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Peggy Lore

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Success at University of Colorado Denver

To Peggy Lore, being honored as a 2014 Asian American Hero of Colorado means that the lessons that came from her parents and family are being honored. “I’m very surprised about the award,” she says. “It is a joy and great honor. I’m very lucky to work with many wonderful colleagues and amazing students who allow me do the work I do, so this award is much more of a reflection of them.” Lore is the assistant vice chancellor of the Student Success division in Student Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver and oversees student support departments such as disability services, tutoring services, veterans’ services and academic advising, as well as an academic support program for low-income and first-generation college students. “At the university, many students and staff have personally been moved and touched by ‘Peggy’s Lore’,” says Soyon Bueno, Peggy’s mentee and colleague. “Peggy has served as a mentor and guiding force to help students succeed. She serves as a role model and advocate for many of the Asian American staff on the CU-Denver campus.” Lore has also served on or chaired various committees and boards such as the Asian Education Advisory Council for Denver Public Schools, Mayor’s Commission on Aging, Mayor’s Commission on Women, Mayor’s Commission for Asian Americans and Denver Asian Pacific Coalition. She is a faculty advisor for Asian cultural clubs at the college, helps increase enrollment of Asian Americans through outreach and retention efforts and works to raise awareness about the issues, challenges and cultural diversity of Asian Americans. Lore also volunteers for Colorado’s Chinese Heritage Camps. Originally from the East coast, Lore has lived in Denver for more than 30 years. Although she doesn’t consider any one achievement her greatest, Lore hopes that she’s contributed significantly over time to her family and the Asian community. “Since I have been at the university for a while, I’m now seeing the sons and daughters of students that I worked with when I first came to the university who tell me that their parents have suggested that they contact me because I was helpful to them,” she says. “I also get visits and emails from students I’ve worked with over the years, and I run into students from classes I’ve taught. Being acknowledged as someone who helped them get to graduaFor the Asian American community, Peggy is a tion and beyond is gratifying.” rock-solid advocate in raising awareness on the “As the first generation in my family to be born here, I am very much rooted in challenges of the “model minority” stereotypes, two cultures,” says Lore, who considers the history of Asian Americans in the United States, valuing her family and family history the greatest assets in her life. and the rich heterogeneity of the Asian American “When things are difficult, I draw on the population and culture. knowledge that my parents endured a lot to be strangers in a strange land (thanks Ronald Takaki), and this gives me renewed energy and purpose.” Lore also values close friends, appreciating diversity in the broadest sense of the word, equity and compassion; the goddess Kwan Yin is a strong source of inspiration for her. Lore’s advice to younger generations is to learn from mistakes and be true to oneself. “Be a lifelong learner who tries things even if they are scary, and if you make a mistake, learn from them and keep moving,” she says.

Soyon Bueno (left), Program Director Asian American Student Services at University of Colorado Denver and Peggy Lore (right), who is the former director and a mentor to Bueno

Lore in her office during an interview for Asian Avenue magazine’s Spotlight in February of 2011

Lore (right) supports students at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

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Asian Avenue magazine - May 2014  

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