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HALL 6D-12

singapore For the 14th time we exhibit in Singapore in HALL 6 during the IFFS. When you’re visiting Singapore, these are the places to check:


FOOD HAWKERS PLACES For local food you should try one of the hawker places. In many cities in Asia you can buy streetfood from mobile kitchen’s. Singapore gave these street-chef’s a permanent place at the hawker center’s. There you can taste the best of the best, but expect no romantic dinner. Only a quick, fresh meal. You can order the satay from one kitchen, the noodles and drilled fish from another again and then find a table to enjoy all of this. There are many of these hawker centers, so ask any taxi driver or hotel concierge which one is nearby.

LITTLE INDIA We also love Little India, the centre for the Indian community in Singapore. If you like Indian food, you must go there!

CAPRICCI Our nr.1 in Italian go to is Capricci. Great Italian food and hospitality. Massimo cooks like his mother teached him! Address: 27 Tanjong Pagar Road S088450 KU DÉ TA Go high and eat at KU DÉ TA restaurant at the top of the Marina Bay Sands for those who are not on a budget. Enjoy the finest in Modern Asian cuisine and a breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline.

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BRIX The bar in the Grand Hyatt, Brix, is always a good place to be, later in the evening. Located on the Basement Level and features three different sections in which to chill out and party.

SOUTHBRIDGE One of the newest places adding to the diversity of rooftop bars dotting the city, is Southbrigde. The view on the Singapore River here is pretty incredible. Address 80 Boat Quay, Singapore 049868.

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A-Magazine nr 15 - Spring 2015  

A-Magazine nr 15 - Spring 2015  

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