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KHAN v MAYWEATHER MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? HE KHAN’T BEAT HIM Yes, yes, yes the rumours are true, it is almost signed, sealed and delivered; Amir King Khan v Floyd Money Mayweather Jnr super fight. Khan is probably the most undeserved of fighters to get a shot at Mayweather. But they say it makes sense. Khan’s speed versus the power of the most gifted unbeaten fighter of our generation Mayweather Jnr. The bookies odds are heavily stacked against Amir Khan of securing a victory over pound for pound the best fighter on the planet. I’m an Amir Khan fan but I just can’t see how he can possibly beat Floyd judging from his last performances against Danny Garcia, Marcos Maidanna and Julio Diaz. However this payday will be his best ever that is for sure.

What Khan brings to the table is excitement and the unknown like in all his pay per view fights. If this fight comes off, check out my big fight analysis in the New Year.

Back page story continued world champion only for him to jump ship at the first opportunity and join rival Sky promoter Eddie Hearn which to me I think was a bit disloyal considering Hobson bank rolled the whole affair and was then left holding the whole bill. It should be noted that McDonnell has since been stripped of the IBF title due to not defending it within the time limit specified. And rightly so. This is karma at its best. Vali and Hobson Jnr are truly what I call the nice guys of professional boxing and well deserve a break in this business. God must have heard my call! Not only did these two guys get together but also they worked out a deal with Darlington’s bantamweight Stuart Hall and Vusi Malinga of South Africa (a two time world title challenger) so that they could fight for the vacant IBF championship which was staged on 21st December 2013 in the new state of the art Leeds First Direct Arena. This included a collaboration with Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions and also with the BoxNation TV network. And boy what a night that was. In front of a packed crowd of 7000 alongside a UK boxing star studded cast which included Frankie Gavin, Paul McCloskey, Gary Sykes and top prospect Justin Newell, Stuart Hall fought the fight of his life in a 12 round gruelling battle to


MEN OF THE MOMENT: (l-r) Dennis Hobson Jnr, Asif Vali and James Powell

Vali and Hobson Jnr make return with new world champ become Britain’s newest world champion. It is stories like these that make you think that through all adversity there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that good guys don’t always come last. Newly crowned champ Stuey Hall’s Leeds trainer Michael Marsden, also got the plaudits for becoming one of the country’s newest world championship coaches which is quite an achievement in itself. This is also good news for Leeds as it puts the city on the map for further championship events, which are sure to

follow. But, and this is a big but, Vali and Hobson Jnr should not rest on their laurels too long as this business is quite ruthless and unforgiving and rivals will be only too quick to pull them back down again. But you have to take your hats off to them for being fair, honest and loyal to the people they work and deal with. This is a rarity in this profession, trust me. The benefits are starting to come through so they must be doing something right. Dennis and Asif, congratulations are in order.

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him a bit more grounded. A bit of humble pie will not do Broner any harm whatsoever. The question is, after this defeat, will AB be the same fighter?? I think his handlers, Golden Boy Promotions, moved him just a

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little bit too quickly on this fight and it backfired on them big time just like the Amir Khan v Lamont Peterson affair in Washington DC a few years back. Yeah, Broner is a gifted and talented fighter, that is for sure, but let’s not forget Marcos Maidanna. He fought a great fight against the odds. His punches did all the talking and more. So he beat Broner and won the championship belt like a true warrior. And that’s a fact!



MAIDANNA SHOCKS BRONER WOW WHAT A SHOCK!!! Self proclaimed golden boy super star fighter American Adrien Broner suffered a major setback as new WBA Welterweight champion Marcos Maidanna beat him over 12 one sided ferocious rounds and bust the script of the boxing media hype. Broner known as ‘The Problem’ was as normal, flash crass and all of that, not to mention the demeaning manner of his opponent. I personally was not sold on him being the next heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather Jnr after his last showing against non-punching boxing stylist Paulie Malignaggi who he couldn’t knock out; very disappointing. Coming back to the Maidanna fight, let’s face it Broner got battered because he was no way focussed nor conditioned for the fight. It seemed to me it was a pure case of believing in your own hype. He deserved to get beat judging from all his antics outside the ring. This defeat for Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner (trust me this kid has problems), can only make him think, make him focussed on the boxing, make him a better fighter and make


January 2014 - 1st Edition

Justin Newell, the popular Leeds lightweight boxer, made history by being the first professional boxer to compete in the First Direct Arena winning his contest over six rounds, beating tough Manchester fighter, William Warburton on points. Justin said: “It’s a great feeling to know your boxing in your home town anyway but the icing on the cake for me is being the first to box at this fantastic First Direct Leeds Arena. “I may not be the main event, like IBF champ Stuart Hall, but the history books will always say Justin Newell was the first to box in the great venue. It is something to tell my baby son Franklin when he grows up.” Also on the bill from Rotherham was Asian sensation Atif Shafiq who knocked out his opponent, Ibrar Riyaz in all but one round.


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Asian Express National - January Edition 2014  
Asian Express National - January Edition 2014