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An inside look at the thriller ‘Honour’

April 2014 - 1st Edition


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Actress, Aiysha Hart, and Writer/Director, Shan Khan, catch up with the Asian Express

By Ashley Grint

Shan Khan – Writer/ Director • What can we expect from ‘Honour’? It is a very interesting film and one which will make you think afterwards. It is like the thrillers of the 70’s. Back in that time I feel that films were better at putting across messages whereas now they don’t really do that but rather focus on celebrity instead. Honour is more like a traditional thriller and will give you something more than the typical modern day film. Of course it is also very entertaining and has some fantastic talent acting in it.

• How long did the film take to direct? We began filming back in 2009 once we had established our cast and then it was probably completed in 2012. Since then we have just had to really wait for the right time to launch it, with budgets considered, and hopefully the wait will be worthwhile for everybody. • Where does your passion for film come from? I have always had a love for films since I was a young boy growing up in Scotland. My father owned a video shop and we would watch movies every day and he would tell me that movies are the ‘big thing’. I was in charge of the video shop at points when I was just 12-year-old and just fell in love with it all there and

then. We grew up in a small town as the only Asian family and it was an escape for me really. • What was Aiysha like to work with? Aiysha is a wonderful actress and a great person. A lot of people would just say that but she is extremely talented. For the role of Mona we must have interviewed around 200 people and we only heard from Aiysha because she was a friend of someone else who had come to audition and she thought she may as well have a go at it. Thankfully she did and from then she was our Mona. It is a very hard part to play, especially at her age, but she is a great actress and did the part justice.

ACTRESS: Aiysha Hart plays the part of Mona, a woman who escapes an honour killing attempt by her parents only to be chased across the country by a bounty hunter (Paddy Considine)


Asian Express National - April Edition 2014  
Asian Express National - April Edition 2014