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Personal Intro I’m a Chinese who born in Zhuhai , China. I spent the last 3 years in Strathmore High School as an international Student and I’m spending my 4th year in RDC taking Bachelor of Education.

Places I Travelled To This Summer I travelled twice in this summer. July I travel from Albert to Ontario and Montreal by RV, me and my friends drive through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan. Waterfalls in Ontario and old streets in Montreal are beautiful. August, I went camping in Sandpoint, Idaho for a week with my Canadian homestay family. Some Crazy Things I Did Re-


Best Concert I Ever Went To In May,2012 I skipped my classes for few days and took a airplane from Calgary, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario just by myself with my acoustic guitar. Tommy Emmanuel is who I went on this trip for, his is the legend of acoustic guitar. The concert was awesome and transcendent. He amazed me more than any musician I known in this world.

My Photo Gallery

I Aced my math30 diploma exam ! I held my own concert with my friend at SHS theatre !!

What I Do In My Life

Sports, I love soccer, badminton and swimming. Photography is pretty fun too, I spend lots time taking picture of sunrise, sunset and rainbow and of course waiting for them. Playing Guitar is now a very important part of my life, I play it almost every single day, start 2 years ago, I gain tons of fun by doing it. Listen to music is also one of my hobbies. I usualPicture Information Top left: My Concert & Friends Top right: Montana / Idaho Middle: SHS Signboard Bottom:

ME / Coon

Lake Pend Oreille / Waterfall in ON / Pine cone in fire


I made my first musical album “Cloud” (Did record, design cover, compose and everything myself)


To contact me : Phone : I ain’t gonna tell you Email : Welcome to contact me ;) Sept.Newsletter

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