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Service at Scandinavian youth camp becomes a stepping stone for bigger dreams

Wayne Hsu

, current president of NAAAP Lead Toastmaster, is taking a bolder step towards his dream of ministering his Christian faith to Asian communities all over the world. Scheduled for this summer, Hsu accepted a volunteer opportunity in Sweden to serve at a youth camp for a group of Scandinavian churches. “Being able to do this is just a small portion of my passion,” Hsu said. However, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes with a huge price tag. As a volunteer, Hsu is responsible for all expenses, including air fare, travel and camp fees. The price tag of this trip is $3,000, Hsu estimated. “The bulk of the money will go towards the plane ticket,” Hsu said. “The rest will be to get around town, including transportation from the airport and to the campground.” Hsu is raising the funds through an online fundraising tool. He hopes to receive the funds to buy his airfare at the end of May. After a cursory Internet check on round trip flights from Denver to Sweden, an average cost runs around $1,500. “The main reason for the fundraising is because it’s such a large sum of money for any one person to come up with all at once. I’m asking the community help bring me another step closer to my dreams.” Friends and colleagues enjoy Hsu’s insightful yet quiet demeanor. Bryan Yee, who met him at Chinese Heritage Camp as a counselor, provides this perspective on Hsu. “I discovered he is a far deeper person than he lets on, one who truly seeks a deeper and more meaningful existence in life,” Yee said. “He is also a very sincere, caring and unselfish

person, who is always seeking to help others.” Hsu’s involvement with NAAAP Lead Toastmaster helps him hone public speaking skills to use in his Christian ministry for youth. “He is very committed to sharing the Gospel, and will use creative avenues (like Toastmasters) to help him achieve his vision,” said fellow Toastmasters and friend Xiao Liang. “Wayne loves to bring smiles to his friends and strangers alike.” On Facebook, Hsu has asked his friends, family and colleagues to help him on this journey of fundraising, a difficult task for any individual or organization, attempting to achieve long-term goals. In Hsu’s case, it is an international volunteer opportunity in Europe. His friends stand strong behind Hsu’s fundraising efforts. “I like the fundraising effort as yet another approach to outreach within the community,” said fellow Toastmasters member Kelly Trujillo. “It doesn’t just start in our backyard or city but reaches across countries.” Other colleagues are astonished of his great faith and look to him for his quiet leadership. “Even though the cost is steep, Wayne trusts that the loving hearts of our communities, along with God’s faithfulness, is enough to reach his goal,” Liang said. “It has helped me realize that his faithfulness and trust is one of life’s best treasures.” Hsu says, “If you can’t support financially, please be praying for me.” Interested in helping Wayne Hsu fund his service in Sweden? Visit his fundraiser link at: Mary Jeneverre Schultz is asking the Asian American community to support Wayne Hsu to reach his first stepping stone to become a global minister. Follow Mary Jeneverre on Twitter @Jeneverre.

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