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Texatherm Digital Heater Tank

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Texatherm Heater Tank Set Up Recommended Temperature Settings

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Texatherm Digital Heater Tank Maintenance Portable Appliance Testing

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Declaration of Conformity

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Application of Pads Cleaning of Pads Breaking in Pads

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Machine Specifications

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General Usage Instructions

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Fluid Dilution Ratios and Advanced Cleaner Texatherm Neutraliser

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Texatherm Cleaning Application

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Texatherm Cleaning Application Using Spotting Pads Inaccessible Areas

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Blitzzz Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover

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Fibrerite Carpet and Upholstery Protection

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Fibrerite Application Instruction

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Additional information: MSDS Sheets Microtech Test Results Wool Safe Certificate

Textile Cleaning Solutions Limited


Beacause of the environment in which the Texatherm heater tank will be used we have manufactured the TCS0102 tank to the highest standards. The TCS0102 features a double insulated solution tank housed in a light weight stainless steel cool touch housing, 2.5Kw heater, digital control panel with 12v control system, built in circuit breaker and overtemperature cut off switch. The Texatherm tank complies with five British Standards and two EEC directives (see page six for details). Telescopic handle Power cable tidy

Lid locks Mirror finish lightweight stainless steel case

Telescopic locking handle release Control Panel (see image below) Inspection panel 8� stair lift wheels

In line circuit breaker Illuminated power switch

Neon (illuminates when element operating)

Programmable Digital Temperature controller

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TEXATHERM HEATER TANK SET UP Always ensure the tank is disconnected from electrical supply when filling or emptying. Never switch on when empty. Before moving the unit ensure handle is securely locked in position. Fill tank with hot Water and Texatherm Neutraliser dependant on the size of area to be cleaned. Dilution ratio at l to 60. E.g.: 100ml of neutraliser to 6 litres of water. Note:

Minimum level 75mm above false base Maximum level 50mm down from top

C Switch on ( switch illuminates ) Select required temperature as follows: B Press and hold down button (A) Press either ▲ or ▼ buttons to achieve desired temperature ● Once you have set desired temperature release button (A) and the display will revert back to the units actual temperature ● ● ● ●


This product is fitted with a self re-setting over temperature cut-out to protect the system If the solution in the tank increases above 4°C over the set temperature an alarm will sound and the unit will automatically shut down. To silence alarm press button (B).

WARNING Do not allow solution to drop below the minimum required level of 75mm above the false base. This unit is fitted with a 2.5kw heater and needs this minimum level of solution to adequately control the temperature.

RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE SETTINGS Optimum temperature requirement for the Texatherm Neutraliser is 60°C or above. Recommended set temperature is 70°C. This is an adequate setting for most cleaning applications. Once the unit has been set at 70°C there is no need to reset each time the unit is used. 70°C will remain the set temperature unless re-programmed.

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TEXATHERM DIGITAL HEATER TANK MAINTENANCE Warning: Always disconnect from the mains when working on this product CLEANING THE INNER TANK The tank must be cleaned at regular intervals but no harsh abrasive are to be used Although, the neutralising agent is a food grade based solution it is acidic in nature and over time it has the ability to erode metal surfaces. Because of this ability to react, it is imperative that the tank is emptied of solution at the end of each workday, and at least once a week is rinsed out with a mild detergent solution. This will substantially increase the life of the heating element. CLEANING THE TANKS OUTER CASING. The stainless steel outer casing should be wiped clean with a soft cloth using a suitable stainless steel cleaner and periodically wiped over with a soft damp cloth soaked in non-abrasive mild detergent. WARRANTY This product is covered by a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. MAINTENANCE There are no user maintainable electrical components.

PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING When conducting testing ensure this process is carried out by a qualified Person. WARNING: DO NOT FLASH TEST THIS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Comprising of a polypropelene tank mounted in a mirror finish stainless steel case. Capacity Tank Dimensions External Dimensions

31 Litres 330mm Diameter x 400mm Deep 370mm Diameter + 80mm deep control panel x 530mm high

Temperature Range Sensitivity Uniformity Power Rating Circuit Breaker Plug Fuse

25째C - 80째C + I째C + I째C 2 5Kw x 230 volt 15 amp 13 amp

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Textile Cleaning Solutions Ltd Box Bush Farm Summer Lane West Wick North Somerset BS24 7TF England

Declares the Product

TCS 0102

Conforms to Product Standards

Low Voltage Directive ( 73/231EEC ) BS EN 60335-1 1995 Household Electrical BS EN 60335-2-741996 Portable Immersion Heater EMC Directive ( 89/336/EEC ) BS EN 55011:1991 Specification for limits and methods of Measurements of radio disturbance Characteristics of industrial, scientific and Medical radio frequency equipment. BS EN 50081-1:1992 Residential, commercial and light industrial BS EN 50082-1:1992 Residential, commercial and light industrial

Supplementary Information

Product has been assessed to meet the above requirements and recorded in the TCF. This product has been produced in accordance with the Manufacturers Registered Quality System assessed to meet ISO 9002 reg no Q09820.

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APPLICATION OF PADS Although it is always preferable to use clean pads, you can re-use your pads by simply rinsing them out under a tap and returning them to the Texatherm heater tank. Any soilage still in the pad will drop down below the protective plate at the base of the tank. IMPORTANT: Always rinse out soiled pads before returning them to the heating tank. Before re-using soiled pads it is important that they are left to reach their original cleaning temperature, this helps the pad release any remaining soil. NOTE: When re-using soiled pads increase your tank temperature by 5째, you may find that the neutralising solution start to become dirty this will not effect the cleaning process as long as the tank temperature is maintained.

CLEANING OF PADS The cleaning of pads is relatively simple, as when cleaning clothes just wash and rinse in a washing machine with any normal detergent. Although washing at normal temperatures will be sufficient, when washing if you exceed the temperature that the pads were originally used at, for e.g. a hot wash you will achieve better results. The pad may have unset a stain from the carpet at 70째, exceeding the temperature at which the pad was used will help to release the staining within the pad.

8 month old soiled pad

Pad after being washed at 90째


After a couple of uses the pads fibres will tighten and break in becoming far more efficient in absorbing dirt and easier to handle when wringing out prior to use. Tip: Washing the pads in a hot wash when new will break the pads in.

New pad

Broken in pad after hot wash

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For best results the Texatherm System requires a machine weight of 40 Kilos. This optimum weight is critical as this governs the rate at which the pad releases the neutraliser evenly over the pre-sprayed area. Speed is critical, most manufacturers through independent testing recommend 170rpm when using pads on their carpets. This speed also allows enough time for the pads to effectively absorb soil. The TC170 has an offset motor giving excellent stability and is gearbox driven eliminating the problem of belts stretching, which is normally associated with belt driven machines over 30 Kilos when used on carpets. When working in confined spaces the TC170’s small wheel configuration allows easy access and manoeuvrability, especially when cleaning under desks and pedestals. The TC170 will clean right up to the floors edge. Single brush 1000 watt machine available for 240v or 110v electrical supply. Suitable for use with 400mm Diameter brush and floor pads, class II double insulated induction motor.

Automatically designed handle Voltage - frequency Rating of brush motor Protection grade Protection class (elect.) Brush diameter Pad diameter Brush speed Brush pressure Brush torque Socket for elect. appliance Splash proof Motor protection switch Noise level No. of wheels Cable length Weight empty Operating weight Vibrations at the hand controls

V Hz Watt – – mm mm r.p.m. g/cm2 Nm – – – dB(A)20µPa – m kg kg m/s2

110/230 50/60 1000 IP44 II■ 420 406 170 50 56 yes ∆ auto 63 2 12 38 44 <2,5

Deadman switch in handle

Off-set motor for uniform machine balance Gearbox driven Robust cast iron chassis Easy brush/pad holder change with click on/off function

Small wheels for easy manoeuvring and access in confined areas

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1 For comfortable posture and control, the height of the handle bar should be the same height as the operators hands when their arms are at their sides. 2 Handlebar height adjustment locking handle. 3 Switching on is only possible when the control handle is in the operating position. Using your index finger press the switch outwards then upwards, holding in place to operate machine.


4 Lay the machine on itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s back with with control. handle on floor. Manually turn pad holder to the left to engage and right to disengage. 7


5 Hold the control handle with a light but secure grip with both hands by lowering the handle slightly the machine will move to the left. Raising the handle slightly the machine will move to the right. 6 Work in a straight line side to side and then one parallel line back, let the tracks overlap by approximately one third of their line width. 7 Solution tank fluid release handle. 8 Solution tank fluid locking handle.

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FLUID DILUTION RATIOS AND ADVANCED CLEANER Dilution ratio 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water. Application is via a 5Ltr pressure sprayer and lance. Fitted with viton seals. Figures are based on applying the diluted cleaner at 4 to 1 via a Gloria 141T 5 litre stainless steel pressure sprayer with a (8002 Tee Jet) at 3 bar /43.5 psi. Flow Ltr/min 0.8

Litres per lOOm2 2.664

Concentrate Litres 0.530

CostÂŁ lOOm 2.09

The application rates here are based on a nozzle height of 30 cm above the target, producing a 50cm wide spray swathe, at a walking speed of 1 metre per second (2.25mph).

TEXATHERM NEUTRALISER Dilution ratio 1 part neutraliser to 60 parts water E.g. 100ml neutraliser to 6 litres of water in the Texatherm heater tank. To cover lOOm2 fill the Texatherm heater tank with 18 litres of water and 300ml of neutraliser.

Litres per lOOm2 18.0

Concentrate Litres 0.300

CostÂŁ lOOm2 0.56

TAC T.N Total solution cost to clean and sanitise lOOm2 of carpet.

2.09 0.56 2.65

Solution costs have been based on current prices as per our published trade prices of July 2002.

(These figures are only a guide and solution usage will vary, depending on soilage conditions and operators speed).

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TEXATHERM CLEANING APPLICATION Once the Texatherm tank has reached temperature submerge several pads in the neutralising solution. The pads should be left submerged for a minimum period of no less than one minute, this allows them to absorb the neutralising acidic solution and reach the correct temperature. Pads must be able to freely move around in the tank allowing them to absorb the neutralising solution and reach there desired temperature. Only place 3 to 4 pads loosely in the tank at any one time.

WARNING Placing to many pads in the solution will restrict the heat flow around the tank. This will result in temperature fluctuations causing the solution to become far hotter at the base of the tank compared with the rest. The restricted flow of heat around the element will cause the safety cut out to shut down the unit.

When manoeuvring the tank the maximum recommended fluid level is 18 litres Ensure the lid is securely fitted and locked in place before moving. Minimum fluid level

Maximum fluid level when static

(1) First the areas to be cleaned are vacuumed to ensure that all particulate matter has been removed and that the fibres are set up to take maximum advantage of the solution about to be sprayed on it. As all professionals are aware this is a standard procedure prior to any clean being undertaken. (2) Apply a fine spray of the Texatherm cleaning solution to 6sq. metres of the area to be cleaned via a suitable 5-litre pressure spray bottle and lance. (Viton seals are required). The size of the area that can be covered will be governed by the degree of soilage and density of fibre. The Texatherm advanced cleaner is alcohol based and can be diluted 4 to I with water for normal cleaning applications, when applied it will start to evaporate so do not spray to large an area or the area about to be cleaned until you are ready to start.

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TEXATHERM CLEANING APPLICATION (3) Remove a pad from from the Texatherm tank and wring out the pad so that it is just hot and damp. Apply the pad to the area previously sprayed with the cleaning solution. Using the rotary floor machine drive the pad back and forth in the same direction until you have covered the area to be cleaned, this mixes the two solutions. The first pass is applied quickly, as this pass is solely to mix the solutions. As the two solutions mix, an exothermic reaction is created, this in turn causes the oil film binding the dirt to the fibre to start rising from the base of the fibre to the surface.

(4) Once you have finished your first pass reverse your pad onto its clean surface and drive it over the same area in the opposite direction to your first application. Overlapping a third of your pad each pass. Your second pass should be much slower as this pass allows the pad to absorb the soilage that has risen to the surface

TIP: After your first pass if there are any stains still showing, spray with Texatherm advanced cleaner and gently agitate with suitable brush before your second pass. For stubborn stains blitzzz can be used and is totally compatable with Texatherm Advanced cleaner. If the carpet is suitable pile brush the fibres afterwards as this will set the pile up and open it, this will allow the cleaning agent to evaporate more quickly. Repeat the above until all the areas to be cleaned have been covered. Once the process has finished the neutraliser will have neutralised the cleaning solution and the biocidal disinfectant will have sanitised the carpet. During the clean an anti-static is applied via the Texatherm Advanced Cleaner.

USING SPOTTING PADS FOR INACCESSIBLE AREAS Submerge the spotting pads in to the tank allowing them to reach desired temperature. Once they are ready follow application instructions listed above in paragraphs 3 and 4.

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After carpet has dried there are brown circles in places.

Too much moisture causing wick back. Pad has gone down too wet. Machine has been placed on pad and left.

This is usually caused by the carpet being worn and matted in places and inaccessible soil trapped below the matted fibre rising to the surface. Cleaning residues left in the carpet from previous cleaning. Cleaning the area more than once straight away.

Carpet has brown staining in places

● ●

● ●

● ●

● ●

Thoroughly ring pad out, absorbent centre will release enough solution when machine weight is applied. Move machine immediately after placing on pad. Spray lightly with cleaner and dry pad to remove.

Thoroughly ring pad out and try not to start pad on matted area. Increase strength of Texatherm Advanced Cleaner. Always wait until carpet is dry before attempting a second clean.

Carpet has wavy lines in it.

Pile is laying in different directions after machine has passed over it.

Brush pile in same direction with a suitable pile brush

Carpet is not responding to the clean

Texatherm Advanced Cleaner is unbuffered and its performance will be affected by highly buffered shampoo residues left in the carpet from previous cleaning methods.

Increase strength of Texatherm Advanced Cleaner. After the second clean the carpet will pull back and improve as the residues are counteracted and the pH level altered allowing the cleaner to work.

Clean is uneven and patchy

First pass is too slow and solution is unevenly placed on carpet. Second pass once the pad has been turned over has been too quick. Solution sprayed on carpet, left too long and has started to evaporate. Tried to clean too large an area.

● ●

The first pass is purely to mix solutions it is imperative that once you have placed the machine on the pad move immediately and cover the pre-sprayed area quickly and evenly. The second pass has to be slow so that the pad has enough time to absorb the soil. Once you have sprayed the carpet, immediately clean the area as the cleaner will evaporate within 7 to 11 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Only spray and clean 6 to 8sq metres at a time as the pad will have dropped and mixed all of its solution with the pre-spray. Covering too large an area will result in a dry pad not mixing solutions and having lost its ability to absorb soil.

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BLITZZZ - CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY STAIN REMOVER Blitzzz’s advanced unbuffered formula is ideal for spotting between cleans and is totally compatible with the Texatherm system.

Advanced Stain Removal Formula The advanced formula of Blitzzz provides you with the power to remove most stubborn stains from carpets and upholstery. The unique water and oil based formula not only removes the stains but also acts as a biocidal disinfectant.


REMOVES: ■ Grease ■ Oil ■ Tar ■ Boot Polish ■ Dirt and most other stains.


WARNING Only for use on materials suited to wet cleaning. Always test fabric for colour fastness. Apply a small amount of blitzzz to an inconspicuous area then blot area with a white cloth. Check for colour transfer on the cloth, or colours bleeding together - then proceed. Special care must be taken on velour and velvets, so as not to distort the pile.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Shake well before use. Blot excess spillage before application. Lightly spray affected area. Dampen a clean absorbent cloth with hot water and gently blot and wipe the stain over. Stubborn stains may require two or three applications over 24 hrs. Care should be taken not to over wet the area as some carpets and suites may be affected.

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Carpet and Upholstery Protector Untreated Carpet - Water Based Stain

Protect you investment Some of the most costly investments in your home are your carpets and upholstery, that’s one of many reasons why we recommend you protect them with Fibrerite. Fibrerite protects from oil and water based spills such as coffee, colas, oil, polish, also from common grit and grime that soils, dirts and dulls their colour and appearance.

Treated Carpet - Water Based Stain Untreated Carpet - Oil Based Stain

Why is Fibrerite better? Most Fibre protectors are either Silicone or Fluorochemical, each having its own abilities. Fibrerite protector is based on a newly developed chemical technology and is a U.V. stable advanced polymer chemical that combines the advantages of both. It gives better protection than water based Fluoro-Chemicals because it coats the entire fibre with a superior protective coating without any odour and unlike silicone's it repels against oil, dirt and grime. Because Fibrerite is U.V. Stable its effectiveness will not be diminished by U.V. rays such as sunlight.

Treated Carpet - Oil Based Stain

Once fabric is guarded... Fibrerite is the finest Fibre/Fabric protector for all synthetic and natural materials (upholstery, carpets, curtains etc). Whether a stain can be removed from a fibre depends upon the fibre, the colour of the fibre, the staining material and how the stain is treated. Follow manufacturer’s cleaning instructions if possible before using the following guide. If a spill occurs, absorb the residue by dabbing gently with a cloth, dab dry until all the spill is removed. Do your best not to let the spill dry. If this occurs, start by dabbing the stain with a moist cloth soaked in warm detergent water.

Water Based Protector

Fibrerite Protector

BENEFITS ■ Protection against damage from water and oil based stains. ■ Carpets stay cleaner longer - allows far greater removal of particular matter when vacuuming. ■ Upholstery and carpets life will be extended. ■ Enhanced appearance. ■ Not harmful to the environment.

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Fibrerite protector is based on a newly developed chemical technology and is a water based system. Fibrerite has active ingredients to give maximum protection against water and oil based stains. Unlike other protectors Fibrerite requires no drying and airing at high temperatures and will naturally aircure.

Directions Fibrerite can be applied at full strength or diluted 1:1 or 1:2 with water. Do not use on Sisal, Jute or other water sensitive fibres.

Recommended equipment for carpet application

5 Litre stainless steel sprayer fitted with Viton seals, lance and 8003 fan spray tip.

Always pre-test carpet and fabric for any change in colour, shade or texture before proceeding with applications. Soiled carpet and fabric: Thoroughly clean the area to be protected before application. Ensure that Alkaline residues are neutralised by spraying or extraction rinsing with T.C.S. Tex-Rinse Apply Fibrerite using a suitable pressure sprayer fitted with a 8003 fan spray tip for carpets and a 8002 fan spray tip for fabric. Coverage will be dependent on carpet and fabric density. Applied at 1:2 dilution approx rate of coverage: 120-180m2 per 5 litres. Spray with an even stroke at 2bar (28.5Psi) Then repeat in a crossing pattern until the correct amount of solution has been applied. Brush product into carpet and fabric with suitable pile or hand brush and immediately wipe over spray from all other surfaces. Replace furniture on protective pads and allow carpet to dry before use.

Recommended equipment for fabric application

5 Litre stainless steel sprayer fitted with Viton seals, coil hose, pistol grip spray gun and 8002 fan spray tip.

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The following information covers: MSDS Safety Sheets Microtech Independent Test Results Wool Safe Certificate

For further information or advice on any of our product range please contact: Textile Cleaning Solutions Ltd Box Bush Farm Summer Lane West Wick North Somerset BS24 7TF England Tel: 01934 521155 Fax: 01934 521166 Email:

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Texatherm Old Manual  

About Texatherm Process

Texatherm Old Manual  

About Texatherm Process