13,000 ONO TEL. 07879 230 103

£995 (DR. SHISHA / SHA) TEL. 07834 531 683

£2,500 (F1 GUJR) TEL. 07867 886 786

£950 ONO TEL. 07968 642 402

£15,000 (J SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (L VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HOBB) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,995 TEL. 07954 389 874

£15,000 (O KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,800 ONO TEL. 07974 179 156

£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£3,000 ONO (TALHA) TEL. 07946 162 099

£25,000 (A JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£12,500 (ASHOK X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (B CLARK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£8,000 T: 07740 784 983

£2,999 ONO TEL. 07904 018 063

£12,000 (HAILEE X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (J VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (L YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (MR HOWE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£950 TEL. 07896 699 241

£7,500 (O MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07968 163 510

£7,000 TEL. 07825 040 037

£10,000 (T AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£9,500 (ASHOK Y) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (B DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (D SHAUN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 TEL. 07825 040 037

£12,000 (HAILEY X) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (J YUNUS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (L YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£29,000 (MR LLOYD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (NAWED, NAWEED) TEL. 07731 464002

£3,500 ONO TEL. 07962 394 890

£2,500 (RAJHA) TEL. 07768 686 842

£2,000 TEL. 07947 979 777

£1,500 (TAHYRS) TEL. 07867 886 786

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (ASHESH) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,995 ONO TEL. 077970 914 137

£7,500 (D SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 TEL. 07825 040 037

£10,000 (H AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (J YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HACK) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (NAHEED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (O SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£5,000 ONO TEL. 07969 914 041

£12,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£1,600 ONO TEL. 07557 387 547

£20,000 (A KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£25,000 (ASHFAQ) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,495 TEL. 07954 389 874

£10,000 (D VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£1,000 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,000 (H AHMED) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (J YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07787 334 567

£9,500 (MR HALE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£10,000 (O VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (R AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (S DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£5,895 ONO TEL. 07779 324 610

£39,000 (ASHLEE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£19,000 (BEHOLD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (D YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (F AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

OFFERS OVER £5,000 TEL. 07973 165 474

£100,000 ONO TEL. 07539 976 158

£7,000 (MONTY P) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,500 (MR HAYE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (N AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,400 (O YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (R AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 ONO TEL. 07706 216 060



AAL115 AAZ15



























B166 BOB B17SH U B19 ALY

















































































MR10 JAT MR1100K MR110BB









£1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 £1,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30 MON - FRI: 9-5.30
















NY55 HAA 00110YD OO11ARY






0 M11RZA 0S11SAN




































T1L1 786









£5,000 T: 07740 784 983








£5,000 T: 07740 784 983

£6,500 (V OLIVER) TEL. 07985 455 057

£9,000 (W AISHA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,700 TEL. 07786 087 155

£100,000 (TAHIR) TEL. 07403 302 725

£1,000 TEL. 07967 193 033

£4,500 (WANTED) TEL. 07516 111 755

£15,000 (X KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (T BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£850 ONO TEL. 07803 012 253

£2,500 (WAHEED K) TEL. 07973 199 979

£7,500 (X MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (T DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 (V AHMAD) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,000 (R YUSUF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,500 (X SHAKS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£15,500 (T JUDGE) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (V BHATT) TEL. 07985 455 057

£2,995 TEL. 07793 628 670

£OFFERS TEL. 07928 473 771

£14,000 (T KINGS) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (V DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£10,000 TEL. 07867 861 193

£15,400 (X YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (T MILES) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,500 (V SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£7,000 (W DILEEP) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS (YOUNAS) TEL. 07834 016 393

£2,500 TEL: 01274 414141 MON - FRI: 9-5.30

£15,400 (V YUSAF) TEL. 07985 455 057

£6,995 (W GUPTA) TEL. 07985 455 057

£4,000 ONO (SALMA) TEL. 07969 598 969

£7,500 (T SUSAN) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

£15,000 (W KUMAR) TEL. 07985 455 057

£OFFERS TEL. 07835 316 786

£10,000 (T VIJAY) TEL. 07985 455 057

£3,745 ONO TEL. 07588 326 444

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£OFFERS T: 07754 852 402

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K7 PPA £3,995 ONO TEL. 07890 201 854

N002HAT £2,000 ONO (NUZHAT) TEL. 07813 011 702










X3 51NGS X 7BY X XAL 11X










no withheld numbers


L99HOR £10,000 TEL. 07850 706 930

YA55EEM £75,000 ONO TEL. 07887 837 553



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BMW M235i brings back the thrills


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May 2014 - 2nd Edition






















Loyal fans of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” who have found that they’re actually not all that thrilled with the direction BMW has taken in recent years, have a chance to change their minds at last. Those who have felt slighted, though, can now take heart with the new BMW 2 Series which in effect is the name for the 1 Series Coupe. It's a rear-wheel-drive, two-door coupe that's supposed to focus on the sporty side of driving more than the 1 Series hatchback it's based on. BMW is launching the 2 Series with three engines: the diesel 220d (£25,865) and a two petrol version - the 220i priced at around £25,000 and the range-topping M235i which will set you back just over £34,000. Two more models, the 218d and the It’s no secret that we’re fans of the new, zoom-zoomy 2014 Mazda3, seeing that it was awarded the Best Compact Car of the Year. This years Mazda3 hold more style appeal compared to its gap-toothed predecessor, with its long hood and flowing creases. Unlike the 2.0-litre, the 2.5-liter Grand Touring sedan feels surprisingly upscale with its leather-trimmed seats, navigation and adaptive bi-xenon lights. Compared the 2.5 to the 155-horsepower 2.0-litre, there’s more grunt in the midrange, but the throttle is a bit sluggish on tipin, like an old Mercedes tank from the ‘80s. F Fortunately, hitting the sport button livens up the initial response, and the Mazda3 feels spritely and eager as the revs rise above 4000. Unfortunately with the 2.5-litre, there is no manual option; while the six-speed automatic seamlessly glides through gears in every-day driving, there’s a delayed response when flicking the steeringmounted paddles. Though not as crisp on turn-in as a sports car, it still loves to be thrown around

225d, will join the line-up later this year; the 218d will become the new entry model in the range, starting at £24,265. The higher spec version of the 2 Series, the M235i is just the right size for a little sports car, and it feels responsive, taut and eager, the way a BMW should. The M235i is a killer powertrain consisting of a 320-hp turbocharged straight-six-cylinder engine mated to either an eight-speed automatic, or a sixspeed manual. Although this is not an all-out M-car from BMW’s in-house performance tuning stations, the M235i brings a sportoriented suspension, brakes, and super sport tyres. Though it feels civilised at low speeds, push the motor hard and it sounds terrific, with a distinctive six-cylinder howl that just gets louder as you rev the engine

beyond 4000rpm. The M235i is seriously quick, too, with 0-62mph taking just 5.0 seconds (4.8 if you opt for the excellent automatic 'box). The beautifully finished cabin features the “M” badge here and there, while the sculpted seats provide immense support. Though the space up front is fine, the rear seats are very tight. Smaller in size than the 3 Series, the M235i brings all the latest BMW infotainment system features, and quirks, managed by the iDrive controller and viewed on a clear but small 6.5-inch colour screen. Standard equipment includes 18-inch alloys, climate control, xenon headlights, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth and a USB socket. You also get a DAB radio, although have to pay extra if you want a sat-nav.

Zoom zoomy corners. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with drivers noting its luxurious interior, button-up chassis and agile

handling. “ It delivers a 33-mpg average in a split of motorway and city driving, getting as high as 38 mpg on the motorway.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition





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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

A historic appointment



The ‘King’ is back Khan knocks off Collazo as Mayweather extends ‘the streak’

PIONEER: Helena Costa will become Clermont Foot’s manager from next season, meaning she will be the first woman coach to manage a side in any of Europe’s top two divisions in the ‘big five’ nations (England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain)

Back page story continued

Helena Costa, the pioneering female football manager By Ashley Grint

Former Iran and Qatar women’s football coach, Helena Costa, made history earlier this week after it was announced that she would become the first female manager of a men’s professional side in Europe’s top five footballing nations. French second division side, Clermont Foot, confirmed that the 36-year-old Portuguese coach will take over the reins from next season, via a club statement. “Clermont Foot 63 has chosen Helena Costa to be our new coach,” it read. “Helena Costa came through the ranks at Benfica before taking charge of the women's teams at Odivelas, then the national teams of Qatar and Iran, in addition to working as a scout for Celtic. “This appointment will allow Clermont Foot 63 to begin a new era, relying on a group of 17 players currently under contract, which will be added to by young players from the club.” Costa, who initially started her footballing career playing for Benfica’s Under 9s team, eventually went into coaching the side’s prolific Under 17 set up who she led to two world youth titles. Clermont Foot are currently 14th in Ligue 2 with two matches to go and have never played in the top tier of French football throughout their 24 year history. Costa will be tasked with leading the club into new territory and the former Celtic scout has been backed by one of her previous clubs to be a big success in France. “We would like to congratulate Helena sincerely on taking up this new role,” said a spokesman for the Scottish champions. “She did an excellent job for us and we know she will give her new position the same high level of commitment and dedication which she gave to Celtic.” The appointment was also hailed by France's Women's Minister, Najat Belkacem, who wrote on her Twitter: “Bravo Clermont Foot for understanding that giving a place to women is the future of professional football.”

Two judges scored the contest 119-104 while the third had it 117-106, reflecting the dominance of the Brit who had not been in the ring for more than a year since his victory over Julio Diaz. The win also saw Khan pick up the WBC Silver and WBA International titles at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s win over Marcos Maidana. Khan started the fight in a confident manner, keeping his opponent at bay with his reach advantage, before landing a big right hand in the second round that rocked Collazo. Two rounds later and the New Yorker was on the canvas after missing with a big swing, as Khan continued to look the more likely victor. Both men were penalised a point in the eighth round, with Collazo hitting a low punch and Khan punished for holding as the Brit began to show a bit of wear for the first time. Yet any doubts that began to run through the crowds’ minds were soon put to rest in the tenth as Collazo was twice knocked down. Firstly, a succession of body punches appeared to hurt the 33year-old before a quick one-two stunned him once more. Collazo barely made it to the final bell, resorting to a clear low blow in the final round to get away from the welterweight debutant, who was raised aloft in celebrations at the end of the twelfth. When Khan’s hand was raised the crowd knew he was back, and now the question is who does he face next? Obviously the contest many want to see is the Mayweather bout yet Khan appears to have other options before such a fight could take place. “I had to be disciplined tonight,” Khan said. “Collazo's a great fighter. This was my first fight in 13 months. I'm still improving and will sit down with my team and look at the tape. “I definitely want to fight again this year, either November or December. I don't want another year off. “I like fighting at home but it depends what event it is, what show it is. If it was another show like this, as big as this, I'd be happy.” Speaking about the possibility of a fight with Mayweather, who extended his unbeaten record to 46-0 with victory over Marcos Maidana in the headlining event, Khan said he would be confident about ending the streak. “Mayweather put on a great performance but you look at the way I fought Maidana and the way he fought Maidana,” he said. “I put him down with a great body shot. Maidana is slower than me and he was still catching Mayweather. “Floyd is getting older and people want to see him get beat. It would be a boxing match, skills v skills, and the youth will take him, that's for sure. He changes his style for each fight but if he was just standing there I would definitely be able to get my shots off.”



‘I want to win a Major’

India’s number one ranked golfer has laid down his own personal challenge as he hopes to conquer the illusive mountain and clinch a Major Championship. Anirban Lahiri, ranked 65th in the world, has been on great form this year and currently leads the Asian Tour Order of Merit, having earned almost $250,000 this campaign. Determined to break into the top 50, and become one of the greatest Indian golfers of all time, Lahiri spoke of his ambitions for the near future. He said: “The Asian Tour Order of Merit is one of the few goals that I have for this season and I've put myself in a good position. It's still a long season ahead. “I want to push and see how far I can go. The sky is the limit. I don't know where I want to get to; I just want to go forward. “Everybody's ultimate goal is to win a Major or more than one. I just need to get into more Majors for now and then hopefully have a chance to win. It's a step by step process.” The 26-year-old has clinched four Asian Tour Titles in his career and hopes to push his form onto the biggest stage and compete with some of the biggest names in the sport.

TARGET: Anirban Lahiri, currently ranked 65th in the world, hopes to become one of the most successful Indian golfers in history

We are now four races into the 2014 Formula One campaign and away from the dominance of England’s own Lewis Hamilton; it is the Force India team which has got many heads turning. The lethal partnership of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez has seen many neutral fans begin to lean towards the Asian constructors who are already on course for their best ever points finish. Only once has either driver been outside of the points this season, with the pair amassing a huge total of 54 points already, two points ahead of the giants Ferrari and just three behind last year’s runaway leaders Red Bull.

May 2014 - 2nd Edition

Barcelona will prove a tricky test for the two drivers, who last year picked up just two points between them, with Perez’s ninth-place finish, yet team principal, Vijay Mallya, has full confidence in his racers. “I think we can feel extremely satisfied with our performance during the first four races,” he said. “We’ve been in the points in every race, Sergio has been on the podium and Nico has finished no lower than sixth place. We’ve already scored 70% of the total points we scored in 2013 and that puts us in a fantastic position to potentially enjoy our best season to date.

Mallya has ‘high hopes’ for racers

“It’s encouraging that we have performed well across a wide range of circuits, so I’m optimistic that we can maintain our competitive form in Barcelona. “China has never been an especially strong track for us, so to come away with ten points was a very good effort. We also expect our car to perform better in warmer conditions and there are some upcoming races that will play more to our strengths.” The Barcelona Grand prix will take place on Sunday 11th May with both racers hoping to excel in qualifying and continue their roaring form.

Force India confident ahead of Barcelona GP OPTIMISTIC: Force India Team Principal, Vijay Mallya, says he is confident in the ability of his team before this weekend’s Barcelona GP

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May 2014 - 2nd Edition

ACTIVE: 240 children from five primary schools across Leeds attended the events at Edge Sports Centre at the University of Leeds last week

Hundreds of pupils come together to join in annual games

WINNERS: Children from Rose Bank Primary School celebrate winning the most activities at Sky Sports Living for Sport’s Community Games Day with Sky volunteers Arshid Chaudary (left front) and Serish Raza (right front)

Community Games Day Pupils from across Leeds gathered at the University of Leeds’ Edge Sports Centre last week as the Sky Sports Community Games Day arrived in the city. Over 240 youngsters, aged between six and eight years old, from five local schools, took part in the Community Games Day and were given the chance to try out a range of sports including hockey, judo, cricket, martial arts, basketball, dodge ball, boccia and rugby. The children were led by 90 volunteers from Sky’s offices in Leeds, plus 20 students from David Young Community Academy acting as young leaders to inspire the local children throughout the day. The Community Games, now in its 11th year, was organised by social enterprise, SportInspired and Sky Sports Living for Sport, a free national schools-based initiative which uses sports stars and sports skills to help build young people’s confidence and life skills. All participants were awarded

TEAM: Pupils from Quarry Mount Primary School were awarded with a special accolade for best team spirit

medals for taking part in the event, with a special cup prize presented to Rose Bank Primary School for winning the most activities and to Quarry Mount Primary School for best team spirit. Customer Operations Product Owner at Sky Bet, Nicholas Cockerill, who volunteered at the Community Games Day, said he was delighted to see so many

children and volunteers get involved. “The children worked really well together and it was great to see so many Sky staff volunteering on the day,” he said. “The event enabled us to teach the kids about keeping fit and healthy, while also encouraging sportsmanship and communication.” Felix Sullivan, SportInspired Games Manager, added: “Sky’s Community Games events are a brilliant way of getting the next generation of young leaders to help local school get involved in a range of different sports that they may have never tried before. “All of the volunteers from Sky worked to inspire, support and encourage the local school pupils as they try out different sporting activities that could become a lifelong passion.” The five schools involved in the day’s activities were Quarry Mount Primary School, Burley St. Matthias Primary School, Rose Bank Primary School, Blenheim Primary School and Meadowfield Primary School.






May 2014 - 2nd Edition



By Ashley Grint

One of the most anticipated nights of boxing this year finally unfolded last weekend with Bolton’s own Amir ‘King’ Khan picking up a unanimous points victory over challenger Luis Collazo. The former world champion was competing as a welterweight for the first time in his career yet put on a dominant display against the experienced Puerto Rican, putting his opponent on the canvas three times in the 12 rounds.

Continued on page 85

Khan knocks off Collazo as Mayweather extends ‘the streak’

The ‘King’ is back CHAMP: Amir Khan’s unanimous points victory over Luis Collazo last weekend saw him pick up the WBC Silver and WBA International title in Las Vegas

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Asian Express Yorkshire - May 2nd Edition 2014  
Asian Express Yorkshire - May 2nd Edition 2014