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Embarrassing Sex Stories That Ended Up in the ER Ever had an embarrassing bed story? Getting something stuck down there or hurting yourself in the process of a new sex position? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most embarrassing sex stories that even ended up in the Emergency Room. #1 Doing it in the shower A woman was brought into the ER because of a ‘shower-injury’. She knocked out two of her teeth, loosened some of them and blood was dripping from her mouth. She later admitted that she and her boyfriend had been trying some Asian Escorts Melbourne sex-moves when she slipped and fell forward. Lesson – leave it to the pros. #2 Heart-stopping lube An ambulance brought in a man and his girlfriend due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. The couple was found lying on top of each other - naked in the basement. It was later found that the girl mistakenly used her grandma’s nitroglycerine paste, a heart drug, for a lubricant. The couple regained consciousness after receiving fluids and oxygen. #3 Cream of pain A woman was rushed into the ER for severe vaginal pain. Her story goes that she ordered a ‘Shrink Cream’ online – a miraculous drug that can make you tighter down there. She applied the cream and had sex an hour after. She did felt tighter. She woke up in the middle of night screaming of pain. Apparently, the ‘tight feeling’ was an allergic reaction. #4 Stuck on-top of you Believe it or not, vaginas get muscle cramps too and when it happens during sex, its bad news. One night, paramedics brought in a woman -in sexy black lingerie- on top of a naked man. Indeed, it was a case of a cramped vagina. The woman happens to be straddling the guy when suddenly, he couldn’t pull out. Doctors gave her muscle relaxants and the vagina eventually let go. #5 Can’t find the key An advice for every women out there, don’t put your boyfriend’s key into your vagina. A hysterical woman came into the ER because of a major ‘key problem’. She fought with her boyfriend and hid his car key inside her vagina. Hours later, she couldn’t locate the key so she came to the ER. Turns out, the key was no longer inside her and must’ve fallen out. #6 Nutty sex A man ended up in the hospital after suffering from a peanut allergy. His girlfriend wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. She learned from Asian Escorts Melbourne that flavoured body oils can make sex interesting. She applied strawberry oil down below and made her boyfriend lick it off. Unluckily, the oil’s by-product was nuts.

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Embarrassing sex stories that ended up in the er