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April 2014 - 1st Edition


Magic night for

Zahid ‘Magic Man’ Hussain turns pro!

Magic Man As it was determined, Zahid’s style is more suited to the pro’s plus the desire to fight for money and not for tin cups and brass medals - this was a defining factor. So, following a series of rigorous and renowned British Boxing Board of Control tests, probably the most stringent testing procedures in the world, including various MRI and MRA brain scans, eye and blood testing, a full physical body medical, and finally a stringent and gruelling interviewing process, Zahid turned pro.

YOUNG GUNS: Zahid and Reece

Zahid, alongside his amateur stablemate Reece Cartwright, this year’s 2014 ABA Middleweight champion, passed and was accepted by the British Boxing Board of Control and consequently turned professional. Then began the fight preparation for their debuts. This involved training two to three times a day, a strict dietary regime, the relocation to various gyms in Manchester and Sheffield for tough sparring and learning of new techniques all under the observation of Brendan and Dominic Ingle and master trainer Joe Pennington. Training alongside the likes of World Title contender Kell Brook, the recently crowned European and British champion Kid Galahad, and the big punching Middle Weight prospect, Manchester’s Mark Heffron helped ensure the two fighters were at the required level to compete at this level and this sort

of company can only put The Magic Man and Reece Cartwright in good stead for the future. After the disappointment of Zahid’s first professional debut contest in Sheffield, which had been cancelled due to numerous factors, the debut was rescheduled for Saturday 5th April 2014 in Manchester at the Wythenshawe Forum. Zahid’s small following of loyal Yorkshire fans, travelled over the Pennines to support their man and boy were they in for a magical treat. The flamboyant Magic Man Zee entered the ring to rapturous applause and cheers from the crowd as if the Yorkshire man was a home fighter. Totally relaxed and focussed, he set about his work. For two rounds the selfproclaimed ‘Magic Man’ out boxed and out classed the tough Lithuanian challenger, Simas Volosinas from the off, with his stinging jabs, punching power and slick foot work. As the fight went on Hussain dished out punishing and hurtful combinations from all angles at high speed, whilst the tempo and pace of the fight were tremendous. His in and out tactics served him well and gave him a two round head start in the fight. However as the fight moved into the second half, the high pace started to take its toll on Hussain and Volosinas launched his attacks from the third round onwards catching the Magic One clean and hard for the first time, the shock of the punch rocking Zahids head back clearly. Volosinas, a veteran of 20 fights, and a boast of never being knocked out as a professional

fighter, almost lost that record as the Magic Man regrouped after his opponent’s perfect shot. Zahid came straight back with a booming right hand power punch and quickly switching stances to deliver a massive left hook followed by a three punch combination almost flattening the Lithuanian in his tracks but could not finish the job as time in the round ran out at the end of the third. By the fourth Hussain was tiring but so too was Volosinas due to the fast pace of the contest. But the Magic Man Zee kept Simas at long range, peppering him with quick jabs for a shut out 40 / 36 points victory over this tough Lithuanian campaigner. Interviewed after the fight at ringside Magic Man Hussain said: “It was a great fight and I loved every minute of it. But boy was he tough, credit to Simas he hung in there and just kept coming and coming and coming. “All the hard sparring and fitness training and preparation paid off. To be honest after the first round I

knew my skill set was far superior to his but this is professional boxing and I had to respect his power as he did catch me clean on the jaw in the third round. “However I proved I was well conditioned and was able to take his power shot. After that I stuck to the game plan which was to out box and frustrate him right to the last bell which I did clearly with my movement and punching. “I’m really happy with my first performance as a professional fighter and I felt good in there. “Now that I have got the first fight under my belt I want to fight on a regular basis building up to the big fights and continue as planned to my ultimate dreams being to win the British Featherweight title and also to fight in America, Las Vegas and New York like my idols Floyd Mayweather Jnr and Pauli Malignaggi. “This was truly a special night for me not only did I win but my stable mate Reece Cartwright, Leeds Middleweight, won his fight also beating a tough kid called

YORKSHIRE PROSPECT: Reece Cartwright 2014 ABA champion moves to 2-0 as a pro

Deividas Sajauka on points over four rounds and this spurred me on to win mine. “I really want to thank my fans who travelled to the event to see me fight, my Leeds sponsors Asian Express, Abu Bakaar and Charcoals Piri Piri who without their help it would have been harder to get here. “And a big shout out to my coaches, Wahid Hussain and Joe Pennington and all the sparring partners who helped out.” The Magic Man will now take a break and begin another challenge in his life as he leaves for Saudi Arabia to go and do Umrah for a period of fourteen days. He will be returning straight back to a training camp to prepare for his second fight on Sunday 18th May 2014 at the state of art 1,000 seat arena at The Royal Armouries Leeds. Tickets will be charged at £30 standard and £60 ringside with more details to be announced shortly.

Asian Express National - April Edition 2014  
Asian Express National - April Edition 2014