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Peter Lee

Chapter President of The National Unification Advisory Council - South Korea and Advisory Board for Korean Heritage Camp

Although people may profit from his work, Peter Lee says he’s really the one that benefits from giving back to his community. “It’s not about giving time to the community; it’s about the benefits you receive from the community,” says Lee, an entrepreneur who works to provide health insurance for ethnic/immigrant community clients who qualify for Obama Care in Colorado. Lee has volunteered and supported Colorado’s Korean Heritage Camp (KHC) for 18 years. His other roles have included co-chair of the Aurora Asian/Pacific Community Partnership, national board chair and past Colorado chapter president of the Korean American Coalition, chapter president of the National Unification Advisory Council. He has also been involved with the Denver Asian Pacific American Commission and Governor’s Asian Pacific American Advisory Board under Governor Bill Owens. “I think Peter has an impact in the community by always being there to help solve problems, facilitate positive change and make a true difference,” says Pam Sweetser, a friend and colleague who nominated Lee for the 2014 Asian American Hero of Colorado Award. “He has often been a bridge between the Korean community and the rest of the Asian community, and to other communities as well. His devotion to children adopted from Korea is immeasurable. He has given so very much to them through KHC, and at any time in their lives that they need help.” Lee, who is celebrating his 20-year wedding anniversary this year, is a native of Seoul, South Korea and has lived in Denver for 25 years. Lee says all of the work he’s done over the past 18 years has been to benefit him and his family—giving back to the community truly brings him joy and purpose. “Being a father is probably my greatest achievement,” Lee says. “I just want to be the best father I possibly can for my two kids as I can be, a role model for them. I want my children to have a happy life.” Lee follows the mantra, “Do what you can to achieve what you can’t imagine,” and advises younger generations to pay it forward, learn how to work with the community and be a team player. He also encourages youth to not be afraid to explore. “If you have a passion for it, go for it; that’s what I did,” he says. “Explore the possibilities. You can study hard and get all A’s and B’s or do whatever your parents tell you to do, but more importantly, it has to be your decision. Because after a while, it’s your life that matters, not anyone else’s. If you truly care about your life, then you care for others.”

Peter has an impact in the community by always being there to help solve problems, facilitate positive change, and make a true difference. He is someone who is open and accessible, and will be there if you need him.

Lee (left) at Korean War Veteran Appreciation Day

Korean American Coalition Leadership Conference

Korean Heritage Camp with Washington State Senator Paul Shin

Korea Unification Forum at Denver Starz Film Festival

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