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Asiabizsetup Offers Employment Pass Plus Singapore Company Incorporation Package Foreigners are not only allowed 100% in possession of shares of the company registered in Singapore. They can also be directly involved in the affairs of the company. Foreign investors may apply for an Employment pass to enable them to live and do business in Singapore. Nonetheless, the Employment pass is the next process to handle after the company incorporation. Both processes are ideally administered by a Singapore company registration firm, and not the investors themselves, unless foreign investors are eligible to do so. “There are 3 simple steps in incorporating a company and applying for an Employment pass in Singapore,” says Asiabizsetup, a company of private limited committed to assist foreign investors incorporate a company in Singapore with relocation. The first step is the collation of company requirements. This includes preparing the capital for the business and finding a local address in Singapore where the company shall set up, and having individuals who shall be the shareholder, resident director, and company secretary. The resident director shall be of ordinary residence, which means that the individual may either be a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident. Foreign Investor may also be qualified to occupy such position after procuring an Employment pass. Because the resident director must be a local resident, a nominee director is necessary. Asiabizsetup says that once a client-company employs their nominee director, the term is decided by the investor. In this case, the nominee director is valid only once the incorporation is complete and the investor has also been issued with the Employment pass. “Shareholders may number up to 50. They may either be a natural living person or another business entity,” Asiabizsetup adds, “Shareholders may also act as a director of a company.” Thus, directors may be shareholders at the same time or non-shareholders. Before the necessary documents are forwarded to ACRA through bizfile, they must be duly signed by the investor, shareholders, resident director [in this case, the nominee], and directors [in the event that there are more than 1 director, in which case, the nationality may be foreign]. The second step involves the process of Singapore Employment pass application. Asiabizsetup shall gather the required documents and submit them

to the Ministry of Manpower. After approval, the Ministry shall send a notification entitled In-principle Approval via e-mail to the investor informing him or her that the Employment pass has been approved. “The In-principle Approval notification has an implied single entry pass to Singapore,” Asiabizsetup continues its elaboration, “it must be printed to accompany other documents to be presented to the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower for collection of the labor pass.” Asiabizsetup shall set the schedule for and assist personally the investor in claiming for the labor pass. After which, the directorship is transferred to the investor. Asiabizsetup is a leader in providing corporate services to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. It specializes in nominee services including those that involve shareholding and agents. About the Publisher: For many years, Asiabizsetup has served the community by taking charge of Singapore company incorporation, Singapore company setup and processing the necessary working visas of entrepreneurs or employees, and providing services such as accounting, secretarial and statutory compliance with certain requirements. AsiaBiz is a company that provides Singapore company setup services to local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors and offer consultation regarding the immigration and taxation law, Singapore accounting services, book keeping requirements, and other compliance matters stated under the Singapore law. The company has successfully helped thousands of both local and foreign entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589 phone: (65) 62426533 email: website:

Asiabizsetup Offers Employment Pass Plus Singapore Company Incorporation Package  
Asiabizsetup Offers Employment Pass Plus Singapore Company Incorporation Package  

AsiaBiz is the leading Singapore company that provides Singapore Subsidiary Registration services to local and foreign entrepreneurs and inv...