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April 2014 - 1st Edition

New Sharia-compliant University loans for students any advantage or disadvantage – they will repay the same amount as other borrowers. David Willetts said: “The A new model for Sharia law- Government is committed to compliant student loans has ensuring that anyone with the been unveiled this week by Universities and Science Minister David Willetts. The proposed system will enable people whose religious beliefs forbid them from taking out loans that accrue interest to take advantage of student loans. Speaking at a Universities UK Conference on universities and growth, David Willetts launched a consultation on the proposed model asking for views on whether it is an acceptable ability and desire can go to alternative to the conventional university. “Sharia-compliant student system. The model will be available to loans will also give universities anyone who adopts similar access to a wider pool of talent financial principles. Anyone and help the UK get the higher taking the loans will not be at level skills we need to secure

By Anush Ansari

long-term economic growth.” The intention to develop Sharia law-compliant student loans was announced by the Prime Minister last year. The Government is seeking

“Sharia-compliant student loans will also give universities access to a wider pool of talent and help the UK get the higher level skills we need to secure long-term economic growth.” feedback from current and prospective students, community representatives and higher education providers. The consultation opened April 3rd and will run for 12 weeks.

NEW: The Sharia law-compliant loans will help Muslim students go to university

to book 0161 410 0272 Zouk is a restaurant with a real sense of theatre - from the dramatics of the open kitchen to the drama of the menu itself. Not a bland or boring bite in sight. The food at Zouk is apna style. Unusual yet authentic dishes sing of their origins in India and Pakistan and ingredients come together in a harmonious explosion of flavours and colours. This spring, Zouk are adding to their usual moreish menu with a selection of April specials sourced from across the Indian sub-continent. Such as Dahi Ka Dungara Gosht, juicy lamb pieces cooked in a sauce of spices, mint and yoghurt.

shisha lounge mocktail & cocktail menu

A curry mile away from the norm

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Zouk Manchester Unit 5 | The Quadrangle | Chester Street ( just off Oxford Road) Manchester | M1 5QS

Asian Express National - April Edition 2014  
Asian Express National - April Edition 2014